For idiots eyes only

I had an experience this weekend that reminded me of just how dumb I am – nothing spectacular – just a realisation that I was in the same spot that I had been in a long time ago.

I got really pissed off.

And then I came to the conclusion that it is simply not possible that I could be that continuously stupid.

Surely it goes against every natural law.

Aren’t we are supposed to ‘evolve’ –

  • evolve 1640s, “to unfold, open out, expand,” from L. evolvere “to unroll”.”
  • But here am I endlessly repeating patterns that are equivalent to beating my head against a brick rock – it makes NO sense.

    Over time I have learned to avoid a few brick walls – but not many.

    Anyway I finally realised that I am not alone as a lone idiot. The whole world is peopled with them. Starting with you.

    Well actually you’ll have to join the queue, I got here first.

    I have talked with the Celtic Rebel about this & was mightily impressed that he had the guts to admit to being stupid on air. He’s right he is stupid. And so definitely am I & so are you.

    My question here is, “Is it in any way a bad thing to recognise this”?

    I’m actually beginning to think that it may be our way out.

    Another question.

    “Why is the world so focused on intellect & greatness & genius”?

    Why are the ‘great ones’ paraded through our minds from the earliest of ages. Why does the whole world know of the same famous people. Why do we have to learn about them in school? Why do we have to repeat what they said & what they did?

    Is it to sell us the idea that the world has been & is peopled by intelligent people?

    Why would that matter? And to who?

    And just how might it benefit us to consider that there has NEVER been a genius on the face of this planet?

    If we accepted the idea that stupidity has ruled the world from the moment of it’s creation until now, then suddenly we have nothing to prove.

    We can stop pretending that we have our lives & our selves, relationships, our finances ‘worked out’ & just for once see how mind numblingly ridiculous is the farce we call life.

    What if geniuses have been ‘cooked up’ to make a cultivated view of this world, ‘palatable‘ – to get the human race to swallow morsels of potential & believe it to be the whole human banquet.

    If you have been shown the best & had it proved to you through schooling, that you can never reach that height, then why would you bother trying? Is that what schooling is about I wonder?

    What I want to suggest just for today, is that you play with the idea that every single person of past & present grandeur was or is, an idiot.

    A complete & utter moron.

    Just like you & me.

    And why do I suggest this?

    Because I’m positive that humanity is wondrous beyond measure – sublimely incandescent.

    Because I reject the bs of the apparent past & the selling of the idea of man’s inhumanity of man.

    And I reject the idea that the ‘great ones’ came anywhere close to the genius inherent in our race – they were simply waiters carrying round a tray of hors d’œuvres. We have more genius waiting in our fingertips than any historically touted super human – we’ve just gotten used to accepting very small crumbs.

    I don’t know (yet) how to tap into that potential – but every time I buy into the idea that I’m smart, by today’s standards, I seem to walk into walls.

    I think we’ve been cunningly educated into the art of supreme stupidity

    And we’ve been cunningly crafted out of common sense. Gotta be seen to be ‘smart’ –

  • smart (adj.) late O.E. smeart “sharp, severe, stinging”.”
  • If I accept even for a little that I’ve been sculpted stupid, then I’m actually freed up to act accordingly.

    I am freed to question everything & every one – nothing before me can be called sacred & tucked out of my reach. I can climb to the top shelf & pull down that idol to see if it’s wearing underwear or I can use a Shakespearean script to light a fire or I can take Jesus off his cross ‘cos it looks bloody awful to see a bloody corpse stapled to a tree.

    I suggest that for one day we have no heroes, no great works of art or literature or achitecture or war. No brilliant businessmen. No great inventions. No great explorers No great sacrifices.

    Just a bunch of numbskulls operating slightly above the level of imbecility.

    Surely I can’t be alone in sensing the palpably colossal potential that sings through the pores of ANY human being who is following their passion.

    So what the hell are we doing living like trapped mice & thinking we’re intelligent?

