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The Chess Bjord of the Underworld

In the meantime, the re-searchings for this future post have taken me into numerology territory & I’ve borrowed numerologist extraordinaireEllis Taylor‘s knowings of the number 8 & fleshed them out with images.

Numerology is not a theory; it is a science that has revealed amazing facts. Every single day since I first came across it I have been astonished by its insights and accuracy.
Ellis Taylor


Number 8

 … is about power

…and wielding and weaving it …

… in a controlled, self centred, self-satisfying OR aggrandizing way.

Government, law, military, elite, playing the game

… finance, business, religion, media, playing the game

… fraud, extortion, playing the game

censorship, editing, subversion

… mind, intellect
… instinct, memory
Medicine, growths, cancer, surgery, injection

Corpulence, nourishment
… Generation, regeneration …

… programmes, reports, schedules

… circuits, tracks, routes, trains, delivery

… flow, currents

conveyors, coils, spirals, links, spin, gyrations, energy, power production

Machine, robotics, computers

… inheritance, genetics, same, duplication, cloning
… attention, criticism, victimisation, guilt
… accumulation, collecting, adoption

… focus, eyes, illusion, distraction, impersonation


Extrusion, pumps

… intrusion, invasion, disruption

… collate, merging, marriage, collision, intercourse
… connections, links, binding, chains, attachment, contact

karma, justice, balance, scales

Mirror, shadow, ‘as above so below’

repetition, keeps on …

Security, protection
Baptism, Sacrifice, Suicide
Construction, manufacture, structure
Motorcycles, trucks, engines
… Systems, efficiency, organisation, control, opposite, separation, stress, duress, discipline

In nature such things as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, wind, cyclones, floods, tsunamis and (cosmically) comets, are to do with 8.

Response from Ellis Taylor:

One thing I noticed in the comments…infinity…though a ‘dead’ 8-type-figure is used to symbolise it, (as I suggest in the article): 8 stands for interminable rather than infinite. 8 is never free.

Above info taken from the excellent Ex Sept in F8 – An article in “The 2012 Mega-Spell Exposé series” – which includes Number 8: Ringmasters  Gate Keepers & Gate Crashers

Additional: Returning to the ideas of the last few posts – here’s a snippet form my great friend Michael Skaggs that includes some interesting descriptions of the sun.
Plus some words from my great friend Devin (My Favo(u)rite Monsters)
Among the limitations of the central metaphor of “light” are the … categorical differentiation between the light source and its light.”

July 12, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Devin replied:

    Hey Sis- great thoughts and images for good ole number 8 -if I remember correctly 8 is unlucky in many cultures. I have always enjoyed this number as turned sideways it "becomes" infinite!!!!!!!hope you are doing fantastic and enjoying your down-under winter-all the best to you!!!!!!!!xx

  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    I hope the idea of winter doesn't make you too jealous little Brother :) I am indeed doing very well & having fun!I meant to put an infinity sign in & forgot! The whole article disappeared this afternoon & I had to start all over again – bollocks!Apparently the Chinese see eight as lucky & licence plates with lots of 8s are very desirable.I hope you are doing very well too & that your dad is on the mend!!! Best always xx

  3. celticrebel replied:

    That was beautiful!

  4. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Mr Rebel, that is much appreciated – I think you caught my drift :)

  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    GR8 creativity Alex,Numerology has always been a side fascination for me. Wondering now if the correlation of the English alphabet and Numbers are inter-weaved for a deeper spell like effect?I.E. K=11 or J=10 and our infamous G = 7, so round and round we go. Which brings to mind the H = 8 and there was a Triple H wrestler that always seemed to be the archetype in Power when I used to peruse Wrestling as an entertainment outlet. HHH = 888 Hmmm.Brilliant my friend,Stay warm!WV = subrian

  6. aferrismoon replied:

    From Frances Yates' – Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition'"The analysis of the varying quality of light , expressed by different words for light , in Ficino's exposition may possibly be due to the influence of Dante. The notion that the supernal light is reflected down the angelic hierarchies , flashing as mirrors from one another , is a characteristically Dionysian concept, to which Dante had given a somewhat new turn by describing how, as he and Beatrice mount through the spheres of the planets , the light changes in quality at each ascent, reaching ever more dazzling degrees of intensity in the eighth sphere, the ninth sphere and the Empyrean. Ficino , in the passage analyzed above , seems to be definitely using , SPLENDOR of light in the 8th sphere, CANDOR of a more intense light in the crystalline sphere, and LUMEN of the supreme light in the Empyrean [ beyond which there is perhaps an even higher LUX in the divine mind]…….. And if we add one more term to the light series , the term " Sol" for the planet sol or the Sun would connect with the higher series, the higher 'liquor' drunk by the hierachies, and the higher forms of light flashed down from the light supernal'Read this passage this afternoon – it has both refernce to 8 and to Devin's categories of light

  7. aferrismoon replied:

    Michael Rian in Celtic means 'little king' so SUBRIAN may mean 'under the little king'My WV = pirceptOdd but true888 = Jesus via Greek GematriaCarlos Suares has 8 [ The Chariot] as 'potential energy'8B8C8D8F8G8H8K8L8M8P8R8S8T8W8Y8Scheerscheers

  8. Alex Robinson replied:

    Gidday M8 :)I've read of Jesus' name equating to 888 – not sure if he was he into wrestling tho' – wonder what his 'character' name would have been?I like your thoughts on letter-number 'spelling' & interweaving & I'm sure there's a very good reason why we have 26 LETters – hmmm…looky here at the verb to letlet (v.) O.E. lætan "to allow, let golet (n.) "hindrance," late 12c., from O.E. lettan "hinder, delay,"… does this tell us what we should all ready know, that we can both help & hinder our lives/world thro' the magical symbols we have had educated into us. My West African friend says that his herbalist uncle had a saying – "He who heals can also kill" – we could re-word that to – "That which kills can also heal" – I think that's what we're working with atm – turning around a system that has been used against us in order to use it correctly, for healing & life!Very best to you & Sarah :)

  9. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi AferrismoonYour perceptive comment snuck in as I was answering Michael's – really quite amazing sync dance went on there – as I was mentioning about JC's 888 name to Michael at the same time, plus Sol has come up in my current research & has quite strong ties to the info you gave – love the idea that there are varying qualities of light.Looking forward to your showCheers

  10. raffi replied:

    very creative, alex! it's certainly a masterpiece and deserves a proper presentation in a gallery or show space.WV – traina(as in, "alex's masterpiece served as the mind 'traina', allowing countless blind to regain vision again")cheers.raf

  11. Alex Robinson replied:

    Grazie Raffi :)I was doing the final arranging of pics while listening to the Rebel's show the other day, when I pushed the WRONG button & erased the lot – my heart dropped about two feet. Luckily I'd spent so long getting the feel of the post that I was able to recreate quite quickly. Your wv reminds me that there was a pic of a train in the first one that I missed out of the second – so better not get rid of my training wheels just yet :)Very best to you & yours

  12. Emily L. replied:

    Hey alex!Hell of an article, just wanted to share a possible synch: I looked in my inbox in my email accont and saw there were 888 message the same day I read this article. don't know what it means tho…Cheers!

  13. Alex Robinson replied:

    Great Emily! 888 has been turning up of late for me too. Like you, I don't have a clue as to what it 'means' either … which means of course … 'a license to play".And I for one plan to play outrageously :)Very best to you

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