Christmas curfew


Just what is it,
about the
25th December


… that requires a day long curfew?


Just what’s this strange day all about?

Whats with the curtailing of normal activities?


… the incarceration of the multitudes within family homes


… the glut of headless birds & legless boars


… the scorching of almonds


Mandorla is the Italian word for almond. According to Biedermann (1994), the almond is an ancient symbol for the closing up of valuable contents in a hard, almost impenetrable shell.”

… the sacrificing of trees


… the selling out of the present


… the gifting of children to pawing clowns


… the stuffing of the body & the emptying of the mind


… the squabbles & dissension


… & descent into squalor


What is about December twenty-five
that requires the hive to retire inside
& stuff themselves senseless
with food that’s relentless
& stir up old wounds
& reopen old strife.

Being re-turned to the old self
that the family requires,
re-clipping the wings
re-herding the soul
& re-signing the contract
with the jolly red fat man
for just one more year…


It’s such a daft event, why haven’t we questioned it?

Who knows, perhaps every year on the 25th December, a ship comes looking to see if there is any sign of intelligent life worth connecting with …

Every year it lifts off at midnight with the same report

“No sign of intelligence & almost no sign of LIFE”

December 25, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. aferrismoon replied:

    Its such a daft e-vent or in-vent, perhaps an inventevent.

    Its a great time to go out for a walk though as hardly anyones around. Here sound has dulled from the snow.

    A large Vietnamese community stay open so all is not lost for the disorganised shopper



  2. alex robinson replied:

    Exactly so Mr Moon – it is wonderful to walk around, at least somewhat lucid, within the Great Christmas Dream.
    Its THAT day here today & I had the wicked impulse to go & mow my lawn (a very rare occurence) – I am cowardly deterred by the possibility of being met by a neighbourly lynch mob for disturbing the peace (& goodwill to all man)

    My son & I had our Fantsatico (alter xmas) yesterday – I have a big list in the lounge of all the good things from this year & so it was a time of reclaiming them. I made some fudge for my niece & nephews. Into the jar I also put 5 rolled up pieces of paper that contained 5 of their achievements for the year, humour was added for spice. There was a lots of fun as they opened them up & read them out. I don’t think they felt at all cheated that that was the sum total of what they got from their auntie this year.

    Enjoy your silent walks in the snow, sounds divine


  3. Fitzy replied:

    Hey up lass.

    True. We did our own thing this year too, no $%^&ing tree, no X-MAS, X-MASS, MASS(EX)ecution? for us.
    What is this foolish Yuletide season? That we must curtail our natural ebullience for the cast in lead mockery that is this most unholy of days?
    And more amusing, in false contrast the pseudo pagans trying to restore the native European traditions, as if dressing up will restore the majick, a majick native to other lands.
    And theres the rub, we have our own reason to celebrate, the herd madly demands its members to veer towards stoopid, lest it awaken its own power.
    Is there a southern power? A true and pertinent energy, valid to this land of the long white shroud, Shall we awaken it?

    …have we not?

    Merry Intuition to you and thanks, for this gift, Queen of messengers.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Good on ya Fitzy & thanks for your golden words

      There is most definitely a southern power & there is so much to NZ (as those in the know most definitely know). If we will not work with that energy then its sucked up by the empire/vampire & we’re not having that are we???
      Do your best to fill the southern part of the southern land with love & honour, tho’ I see its in good hands.

      Merry intuition & synchronicity to you


  4. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Craziness ensued here in the States too my friend, but I did not sacrifice any trees nor decorate in any fascism I mean fashion…Perhaps higher powers (yeah right) during the Winter Soul-stealing, oh sorry, Solstice (and I am pointing at you Solar Cult) insist on fattening us up and cramming us all together to get some sort of “higher energy” (and I don’t mean intelligence or Spiritual, just increased amount) flow moving since their “ahem” deity seems to be at it’s weakest state during this time of year, is it?

    Who knows, but I cannot stand the superficial fakeness of it all, some people though just put genuine effort into it, to try and be all loving and happy, but the commercial end of it, man, just made to dis-empower you and make you spend more sigil magicks on useless junk.

    Stay sober my friend!


  5. alex robinson replied:

    Now Michael how can you tell me to stay sober & then say ‘cheers’! I might just take the middle path & have one glass of wine

    I loathe the fuzzy-headedness of this time of year – was thinking that perhaps BOXING Day is what its centred around – giving our consent to be ‘BOXED’ in for another year – bollocks to that I say! Time to kick down some walls – got some big boots?
    Walk this way … :)


  6. Isaac replied:

    those liver articles are good nourishment, Love this blog! an exploration of the appendix would be fun, I bet it stores information of some kind, maybe it provides us information we need to access concerning death, which is a cyclical process for the soul( (appendix is located around the intestines and colon, which connects to the rebels idea that the soul leaves through the back door-
    ….who knows Im thinking about the relationship between the appendix in us and at the back of a book


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks for chiming in Isaac – that is a very interesting thought – much has been made of making the appendix into a no-thing, a throw-away scrap … which most probably means its very important.

      If all goes according to plan I will be back on the Rebel’s show today.

      Very best to you


  7. Anthony replied:

    Today I cam across the concept of epogamenal days. These are additional days use to pad out the calendar year to 365. I read about in the context of the mayas, but I think the Egyptians had the same or a similar concept.

    What stands out is the fact that the mayans did nothing at all on these days: And here is why:

    The five nameless days at the end of the calendar called Wayeb’ were thought to be a dangerous time. Foster (2002) writes “During Wayeb, portals between the mortal realm and the Underworld dissolved. No boundaries prevented the ill-intending deities from causing disasters.” To ward off these evil spirits, the Maya had customs and rituals they practiced during Wayeb’. For example, people avoided leaving their houses or washing or combing their hair.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Excellent Anthony – providing a very VERY real explanation as to why THAT time of year is so VERY well harnessed & harvested.

      Great food for thought!


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