Watched a movie last week, from the Anno Demoniacal year of 1984.

It went by the name of Dreamscape

Please summarise plot in ten words or less:

ummm … Psychic guys -> dream intervention -> dream espionage -> save the president.

With all the hype around Inception, (which I haven’t seen), I’d thought it might be worth a viewing.

A couple of instances of what I call twinning, lucidly appeared within the Dreamyscape.

… you know that deja-vu feeling you often get when looking at movie stars, the one that makes you blurt out –

Hey he/she look just like ——

i.e. “Hey, Jodie Foster looks just like Helen Hunt!”

My current conclusion is that Holy Wood (like mythology),  is incestuously peopled by narrowed lines of blood.

In Dreamscape, the (80s) traditional female role of the adventure genre (i.e. serious scientist/expert who will be unbuttoned by hero) is played by a dame with the name of Kate Capshaw.

I don’t follow tabloids so knew not that she had already been unbuttoned, by one of the biggest boyz in the Holy Hood.
Or that that match, had hatched, a flock of little Spielberglets.

Capshaw played the excessively annoying female lead in the second Spielbergian Indiana Jones movie.

Added later: Now although this will be your first visit to this part of this article, I have been here before.  And when I was here earlier I said this;

“You know when you know that someone is just not suited to a part – well she was one of them for me.

and this;

But what do I know?

and quoted this;

“Over 120 actresses auditioned for the role, including Amy Irving, Isabella Rossellini, Meg Ryan and Sharon Stone”.”

But I’m a little bit wiser now. You’ll read what her husband Steve said in a bit, but in the meantime …

… let’s do a little picture painting

I had not realised that the second Indiana Jones was really the first.  It ‘prequelled Raiders of the Last Ark.

From this re-located viewing platform, we can now see that Indiana Jones,  legendary hero of generations was born from a Temple of Death (which was later Doomed). What’s more, his coming was a bloody miracle.

The opening of the opening of InDiana‘s birth chute (shoot) – via a willy.

It was the future Mrs SPELLberg who initiated InDiana Genes.  Playing a kNight (of) Clubs singer, twice named as a man-Willie Scott, she ejaculates out of the mouth of a fiery dragon & onto the silver screen – becoming the primordial being of the Indiana Jones spell.

Chanting Chinesely, the chaotic lyrics of a dark gatekeeper, Cole (dark one) Porter (doorman or gatekeeper)  – “Anything Goes

The world has gone mad today,

and good´s bad today, and black´s white today,

and day´s nicht today

Putting the reel first Indiana Jones movie in second place, was inspired.

Everyone had to see it – it was the must-see theatrical event of the summer – and it was hard to find someone who wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t just that the breezy sense of freshness was gone; it had been replaced not merely by something darker but by something a little mean-spirited. The famous “heart removal” scene became the impetus for the creation of the PG-13 rating” (from Film Review by James Berardinelli)

There’s a shitload of nastiness in this movie.  Under the guise of  ‘adventure’, our eyes are persuaded to swallow;
  • child abduction & slavery
  • ritual sacrifice
  • a beating heart being removed from a sacrificial victim (also in Dreamscape)
  • OUR crafted hero swallowing the blood of Kali which “robs him of his soul”
  • Willie being offered up as a sacrifice to Kali

No parent should allow a young child to see this traumatizing movie; it would be a cinematic form of child abuse” Ralph Novak

Lawrence Kasdan of Raiders of the Lost Ark was asked to write the script. “I didn’t want to be associated with Temple of Doom,” he reflected. “I just thought it was horrible. It’s so mean. There’s nothing pleasant about it. I think Temple of Doom represents a chaotic period in both their [Lucas and Spielberg] lives, and the movie is very ugly and mean-spirited.” wiki

But back in 1984, Holy Wood had no fear.  And why would they?  For who was in their right mind?   At what point was any spectator ever going to ask a relevant question like, say…

What the f%#k have we just taken part in?

Steven Spielberg (apparently) said in 1989, “I wasn’t happy with Temple of Doom at all. It was too dark, too subterranean, and much too horrific. I thought it out-poltered Poltergeist. There’s not an ounce of my own personal feeling in Temple of Doom.” He later added during the “Making of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” documentary, “Temple of Doom is my least favorite of the trilogy. I look back and I say, ‘Well the greatest thing that I got out of that was I met Kate Capshaw. We married years later and that to me was the reason I was fated to make Temple of Doom.

Looking at how we’ve been fed to think of Holy Wood, I reckon we could describe Kate Capshaw as it’s First Lady – her hubby having presided so ‘publicly’ over that Holy sphere for so long.

Anyway after all that … it was her twin I meant to mention.

The one that kept coming to mind as I watched Dreamscape.

Queen of the City & First Lady of Hollywood

Meet the Casey Twins.

Or KC Twins.

Kim Cattrall & Kate Capshaw.

The twinning of initials highlighting a physical resonance between two concurrent HighHoly-Wood Priestesses.

Yet twinning goes deeper than physical resemblance – it’s a gut level perception, not easy to put into words.  You know I reckon its a technique we can use to remind ourselves that our senses are still working, some of the time.  There’s no right or wrong answers with twinning – just strong personal feelings that you’ve seen this or that person before, dressed up in someone else’s genetic material.

What’s more, what other people have seen or sensed is equally valid, revealing & rewarding;

Don’t laugh, but when I was young I always confused Bill Murray for Tom Hanks

I always thought they had the same face! Now I feel like an idiot for confusing a complete acting legend for another

When I first read that I thought it was a really weird statement … until I lined up those two faces & saw a family-arity I’d never noticed before.

Sometimes celeb twins seem to mirror each other for a time & then drift visage-dly apart.

If Holy Wood is viewed as a dream scape then none of these ideas should be particularly difficult to entertain. I mean after all, it’s founded upon illusion.  Godammit we PAY them to delude us!

Sound it out. Gotta use a loooong  ‘A’  sound.

Faked not Fact – just as we demand.

The  rebellious hero assigned to us in Dreamscape, is Dennis (Sinned) Quaid.

Now I’ve always thought Dennis had a bit of a funny face.

Well a funny smile.

It always seemed kinda … family-iar

I liked Dennis Quaid a lot though.  Somehow he looked very much like Jack Nicholson in some scenes” (Comment on movie, Dead on Arrival)

I think Dennis Quaid could easily play the Joker… him in Wilder Napalm….he is one freaky son of a bitch

He coulda played the Joker in the 1989′s Batman…

I think that Quaid with that ear to ear smile wouldve made a great Joker

I still think he [Heath Ledger] is a horrible choice for the Joker. Dennis Quaid would have been ten times better!

The one actor, if no one cares about age who could pull of the Joker-esque smile in my opinion is Dennis Quaid.”

He was like the Joker looming over Gotham. Those teeth! Those lips!

Somewhere near the end of the Dreamovie, Dennis gave a smile. There was someone else hiding in that smile. I mean someone else besides the Jester.

It was very, very strange.

You see hidden in Dennis’ half-smile,

was his wife …

… Well his ex-wife.

What, you don’t believe me?

“I don’t know who looks more like The Joker, Dennis Quaid or Meg Ryan– Re: Inner Space (1987)

When Dennis half-flashed his pearlies, I saw Meg Ryan looking out from his face. I’ve seen Mr Quaid in a few movies, but I have never seen him morph into Meg before.

It’s gets even more bizarre.

For as I went looking for images of the pair to mix’n’match, I was accosted by globules of gossip regarding maintenance work that Meg had had carried out on her facial features.

Meg Ryan looks like the Jack Nicholson version of the joker when she smiles

But we are still in shock at the Joker-esque face – it’s a blend of Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson from the Batman movies. If that is what she was going for then it was a success

Meg Ryan would make a great Joker. After all the plastic surgery she has had, she has that evil Joker perma-grin

Creative thought being in ever short supply, it seems no disparagers were willing or able, to look below the (skin) surface.

