Just around the corner…


August 21, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Looking forward to Clownscape!! I hope you settle into this new home nicely!



  2. annemarie replied:

    change is the only constant, well along with me of course



  3. too long in this place replied:

    A formidable combination!
    Merci Anne Marie :)


  4. Jon Kidd replied:

    Really looking forward to this one. Its a constant theme in my life. An autistic loop hole that has me stuck in a rut. I’m thinking your article will mix some positivity into my pattern.


  5. too long in this place replied:

    Hiya Jon
    Well I sure hope my clown & I can add some fresh twists & turns to your ‘hoop’ – I know what you mean about getting stuck in the rut race.
    Have had some new info hove into view so am having to find where that fits in this tricky tale – will have up & running as soon as I can.

    Very best to you


  6. Jaspal replied:

    I don’t know if you caught this story:

    Manila police admit bungling deadly bus siege

    It just had to happen on the Hungary Ghost feastival:


    It got me thinking about what was fed to the ghosts, was it the blood, or that really sad feeling which has been hanging around Hong Kong for the last couple of days.

    Sorry that this had to be my first post in your new home.


  7. too long in this place replied:

    Hi Jaspal
    You sync up very well with a book I just re-borrowed out of the library called The Master of Lucid Dreams (Olga Kharitidi). In the prologue at the beginning a wise woman talks of ‘that’ which was the ghost of Hamlet’s father & how he was behind so much death in that play
    “Oh! A really hungry ghost he was, that father lookalike … the one who wrote it knew about the battle.” Perhaps it might be worth a read – fascinating ideas about ‘spirits of trauma’.

    Emotion seems to be the food of the gods.

    Very best to you & I hope the spirit of Hong Kong has lightened.


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