Stand and deliver … parts 2 & 3


Stories of


Yet if
really was
the Neck-Romancer‘s
favourite tipple …


… then he was
up the wrong tree.


For there’s no bloodier place to hang out

… than the liver

the liver is an expandable and contractible reservoir of blood

The liver is a major blood reservoir

The Liver “stores the Blood,” and is responsible for maintaining a smooth and even flow of Blood, Chi, and emotions through the body…

Nor did this internal blood bath go unnoted by bygone people who noted things;

The liver has always been an important symbol in occult physiology. As the largest organ, the one containing the most blood, it was regarded as the darkest, least penetrable part of man’s innards. Thus it was considered to contain the secret of fate...

…  and was used for fortune-telling. In Plato, and in later physiology, the liver represented the darkest passions, particularly the bloody, smoky ones of wrath, jealousy, and greed which drive men to action. Thus the liver meant …

…  the impulsive attachment to life itself.

Our “Livers” are indeed attached to life in a way that puts our modern comatose approach, to shame.

For they have the power to regenerate.

The liver is the only internal organ that can regenerate itself.”

About 75 percent of the human liver can be removed, and it will regenerate into a functional organ

They are the sublime Livers of life.

Yet today’s world gives them the briefest of brief nods.

The liver is one of the largest organs in the body, yet it gets very little respect. The brain, heart, and lungs are always described as essential to the body’s health. Without the liver, though, the physical body could not operate.

While good ‘owl Doctor Hoot Who …

… that famous regenerator, has been shining in the lime light for seven & forty years, the liver has laboured on in the dark;

… very little attention has been paid to the one organ in the body that plays the biggest role in our health and length of life- the liver.

The liver is … most often ill-treated, abused, unappreciated, overworked and ignored.”

This modern blinkering-out of such a vital organ …

… is most curious.


Long ago in a far, pharaohway place …

… it was quite the norm to tip the brain down the drain.

The liver, on the other hand, was a keeper.  And it was keep’d in its own pickle jar under the sink, no horse spices no sorry, auspices of Imsety;

One of the Four sons of Horus … associated with the canopic jars, specifically the one which contained the liver. Unlike his brothers, Imsety was not associated with any animal and was always depicted as human.

Myth also pointed pointedly to the potency of the liver;

“In some legends in Greek mythology, Prometheus made man from clay, in a godlike shape. In other myths, however, he is not the maker of man, but … the benefactor of mankind.”

Prometheus was the son of … one of the Titans. He tricked the gods into eating bare bones instead of good meat. He stole the sacred fire from Zeus and the gods … In punishment, Zeus commanded that Prometheus be chained for eternity in the Caucasus. There, an eagle (or, according to other sources, a vulture) would eat his liver, and each day the liver would be renewed.”

… And him [the Kaukasian Eagle] who devoured the liver of the protector of mankind

Well what did you think it was about?

Prometheus (bound) bears a rather lancing striking resemblance to another bound historical figure

Prometheus [was] chained to the mountains where an eagle would eat his liver daily (the liver being associated with the heat of the solar plexus and the ‘fire of living’ and perhaps the symbolism of Christ being stabbed by the soldier’s lance during the crucifixion …)

Triclavianism … held that three nails were used to crucify Christ and that a Roman soldier pierced him with a spear on the left side. Pope Innocent III declared this to be a heresy and maintained that four nails were used and Jesus was pierced on the right side

The artistic view has always leaned heavily towards Longinus being a leftie. What’s more, he seems to have had a very eagle-atarian penchant for the Liver.

the lance appears in artworks that it would pierce the liver in the body

Long before CSI were l-eagle-y lancing livers to check on time of death, the redoubtable Thomas was in on the case.


Oh speaking of Holes, I guess we mutton forget …

that flocking Wooded place.

Why was it, that of all the tasty anatomical morsels available in Quiet SheepTongue Tied Ewes, Silence of the Lambs Fry, Meister Lecter elected to tell his listeners that he dined on soul;

I ate his liver with some fava beans.”

The ever-interesting-internest tells us;

This is Lecter’s most famous quote

In Italy, broad beans (fava beans) are traditionally sown on November 2, All Souls Day. Small cakes made in the shape of broad beans (though not out of them) are known as fave dei morti or “beans of the dead.”

Yet Hannibal was not as devilishly original as you might think.

For nigh on 20 years earlier, Holy Wood brought another nibbler actor home for to tea.

This Sundancing dinner guest …

…was also very partial to soul food

Jeremiah Johnson is a 1972 American western film, directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Robert Redford as the title character … The movie was said to have been based in part on the life of the legendary mountain man Liver-Eating Johnson

This hepatic pecker’s name begs for a little artistic licence –

ford (n.)  O.E. ford “shallow place where water can be crossed”.

Just what was Moses’ parting gesture all about?

Lets recap on ‘that which lives‘ …

The liver is power … fuse box of the human body …. it stores all patterns and codes for living all relationship exchangesfoodfluidstouch, are recorded in the liver … pls remember the soul sites 2-inches to the left of the liver …. it can be said that the souls sits in the liver … hence the name “liver” … The liver transforms / transmutes chemical and molecular structure …. re-codeswrites new coderedesigns

Ah yes I remember, I remember  …

We are digestive creatures.

We seek constant nourishment …

… of which food is a mere piffle truffle trifle.

We absorb & digest our whole wor(l)d –

Each & every experience we are part of.
Each sight, sound, touch
Each taste. Each smell.
Each word.

In the beginning was the word & it must surely have been … digested.

What we are looking at, here & now, is the organ that protects us from that which we, too often, haphazardly ingest.

It is our sacred guardian.

And not one of those …

… wishy-washy-flippy-flappy-touchy-feely types either.


YOUR liver
is one of those …

… “I eat flippy flappy angels for breakfast

Burp” …  types of guardian.

And as such it is a wild, wild place.

As the largest organ, the one containing the most blood, it was regarded as the darkest, least penetrable part of man’s innards. Thus it was considered to contain the secret of fate

At last, at last, we reach the point where we can set sail to the place that has filled my thoughts for so many weeks.

You are so welcome to come along, but you’re going to have to leave your ‘learning’ behind – it’s far too weighty for this trip.

Just pop it over there in the corner…

Ahem … all of it.
Marvelous, you look taller already.


When I connected to the liver many weeks back, a part of the world seemed to connect back to me.

Well that’s how it felt.

Staring out map from map or globe, I can’t quite remember which now, was a land formation …

… that mirrored the liver so well, that I was awed.

Because of it, my view of the world has changed.


Are we are haphazard creatures

or bodily divinity?

I choose divinity.

However religiously we might have been taught
to endorse spirit,

life streams from the body.

So let’s allow divinity of the body here, in this place, on this day & in doing so …

… we must also allow divinity for the larger body that is our hEarth.

Myth tells us that once earth & sky were clasped in an exclusive embrace.

Until that is,
the children born in the no-space between them between,
tore them apart.

Does this tell us that once upon a time, the body of the Lady Earth was ruptured, & her innards were spewed outwards?

Alternatively …

… we have the capability of performing an Egyptian sex-change …

… with a sky mother & earth father.  In this version, the tale of the sliced & diced Osiris makes quite literal sense

a green man
who’s body was
chopped into pieces
& dispersed over the globe.