Meg’s features have not been re-con-structured – rather, you could say, they’ve been exaggerated or bolded – highlighting a theme that was already present.

Following on from my recent tricksterish focus, I find these finds, rather intriguing.

Here’s a headline.  They’re always so very telling.  Of course they tell different stories to different people.

A caricature can refer to a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness.” wiki

Looks like the ladies who’ve led Holy Wood are being turned into clowns.

It seems to me that Holy Wood is all about the eyes …

… a lavish visual feast for it’s hordes of slavish ‘diners’.

Our senses are out of alignment.

Re-introducing The Fab Five.

Allegory of the Five Senses, ca. 1622  Jan Lievens

… a scene of visual indulgence represent[s] the pleasures of the senses, the variety that smell, touch, taste, hearing, and seeing in the physical world has to offer. It’s an unapologetic celebration of all that is tangiblethe physicality and sensuality of human existence.”

But that was all Once upon the long time ago of 1622…


the EYE

has been made as the image of God.

Can everybody SEE Meeeeeeee?

The ‘Godding’ of the Eye (I) …

… has led to the creation of many new religions:

ScEYEontology – Seeing is believing

vi-ZEYEon-tology – Vision Quests in the comfort of your home

American/New Zealand/British ad nauseum EYEdol – The Cult of Lookatme

remotelyr-emotionally-controlled religeyeons.

Without full sensory immersion, we cannot OWN an experience – it subsists in the UN-OWN (unknown) – remaining the property of the televisor.

Tele-viewed stories can NEVER be our stories

Eye candy:
Prescribed tabloids & media-cations (easy to swallow – no experiencing necessary)

Real experiencing demands that our own digestive sense-juices flow through & mingle with, each happening.

Arousal, via a flat screen must always be a one dimensional event – for that which is scene, on screen, is a tricking of the eyes.

It’s all L-eyes.

All Leyeing Eyes.

We may not have invited our step-senses to the ball, but they are very well aware of what is & is not going on, in the Reel world.

Now we come to a point where I got blown off course – I’d thought I was nearing the finish line & it was all plain sailing. But the Celtic Rebel sent me a link to the seedier sides of screen stars & for some reason I loitered a moment too long in Orson Welles segment & an unsavoury storm brewed.

Welles, Orson. Unhappy man who deserved better in life. … Possibly the Black Dahlia murderer.

Excuse me?

Welles anyway, I looked up the Black Dahlia murder & it was horrific.

Elizabeth Short (July 29, 1924 – ca. January 15, 1947) was an American woman and the victim of a gruesome and much-publicized murder. She acquired the moniker The Black Dahlia posthumously by newspapers … Short was found … on January 15, 1947, in Leimert Park, Los Angeles, California.

Her severely mutilated body had been severed at the waist and drained of blood and her face was slashed from the corners of her mouth toward her ears. She had been “posed” with her hands over her head and elbows bent at right angles.” wiki

Apologies to beings of humanity reading this story. And more apologies because there is a further tale to tell.

A thread from the Black Dahlia was interwoven into another story ;

At the time, the Black Dahlia murder investigation was the largest LAPD investigation since the murder of Marion Parker.

And so we travel back to 1927

Marion Parker, (born 1915, died December 17, 1927), was the 12-year-old daughter of Perry Parker, a prominent banker in Los Angeles. She had a twin sister named Marjorie. On December 15, 1927, Marion was abducted from her school by William Edward Hickman, who called himself “The Fox.”

… Mr. Parker handed over the money to a young man who was waiting for him in a parked car …  Hickman drove off, pushing Marion’s body out of the car at the end of the street. The coroner later testified that she had been dead for about 12 hours. Her arms and legs had been cut off and she had been disemboweled and stuffed with rags. Her eyes were wired open so as to make her appear alive … Her arms and legs were found on December 18 in Elysian Park wrapped in newspaper.”

Apologies again – humanity never commits acts like these. Don’t buy into that lie.

I really didn’t want to look into the above two tales, I came close to ditching this whole article – because heading into darkness is not my path.  But an alchemist named Jon told me that clowns followed him & he was hoping that I might shed a little light & a few other friends were increasingly curious & well, how can you let friends down?

So let me show you what I seem to see. What strange rusty linkings have surfaced.

How often it is that a trickster or joker or clown seems to leap out of boxes.

First let’s get clear on clowns.

They scare people.  They scare a shitload of people.

They’re ‘universally disliked by children,’ British researchers discover

“… researchers from the University of Sheffield polled 250 children regarding their opinions on clowns; all 250 children in the study, whose ages ranged between four and sixteen, reported that they found clowns frightening.” wiki

The British arts and music festival Bestival cancelled its planned clown theme in 2006 after many adult ticketholders contacted the organizers expressing a fear of clowns.

And a little etymological find:-

Villain …development of this word may be summed up as follows: ‘inhabitant of a farm; peasant; churl, boor; clown; miser; knave, scoundrel’ .

Looking back now over research, findings & feelings, I find myself contemplating an unexpected madtheatrical equation

& that is, that –

Clowns = Death

in particular sacrificial death

I jest not.

I think this is why children fear their deathly white skin & smile stiffened faces.

By the way, I’m choosing to lump & bump jesters & jokers & riddlers into this equation.

Clowns & joker shave been around a long time – but once their job description was w i d e r

In mythology, and in the study of folklore and religion, a trickster is a god, goddess, spirit, man, woman, or anthropomorphic animal who plays tricks or otherwise disobeys normal rules and conventional behavior

In certain Native American cultures, the Sacred Clown is a part of their health care system

The word Heyókȟa refers to the Lakota concept of a contrarian, jester, satirist or sacred clown. Heyókȟa are thought of as being backwards-forwards, upside-down, or contrary in nature.

using extreme behaviors to mirror others, thereby forcing them to examine their own doubts, fears, hatreds, and weaknesses. Heyókȟas also have the power to heal emotional pain; such power comes from the experience of shame–they sing of shameful events in their lives, beg for food, and live as clowns. They provoke laughter in distressing situations of despair and provoke fear and chaos when people feel complacent and overly secure, to keep them from taking themselves too seriously or believing they are more powerful than they are.

In addition, sacred clowns serve an important role in shaping tribal codes … they are the only ones who can ask “Why?” about sensitive topics and employ satire to question the specialists and carriers of sacred knowledge or those in positions of power and authority … Their role is to penetrate deception, turn over rocks, and create a deeper awareness.” wiki

Many native traditions held clowns and tricksters as essential to any contact with the sacred. People could not pray until they had laughed, because laughter opens and frees from rigid preconception. Humans had to have tricksters within the most sacred ceremonies for fear that they forget the sacred comes through upset, reversal, surprise. The trickster in most native traditions is essential to creation, to birth“.

The work of a sacred clown is restore balance.

For some trixted reason, the Westerly World, appears to abhor balance …

… and has gestated a Powerful Clown Class rite in-betwixt our midst.

Marian Parker was 12 years old when she murdered in 1927.  It’s the awful after-death caricaturing that lingers – limbs cut off, disembowled, eyes wired open & placed puppetlike in the front seat of a car.

Marion was transformed into a marionette.

I’m going to call it an awful joke because nowhere can reason be applied.

You see, over the course of this article I’ve changed my tune. Evil seems to be equating to a monumental sickness of mind & soul it seems to wear the face of a clown.

A clown that delights in suffering, sacrifice & death.  The view from my current vantage point suggests that Satan may be a psychotic Jester.

History becomes rather clearer when looked at in that light – Aztec sacrifices, inquisitions, world wars & despotic regimes can be viewed as sick, sick jokes feeding a sick, sick mind.

Remembering our earlier theoretical equation: Clowns = DeathI want to cast a light on one of their chief hiding places at the centre of our universe – Holy Wood & the entertainment Bozoness.

