Something wick’d this way comes

pike “weapon,” 1510s, from M.Fr. pique “a spear, pikeman,” from piquer “to pick, prick, pierce”.”

You may have heard of the Pike Mine Disaster that happened in NZ last week. Actually you probably know more about it than me.

I avoid NEWS like I avoid plagues, both being equally deadly.

I’m writing this for a few reasons.

Firstly I read something on Ellis Taylor‘s site yesterday which sparked some new thoughts & tallied with some already held ones. A chat with a friend put recent personal stangeness into a very different light & today my mind wove these together to form some fantastical imaginings that seemed to want to put in an appearance here.

Ellis said this;

“... in the mirror realm of NZ (wheel) I’ve suspected the worst for the miners, since I heard that there were 29 of them trapped under the ground in the Pike (fish-Pisces) River (Water-carrier) coal mine, on a 33-date and at 3.30pm.”

and he said this;

Well, there we go…I put up a mention of 29 …and M emails me to let me know that they’ve just announced that Prince William and Orange (Goldsmith) are to be wed on the 29th (of April) – from the moment of this decision a spell was cast (at the final curtain of Samhain.)

However it’s too explosive for my liking.”  Astrologers verdict on Prinz William wedding date of 29th April (119th day of year) 2011

I have written before about the tragedies in NZ that have such ‘coincidental ‘regal connections here & here

Most would consider it sheer madness to equate royal events with NZ disasters, yet others have noticed without seeing

New Zealanders have developed a superstition about visits by Queen Elizabeth to this country, as many more serious disasters have taken place while she was here

Really does anyone have a clue as to what this world really is or how it operates?

Ellis’ words reminded (& emboldened) me  to look again at what I have seen before & to wonder about royal echoes with regards to the Pike Mine event – they use the word DISASTER a lot these days, n’est-ce pas?

Dis = ‘Roman God of Death’

Aster = ‘Star’

et voilà …

… l’Etoile de la Mort

The crazy wondering goes like this – was the Min(e)d collapse part of the engagement ritual?

Let me tell you what I wondered today & then I’ll back track.

When Shakespeare’s witches were concocting evil with their eye of newt & toad of dog etc. was there an underlying science of fully functioning physics?

What if rituals create events?  Maybe not down to the micro-level specifics but the close enough to know what’s on the menu.

Lets say that;

Eye of Newt = the water element

& Toad of Dog (ok, ok I know it’s not that, but that’s what always pops into my head), anyway lets say that Toad of Dog = a dark or underground place

& ummm….  Sulphur = an explosion

… plus other bits’n’bobs

Now we stir these elements together in a special container, but we must have a ‘detonator’

… or wick

& we must have a shitload of energy to propel this concoction into the realms where it will begin to foment.

Sacrifice & sex would probably be the way those are obtained.

What I’m wondering is if these ‘freak’ events-slash-disasters are actually mapped out through ritual.

There are no Freemasons or Skull’n’Bonesmen laying TNT in mines or on volcanic plateaus – it’s not necessary – the directions have been encoded into the rituals which are frankensteined into life through applied energy – all that’s needed is to stand back & await the fireworks – just what & where will not be precisely known, but it will be a fait accompli.

Little rituals will be used to create bigger rituals & then even bigger ones – all to keep Death Stars a-floating.

My Nigerian friend has talked to me of his view of royalty as entities who use & channel power – a lot of power.  The word sacrifice comes freely to his lips. He comes from a nation where there is, or used to be, a much wider view or ‘reality‘.

I am of the opinion that you cannot simply kill someone – first they must have ‘swallowed’ death.

These rituals then, would draw from a body/soul bank of those who had done so – those who have not will have a miraculous escape.

If it works something like this then the nuts & bolts of freak events will never undergo scrutiny because we are so two dimensional …

… that we swallow almost all our knowledge from To die-(for)-men-sional sources.

If we could allow the possibility of inter-die-men-sional cooking recipes that egg on disasters, then my tale of strangeness that ran concurrent with the Pike Mine event might make some kind of sense.

Was there was an etherically charged lightning bolt that struck the Pike Mine in the South Island of  NZ last Friday?

The Pike River Mine disaster was a coal mining accident that began on 19 November 2010 in the Pike River Mine… in the West Coast Region of New Zealand’s South Island. A first explosion occurred in the mine at approximately 3:30 pm” (Wiki)

About fifteen minutes later I got a (completely unrelated) call at work.

It (seemed to) set in motion a series of events that led me spiraling down one of the blackest holes I’ve ever encountered. Of itself it was almost nothing, yet it went straight to the heart of my deepest wound & from then on everything that could possibly make it worse, happened.

