Apollo’s sun dancers

Every so often
as I scroll through gooey gull images
on the Internest …

a star catches my eye
& my mind races off
into the orbit of another star.

This is the astronomical effect
known as ‘twinning’
(well it is in this place).

Can’t remember what I was looking for when I came across a pick of …

… Simple S-Eye-Moon the (double) Pi man


This much touted Adonis of Holy Wood has a leading name that fits very snugly in that hallowed ground.

The meaning of the name Bradley is ‘Broad wood’.

The particular image of the star that left its orbit while I was gull-watching on the Internest, is up next.

I’ve woven together a photo-fit selection his earlier twin-come-father-figure.

I’m certainly not the first to twin these Gem-in-eyes up – others have been there too … Eye.E

What launched this particular article was an earlier early pic of Robert of the Red Ford.

Does he look at all in the family way to you?

I mean in the way of the Kennedy family?

I checked this out with inspirational colleagues & found I wasn’t the only one to see/feel a certain resemblance.

This twinning thing is perhaps one of the easiest ways we can use our gut feelings. It’s not about seeking out resemblance, rather the semblance comes looking for you. There’s a mirrored feeling that you can’t really shake off or explain.

It can be rather fun to run with it & see where it leads.

Fording the Red trail we find that he is;

… of English and Scots-Irish ancestry.”

We of course, have all been familiarised with the knowledge that;

“John F. Kennedy was the great-grandson of Irish immigrants”

Yet there’s more to this semblance than toothy grins.

Of Jay Eff-Kay we find;

JFK had red hair, and was very handsome

Hair color: Reddish brown

JFK had reddish hair, too.

“… his hair … seemed to have had different tones: Photographs go from red of course, up to bright blond, chestnut, light brown …”

Of Robert Of the Red Ford we find;

He’s a red head naturally

he appears to be redhead and blond at the same time

From Elizabeth I to Robert Redford, redheads have stood out throughout history

And in unison

JFK and Robert Redford to name just a few famous persons were/are redheads

Broad Wood Shaft, sorry I meant Brad Pitt has had a pate of many colours – however he has been spell cast as one of the greatest of the red hot heroes;

Achilles, the central character of Homer’s Iliad, is described as having red hair

A quick whizz through history reveals a plethora of red heads (one of the latest media en-crazed topics).

King David is also known for having red hair, based on the description of his physical appearance as “admoni”, the Biblical Hebrew word normally interpreted to mean “ruddy” and/or “red-haired” .

Thor, of Norse mythology, was generally portrayed as having red hair. Another Norse God Loki, the mischievous god of fire was portrayed with red hair.”

Ancient Egyptians associated both red-haired humans and red-colored animals with the god Set

Of Malcolm X – “One of Malcolm’s nicknames, “Red”, derived from the tinge of his hair

Big red names in English history – Richard the Lionheart, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots

Big red names in building empires – Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson

Interestingly there is many an Internest site that speaks of Monsieur Kennedy’s paramour …

… as a natural born redhead.

Every time I’ve gone ducking & diving for pics for this post, I have been accosted by flashers of the twinkly kind …

I keep seeing stars!

It’s getting annoying because I’m meant to be taking you on a sun dance.

An image of Ted Kennedy looked remarkable like Kurt Russell, then an image of Kurt Russell …

… reminded me nasally of Bill Clinton, but then again, it also gives me …

… that six million dollar feeling.

I guess many would not see what I see, but then I’m not really ‘seeing’ – it’s more of a feeling – am reminded of the way fermented grapes are decanted into descriptions – rolled round on the tongue until the flavours make themselves known.

Not that I recommend rolling any of these around on your tongue!

Here’s a few more double takes:-

Peering out of the pic of Big Red, I spotted the (usually) evil face of Gary Busey

And from there, well the sky’s the limit. You may think that the insertion of the print of a prince was a little fanciful …

… but I had already captured him previously …

… playing with a broad sword.

The joys of being crazy include playing to the max or even the matrix.

I kid you not, when I say that in looking at the face of Robert Kennedy, something refashioned itself …

… into Hugo Weaving.

Anyway enough footsie-ing around, let’s get back on track.

A semblance of resemblance betwixt Robert Redford & JFK led to some picture play …

… & a few genetical echoes.

Yet a little looksee into the Redforder’s movie casting …

… proved insightful

So close & yet so far…

Sheep always welcome

Redford was actually considered for the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather“. Corleone = Lion heart.

Once upon 2009;

Steven Spielberg’s plan for an Abraham Lincoln biopic, with Liam Neeson in the title role, is under threat from a rival project by fellow Oscar-winner Robert Redford… Redford is planning a film centred around the assassination of the US president


The Conspirator is the debut film of the American Film Company. It tells the story of Mary Surratt, the only female co-conspirator charged in the Abraham Lincoln assassination and the first woman to be hanged by the United States federal government…The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2010.

