gold MINeD poo

This article is brought to you courtesy of an advert on the back of a toilet door.

Well that’s where it all started.

I must admit I’ve added a generous measure of blasphemous views on the cancer of religion.

Oops sorry I meant the religion of cancer.

It seems that the behinds of toilet doors are primal real estate for advertisers these days. Come to think of it, what better place to sell the dirtiest business of them all.

The Cancer Business.

If bowing & scraping before the entity of cancer, or religiously relating car-SIN-o-genetic chronicles to all & sundry is your kind of thing, then this is not the article for you.

I’m serious.

Off you go…

Go on…

OK fellow cancer-ass kickers, let’s get down to brass tacks.

First off, make no mistake cancer does mean business

bloodied BIG business

It is without a doubt, an expertly (& savagely marketed) product;

Since 1971 the United States has invested over $200 billion on cancer research; that total includes money invested by public and private sectors and foundations.”

What we’re looking at, is nothing short of terrorism.

Forget falling planes & towers – at best they can only get a few of us at a time.

Cancer, on the other hand, is aimed at our entire race. Hmmm …  as I write this, I see it’s 9.11am.

Anyways, onwards…

I’m no diseasologist, but apparently the lumpy thing‘s been around for a while. It has a history.  But then again so too do the commoner’s cold & measles.

What we’re looking at in this article, is a media-catered Reign of Terror.

A spectacularly CULTivated disease of the mind.

A gold mine/mind.

We’ve been in-doctor-nated into a trance of cancer (nifty letter-sharing n’est-ce pas?) & the continual, exaggerated threat of death.

Isn’t that terrorism?

Lega-lies-‘d terrorism.

As far as breast cancer goes, I decided long ago that I could NOT afford to go lump mining. I was damn sure that if I went seeking, I would get creating – we are creators after all, are we not?

From where I’m standing at the moment, it looks to me like cancer is
a disease of the mind.

The putsch to get us focusing on it, is phenomenal – alarm bells should be ringing.

Perhaps a little visual tweaking of the symbolism is in order.

I don’t think I’d be far off the mark to say that pretty much everyone these days, lives in fear of cancer.

A magnificent campaign has been launched against humanity.

campaign 1640s, “operation of an army in the field” …. operation = interesting choice of words.

Through a pyscho attack on our psyche, cancer has been manipulated into one of the four-starring apocalyptic positions…

… as the plague upon all our houses.

What’s so much worse is that it has become a veritable religion, where members of the congregation go through it’s rite of passage – either by feeding their flesh to the machine or suffering the agony of watching a loved one succumb.

What the hell is happening here?

I had a wicked chuckle in the street the other day.

A marketing trend has made itself known to me over time – if I wasn’t so thick it wouldn’t have taken so long.

My catholic upbringing hammered into me the fact that God loved me so much that he got his only son hammered onto a tree. He died for me (& you too of course).  A common theme of human conditioning has been this plugging of the glory of sacrificing your life for the ‘good’ of others.

But that’s soooo Twentieth Century.

Now the BIG (engineered) question is…

Do you love someone enough to kill them?

I saw this …

… shite movie last year, I can’t remember why I didn’t walk out, maybe because this needed to be written about.

The movie is based on Noel Coward’s play of the same name. Near the ending, we’re informed that the heroine has a homicidal past. Don’t worry,  it’s ok, because death was delivered in the name of love – the older man she’d married had caught cancer from an advert & was dying miserably. Love was lethally injected.

… Ahem, a trivial, yet pertinent point I feel … the play was written in 1924

How many people had even heard of that disease then?

The dark deed of the actual play was a little different:
” … Larita once posed for a portrait. Her ex-husband, a jealous man, accused her of having an affair with the painter. She denied it, but the artist – tormented by unrequited love – committed suicide.”

Spot the difference? Unrequited love of the 1920’s has alchemically transformed into cancer today. Make no mistake we are the targets of these cancer-laden themes or should I say our immune system is.

Anyway, here’s the reason for my mid-street chuckle.

I was thinking about how out of vogue Jesus’ death would be today. Well according to statistics most of the apostles would already be dying of cancer & according to the entertainment bible, love demands a wHoly new approach …

Ever get a sense of déjà vu in the aWAReness campaigns?

Actually I tell you what … follow me.

And we’ll both follow Jesus…

… because he’s all wrapped up in the cancer (be)trail.

Oh hang on a mo, JC has just popped into the WC.

This gives me time to update you on some of cancer terrorism of my past week.

First off  was a radio advertising ‘campaign’ for ‘cancer insurance‘ – I kid you not!  I would have been a whole lot angrier about this had I not nearly wet myself upon finding out that the insurers promise to;

pay you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with cancer.”

