Going Numberground

I seem to be telling tales these days – promising articles that are tortoisely slow to appear.

They are under construction.

… But life seems to be extra crooked right now, so I’m going with the warped flow & trusting that I’ll get where I thought I was going, at the rite moment.

In the meantime ……

This ponder-theoretical post arises from one of those great conversations that occur when two or more inquiring minds roam freely.

Somewhere in an after school conversation with my son, a yesterday or three ago, a dialogue opened up on numbers & he told me that certain numbers had a certain feel to him.

Funny isn’t it you live with someone for years, yet they never lose the power to surprise you (& thank god for that).

What follows are the sensings of a teenager.  My son is quick to point out that his feelings are subtle – yet he never faltered, hesitated or got confused in his descriptions.

I’m presenting these ‘sensings’ to you because ‘ideas beget more ideas.

Ideas & information are tools (& toys). And God knows, we need ALL the tools & toys can lay our hands & minds on.

I present them also because of the sneaking suspicion that we know a whole lot more than we think we do & it’s time to stop denying that.

So let’s start with the number 1 – it leads to a past’n’present sync with one of my most popular (she says modestly), articles.

Twinsel Town.

Twinsel Town also grew out of a conversation with my son.

It was hatched because of the char-actor (Arnold Judas) Rimmer from the English sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf.

My son says: “Number 1 is like ‘Rimmer’.”

Wiki says: Rimmer is like this:

Rimmer’s primary character traits include anal-retentiveness, over-adherence to protocol, cowardice, misogyny, and a severely inflated ego matched only by his deep-seated sense of self-loathing“.

You always become the thing you hate the most.
Look at you, Lister: obnoxious, ruthless, single-minded, insensitive:
you’re more like me than I am.” (Rimmer)

Other Rimmer-like personifications for numero uno from my son:-

Never climb high, not smart enough, pointy, snidey, life’s never given them a chance“.

Remind you of anything?

Well it reminded me of the unbelievably slow, long-haul crawl of humanity.

You may have heard of humanity – a bunch of eejits who have evolved spiritually, emotionally & psychically at the speed of a one legged centipede on crutches.

Any ONE up for a bit of number play?

The ONE is Dead, Long Live the NEO

I’ll bet you thought you were there, for that original release of The ONE, via a red pill, way back in 1999.

You were wrong of course.

But then you & I usually are.

The genie of that bottle was uncorked over a thousand years ago. From the year 1000 AD until 31st December, 1999, history was driven by the number ONE & all the energies that it resonates.

The 2nd millennium was a period of time that commenced on January 1, 1001 (Arabian Nights anyone?) ...

[It] encompasses the High Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Early Modern Age

the age of Colonialism, industrialization, the rise of nation states, and culminates in the 20th century with the impact of science, widespread educationvaccinations in many nations

The centuries of expanding large-scale warfare with high-tech weaponry (of the World Wars and nuclear bombs) … and the return of the Olympics (lest we forget).”

And what of the lives of the everyday people in that thousand year span, you ask?

Never climb high, not smart enough, pointy, snidey, life’s never given them a chance“.

Is this the energy of the ONE, that impacted upon a thousand years of humanity?

How great was the power of that digit to direct the coursing of history?

There’s 2 reasons I’m playing with this mad theory & we’ll return to them in a moment.

First off I want to present some further subtle numerical sensings – take, leave, question or jettison as you will – just please, please keep keep your damned mind operating.

Number 3:  “Dim, simple, non aggressive, not into conflict or violence

Number 8:  “Strong but doesn’t have a will of it’s own / can be used for good or evil

Number 4:Fair, even, stable

Number 9:Black, shiny, corporate  – multi national / dark energy – greed / executor – the number of the people who run this world.”

Number 7: The “Swiss army knife” of numbers – lots of uses / has it’s own free will / quite a ‘human’ number.”

And now we come 2 Number 2.

It was the ideas that sprang from my son’s take on the number 2, that sent my fingers to the keyboard of this little conjecture-post.

He said: Number 2 is “Cunning – like a fox.

A dictionary defining of ‘cunning’ =  “skillful in deception; sly; crafty

I was fascinated by this idea.

I’ve been researching mythology.
The picture of a trickster emerged & took centre stage.

Previously, on planet Earth, I had read that the number 2 is the number of the feminine & that switching into the new millennium (2000), meant putting the divine feminine firmly in the driving seat, so to speak.