Two months before Marion was turned into a marionette, The Jazz Singer hit the silver screen – often religiously quoted as being the first reel talking movie;

“… its release heralded the commercial ascendance of the “talkies” and the decline of the silent film era

The All-Father of that momentous movie was the pale-faced Al Jolson. As you can see, Pa

…  was a bit of a clown (don’t even ask about the thing between his legs).

We can also note that Marion’s killer called himself the Fox” – the cunning fox being a symbol of the trickster.

I’m pointing out the marionetting of Marion Parker because of the twinning of her after-death make-up, with the Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short), 20 years later.

Elizabeth Short’s death was another colossal sick jokechopped in two with a joker’s smile carved into her face. Incidentally Disney brought out “Clown of the Jungle” that year.

However what I really came here to show you is the echo of these two twisted deaths in one movie – a movie that brought fame to one of the Casey Twins – the high-sexing-priestess of Holy Wood – Kim Cattrall.

In 1987, her lead role in Mannequin proved a huge success with audiences“.

Apologies for the first pic, yet the artist captured the caricature of a demon-ted joke.

That blue mannequin-like image depicting the Black Dahlia reminded me of the movie where Cattrall gets put back to-get-her. The arms are also attached during the above sequence, tieing us backwards-in-time to the little marionette from 1927.

It was because of the internet images of Elizabeth Short (Black Dahlia) that I wanted to quit this article – they are supremely sick.  But I decided to continue.  Yesterday morning I followed my sister into a clothing store & there on a table was the torso of a mannequin &  two disembodied arms – I felt I had made the rite decision.

Continuing the echoes of murder & reel life, the Mannequin begins with Cattrall playing dead.  Literally.  She’s all wrapped up. When the apparent virgin begs the gods to be rescued from marriage, she gets whisked into our world, where she’s reembodied as a mannequin.

Catrall’s name in Mannequin, is ‘Emmy‘  or phonetically ‘M E – which just so happens to be the initials of two disembodied victims – Marion & Elizabeth.

It seems to me that mannequins & clowns have a funereal family feel.  An air of death – staring eyes, frozen faces, puppet limbs, fractured (e)motion, severed humanity.

The incarnation these horrors was cunningly visually crafted in the Holy Wood of the early 30s.

Frankie goes to Holy Wood

Frankenstein was greeted with screams, moans, and fainting spells upon its initial release, obliging Universal to add a disclaimer in which Edward Van Sloan advises the faint of heart to leave the theater immediately.”

Mary Shelley & her husband touched something deep within the human psyche when they crafted the clownish Frank from the disembodied. Interestingly dismemberment has long been an element of visionary shamanic journeys – followed by revitalisation & renewal. However what’s cropped up in my research can never be linked to life.

Continuing with twisted jokers of 1930’s America …

The Cleveland Torso Murderer (also known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run) was an unidentified serial killer active in the Cleveland, Ohio area in the 1930s.

The Torso Murderer always beheaded and often dismembered his victims, sometimes also cutting the torso in half

Victims number 1 & 2 were found-

in the Jackass Hill area of Kingsbury Run on September 23, 1935.

No, I’m not making this up.

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. was an American serial killer active between 1972 and 1978. Until he was arrested, Gacy raped and murdered at least 33 young men and boys, mostly teenagers … He became known as the “Killer Clown” due to his charitable services at fundraising events and at children’s parties where he would dress in as “Pogo the Clown,” a character he devised himself.

Let’s skip forward to some reel jokers

Jim Carrey’s clowning roles make him one of Holy Wood’s truest Jest-stars:-

  • Liar, Liar . Tru(e)man .  Dumb & Dumber .  The Sex and Violence Family Hour . bRuse Almighty

Then there’s old Nick’s son – demonic father figure to Mr & Mrs(ex) Quaid

Maniacal, homicidal Holy Wood Joker # 1

And of course there’s Heath & that about wraps it up.

Or does it …

I find myself on a platform now, overlooking a very Big Top & what I’m seeing … are clown, clowns everywhere.

Holy Wood now looks for all the world (to me) like a circus & the stars no longer glitter. I’m simply seeing clowns. Every damn where. I’m not talking about the comedians – I mean the whole troupe.

Think about it,

then look again.

I’ve been trying to define this feeling of clowns that has been following me around.

Larger than life performers who distort reality & upturn our world.  We see them yet cannot connect with them. They constantly seek out our eyes & vie for our attention – yet to look into their eyes is to look into death …

… for what are they but ghosts captured on film.

Clowns are everywhere …

… they’ve been under our noses all along.

They’ve been hiding in the most unlikely places.

And they’ve been hiding up other clowns sleeves.  They’ve shown us what they were …

…  but we never got the twisted joke.

And we cannot leave out the King of the Clowns.

I am now of the opinion that his face was no accident …

… that skeletal mask belonged in place upon his face

Whatever inhabited the husk of Michael Jackson looked like Death & replicated itself upon his face with white skin, skeletal nose & sunken jaw

Michael Jackson clowning around.

What you want more clowns?

How about the psychotic Satan Clown

… aka Santa Claws – because everyone knows he scares the shit out of little children

I read a comment the other day about how much of a joke fast food is – McDonald’s got a particular mention.  And why wouldn’t it – with a clown as it’s mascot.

Ronald McDonald was born into people’s lounges in the same year that Kennedy was borne out of them, on a stretcher

… Not that I’m saying he had anything to do with it …

It seems that Ronnie came bearing a programmed agenda …

Here I am, kids! Hey, isn’t watching TV fun?

Ronald was fathered by Bozo the Clown, who’s show during the 50s & 60s was …

“… the hottest children’s show on the air … There was something about the combination of hamburgers and Bozo that was irresistible to kids ...”

The forced-smile is strong with this one

The smile known around the world,” Ronald McDonald is second only to Santa Claus in terms of recognition. (According to one survey, 96% of all school kids in the United States of America recognize Ronald

Gotta get do a bit of sacking of musical religion now – sorry if you’re a follower

But these guys were clowns – Big Clowns.

And it’s not like they didn’t tell you…

The Fools on the Hill

… and come on

Ringo Star” … do me a favour!

Speaking of star-ring clowns – the streets of Holy Wood are paved with them

You know you gotta be in Clowntoon when you’re worshipping a clown faced rodent.

I suggest that ALL the stars on the Holy Wooded Walk of Fame were/are CLOWNS – bloody big clowns.

What I’m calling clowning is an extremely eye-catching, attention-focussing system that binds real people to grand illusion-delusion.  A form of supernormal stimuli

A supernormal stimulus … is an exaggerated version of a stimulus to which there is an existing response tendency, or any stimulus that elicits a response more strongly than the stimulus for which it evolved.

Tinbergen …  experimented with dummy plaster eggs of various sizes and markings finding that most birds preferred ones with more exaggerated markings than their own, more saturated versions of their color, and a larger size than their own. Small songbirds which laid light blue grey-dappled eggs preferred to sit on a bright blue black polka-dotted dummy so large they slid off repeatedly.

In … Waistland, [Harvard psychologist Deirdre Barrett ] explains junk food as an exaggerated stimulus to cravings for salt, sugar, and fats and television as an exaggeration of social cues of laughter, smiling faces and attention-grabbing action.” wiki

I’m also suggesting that this clowning illusion/delusion is connected to death …

… via a below-conscious recognition of Western clowns as symbolic corpses, animated yet decomposing.

But wait that’s not all for I cannot get out of my mind the idea that clowns depict priests of sacrificial death. I don’t quite know where the idea came from but it is quite adamant about staying around for these proceedings. I’m wondering if murderous sacrificers of old dressed like clowns &/or laughed/exulted at the deaths of their victims & whether this knowledge resides within the universal mind.

I’m also going to suggest that modern civilisation is a stunningly, cunningly crafted joke & that despite all our conditioning (including mine in a recent article) that the Renaissance was a rebirth, it was in fact a re-death.

The amount of death ushered in since those times is beyond human comprehension.