    If you think I’m being stupid then let me point you to the tropic of my up-coming article, cancer. As far as stupidity goes, that takes the cake.

    I have interspersed some of history’s greatest stupid people – go on let yourself off the hook for one day & play silly buggers. Let yourself see them as a bunch of egits & maybe just maybe some of your genius will be unleashed.


    p.yes Was putting a little article up on my old site & some interesting ideas ppushed to the surface

    an idiot is a stupid person with a mental age below three years, … a moron is a stupid person with a mental age of between seven to twelve years” (from thesorearsedotcom)

    An ‘adult’ or ‘a dolt’ = a moronic idiot who doesn’t realise that that children of any age are smarter than them (Ok I made that up) but…

    etymologically speaking, …

    dolt 1540s, perhaps a variant of dold “dull, foolish,” influenced by dulte, dolte, pp. forms of M.E. dullen “to dull, make or become dazed or stupid” i.e to turn into an ‘adult’.

    Next time someone tells you to grow up, don’t listen!

    September 21, 2010. Uncategorized.


    1. Sundaemon replied:

      I like it. Idiots of the world, rejoice! We have nothing to lose but our conditioning.

      Kind of ties in with your previous village idiot/joker/jester observations. The truth-tellers “cunningly” disguised.

      So let’s have a good laugh at the “sacred”! (just noticed how that word is very close to “scared.” Hm. Yeah, let’s laugh instead.)

      • too long in this place replied:

        Exactly so Sundaemon – nothing to lose but our ‘stupid’ conditioning – somewhere underneath that, is a real person dying to live.

        The scared/sacred spell is one of the more curious compositions – we’re ‘supposed’ to be in ‘awe’ of that which we’ve been taught is ‘sacred’ – it’s funny how laughter is often linked to stupidity…

        How clever it is to control a whole race by selling them stupidity as cleverness. And then making them scared to death of looking at that stupidity in case someone calls them an idiot.

        All we need do is look to the greatest ‘learners’ of humanity – young children – they are fearless of stupidity, it’s nothing to them & in the process they learn more in a short space of time than any damn computer can.

        Thanks & very best to you :)

    2. Ian replied:

      I have been having very similar sentiments lately. Feeling bound by the futility of language, I find myself staring dumbly at someone’s apish countenance, as they regurgitate their tired programming for my benefit.. Needless to say I keep an eyebrow raised. Sure that might sound arrogant if it weren’t for the fact that I’m painfully aware I’m wearing the same monkey suit. Prone to the same addictions, (mental, physical or otherwise) the same myopic points of view, the same attention deficits.. etc.

      I have been feeling more and more lately that the mental realm of cognition, thoughts, language, egoic perception, all of these things are not necessarily the enemy, as much as they are the challenge to be overcome, or transcended. I like what you’ve done here, by knocking the ivory tower out from underneath the so called cultural ‘luminaries’ you’ve leveled the playing field a bit.

      I don’t have any answers, If I did I’d probably be somewhere else doing something different, instead of looking for breadcrumbs of insight on the ‘Mental’ superhighway, but this definitely feels like a step in the right direction. Thanks.

      • too long in this place replied:

        Hi Ian – thanks for your frankness.

        Perhaps breadcrumbs are not such a bad place to start looking – all things hyped seem to be the same bland menu reblended or should that be ‘re-blanded’.

        Perhaps bringing life back to centre is all about the itsy bitsy steps we take daily to pave our own paths – hopefully we are all using crazy paving.