I’m not sure if it’s a pay per lump scheme…

As I drove home from work the other night I found myself stuck behind a car whose licence plate was selling the Rancid Society & Rancid Support – oops what a sillybilly I am, I meant ‘cancer’ not ‘rancid.

Half a kilometre later I was home & checking my letterbox.

There was an envelope. Oh goodie!

From my doctor. Oh bugger!

Dear Alex
It is now time for you to have a mammogram. It is important that this investigation is carried out on a regular basis … bleat bleat bleat

Let me tell you about another NZ doctor. In her book “The Cancer Conspiracy,” Dr Jeffrey’s paints a different picture (one without sheep);

“… for every 1000 women … one breast-cancer death is avoided whereas the total number of deaths is increased by six.”

and why might this be? Gee well let’s see …

… “there is clear evidence that the breast is extremely radiosensitive and ionising radiation is a well-known cause of breast cancer.

The breast has been the target of a very long assault campaign, which we’ll get towards once Jesus gets out of the toilet. In the meantime there’s one other breast related topic I’ve long meant to mention. What follows are some mind levers – just pop them under your brain to help keep the door open to possible truths:-

According to some sources, wearing an underwire bra can lead to fibrocystic breasts because the compressing of the breasts and upper ribcage area due to the underwires can cause toxins to well up in the lymphatic areas of the breasts … More and more doctors are beginning to voice concern that wearing underwires or other tight-fitting bras may lead to breast cancer … In a 1975 article … Dr. George Goodheart … explains what he termed the “Antenna Effect,” … any metal constantly applied to any given energy channel or site on your body can have the same stimulating effect.”

Dr. John D. Andre, D.C., N.D. (Dangers Of Underwire Bras) describes two important neur-lymphatic reflex points, one below your right breast that corresponds to your liver and gallbladder; and the area below your left breast that corresponds to your stomach.

“… continued stimulation causes sedation of that point and subsequent decrease in its associated function. It’s a mechanical thing. If a woman keeps the metal underwires on top of those reflex points, over time that will mess up the functioning of the associated circuits: liver, gallbladder, and stomach. Bottom line: it will make her sick; slowly and quietly.”

It’s nigh on impossible to get bras without metal these days. No programmed woman dare leave home without her breasts erupting from a wire scaffold.

I have a feeling that the breast is a source of great power;
breast O.E. breost “breast, bosom; mind, thought, disposition,” from P.Gmc. *breustam “breast” … Figurative sense of “seat of the emotions” was in O.E

LOOKING AT BREASTS MAKES MEN LIVE LONGER … new research published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine shows that 10 minutes of ogling a gal’s endowments provides men with a cardiovascular workout equal to a 30-minute aerobics workout in the gym … five-year study of 200 men [found] that breast-oglers had lower blood pressure, less heart disease and a healthier pulse … “There is no question that gazing at women’s breasts makes men healthier and our study proves it,” explained Dr. Weatherby. Engaging in this activity a few minutes daily cuts the risk of stroke and heart attack in half.”

The explanation behind the above study is that sexual arousal is responsible for the health benefits. I suggest it has far more to do with the breast as the seat of human nurturing. In my last little post I quoted a spanish proverb;

Of soup and love, the first is best

… and that’s an exquisite example of the power of the breastit is love & it feeds love. Look to where it lies – directly above the heart(h).

One of the greatest losses in this plastic world, has got to be the loss of nurturing – which is the essence of a healthy home.

And that’s why we’re following Jesus.

You see, I just can’t see how the twinning of the lumpy plague with the crabby sign

… can ever have been an accident of fate.

Why do we have the twinning of a star sign, that equates to ‘the home’, with a malignancy?

What happens when a killer disease  has the power of the zodiac at it’s back?

Let’s dig a little.

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Cancer … In astrology, Cancer is considered a “feminine”, negative (introvert) sign. It is also considered a water sign and is one of four cardinal signs. Cancer is ruled by the Moon … Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun enters Cancer on the moment of summer solstice by definition, or roughly on June 21, leaving it around July 22.” wiki

The true meaning of Cancer can best be understood by considering it’s position in the seasonal year.  Cancer marks the Summer Solstice … The moon rules the sign of Cancer. Since the sun is at it’s zenith at the Summer Solstice, the symbols of Sun & Moon, masculine & feminine, are united in one archetype; the mystic marriage“.

Cancer is one of the two great gates of the zodiac.  It is the gate into the world of forms, into physical incarnation, and the sign wherein the duality of form & of soul is unified in the physical body.”

Through Cancer, or the ‘gate of man’, the soul descends upon earth (to unite with the body).”

Cancer has always been known since ancient times … to be the sphere of the soul … the GATE OF LIFE in the zodiac whence the spirits coming into rebirth, enter our sublunary positions.”

Esoterically Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is always the mother of form, controlling the waters and the tides...”