I’m not convinced.

I know not what the divine feminine is, though I’m sure that the twists & marketed turns of the nouvelle feminine have bugger all to do with it.

However …
… if I put on my seeing aye glasses, I see patterns.
Lots of crafty patterns.
I see ten years of trixstery-ness.

In mythology, and in the study of folklore and religion, a trickster is a god, goddess, spirit, man, woman, or anthropomorphic animal who plays tricks or otherwise disobeys normal rules and conventional behaviour … The trickster deity breaks the rules of the gods or nature, sometimes maliciously…” wiki

Back when we were all ONE (last century),  there seemed to be quite delineated markers to life.  Goodly, & badly-ness were reasonably defined.  The outlines of life were kinda visible. Paths were signposted.  Life was progressed through in a somewhat orderly manner. There was an appearance of orderliness in the pattern of life. Or so it seemed to me.

That all changed with the 2nd Coming.
Sorry, you weren’t still waiting for it were you?
Tucked into the page where I found …
… this image,
were these lyrics :
Things I once thought
In my life
Have all taken place
A hymn to the universal trickster perhaps?

What happens if we launch ourselves back into the last ten years, from a different perspective.

What if we go looking for tricksters, jesters, joke-stars?

What happens if we …

open our eyes & wake up just a little?

Is it possible that we might see that we’ve been keeping a bunch of clowns very amused, as WE panicreacted to our world being tipped up & over …

& over again,
… what if they’ve been howling with laughter as we swallowed porkies …

bought into debts…

sold our souls …

& purchased shocks & shares in FEAR.

And then of course there’s the trickiest of the tricky – the creation of the 51st state of the US of A (52nd if you count Is-real)

Everyone’s welcomed into this state – no pas-sporting or fingerprinting necessary – heck you don’t even have to have been good.

Actually these days it’s a hole lot better if you’ve been bad.

Very bad.

Welcome to the Untied State of Gender, with it’s capital city, Confusion.

The Governor of the State of Gender, Trixie Ortreat has been an outstanding advocate of the New Sex Order.  His/her tireless efforts combined with generous media contributions have led to marked growth in the Same-Sex-Scene-Scenario. Experts have long understood that staying home & having sex with friends of your own gender is a far safer alternative to connecting with unknown people of the opposite sex  in new places.

Meanwhile studies in the
Ministry of Degradation have shown very positive & productive trends.  Experts are confidant that within the next ten years, sexual experiences will be plumbing hitherto unimaginable depths.

Frequently the Trickster figure exhibits gender and form variability, changing gender roles and engaging in same-sex practices. Such figures appear in Native American and First Nations mythologies, where they are said to have a two-spirit nature. Loki, the Norse trickster, also exhibits gender variability, in one case even becoming pregnant; interestingly, he shares the ability to change genders with Odin, the chief Norse deity who also possesses many characteristics of the Trickster.” wiki

Certain rumours, like oil (apparently), have surfaced:-

Wayne Madsen Report: Obama and Emanuel: Members of same gay bath house in Chicago.”

While it may be, au naturel, for tricksters to frolic freely with their own gender, I must wonder what price is being extracted from the children of humanity.

This is no diatribe against homosexuality, heterosexuality or even red hot sexuality – go where you will, but go with love.

However this is a diatribe against the Dire Tribe that is de(a)dicated to CON-FUSING the hell out of young human sexuality.  That Dire Tribe IS a malicious bunch.

Do you know how hard it is to try to protect the little ones today? To try & help them keep their feet on the ground long enough that they can make their OWN decisions, long enough for them to hear what their OWN bodies & desires are telling them.

It’s so bloody difficult. But never, never, never give up on your children & never underestimate the power of even a grain of truth that is given with love.

The difference between last century & this one seems quite phenomenal.  A world that seemed en route to somewhere shifted gear into chaos with the drowning of two towers in fire.

What an amazing TRICK that was.

What if from then until now we have been spectators of, & reactors to, the greatest magic show of all time.

What if we are now living in a world that runs by very different rules?

The rules of trickery.

The best gift I can leave you with is the work of a man who has been drawing some lines around what may be one of the biggest tricks of our times.