Is it a living body that sprawls across the globe?

Why not?

And us?
Living, breathing weavers of the liquid fire of life?

Why not?

So let’s remember who we are,
how to live
& get on with the work of healing our hearth.

…the liver being associated with the heat of the solar plexus and the ‘fire of living’.”

Here’s your question.

Could South America be the ‘liver’ of this world?

As the largest organ, the one containing the most blood, it was regarded as the darkest, least penetrable part of man’s innards

The liver is the most complex and metabolically active organ in the body …


… It performs more than 500 vital functions

Descriptions of the Amazonian Rainforest found in the world-wide web-forest read thus;

The Amazon rainforest is a sprawling ecological complex of wonders

” …the world’s most diverse ecosystem

“… primary stabilizing factor in the world’s climate

“… incredibly important to the planet’s health because of its water supply and its plant life

One-fifth of the world’s fresh water is in the Amazon Basin.One hectare (2.47 acres) may contain over 750 types of trees and 1500 species of higher plants.”

…  contains about 50% of plants and animals on the earth

Yes, but give me more proof woman!

Oh ye of little faith & too much luggage.


The liver pertains to wood and the color of wood is green. … Liver wood has a preference for water and mist

The Tao adept saw human body as a microcosm of the natural world. Its anatomy was a landscape with mountain, river, streams, lake, pool, forest, fire, stars a natural harmoniously landscape … LIVER SPIRIT LUNG YIEN ALSO CALLED CONTAINING WISDOM represents the liver, the largest organ of the body as a forest. In Taoism we regard the liver as the controller of the Chi flow.

South America is home to the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls in Venezuela; the largest river (by volume), the Amazon River; the longest mountain range, the Andes (whose highest mountain is Aconcagua at 6,962 m [22,841 ft]); the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert; the largest rainforest, the Amazon Rainforest; the highest capital city, La Paz, Bolivia; the highest commercially navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca

There is no way that the blood can be purified except by the liver in the body.”

Thus, the Amazon forests are the Earth’s air purifiers

I wanted to be rid of a fear I was carrying. In this ceremony each person runs around a circle stating the thing that that they wish the earth to rid of them of. Then after some time we lay on the ground in the exact middle of the circle with our belly buttons pressed into the earth and feel what ever it is we are getting rid of the flow into the earth. As I lay there feeling the earth take my fear I began to feel my self enter the ground and Mother Earth wrap her arms around me like a mother would do for a child. As my fears left I felt the intense love that Mother Earth has for each us. This experience made me realize the earth is a living breathing soul.

During the past decade, Lugovenko’s experimental data has revealed not only that the Earth breathes – with striking similarities to the breathing patterns of human beings – but that her breathing is dynamically affected not only by events in the Cosmos but also by human thought.

Yes, I too heard of the Amazon described as the the earth’s lungs, but try as I might the liver/South America image would not leave me.

So let’s continue.

We’re playing you know, though its serious play.

Let’s be re-reminded;

The eye represents the orifices of the liver. When a person closes his/her eyes & falls asleep, the blood returns to the liver.  From there it is transmitted to the eyes, & the ability to see results from this.”

The Dream Henri Rousseau 1910

“…besides this, there is the animus in which the spirit shelters.The animus lives in the daytime in the eyes; at night it houses in the liver. When living in the eyes, it sees; when housing itself in the liver, it dreams.”

If there be a land of dreams, it surely must be South America.  The very plants themsleves ooze dreams.

Ayahuasca is revered by the indigenous people of South America as a sacred medicine and a master-teacher, capable of transporting the drinker to other dimensions of space and time, where past, present and future are all equally accessible, both one’s own life path and those of others

When we lose our story, we lose our dream and
when we lose our dream, our spirit dies
(Song of the Stone)

… in our dreams the spirit of the plants presents itself to you

Dream-like scenes where personal messages from spirits are received…

The boundary between sleeping and wakefulness becomes more fluid and dreams become more colourful, richer, and more potent than before.

For over a thousand years South American indigenous peoples have chewed the leaves of Erythroxylon coca, a plant that contains vital nutrients as well as numerous alkaloids, including cocaine. The coca leaf was, and still is, chewed almost universally by some indigenous communities.

But what about the blood?

How does blood travel to the liver?

The hepatic portal vein is a major blood vessel … acting as a collection point for blood from the digestive tract and routing this blood into the liver. Almost all the blood passing through the digestive tract ends up in the hepatic portal vein before being circulated back into the body, allowing the liver to filter the blood and remove toxins and begin metabolizing substances absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.”

The complete flow of blood from the digestive organs to the heart is unusual. Normally, arteries flow into capillaries, which flow into veins. In the hepatic portal circulation, no arteries are involved. Here, capillaries merge to form veins, which branch into capillaries that merge again to form veins. This strange route is necessary so that blood may be altered by the liver. Nutrients may be stored or changed and possible poisons … transformed into less harmful substances

Introducing the Portal vein to the Liver of South America

‘Mexico & Central America’

… acting as a collection point for blood from the digestive tract and routing this blood into the liver.”

The Aztecs of Central Mexico were the supreme masters & commandeers of …

… blood collection & channeling.

Blood held a central place in Mesoamerican cultures. The Florentine Codex reports that in one of the creation myths Quetzalcóatl offered blood extracted from a wound in his own genital to give life to humanity. There are several other myths in which Nahua gods offer their blood to help humanity

… central Mesoamerican belief: that a great, on-going sacrifice sustains the Universe. Everything is tonacayotl: the “spiritual flesh-hood” on earth. Everything —earth, crops, moon, stars and people— springs from the severed or buried bodies, fingers, blood or the heads of the sacrificed gods.”

The Spaniards who first met the Aztecs explicitly stated in their writings that human sacrifice was widely practiced in Mesoamerica.”

“... the victim would be placed on a sacrificial stone. Then the priest would cut through the abdomen with an obsidian or flint blade. The heart would be torn out still beating and held towards the sky in honor to the Sun-God

The Aztecs were particularly noted for practising human sacrifice on a large scale; an offering to Huitzilopochtli would be made to restore the blood he lost, as the sun was engaged in a daily battle … In the 1487 re-consecration of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan some estimate that 80,400 prisoners were sacrificed … Michael Harner, in his 1997 article The Enigma of Aztec Sacrifice, estimates the number of persons sacrificed in central Mexico in the 15th century as high as 250,000 per year.”

The authors of our being, remembering the command of their father when he bade them create the human race as good as they could… placed in the liver the seat of divination.”  Plato, Timaeus 71D

Could the flapping of a blue Mayan butterfly wing in Central America stir up a storm in a future worlds tea cup?

As the largest organ, the one containing the most blood, [the liver] was regarded as the darkest, least penetrable part of man’s innards. Thus it was considered to contain the secret of fate

Those most famous of fate sealing yarn spinners, the My Yarns also holed up in the Venus veinous portal …

… where they set up a roaring trade in Divining-Dates & Sealing-Fates, calendars.

They also opened new wounds;

The Mayans engaged in a large number of festivals and rituals on fixed days of the year, many of which involved animal sacrifices and all of which seem to have involved bloodletting …  auto-sacrifice could also be an everyday event, with those passing by an idol anointing it with blood drawn on the spot as a sign of piety

According to history crooks books, the wider-westerly-world awoke from a deep, dark slumber in the 1500s.