        If I’m stupid I may as well make the most of it – I’ve tried every damn thing I can to ‘overcome it’ – so I’m going to befriend the idiot awhile & see what emerges. Perhaps it’s not the dark side that we have to embrace but ‘the stupid’ – actually I kind of like that thought :)

        Very best to you

    3. Devin replied:

      Hiya Alex ——-very much enjoyed this perspective on ‘great’ and LOLed on your monikers for all of the above ——-I agree-knowing that WE DONT KNOW is the first and hugest step a person can take —–I watched a video with a certain similarity to what you are saying this evening—and one of the thoughts the presenter had was that “Does anyone who has ever lived know what really happens after death?” and “Are ALL of the world’s religions essentially blind alleys to lead humanity to worship the wrong things?”
      In other words kind of along the lines of everyone who has ever lived is stupid:-)
      and the acknowledgement of this could perhaps indeed be the only way out of the predicament humanity is in. The state of the world (now and then) should tell us something about what we are told to worship and strive for growing up!!
      all the best to you my friend!!

      • too long in this place replied:

        Heya Devin
        Glad you had a chuckle :)
        You raise a very pertinent point – no one has come back to tell about the other side – yet we have consistently put trust in ‘greater’ beings, people, religions – surely that’s the mark of a race turned idiot. I wonder, did we fall or were we pushed, into stupidity?

        Very best to you my friend :)

    4. Michael Skaggs replied:

      Howdy Alex…he says at 10:24 a.m. EST

      Got room for another dumb arse? Spoon fed ‘great ones’ exact-a-mundo! If I remember from another brilliant article you wrote, it’s all in the Questions and questioning, not accepting the spoon fed answers, that’s when your energy stops if you accept and swallow those.

      We do need to look at what’s out there with the “real eyes” of a child. Thanks for the boot-filled reminder!


    5. too long in this place replied:

      Allo dumb arse :)
      Thanks Michael – always good to have a visit from you.
      Real eyes would be wonder-filled – esp after spending TOO LONG in these glazed over ones. It’s funny but lately when I go out walking & wonder about just how stupid I have been/am I find I seem to notice things I’ve missed before – as if for moments I am seeing as a child again – it’s really, really nice.

      Very best to you & a big hug for Ivory

    6. sirburton replied:

      From my depths of ignorance and stupidity I can only barely comprehend the philosophical point you are making or how wonderfully stupid it is.

      I was a bit clever when I was a kid playing with Lego. It’s been downhill ever since, so I’ve tried – and failed miserably – to write some less stupid stuff on my blog in order to throw my lack of intelligence into perspective with some intelligent feedback from readers. Unfortunately they are all almost as stupid as me.

      Excellent stuff ! Keep it up !! And feel free to say something stupid on whenever you like…

      • too long in this place replied:

        Haha Mr Burton, I feel much hope when I hear someone brave the stupidity factor.
        Kids are brilliant – their creativity is pure genius, do you have any photos of your lego creations? My son used to love to play with that, he enjoyed making whatever new creation he bought & then he’d pull it apart & make something far more brilliant :)

        I will be most happy to visit your place & leave & foot in mouth comment – just got to get an article on cancer-ass stupidity into the ether first.

        Very best to you. Keep shining!

    7. Anthony replied:

      Alex wrote:
      “I had an experience this weekend that reminded me of just how dumb I am – nothing spectacular – just a realisation that I was in the same spot that I had been in a long time ago.”

      I had the same feeling recently, but I experienced it differently. I too was back to somewhere I’d been a few years ago, but I immediately thought of a Chartres type labyrinth. Yes, I happened to be back in the same spot, but I wasn’t the same person as I was the last time I was there because I’d been wandering the labyrinth and accumulating experiences.

      As I say, it actually felt good to be back where I was seeing something with different eyes. I can’t even remember what the subject was, but the labyrinth concept felt good.

    8. Anthony replied:

      Another thought.

      Instead of stupid, which I don’t like in this context or with reference to people who are clearly anything but stupid, I would prefer to distinguish between sophisticated and unsophisticated (natural).

      You’re absolutely right that oodles and oodles of learning is good for nothing if there is no heart involved. Thinkers of the heart (and liver!) rather than brainiacs.

