Holy Woden

I thought I might try a spot of online dating.

Under 500 years need not apply.

If I asked you
to turn back the calendar,
to the kick-off date,
for our modern world,
at what time
would you
stop the clock?

Is there, for you, a point where history just seems to fall off the edge?

It seems so to me.

And it’s always nice to have (apparent) fact agree (though it’s by no means necessary).

Modern history, or the modern era, describes the historical timeline after the Middle Ages… The beginning of the modern era started approximately in the 1500s …The term “modern” was coined shortly before 1585 to describe the beginning of a new era“. wiki

This New Era infant was christened The Renaissance – “French for “rebirth”; Italian: Rinascimento, from ri- “again” and nascere “be born”.”

Before that time there seemed to have existed a ridiculously-darked Age, full of stench & dirt & disease.

The premise for the rest of this article is that the world that we live in now was born in the vicinity of 500 years ago.

The End.

Well anything before that ‘Is story.

For quite some time now I’ve been on an epic quest. I’ve had to re-view the past & be willing to turn my world upside down. And I have willingly done this.

When I did look forward I seemed to be careering all over the place, but now looking backwards, I rather fancy I see patterns emerging.

During my questing research I wandered into a book called Classical Mythology. Somewhere in it’s pages I came upon a description of Gungnir, the famous spear of the chief Norse god, or All-father, Odin.

This book told me that Gungnir’s shaft was carved from the sacred wood of Yggdrasil (the Cosmic Tree) & that after gaining knowledge from this World Tree, Odin had broken off a bough & fashioned a perfect staff from it’s holy wood.

Those words set my mind a-galloping.

Checking up on Yggdrasil, I was told that it’s name translates to something akin to ‘dreadful mount’.

Ye gods thought I, could they be referring to …

this place?

The mount of Holy Wood

While I’m sure that we can link holly symbolism to this place, I’m long passed seeing that title as anything other than the rite-heavy Holy Wood.

I found out later that the mount referred to above either represents Odin’s steed or the World Tree (Yggdrasil) as a gallows. But by then it didn’t matter, for I had already set sail on a voyage of un-discovery.

And I rather think the journey was worth it.

Yggdrasil, the World Tree lay at the heart of the universe

Yggdrasil … is an immense [ash] tree that is central in Norse cosmology; the world tree, and around the tree exist nine worlds … The gods go to Yggdrasil daily to hold their courts. The branches of Yggdrasil extend far into the heavens, and the tree is supported by three roots that extend far away into other locations.

On Yggdrasil Odin sacrificed himself, hanging wounded from the great tree [for nine days] in his search for knowledge.”

I reckon we can look quite candidly at Holy Wood as the heart of today’s world.

The Yggdrasil of modern life, you could say…

… the World Tree around which our lives & worlds have been made to rotate.

Yggdrasil is the axis of nine worlds;

Holy Wood is the axis of even more spheres;

Science Fiction

Fret not, faithful reader, this is no mere mentaling-madness – we have interesting f-actuals to ford & a few familiar hills to climb.

Odin is also associated with trickery, cunning, and deception.”

In Norse mythology, Gungnir (Old Norse “swaying one”) is Odin’s magical spear; it always hits its mark and always kills.”

We recall that Gungnir was said to have been made from the Holy Wood of Yggdrasil.

Would it interest you to know that Holy Wood (Hollywood to unbelievers) revolves around a spear.

“The meaning of the name Oscar is ‘Divine spear

He [Odin] is also a god of war, appearing throughout Norse myth as the bringer of victory… In the Norse sagas, Odin sometimes acts as the instigator of wars, and is said to have been able to start wars by simply throwing down his spear Gungnir, and/or sending his valkyries, to influence the battle toward the end that he desires

the most prevalent… story of the Oscar’s origins concerns Academy secretary Margaret Herrick. Upon seeing the award for the first time, she supposedly proclaimed, “It looks just like my Uncle Oscar.” If the story is true, she was likely referring to her cousin, Oscar Pierce

are you serious?

the original Oscar award?
A divine spear pierce

… cODINcidentally – “he-rri-ck is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Herrick is “war ruler“.