With a very serious case of Consumptive Colon(y) Disease.

Nevertheless, they s-ailed away for a year & a day …

… to the land where the bong trees grow …

And there in the wood … (& on the beaches & the landing grounds & the fields & in the streets & in the hills) began a virulent assault on the liver.

Symptoms included an insatiable appetite for land, a murderous lust for gold

… & highly contagious Catholic dysentry.


I am wondering now if this liver invasion was absolutely essential for the progression of the consumptively dis-eased Western World.

I have also been wondering if Catholicism targets the liver (Sorry Ryan). I was brought up a Catholic – the crippling side-effects I equate with that religion are self-sacrifice & the fear/guilt of living passionately.

So what if religions target specific bodily organs?

Is there a little more spice  to The Lord’s Prayer than previously pondered?  Certainly there is a word-twist tucked in there, that’s devilishly clever.

Deliver us from evil.

Deliver /  De-liver  / Live  /  Evil

Deliver = “To bring or transport to the proper place or recipient” or “To set free from restraint” …

Or then again … de– liver – could be to read as the removal / disempowering of the liver.

Our livers are our guardians – de-livered would = de-ad  –  aka not aLIVE.

In order to take-over & over-take the body of the world, was it necessary for its liver need to be in-toxic-ate-d?



In New Zealand, a new history has been presented to us by a tribe known as the Waitaha.  After hundreds of years of silence they said the time had come to tell their story.

Mostly it’s been ignored.

The reason I bring this up will shortly become clear.

In 1995 a book by Barry Brailsford, Song of Waitaha: The Histories of a Nation, claimed that the ancestors of the “Nation of Waitaha” were the first inhabitants of New Zealand, a pale-skinned people who had sailed there from Easter Island more than 2000 years before Polynesians arrived. It was claimed the “secret” Waitaha story had been suppressed for 200 years and the evidence of their occupation and existence, such as stone structures, had been mistaken for natural formations or Maori artifacts.”

The Waitaha are deeply connected with Pounamu – the Stone of Peace (New Zealand ‘greenstone’).

The Pounamu (greenstone), helps to set us free. It is like a mirror, it reflects back what we are, feel, etc. Instead of the worry, we need to bring up the feeling, call up the fear. When we can name it, see it, then we can deal with it.”

Barry Brailsford, who recorded the Waitaha People’s story also undertook a mission to take 12 of these stones of peace to North America.

He also planned a trip to South America.  Twice he received messages from others, that if he traveled to the south he would surely die.

With the gifting of the last of the 12 stones in North America, he sought advice from the Hopi elders on his way ahead

I was told my trail was not to South America.  The words were …

That land is like a reptile devouring its own tail.  It writhes in such pain it would kill you, even though you go with love.

In 2001, famed NZ yachtsman Peter Blake undertook an “environmental exploration” trip in South America, “monitoring global warming and pollution“.

While anchored on the Amazon & directly upon the equator, he was shot in the back & killed.

If we look sideways from South America we find something interesting – Easter Island;

There are several hypotheses about the “original” Polynesian name for Easter Island, including Te pito o te henua, meaning “The Navel of the land

In the oldest legends, Easter Island was called “The Navel of the World.

The oldest known traditional name of the island is Te Pito o Te Henua, meaning ‘The Center (or Navel) of the World.”

If you are still playing attention, then the siting of the world’s navel in the vicinity of the world’s liver is a wonderful touch is it not?

Also take a look at this.

Does Easter Island look just the tiniest bit liverish to you?

In the interests
of sanity,
it’s time for a break.


Come back for part III…

… when you’re ready





Welcome back traveller.

You did take a break didn’t you?


We’ve still got a’ways to go.

You’re sure?

Ok then.



With so many interesting echoes between the liver & South America, what say you to looking at North America.

Actually …  I’ve already done so.

‘Twas a wee while ago.

Back then I incorrectly applied logic.

I went clutching at straws & wondered if North America could be the ‘heart‘ of the world – seeing how centrally powered it is – how much revolves around it.

But it didn’t feel right.

In the end it was my son who saw it.

So damn obvious that …

… you could’ve knocked me down with the left-over angel-feather from a jaguar’s hearty meal.

Of course, of course …

America is the stomach of the world.

She lies at the very heart of every possible type of consumption.

Americans constitute 5% of the world’s population but consume 24% of the world’s energy.”

” ... eat  815 billion calories of food each day – that’s roughly 200 billion more than needed – enough to feed 80 million people

…  daily consumption of water is 159 gallons, while more than half the world’s population lives on 25 gallons

…  buys 53 times as many products as someone in China and one American’s consumption of resources is equal valent to that of 35 Indians”

… 32,000 elective breast augmentation surgeries performed monthly in the US in 2006.”

This is no attack upon America or Americans. Some of my dearest friends hail from there.

Yet whatever America has become …

… it was so damnably,

into becoming.

That which we swallow, take down into our stomach, is destined to become a part of us.

stomach chi is closely related to nutrition … All levels of nourishment of the body/mind are to be considered here. If we are properly nourished on all levels, we will be strong enough to deal with the invasions of vicious energies in our life (viral and bacterial attacks, the natural seasonal shifts, environmental poisons, emotional drain, other forms of stress, etc.) …

… in Nietzsche digestion is a principle of permeable openness to the world, and moreover if the distinction between physical and aesthetic taste is a false and fragile one, it is no wonder that the failure of his digestion is what causes the whole edifice to fall

Gurdjieff taught that man takes in three different types of ‘food’ … The grossest form is food and water, taken in through the mouth.  A subtler form of ‘food’ is air, taken in through the nose.  The most subtle form of ‘food’ is sensory impressions, taken in through the senses.  In each case, the organism must ‘digest’ what is taken in … we can see that all three forms of ‘food’ have become polluted in the present age

Perhaps we can begin to see a reason why America has been so perfectly crafted into this particular shape.

The stomach is responsible for receiving and ripening food. The stomach functions as a cauldron

The stomach is a seething cauldron of emotions, and is intimately connected to the Gastric Center, or chakra … which governs energy flow and distribution throughout the belly and gut

…( from Latin caldārium hot bath, from calidus warm) …
a large metal pot (kettle) for cooking and/or boiling
over an open fire, with a large mouth …


... a more common association in Western culture is the cauldron’s use in witchcraft—a cliché popularized by various fictions, such as Shakespeare’s play Macbeth … … In fantastic fiction …

… witches often prepare their potions in a cauldron”

In … Celtic mythology, the cauldron is associated with the goddess Cerridwen … She had a magical cauldron that could make a potion granting …

… the gift of wisdom and poetic inspiration … The mixture had to be boiled for a year and a day … The first three drops of liquid from this cauldron gave wisdom; …

... the rest was a fatal poison.

Digestion, as an autonomic process of the body … it is unavoidably tied to the organic, to nature, to the animal commonality of beings …  it also seeks to draw everything into itself

If there’s one place in the world that’s been called-on to concoct unimaginable concoctions …

it has to be America.