To my ‘new’ way of thinking, the Renaissance ushered in tools of dissection &  division & divorce – the soul & body were systemically cleaved from each other. We are so absolutely convinced that modern scientific understanding is so essential, modern technology so necessary that we cannot contemplate alternative directions that life may have taken.

But we took the route of death’s jesters.

When are you gaze upon theGREAT works of Renaissance art what are you actually looking at.

Death, silly!  The worshipped hands that painted those pictures were often up to their elbows in corpses.

I studied art history so I ‘know’ that they dissected human bodies to better understand musculature. It was a necessary progression, it was for ART.

And so I swallowed death for the sake of beauty & progression & didn’t think to question;

Autopsies … were opposed in many ancient societies where it was believed that the outward disfigurement of dead persons prevented them from entering the afterlife …  but the modern autopsy process derives from the anatomists of the Renaissance.

CSI Renaissance

NEWS FLASH: “Brainstem, Spinal Cord Images Hidden in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Fresco.”  There is apparently more to this painting than simply the strange addition of breast implants.

Medical illustrator Ian Suk and neurosurgeon Dr. Rafael J. Tamargo “propose that in the Separation of Light from Darkness, Michelangelo drew into God’s neck a ventral view of the brain stem as well as the perisellar and chiasmatic regions

Most interesting that autopsied body parts should appear in the NECkro region of God.  And so interesting that they’re part of a painting entitled ‘Separation of Light & Dark‘.  But then again the Redeathssance was born from dissection & dismemberment. Religion divorced science. Science dismembered life.  Religions divorced each other.

So am I saying that the big boys of Renaissance art were a bunch of clowns.

Well, yes I am.

But I’m not the first.

You yourself were told that in the anno demoniacal year of 1984.

Renaissance clowns – Leo, Mickey, Raffi & Don

Donatello is often regarded as the first artist to dissect a human body (Calkins, et al., 1999, p. 124)” –Society and medical progress – Bernhard Joseph Stern.

At the forefront of the Renaissance movement were the three most prominent artists of the Italian Renaissance; Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael.

And all went in for necro nip & tuck.

Just how many wonders of the art world are death based I wonder? How much beauty is autopsy?
I gotta wrap this up, I could go on & on.  But I can’t.  Time is on my tale.
But I can’t go without another Renaissance wonder – Modern world finances.
Banking in the modern sense of the word can be traced to medieval and early Renaissance Italy” wiki
Surely it must be pure joke that the words death & debt are almost identical twin sounds.  I wrote about MONEY once – if you turn that word back to front & cut off ‘Y’s tail – you get the word VENOM.

Money – ‘it’s to die for

The stranglehold of venom in the modern world is deadly.  Ha that’s funny, I thought I’d written money in that last sentence.

What I’ve been trying to suggest is that this modern world was founded on death. Deliberately founded. And if you start with death where can you go – but into nasty & nastier states of decomposition.  We’ve had two world wars for God’s sake.  We’ve had our human connection with the Earth severed.  We have been herded farther & further into body & soul decay via every bloody means possible – food, debt, overwork, schooling, media, pharmaceuticals, dark sex, et-set(h)-terra/terror …

My question is this – is the modern world the biggest joke the Earth has ever seen?  Is everything that has been touted as GREAT, a part of that joke? Is EVERYTHING inside out & back to front?

HDeath Ledger – giving the joke away?

What if the jokers have given us ample clues to the truth, every step of the way?
So what is the one thing that the death jesters can’t seem to handle?
Well that’d be the sweet, sweet sound of our laughter.
The Celtic Rebel believes that sound may be our way out of this prison.  He may well be right.  But perhaps it’s not going to be through a major G or a minor E.

Perhaps it’s in the key of laughter.

An interesting phenomena I have come across at War Memorials, is the instruction to be SILENT.

You know I’m wondering if so much the suffering has been about the removal of laughter from our world.  Have you noticed how rarely the stagnant ones laugh.

The media keeps selling us smiling stars – delusional illusions of happiness.  We buy the idea that money + success/fame = happiness. But I think these are the Death Joker’s tools of trade – have you noticed how the more people get  money, fame or success the deader they become? If this modern world is Death’s Jest, then surely the more of that you swallow, the faster you decompose.

Have you ever laughed so much you feel sick?  What’s going on there – what energy is created & just how physically, emotionally & psychically powerful is it?

Ever notice how much the words love & laugh are near identical sound twins.

Wouldn’t it be so gloriously splendid if we jerichoed down our prison walls by breaking out into laughter & freedom

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  1. Dennis replied:

    Wow, Bravo. Dennis


  2. aferrismoon replied:

    From WWSkeats –

    Clown { Scand } – Icel. KLUNNI……Dan. KLUNT – a log; cf Dan – KLUNTET – clumsy…….The orig.sense is ‘log’. See CLUMSY

    CLUMSY – From M.E. – CLUMSED – benumbed; benumbed fingers are clumsy. This is the pp. of CLOMSEN , to benumb , or to feel benumbed……cf. Icel – KLUMSA – lockjaw

    I thought KLUNNI may be the orig. spelling of CLOONEY, George.

    The idea od ‘death’, ‘debt’ and ‘benumbed’ seemed to tie in well.

    Also people who don’t pronounce TH say T thus DEATH = DEBT

    There is a Spielberk Castle in Czechy which turned in to military prison for many years

    Spielberg – Mountain of Spiel , or ‘ a persuasive talking’
    all ‘ capped’ by a ‘shaw’ – a thicket



  3. aferrismoon replied:

    Also in Cxech they say ‘ Fakt’ where we might say ‘really’. It sounds like they’re saying ‘fuck’.I imagined that one night a Czech in England talking to an English friend who told him that he’d slept with this girl he’d been after for ages and the Czech guy says ‘Fakt’ and it soons passes into the lingo



    • too long in this place replied:

      Hi Ewan
      I’d thought of that Clooning rogue myself – “The meaning of the name Clooney is ‘Deceitful; flattering; rogue’.” – Aha just found this
      “Vera Famiga (Up in the Air) … said: “I’ll tell you, it’s impossible not to have chemistry with George Clooney.
      “He’s a goofball. He’s a clown. It’s just so good to be in his presence, and as a scene partner, anything goes. It’s a real circus with him on set.”

      There was a poem about Cloony the Clown by a clown who wrote a song about a Boy named Sue – forgot I’d meant to put a quote from the Cloony poem in the article:-
      “And every time he did a trick,
      Everyone felt a little sick.
      And every time he told a joke,
      Folks sighed as if their hearts were broke.
      And every time he lost a shoe,
      Everyone looked awfully blue.” (that bit might be for the Rebel)

      Benumbed fakt ties in very well with the notion of debt – hmm could have fun with that word :)



  4. annemarie replied:

    Thas fookin’ brilliant Alex!

    Mayhaps the re-naissance is/was about a re-birthing but of Whom or What? !!! Shit lovin’ necrofiles? Looks like.

    Never cud innerstand the a-peal of Leo, Donny, et set eras. An that Mona lisa smile? fuck non thanks. o hahah when they made a movie of the same name they used that jokerish faced one jewlia roberts. pretty woman? oh hahaa they gotta be kidding!

    Also Spielburg. Mayor/burgher of yadda yadda nada town?

    And mayhaps holyroods illusions are to meant to el-lude us while deluding / tricking us? Because It’s them who need to constantly be on the run, in hiding, quaking in fear.

    Oh what they cannot stand is ridicule, laffter and what they fear most of all is BEING IGNORED.

    I so agree with that, I keep saying it too, tho’ Bob sayed it best imo, Music is the key….

    and The spirit needs a song. YOU must be a spirit NOT a ghost. (nod to the almost invisible and non-named black man in movie, Bulworth.) to me That was the defining message from that flick. Yes, they are putting truth out there all the time, but you gotta look for it, with all yer senses attending, often times it’s buried underneath sooo much garbage, blood and shite, alas…

    WE got the power and we must needs take it, use it or lose it. Yeah babeee, and we don’t need no stinkin’ canned laffter either. haa haah hee hee ;)

    ok gotta go, rite on wuman, ta mucho,


    • too long in this place replied:

      Oh dearie, dearie me Annemarie what have you dragged out of the woodpile with the mention of the Leonardo’s Moaning Lisa – ’tis surely one for the Rebel – for when she’s all shook up, she reads – “I’m so anal”

      Holy Wood seems like some giant balloon that will deflate without being constantly pumped full of at-tension. How did we get so enamoured with something so full of hot air & clowns?

