Stand & deliver … part 1

“We keep praying, keep hoping,
that something’s going be ok,

that something’s going to change.
The Celtic Rebel


In the Book of the Elixir, it is said: The hen can hatch her eggs because her heart is always listening. That is an important magic spell. The reason the hen can hatch her eggs is because of the power to heat. But the power of the heat can only warm the shells; it cannot penetrate into the interior

… Therefore with her heart she conducts this power inward. This she does with her hearing. In this way she concentrates her whole heart. When the heart penetrates, the power penetrates, and the chick receives the power of the heart and begins to live. Therefore a hen, even when she has left her eggs, always has the attitude of listening with a bent ear.

A little while ago an etymology dictionary informed me that once upon a time the word cure referred to the person in need of healing;

Most words for “cure, heal” in European languages originally applied …

to the person being treated,

but now …

can be used with reference to the disease, too …

Relatively few show an ancient connection to words for “physician;” typically they are connected instead to words formake whole” or “tend to” or even “conjurer.

The common sense I re-claimed from this reading went thus:

If it is an individual who is manifesting unwellness, then it is the individual who requires healing – NOT the disease.

heal O.E. hælan “make whole, sound and well,” from P.Gmc. lit. “to make whole“.

We need to grasp firmly just what it is that we desire to make whole?

The individual?

or the disease?

Despite the modern era’s best attempts to convince us that we are little more than machines

… we remain sublime storytellers & story listeners.

And it is through stories that we can heal.

The hen can hatch her eggs because her heart is always listening

I want to take you on a journey back to your heartland & I hope you can hear;

When the heart penetrates, the power penetrates, and the chick receives the power of the heart and begins to live.”

This journey is about LIVING.

It is interesting, is it not, that the (English) words Live & Love should be so very similar …

However, if you think we are heading in the direction of the heart, your programming has misled you.

We are headed for the home of the soul.

And no my friend, that is not the heart –

Well not in this article, at this time.

Why not put down all you’ve been taught for a little …

… & come in to play.


“… it is the liver that houses the spiritual or ethereal soul. The ethereal soul is very similar to a western concept of the soul. It is that in the body, which gives it both life and purpose. Without it we would lose direction and be empty … [it] gives us guidance and a sense of purpose. When the liver blood is deficient it cannot root the ethereal soul and thus we lose direction in life.”

This time that we are living in seems to be so very important – there seems to be an ever-widening divide between those who choose to live & those who choose not to.

It is time then to open our eyes & ears to let in knowledge that has been hidden a foot below our noses for far too long

We’re so used to the name of this sacred organ, that we have not heard what its been telling us;

Listen to the liver, what do you hear?

Life, I hope.

For of course the “Liver” translates to ‘one who‘ or ‘that which‘, LIVES

Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver.”
(William James)

Life loves the liver of it.”
(Maya Angelou)

Do you live?

Do you want to?

Then let’s travel to the heart of your soul:-

The liver is power … fuse box of the human body …. it stores all patterns and codes for living … all relationship exchangesfoodfluidstouch, are recorded in the liver … pls remember the soul sites 2-inches to the left of the liver …. it can be said that the souls sits in the liver … hence the name “liver

The liver transforms / transmutes chemical and molecular structure …. re-codeswrites new coderedesigns

Liver troubles usually also affect the pituitary gland … reflects in poor eyesight … poor perception … … when combines with stomach and pancreas can reflect inability to digest life ...”

liver “secreting organ of the body,” O.E. lifer, from P.Gmc. …  In M.E. [Middle English] it rivaled the heart as the supposed seat of love and passion

The physician who knows how to harmonize the liver knows how to treat the hundred diseases

The liver is the organ that is in charge of storing blood

The eye represents the orifices of the liver. When a person closes his/her eyes & falls asleep, the blood returns to the liver.  From there it is transmitted to the eyes, & the ability to see results from this.”

The eyes as a whole, however, represent the opening of the liver, & are thus considered to be more closely linked to the liver than any other of the organ networks. “Liver qi communicates with the eyes … & if the liver functions harmoniously, the eyes can differentiate the five essential colours … if the liver receives blood we can see.