You know. Usual story. American president gets a bullet in the head.

So what are we gazing upon here?

Looks to me like a whole bunch of golden boys.

Blazing haloed Apollos.

Peas in a pod you might say.

Let’s think of these Apollos as modern-day Santas. One entity played out in many bodies.

The Apollo JFK initiated the taking of the moon.

I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon

The original Apollo attempted to take something too – a nymph named Daphne – she escaped at the last moment by being turned into Holy Wood.

Her laurels have been resting on the heads of Apollos ever since.

Apollo JFK’s ‘wreath’ was blown away in 1963 – the etymology of his name suggests he had it coming:-

Kennedy… meaning … Armored head; deformed head

Apollo Redford went on very nicely.

In 1969, the year that moon was taken (either spiritually or physically), Apollo Redford undertook a great Sun Dance.

He lit up the world.

At the 42nd Academy Awards in 1970, the film won Oscars in four of the seven categories it had been nominated in … At the 24th British Academy Film Awards, the film received nine awards including Best Film. … recognized on a half dozen of the American Film Institute’s AFI 100 Years… series lists … which it made #50 on The Greatest Movies of All Time of the “100 Years… the top grossing film of the year.”

The Sun Dance was the most spectacular and important religious ceremony of the Plains Indians of 19th-century North America, ordinarily held by each tribe once a year usually at the time of the Summer Solstice.”

“… the object of the Sun Dance practice is to make a sacrifice to the Great Mystery, and to pray while connected to the Tree of Life, a direct connection to the Creator

The Sun Dance … features … dancing, singing and drumming, the experience of visions, fasting, and, in some cases, self-torture.”

Self-inflicted torture has also come to symbolize rebirth. The torture represents death, then the person is symbolically resurrected. The sun dancer is reborn, mentally and spiritually as well as physically, along with the renewal of the buffalo and the entire universe

Apollo Redford is the backbone of the Sundance Film Festival;

The Sundance Film Festival is a film festival that takes place annually in the state of Utah, in the United States … began in Salt Lake City in 1978

The resort [Sundance] is named after the role he played in the 1969 film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. [It] is a competition for independent film makers that has become extremely well-known and popular in the film industry and media. It is the largest independent film festival in the United States, and also one of the largest in the world.

On the Day of the Dead in 2006, another Daphne was ‘taken’ at Dawn.

Actress & filmmaker, Adrienne Shelley was waiting to hear if her film Waitress had been accepted into the Sundance Film Festival when she was murdered. Shelley directed the movie & also starred in it – her character’s name was ‘Dawn‘ (i.e that which comes before the Sun/Apollo). She was hanged the day after Halloween.

In the moon year of 1969 another Daphne, connected to the Apollo Kennedys, was also ‘taken’.

I’ve only just found out the incredible date of her death. Her name & fate had been vaguely familiar, but nothing more.

Now I see why my tale has led here.

This Daphne is a Rusalka.

Rusalka were female ghosts in Slavic mythology. They were thought to be souls of young women died in or near lakes that had usually been murdered. They were not violent, but mainly haunted lakes until their death was avenged. Some explained the Rusalka as women that died prematurely due to suicide or murder having to do with their loved ones had to live out their designated time on earth as a spirit.”

This Daphne was taken 2 days before Apollo claimed the moon.

Mary Jo Kopechne (July 26, 1940 – July 18, 1969) was an American secretary and political campaign specialist.”

On July 18, 1969, Kopechne had attended a party on Chappaquiddick Island… It was the fourth such reunion of the Robert F. Kennedy campaign workers. Kopechne reportedly left the party at 11:15 p.m. with Robert’s brother Ted, after he — according to his own account — offered to drive her to catch the last ferry back to Edgartown, where she was staying. She did not tell her close friends at the party that she was leaving, and she left her purse and keys behind…

Kennedy drove the 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 off a narrow, unlit bridge, without guardrails, that was not on the route to Edgartown. It landed in Poucha Pond and overturned in the water. He extricated himself from the vehicle and survived, but Kopechne did not. Kennedy failed to report the incident to the authorities until the car and Kopechne’s body were discovered the next morning.”

Two days later the moon target was acquired – in the minds of humanity, if not in reality.

Was Mary Jo the bride price?

Was Marilyn Moon Row an earlier one?

Chappaquiddick effectively crushed the career of Apollo Ted.

We may say that three Apollos fell to earth in the 60s. But the moon was won.

And plenty more Apollos came to fill their shoes.

If you’re wondering where I’m going with this I haven’t got a clue.