      We most assuredly have the power we need, but we gotta flick on our own switches to the ON position instead of being remotely controlled to sleep.

      Very best to you


  5. Devin replied:

    Brilliant article Alex!! just great—I will have to come back to read more–I did read the whole thing–but there is so much to take in at one go—
    I will never look at the surname Nixon –Nick’s son—the same again haha– and he was prez when all of the Manson –son of man—stuff was going on!!
    I always thought of S Spielberg as “Schlockberg” –I cant think of one of his movies I have ever enjoyed —
    I love your articles with the twin theme in them– they give me so much to think about —and it looks like the clown theme is going to be another great category–
    I dont follow entertainment/hollyweird much at all –so am way behind other folks who do–had never seen Meg’s “Joker” plastic surgery— just shocking really– or is it “schlocking” ;-)
    I am on the Netflix plan now so seeing more movies –and I was so upset at the programming in one- Untraceable from 2008 I think–I emailed a mutual friend of ours—I will try to send one to you with everything I noticed in that POS movie—it is sad because I really try to stay away anymore from movies made in the USA —considering I live here—they are so predictable –stupid–and the stuff that is supposed to be “sexy” is quite the opposite to me—really abysmal crap!!
    well I wont go on forever — will come back if i have any more coherent thoughts–o wrt to ‘clowns’ Stephen King hit a goldmine with Pennywise the Clown from his book “It” published in 1988 i think— I never felt one way or another about them until then haha– dont see the movie though—- masssive “suckage” with a captial “S”!!
    also fascinating –and horrifically sad about the Marion Parker homicide—I had heard of all the others–but chills ran down my spine when you did the comparison with the Black Dahlia –Elizabeth Short case
    unfortunately one has to go in some very dark places i think to learn anything about what the overlords are thinking–it can get to be too much –and I have stopped that research temporarily–maybe for good–I was going to do blog posts about a comparison with the Franklin/Omaha Credit Union Scandal in the USA with the Marc Dutroux/Belgian “Nebuleuse” case in Europe-but the material was just too sickening!!
    all the best to you and yours forever and ever!!xox


    • too long in this place replied:

      Thanks Devin for the smile I’m wearing from your reply – loved the energy – just what I needed!!! :)
      This article was going to go in a more twinned theme but instead took a rite turn into Clownsville – I may go back & take the twin route too. In the meantime I keep coming across clowns, even when nowhere in the vicinity of a silver screen. Went to video shop today but was uninspired, the pull to view seems to be lessening by the day.

      I completely understanding about you having to pull out of the Belgian barbarity – that stuff is not human – we’re not built to handle that crap. You take care of yourself & write about what’s right for you!!

      Thanks for your comment & company as always :) xox


  6. Obsurfer replied:

    After reading this, it dawned on me and you were so close with the fact/faked. The long and the short of it –


    What better way to tie together a post about clowns and twinning? It fit so perfect I was stunned. You must be onto something! Great post.


    • too long in this place replied:

      Fabulous find Obsurfer – you got me wondering if clowns are some kind of rogue gene or a symbol of that. Have been noticing how often they appear in movies & the way they are linked again & again to horror can be no accident – it certainly makes me wonder BIG time about the use of a clown for the burger biz.

      Thanks for that!


  7. Fitzy replied:

    Nice poke in in the eye Alex with the Holyweird Twins, Death and Money. Reminds me of that fated horror, ‘Twin Peaks’, Peaks lead to mountain tops, and tops spin…reminding,..RE – MINDING/ RE: MINING also takes place amidst peaks. The spin thing is present in that suckfest of lavish set (SET) design LEGEND – with scientology poser boy – Tom Cruise. Near the end of this mindf**k sold as a fairy tale (fiery tail), his love interest is being seduced by a Demon headed Tim Curry, who is a big clown if ever there were one (and likely heading west for some fiery tale), She is dressed in a black gown, and spins in a sickening gyre with a faceless counterpart (MK TWIN?). And thus she leaves her senses behind, save one (EYE see what you mean), enthralled now to the sumptuous ball room illusion. And the name of that actress? Mia Sara. Check out her resume, at least two trips to OZ. Oh my, how the priest class love to mock us.

    Good works wise Woman, many thanks for your insights.


  8. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wowza! That was very good!! You know what’s funny Alex, before I started to read this article, I noticed one of the guys at work looked like Dennis Quaid! I mentioned it to a co worker and he said he did resemble him quite a bit! Now I see the guy everywhere! *laughs*

    This should hit home with readers, I never liked clowns, period. And venom, well, we know what it’s done to the real world, but it runs the “reel world” of Holy Wood doesn’t it, flows through its veins!

    Vicious circles and cycles, which makes me wonder about the 10 year cycles that are happening in my own life, any way to escape it? Via Celtic’s suggestion of sound, or perhaps the sound of laughter as you suggest? Hmmm. Laughter does seem to shake up the energies and give you refocus and release.

    Well done yet again, it did go into darkness, but the light of your work shined through it.



  9. too long in this place replied:

    Allo Fitzy – you are right! Tim Curry is indeed a big clown, as a King of clowns he is ‘it’ –
    “… forms taken by the shape-shifting creature:Pennywise the Dancing Clown …Its primary disguise. Mainly used when hunting children)” – my god that last bit says SO much

    “It is a 1986 horror novel by …Stephen King. The story follows the exploits of seven children as they are terrorized by an eponymous inter-dimensional predatory life-form that exploits the fears and phobias of its victims… “It” primarily appears in the form of “Bob Gray” a.k.a. “Pennywise the Dancing Clown,” described as resembling a combination of Bozo, Clarabell and Ronald McDonald, in order to attract its preferred prey of young children, though it occasionally feeds on adults.”

    Thanks for helping bring these clowns out of the clo(wn)set(h)

    All the best to you

    Heya Michael
    That’s an interesting & strange sync! Am thinking I may have to delve further – Cos has offered to watch some movies for me for research :)
    I may have to look some more at this clown + money twinning too – I’ll go round the corner anyway & see if I can see where this path leads – already some strangeness is appearing …

    Yes for the sake of all that is wonderful, get laughing – if you need somewhere to start find a Rebel radio show with Lenon Honor – my God that guy can laugh – it’s pure solid gold music to the ears :)

    Be very well my friend :)


  10. Old Dirty Rooster replied:

    Excellent work as always, can’t wait for the follow up.
    Couldn’t help but notice that Dennis Quaid also bears a resemblance to Harrison Ford, at least I think so.
    It appears the master puppateers(Speilberg/Lucas)have been operating a clown factory for some time now. Mark Hammil(luke skywalker) would perfectly capture the evil, sociopathic spirit of the Joker in the 90s animated batman movies. Lets not forget Speilgerg’s creepy rendition of the Pederast Pan… um, I mean Peter Pan story, Hook, staring that clown(actor) Robin Williams.
    Holy Wood can try all they want control and manipulate the trickster energies, but remember, the trickster answers to no entity, its only purpose is to maintain a balance between order and chaos. Sooner or later puppets and puppateers alike will come to this realisation.

    Keep laughing, loving, and living.


  11. aferrismoon replied:

    I added a bit more to my post , some stuff I picked up at lenon’s site concerning 911, NZ and triggers.


    • too long in this place replied:

      Meister Rooster, it seems your words commit me to some further clowning around – so be it!
      If I recall correctly, Harry Ford was part of a twinning fotofit that I started but left off to follow the trail left by the Black Dahlia – so will go back & dig him & his kith & kin up again.
      William Robins – how could I forget him!