A Nimage (like an image but more fun to write) popped into my waking up mind this morn. T’was the ONE of a Namerican dollar note that I’d spied t’other day. With it, came …

The Word
everywhere I go there 1 am


or as my friend Michael pointed out recently

My One

Remembering …

Rimmer’s primary character traits include anal-retentiveness, over-adherence to protocol, cowardice, misogyny, and a severely inflated ego matched only by his deep-seated sense of self-loathing.”

interesting, n’est-ce pas?

July 25, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Devin replied:

    LOL- Hey Alex- at first when I saw this I thought it was going to be a very short post!!Odd – I was thinking of numbers just last night/am 13 and 8 have always resonated with me for some reason. I saw the cover of that TIME magazine and laughed at the part where it said "and why the next one will be better" thinking with the way things are going we may not even be here!!I have also been thinking about time and "twins" lately – and your twinseltown article was the seed that led me to think more about 'twins' I did some really off the wall "bouncing" ideas around my head with timelines/twins because I realized so many people believe (or say they do) that X person is dead/alive and then has a serious 'Mindf&%k" when they realize they are wrong this happened to me with the author Kurt Vonnegut – I remember -gosh almost would swear on a stack of Bibles that he died in 2004 and was shocked when i read about his "second" death-LOL in 2007!!but wrt to 'twins' many of these 'false' memories can be explained by a person/celebrity who is usually very reminiscent of the one the person was thinking of-it is still kind of a mystery- and I want to do a bit about it at my blog when I think I have somewhere to start with it- it seems as if half the world (haha maybe not that many) 'remember' Nelson Mandela dying in prison- I was never on this timeline:-) I was on a discussion forum the other night and some of us were saying that we would really freak out when Princess Di or Michael Jackson either 'came back' or died again!!strange stuff – but I dont think ALL of these people who have had this experience are lying- i know i am not- I wish I could be as sanguine about the future as some others – and I am trying not to think "negatively' about it- but unless people or something really changes I am afraid humanity will finally bumble into its final catastrophe -the PTB do rule thru fear and obfuscation – and outright murder and lies – but to me humanity is like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football this way – happening over and over again – never learning!!well I have gone on much longer than intended – hope i dont sound too crazy- lol- cool wv for someone who likes lit-"emingwe" -Hemingway? altho he's not my fave by any means but has a fascinating history as so many lit people do!!all the best to you and yours!!xx

  2. Accidental replied:

    I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Inception Wise. Whenever/if you watch it.This post reflects the work I'm submersed in regards one Jim Carrey. Who by his nature is a trickster in so many ways, In so many films. I can't even wrap any kind of thought hold on the sheer scale of this strange mans resonances. But luckily I have some help. And this writing of yours helps. You just being you on a perfect intuitive schedule. Again your always on the crest of these waves.Love and respect

  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Howdy Alex!Grr-8 play here, good to see ponderings and musings and revealings of devious tricksters!Interestingly enough, those tricksters always need a new threat of fear to keep the masses disempowered…hence our greatest ecological disaster of our time. *ahem* That presentation by Lennon should wake the rest of the sleeping zombies unless they prefer to be reintegrated into the Matrix via the number 1 and a good kick in the ass.It's been a weird weak-end here in my part of the world. My brother filled me in that we had multiple tornadoes touch down last week while I was at work, I didn't know because I don't watch t.v. I don't have cable either. I guess it surprised many people including myself, we had a small "flood" right down the road. Fun stuff! Did I panic? Nope, just had my towel ready! I know your enjoying the life of freedom, don't get reintegrated too soon! Keep those ponderings rolling!WV = friesbut I hit publish and it wouldn't take, so I ended up with humle instead.

  4. aferrismoon replied:

    Numerical-wordiliyOne = won tooWhile Two = too too as well as to, and that makes threeWith the capping of the oil in Mexico came almost immediately the leak in ChinaAlso a good film is GASLAND about Hydraulic Fracturing in the US [ clean fuel]cheers

  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Good lil add there Alex!Yes indeed, My One = mONEy, or something ONE cannot simply deal without in the fake world, gotta love that life draining, energy stealing talisman that so many depend upon!I liked Dev's and Aferris' comments too!Bee well!

  6. Accidental replied:

    Nice add indeed.

