No, no & no again!

I’m currently cooking up a frenzy.

It’s time to kick cancer up the arse, once & for all.

Gonna have a go at finishing what I started a while ago

Knickers to cancer

I’ll be back as soon as I’ve finished my research AND found some appropriate footwear.

September 14, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Devin replied:

    Can’t wait to read it my friend!!
    Good luck on finding the footwear——in regards to the foto–the things some people will wear —sheeesh!!
    all the best!!xxoo

  2. annemarie replied:

    haha can’t wait. how ’bout a pair o’ those hoof shoes that were all the rage last year, i think?

    take yer pick!

    later :)

  3. raffi replied:

    the mantras continue: cancer, terror, money, etc. the spells are cast and we’re the “lucky” spellbound bunch. i read somewhere that by simply acknowledging and thinking/fearing of cancer, that the likelihood of developing it increases dramatically (don’t remember the stats they came out with).

    anyways, looking forward to your next rendering… if it’s anything like clownscape, i know i’ll enjoy it :)

  4. too long in this place replied:

    My god Annemarie, I’m so behind the times – they’re probably outta fashion now & I never owned a pair – the shame!
    Act-yally there was a nun at my primary school – a very scary, LARGE nun, with a ‘whip’ hand & very fat ‘calves’ – for some reason I always imagined her chunky legs ending in hooves, was always surprised to see she had feet!

    Hope you are blooming.

    Exactly so Raffi!
    Glad you enjoyed Clownscape – I hope you didn’t mind me playing with your name among the ‘turtles’ – I couldn’t help myself & it was a friendly wink to you if you dropped by :)

    Very best to you

  5. Kim Love replied:

    Hi Alex,

    I’ve listened to you on Celtic Rebels show. And have read some of ur blog’s, I found them and you refreshing and informative. Thank you.

    I look forward to ur next article on cancer, its such a money and fearing making business. a friend at work was doing a charity run or walk for breast cancer. I didn’t have the courage not to sign up for a £ or 2. I haven’t handed over the money yet.

    My mum died from breast cancer, I believe she died because she held so many lies and secrets inside.

    next time a cancer request to support some money grabbing charity comes my way. I will have the courage to decline.

    Peace homie

    • too long in this place replied:

      Hi Kim
      Many thanks for your words – they are an article in themselves.

      Cancer has been so thoroughly sanctified that it is down right scary. It is monumentally difficult to say NO to the money gatherers – they act as is God is on their side – what God would create cancer I ask you?
      I’ve had to think about what to say if someone ‘demands’ money from me – basically it goes like this “I do not SUPPORT cancer. I support HEALTH” – but I haven’t been hit on for quite a while, however … breast cancer focus month is almost upon us – God help us!

      Very best to you, & thanks :)

  6. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Kudos Alex,

    I am smack dab in the middle of knickers almost daily, white slaving at the Egyptian butcher shop that your aware of. It’s a HUGE event here in October, the Dempsey Challenge staring from good ole Holy Wood itself, Patrick Dempsey! Yup, he comes here to promote the knickers fighting “Dempsey Center”. Should be plastered with “fight knickers” and this that and the other things.

    Have to agree about fearing/thinking you might come down with it and causing your body to actually submit to that. Staying away from under wire bras, aluminum filled deodorants, etc.etc can always help too I suppose. ;)

    Can’t wait!

    • too long in this place replied:

      Heya Michael
      It looks like this article may be formulating at just the ‘rite’ time – it’s shocking to realise what we put up with on a daily basis because we’ve been told something is ‘for our own good’.
      It should be pretty simple really – health, satisfaction thro’ connection & creation, great friends, laughter – these are for our good – anything that destroys these things is surely, NOT acceptable.

      Hugs gratefully accepted & returned :)

  7. raffi replied:

    i did notice the “raffi” tribute. but, as in your latest post, i’m just too stupid to realize ;)

  8. too long in this place replied:

    haha hello stupid
    very best from an idiot :)

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