      The trickster energy does certainly seem to be about balance – if a force or eNTity wanted to unbalance ‘balance’, then perhaps that is the very place they would place the TNT.

      Thanks for the good wishes – same back to you (& all)

      Hi Mr Moon
      I sallied over to your place – forking excellent & oh so weird-wyrd/word/destiny. I’ve got a whole post on NZ to do at some point to – interesting that you use the word trigger. Also I keep meeting the number 911 of late – wondered if perhaps you have too?
      Best to you


  12. ViolatoR replied:

    The picture of Heath as Joker reminded me of how the dead were prepared, with rouge on their pale cheeks and lips to suggest blood was still flowing inside. Also, the dead were propped up and photographed.

    I’ve never feared the Killer Clowns From Outerspace, but then someone with a blog title suggesting death probably wouldn’t.

    I’ve recently read Terry Prachett’s [i]Moving Pictures[/i] where the influence of Holly Wood bleeds into his alternate universe and the new town of Holy Wood, leading to some chtonic manifestations when belief in the magick becomes too strong.

    Thanks for the great read ;)


    • too long in this place replied:

      Gidday SPort, how’s life?
      Saw a bit of Heath as Lejoker tonight – never did watch that movie, but my son’s got a copy atm & tells me there’s clowns in the beginning so now will have to take a gander.

      Was looking into Mr Pratchett’s work not so long ago – the science & ideas behind Discworld are pretty eye opening … went looking for a quote for you re the gods & instead ended up reading of ‘Sir’ Pratchett’s Alzeimhers condition, tv productions about his impending death & his wish for assisted suicide at some future time – one more example of clowns twinning death methinks – always interesting to see how much media drools over stories of death – how I do wish more people were willing to live!

      Hope all’s lively in your port
      Best to you


  13. aferrismoon replied:

    It’s like a cat that often turns up at an open window.

    Apoparently it’ll be visiting at the weekend , which is fairly synchronous as its Sept 11 or 12 round about then :)

    Thinking od clowns [ masks , new faces] and NZ gets me thinking of Sir Archibald Macindoe, the plastic surgeon



    • too long in this place replied:

      Hi Ewan – of course, of course, it’s happy birthday time to nine elven – so perhaps lot’s of elves are up to high jinks!

      Very pertinent pointing to the unique surgeon plastique – esp in a world where face value is worshipped – there’s more to all this than meets the eye! The pondering continues… :)



  14. the living tiki replied:

    Hi Alex

    I learned of your blog through the Rebel. Reading it is both delightful and informative, like taking a leisurely mental stroll through a botanical garden of life.

    I wanted to thank you for your contributions in helping me understand this reality. Your shows with the Rebel actually helped inspire my first real postings to my blog; A three parter examining influences and programming I received from movies around 1983, but mostly centered around Star Wars. (If you feel like checking it out, just look for posts with “Star Wars” in the title.) It started out examining personas, but quickly moved into how men and women perceive each other (but all from my quirky perspective, of course). I talk about Kim Cattrall as well, and found your insight about twinning to be freakin’ AMAZING! I wonder if you’re aware that CIA mind controlled sex slaves are often twinned as well. “Clowns” also reminds me of something Star Wars I’ve been examining recently: Clones.

    Your comment on the Rebel Path about how movies were once special, but now you have a difficult time watching them really resonated with me. There was once a time where going to the movies was the most exciting, magical thing I could ever experience. Now, if anybody ever says to me “Have you seen….”, it just automatically translates into “Have you received this programming yet?” Movies: Just another part of my childhood that the shapers of my reality made me fall in love with as a baby goat, and then took and raped right in front of me as an adult.

    I thought of you with the recent earthquake. I hope it didn’t affect you or your loved ones. And I will be (not praying to a god) but intently imagining a peaceful recovery for all.

    the living tiki


    • too long in this place replied:

      Thank you living tiki for your ‘living’ words – they are much appreciated – in this field the aim (IMHO) should be to feed & inspire each other. I will certainly check out your site – thanks for the heads up.

      I’m wondering from whence comes your name – the tiki being familiar in NZ. My ‘world’ is a long way from the earthquake – but thanks for your thoughts.

      I was feeling that sadness of loss re movies once again today – I would have liked to lie on the sofa & watch a movie tonight before heading back to the … ahem ‘real’ work world tomorrow, but I just can’t do it – the magic is gone – & it’s bloody hard to fill it’s empty shoes – it felt so damn good at the time (as it was meant to). Was wondering today how we can fill that gap – if we weren’t all so far apart, I’m sure evenings spent with kindred spirits would put the media(c)ated world to shame.

      Best to you

      ps to anyone who read Tikis comment & my answer & who follows the Rebel, here is a link to the kind of bs that he deals with (check out the comments) – it takes guts to do this work – if you think it’s ‘worth’ leaving a real comment at that site, go rite ahead


      • the living tiki replied:

        I have a film recommendation (i.e. something I feel would be a joy to watch and make you “forget” you’re watching a film because it’s not programming): “Alien Visitor”

        It’s an Australian production and mainly filmed in the Outback.It only has two characters; a human male and an alien “human” female who accidentally got teleported to Earth. The best line is when she finds out where she is (shouting to her friends in space) “Get me off this vile planet!” It is beautifully filmed using time-lapse sequences that are awesome. The “alien visitor” also says the galaxy’s other inhabitants refer to us as “breathers of the foul air”.

        As for my moniker, it has many reasons, like how I became “petrified” of the world and am breaking free of that. As for the Pacific connection, I believe that there used to be a continent in the South Pacific which pre-dated Atlantis (Mu?), and from which humanity ultimately came. The “tiki” (in my not so super researched opinion) stems from the unfortunate and immediate demise of the continent (which changed the vibration of Earth to a lower frequency as well). They are representations (and ancestor worship)of the spirits of those first peoples who perished so long ago, and are still watching and guarding the “motherland” (the evil elite of Atlantis made their empire the new motherland).

        But now, a “tiki” has awoken… and lives!


      • too long in this place replied:

        Thanks living tiki
        Always a joy to hear someone blazing out the words that they are ‘choosing to live’ – I’ve come to the (current) conclusion that we do have to do just that – often, openly, vocally saying that we ‘choose to live’ – I do it quite often & feel it makes a difference.

        I think that making ‘our’ stand is one of the best ways to move out of the ‘petrified’ state we got sucked into – I need my ‘real work’ now as much as I need air.

        Thanks for the film recommendation – I’ll look out for it.
        And thanks for your reply to my comment, it was meant to go with your article on star wars & Kim Caterwaul, but I got lost – you have a most refreshing & honest way of writing.

        Very best to you


  15. stitch-a-sonic replied:


    Eye, I, Captain. This post has put a few things in perspective.

    It’s interesting how much importance has been placed on the visual. You’d think it’s been purposefully placed on a pedestal. Or perhaps even something grander => a pyramid. I always thought the eye on the pyramid was a symbol of being watched (big brother kinda thing) but now maybe I wonder if it might have more to do with being engaged in the act of watching(entranced kinda thing).

    ps – does everybody in this blog-o-sphere have a thing for James Joyce? – there seems to be a whole mess of cunning punning about.


    • too long in this place replied:

      Hi Seamster
      IMO different views provide us with tools & toys for our minds – so they can go off & play like they’re supposed to.

      I haven’t read James Joyce, tho’ I have a feeling that this language play you’re noticing is the re-awakening of the long silenced voice of words – language is meant to be momentously alive, not imprisoned within educated laws. I never knew I could write until I started breaking those rules – it’s so much fun being a word criminal :)



  16. Jon Kidd (aka-accidental alchemist) replied:

    This article was a booster well needed for this crazy joker :^)

    True laughter puts a smile on real faces.

    I remember hearing/reading about how monkeys often smile in the presence of the Alpha to show submission or fear.