The holy grail of Arthurian legend is sometimes referred to as a “cauldron

In alchemy, Archeus … is a term used generally to refer to the lowest and most dense aspect of the astral plane which presides over the growth and continuation of all living beings.”

The hermetically zealed Paracelsus visualized the archeus as the “inner alchemist.” He said it was located in the stomach, the seat of instinct and assimilation of food“.

… the term “archeus … referred to the human vital force … “each organ had its own specific archeus, with the stomach being the leading factor.

…  philosophers maintained that the Archeus …  blends …  the highest vibrations of our physical world … wherein matter …  begins to transmute into spiritual energies … the glue which binds the heavens to the material, and so allows the maxim “As above so below.”

“the stomach is an energy convertor …. it digests ingredients, emotions and experience

The mind is like the stomach. It is not how much you put into it that counts, but how much it digests.”  Albert J. Nock

The belly rules the mind.”  ~Spanish Proverb


“The brain and gut are so much alike that during our sleeping hours, both have natural 90-minute cycles. For the brain, this slow wave sleep is interrupted by periods of rapid eye movement sleep in which dreams occur. For the gut, the 90-minute cycles also involve slow waves of muscle contractions but, as with REM intervals, these are punctuated by short bursts of rapid muscle movement

If America be the stomach of the world, it most truly is central to the well-being of the entire world.

What’s ‘swallowed‘ there becomes the substances that the rest of the body of the world has to deal with.

Why is it that pretty much everything that finds its way into American society will, before long, find its way around the rest of the world?

the stomach is an energy convertor …. it digests ingredients, emotions and experience …. inability to digest = inability to accept/process experience or circumstance … this then can manifest as unhappiness … sadness etc …. inability to digest concepts … ideas …. breakdown problems …

Perhaps if the liver of the world had not been poisoned, polluted, plundered, raped & decimated …

… it could have dealt with much of this toxicity on an etheric & physical level.

Liver troubles usually also affect the pituitary gland … reflects in poor eyesight … poor perception … when combines with stomach and pancreas can reflect inability to digest life

When experience is unable to be digested (stomach) … there is a toxic charge which can build up in the adrenals

In an interesting correlation with these ideas, Alex the Celtic Rebel, whose work exposes the calculated attack on the “Human Stargate,” previously produced an image …

… depicting the trail of entrails across the USA.  Its rectum containering Hollywood.

My personal feeling is that movies / programmes are food & that we could, nay should, relabel them as ‘meals’.

These meals are ‘fast food‘.

Very fast food.

They bypass the oral mastication process & protective digestive juices, by being instantly visually consumed …

by the soul.

What oh what might it be like to live in a body/world …

… where stomach & liver are allies?

We have seen & yet been blinded to truth for too long.

Remember Prometheus.
Every day an eagle swooped down upon him him & ate his liver.


Above the Promethean liver of the world
hovers the American Eagle

The Eagle has Landed

Its beginning to look as if a great deal of the human sickness in the world may be due to terribly toxic-ate-d livers.

What if the land suffers similarly?

Or what if our human livers are reflecting the sickness of the land.

Perhaps the only way we can heal, is by healing the land.

If this article has given you some healing thoughts to take into your (apparently) new year then I’m very glad.

If I have one thing to ask it would be this …

Instead of rushing off to get your own liver flushed,
why not stay put
& send healing energy & clean-sing
to this most wonderful of wild & mysterious of lands.

You thought I was never going to finish you, didn’t you?

I was a bit worried myself.

For those who made it to the end of this South American dream, a gift is offered.

This is/was “Henri Rousseau (1844 – 1910)…
French Post-Impressionist painter in the Naive or Primitive manner …
Ridiculed during his life, he came to be recognized as a self-taught genius
whose works are of high artistic quality.”

He painted wildly

like this …


and this.

Remember this?

The eye represents the orifices of the liver. When a person closes his/her eyes & falls asleep, the blood returns to the liver.

… besides this, there is the animus in which the spirit shelters. The animus lives in the daytime in the eyes; at night it houses in the liver. When living in the eyes, it sees; when housing itself in the liver, it dreams.”

You’ve seen Rousseau’s painting The Dream twice in this article

It was there for a reason.

Perhaps what follows is artistic treason, yet I find the vision de-light-filled.
(Big thanks to Sam for Photo-chopping)

The image below is
for you,
if you so wish …

a new vision,
or perhaps
an ancient one,

wildness & power

your liver
& the liver of the world.

Nothing can pass the watchful eyes of its goddess
or the jaws of its waiting lions.
Walk fearlessly.

The Tao adept saw human body as a microcosm of the natural world. Its anatomy was a landscape withthe liver, the largest organ of the body as a forest.

Do we have the right or need to individually reinterpret our world?

This raises the issue of the ultimate meaning of symbols.  Groddeck asserts that the symbolic function exists from the beginning – that we are symbolising creatures in our essence.” (from Meaning-full Disease)

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  1. celticrebel replied:

    Wow! The layer underneath the layer. I am going to digest this slowly, like a fine meal, nourishment for the mind body soul. Brasil as the liver? That is where I was most alive.

    Alas, to the folly of recited chants/spells that work against us is the powerful “ham/death” one of DELIVER US FROM EVIL. Begging the master for an early death. Meticulously calculated to generate our consent. Brilliant!


    • alex robinson replied:

      I thought that would resonate & how awesome for you to have had that experience.
      I would suggest that that was a big part of the training/learning you went thro’ to become the Rebel – a very necessary part of your journey – you honour it by what you do now.
      Prowl mightily in 2011 :)


  2. Algie replied:

    Interesting and compelling, makes me want to clean up my act. I suddenly want a liver tonic and that takes on a whole new meaning for me; not just for the organ but the whole organism that is me. I much appreciate your insights; thanks for sharing them.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Algie
      If this has given you a new vision then I am very glad.
      We cannot take ourselves out of the body of the earth anymore than she can take herself out of us – let us live(r) togther

      Very best to you


  3. Hsantillanes replied:

    What an appropriately timed delivery !!!Thank you..I was up late last night eating,absorbing,processing a lecture by Joseph campbell on Mythos and he spoke of the ritualistc fire whithin us ,and of the act of eating and nourishment as a ritualistic offering .looking forward to new posts and a new year. Keep up the good work …Wishing you a Joyous and prosperous New Year


    • alex robinson replied:

      Many thanks Hsantillanes & I in return wish you a year of feasting & fire :)

      Very best to you


  4. paulo samoes replied:

    pure delight to read :P


  5. Danni replied:

    I love you Alex, playtime with you is so much fun!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Danni – I love it when someone understands the power of play.
      I hope you have lots of it in 20!!


  6. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Yum Yum Good nourishing stuff here!! Healthy and healing too! I had fun with your Micro/Macrocosm play time here Alex, so interesting and filling!

    Indeed, with America being the “stomach” of the world, now I understand why I was sick to my stomach vomiting the way I was and not fully recovered. The garbage produced there is exactly that..garbage. I see a new attack is coming via the Gov’t on organic foods, they are going to all the use of the neurotoxin “Neotame” (a powerful derivative of Aspartame) in Organic soils! I will refrain from “colorful language” here. Bastards.

    Funnily enough, you perused much info I have run into the past couple weeks but in different aspects! Easter Island cropped up during my Atlantis/Lemuria investigations as well! Thanks for all the hard work in helping us rejuvenate our LIVE-Rs.



