Lead fish

Hello again.

Welcome to a random little post.

My son has been doing a course in meteorology & when I picked him up last night he started telling me about how air is really so very much like water.

A couple of hours earlier I’d been sitting on a beach contemplating how much air is like water.

You may see a repeating pattern here – a tasty morsel of synchronicity.

A while ago I wrote some thoughts upon the air – but then my mind got blown about by life & as so often happens the thoughts flew right out of my head.

It was good to remember again last night, as I sat on the beach & then it was delightful to hear my son explain what he had learned.

I won’t go on long.

I won’t go on very factually either.

Let’s speak of air as a lighter version of water.

For the elements of air & water behave so very much like each other (earth echo), that they could be considered kissing cousins.

I have heard previously that bumble bees are aerodynamic criminals …

… with no right to hold a pilots licence, owing to the ‘fact’ that they can’t fly.

My son painted me some pictures of pictures that had been painted for him.

I’ve taken his words & painted a little too.

Let us say that bees are so light & airy that they are closer to beeing air than ‘earth‘.

They live in air &  through air in a way that would be so foreign to us.

For you see they do not so much fly through air, as swim in & through it.

I do not know why I love this thought so much.

A second poignant (to me) point my son made, had to do with us – human beeings

A long time ago a wise person wrote these words;

We live submerged at the bottom of an ocean of air.” ( Evangelista Torricelli 1644).

In explaining his lesson to me, my son created a telling image – he said humans are like lead fish – for we live weighted down at the bottom of a great ocean.  The ocean that is the air.

Like so much of modern life – we are completely immersed in something that we never see or think about.

We are not at the TOP of anything

… – instead we’re a species of bottom dwellers.

I wonder how much the theory of human superiority has been our undoing?

Have we been so busy protecting our reputation that we couldn’t bear to let honesty or truth to get in the way?

Would it be so bad to undo a dream in order to see more clearly?

Maybe we’d find that suddenly we felt a whole lot lighter.

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  1. pso replied:

    Nice. Also the Earth is 70% water, like the human body, so taking that into consideration with another fact that 90% of space is dark matter and we do not use 90% of our brain ‘power’, we could derive that there is a whole universe inside each of us, or that I have just demonstrated how to use only 10%…


  2. too long in this place replied:

    Greetings to the universe of pso :)

    I like your wise thoughts & your humour – always a wonderful combination. I wonder what a difference it would make if we gently accepted our current limitations & then got VERY curious about what we were missing. I rather think it could be a whole lot of wonderful & jam packed with a whole lot of play.

    Best to you


  3. Julie Conway replied:

    “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

    Great post as always my dear C4. Much love to you and your gorgeous ‘wise’ son. Takes after someone…. hmmmmmm

    Julie :)


  4. Julie Conway replied:

    I went to see this guy at the local Uni, he was very gracious and a lovely man. Had a great calming feeling about him. Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan.

    Link here:-
    The Hidden Messages In Water.



    • too long in this place replied:

      So you made it Julie – Welcome

      Great quote! Yes have hear of Mr Emoto & seen some of his wonderful pics – that’s great that you got to see him. Has he done anything with red wine? :)

      Very best to you m’dear & Andrew


  5. aferrismoon replied:

    We are often taught that the wind blows but it’s sucked , drawn by low pressures.

    Often our sense of how things work affects our way of life.

    Try breathing with the idea that breath is moved by low pressure rather than by muscularly sucking in and blowing out.

    It fun to remove ‘up’ and ‘down’ from thought processes and replace with ‘out’ from the planet and ‘in’ to the planet

    It made me think that humans don’t grow up but out from the middle, as our legs and upper body lengthen. We don’t grow out of our feet.



    • too long in this place replied:

      Mr Moon, I loved your wind chimes – I haven’t thought of air as being ‘sucked’ – I was taught it blows & despite any science I learned, that image has stayed – it does change the picture a great deal. You are so right, our sense of how things work affects so much.

      I know you know I knew about the ins & out (a wise man told me about that) & I like it very much, tho’ it’s surprising how hard I have found to envision that – am so how weighted by ups & downs.
      Awesome idea on body growth – we have been enpictured to in-magine that we do grow out of our feet – how did we get so silly?
      Your word drawings were most in-luminating :)



  6. aferrismoon replied:

    Growth is a pulsation effect , imagine the in and out breath manifest in the material body.

    As we breathe in and out we grow in and out

    When we eat food the warmth of it emanates from our stomach.

    Thinking emanates from the heart when its spot on [ not the romantic, new-agey heart,but from the centre of the system.]

    Perhaps then it reaches head and feet and off we go



    • too long in this place replied:

      Mr Moon
      I like your words
      they resonate again with the same something I’m working on.

      All inter-connected-like.

      You know how it is :)

      Thanks & cheers


  7. Michael Skaggs replied:

    I don’t have quite the philosophical add-on here, more PSI-Ence-See..

    ** There are regular circuits in which the winds travel. A great stream of air flowing from west to
    east is found at the northern edge of the trade-wind regions, and wind speeds up to 250 miles an hour have
    been recorded. In the Northern Hemisphere the trade winds come from the northeast, and in the Southern
    Hemisphere they travel in a regular course from the southeast. Some distance above the trade winds are
    other winds blowing in the opposite direction. These are known as counter trades. Solomon, who never
    knew of modern science and who never traveled far from his kingdom in Palestine, wrote these inspired
    words which have been proved correct as the wonders of nature unfold: “The wind goes toward the south,
    and turned about unto the north. It whirled about continually, and the wind returned again according to his circuits.” Ecclesiastes 1:6.