    “In chimpanzees, it can also be a sign of fear.”~Wiki~

    After hearing that I can’t help but see this behaviour in people. From sympathetic fake throat laughter, too post laughtrax induced reactions. We see are most primitive preprogrammed responses still active on the surface of the mind.

    Everything I have learned on the street or in a book has connected clowns to death in one strange way or another. When I was 9ish an urban legend/folk story went around about contacting a dead boxer clown via a mirror in a dark room with candles and a joker card stuck to the mirror with animal fat. When the boxing clown appears you may have to fight him it was said. And then the stories of people getting injured followed. It furthered my fear of them freaks.

    Professor/physicist Brian Cox has a terrifying jokers grin. He is one of the big wigs involved with the circus show at CERN. A quick image check of him may startle you. And his twinning with Cillian Murphy is amplified thanks to your information and thoughts Alex.

    Oh one more thing, apparently Johnny Depp collects Gacy paintings. When I started researching that I noted right away it was a dark cavern I`m not willing to shine light on as of yet.

    Thank you for your work once again my friend.

    Much love and respect.


  17. too long in this place replied:

    Greetings Kiddo :)
    Glad you happened by for your booster shot!

    Great points on faux laughter – reminds me of all the smiley faces on the covers of madazines.

    I didn’t know about either of those look-a-likely ‘jokers’ you mentioned – but a new word is surely called for – how about ‘Coxcillian entities’ as another name for the ‘twinning phenomenon’ – surely they do have more than just a ‘theory’ of relativity about them.

    I came across that art fetish info too. The Deppth of Johnny is not something you would scale lightly -I find DePP reminds me of HeLL. Just shine your light where it lights you up – that’s seems to be the most potent potion.

    Very best to you as always
    Shine on!


  18. sirburton replied:

    Eroticism no longer exists; in its place we have pornography.

    Excellent article. This is exactly why I live in a jungle on a mountain plateau in Asia, with no TV for miles and miles. The local people are mostly uneducated, gentle, spiritual and generous to an unearthly degree.

    Not many places like this are left on this planet.

    If anyone wants to live in a similar environment, contact me.

    Good luck and perseverance to you all.


  19. too long in this place replied:

    Spot on Mr Burton;
    “Eroticism no longer exists; in its place we have pornography” – you’ve got to wonder WHY? One is about an amazing array of feelings & discovery & the other is about DEATH or as Eddie Izzard said in a take-off of the Spanish Inquisition;

    “Cake or Death?”

    I’d have thought the choice was easy – but then I’m pretty stupid.

    Your world sounds wonderful – & the people, they are ‘natural people’ – I do believe in the human race, I do believe in their inherent goodness & that it takes a shitload of programming to turn them into the plastic zombies we have today. Put them in your world & in time I think the naturalness would return.

    Good luck & perseverance to you too :)


  20. Gawain replied:

    Hey Great note the twins are immortal they cant be killed and they have been here fighting for us for many generations.

    They fight the gods in many ways and always employ tricks..eventually they defeated the gods and were granted immortality..they are experts at BALL games or bail games they end up in court a lot…they are dionysus or dennis and mercurry..

    think Boston legal..Alan Shore and Denny..dionysus Crane site on the Balcony and proclaim themselves gods..Alan is refered to as the trickster many times and denny is mad.

    Shore is played by James Spader that Alien inseminating stargate traveler and Denny Crane is played by Shatner McChrist… James T Kirk…Anyway the key to 911 and the Summoning of BAil to fight the twins is what this is all about…:)


    • too long in this place replied:

      Thanks Gavin – interesting ideas on twins – never thought to link Dennis with Dionysius – but seems glaringly obvious now you point it out.

      I would certainly like to think there are powers fighting for us (tho’ I’m not waiting for them) – & I do think tricksterishness is the way to cut a route outta here.
      Funnily enough James Spader came up in the twinning equation – he ‘twins’ with Andrew McCarthy who played the male lead in Mannequin.

      I shall mull over your hints :)
      Very best to you


  21. Laura Botelho replied:

    Hi, Alex

    sou brasileira e fazendo uma pesquisa de imagens sobre palhaços para meu artigo, encontrei seu BLOG. Excelente sua exposição sobre o “riso”.

    Chegamos as mesmas conclusões.
    Veja meu link

    vou segui-lo daqui para frente.
    Um abraço!
    laura botelho


    • too long in this place replied:

      Hi Laura
      A new friend (thanks André) has translated your words. I see we synced up quite wonderfully :)

      I will be visiting your blog again too. I am reminded that space is insignificant when hearts & minds are focused on truth & healing.

      Hugs to you too


  22. Anthony replied:

    Dark stuff indeed. Clowns always gave me the creeps. The etymology of the word gives comes clues too. From Scandinavian / low German. Klauen in German means to steal. Klauen also means claws. Santa claws. Santa steals? What is he stealing? Satan steals? What would satan steals. Souls?

    Clown and clone is another sinister soundalike. Do clones have souls? Zombies, the undead, vampires, goths, have long been “fashionable”. Send in the clones?

    One of the unfunniest and creepiest modern day clowns is Jerry Lewis. I just came across this:

    After learning that fraternizing with Jewish prisoners is strictly forbidden, Helmut is unable to leave the children in a state of unhappiness and begins performing again. The SS guards break up his latest performance, they knock him unconscious, and start beating the children away from the barbed-wire fence. Horrified, Keltner fights off one of the guards, but he is quickly cornered and beaten to death. Meanwhile, Doork is placed in solitary confinement. Seeing a use for him, the commandant assigns him to help load Jewish children on trains leading out of the internment camp with the promise of a review of his case. By a twist of fate, he ends up accidentally accompanying the children on a boxcar train to Auschwitz, and he is eventually used, in Pied Piper fashion, to help lead the Jewish children to their deaths in the gas chamber.

    Knowing the fear the children will feel while being led to their deaths, he begs to be allowed to be the one to spend the last few moments with them. Leading them to the “showers”, he becomes increasingly dependent on a miracle, only to learn there is none. After all the children go into the chamber, he is so filled with remorse that he goes into the room himself to entertain them. As the children laugh at his antics, the movie ends.

    ** The pied piper. Another aspect of the clown / entertainer. Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Madonna… David Bowie (another famous creepy clown).


  23. alex robinson replied:

    The Western clowns were birthed through the Entertainment industry – that tells us a lot.

    This was very telling too:
    ” From Scandinavian / low German. Klauen in German means to steal. Klauen also means claws. Santa claws. Santa steals? What is he stealing? Satan steals? What would satan steals. Souls?” The Celtic Rebels radio show last night went into that too – I passed on the info about ‘klauen = stealing /claws”

    The whole issue of clowns perhaps suggests more evidence about our … ahem ‘stupidity’ – we know how creepy they are & yet we promote the idea that they are fun & let them host kids parties. For some reason we do not seem to be able to access what we know & use it for our own & others good. Your example of Jerry Lewis is a brilliant example of this creepiness that we have allowed – as always its only children who are smart enough to see & to say what they see i.e the Emperors New Clothes – so of course they have to be got rid of one way or another – we feed them to the clowns – the Pied Pipers – the Ronald McDonalds, the Michael Jack-in-the-box-sons, the Sponge-bobbits & a hundred & one other players in the programming biz.

    I think if we can get our eyes to re-link to our livers we shall be able to see as children once again – then the emperor is in for a rude awakening



  24. Mother replied:

    Your mention of twinnings and family-arity reminds me of Susan Maureen Brandt’s work untangling the incestuous breeding of so many “stars” – Those photos of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid are enough to convince me that she is right on track and that Mr. and Mrs. Quaid are VERY closely related. Thank you for your insights.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Cheers Mother – I have seen some of her work – she certainly makes some very interesting points.

      very best to you


      • Mother replied:

        Thanks Alex. I am not 100% convinced of her Atlantean theory, although it certainly seems as believable as some other theories floating around. Two things I have come across lately make me go hmmm though. One was an article on Barbie from the Daily Mail: “Ruth Handler founded a toy company in California with her husband, Elliot, and a family friend called Harold ‘Matt’ Matson. The gentle Matson didn’t last long with the ambitious Handler, however, and by 1955 he had been replaced by Ryan, a former weapons designer barely 5ft 8in tall, with orange-red hair and a protruding nose.” Why the need to describe Ryan’s physical characteristics, and only his? The second was just a question that came to my mind – why are cesarean births so named? And now SMB’s website is gone, which seems odd as she was so “vocal“, writing so much. She updated on Jan 17th saying she would make further updates as needed, and then her domain was available for anyone to claim on the 19th. Hmmm again.