    • alex robinson replied:

      Heya Michael – you had room for that as well as salmon pie? Maybe a nap is in order :)

      Didn’t know about that attack on Organics – certainly it suggests that they understand just how powerful our bodies are – I wonder if our liver lions & jaguars like the taste of toxic inhuman scientists?

      Yes Easter (Eater) Island is interesting …

      Very best to you my dear

      Viva la Liva!!!


  7. Jon Kidd replied:

    I am in absolute amazement reading this and I’m only half way through. I’m also half way through a move to another town.

    Father Earth Osiris and the south American liver is so brilliant I couldn’t wait to comment before finishing the read. I remember going through a stint where I thought about us as being planets. But this is the opposite and equally captivating. I tend to think of us humans as explosions of dividing flesh now. Almost like slow motion fireworks. If that makes any sense.

    Anywho, love you Miss Alex. Looking forward to finishing this up the next few days.

    Mucho respecto!


    • alex robinson replied:

      I think what matters more than anything is that YOU think – what do answers matter – its what we play with & what we create thro’ that playing that matters.

      I think congratulations are in order Little Jon- judging by the cutest little face on facebook :) – very best wishes to the whole family & I hope you are moving towards fulfillment.

      Always a pleasure to catch up with you


  8. aferrismoon replied:

    With the lance in the liver and the story of the holy grail which held Christ’s blood [ I think] then may we imagine that the wine/blood of Christ is actually the blood of the liver.

    Africa – check out Da Black Whole’s ALL THE DARK CONTINENTS for a description of Encephalic Africa.

    Deliver = revileD



    • alex robinson replied:

      Thus turning priests into eagles when they sup during mass – perhaps those big flappy vestments are symbolic wings?
      I do wonder now if Christianity did/does somehow lance the liver – a daily blood letting like the Mayans were so fond of – perhaps that is why christianity got such a tight hold over South America unlike Africa – speaking of which thanks for the link – I must admit I’ve long seen a rhino there – but as Ray says the horn is in the wrong place.

      Deliver = Relived – the birth /death cycle of the karmic merry-go-round

      All the best


  9. tom cuddy replied:

    Alex, You’re an inspiring thinker. I am browsing my past and finding much to ponder, sort, and compare based on your research. I think you’ve nailed down the truth in the words

    I don’t want to ramble, so I’ll close with peace and love.



    • alex robinson replied:

      It’s play & curiosity Tom – the natural ‘tools’ of children & animals – we all have this, but were ‘made to put away childish things.’
      Because they’re so damn powerful.
      A mother (earth) loves to see her children playing – it is the ‘nature’ of life.

      Very best to you


  10. aferrismoon replied:

    I think Xtianity [ acc to JCs teachings] has existed for perhaps a blink of an eye. Co-opted from the word go. The Aztecs and Xtians worship the Sun , it seems. And it will rise again by any means necessary.

    Sacrifice means to make holy [ holey], so I guess the lance in liver and the nails in the hands makes the Saviour hol[e]y.

    Deliver = Dee Vril = John Dee, Elizabethan Magus + Vril energy or E-VRIL that was popular with English mystics and the Nazis, as well as BOVRIL, or bovine vril.

    enjoy this pic:



    • alex robinson replied:

      “Sacrifice means to make holy [ holey], so I guess the lance in liver and the nails in the hands makes the Saviour hol[e]y” – absolutely superb.
      I’ve been thinking lately of various ideas I’ve heard of humans having ‘holes’ & tunnels in them – psychic or aura or some such, where the’re energy is drained – perhaps the holes in JC somehow caused people to entrain with that.

      Wow on the Vril info – perhaps the western world is very much a liver disease – that was the birthing time of the New Western Order. Is the supping pope holding aloft the holy grail & hallowed bloody contents?

      Of Bovril’s beginnings I found this;

      “The first part of the product’s name comes from Latin bos (genitive bovis) meaning “ox” or “cow”. Johnston took the -vril suffix from Bulwer-Lytton’s then-popular 1870 “lost race” novel The Coming Race, whose plot revolves around a powerful energy fluid named “Vril”.”

      Great info thanks!


  11. Jaspal replied:

    I was in LIVERpool over Xmas visting my brother, the birthplace of the Beatles, and the Titanic (birthed in the legal sense). The city of Liverpool has an interesting symbol:

    “The bird thus appears to have originally been intended to be an eagle”

    South America as the liver, would that make Spain the heart which took it over? The country of Spain does look a bit like a heart. Europe and Asia could also be seen as a giant bull, maybe that’s why the Spainish are famed for their bull fighting?


    • alex robinson replied:

      Fascinating Jaspal!
      I do remember the “Liver Birds” now but hadn’t known they had an actual avian ancestry the linking of bird to liver is WAY too pronounced for me to take it as accidental – you didn’t notice a large guy chained to a rock on your travels …

      I’ve researched Liverpool previously – because of Titanic connections – its really a BIG city – so much has set sail from there – a portal perhaps.

      Interesting idea on Spain. I had an idea on the heart of the world – wrote about it once, a long time ago. But in this work there is no right or wrong, we’re just seeking whatever fuel we can find, to get our guts & heads working together – play however, seems to be a powerful kick-starter.

      very best to you


  12. Brad replied:

    This is Absolute Genius!
    What a write-up!

    Speaking of ‘D’ Liver & John ‘D’,
    the fact that the Liver ‘morphs’ the very special and mysterious ‘Vitamin D’ into different compounds which are critical for our survival
    and everyone just happens to be completely deficient in this all special vitamin that I don’t think ‘Science’ truly knows just what it does…

    meanwhile the constant spraying the sky to block the Sun, and get everyone to wear ‘Sun Screen’, and all the propaganda to ‘stay out of the Sun’, and don’t forget your Sunglasses! You wouldn’t want any of those ‘harmful rays’ to enter your eyes now would you…!?

    and then start pouring some alcohol down yer gullet and kill your liver even more,
    everyone should be just great! :P

    No wonder everything/body is so toxic….

    Awesome post!

    Keep up the great work…!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Excellent point Brad – unfortunately because sunlight is free, we can’t really endorse it – it simply does not make financial sense :)

      It amazes me how many people believe they cannot get by without sunglasses – I stopped using them years ago & have no problems – with the eye connected to the liver (in Chinese medicine) & your mention of Vitamin D – it would make very good sense to at least cut down on the amount of times they are worn – oh hang on a minute that would jeapordize another commercial venture …
      Thanks for your words

      Very best to you


  13. Ryan McAlister replied:

    I love your thoughts because they almost always make me think of something never before considered. I too will have to digest this one slowly.

    (On a side note, this marks the 2nd time you have apologized to me via blogosphere. One more time and I will have to seriously wonder what you have done to me! Surely I half-jest!)

    Healthy new year Ms. Robin’s song!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Now this is exactly what I’m talking about Ryan – that damn Catholic Church, brings out the guilt in its past & present population :) I heard you say on Alex’s show that you were of the ‘teachings of Cathol’ so didn’t want to offend.