Something stupendous takes place on earth as a result of the full moon’s forces.  These forces shoot into all vegetative growth; but only if the full moon was preceded by some rainy days.”  Water brings “about a distribution of the lunar forces within the earth.”

Cancer is the natural ruler of the Fourth House of the Zodiac, commonly referred to as “The House of Family & Home” & known in Vedic Astrology as the “Subterraneous Place.”  … represents the childhood home & all that implies.  It is the place of an individuals deepest personal roots … the location of a person’s most intimate & ingrained nurturing.  In addition this house is the place of human ending … “from dust we come & to dust we go,” thus completing the mortal circle.  The Fourth house has been classified as the “Womb of Eternity,” where all things come into being & pass out of being at the appointed time...

It is the House of Genesis & also Nemesis.

This sign is sometimes called the coffin by the Hebrews … whilst early Christians called it “the grave of Lazarus”.”

Cancer was originally called the birth month of Jesus … in very ancient days, the birthday of the infant sun gods was in Cancer.  We are told:

The birthday of the infant Jesus, being arbitrarily set by the priests, produces a serious discrepancy, as we are told he was born in a manger.  The manger is found in the sign of the summer solstice, the constellation Cancer, which was called the gate of the sun through which souls were said to descend from their heavenly home to earth …” E. Valentia Straiton, The Celestal Ship of the North.”

Perhaps more than any other sign, Cancer is symbolic of the passive, receptive but profoundly powerful & encompassing female force in nature

... the all-nourishing or all-devouring mother.”

Diana, Princess of Wales was born 1 July 1961, making her a Cancerian mummy… meanwhile back at the ranch … Prince William was born on June 21, 1982 – “His birth took place just after a solar eclipse at the summer solstice.” Interesting entree n’est-ce pas?

The linking of Cancer to the moon was forever thrust home in the Summer of ‘69

… when a man with a strong arm made a birdie, (a big birdie) in a lunar bunker.

In The Book of the Moon, author Richard Stroud talks of the biodynamic Rudolf Steiner’s view of the moon as …

… “an amplifier, channelling, focusing & magnifying the other cosmic forces.”

This is a pregnant information indeed, for the tropic of today’s conversation.

Let’s get a little more playful & ridiculous.

One of the reason I’ve been bringing mummies into play in this volume, is because of Cancer’s Egyptian past.

What follows are some pickings I’ve plucked from the internet – how factual they are I’m not sure – at the moment I’m more concerned with deeper levels of awareness that come through painted pictures, that cold hardened fact.

In the zodiac of Denderah, the sign Cancer is represented by a beetle called in Egypt, the scarab.  The word “scarab” means “only begotten” ; it stands therefore, for birth into incarnation … The month of June in Egypt was called “meore”, which again means “rebirth”.”

Popular interpretation in modern academia theorizes the hieroglyphic image of the beetle represents a triliteral phonetic that Egyptologists transliterate as … “to come into being”, “to become” or “to transform.”

For the Egyptians, Cancer was represented not by a crab, but by a scarab (or dung) beetle, sacred to Egyptians as a creature of immortality.  The beetle is clearly linked to the moon’s twenty eight cycle

It deposits its ball of eggs, rolled in dung in the earth, for the space of twenty-eight days, which is the time it takes for the moon to complete a full revolution through the twelve zodiacal signs.  The Egyptians considered the twenty-ninth day to be a day of resurrection, and according to lunar markings, there occurs the baptism of the beetle, when the scarabeus casts his ball into the water, opening to give birth to the young beetle.”

The scarab was linked to Khepri (“he who has come into being”) , the god of the rising sun

A very special type of scarab… was placed within the wrappings of the mummy approximately over the heart … the heart was usually left in the chest as it was thought to be the centre of thought & emotion … as the most important controlling organ in the body it needed very special protection and required extra defensive measures at the weighing of the heart.”

Now lets come back to the present.

America is the land that we all ‘watch‘.

Not so long ago I got the mental image of it as a huge outdoor cinema & then suddenly it’s name seemed to clarify – I’ve often wondered about it’s name.

BIG names are never haphazard.

Have a look at this;


Cancer (the disease) is well & truly part of the Holy Wood movie industry now.

And if God can get it, what chance do we have?

There’s is however another movie that’s come out of that dark place, that’s a whole lot sneakier.

It said a whole lot.

The Mummy aka Cancer Central Station

First we’re shown a digram of the disease – look at the wall … then we’re shown how the man himself brought the disease to life, by digging/cutting it out (what does this tell us?)

… then we’re shown a man invaded by scarabs aka cancer

…  we see another being operated upon – having his ‘cancer’/scarab removed

… and we’re shown a man who’s been ‘ravaged’ & wasted away by cancer/scarabs

… and here’s Chemotep, with his lack of hair to signify his successful treatment’.

