Eine kleine mittwoch post

A Spanish proverb

Of soup and love, the first is best

& so it is ….

What have you made & given, with your own hands lately?

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For idiots eyes only

I had an experience this weekend that reminded me of just how dumb I am – nothing spectacular – just a realisation that I was in the same spot that I had been in a long time ago.

I got really pissed off.

And then I came to the conclusion that it is simply not possible that I could be that continuously stupid.

Surely it goes against every natural law.

Aren’t we are supposed to ‘evolve’ –

  • evolve 1640s, “to unfold, open out, expand,” from L. evolvere “to unroll”.”
  • But here am I endlessly repeating patterns that are equivalent to beating my head against a brick rock – it makes NO sense.

    Over time I have learned to avoid a few brick walls – but not many.

    Anyway I finally realised that I am not alone as a lone idiot. The whole world is peopled with them. Starting with you.

    Well actually you’ll have to join the queue, I got here first.

    I have talked with the Celtic Rebel about this & was mightily impressed that he had the guts to admit to being stupid on air. He’s right he is stupid. And so definitely am I & so are you.

    My question here is, “Is it in any way a bad thing to recognise this”?

    I’m actually beginning to think that it may be our way out.

    Another question.

    “Why is the world so focused on intellect & greatness & genius”?

    Why are the ‘great ones’ paraded through our minds from the earliest of ages. Why does the whole world know of the same famous people. Why do we have to learn about them in school? Why do we have to repeat what they said & what they did?

    Is it to sell us the idea that the world has been & is peopled by intelligent people?

    Why would that matter? And to who?

    And just how might it benefit us to consider that there has NEVER been a genius on the face of this planet?

    If we accepted the idea that stupidity has ruled the world from the moment of it’s creation until now, then suddenly we have nothing to prove.

    We can stop pretending that we have our lives & our selves, relationships, our finances ‘worked out’ & just for once see how mind numblingly ridiculous is the farce we call life.

    What if geniuses have been ‘cooked up’ to make a cultivated view of this world, ‘palatable‘ – to get the human race to swallow morsels of potential & believe it to be the whole human banquet.

    If you have been shown the best & had it proved to you through schooling, that you can never reach that height, then why would you bother trying? Is that what schooling is about I wonder?

    What I want to suggest just for today, is that you play with the idea that every single person of past & present grandeur was or is, an idiot.

    A complete & utter moron.

    Just like you & me.

    And why do I suggest this?

    Because I’m positive that humanity is wondrous beyond measure – sublimely incandescent.

    Because I reject the bs of the apparent past & the selling of the idea of man’s inhumanity of man.

    And I reject the idea that the ‘great ones’ came anywhere close to the genius inherent in our race – they were simply waiters carrying round a tray of hors d’œuvres. We have more genius waiting in our fingertips than any historically touted super human – we’ve just gotten used to accepting very small crumbs.

    I don’t know (yet) how to tap into that potential – but every time I buy into the idea that I’m smart, by today’s standards, I seem to walk into walls.

    I think we’ve been cunningly educated into the art of supreme stupidity

    And we’ve been cunningly crafted out of common sense. Gotta be seen to be ‘smart’ –

  • smart (adj.) late O.E. smeart “sharp, severe, stinging”.”
  • If I accept even for a little that I’ve been sculpted stupid, then I’m actually freed up to act accordingly.

    I am freed to question everything & every one – nothing before me can be called sacred & tucked out of my reach. I can climb to the top shelf & pull down that idol to see if it’s wearing underwear or I can use a Shakespearean script to light a fire or I can take Jesus off his cross ‘cos it looks bloody awful to see a bloody corpse stapled to a tree.

    I suggest that for one day we have no heroes, no great works of art or literature or achitecture or war. No brilliant businessmen. No great inventions. No great explorers No great sacrifices.

    Just a bunch of numbskulls operating slightly above the level of imbecility.

    Surely I can’t be alone in sensing the palpably colossal potential that sings through the pores of ANY human being who is following their passion.

    So what the hell are we doing living like trapped mice & thinking we’re intelligent?

    If you think I’m being stupid then let me point you to the tropic of my up-coming article, cancer. As far as stupidity goes, that takes the cake.

    I have interspersed some of history’s greatest stupid people – go on let yourself off the hook for one day & play silly buggers. Let yourself see them as a bunch of egits & maybe just maybe some of your genius will be unleashed.


    p.yes Was putting a little article up on my old site & some interesting ideas ppushed to the surface

    an idiot is a stupid person with a mental age below three years, … a moron is a stupid person with a mental age of between seven to twelve years” (from thesorearsedotcom)

    An ‘adult’ or ‘a dolt’ = a moronic idiot who doesn’t realise that that children of any age are smarter than them (Ok I made that up) but…

    etymologically speaking, …

    dolt 1540s, perhaps a variant of dold “dull, foolish,” influenced by dulte, dolte, pp. forms of M.E. dullen “to dull, make or become dazed or stupid” i.e to turn into an ‘adult’.

    Next time someone tells you to grow up, don’t listen!

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    No, no & no again!

    I’m currently cooking up a frenzy.

    It’s time to kick cancer up the arse, once & for all.

    Gonna have a go at finishing what I started a while ago

    Knickers to cancer

    I’ll be back as soon as I’ve finished my research AND found some appropriate footwear.

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