Silly, silly me

How could I have written my last article & forgotten about this?

What I was trying to say, has already been said.


“In the Book of the Elixir, it is said:

The hen can hatch her eggs because her HEARt is always listening.

That is an important magic spell.

The reason the hen can hatch her eggs is because of the power to heat.

But the power of the heat can only warm the shells; it cannot penetrate into the interior …

Therefore with her heart she conducts this power inward.

This she does with her hearing.

In this way she concentrates her whole hEARt.

When the heart penetrates, the power penetrates, and the chick receives the power of the heart and begins to live.

Therefore a hen, even when she has left her eggs, always has the attitude of listening with a bent ear.”




heART – The ART of hearing



Additional: I went to visit the Celtic Rebel last week in his Top Secret Underground Bunker – we chatted as good friends chat, about things that matter to us – in this case “humanity”.  I presume that everyone who visits my place also visits the Rebel so have been slack about putting up links – but here is one if you would like to hEAR our human conversation.


Extra additional:  I had the most amazing sync in my life a wee while ago – I’m stunned & floored. I was re-minded of the unimaginable scope of possibility.  All I asked was for was an indication that I should proceed with a topic I’m researching.  What I got was a reply from the plant kingdom that has left me humbled.

Unimaginable possibilities are our reality if we so ‘demand’.  The meek aint gonna inherit the earth – so get cranky & get demanding!

Oh & PPS… for those who believe in the impossible & doom themselves to the same old, small, isolated world that they live in – let me tell you that my son met Ewan from Aferrismoon a few weeks ago in Prague – words cannot express the joy for me of that meeting – a linking in space & time of two excellent humans who have greatly influenced my work.

Unimaginable possibilities ARE /EAR possible.



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What on ear-th




fallen tree …

in any

forest (or jungle)

& they’ll



the same thing.

“The bible




In the beginning there could not possibly have been the word.



No way.

For how can there be

The Word’


an ear

to hear it?


So for the love of god let’s set that story straight.

In the beginning was the Ear, and the Ear was with God, and the Ear was God.”




Why am I here today,


your ear,

you ask?


Well I had an acidic week.

So I’m here to heal

& dammit

I’m going to take the lot of you with me.


This week I sinned.


Nope. Not that way


Nor that.


Tempting.  But no.


I sinned by being human.

Where I work now, I cannot see/connect with the outside world & I’ve been struggling mightily because of this.

It became very important to voice this out & seek any possible solutions.

Somehow my speaking up …

… turned into a crime.

Memories of similar crimes from childhood, flooded back.

It was … caustic.

How is it possible that by expressing personal pain & confusion, you can be about-turned into a societal criminal?


From where flows that tsunamic energy that rises up to force you back into your tiny little box labelled life?

In the past I would have crawled under a rock & nursed my wounded feelings.

But time is of the essence now,


I set to questioning this deep need  –

the need to be heard.


I set out with a team of hearty-livered trackers to see if there was anything to uncover  … &  by dog,


… I think we found something.


The team & I now think that life is heard into existence – hence our opening suggestion that the bible spouteth (& sprouteth) bollocks.


It seems as if hearing, heartfelt hearing, may be going the way of the dodo …

… and that we may now be inhabiting, the Deaf Star.

The team & I are a teensy bit worried about that.

It’s interesting, is it not, how similarly sounded the words deaf & death are. The third one in that thrill-ogy of course, is debt.


If life IS founded upon sound, then not being heard, may be considered a life-threatening situation.

The coded Enigma English language is fully conversant with this – but it’s never been one to share what it knows.

You see my dear

it’s all

in the


With an EAR we can HEAR.

What we HEAR travels to our HEARt.


And what is our HEART, but a HEARTH …


… that is housed upon EARTH.


What is it that our HEARTs do?


like a DRUM


Because that is what our hearts ARE …

Sacred drums.


Science told us that our hearts were pumps …

… & we, silly bastards that we are, believed them.