  7. Jaspal replied:

    I like where you are going with this, and I really enjoyed listening to you on Celtic Rebel's radio show, 'answers are like pouring concreate into your head', genius! I also agree that different languages have different powers/functions, I read somewhere that when you speak in a different language, your entire personality changes. It would make sense that the British conqured the world with English ahead of anybody else.Speaking of which, you have talked alot about the Queen of England in previous posts, and if those 1000 years were the years of 'one', then it is an interesting sync that the Queen is always referred to as 'one':The Queen "One is not Twittering…"http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/pda/2009/mar/05/twitter-socialnetworking

  8. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks ONE & all. Am just about to tune in TWO the Rebel & the man in the Iron Mask for their show, so will return to all these ONEderful comments latermuchas grassyass

  9. Alex Robinson replied:

    So I tricked you Devin with my cunning plan to make it look like it was a short post :)How are you my friend???Onderful thoughts on twining – I wonder if we trek in & out of realities – perhaps the deaths you knew, had indeed taken place in other worlds – life is too damn weird not to allow for fantastical theories IMHO.Have been thinking about the 'twinish' aspect of trickery – might need to play a bit more with that.You know my friend, I think the future is being systematically poisoned – am not sure that we can work with the future, am not sure we should even try. I think our strength lies both here & now & that we can use this time to reRITE our stories – BUGGER history!!! – toss it down the toilet & go ahead & MAKE UP what you would have liked to happen. Hmmm… I seem to recall you travelling through Europe with ONEderful companions & having a stunning time … :) xoxHiya Jon, glad to see you enjoying the surf too :)Yep I probably should have had Jim in the post somewhere – a trixter supremo.Am wondering if I will see Inception, will wait & see what my gut says – mostly it tells me to stay away these days, but my son reckons I should go.Very best to you & all the Kiddies :)Thanks MichaelExactly so about the constant fear mongering – what I love is that at least some are starting to speak up about that & so F off – it's as if the Devastation Lords have been given carte blanche – seems to be along the same lines as cancer – if we let it be broadcast from on high & with full public approval, then maybe, just maybe, it won't touch me or my family. Bollocks to the whole caboodle – fear does not create life, health or wonder.ahem sorry just felt the need to get up on that soap box & kicked some ass :)Be very well my friend – blow those storms away – I gno you can :)

  10. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi Mr MoonEnjoyed the show, 'twas a pity the line got fractured.That WON one point is a very good score – 'that' one backward = NOW & mixed up = OWNI think the Rebel would see much potential in GASsLAND :)very best to youMichael & John – much appreciated the extra feedback on mONEy :)Hiya JaspalOne would like to express one's gratitude for your comments, but she's busy so I'll do it instead – thanks :)Am gonna be on the Rebel's show next week – mind you the scheming bastard made it sound like it's gonna be a sex show, so god knows who'll be tuning in :) ONE understands that the media is a load of trixtering twits, but damn good for selling a-genders. Best to you. Still in Hong Kong?

  11. annemarie replied:

    Hallo Alex :)Fun post, all this gender bending shite makes me now oneder bout that flick "children of men". Men having children, coming soon to a theatre near you? !Brazil's latest super mannequin is a he that's been transforming into a she. ouch.Does seem that we're in or observing a creepy believe it or not sort of circus. especially in media land. Round here we just call it toon town. Maybe we're all "stuck" in toon town, with all the freakiest and wickedest characters EL-evated to celeb/god/ess status? Is that why some folk enjoy taking psycho-tropic or hallucinogenic drugs [not me, i hate the stuff, fwiw, maybe it creates some sort of an equilibrium for them, like an anti-dote to toon town? Hot outta toon central today is the Stoning of one Oliver, hollywood propagandist and con man. He spoke outside the lines inre Jews and the hollow cost, apparently. Now doing the requisite genuflecting and mea culping for such. All mucho publicity for his latest project? And will he later be "crucified" a la Mel for his "passion"? Time will tell… btw, in a 2008 Architectural Digest which i read yesterday, I first learned about "Chicago Rising", the Chicago spire project. Was goona be the tallest bldg. in USA, all residential, but taking a gander at wikipedia shows that this oneder is on hold pending more moolah, and you otta see the massive hole left in the ground. toon town indeed. The word town is interesting, n'est-ce pas. To own. time is the keeper. indeed.Lizabitch two also refers to her/itself as "one". It's a very impersonal, detached, mental way to speak, referring to yourself in the third person. anywho, ta for the piece, I read the title as Going Nuremburg for a split-second. Ok, gotta go and split some more seconds heeehee