      • alex robinson replied:

        Hey Anthony
        Seeing with different eyes is hugely rewarding – but we must be able to follow through & change our situation – there’s something about physically meeting & altering our environment that seems to be of vital importance – perhaps a chainsaw for the maze or dynamite for the labyrinth? :)

        Personally I don’t mind keeping the stupid label – if it seems a bit corrosive maybe that is a good thing – I ache when I feel the gap between the immense knowledge/wisdom I can sense & the crumbs I manage to grab hold of – its so immensely sad – we are meant to be & experience so VERY much more.

        May Thinkers of the Heart & Liver go forth & be all they can be

        all the best

    9. Anthony replied:

      Your mention of “stupid” reminds me of how often I have particular words or phrases floating around in my head which at the time seem to have no relevance until…. thwack… synchronicity strikes.

      I recently read a book about the path of the fool, which fits me rather well, and I’m from Liverpool so I suppose I’m a LiverFool.

      I was sidestracked by stupid and forgot that the title is actually idiots. Idiot is a word I’ve been using a lot recently, but with the Irish version of eejit.

      I have to look and see what that is trying to tell me.

      Do you have a particular way of saying stupid? stewpeed for example?

      [Latin stupidus, from stupre, to be stunned.]

      stupor [from Latin, from stupēre to be aghast]

      stupor = unconsciousness – a state lacking normal awareness of the self or environment.

      Don’t most “civilized” people fit this description?

      What is our normal awareness? You’ve made very clear Alex that we should be so much more than we are!

      Look at the origins of idiot!

      [Middle English, ignorant person, from Old French idiote, from Latin idita, from Greek idits, private person, layman, from idios, own, private; see s(w)e- in Indo-European roots.]

      from Latin idiōta ignorant person, from Greek idiōtēs private person, one who lacks professional knowledge, ignoramus; see idio-]

      An idiot was a private person! Anyone who dares to be free is an idiot in the eyes of society!

    10. Anthony replied:

      Hi Alex,

      I’m going to read your earlier articles and try to catch up with your ideas of the past few years. I also took a look at the celtic rebel blog which you link to.

      Shock. Horror. Right now I can identify with the description of stupid. I might even have seen some of those anal allusions in the past, but what was shocking for me is how incredibly comprehensive the images are. They are everywhere. I don’t watch TV, I don’t read glossy magazines (of any description) and I’m not very up to date with music and fashion, but through the internet I am aware of some of the “filth” out there.

      But the scale of this mind fucking is incredible. Or maybe not. I feel stupid right now because I was shocked and I know I shouldn’t be. One reason for this is that the more I see of the games evil people play, the harder it gets to find anyone I can trust or believe. Where are the good guys?

      When I’m feeling strong I can accept that each one of us has to find our own path through the labyrinth, and I also believe that someone somewhere really is looking after us, inspiring us, giving us clues. But there are also times when the scale of evil and it’s devouring of what is good in all things is depressing / frustrating / maddening… and somehow pathetic.

      How can things be so wrong? How can the world be so upside down? How can it be so easy for the cheats, liars and perverts to not only trick the masses but get them cheering for more perversion.

      Yours stupidly,

      Latin stupidus, from stupre, to be stunned.]

      stupor [from Latin, from stupēre to be aghast]

      • alex robinson replied:

        I do like the word eejit :)

        I think ‘stupor-fied’ paints a fairly accurate picture. I know I’m stuporfied – this blog is part of my efforts to remove or walk out of, the fog. I have absolutely NO doubt that we are capable of & meant to be so much more. ‘Something’ keeps us operating at idiot level – but maybe some of those idiots shall inherit the earth because they are wise enough to recognise their stupor-idity.