What is it that causes the heart Drum to beat?

Why it is the breath.

Look at what’s  hidden in a single breath






Why is it that EAR & AIR sound so VERY similar?


What if sound works like this;

What the ear hears,

the heart drums …

into existence.


This could help to explain the angst I feel so much these days by those who are actively seeking to heal & to make changes in their world.  They are not being heard. Their words fall on deaf ears.  Their frustrations are enormous.

Perhaps we are far less separate than we thought.

Perhaps we need the ears of others to hear us so that their hearts can help drum us into life, OR new forms of life. From my own childhood I understand only too well what being blanked out & not heard does to you – the Aztecs had nothing on that.

Come to re-think of it – why would the Aztecs cut out & offer up DRUMS to the sun?


Perhaps we are truly born of sound.

Sex education 101:  Remember how science tolled us that only the biggest, brawniest, beefiest of sperm could be THE ONE that broke through into Egg World to hammer home its fertility.

Well what if that’s a bunch of bollocks.

How is it that one zillion sperm can be considered a low sperm count?

How many sperm does it take to crack an egg, for goodness sake?

However …  what if science de-activated a different, wondrous, powerful understanding of …


… the human story?

Open minds hear please.


What if sperm are drummers?


What if the egg is a drum?

A very sacred Drum

What if all those zillions of sperm are a part of a musical extravaganza – one that plays out on the walls of the ova/drum?

What if the sperm must create a sound key to allow the egg to open & receive her mate?


That would make you & I, songs (as suggested by wise commenters in my last article).

Again English has tolled us that this is so.

But we couldn’t hear.

In the English language our bodies are filled with ‘Organs‘.


Does this make our blood, a liquid song?


Why is the ear, shaped as a growing babe?

What is the tune of the umbilical chord?

Why do Scientologists allow no words to be spoken during birth?


Where else has the EAR been hidden in the English langauge?

One inquiring friend had made the observation that a pear actually resembles the human heart much more than the traditional Valentine version

The human heart resembles the shape of an upside down pear

The human heart is a pear-shaped structure


What is it that turns blood rancid?


Where does so much of the fear come from these days?

The Med-EAR

News is HEARDED into us daily

By their HERDS shall ye know them

Fear literally taints the blood & creates a ‘smell’ that animals can scent – when it is said that animals can smell fear, we have not properly comprehended the sheer truth of that.

Has our blood stopped singing & started stagnating?

Is this what the fear mongering is about?


What is it we are forced to live through, while we scurry about looking for a way out?

Why, the yEAR of course.


And who is he who has been playing upon our ears for years & years?

Well that would be the one they called – shakespEARe.

Though I think now what they were really saying was that his name was – SHAPES EAR.

And he certainly has done that.

He wasn’t silly either, that wor(l)d shifter.

In Much Ado About Nothing he allows the Prince, Don Pedro, to give us a clue (which we were never going to get).

D. Pedro.  Gentlemen both, we will not wake your patience.
My heart is sorry for your daughter’s death;
But, on my honour, she was charg’d with nothing
But what was true and very full of proof.

Leon.  My lord, my lord—

D. Pedro.        I will not hear you.

Leon.        No? Come, brother, away. I will be heard.—

Ant.  And shall, or some of us will smart for it.

Surely it’s time for us to start choosing what we will & WILL NOT hear(t).

By the way, why is that we have to swEAR on a bible in court?

And just how much did Van Gogh’s eerie event contribute to his zillion dollar status? Why has that been made such a historically noted act? Why did we need to hEAR about that?

I think humanity is founded upon & grounded in, connection.

I think that connection is channelled  sacredly through the ear.

I think the ear pours its listenings into the heart & the job of the heart is to drum that out into the world.

Hearing – heart – earth – hearth – breath.

That which we hear,
we honour


“What have you listened to today?


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if the future is fucked …


… why

the hell …






If the past has been fucked with,
& your brain has been drained
& your memories curdled …

… then why the hell do you go back there?