We’re also re-introduced to the idea of plagues in the movie – with a quick gallop through all ten of them …

NEWS FLASH: “Cancer is a modern day plague that is fast becoming the number one killer in the world

… and we’re shown a swarm/plague of scarabs & the hopelessness of fighting them.

Perhaps this is all just flightless fancy – but it’s interesting that when operated upon the word;


turns into


And I believe it was Aferrismoon who pointed out that the presidential elect of Camera, Cinema America is a backwards scarab – barac.

But then again the Cancer beetle has been worshipped …

… for so very long

Each astrological sign is assigned a part of the human body, viewed as the microcosmic counterpart of the heavenly signs...

… Cancer rules the breast & belly.  Caesius likened the sign to “the breastplate of the righteous” in Ephesians VI:14

So why is so much attention focused on that part of the anatomy which corresponds to the anatomical home…

… of Cancer.

We have just entered a full month long orgy of breast cancer focus.

Pink the colour of the heart & of love, the colour that the baby sees within the womb, the colour of healthy human tissue has been thieved from us by the Church of the wHoly Malign Cancer Campaign.

It has been a relentless, award deserving campaign – I have to take my hat off to the advertisers & promoters. Did you know you can even name a star after cancer – because it’s not enough to have it just on this planet – we need to spread it out to the universe – hallejuah.

I hope you understand I mock no one with ANY disease.

But has any ‘promoter’ or ‘awareness addict’ stopped to question what they are spreading with their razor-like focus on this disease? What if THAT is what’s causing cancer to become a plague?

I have read that in cultures where that disease is unknown, it’s occurrence is extremely low.

OK I’ve had more than enough of using the ‘C’ word. From here on in, I revert to my previous naming of it as ‘knickers‘. I was being lenient on new readers – but I’ve had a gutsful.

Also I’m running out of time.

My weekend is almost up.

So lets have a little mini round up.

Why did I choose to link Knickers to the zodiacal crab?

Gut feeling is my answer to that question.

And if there is a link between Knickers & Cancer, then GUT FEELING becomes hugely significant.  It has the potential HEAL & to reverse …

…  the media spread plague of ‘knickers’.

Let me share some more information about the energy of the Cancerian constellation.

Please note anything in different colour writing & with “speech marks”, is not my work. I borrow from others. I apologise if I’m slack on giving credit – sometimes it’s very hard to know where the info comes from & in truth I just want to get out these ideas as they come to mind. I don’t ask for any money & I figure you’re clever enough to research anything you want to know, yourself.

So lets get on – think for yourself as you read the following, use your gut feelings – these words are about the Cancerian star sign OR are they?

Cancer is the sign of instinct, of herd life, of mass reaction. It represents the subconscious mind, hereditary instinct and the collective imagination. It stands individually, for the totality of the life and the consciousness of the cells in the body

The unevolved Cancer native is immersed in the mass; he is an unconscious part of the great whole, and therin lies the problem; for the average Cancer person, as well as for the aspirant who is performing the labour of this sign, is subjected to the urge to lift himself up out of the mass to which he is held by his instinct, and to develop instead the intuition, which will enable him so to rise. This sign is sometimes called “the coffin”, by the Hebrews.”

There is no success for the aspirant until he has transmuted instinct into intuition, nor is there right use of intellect until intuition is brought into play, interpreting & extending the intellect & bringing realization.”

Three words summarise the objective self-awareness or the conscious aspect of the evolving human being: instinct, intellect, intuition… [Cancer] is predominantly the sign of instinct; but the sublimation of instinct is the intuition. In the same way, as matter has to be lifted up into heaven, so instinct has to likewise be lifted up & when it has thus been transcended & transmuted, it manifests as intuition… The great need … now is to develop … intuition & to become familiar with that instantaneous recognition of truth.

That last bit is the nutshell of this article – where I think we have to go.

The world seems to be rammed & jammed solidly into either instinct or intellect right now. If I was to say where I think we are meant to be headed, it is within – to a wondrous DAILY/HOURLY/MOMENTLY reunion with our intuition. If we are not using it then we are living in sheep pens and/or we have our intellectual heads ‘rammed’ right up our own arses. I do not think I know stupider people than the ones who are intellectual, & I am quite happy/sad to include myself.

What if Knickers is a disease of blocked intuition?

What if we need to chew more (tumour) on the info we are being fed & then spit it out if it doesn’t ‘feel’ right/rite to us?

What if Knickers is a form of worship?

What if all the energy that it generates is part of some giant ritual?

One thing it generates is money. Masses & masses of it.

It’s a bloody gold mine!

Look at the word ‘money‘ a moment.

I wonder, I wonder if that word should be spelled as MOoNEY …

… I get the feeling that amplification by the moon may be vastly important to the flow of all things financial.