I don’t think any of us need answers – well not the ones who’ve chosen to live.

However some damn fine supposition & conjecture does go down a treat & for me it has helped to free my mind in a number of areas of late.

I’ve tried to figure out how it is that certain unproven, improbable statements have been so healing for me.

Three men came to mind – The Celtic Rebel, Aferrismoon & Lenon Honor. In their own work each of these men have helped shift cemented thoughts out of my head.

I asked myself what was it about them & certain of their impossible ideas, that released my mind.

First off I find each of them to be honourable men who are dedicated to humanity – actively working to make a difference.

Secondly they are willing to risk ridicule by standing behind unproven, implausible, even ‘impossible’ ideas.

Each has the ability to ‘make it’ in this world, yet they have knowingly chosen paths that lead away from fame, fortune or media stroking – they speak truth as they see it.

As far as I’m concerned all healing messages are intricately bound up with the one who evokes them – they cannot be separated.

Likewise all destructive messages are also intricately connected to their ‘evokers’.

Please be so very choosey about who & what you swallow.

A final wacky thought to finish on.

I was reminded somewhere in this research that Apollo Redford had once teamed up with Daphne Scarlett Johannsen when he did a brief spell talking to horses.

What was it I wonder, that made me wonder?

What’s in a name anyway?

Can we really be that silly that we at least don’t ponder on the countless family faces of Holy Wood?

Is the dream that engrossing?

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  1. aferrismoon replied:

    Good one mixing in those celebrity politicians. I guess the election of Reagan showed the connexion twixt Hollywood, Los Angeles and Washington DC, Virginia.

    There is of course a ‘look’ which the general public seems to accept, this classic male look born of the fashion Industry.

    Laurel Canyon , where various 60s sungods arose from.

    The first LSD in tablet form was called ORANGE SUNSHINE

    Clinton has Irish or Ulster roots methinks as did Ronnie Reagan

    Esau was adomite , as Adam I guess, and after Black and White I think red is considered the 1st colour.

    I believe redheads are called ‘blue’ in Oz

    In Czech the haircolour is called REZ = Rust.

    The Project Gemini Space Programme preceded the Apollo programme, so twinning and Apollo go hand in hand both in space and the celebrity world



  2. too long in this place replied:

    Thanks Ewan
    I have red your words :)

    Exactly so with Reagan – it is high old time that we start connecting the celebrity/politician dots – surely what we’re seeing is one very cosy mass of gene pool. It’s all ‘entertainment’ now & we need our politicians to twinkle like stars.

    I don’t doubt the look, yet perhaps we were trained to absorb that certain look because it corresponded to those that were to be in the lime-light.

    Ah, most interesting – LSD led people on a chemical Sun dance.

    Have come across ideas too that RED is all about life – equating with blood as it does. I think I read of some people who no longer consider blood to be ‘blood’ once it has exited the body – then it becomes another substance.

    Of course the Gem-in-eye Programme = the space race that spelled it out – “on earth as it is in heaven?”

    How’s your autumn – lots of rez colourded leaves?



  3. wolkenwatcher replied:

    good post (very thought provoking, as usual ;0). Been reading your blog since your first appearance on the Celtic Rebel’s show some time back. And I agree that The rebel and Lenon Honor are seldom found “lights” in this murky world. They helped me start to dig deeper into my own programming, especially the alternative news / conspiracy theory programming that many seem to fall foul of these days.
    Look forward to reading your next thoughts…


    • too long in this place replied:

      Hi Alistair
      It is very good to hear the lads appreciated – the healing always starts with words like these;

      “They helped me start to dig deeper into my own programming”

      I think there is no higher work that any of us can do than help our fellow beings gain the desire to ‘dig’ for themselves, begin to use their own minds & start creating their own journeys.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave this comment.

      Very best to you


  4. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Hi Alex,

    I loved the way you compared the Kennedy’s to “Holy Woods” idols. I always felt they were ‘placed there’ in politics to unite Holy Wood (via Ewen’s comment) with Politics. Wow, it’s raining/reining Apollo’s!

    The Rusalka’s keep popping up! Remember how Emoto said “water has memory”? I wonder if after the Rusalka’s time is done/avenged if the water she was in/near retains any of that pain/suffering? I a Shaman might be needed or not afterwards? Just a random wondering.

    Great weave, I had fun with this one!



  5. too long in this place replied:

    Heya Michael
    Glad you had fun :) There’s so many, many ways you can run with these ‘idols’.
    There is a pic of The Wkikfather – Jimmy Wales on top of all the wiki pages at the moment – my god he looks like John Travolta, I saw Tom Selleck in their too – in the internet someone else had twinned him with Daniel Craig & also Kevin Costner – how many of your friends can you do that with???