“… besides this, there is the animus in which the spirit shelters. The animus lives in the daytime in the eyes; at night it houses in the liver. When living in the eyes, it sees; when housing itself in the liver, it dreams.

Just as trees (wood) tend to unrelentingly pursue their upward quest for the light, the liver represents the innate will of the body/mind to spread outward.”

Once the liver is flowing, diseases are kept out

So many paths to choose from. Where shall we go first?

To the stars you say …

Ok fair enough;

The liver pertains to wood and the color of wood is green

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Wood element represents the liver and the gall bladder. The liver function is … the grand architect for our vision of the future …  Its companion, the Gall Bladder …  gives the ability to make decisions and judge wisely. … Through these … we can see both new possibilities and the wisdom of the past, and thus see the clear and appropriate course to take. Without Wood’s vision and plan, decision and direction, no movement is possible – there is only frustration.

In a nutshell


Liver = Wood

The liver pertains to wood and the color of wood is green

And were you paying attention earlier?

The eye represents the orifices of the liver. When a person closes his/her eyes & falls asleep, the blood returns to the liver.  From there it is transmitted to the eyes, & the ability to see results from this” & “The liver and the eyes are closely related. In fact, it is said that the eyes are the external orifice of the liver.

Wood Element energy is also associated with the eyes, eyebrows, sex organs, ligaments, tendons, small muscles controlling joint movement, and fingernails.”

And just what is our friendly mind projamming movieland all about, but eye rape? What may be worth a moment or two of your time is to wonder about the organ that is on the receiving end of the Holy Wood sperm donation.

The seasonal cycle of transformation begins with the wood phase.  In the body therefore, the process of germinating & nurturing the twelve channels is initiated by the liver… The liver therefore, marks the beginning of cyclical action

aka going round in circles.

Obstruction of liver energy can cause intense feelings of frustration, rage, and anger, and these emotions in turn further disrupt liver energy and suppress liver function, in a vicious self-destructive cycle.”

The Liver is responsible for planning and creativity, as well as instantaneous solutions or sudden insights … Its positive psycho-emotional attributes are kindness, benevolence, compassion, and generosity; its negative attributes are anger, irritability, frustration, resentment, jealousy, rage, and depression

How awesome is that?

Creativity, instantaneous solutions, sudden insights – aren’t they the joyous foundations of the life we can feel at the edges of our minds?

Why then do we daily deal in “anger, irritability, frustration, resentment, jealousy, rage, and depression.”

Does the naming of  the Wholey Holy Hollied Wood tell us a whole lot more about its targeted audience?

The eye represents the orifices of the liver

The energy of the Wood Element works through the liver, the largest of your internal organs.”

The wood element manifests in our bodies as the liver and gall bladder.”

Look, look, look at the state of the world, of creativity, of drive,of passion & wonder just a little;

Through its association with Wood energy, the liver governs growth and development, drive and desires, ambitions and creativity

And look at this;

It’s the Appan Mudrā. It …

Cleanses Blood, Body and Mind of Impurities and Harmful Substances Stimulates the wood element; associated with the liver and gallbladder.”

Moves energy to the periphery of the body.”

“… stimulates the wood element, which is associated with the energy of the liver and gallbladder … contains the power and pleasure of springtime, of new beginnings, of tackling and shaping visions of the future. [It] has a balancing effect on the mind, which is largely dependent upon a well-functioning liver.”

“... helps in removing all toxins from the body“.

Do those in the know use it as a form of self cleansing …

… while they heap shit on the rest of the world?


I digressed.

The location of this ‘Liver‘ interests me greatly.

As far as I’m concerned, it belongs in that part of the anatomy known as the gut.

The centre-fold of our digestive system.

The centre fold of us

The home of the gut feeling

“The lining of the intestines are teeming with receptor sites for the chemicals Professor Candace Pert calls our molecules of emotion. These spiral-shaped peptide molecules, induced by our emotions, attach to the lining of our cells, and start vibrating, passing messages into each cell’s insides.  These messages can be passed on each time the cell divides, so emotional memories, good & bad can persist within us for years.”  (The Human Antenna – Dr. Robin Kelly)

Embedded within the wall of the gut is a self-contained, self-regulating nervous system that can function on its own, without the help of the brain or the spinal cord.”