Every year the demi-gods & goddesses of Holy Wood, assemble on the red battlefield …

… to stage a war that is launched by a godly spear (sphere).

The purpose of using pole weapons is either to extend reach or to increase angular momentum—and thus striking power—when the weapon is swung

We cannot continue without a small nod & a wink to the mil-Lion Man. Once upon a previous time, I looked at the Six Million Dollar Man & saw Osiris looking back.

I have now also found that when …

… viewed through different prism bars – he takes on a decidedly Odinish tinge.

Aha! With that VERY sentence I now see that which I did not see, before – just look who’s tucked inside the one-eyed, better, stronger, faster man:-

Take one six millION Dollar man
give him a spin
& see what pops out –


Yep, it’s old ‘One Eye‘ himself – the All-father, better than all the rest.

Some other mirrored images

Odin has his trusty spear, Gungnir &amp so too does Steve Austin

… Meet Oscar GoldmanDivine spear extraordinaire

Odin is the resurrected god – hung upon the holy wood of Yggdrasil for nine days in order to become better than all the rest.
Steve Austin is the resurrected man – brought back to life & automated to become better than all the rest.

Odin traded one of his eyes for a sip from a Well of wisdom guarded by the severed head of the god, Mimir. Steve Austin becomes like a god through the minstrations & operations of one Dr. Rudy (red-head in polish language“) Wells.

The man who played the resurrected Steve Austin, was given the suitably grand name Lee Majors. His birth name has an interesting death of a king resonance – Harvey Lee Yeary (& yes born just six months before Lee Harvey).

The meaning of the name Harvey is ‘Battle worthy or carnage worthy

The man with six zeros went on to star in a movie called The Norseman, playing a character by the name of Thorvald.

You may or may not recall that Thor, the Norse god of very big hammers, was Odin‘s son. The movie, by all accounts, is very bad, but that matters not, in these matters does it knot? Further illumination comes from paying attention to the director – one Charles B. Pierce – I presume you’re getting a larger picture.

Mythologically speaking, spears have been big business in the Godfamily:-
And the nominees are

  • Holy Lance or Lance of Longinus, said to be the spear that pierced the side of Jesus (Alternatively, the Celtic Rebel has a whole different outlook on this)
  • Gungnir Spear of Odin, famous god in Norse
  • Amenonuhoko Spear of Izanagi and Izanami, creator gods in Japanese mythology.
  • Spear of Lugh or Spear of Lúin named after Lugh, a god in Irish mythology.

  • Gáe Bulg Spear of Cúchulainn, hero in Irish mythology
  • Trishula Spear of Shiva, a Hindu god.
  • Octane Serpent Spear of Zhang Fei (Yide) from the Three Kingdoms period in China.
  • Spear of Fuchai, the spear used by Goujian’s arch-rival, King Fuchai of Wu, in China.

  • Poseidon’s Trident Greek sea god’s three pronged spear given to him by the undersea Cyclops

  • & who could forget …

    Britain-ney Spears

    Spear is a variant of spire“.

    If one drops in, in front of a spire

    … then one caninfluence or animate with an idea or purpose

    Behind the name Odin aka All-father,
    lies genius & madness;

    Odinprobably from *wod-eno-/*wod-ono-raging, mad, inspired,” from base *wet- to blow, inspire, spiritually arouse

    … and yet another way to drop in front of a ‘spire’

    So …

    Is there any good reason, why we should take Norsely-mythical influence seriously, in our modern world, you ask?