      A healthy, happy & tireless year to you to Mr McAlister


  14. Anthony replied:

    Hello Alex,

    I was born in Liverpool, England, and I support the football team Liverpool FC. Liverpool as a city and Liverpool the football team are very much disliked by the mainstream media, and by most of the rest of the country. There is an obsessiveness to this dislike which to me seems exagerrated.

    Liverpool was of course hyped up for global consumption in the 1960’s through the vehicle of the Beatles, and also through the football team Liverpool FC which was the subject of a BBC documentary in about 1964 I think.

    Having read your article I looked for maps to see if Liverpool looks liverish. I think so:

    It only takes a couple of snips here to get a decent liver shape. And the shape only really became liverish post world war two when lots of scousers were shipped out to new towns, such as Kirkby.

    Liverpool definitely fits the port / portal connection.

    The city mascot is of course the liver bird, which is quite clearly a phoenix.

    Liverpool football club has a liver bird as it’s mascot.

    Liverpool have been the most successful team in English football, but that is soon to change as the “red devils” of Manchester United will inevitably overtake them. Here is the United logo complete with red devil and pitchfork:

    Interestingly both Liverpool and Manchester United currently have 18 titles (666).

    Beatlemania in the 60’s led to the “mersey beat”. The river mersey flows through Liverpool to the sea, but it’s source is in…. Manchester of course. Note this from wiki: “Religious significance: The Mersey is considered sacred by British Hindus, and is even worshipped as equivalent to the River Ganges.”

    Lots is known already about the Beatles, the occult influences, their role in the drug culture of the 60’s etc., the possibility that some of their music and lyrics were written for them by Theodor Adorno.

    But coming back to the BBC panorama program from 1964. Here the BBC are helping to create the Liverpool FC myth, and the clip does show some impressive scenes in the Kop at Anfield. But for those who have heard of the Liverpool comedian Stan Boardman, the clip is interesting because he appears a couple of times in the crowd. Okay. He was a Liverpool supporter. But the odd thing is that starting at one minute, the camera zooms in on Stan in a fashion that looks planned (there were 28,000 men up there).

    If you listen to the clip, note the language used by the journalist.”the gladiators enter the arena to the field of praise”, ” the great scouse spirit Wacca”, “the sacrificial victims, the poor southerners”
    He talks about how anthropologist would understand this event.

    ** The Kop is the Spion Kop, named after a British defeat in the Boer War. Gandhi apparently served there in the ambulance corps!

    Liverpool FC are currently going through their worst season for decades. They have an idiot manager who the fans hate, but the media has taken under its wing and use every excuse to tell Liverpool fans to give up, accept mediocrity, give up their hopes and dreams (Remember that Yoi’ll Never Walk Alone” is the club anthem).

    Well, looking for liver connections, your article reminded me of this piece from the daily mail just a few days ago. the journalist describes Liverpool as a “diseased club”. What? Diseased? The description stood out when I read it, but how well it fits your description of the desire of the elite to kill the liver, kill the soul and life force.

    Liverpool seems to have been chosen as a sacrifice. Not only is the club to be destroyed as a force in football, but the fans are to be humiliated and stripped of any hope. We are constantly told that we are living in the past, that we are in decline… to accept the death of the club (which very nearly happened just a couple of months ago when the former owners nearly bankrupted the club.

    On Sunday Liverpool play…. Manchester United.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Sorry Anthony – I nearly missed this, it got corralled in my spam queue.

      It certainly does sound as if the guts are being ripped out of the heart/liver of Liverpool – this may well be northern hemisphere echo of South America – having the guts pulled out does seem to be best way to phrase it. The more I look, the more I see this as being the centre-point of the attack – de-stabilising us.

      I couldn’t help noticing the phrases used in the EWEtube clip – sounded rather like a David Attenborough documentary on the habits of a strange species of animal. While listening to the humming of the Beatles does give the feeling that Liverpool’s energies were exceptionally well-herded & farmed – a bit like this comment into my spam queue :)

      All the best


  15. Anthony replied:

    ** Liverpool’s population is descended mainly from Irish and Welsh immigrants. In the 19th Century millions if Irish passed through the city on the road to other lands or parts of Britain. Many stayed.

    There was also large scale Welsh immigration in the second half of the 19th Century. At least 20,000 per decade for 6 decades. So many were in Liverpool that three Eisteddods were held there

    This background makes Liverpudlians rather less patriotic than other English. We sing our anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at Cup Finals instead of “God Save the Queen”.

    Liverpool was very much the gateway, port, portal to the west for the British Empire.


  16. Anthony replied:

    Could be Manchester be stomach shaped?

    The city boundary is within the red line. Not bad…


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Anthony
      There is definitely a GREAT deal of power that is centred in Liverpool – its name surely is no accident. That is the name that sits beneath Titanic’s name at the bottom of the Atlantic. I’ve looked quite deeply into it because of that connection.
      Still haven’t figured out to my satisfaction the meaning behind traipsing La Princess thro’ LIverpool’s streets – but am sure it was highly symbolic.

      It’s LIVE energy may well come from the Irish & Welsh immigrants – something about the Beatles coming from there seems to be very important too – a portal could be a useful way of seeing it.

      Manchester is indeed gut shaped – it has been brewing a mighty toxic concoction there for 50 years – Hollow Nation St oops I mean Coronation St – I shudder to think what mind numbing effect that has had on the populace over the years – the music is the give-away – funny as I think of it now that whining, WWII air raid ‘alarming sound’ reminds me of Doctor Who – which hit the screens 3 years later … all deeply embedded, implanted

      “Sounds are universal because they trigger certain feelings, and the sound used for sirens causes stress and alarm”

      Thanks for your thoughts
      All the best to you


  17. Anthony replied:

    Hello Alex,

    I mentioned a newspaper article referring to Liverpool as a “diseased club”. Well, recently, probably since reading your articles and some of celtic rebel’s website, my radar for news manipulation has been very strong.

    For example, the mother of a Liverpool player who was being called by the fans because he is useless wrote on facebook some abuse towards the fans including “scousers are scum”. What did the media use as a headline? “Scousers are scum”.

    The next example was the British politician Jack Straw referring to the recent case of Pakistani men cruising the streets to pick up young white girls, giving them gifts, then drugs and sex / rape. This has been going on for years apparently, but the police turned a blind away due to political correctness supposedly. I rather think it fitted the elitist agenda. Anyway, Jack Straw, whose constituency has a lot of Pakistanis, commented that some Pakistani men regard white women as “white meat”. As soon as I read this, I knew that the press would use this comment and sure enough, the “white meat” phrase kept on appearing in headlines, reinforcing the image that the elite intended.

    The third example, is 80 years old. A Laurel and Hardy film where Stanley has a buzzing tooth. I played the clip to my children and despite having seen this dozens of times, for the first time I knew what was meant when one of the fellow convicts refers very nastily to Stanley as “rosebud” at least twice, maybe more. Of course the Hollywood people and the script writers would have been in on the joke, and how they must have laughed at the audience. Just one example of how old this agenda is.


  18. RUMPLESHITHEAD replied:

    A little late, but what a great offering, Alex! Really. Incredibly thought-provoking. The way you’re able to see those connections is really amazing. And inspiring. It’s no wonder you take your time in updating- all the research involved in this entry, alone, would be daunting!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Shane – nice to see you turn up here EVENTUALLY – but hey I don’t hold grudges :)

      Glad you liked
      Hope all is well with you & the family


  19. Anthony replied:

    Liverpool, the liver bird, the phoenix, lost to Man United with the help of the referee Mr Webb.