Scientists Discover “Second Brain” in the Stomach: This ‘second brain’ is made up of a knot of brain nerves in the digestive tract.”

There are more nerve cells in the gut brain than there are in the spinal column.”

Still Life with Pink Squidgy Bits circa 2010; ‘Paint’ on computer screen; Private collection somewhere in NZ

A certain family resemblance?
Been under our noses for a loooong time.

A while ago I came across a mapping of human development that looked like this

Instinct –> Intellect –> Intuition

In a world where living is valued no such directioning would be needed.

But that aint this world.

Hysterically Historically, humanity has been herded into instinct

Madly Modernly, we’ve been herded into intellect

Which has left us kitted out for life with psychologically cemented boots

Not really ideal footwear …

for today’s New Roman Times

This West’turned World  is rooted in consumption (of pretty much everything in its path).

True humanity is rooted in creation.

How on earth do you drive a species out of creation …

… & into

Why, you go for …

… the gut of course!

The home of intuition

& all you need to do,

is get humanity to



That which we swallow, we INVITE inside of us – body & soul.

What oh what have we been swallowing?

And for how long?

‘Twas a simple (& simply superb) recipe for human dominion-nation.

The bloodless coup of the gut.

The invasion & subjugation (sub-GUT-ation) of intuition.

The turning out of the inner lights

It is a law of the universal that the centre of gravity of all objects is in the lower part of the object … the proper place for the centre of gravity of the upper body to settle is the single spot in the lower abdomen. Settle it there … & the centres of gravity of all other parts of the body will settle down at their proper places. … It is a joint spot for both body & spirit.”

When a person’s spiritual strength is flowing outward & his spirit is unified we say that he is “pouring forth his ki.”  When his spiritual strength is stopped at a place like the clenched fist, we say he is “stopping his ki.” When he is pulling his strength inward we say he is “pulling in his ki” … we should like to note here that a man with self-confidence is in a state of pouring forth his ki, and one who lacks confidence is pulling his ki inward.

A man with self-confidence is in a state of pouring forth his ki, & one who lacks confidence is pulling hi ki inward”  (Koichi Tohei – Aikido in Daily Life)

“... qi, also spelled chi or ch’i in English, … Japanese: ki …  translated as “energy flow” …often compared to Western notions of energeia or élan vital (vitalism), as well as the yogic notion of prana, meaning vital life or energy

Let’s suggest that when we live in instinct we are living in the state of …

KI – Killer Instinct

… “the clenched fist” – aka stopping our ki

Let’s suggest that when we live in intellect we are living in the state of …

… pulling in our ki

Now let me suggest that I wrote those last two statements from a position of intuition (combined with a little wine).

Not once, but TWICE, as I googled for pictures to match these suggestions, I ‘chanced’ upons images that 100% supported this little theorising play. The Ki or Killer Instinct game (complete with clenched fists) perfectly portrayed stopping our ki & then a range of school desks which appeared when I oogled Ki intellect wondrously portrays the idea of pulling in our ki or swallowing, ad nauseum

And that is the difference.

Clenched fist Instinct = survival – kill or be killed – stopping ki/energy ...

let’s link it with the concept of Space
& the debased instinct that leads to conquering of vast spaces.


Pulling in ki Intellect = massive consumption, insatiable hunger for comm-oddities created by others
Swallowing information, programming, answers – being fattened up with facts / sucking in energy.

Let’s link it with the concept of time
The intellect based society is obsessively driven by time



your Centre
your CORE
your GUT

Intuition = outflowing of energy –
the act of creation –
of putting instinct & intellect to work, in the service of creation

Now we claim back the ability to call forth knowledge from beyond the restrictions of space or time

When talking through these ideas to my Nigerian friend a little while ago, he recalled that his uncle who was a healer in the old ways of his land, had placed his hands over his gut & stated vibrantly that that part of our anatomy, was called ‘LIFE’.

What’s in a word?


It’s where life grows in the body

It’s our Centre
(or Center if you’re of American spelling)



Life …

taking root …

… in the belly of Gaia

Perhaps for the first time in thousands of years we now have the chance to remove the cement boots of impacted instinct & intellect.