Michael Jackson was a monied moon walker who died ‘Of Cancer‘ – 25th June 2009.

You know I rather think that the Cancerian ‘69 symbol has the ‘look’ of the dollar ($) sign.

And now I’m wondering how much Knickers may also be connected to the cycles of the moon – perhaps WE can reverse it by correctly using the waxing & waning of the moon. I’m guessing it would be in conjunction with water.

We could also reverse it with a ‘spell‘ – Recnac – maybe that would do more than endless years of pretty pink research.

I’d better rap this up – but we’ll go out in style with Cleopatra – not that we’ll ‘go out’ IN the style of Cleopatra – I realise we’re all dumb asps, but there’s no need to take it to extremes.

What I wanted to say was that Cleo’s name is so remarkably like the scarab beetle, as to be down rite conspicuous;

CLEOPATRA = Famous Queen

COLEOPTERA = Order of beetles – included in their family are scarab beetles – symbol of the Cancerian constellation, who’s corresponding anatomical body part, is the breast.

Coleoptera, I mean Cleopatra is forever famous as the woman who did herself in by the application of an asp to her breast.

What is this attacking of the breast really about I wonder?

And finally, when you hear the word carcinogen again, why not hear it with different ears;

car-(KA-life force component of the soul) – CIN (SIN = moon good)- o GEN

The best of health to one & all

Additional:  This was sent to me by André

“I was on my way to work when I suddenly came across an outdoor ad concerning the Portuguese League Against Cancer. And guess what?

This is their logo.

Top of their goals list is:-

” To spread information about cancer and to promote health education programs on how to prevent it.”

tsk, tsk, tsk

it’s all ‘arse about face

Information killed the cat, curiosity brought it back

Thanks André for using your eyes :)


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  1. Sundaemon replied:

    Yep, the breast is a pretty damn fine form/symbol alright. The first we seek out after being born, indeed, after breath/aether. And half of us carry on seeking them – well, till we drop!

    Interesting to learn that “sin” actually comes from a moon god. (Probably originally moon goddess?) Another name was Nanna (nanny/manna). So Nurturing becomes a Sin.

    Also interesting that Jesus was born on the Summer solstice, not the Winter.

    Really, this Cult of Aton/ our “underlords” have a pretty limited set of tools, effective as they are. Reversal, and dialectics. Reverse polarities, or create a pair of polarities where there were none before. Equals chaos and perversity.

    Think I’ll roll up a carcinogen now.

    • too long in this place replied:

      Hello Sundaemon, I hope you enjoyed your ‘sinning’

      I’m with you on seeing a ‘limited range’ of tricks & tools in the m-as(s)ters kit – I think they must work in conjunction with our stupidity. Why oh why has it been so very hard for us to stand up & look for the routes out into life? Maybe that’s what comes of failing to use our gut instincts?

      Thanks for your words.

      Shine on :)

  2. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Oh well done!

    I am SOOOO already tired of seeing Cancer banners and Awareness Month already and it’s ONLY just started! Of course, I see it daily –the business side of it, working in that Egyptian butcher shoppe!

    I really think your Rite on about linking Knickers with the Astrological sign! Man, than means tremendous back up power to create with doesn’t it?

    Love the word play my friend, keep up the great investigative intuition!


    • too long in this place replied:

      Heya Michael
      So very healthy of you to be tired of the knicker-mongering – that is the sign of a mind firing on all cylinders!

      I’m getting up & walking away from the radio at work when the bleating starts and if anyone comes looking for donations …..

      I wish you vibrant health & a future free of knickers :)
      Be happy!

  3. Anna replied:

    Hi Alex, very interesting read, thankyou! :)

  4. Jaspal replied:

    There must be something with the moon at the moment, it is no coincidence that all regions celebrate this time of the year:

    ‘The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Zhongqiu Festival (traditional Chinese: 中秋節; simplified Chinese: 中秋节; pinyin: Zhōngqiūjié; Vietnamese: Tết Trung Thu), is a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people, dating back over 3,000 years to moon worship in China’s Shang Dynasty.’

    As I was walking to work today I was actually thinking about the moon landing, how it was faked and fooled so many people and started the era of Holy Wood selling all those fake ideals around the world. It is called the ‘silver screen’, the colour associated with the moon.

    I also remember reading somewhere how cancer is associated with guilt, how someone got throat cancer and realised it was out of regret of something they said, or getting lung cancer due to the guilt of smoking.

    • too long in this place replied:

      Heya Jaspal – I love your silver screen idea – that’s great thinking!

      I wonder if we got ‘jaded’ with the moon on purpose – the old ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ thing – maybe the reason was so we would ‘forget’ about the moon – after all it was no longer a virgin, it had that ‘used’ quality to it – maybe that was to take our focus off it & leave it in the hands of cunning tricksters.
      Is it time for us to renew our acquaintance with the powers that be there?