    … Death by missile-toe

    You mean other than the fact that they colour four sides of the prism that keeps us weak?
    Many of the days of the week reflect the Nordic cosmology of the Ash Tree [Yggdrasil] – aka Holy Wood.
    Tuesday Tiwes Nordic Goddess Tiwes
    Wednesday (from “Wotans Germanic for Odin)
    Thursday (Thor’s day from Nordic god Thor)
    Friday (German Freitag from Nordic goddess Freyja)
    Saturday (day of Saturn, the original sun)
    Sunday (Sun day, the modern sun after 9,500 BC)

    Let’s get just a little side-tracked:

    The Romans … would force prisoners to walk underneath a ‘yoke of spears’, which humiliated them. The yoke would consist ofthree spears, two upright with a third tied between them at a height which made the prisoners stoop … The word subjugate has its origins in this practice (from Latin sub = under, jugum=a yoke).wiki

    Back on track . ..

    The Christmas tree is a Nordic visual metaphor of their creation myth. It represents their cosmology … it appears that only the Vikings embedded themselves in a creation myth that closely resembles that of the Christmas tree. However, they called their tree, the Ash World Tree

    At the foot of mighty Yggdrasil, hover the three Norns: –

    female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men, comparable to the Fates in classical mythology“.

    The importance of the Norns in the Odinic world view is seldom appreciated by historians and mythologers … If we look at the etymology of the names of the three Norns (Urd, Skuld, and Verdandi), we can go a long way toward grasping the concepts they embody.

    Urd is cognate with “Wyrd”, the Anglo-Saxon word for the unseen influences behind events … Urd is depicted as being the guardian of a bottomless well … represents the unmanifest potential, everything arises from the unmanifest, and returns to it … Wyrd is a web of interconnections within a larger web (Rest of excellent article here)

    Now we need to cast our net a little wider.

    Urd, Urth – goddess of fate: a giantess who personified the past

    The original, single, eldest Norn was Mother Earth, Ertha, Urth, Urdr

    Urd, etc., who represented Fate and the Word of creation. She was Wurd

    other variants of her name include Wurd (Old High German), Wryd (Anglo-Saxon, commonly translated as “Fate”), Weird (English), Urth, Urtha, Urdr, Urda, Ertha — our word “earth” is derived from her. She was the Norn of destiny.”

    The three Norns were known collectively as Die Schreiberinnen, “the Writing Women,” who wrote the on-going book of Destiny in which they revealed the deep secrets of the universe … They were writers, not spinners

    In the beginning was the Urd/ Wyrd/Word?

    Although I could find no accepted etymological facts to back up the above statements, the word wyrd, is too damn close to the word to be under-looked.

    And indeed I suddenly feel like I’m looking at the design plan of a grand architect & it all feels so familiar:

    Earth – Word – Past – Destiny/Fate

    ONE word spelled out in four different ways…?

    Norse mythology has it’s own 2012 countdown sequence called Ragnarok

    Here are some sentences of sense tense I’ve split four ways for you

    On Ragnarok, the Earth will be torn apart during a battle between the gods and the giants

    On Ragnarok, the Word will be torn apart during a battle between the gods and the giants

    On Ragnarok, the Past will be torn apart during a battle between the gods and the giants

    On Ragnarok, Destiny/Fate will be torn apart during a battle between the gods and the giants

    If history be a glut of lies, would this scenario be such a bad thing?

    Let’s direct our attention back to the Holy Mount …

    … the place where today’s Holy Words hang out.
    The gods themselves gathered daily around Urd’s sacred Well
    Let’s suggest that the Holy Word of Holy Wood
    the scripture of the modern world.

    Let’s suggest that
    priests & priestesses.