    Mr Webb gave Man United a dubious penalty in the first minute.

    Man United = man love?

    Looks like it…

    But what really made think is the Liver Bird / phoenix connection to the shooting in Tucson, Arizona. Two sun, two sons? Gary Neville is a twin. One of two suns.

    There was a candle lit ceremony in Phoenix for the victims. Phoenix / liver bird.

    Basketball team in Phoenix are the Phoenix Suns / sons.

    USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour:

    One of the three 19,585 pound anchors of the Arizona is displayed at the entrance of the visitor center. (One of the other two is at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix.) One of the two ship’s bells is in the visitor center. (Its twin is in the clock tower of the Student Memorial Center at the University of Arizona in Tucson.)

    Every President of the United States since Franklin D. Roosevelt, and both Emperors Hirohito and Akihito have made a pilgrimage to the site. The shrine at the far end is a marble wall that bears the names of all those killed on the USS Arizona, protected behind velvet ropes.

    Jared Lee Loughner rather reminds me of Lee Harvey Oswald.

    More about the possible significance of this event here:

    Jupiter explodes into “second sun” (“two sun”/Tucson) at end of Arthur C. Clarke’s “2010: The Year We Make Contact” (sequel to “2001”), dubbed “Lucifer” (in book version)

    Congresswoman (Giffords) from Tuscon, Arizona

    Tucson = “two sun” = “Lucifer” (in Arthur C. Clarke’s “2010: The Year We Make Contact” Jupiter explodes into a second sun dubbed “Lucifer”)

    Giffords married to NASA shuttle astronaut – the film “The Astronaut’s Wife” is about extraterrestrial possession

    Arizona capital = Phoenix; Arizona flag = pentagram

    Foresight in hindsight – from JAN 5 post:

    “We are quickly approaching the next such pentagrammic point – the first one of 2011 – coming up around January 8th. …we should see an unmistakable ‘signal’ that should continue the ongoing pattern/communication.”


    Summat’s up chuck!


    • alex robinson replied:

      ee lad thee’s been busy :)

      … and its GREAT! – what would it be like if we all turned up for work tomorrow at our individual places of incarceration & had discussion/idea sessions like these???

      Thank fuck you USE your mind, your children stand a better chance at real living to have a parent who is willing to see. I passed on the rosebud story to the Rebel btw – thanks.

      I don’t follow the news – I find it way too toxic – so am not up on the latest ‘Gore Score’ – but you are obviously seeing what most prefer not to. I’ve been to see the Arizona myself – its what you do, when you don’t have a mind of your own – slowly, slowly I’m trying to get my mind back & it’s so heartening to see others do the same.

      All the best to you


  20. Anthony replied:

    Hi Alex,

    I think each one of us is living our own personal adventure and there is inpiration out there for all of us. I’d already been thinking of how next weekend Liverpool play local rivals Everton where the other Neville twin plays. Two sons remember.

    Well today two son is in the news with a possible move to Spurs.

    There is a Spurs team in the United States. San Antonio Spurs which has a personal ring to me as an Anthony. :-)

    I enjoy following the possible clues and seeing where they lead. Sometimes synchronicity strikes!


  21. Anthony replied:

    A Rosebud update: Dick Van Dyke was famous for doing Stan Laurel impressions. In the Dick Van Dyke show, Dick had a son, whose middle name was….. Rosebud!

    Richard “Richie” Rosebud Petrie (Larry Mathews), Rob and Laura’s son. (His middle name is an acronym for “Robert Oscar Sam Edward Benjamin Ulysses David,” all members of Rob’s and Laura’s families.)

    ** Back to football. David Beckham is supposed to be moving for a couple of months to Spurs. His number: 77 which is of course the equivalent of 911 for Britain.

    And 77 is linked to 911. Flight 77 is the plane that supposedly hit the pentagon.

    Spurs are the Jewish North London team. Both David and Victoria Beckham have tattoos in hebrew.

    Matthew Delooze did a great article on David Becham but I don’t know where to find it.

    The number 77 links to the Kaballah and to the OTO and Aleister Crowley.

    77 = GG

    GG? Gabrielle Gifford? She was announced as dead, but survived, The bullet passed only through the left side of her brain. A miracle? Revelations comes to mind. We’ll see.

    She has an interesting address:

    Cochise County District Office
    The Honorable Gabrielle Giffords
    77 Calle Portal, Suite B-160


    Calle Portal = Portal Street.


  22. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Anthony – great info about Rosebud – thanks.

    Yes I read that Matt Deloozes article, I wish that grumpy bugger would come back, I miss him & his wonderful words.

    Interesting take on the 77/GeeGees

    All the best


    • Anthony replied:

      Hello Alex,

      I was reading one of your “Holy Grale” pieces the other night. Amazing. Like a 15 course gourmet meal I just couldn’t reach the end. I had to take a break and ponder some of the ideas that were flipping around my head like a pinball game.

      A while ago I read a book about the deeper meanings of Beowulf, which leads into the whole brewing thing. I have to finish reading your work and pnder some more. That was such a high quality ride and later I found myself slooooowwwwwlllly saying words in my mind in a way that I’ve never done before. I had an awareness of the power that’s in there. n fact, it was a little too much and I had to make an effort to break away again.

      Back to the G theme. Jared Loughner found in a red G string with a Glock pistol / gun. The massive Golden Globe hype with Ricky Gervais. Obviously there is the masonic G architect link, but I was also thinking about Geesus and especially the very American expression G’s / Gees / Jees with a lot of emphasis on the G.

      Lots of Black swan symbolism around which also leads to the brewing theme. I’ve often thought of the alcohol / spirits connection, but despite having read stuff about the barley cults (catcher in the rye) I hadn’t give beer it’s rightful place.

      Does beer, spirits, alcohol, drugs etc. take us out of reality… or into it?

      Thanks again Alex.


      • alex robinson replied:

        You are brave Anthony – I probably should have broken that into a two-parter – it was a heck of a ride for me too.

        Your mention of sounding out words is the second sync within these comments to an idea for an article that sprang to mind while I was out on a walk earlier – man I do hope that our connections & understandings are speeding up – its about time!

        Was actually thinking about the Bee Gees & wondering if they were pushing the G out there for some reason.

        Your question on the into or out of reality scenario is a good one – perhaps its both – a constant see-sawing from one to the other so that we never find what we need which is the equanimity of the centre.

        I do think the beer article was important – am glad you happened upon it :)

        All the best


  23. the living tiki replied:

    Stunning work!

    Only recently have I been able to stroll among your words again and was floored at how you reinforced a growing feeling (and posting) I have regarding the Earth as a living organism, specifically a female mother.

    Since the lost continent of Mu is sometimes regarded as the “birthplace” of humanity, could the Pacific be the uterus of amniotic fluid which bore the baby (humanity) and a placenta (Mu) to sustain it? It is right next to the navel….

    Are the recent Pacific quakes labor pains? Is our mother about to give birth again? Any globe sure makes that ocean look like a big ol’ blue belly.

    I’ve often wondered why the powers that be seem to hate that big ol’ belly so much in so many ways. How many nukes have been detonated there?