      Cancer is said to grow & then disappear again, in may people – well that kind of sounds like the moon to me – perhaps it does work like that, but those who get tested when it’s waxing instead of waning get pulled into treatment & so often are killed BY the treatment.

      I don’t know anything, but I do feel a whole lot healthier for having asked questions.

      Are you able to imagine a world without knickers? :)

      Very best to you

  5. stitch replied:

    great work.
    may i add that women shave their underarms right before applying antipersperants. breast cancer is ussually found near the armpits. men ussually don’t shave their underarms. that may be why women get more breast cancer eh?

  6. stitch replied:

    also (last nights) monday nights football halftime show was all done in pink! now i know why! lott’sa pink, to be seen by all. spit it out as you say!

    • too long in this place replied:

      Thanks stitch – VERY good point on the under ARMED strategy – we need to develop our own force of ‘immunition’ – spitting out this constant poison is so VERY important.

      When I see little girls dressed in the traditional pink I’m wondering how many who look upon them are seeing ‘cancer’ – what kind of messages/vibes are being sent there???

      Pink was the colour associated with the feminine – so are women ‘converts’ being used to attack/weaken their own sex?
      It’s all so wrong – HEALTH is the solution – why is it that hard to see?

      Very BEST of health to you & yours :)

  7. annemarie replied:

    I’m officially declaring this month the month of Silliness! (and the next one, and the one after that… ;)

    bollocks to knickers. hahaha

    I don’t believe in cancers or scarabs either for that matter. Shite! It’s all more mind[less] fuckery, if u ask me. And guilt, self-loathing, self-hate play a large part and par-sell of it too.

    The body never lies. We can heal our-selves. Naturally.

    Heal thy self.

    ta Alex,

  8. too long in this place replied:

    I second your bollocks Annemarie & raise my hat to you – that’s the spirit.
    Of COURSE we are meant to heal ourselves – it should be so bloody obvious – surely our inability to grasp this has got to be our greatest mental illness – forget depression or whatever – the belief in, & worship of illness & disease, is sickness itself.

    We need to get (back?) to honouring & celebrating health – that is one of the things I have gotten out of writing this article.

    Knickers away!!
    Be VERY WELL :)

  9. Devin replied:

    Hiya Alex—this was a fantastic article as always–actually I think one of your best!!
    I couldn’t help but think of how that “ribbon” seems to symbolize a “cure” for everything from AIDS (which I also have some serious questions about–along the same lines as your thinking on Cancer) to decreasing a budget deficit!!
    The 1969 and Cancer sign thinking you did was very original and illuminating I think — so–and I mean so much happened in 1969 (not that any of the late 60s years were exactly “unnewsy” haha —–
    I am also thinking of Sundaemon’s comment about the breast being the first thing a newborn will naturally seek out and tying all of this thinking you did and the excellent commenters did —I wonder if this is the reason the female breast in particular needed to be “attacked” —–as the PTB do indeed reverse every effing thing they get their hands on!!
    Well once again –beautiful article and I will do some more thinking on it and see if I can come up with anything original about the subject.
    all the best to you and your!!xxoo

  10. Ed replied:

    I know sports is an invention of the Illuminati. Still, I am a fan. To see all the big American football players wearing pink last weekend made me a bit ill.

    Good post wise woman. how have you been?

    • too long in this place replied:

      Hi Devin & thanks!!!! :)

      Looked up ribbons in etymology & found this:-

      “Custom of colored ribbon loops worn on lapels to declare support for some oppressed or suffering group began in 1991 with AIDS red ribbons’

      altho it seems to go back to this:-

      “The American folk custom of wearing or displaying a yellow ribbon to signify solidarity with loved ones or fellow citizens at war originated during the U.S. embassy hostage crisis in Iran in 1979”

      There does seem to be one hell of a ribbon frenzy – was playing with the word & RIB BONE appeared – that strange piece of anatomy that was used to create the female of the species according to a certain tale.

      I could definitely see ’69 as the ‘gateway’ into whatever it is we’re living in these days.

      The breast has been reduced to a joke or a sex object for so long, yet as Sundaemon says so well & you so admirably second, it is the very first thing a baby seeks – once we’ve passed the gateway to this world the breast is our natural ‘home’ – I believe it deserves a very great respect as the ‘home’ of nurturing & there’s no way in hell or heaven that it should be subjected to being crushed & irradiated!

      Thanks for your thoughts my friend – I hope it’s raining cats & dogs in Arid-zone just for you :)

      • too long in this place replied:

        Gidday Ed – how are you my friend? Great to see you emerging from the woodwork – I hope you been sculpting something magnificent!

        American footballers wearing pink, borders on the grotesque – the poison is being allowed to go way too deep – a lot of spitting seems to be called for(th)!