    Maybe if we see the Rusalkas story in a different light we can help set them free.

    Always lovely to see you here – hope your ass isn’t too frosty :)


  6. David Stewart replied:


    • too long in this place replied:

      Sin with Sebastian = ‘As in inhabits West’.

      A song for all the pretty glow in the dark, golden boys.
      That had an interesting sync with new theme I’m working on.



  7. Pavman replied:

    Interesting piece. I think I will have to read it again to understand it better – hitting in nails then trying see new perspectives if kind of difficult. One connection that I could always see was the whole Will-i-am Smith – fresh prince and the Obama pre-cursor.

    They look similar to start and it seems the fresh prince was laying the red carpet for the king – obama to follow. Will smiths roles always revolved around being a hero and devoting his life and even giving his life to save others. His roles are also very bi or homosexual sexual with very little female contact, even though he is surrounded by women he never really hooks up with them. Even in his own life there has never been any scandals to speak of. His music was always garbage but his movies include, MIB – save the universe, ALi- best athelete in the world, supposedly. BAAD Boys – a gay romp as a hero cop, I am Legend – saving the world this time, not the universe. Handcock- superhero, The Pursuit of Happyness – father gives his all for his son, 7 pounds – saves seven people by giving his life. wild wild west, (insert celtic rebel quote) also www – Independence Day – saves world again from aliens this time – Now maybe 15 years ago the idea of Obama being a president would have been harder to achieve if it wasnt for his pal – Smithy. He also appeared at Obamas functions as to almost pass on the batton. Now he has his daughter pimping herself out. Its almost too much to make any sense of. I guess when and if they want to get rid of Obama – Good ol Willy boy will go down prior – aka the Tiger Wood. Take care!


    • too long in this place replied:

      Hi Pavman
      It was play, no need to reread unless it feels like more play – I love new ideas & crazy themes, they seem to reach so much deeper & cleaner than prepackaged ‘truth’.

      Aha maybe at last I have someone to share my theory re Obama with — your Will-be-force Smith thoughts make perfect sense & I think are spot on – I must admit to liking Will Smith when he seemed so young & cheeky, admittedly I was face down in my pillow dreaming my life away at the time.

      Anyway Willie wasn’t the only one to be marinading public opinion – have you seen ‘Head of State’ 2003/4 with Chris Rock? He plays the first black man to run for President & win! His running mate was Bernie Mac who died so unexpectedly a little while ago. Obama could not have had a better entree – Chris ROCK – Jesus built his church on a ROCK & Super Jesus had one too!!

      Your point on Will Smith once again highlights the ‘family’ relationship between Holy Wood & the Holy Whitewashed House.

      Very best to you


  8. Pavman replied:

    Capital suggestions my dear Watson. What was the deal with denzel washington then? seemed to play the hero then turned to villain roles? Was it to diminish his status and allow the Big willy to rise? The fall of Washington? the rise of Barack Hussein? just as the capture Sadam Hussein – all too close for comfort + whats with free willy? there seems to be lots of willy talk.

    Why do whales seem to have willy connotations? Free willy, sperm whale and of course moby dick? Am I missing something?

    These are the topics they should have on morning TV – how good good would it be to hear such banter? I definately would be tuning in!


    • too long in this place replied:

      I’ve given up on movies – didn’t know Denzel had turned to Devil – I remembered him as the dashingly handsome good guy – I would certainly think-link the changing roles of ‘big’ black W’s – Washington, Woods, Will (Smith) correspond with the rise of Super Jesus – perhaps they play John the Baptists roles?

      Interesting point on willies & whales – I have to say that it never occured to me – ever so strangely, the biggest Willie of them all has a daddy who swallowed a W(h)ale – aka Prince William who’s papa is Prince of Wales.

      Would make awesome banter I quite agree & people would leave with a smile on their face & a few extra cogs moving in their thinking machines :)

      All the best


  9. Mick replied:

    Don’t forget the big daddy-baddy redhead – Set :)


  10. We interrupt this program.. | Entertaining a Solution replied:

    […] While on the topic of look-a-likes, archetypes, and dopplegangers, I have recently read another Alex’s thoughts on that  issue, https://toolonginthisplace.wordpress.com/2010/11/14/apollos-sun-dancers/  […]


  11. Ryan McAlister replied:

    I hope you don’t mind me mentioning your blog. Your talks with the Celtic Rebel and your blog have been influential to me in certain ways. Have a good day.


  12. alex robinson replied:

    hehe Ryan go for your life.
    Just had a sneak preview & have a comment to make re your choice of snake.

    Very best to you


  13. Stand and deliver … parts 2 & 3 « too long in this place replied:

    […] Sundancing dinner guest […]


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