    Enjoyed the info on the Waitaha.

    Keep prowling and growling!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Mr Tiki what a pleasure :)

      I am certainly playing with the pacific as a birthplace or a beginning – with some radically unscientific ideas brewing – can’t believe I never saw before.

      Excellent point on the nuking – the pacific – ‘place of peace’ has been ravaged & violated so many times – I needed reminding of that – thanks.

      Thanks for your other comment too – which I’ll address when back from work – twas bloody brilliant.

      Live on Mr Tiki


  24. A Good Year for the Roses [Parg I] rough draft « The Celtic Rebel replied:

    […] So so ignorant and so so damn proud of that. It’s exactly the attitude and the willful malice that may have driven one Elvis to abandon the living; the same that blatant disregard with which we so openly honor the memory of the pederasts who enslaved us, while mocking he who tried to liberate us (see Alex’s post). […]


  25. Pavman replied:

    I was thinking about the Jesus prayer last year, and thanks to the freaking rebel I question most things It says, “Lord Jesus Christ, son of god have mercy on me a sinner” sounds a lot like ass-inner. Which now is very unsettling for a translation. Since this is in english and no connection to slavonic, Hellenic or aramaic etc, whats it suggest about the current most spoken language? maybe I have diverted again. Hope all is well


  26. alex robinson replied:

    Hey Pavman you may well be on to something – I just wrote a reply to MIck & saw a whole lot of things I shouldn’t in Narnia’s god-figure – ‘Aslan’.

    All is, well … umm interesting, but I think I’m learning to turn things to my/our advantage – we’re finding ways to let our music flow, that’s the main thing

    Very best to you


  27. Anthony replied:

    Hello Alex,

    I just wanted to share my latest synchronicity with you and your readers. We mentioned the Bee Gees and the letter G on this thread. Well, my first thoughts a few weeks ago were Be Gods and the BEE Gods (Merovingians).

    Superbowl winners Green Bay made sure that the G was getting a lot of prominence. They even have the Bikini Girls, who get loads of publicity.

    Earlier this week I read an article saying that Jeb Bush might have a go at President in 2012. My immediate reaction (after feeling sick at the thought of another Bush president 2 GBs of course and now a JB) was to think “There could never be a President with the name Jeb”. It was one of those throwaway thoughts that someone resonated more than it should.

    Yesterday I was reading “The Goddess, The Grail and the Lodge” by Alan Butler and I came across “Jebus” which was a previous name for Jerusalem. Funnily I noted Jeb immediately, but only a few seconds later did I get the Jebus / JEBBUSH connection. the Jebusites are interesting, link in with the tribe of Benjamin who are linked to the Merovingian Bee Kings etc.

    I was surprised to see that Jebus was a Jesus spoof character in the Simpsons (which I haven’t watched for many years now.

    The chances of me finding a link from Jeb Bush to Jebus to the Bee Gees in two days by reading a book must be astronomical. I love synchronicity! :-)


  28. Anthony replied:

    Hello Alex,

    It seems not only does the media promote particular messages, but the unknowing (probably) pawns in the game, provide the “sound bites”.

    The following two articles appeared on the same day in the Daily Telegraph. It’s just football stuff, but the references to breaking curses, vows, spells, eclipsed, fatal blows, etc. and many of the numbers involved (11, 18, 19, 21, makes me think there is something more behind the obvious.

    The Boston reference to experienced curse breakers made me think of the Salem Witch Trials. The photo of John W Henry looks rather sinister (black leather gloves in what looks like an “illuminati” type “hexing” pose. Like an inquisitor. man United of course are the Red Devils. Liverpool are the Liver Bird (Phoenix. Salem “witches” executed in 1692. Liverpool FC founded in 1892.

    Liverpool owner John W Henry says 19th Manchester United title would motivate club to break 21-year ‘curse’

    United and Liverpool currently share the distinction of winning 18 league titles – more than any other English club – but Old Trafford has now housed the Premier League trophy eleven times since Liverpool were last crowned league champions in 1990.

    “Fenway Sports Group have a unique skill set for what we call in the US breaking curses,” said Henry.

    “We had an 86-year drought in Boston for winning a World Series and there has been a 21-year drought [at Liverpool] for winning the first division.

    “We have no other agenda than that. That is why we are there [at Liverpool] and that is what everyone in the organisation is working towards.

    “Throughout the [takeover] process we looked at similarities with what we have accomplished at Boston and what we thought we could do at Liverpool.

    “There was a strong feeling we were uniquely qualified, even though we did not know the sport, we knew the sports business.”

    Chelsea striker Didier Drobga finding ‘bad spell hard to live with’ as Liverpool put further dent in title hopes

    Carlo Ancelotti’s side are 10 points behind leaders Manchester United and Drogba, one of a number of players who has struggled for form and fitness this season, fears the Liverpool loss could prove to be a fatal blow to their campaign.

    He said: ”We had started to see light at the end of the tunnel once again. But this latest defeat by Liverpool has cut away our legs and jeopardised our chances of winning the league title once more.

    ”I’m finding our bad spell hard to live with, as do the rest of the squad. We are suffering, given that Chelsea are not accustomed to losing matches. Carlo Ancelotti has been unhappy in recent weeks.”

    As difficult as Sunday’s defeat has been to swallow, the Ivory Coast international is confident he will forge a strong partnership with new arrival Fernando Torres – and dismissed doubters comments that the Spaniard had failed to live up to expectations on his debut.


  29. Anthony replied:

    Gabrielle Gifford (GG) has started to speak and asks for toast. What is toast I wonder? Note hubby astronauts hand giving a casual over the shoulder Texas longhorns.

    GG is 40. Jared Loughner is 22. 6 people killed, including a 9/11 girl. 13 injured.

    GG has started speaking (saying) “More and More”. M and M? MNM (Eminem) MM (lots of those). Is there a code in there I wonder? More = Greater. Greater and Greater?

    O.E. mara (adj.) “greater, more,” used as a comp. of micel “great” (see mickle), from P.Gmc. *maizon (cf. O.S. mera, O.N. meiri, O.Fris. mara, M.Du. mere, O.H.G. mero, Ger. mehr), from PIE *meis (cf. Avestan mazja “greater,” O.Ir. mor “great,” Welsh mawr “great,” Gk. -moros “great,” Oscan mais “more”). O.E. used related ma “more” as adv., n., from P.Gmc. *mais; this became M.E. mo, but more in this sense began to predominate in later M.E.

    Here is the article:


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Anthony
      It’s good to know the syncs are still coming in Bizarreworld.
      Interesting finds on Jebus – had no idea there were plans afoot for another Bush wacking of the US – what a hideous thought!

      I hope you are well
      All the best


  30. dystopeon replied:

    just like to confirm this fact. I am personally transitioning to a plant based diet, I recently tried to put pancetta on a salad roll (after not eating pork for ~3 months) and my gut went all tingly, like a bunch of ‘sparklers’ were going off inside my stomach. As soon as I removed the meat, stomach problems gone. I put some red beans on instead :)


  31. alex robinson replied:

    You are heard my friend – it is a mighty effort to make, but when it’s done for yourself, it is you who benefit.

    May your new recipe for life bring you joy!


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