        I have been very well thanks Ed – it is wonderful to see you cooking again :)

  11. Fitzy replied:

    Ello’ Lovely.


    Now we’re gettin’ mercurial.

    Every spell I’ve work has this as a component, and what a component it is.

    Shows up when you don’t want it, won’t show up when you think you should have it. Won’t go away when you ignore it, and don’t come when called.

    And what robs us of Intuition.

    LOGIC, or logos, just not our logos. That and Fear.
    Language creates the limits, the logic of language turns a would be escapee back on themselves, how to describe something outside the bounds of words?
    How to articulate the magnificence of the infinite, to those around you, who are hopelessly dependent on the entrapping language.
    How to relate, the innumerable majesties, the unfathomable currents – with our nearly useless, pale contempory mutterings?
    Until numb with effort, and raw with frustration, we give up on the little voice, the muse, the hardline to the Mother creator.
    We need intuition more than ever, and we need a parallel language to match it, the one we have is bung, and the one we need ain’t bin’ writ yet. At least not so as you’d know it.
    Why a new language?
    To share our intuition in its natural state. Imagine that,….

    Kudos Sister. Your Spellings is bringing the majic.

    • too long in this place replied:

      Yes, Yes, Yes – exactly so – a new language – when I write or when I speak with ‘alive’ people, a different language seems to jump out of me – the ‘normal’ rules of what I can say fall away for a time. The blessing of feeling that there are others who speak or hear as I do is an elixir – perhaps there may be an ancient language that is awakening or perhaps the freedom comes by applying play to what we have – play necessitates the breaking of rules & the making new ones, until they too give way to new growth.
      I do think the rigid structuring of the English language combined with the scientific mind hold has all but squeezed the play out of life – as if a hard crust has formed over the very words themselves – hmm remind me of a disease – I have wondered if ‘cancer’ could be a ‘word’ disease.

      Intuition is spiritual gold & oh how rite you are – it is not bound by us in any way – but it will be our companion & I think our life saver, if we will just make room for it.

      Thanks Fitzy :)

  12. aferrismoon replied:

    its related to the word ‘incarcerate’ which I guess is the overly-protective form of the shell.

    In hebrew OQRB [ pronounced aaqorov] means a ‘scorpion’ another exo-skeleton animal, but you can ‘see’ Qrab which is close.

    In Czech the symbol Cancer is Rak, a crayfish and the ‘disease’ is Rakoviny, so the thread is even in a different language.

    Reversed RAK = KAR , a shell on wheels while KRAB = BARK, as in the enclosing of a tree or a boat

    In Czech ‘krabice ‘ [krabeetsay] means ‘box’


    I did a short post called BARACKSCARAB

    Jackie kennedy wore the pink dress at the killing and kept it on , bloodied, til 5 in the morning.


    • too long in this place replied:

      Car-cinema = carcinoma = sheer genius!

      Great thanks Ewan,
      Funnily enough I did think about cars as beetles (scarabs) always scurrying about – VW knew it. A “shell on wheels’ = s+hell – found the other day that ‘hell’ in etymology = ‘hidden place’ – which kind of goes well with all these protectively EXO-coated creepy crawlies (knickers version = chastity belt).

      The Czech RAK is very telling.

      Ah yes, I recall the canny wordplay now for ‘Barackscarab’

      Jackie died of knickers – looked up the phrase ‘In the pink” – you might find in interesting


  13. aferrismoon replied:

    The pinking shears goes well with the tailoring [ to suit] and a deal of imagery to do wuth textiles and those who create incarcerating fashion – the ‘hem’ line.


    • too long in this place replied:

      Have synced up twce with your comments today re scorpions/lobster/crayfish – have randomly come across weird images of them while looking for something else entirely.

      How about this re your last tailored comment:-

      “The PINKerton National Detective Agency, usually shortened to the Pinkertons, was a private U.S. security guard and detective agency established by Allan Pinkerton in 1850. Pinkerton became famous when he claimed to have foiled a plot to assassinate president-elect Abraham Lincoln, who later hired Pinkerton agents for his personal security during the Civil War.[citation needed]”

      Strange threads keep appearing lately …

  14. Pavman replied:

    Wow, great article, I followed the link from the celtic rebel site – There are So many interesting + valid points. The symbolism of the dollar sign with the 69 image is interesting – I always just saw it as the snake wrapping itself around a staff.

    The working week starts on moon-day so the financial week starts a day after the sun worship day. Being a cancer sign myself I have always been interested in how the moon seems to affect my emotions and the link to the scarab/crab is really insightful.

    Thanks Alex :)

    • too long in this place replied:

      Ah a fellow Cancerian :)

      Thanks Pavman – your reminder that the workaday week starts on Moonday tailor fits the $69 question.