  25. capax replied:

    Great work, Alex! I am new to your work, being led here by discovering the Rebel Alex and his work not long ago, and you make me happy.

    This piece is good therapy for me. Clowns do steal children. Literally. I was one of them. Many Shriners are clowns. My sperm donor was a Shriner. When it came time for my sacrifice…around 4-5 yrs. old, my family went to some unknown to me person’s house, and sat on the front porch of this “farmhouse” type place to watch a parade. Even then, i thought it was a strange place to have a parade…

    A clown came up to me and gave me a flower. I turned to show my egg donor, and when i turned back, the bloom was gone, and i was holding just a stem. It took me many moons to figure out their joke…i was deflowered by that clown in front of my family then…then later that night…tho’ i think my “flower” was gone even before then…and i have no clue as to how i’ve been clowned with since.

    I’m not trying to be a downer…the past is that…but i work hard to face them…so the fear i had is now just deep dislike.

    If you want to delete this as being inappropriate for your comment section, i understand. I just want to let you know your work touched me deeply, and you have my gratitude.


  26. alex robinson replied:

    Hi capax – glad to have been of service. And very glad to know that you are walking out of a past you did not deserve.

    You’re name made me think of kapok (tree), so I looked it up:
    “The ancient Maya of Central America believed that a great Ceiba [Kapok] tree stood at the center of the earth, connecting the terrestrial world to the spirit-world above”

    very best to you


  27. Max replied:

    Hi Alex,

    It’s still April Fool’s day in Germany (it was rainy and very windy!), so I decided to drop this jester here.

    Keith Flint the firestarter from The Prodigy.

    (Firestarter was released as a single on 18th/19th March 1996, 19 years ago)

    “On stage Keith is a real spectacle – a human blur most of the time, shouting, spitting, and “visually expressing” himself, as he puts it.

    he just jumps around and acts spastic that gives everyone a good laugh. He also likes to stick his tounge out a lot too.”

    Got fun?

    Here’s a fun fact. This Friday, 3rd April, is also the 14th Nisan of the Jewish calendar which is for Jehova’s Witnesses the Memorial where they comemorate Jesus’ sacrifice. This year the Memorial coincides with Good Friday on which Christians of certain other confessions remember the sacrifice of Christ. It unusuall that these two memorial days happen on the same date.

    On the same date, there’s also going a night club event happening in Berlin, which goes by the name Liber Null X (X = cross):

    The events theme is ‘CHAOS’.

    Strange. Really strange.


  28. alex robinson replied:

    So much symbolism now becoming so mainstream & ‘fashionable’. Yes this Easter was packed full of strange & coincidental timing – it does all feel systematically orchestrated & perfectly aligned to something…


  29. Mick replied:

    Ok, link this in too.

    Pete Carroll (one of the originators of KAOS magick in Britain) wrote his first book on KAOS philosophy and ritual called The Liber Null. I suppose you could translate it as the book of the void. The photograph contains a fair bit of symbolism which people can interpret as to how they see it.

    Graham Hancock in his book Supernatural ponders whether the traditional clown costume (from either medieval Italy or Venice) was other dimensionally inspired. Granted, this was after his ayahuasca experiences, but don’t forget humankind’s systematic use of hallucinogens (of which many, many plants have psychotropic properties) throughout the past millennia. Clowns are indeed demonic (viewed from a certain perspective), but then so are angels and Jesus (but that’s a story no-one will touch).

    The point of it all, whatever denomination it claims to be and whatever symbology it uses, is blood sacrifice – especially child sacrifice. But remember, blood can be represented in many forms, it doesn’t always have to be shed in the physical.


  30. alex robinson replied:

    ha, my previous reply to you (on latest podcast) expresses similar sentiment – this use of bloody sacrifice is both brutal & tiring. Perhaps this sacrificial trap is based on a reptilian brain/limbic ‘stuckness’ & it is (way past) time to develop a more playful & life-giving method of creation.


  31. Mick replied:

    Yes, it is endemic. Our system, right down to the microbial level, is based on it. Hence, it can all be referred to as demonic. Certainly, we still have that spark of Joy and Life-Love deep within us. That cannot be destroyed, only hidden. Tolkein’s works have been used and warped over the last 15 years. The orcs were originally Elves, their minds and bodies tortured and their souls corrupted. That is what is happening to us.


  32. alex robinson replied:

    ah I didn’t know the about Orcs – that’s very interesting


  33. Mick replied:

    It’s in the Silmarillion. Melkor (aka Morgoth) was the original Dark Lord. Sauron was just his gofer. Melkor wanted to equal Illuvatar the Creator by creating his own race, but he could only warp the elves, the first born.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hmmm have come across a similar story – the stories seem to be circling every more tightly these days – an image is forming …


  34. Max replied:

    Hey Alex & Mick!

    Cool, that you’ve answered my comment!

    Here is a pic on the Jesus the demon/angel topic:

    That Liber Null X party took place in a ‘industrialesque’ setting. Metal pipes and concrete walls, btw.

    Yesterday, the 8th May, two events coincided with each other:

    – The premiere of the music documentary “Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay”. This autumn, industrial music will become 40 years old.

    – The 70th anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe.

    The scale of industrialization determined the extent of the blood sacrifice that happened in the second world war. Black magic was performed in many senses. Iron, fire & blood.

    During the late 1970s, industrial music emerged. Some of this movement’s artists also occupied abandoned factory buildings and used those spaces to create their art. Rituals of many kinds were also an integral part. It seems like experimenting with old occult knowledge and technologies that were recent in that time had an important role amongst them. It’s obvious that industrialization (and deindustrialization) and its established structures took influence on the artistic community and of course everyone else.


    • alex robinson replied:

      These things ‘seem’ so separate & yet they actually seem to be different parts of that damn elephant in the living room :)


  35. Mick replied:

    Hi Max,

    I can’t remember his name so cannot verify it, but a few years ago I listened to an audio track on You Tube where an ex-Nasa scientist (now dead) was detailing the magick rituals he and his colleagues performed in conjunction with various scientific tests they were carrying out. Now it kind of reminds me of the x-box game Doom 3. Hence the term Techno-Mages. Allegedly, the audio vid was posted after his death.

    In 2009, Matthew Delooze reported on an exhibition held at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, in London. It was by Italian artist Roberto Cuoghi, called Suillakku, and held between 14 Oct – 23 Nov 2008. Upon the roof was a very large statue of Pazuzu, top Sumerian Storm demon.

    The blurb in the teacher’s pack (yes, it was used as a part of an arts module, key stages 3 to 5) says: “An important part of Suilakku is a chorus of singers, which Cuoghi created by multiplying and mutating his own voice.” It included howls, yelps, gibberings and screams, and was supposed to simulate the emotions of the inhabitants of Ninevah whilst under siege attack. The 10 minute track was played at various times during the exhibition of Mesopotamian artwork.

    He uses the Sumerian language, so it could be ‘Necronomicon – the Musical’.

    Delooze stated in a later comment to the article that in his opinion the piece represented quite factually the sounds a ritual victim experiences as they are being sacrificed.

    I listened to it, and it did sound freaky and demonic. Reminded me of the album Electric Storm by White Noise.

    Most effective occult ritual is now done through computer games, or cult tv shows like Grimm or The Strain.


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