I heard briefly of the mine collapse later on Saturday night through friend, but I don’t follow the news so did not look into it. Besides I was not feeling good either mentally or physically. A headache started which got worse through Sunday, my body was so tired, my soul was struggling. Toxic feelings permeated Sunday & by Monday I was in a deep, dark place. Somehow I pulled a muscle while opening a blind which I later came to associate with a feeling with being ‘stabbed in the back’ – the physical pain from that was deep in a way I can’t explain. I was so tired on Monday day that I almost fell asleep while driving – & I have to say that that dark feeling made it feel tempting.

Twice that day, morning & evening I was overcome with exhaustion & fell asleep in my (parked) car.

The reason I write this is that when speaking to a friend later in the week I found myself describing this situation as being in a pit & a dark hole that I couldn’t get out of – only then did I think of the mine collapse & how my downward spiral happened almost simultaneously. The helplessness I felt, the inability to extricate myself, the feel of being pulled towards something very dark & final, synced so much with that, that I have to wonder what hit my country.

Because I REFUSE to follow & swallow news I was largely unaffected by the mine incident – how could I be? I did not know anyone there, I have never experienced that kind of agony – only if I allowed the MEDIA to trick me into believing I was a part of that suffering, could I have felt anything drastic. Because I did not, it felt as all distant tragedy feels – terribly sad, but nothing more.

What I’m trying to do here is look critically at two unconnected events that occurred in the same time frame & relatively close space. I’m trying to widely angle the lens of inquiry. If I was affected by some energetic charge that hit this country then perhaps that is something for others to be aware of in their lives. Perhaps the times when we are suddenly overwhelmed or engulfed is because we have been hit by some etheric ritual thunderbolt that will re-create in our lives the same kind of events that were called into play through whatever initiated them.

It’s all guess-work, but then again we should be getting bloody good at flying blind.

How did I get out of my dark hole?

Well for one thing I really wanted to get out of there – I was scared big time. I swallowed ALL pride & reached out for help. My son helped hugely – I talked to him & in return I was gifted with a deeper, richer insight into his world.

I was honest with people I needed to be honest with. I stopped running from the awful feeling inside me & just watched it. I also used physical discomfort – I learned this a long time ago. I think when we get terribly shocked or deeply wounded, we can be somehow be thrust out of our bodies, so something that hurts a little i.e. pinching the flesh on underarms or thighs helps to return us, it somehow pulls us back in again – the standard slap in the face for hysterics will be just such a practice. Our bodies cannot help us if we are not there to help direct cleaning up operations.

Once I had been honest with the people I needed to be honest with my headache disappeared & the stab in the back that was so painful, disappeared overnight.

I’ve got to rush off to work, so will check for sense & mis-spells & add some pics later – I just really wanted to post this for some reason. It is interesting that at some point before I heard of the mine collapse three words from a book that was a favourite of mine as a kid came to my mind – the story included escaping through mines & a mine collapse – near the end of the story a piece of notepaper is found with these words



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  1. ionmars replied:

    its looking more and more like a holographic, fluid, ethereal powered mindscape device we are caught up in. Would be nice to find the instruction Manuel and look in the contents- for a chapter on reverse spells..

    Better yet, some sort of Team to notify whenever Ritual Abuse has occurred. I mean, come on- can we to blame for our ignorance when for so long we have striven for goodness with bodies that were reprogrammed to never look beyond our noses?

    Great piece as usual Alex.
    it was even a wee bit sensual. :)


  2. too long in this place replied:

    Hi Ironmars, wonderful descriptions – we are perhaps enfolded in a VERY fluid mindscape device – we tend to think of being trapped in terms of harsh chains & prison walls – but fluidity ahhh … that get’s in everywhere – our prison may be be far more seductive, all-flowing & all-embracing.

    We desperately need to widen our gazes, tho I’m inclined to think our gazes need to come from somewhere completely overlooked … am working/playing on that one.

    Well I couldn’t figure out where there was any sensuality but figured it might be the thigh pinching idea – have you tried it, it hurts – ’tis very good attack spot for self defense!

    All the best

    • ionmars replied:

      Yes, you are correct. It played on the senses to read your metaphorical ‘pinch’. Good eye ;)

  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Hi Alex,

    Glad to hear you were able to get that “knife out of your back”. Indeed there seems to be a “mirror” between England/New Zealand for some strange reason.

    I’ve often thought about how rituals are performed daily before the masses without their knowledge, and just how much power is released through them and how many lives they effect! Etherical fluidity and energy, interesting themes!

    Be well my friend!

    • too long in this place replied:

      Hiya Michael
      It’s great how comments can add such rich new paths – contemplation of ‘ethereal fluidity’ as opposed to rigid imprisonment is most enlightening – we have been taught to generally think of fluid things as gentle or soft, but the power of flow is unstoppable – perhaps we should be seeking to see this arena as liquid & then channeling our energies into re-channel it, rather than wearing ourselves out trying to ‘break out’ of an envisioned four wall prison…

      Thanks for your thoughts my friend
      Be very well yourself

  4. Mick replied:

    Ethereal fluidity? Reminds me of the terrible bridge disaster during the water festival in Phnom Penh on 23rd Nov, where 350 unsuspecting souls were either electrocuted, crushed to death or drowned.