      I don’t think we pay enough attention to just what effects the moon has & that it is to our detriment – a friend of mine who comes from Nigeria has told me how each month the children were sent outside to play under the full moon – to catch the rays upon their skin – I find that very telling

      very best to you

  15. Pavman replied:

    Interesting.. My mother used to say in in Northern China + Russia it was custom that if there was a full moon or close to it NOT to allow any of the moonlight to enter a childs room, especially the young babies. Young girls entering adulthood also used a combination of the moon, I believe and a mirror to see who their future husband would be – strange but true-

    • too long in this place replied:

      haha just goes to show how many ways there are to see …
      Still I wouldn’t mind understanding a whole LOT more than I do now – so much of what we see/believe is simply a matter of hand-me-down knowledge/info – not things that we have experienced for ourselves. I think these times urgently call for us to discover truth for ourselves thro’ our own experience or those close enough to us that we trust their experiences – ‘hearsay’ has way too much of the word ‘hearse’ in it for my liking!

      Thanks for the info
      Best to you

  16. Pavman replied:

    Just like the 22 man Hearse that was ready to be used in Port Arthur.

    It Seems like you tapped into something with the Mummy and Cancer connection that even the print media is rambling about – the comments about the article make more sense than the Journ-A-list. :)

  17. too long in this place replied:

    There were a number of mass killings in this part of the world around that time – I haven’t really followed the ‘news’ for years & was living in England at the time, so it’s only come to my attention recently – have done quite a bit of research & may do an article on it at some time
    Found this …
    … which certainly suggests prior knowledge or else damn fine ‘second sight’.

    I see those bloody scientists have been knick(er)ing my research again!! I shall have to throw out a very rogue herring & see it they take the bait :)
    My Nigerian friend says he tried to translate ‘cancer’ into his language – to see if they had a name for it but he just couldn’t find it – am wondering if ‘knickers’ is ‘encoded’ in the English language & that to keep up it’s hold we have to keep repeating it’s name – well knickers to that!!! :)

  18. the living tiki replied:

    Amazing work! Your appearance on the Rebel Path is always enjoyed as well.

    And thank you very, very much for providing me with a answer when I get BUSTed for staring just a bit too long…
    “Sorry, I have high blood pressure. Doctor’s orders.”

    I love the fact that the name of our galaxy [Greek: gaLACTOS] evokes a giant pair of goddess boobs as its’ creator. May I type that again? Giant pair of goddess boobs.

    I’ve often wondered about the proliferation of that “ribbon/fisher king” symbol, particularly since I remember characters on the TV [boob tube] show “The Prisoner” making that sign with their thumb and forefinger (like the “OK” sign but splayed at the tip.)
    They would look at you with one eye through the hole and say “Be seeing you!”

    Thought the Mummy insights were awesome! Reminded me of the weird new dis-ease, Morgellons, which makes people feel like bugs are crawling under their skin.

    And did someone say crabs? And Barack? And Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars?:

    Don’t consume the zodiac too much – Astrology gives you Cancer! ;)


  19. too long in this place replied:

    Thanks live & kicking tiki :)

    Loved your galactic boob job – awesome idea & how could I have forgotten about the ‘boob tube’ – our wet-nurse since we were knee high to a grasshopper (or should that be scarab?)

    MorgELLONS = Melons are another name for a mummy’s mammaries – while Barac’s first 3 letters make up their ‘holder’ BRA – what the hell do we do with that?

    Very best to you – keep your great work coming

  20. anna replied:

    hi alex, (it’s steve, Anna’s hubby) and decided to leave a comment on this subject because some time ago now, my Great (yes Great) grand mother passed due to cancer, how ever, she beat this disease 3 times previously, her breasts were removed but, due to her age, she was “required” to visit the doctor for tests/check-ups/ect. frequently, there after cancer had spread to her brain, despite the fact she was told the cancer was removed via surgery, and she was in good health all things considered. I also wanted to note, despite her old age, this cancer repetitively attacking, and the added stress of all the doctor nonsense, she remained mentally healthy; memory of her whole life beginning to end, drove to the local super market to get her groceries, and lived a healthy and loving home life with her husband. Of the years i spent with her I can tell you this alex, she never once showed any signs of weakness, and knew that no nasty little *bug* was going to tell her when her time was up. hope you enjoyed my little story alex. -steve

    • too long in this place replied:

      What a treasure she must have been – a very GREAT & Grand mother. I have seen that awesome fighting spirit before & doomists have no right to weaken such a soul.
      If the rest of us kept that kind of spirit I doubt the disease could continue, it’s all this bloody fear-mongering – godammit – I hate to think what’s floating in the ether due to the daily manic panic attacks.

      Knickers I say! Knickers to cancer

      Very best to you & I hope your great granny is kicking arse in heaven

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