    … & that when Congregations flock to church,
    the Word/Earth/Past/Destiny
    is made reel

    Holy Wood
    in-spires & animates ...
    it takes words/script(ure) & breathes virtual flesh & blood into them…
    so that they may be swallowed …
    ... by a spectating flock

    Old English wyrd is a verbal noun formed from the verb weorþan, meaning “to come to pass, to become” … Adjectival use develops in the 15th centrury, in the sense having the power to control fate“, …

    originally in the name of the Weird Sisters, i.e. the classical Fates, in the Elizabethan period detached from their classical background as fays, and most notably appearing as the Three Witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

    The really, really, weird, wyrd sisters who fatally dictated Macbeth’s future

    fate – late 14c., from L. fata, neut. pl. of fatum thing spoken (by the gods), one’s destiny.

    Ah yes, we come at last to Shakespeare – the name applied to the riter of centuries-worshipped wyrds.

    The One who took the English Word round the Globe.

    In our fantasy dating of this article, we find that Meister Shakespeare was in situ near the beginning.

    I’d been wondering, you see, if we could see Shakespeare as the All-(grand)father of the Church of Holy Wood.

    See him as the One who planted the seed that would become the Yggdrasil around which this modern world/word revolves.

    Each day the Norns draw water from the well … which they pour over Yggdrasill so that its branches will not rot.

    Each day the fruits of Holy Wood are fed into the minds of millions, so that their words are re-newed over & over again.

    Was Shakespeare the One who set in motion what would become the wor(l)d of the (e)motion picture?

    We recall that Odin “is associated with wisdom, war, battle, and death, and also magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, and the hunt.

    He had many, many, many names.
    Among them:-
    Geirölnir … Spear charger

    Geirlöðnir … Spear inviter

    Darraðr … Spearman

    Geirvaldr … Gore/Spear Master

    Geirtýr … Gore/Spear God

    Biflindi … Spear Shaker

    Excuse me?
    Sorry what was that last one again?
    Why I said, Spear Shaker

    Oh haha, that’s funny, now I get it!
    Spear Shaker = Shakespeare

    Hey wouldn’t it be hysterical if history really did begin five hundredish years ago?

    Imagine if that story was simply the scenery & stage props designed to make our modern world appear real.

    Ever noticed how similar the words Destiny & Disney are?

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    1. celticrebel replied:

      I'm guessing Margaret Herrick was not actually speaking of her "uncle," but an older male who used to bear his um, Oscar for her viewing [dis]pleasure. Of course! Good catch on Oscar Goldman. Again, probably another cover story for yet another madman's unhealthy obsession with finding a personality to go along with the perfect phallus … I'm sorry, I meant spear.Spear Shaker! Doh! What else could the joke have been? Yet another Manly PHall[us] for our/their [be/am]usement.Thanks for the nod!Well, I volunteer to make the perilous journey to High Brasil. But, who'll blow the Horn Resounding? I grow weary of the gods. Let Ragnarok come!

    2. Alex Robinson replied:

      Ragnarok'n'roll – perhaps Buddy Holy trilled the first note & that's why he was brought down – he had been performing with 'Odin' & the Belmonts too.Hopefully Shakespearean erudites willie not suddenly feel the need to rush around shaking their spears – should definitely keep that sort of thing for parades :)I too am weary of a world where repetition is worshipped as the god of pseudo-creation:- "repeat late 14c., from O.Fr. repeter "say or do again, get back, demand the return of"." I reject the return of the gods. I welcome beauty & honour & friendship in their place.Thanks for not giving up on posting a comment :)

    3. sandcanvas replied:

      Word up! Getting Weirder and Weirder here on Earth. Destiny I suppose..