  12. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hiya AnnemarieGlad you had fun at the madhouse :)It really has gotten like a freaky circus has it not? All dressed up to look like DOOM when it should read 'TOON' (as you say) – surely we are looking at highest level madness (to the 33rd degree perhaps?) Ok great weirdness on Chic Argo front – perhaps the rabbit hole in the ground was the goal all along & it's now completeI like what you did to the ToOWN – hm gotta New world order tacked on the end of that one 2.hmmm… went to Nuremburg in a previous article, but perhaps I missed summat – note to self – 'keep mind open' on that ONE.Very best 2 you

  13. Jaspal replied:

    Yep still in Hong Kong, coming up to a year now (must get out of that 'counting time' habbit!).Your playing with numbers got me thinking about the number 0, and the fools journey in tarot, how he always manages to find the opposing number to balance out whatever issue he is facing.

  14. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi Jaspal, I think you are quite right about giving up the time counting hobbit – let him go back to his own world.So … a kind of dual fool then :)Ba-lance – 'spears' keep cropping up of late – might even tickle out another wee article because of One.Hope you're still having fun in HK.Best to you as always

  15. celticrebel replied:

    Well, better TWINsell town and not SINsell town. And why the heck a need for a [m]ASS meeting on "Britain's Day?" Were Greogry to comment, he'd say something about the cunning stunts or the wiley tricksters, but he's off drinking I think. The Jester was Bob Dylan, according to legend and the American Pie-Hole.On topic, the clods preaching "gender" removal are more dangerous than the alleged patriarchs striving to petrify us in place. Isn't trying to transcend our gender as foolhardy and dangerous as the Eastarn Sham[s] who say shed your ego (self from self)?That's my $0.02. You forgot to add we'll talk sex "in a fun and nonthreatening way," but no doubt, some wankers will find their way to our airspace :-)

  16. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Mr RebelTwinny/two – would also = trixter. Have read of the jester as the symbolic twin of the king. Gregory's quite tricky too :)The benders of G-Ender = GE modifiers of the mind. Bas(e)tards.Am thinking the w-anchors will set sail for murkier waters – should be fun :)

  17. KindlyOne replied:

    I read through your blog entry and I'm a little confused.I hate to make this personal but my emotional reaction to your writing is personal. I grew up a fierce tomboy, I'm partnered with another woman as an adult. I wear men's clothing out of the house and take flak for being mannish at the same time I love to bum around in a skirt at home sometimes, etc.I've always loved the dual-spirited trickster trope and I read up on it all I can. Stories about coyote/loki, etc. I don't want to be a man or a woman–I love being right in the middle of things. I understand I'm not normal as far as statistics go but people like me do happen from time to time.I suppose I feel alienated and a little guilty. Do you think people like me need to change or that we're hurting humanity? I mean none of you real-men and real-women any harm I wish you happiness and lots of children or whatever (peaceful) thing you'd like. I've got a lot of guilt. My parents tried to change me when I was a child, and I kept the attempt going for quite awhile. But I'm most happy and productive being myself. Do you think I'm less human or perverted somehow?I hate TV with a passion. I haven't had any form of television programming in my home left one since I left my parent's house. I hate how twisted it is. Particularity when it comes to human relations. Sometimes in a waiting room or over another person's house I'll see a "gay" or "transsexual" person and I always think of those black minstrel shows from the past. There seems to me to be a lot of contempt behind these depictions. When there isn't contempt in the depiction, it seems to me they are trying to divide people into groups (gay and not gay.. men and women as warring factions): it is wearying and a tried and true tactic as you all probably know. There are lots of horrible depictions of heterosexual relations too (basically every single instance). Another reason not to watch TV or rent blockbuster movies unless you're fully awake. If you got to the end then thanks! I'm new to this scene and there's a lot to take in. ;)

  18. Alex Robinson replied:

    Welcome Kindly OneI'm sorry that you felt hurt by my words – nothing in there was aimed at any form of 'humanity' which in it's true state is a mish-mash of possibility & expression. I really couldn't care less what form that takes, because of course it's none of my businessHowever there are agendas & programming hiding behind EVERY aspect of society & we all have to have the courage to look. The trickster CAN be a wondrous tool in that respect – turning things on there head to see what falls out. The trickster is the duality & I think this phrase from my friend sums it/him/her, up perfectly"He who heals can also kill"Just follow your own intuition thro' this scene – take what feeds your soul & leave the rest & best wishes on your journey

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