A time for the loosening of the boot laces.

I shall make my (bootless) stand here & say that as long as we continue to genuflect to intellect, the brain must reign supreme.  As long as we operate from a stance of consumption – whether it be of pre-packaged education, relationships or possesions we shall remain rooted to the spot. As long as the world operates from this pulling in of ki science will continue to find within the brain, the reasons for everything.  They could easily spend the next thousand years probing deeper & dissecting ever more brain tissue.  And just like the pyramids of Egypt …

… they will forever find another veil to lift & another ‘answer’  & so on & on & on & on & on …

But ahhhh … to live from the gut, that is to live instantaneously.  To know instantaneously.  No dissection or dissertation involved.

Which reminds me.

When the Egyptian priests mummified their big wigs, they took a Tarantinoish approach to zee leetle grey cells. Some modern men set out to discover their methods, on a modern corpse & came up with this delight;

With the corpse lying on its back, they inserted the hook through the nose and managed to pulverize the brain tissue into an almost liquid state. Then they turned the body over onto its stomach, and the liquefied brain tissue drained out through the nostrils.”

Now the Egyptians knew a whole lot more about what lies behind life than we currently do – so it was so enlightening to read statement like this;

The first organ removed was the brain. The Egyptians believed that the brain was of little importance and it was thrown away when removed.

The brain was thought only to be the origin of mucus, so it was reduced to liquid, syphoned off, and discarded.

The Egyptians were so rough on the brain because they didn’t realize its importance. They thought its sole purpose was to produce snot!


I’m going to come to a stop here for now.

And I’m so grateful for that because there is so much richness yet to come that it cannot be rushed.

Lets’s finish with a bit of Holy Wood-telling .

In Futurama’s The Day the Earth Stood Stupid, the earth is over taken by invading brains.

Their power? The ability to turn everyone stupid …


Oops sorry, …I mean stupider!

One final play-imaging in favour of the gut as the spirit-body base.

Consider the location of our heads/brains.  They are in a lofty & lonely position – if we lived in a dreamy-picture world we might call forth images …

like these


Within our gut however, lies our ORGAN-ic orchestra

(Or = FR. Gold + Chest + Ra – Sun god)

…  and it is surrounded by friends …

… & helpmates.

If we have just about everything in reverse order (as I rather suspect), then in a world that was righted, the head would be toppled as the god of the body.

We might view it more as a receiving point of incoming information & a transmitter of outgoing information …

… Like this

If viewed in such a way, even for a playful moment or two, we might find that the silly asses we see in the mirror, are far sillier than we could ever have imagined.

Who’d have thought that we could have been …

… beguiled, hypnotised …

… & then mentally brutalised

by a

bunch of …

… very pretty letter boxes.


More to follow …



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  1. Isaac replied:

    hey thanks this really resonated with me- Ive got a habit of resting my hand over my belly for comfort, definatly agree that the gut is the source of balanced feelings
    ….I always like the tone of this blog, its warm and freeflowing and unpretentious Im really feeling that motherly energy reading this, everybody could do with more of that


  2. too long in this place replied:

    Greetings my son :)
    Thanks Isaac I appreciated your comments.

    Your words add power to the gut. It is most definitely time for us to feel & reconnect there.

    Be whole & happy


  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Well played! The LIVEr really resonated with me my friend!! How brilliant! When I went for my drive to Waterville today I thought about your article and how there are so many things that attack the liver! Including MANY OTC drugs and prescribed drugs! I know people on mood medicines that have to have their blood drawn regularly by the vampires to make sure “their liver is o.k.” basically the medicine can kill it!

    I know when I concentrate on centering myself from the gut point, I feel like I am solid and 1000lbs grounded! You can feel the power build up from there. Brilliant as always Alex!

    And the digesting of words and beliefs is so key to keeping your liver healthy and alive!

    Thanks for the insights!