    Interesting that it is related to one in 2006:

    The stampede was the world’s worst since January 2006, when 362 Muslim pilgrims were crushed to death while performing a stoning ritual at the entrance to the Jamarat Bridge near Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

    Seems like this royal couple are on a feeding frenzy. Also, the moon was full – fluidity again.

    Alex, you are certainly paranoid, in the true sense of the word, as enunciated by John Coleman, meaning the ability to perceive connections between seemingly completely unrelated events.


    • too long in this place replied:

      When I looked at that link
      “Late Monday evening, November 22, 2010, a panic occurred amongst a crowd crossing a bridge in Phnom Penh”
      I read it ‘wrong’ – I read
      “Late Monday evening, November 22, 2010 a PAIN occured amongst a crowd…”
      strange how different that paints that picture. What caused the pain that created the stamede – ‘etheric thunderbolt’ perhaps?

      Occurring on the date of the killing of the red headed sun king in Dallas, speaks volumes on rutual fluidity.

      “mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions,” – I’m of the opinion that the THE SYSTEM is delusional, I’m just trying to reclaim my sanity :)

      Best to you

  5. aferrismoon replied:

    Newspaceman wrote about an explosion near Loch Lomond in his post ‘Drama Kings’ and I sent a comment on the 19th –

    ‘Based on the fantastical Scotland = NZ , there’s been a big mine explosion there , judging by the vid it looks a forested area.’

    After an exchange of comments News summarised the events as throwing up – Mining,Fishing and Hecate , she being a goddess connected with the underground.

    In the same comments we got round to The Last Welsh Martyr, whose portrait synchs with your ‘knife in the back’


  6. aferrismoon replied:

    That link doesn’t work

    this does:

    • too long in this place replied:

      What an amazing sync – took me as bit to spot the knife – not something you expect to see in a portrait painting. I followed the FLOW of comments thro Newspaceman’s article – most interesting current of ideas – so much makes sense if we can play with the idea that we are ‘enswirled’ in a highly fluid, conductive liquidish material.

      thanks for that

  7. Fitzy replied:

    Oddities abound.

    I was in bush country when the Mine imploded, Imp-
    Loaded, tramping in the sublime Mount Aspiring national Park.

    Apt for my purposes, and superbly named, I was heading away from the miscreated world into the deep, deep, dreaming green. We were leaving the City that rocks, for some aftershock free fresh air.

    It wasn’t ideal as journey’s went, in fact the wheels fell off right at the start.

    It occurs to me now, too many things curdled in the night during my trip, even though we were many hundreds of kilometers away from the necromantic spell the media were lustily weaving.

    This you will appreciate, next afternoon (Saturday), we heard but did not see, a 15 minute long avalanche/Rock slide, it was as loud as a jet taking off, perhaps the Mine necromancy overshot.

    As best we can reckon, it occurred behind a place called…Slip Stream – a ragged old avanlanche scar, I kid you not. Now things get predicatably macabre, near it are several suspect peaks.

    Before us, Cosmos Peak, out of view behind that Posidon Peak, with Chaos Peak a little further south, and immediately behind us at the time…Mount Cerebus, and out of view and slightly south of that…Pluto Peak. Seen too much of this to be surprised, dismayed maybe, but these syncs are becoming typical.

    Sure its the melt season, sure rocks roll down hill all the time, my connections may be reflections of my self
    deceptions…but the land does not lie.

    Nor do those that lay beneath the land lay quietly, the
    noisy dead are among us. Pluto stirs, Uranus fidgits, Kate gets a dead royals ring, and we must begin to weave our own medicating spells, we’ve drunk enough of their venom n’est pas?.

    Now the Mine events will pass into myth, and its the same ol’ myth, blood renews the lands…for the gods demand it so, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. And whom do the Royals serve, but those they claim to descend from, one wonders how low they must go, to reach their progenitors throne.

    Thanks Good Sister, be well.

  8. too long in this place replied:

    Hi Fitzy
    I was blown away by your tale, spent much time today contemplating it – considered making it into a blog entry because it also fits so well with something I’m working on, but I find I’m tired out after a week of work & still have an epic post to write. I have no doubt that the land was speaking & hope to go into that more in what I’m working on now – thanks so much for your story.
    Your description of the city that ‘rocks’ reminded me of the the ROCK2WGTN fire ritual that took place over Easter/Equinox of 2008 – I had a very bad feeling about that at the time – I wonder now if Christchurch’s big & on-going rock’n’roll can be dated back to then.

    My brother is living in Chch atm trying to help put the toon back together.

    Very best to you

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