    Full confirmation of the Bible statement that the air “whirls about continually” is given by Sir
    Napier Shaw, who writes: “Of the millions of tons of air which form the atmosphere nearly the whole is
    moving. The regions of calm at the surface at any one time, taken altogether, do not form a large part of the
    Earth’s surface, and above the surface calm regions are still rarer. Let us remember that the motion of the
    air is always ‘circulation.’ Air cannot move forward or backward or upward or downward without
    displacing other air in front of it and being replaced by other air behind it, though the circulation may be
    quite local and limited in extent, as is frequently the case when warm air rises or cold air sinks. In the
    course of investigations into the life history of surface air currents in the Meteorological Office we have traced air over long stretches of the surface of the Atlantic. We have found, on one occasion, the shores of Greenland to be fed with air that left the middle of the Atlantic four days previously, while in the course of six days air traveled from Spitsbergen to join the northeast trade wind off the west coast of Africa. On another occasion the air that formed the wind off the south of Ireland was traced back to the north of Africa, but that which blew at the opening of the Channel two days later came from Hudson Bay, via the
    Azores.” ***

    My fun facts for the day, but I liked yours and Mr. Moons viewpoints!!



    • too long in this place replied:

      Heya Michael
      Thanks for your fun facts – they were telling

      “Of the millions of tons of air which form the atmosphere…”
      I think most people would think of air in terms of no’thing’ to be noticed only when the wind is too windy – to try & get your head around this no’thing’ being measured in millions of tons is quite challenging – well it is to me.
      I find contemplating it’s constant pressure, flow, circulation & suction is thoroughly refreshing – like a breath of fresh air :)

      Thanks muchly


  8. Devin replied:

    Hi Alex
    I very much enjoyed this “free -thinking” post of yours and the wonderful comments by aferrismoon, Julie C , Michael and others.
    I will try to get caught up here soon it looks as if there are a couple of posts I dont think I have seen yet.
    I hope you are doing great and having a beautiful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • too long in this place replied:

      Hey Devin, great to see you!
      How’s your back in the back of beyond?
      Hope you are feeling 1000% better!!!!!!!!

      Hugs to you
      … & yes the weekend is lovely – all springy & shining :)


  9. Fitzy replied:

    When Gemini and Pisces get together,
    you know you’ll get some stormy weather,
    still it takes a strong breath to blow a tune,
    two sets of twins,


    bugger all room.

    Thanks for the post Good Sister.


    • too long in this place replied:

      Hi Fitzy, sorry for delay in responding – have had technical difficulties.
      Twin fishies could be called sole mates – sorry if that is a very bad joke – it’s been a very strange week.
      Thanks for taking the time & creative energy to brew up a wee storm without a tea cup :)

      All the best to you


  10. Pavman replied:

    Hi Alex, I must say the complexity of water structure is amazing. I studied architecture at uni and in my final year did a 2 week anaylis on water and specifically the memory of water. How different energies, voices, music etc play pn the molecular structure of water. I must of been in front of over 100 people presenting my findings in which I was laughed at and had to make it into a jovial study or would have been failed for my analysis lol. The man to research if you haven’t already is Dr. Masaru Emoto and various others.

    Water after air(oxygen) is the second most important fuel for survival so if they can poison our air and water so easily it makes more sense to what water you drink and air to breath rather than food to eat. The sky over sydney today is a mist of trails and the water tastes like chemicals – so after these elements are influenced i wonder how much the focus on food is as relevant.

    Once place where water is most condensed and prevalent is at the north and south poles and in one video i was watching had green land and flowing water right near the main axis point. Seems google earth also hides any images of the full extents of these regions and the hollow earth theory might make much more interesting reading than the crap we learnt at school hehe

    Maybe I rambled, I hope everyone is well:)


    • too long in this place replied:

      Thanks Pavman
      Have indeed heard of Emoto-san & have tried my own experiments using various words to enhance water.

      Sorry to hear about the air in Sydney – let us call it as it is – ‘criminal activity’.

      I do think the poles are splendidly important – am working that into a future article – I think perhaps we need to send Antarctica, warmth – heart warmth.

      Rambling is good for the soul :)

      Best to you


  11. Pavman replied:

    Cool , goodluck in your research! I had bricklayers on site today and pointed to the sky and asked what the planes are spraying. 1 out of 4 knew something the rest did not even bother looking or had knee jerk answers and grouping the whole ‘consiracy’ caper. The question I ask of you is, how programmed and numb are we that we can not even look into the sky and ask simple 5 year old questions – It seems the ‘why’ paradigm is associated with ridicule. IE: Id rather lay my bricks finish at 3.33 drive to my box, then drive from box to the gym to move mass around to get large muscles and repeat the cycle. Where on friday night i have a chance to get my end in – seems like groundhog day


    • too long in this place replied:

      Exactly so – without questions we are robots – spitting out whatever we have been programmed with – questions need to be our eyes & our ears.

      I think your question to the bricklayers was clever – to help others to question is perhaps the very greatest work we can do.

      I have written of groundhog week if you’re interested

      I wish you clear skies & many questions :)


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