    4. Michael Skaggs replied:

      Good stuff here, many parts bouncing here and there and re-patternizing!You know, back in high school, when they force fed the Shakespeare crap, I really really disliked it deep down, now I gno why I rejected it internally. History bah!Now we know what Bohemian Grove is all about, a big Spear Shaking ceremony. Ugh. *sickening thought avoided*I enjoyed the 4 colors of the Prism keeping us weak comment, brilliant.Keep up the playful musings my dear, the matrix is a weird place to see.CheersWV = sking

    5. aferrismoon replied:

      From Buckminster-Fuller's 'No More 2nd Hand God' -" At least a quarter of a billion peoplesit quietly each day indarkened halls.And they say they are "at the movies"not looking at anyone or anything real.They certainly don't see the screen.I say they are looking at God."Written some time before 1963.YggDrasil reversed = Lisard Ggy [ guy?]Haven't read all the post as my laptop screen has decided to 'change', so now all colours are solarised , making some of the writing difficult to read [ mainly the quotes]Woden – Wednesday = Mercredi = Mercury, so Woden = Mercury , as great communiction and trickster deity, seems fitting for the screen god. He also has a spear / caduceuscheers

    6. Alex Robinson replied:

      Hi SandcanvasIt's very weird (O.E. wyrd "fate, destiny) indeed – yet I'm sure we can & must rite our own present/future script.I like your work :)All the bestHiya Michaelwas very interested to hear your gut feeling on Shakespearean works – thats' the first time I've ever heard anyone speak of them in such a way – from the 'gut' – we've been so trained to put those words on a pedestal & even if we didn't like them, we still viewed them from that 'above us' angle.The matrix does have the appearance of being seriously word encrypted & I do not think crypts are healthy places for the living. It's time to dance outta there methinks – ready?… :)Hi Mr MoonThanks muchly for Bucky's words – he's the kind of guy we need round now.Excellent play in the cosmic tree. I see Egg in 'Ygg'. It's fun to say too – or at least how it comes out of my mouth where it seems to take on a decided transylvanian twang :)Perfect Woden/Mercury marriage assessment – trickster & communication- exactly so & very fitting for the (quick)silver screen.You could try highlighting the coloured text, that's what I do when I have trouble reading things.muchas gracias & have a splendid day

    7. Devin replied:

      Wonderful -or should I say "Wodinful" article Alex!!!!I really followed this from start to finish — I think Norse mythology -from the little i know- and I learned so much here today–is so fascinating— but the "tie-ins" with Norse, Christianity and Hollywyrd are just incredibly taut and "in-spiring" how you put them together!!This gives me so much –and I think all who will read it—so very much to ponder on—-and I thank you so very very very much for that !!I enjoyed the commments very much too- and as I am a huge Bucky Fuller fan — altho the only book of his I read completely was "Critical Path" I very much appreciated Mr Moon's quoting that bit— and your response to him is 100 percent straight-on— he is who we need these days –not the assklowns that hold court over us now!!I have long thought it very probable —that we live in some sort of matrix–and have always wondered to what ends? benefitting whom?? why did it start?? and your article here gives me so much to think about in this regard too– that would be fascinating if you have cracked the "Matrix Code" Alex!!!! cool wv for such a cool article=implorre with love and hugs to you and yours my friend!!!!xx

    8. Alex Robinson replied:

      Devin,Thank you my friend, your comment was inspiring :)There seems to be no end to Norse-ish tie-ins – am still delving deeply, at this rate I may pass the dwarves on the way to the central mythic core :)Great questions for the owner/operator of the May-tricks – who, what, where & why & we're not leaving without an answer … well actually if it came to a choice between answers & way out, then I'll take the door marked EXIT & I think I know quite a few who'd be coming with me :)Great wv … & it still goes back to myth – IMP LORE heheLove & hugs right back to you & your family (both 2 legs & 4)