    • too long in this place replied:

      Thank’ee kindly Michael – so pleased to reason-ate with you even tho there wasn’t that much ‘reason’ involved – more of a gutsy approach :)

      It seems the medical world & science have done rather a good job at making the liver seem a rather boring workhorse – its time to rectify that – we are going to show just how fine this regal organ is – oh dear look at that – ORGAN/ORANG-GUT-an – now I recall Matthew Delooze’s comments on a Clockwork Orange – supposedly the phrase “Clockwork Orange” comes from a Cockney phrase but;

      “most philologists agree that there has never been any such phrase until the appearance of the book. Anthony Burgess lived in Malaysia during the 1940s, & the Malay word for man in “Orang”, from which Orangutan (man of the jungle) is derived”

      – Matthew went on to say this;
      “I believe the term Clockwork Orange refers to us, the human race, becoming mind controlled (clockwork) Orang-utans (Oranges). Reptilian type beings refer to ‘humans’ as ‘apes’.”

      The ‘clockwork’ idea fits well with the concept that the Western/modern world = the dimension of time – are our organs being controlled by clockwork?

      ahh so many wonderful thoughts to chew over :)

      Be hale & whole my friend


  4. Dennis replied:

    Amen, I have a gut feeling that this post is well centered. What skillful musings and presentation. Dennis


    • too long in this place replied:

      Many thanks Dennis
      A thought for you – Matthew Delooze, who I mentioned in Michael’s reply above has written quite a bit about the word ‘Amen’ – he makes a whole & hearty lot of sense when he suggests that that word actually = Amen Ra / Amun Ra the Egyptian god & that every time we repeat it we are making a commitment to him/it – an interesting thought, I think.

      All the best


  5. aferrismoon replied:

    We grow out of our centre, not from our heads or feetses, but many would have us growing upwards rather than outwards.

    Up Up Up to the top of the hill

    Isn’t it said a somewhat bitter statement is ‘jaundiced’

    LIVE and LOVE differ with I and O, which seems a glyph of phallus and vulva.

    The liver as an organ has been much outdone by that pesky heart symbol



  6. too long in this place replied:

    Hi Ewan
    Your words, from a previous comment, about growing from centre were a part of the feel of this article – I thought I would put it all together in one go but there’s way too much. Once you said it, I couldn’t believe how we never speak that way – OF COURSE we grow from our centre how could it be otherwise.

    We are the Jacks & Jills of the world -would you really go UP to fetch a pail of water?

    Wonderful sex play with LIVE & LOVE – if you keep pointing out the obvious, that I keep missing I’m going to look like a right ejit :)

    The liver it would seem has been severely denied – I think there’s a very good reason for us to re-see it. The heart of this world seems to me to be a frozen thing, we need the warmth of the liver.

    Great call on predicting the twins!



  7. celticrebel replied:

    I said that? Hm. I have my moments. This was beautiful visual poetry, a pleasure to ingest and slowly digest. Love the ending, brains taking over and making everyone a lost stupider. A nice stitch. Hm, catgut?


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hmmm… catgut – excellent!

      Your words were on one of your shows – they jumped out at me & I rewound & wrote down. The pic fits quite well with your persona too, n’est-ce pas – tho it wasn’t planned that way :)

      It is so much about digestion – was reading something today, that made me think that the reason we’re so stupid is because we have lost or been robbed of, our ability to ‘digest’ truth. Perhaps its not fear that keeps people trapped, but a serious case of indigestion?

      até mais Mr Rebel


  8. Pavman replied:

    To centre ones self or to root is integral to the Wing Chun martial art system. I went to these classes for a couple of years and it took me 2 years just to learn how to root myself correctly and to centre my body.

    By forming your hands in a certain way in the centre of the abdomen is the beginning of the tai chi element of the lesson and also at the end. Once you learn how to root your body it is then possible to defend or attack depending on the situation. Once you are rooted to the ground you can then even harness the energy from around you even to the point of being unable to touch your hands together due to the + – repelling energies and visulaising balls of energy. I remember once walking in with a throbbing hangover and after 1.5 hours of class I felt healed and energized. It sure would be more effective than popping pills… Anyways i might have wandered from your aticle , but i would recommend tai chi or a internal martial art to anybody needing to focus or direction as it releses all those energy blockages such as in the liver, joints etc. Take care


  9. alex robinson replied:

    Good one – who’d have thought of a martial art as a hangover cure :)

    Thanks for that Pavman – we in the West have been so terribly ‘up-rooted’ – from gut to head.