        I wonder just how much of the perversion & fear mongering & disillusioning is aimed at those who are attempting to walk out of the fog – it IS a BRILLIANT way of undermining life & liver – hopelessness breeds lethargy – mind you so does hope in my opinion – anything that keeps us from taking & making steps to walk out of the fog should be regarded as highly suspect – this journey, like any form of life requires MOVEMENT – even falling flat on your face constitutes movement – its a sign of life. Making mistakes is a glorious sign of LIFE. Staying SAFE constitutes death. Leaving other people to ask & answer your questions = death. Yes evil is out there – but so what – we can tell it to fuck off & get on with making our way out of the fog & along the way we keep bumping into others who are also making their way out of the fog – & THAT is heaven

    11. Anthony replied:

      I sometimes tell evil to do the same Alex! :-)

      Especially when I suspect that the nasties are interfering with my right to free will.

      On the subject of life. This reminds me of how the bad guys try to corner everything and market it in their terms. I walk past a bookshop which has been featuring Keith Richards autobiography “life” for ages now.

      He not only looks like decaying shit, but he gives the one eye and wears a death skull ring over the covered eye. Subtle? Not.

      Life or Efil? Live or Evil?

      These upsidedowners are sooooooo predicatable when you’ve seen through their charade (or after someone elese has helped you to see through it). Although, at the end of the day it is an individual achievemnt, because I’ve seen so many people who have been offered the information that should surely encourage them to question perceived reality. But they don’t.

      Talking of appropriated symbols. I know that butterflies are associated with mind programming, but I LOVE butterflies! My heart takes a flight when I see the first butterflies of the year. The same applies to many other symbols, art, literature. I try not to impulsively accept or dismiss something without trying to see them on different levels. There is some stuff that seems harmless, but then appears evil, but then you learn that it has another meaning, and another, and another…

      Confusing sometimes, but as you so rightly say. We have to just keep on keeping on.

      I can’t give up the path completely because I’d be a lead fish without water. I always questioned everything even when my questions weren’t particularly inspired and my answers weren’t especially wise. But I was absolutely right to ask the questions and little be little I learned more. I’m very grateful to the little boy who felt the pain of this fucked up world and insitinctively knew that there had to be something better.

      • alex robinson replied:

        Funnily enough twice in the last few days a butterfly has flown right up to my face – in my book of ‘medicine cards’ the butterfly symbolises transformation;
        “The power of that butterfly brings to us is akin to the air. It is the mind, & the ability to know the mind or to change it.”

        I can see why mind fuckers would attempt to ‘own/NWO’ that symbol – we are highly symbolic beings – its up to us to call in our own symbols. Perhaps butterfly power would be a better way out of the fog or perhaps it might be enough to fan the fog away.

        To keep on keeping on sounds too much like programmed drudge – … how about more play, more laughter, more naughtiness, more breaking windows in airless prisons & a whole lot more stealing our own souls back

    12. Anthony replied:

      “To keep on keeping on sounds too much like programmed drudge.”

      Reading this again I have to agree. The phrase comes from a song by the Redskins which was one of the songs that kept my spirit fighting when I just couldn’t understand the world. Maybe now it’s time to think again and let it go, but first I have to consider why this phrase “stuck” to me for so long.

      Reviewing the music of my childhood and youth is an ongoing process, which despite the apparent “variety” of my musical taste very often seems to reach the same conclusion: Modern Music = Programming.

      I try not to be overhasty and dismiss everything without looking for some truth in there (even if it’s truth on it’s head or distorted in some way), but music has clearly been business for a long time.

    13. alex robinson replied:

      Hi Anthony
      I’m very much of the opinion that music has been powerfully manipulated – how many things can get so deep inside someone as lyrics drugged with music or vice versa – its such a powerful medium – if used for healing & growth I think it could be miraculous, but I don’t think it has often be used for that.

      The Celtic Rebel’s alter ego, Gregory, did a show about music – it probably upset many people – yet it sure acted like an emetic of the music industry – link here

      he starts with a very long joke, but a little patience is rewarded in terms of being presented with some radical & mind clearing ideas which you can take or leave

      All the best

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