    9. Accidental replied:

      I truly love you, and this work you do Alex. O'Brav-e!Odin/Nodi(latin) – Knot, complicated, difficult)and DINO- makes me think of the caveman with spears.SPEAR/RAPES/REAPSIt was great to hear your voice on the podcast. You have a very good voice for radio and I hope you guest host for the Rebel or do your own podcast one day. I'm sure you have a few guests to contribute.You certainly have an eye for finding the pattern without having to unthread much. What I mean is everything you find seems to be right on top. No need to gore the topic. Its all there in front.I feel dumb on this one but, could you explain the "You mean other than the fact that they colour four parts of the prism that keeps us weak/wake."I'm stupid, enlighten me further. ;^)Great thing not being properly exposed to Shakespear. I had no attention span to even try to "get it". But I remember all the drama kids obsessing over it.One William Morgan "A few shots to shaman" compared the theater to church not to long ago. How we used to give money to the church a few decades ago, and now the silver screen is that next step up that pyramid. But I feel its safe for people like us to go see movies. Feeling that we can pick out the intent of the architects and scan for seemingly unconscious metaphors and symbols. Put the bread in the mouth and spit it out secretly kinda thing. Cool thought being sloped in your seat like being on a mountain side or hill. Like a sermon on the….I remember my Jehovah's witness Grandma telling me that the Vatican supplements some of these movies. Even if I saw some proof it would not shock me. I would not let it.Anyways I'm done blabbing. F@#king great read on Friday the 13th.

    10. Accidental replied:

      was lead to St Elmos fire via PKD's VALIS audio tape. And read this.."Sharp points tend to require lower voltage levels to produce the same result because electric fields are more concentrated in areas of high curvature, thus discharges are more intense at the end of pointed objects." Wiki St Elmos Fire.

    11. Alex Robinson replied:

      Thank you Little Jon, more than you can know :)Sometimes I'm not brave enough like you, to say I don't understand something;"You mean other than the fact that they colour four parts of the prism that keeps us weak" – this was word play combined with reference to an old article:-http://toolonginthisplace.blogspot.com/2008/07/groundhog-week.html- had once looked at how the eternal seven day (week) rotation keeps us 'weak' – then wanted to suggest a 'prison' world & the idea that there are 7 days linked in my mind to the 7 colours of the rainbow & the word prism so like prison. With 4 of week/weak days ('prism colours') named after Norse gods it all kind of gelled together – also am remembering as I write this, Norse myth has Bifrost -the rainbow bridge which is how the gods visit the world of man. There is a deeper feel to this also that I don't have the knowledge to put into words – really these ideas are meant to be sparks to spark off other ideas.I must admit to having quite a distrust of movies now – I used to see at least some of them as friends & loved getting lost in them – those days are WELL gone. I don't watch many now & will often close my eyes at points throughout just to break the momentum these day my attention seems alot freer to wander round the screen & notice what ELSE is taking place. Thanks for your word play & the info on St Elmo's fire tips – that was most interesting.Sending extra-strength healing thoughts your way my friend. Very best to you & all the kiddies :)

    12. sandcanvas replied:

      http://www.noosphereforum.org/drupal/?q=node/8alex… scroll down to the image of the 'rainbow earth' with the geometric 'prisms' inside. apparently this image is part of a meditation that a lot of the dream spell folks are into. it immediately came to mind when you were describing your correlations between the rainbow and the 7 day week etc..

    13. Alex Robinson replied:

      Thanks Sandcast – that was educational – well as much as I could understand, you understand. In Norse mythology the Rainbow Bridge (Bifrost) is the route the gods take to get to the realm of man – on the whole they seem to be a right pain in the ass – not really sure if we should be encouraging the buggers :)Have yet to see any wonderful improvements in the lives of my fellow beings with all these supposedly life enhancing practices – the prism still seems to be holding … perhaps as the wrong way wizard once suggested, we need more spinach :)Very best to you

    14. Devin replied:

      Hiya Alex–cheers on the new place ——-looks lovely!!!!!!! this was a wonderful article and I was happy to re-read it and look forward to anything you will be doing here in the future also!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ATB my friend!!!!xxoo

    15. too long in this place replied:

      Heya Devin
      Extra credit for reading twice – you could have just stopped by for tea & bikkies :)
      Thanks for the nod of approval re this site – ’tis very much appreciated.
      I hope you & your family & Her Ladyship are very well :)

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