    I have been a student of aikido for about 9 years now & I can certainly agree with what you say. It’s not a speedy process- took me 7 months to go from completely lost to mildly confused (which is where I still hover often), but its focus is grounding – our strength is in our hips, not in the muscle of shoulders as in the western belief.

    Another bonus of (the more gentle) martial arts is the benefits of touch – not only are we westerners up-rooted we are also starved of the touch of our brothers & sisters – skin was designed to connect to skin thro’ friendship & comradeship.

    all the best to to you


  10. Brian replied:

    I read this manga before about this warrior called Guts. He was a ferocious fighter with an unflinching spirit that never gave up even in the most difficult harrowing circumstances. He could do this not best he was called Guts but because he had “guts”, the guts to never say die, to always follow his goals and defeat the enemy. You need guts!

    Loved this post. Thanks!


  11. alex robinson replied:

    Wonderful! Thanks Brian
    There, in the use of the word ‘guts’ is what we need so much now – the GUTS to live.
    When we turn toward the gut it also turns towards us & then we are ready to ‘face’ the world. First comes the ‘guts’ & then the head i.e we FACE the world (with our guts ‘at our back’ of course)

    This post & I thanks you for your words


  12. wolkenwatcher replied:

    Thought provoking stuff here, as usual. I started reading Your blog after hearing you on Alex’s show a while back. Now I’ve been looking into many forms of ‘alternative’ medicine over the past years and one thing I came across was the “Neue Germanische Medizin” (New German Medicine) and its related 5 biological laws of nature. Just after I had read your article here, I found an article in my reader from a site dedicated to these 5 biological laws of nature concerning the liver. I thought you might like this. I haven’t searched for an english version of this site (I can read and speak German, so I have no need) but I’ve done a quick translation of the text for you:

    >>An interesting observation arose during a recent discussion about the severity of the depressive/aggressive constellation (they are talking about human reactions to external stimulants). The question was, why do we call (in colloquial German) someone who is in a decidedly defiant-aggressive mood a “sour liver sausage” (which would translate to being in a ‘huff’)? In ancient and medieval times it was thought that the liver was the seat of temperament. Today we know that the relay of the liver-gall-route within the brain is one of the main drivers of the depressive-aggressive mindset. Amazing what they already knew, so long ago…<<

    I just thought this might be of interest to you.

    That is the German site. The man who introduced these 5 biological laws is Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer. There is a lot of controversy surrounding him, not surprising when you research his thoughts on modern medicine ;0)

    Peace to you and yours…



    • alex robinson replied:

      Many thanks Alistair for taking the time to translate – that was illuminating.
      So much of what was once known has been way too effectively silenced by science – we never have needed to know the ins & outs of how things work, we just need to know how to work WITH them, so we can become all we desire to become (& then more than that) – who does it benefit to dissect a frog? I have read that frogs bring the rain – I would rather a live frog to sing in the rain than dead froggy parts & drought.

      I take it Dr Hamer sees modern medicine as a bit of a disease :)

      Very best to you


  13. Jon replied:

    Excellent, brilliant work. I wish I had trusted my gut more often in the past, and will do so from this point forward.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thank you Jon
      Go for it!
      I have a feeling that what we do now can heal our past, so don’t fret pet :)


  14. Parallel Alexes Meet in Time [FINAL] « The Celtic Rebel replied:

    […] don’t know shit, something the Egyptians and the Hellenics of old, grasped far beyond [as Alex has gone into in her latest series]: “The authors of our being, remembering the command of their father when he bade them create […]


  15. alex robinson replied:

    Great RITE-up Mr Rebel & I know there’s a lot more to come

    Keep going – you make a tremendous difference


  16. Kim Love replied:

    Thank you Alex for the info you created in this blog. It’s great to have my mind/liver digesting topics of a salient nature. I can feel myself opening and waking to new perceptions. Being more aware and breaking away from prior media programming.




  17. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Kim – thats what this has got to be all about I think – helping & encouraging each other see from new ‘angles’ (forget the angels – the jaguars have sorted them out)

    It is a VERY important work this re-animating of our digestion.

    I hope life will be tasty for you this year


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