Perhaps I should re-phrase
for those
in need …

of a little light re-phrasement.


It seems to me that
the soulless ones
who flick the switches
in this world,
the Past
the Future …








And maybe
we need to stay out of those places.

For someone else has copyrited them & left no room for you & I to live.


There is a land however …

… that seems to have potential.

A land that seems worthy of exploration

Entry is free

No passport is required

It is the land you played in as a child


There’s just one rule in this place…

That which you decree & declare to be true,
becomes true,

play it
into existence

You, of course,
you must do this,
don’t you?

… Because
is what
anchors securely

into the past
that you have just created.


That which you anchor,
or ground

into YOUR past
to keep
for life

That is why the soulless ones have anchored
their shit
in your past
so that you
will ‘own’ their shit for life.


I have a very strong feeling that we can re-create a past that will bypass their plans for our future.
We can outplay their madness
if we can anchor
our individual
back where it belongs

in our memories
in our past



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S woz tricked here


I thought we might just have a little fun


Bending rules.

Seeing sideways.

Hijacking history.


symbol …

that’s been

our psyche.


Brand … to place indelibly in the memory


I’m not a fan

… branding.


Brand … an identifying mark made, usually by burning, on the skin

… of animals or (formerly) slaves or criminals, esp as a proof of ownership


A mark of disgrace or notoriety; a stigma


The obama brand has been the most successful brand


All the best brands
can be found
designer clothes
designer goods
in the best homes
on the best people


ah yes, I see now.


Brand establishes that trust instantly


… the importance of branding and brand loyalty


Brand becomes the most common buzz word in our daily life

Branding is a very powerful component in business. The brand must have a logo to make branding easier

Pharmaceutical companies have started giving importance to branding

A good brand perpetuates itself at all levels. For that to happen it must be different, attractive, and the product must be good …

… Consider the Obama brand. The team was relentless in their consistent reproduction of the brand at every level

So perhaps a little ass kicking
of the
hot iron brandishers
is in order.


Is it really ok,
to constantly infest
the human psyche
the corporate WORD?

The word “logos” in Greek has an extraordinary range of meanings — the   heart of which is both “meaning” and “reckoning”. Hence, it may refer to a   “word” or a “thought” or a spoken phrase or an idea or that which conveys something which, to the hearer, is meaningful and, thus, can move them.”

How much of the ‘flavour’ of a product resides in its name?


What would it be like to mix’em up?

What if you or I couldn’t care less about these ‘brands’?

What if they mean NO-THING to us?

How is it that these squiggles can be treated like an entity, a being?

Why do they have Rights / Rites?



What if I’m tired …

of being constantly
by these corporate words?

Do I have rights?

… Hmmmm
(oops did I just type the McDonald’s sign four times – is that copy-rite theft?)


Maybe because I have to enter the working world again tomorrow, I am a bit jaded today.

I was simply supposed to be serving you up some crazy swas-buckling ideas.

I saw something in the swastika awhile back that I thought you might find interesting …

… – it’s about time that symbol was played with.


There are soooo many theories & apparent rite & wrong ways to view the swastika that its a veritable joke anyway.

However …

… if you take the non-nazi approach & turn its propellers …

… to the left,

then you may begin to find


to your questions.


Look again.


What do you see?




Four question marks
(dots added to clear away confusion)

ASK & you shall receive

Is this why we’ve been scared away from that symbol – lest we realise that that which we need comes through our QUESTIONS?

Well its a damn sight less intimidating than the Nazi branding is it not?

And it becomes a tool.

A toy.

Are we really allowed to play with it?


We live in this world dammit & we need access to a whole lot of new ideas to find our way.


Reverse your Swastika with the same idea & what do you see?

Come on its your turn …

Why its the letter beloved by the Masons



Some quotes to finish

Christians, like slaves and soldiers, ask no questions” (Please refer to Swastika above – ASK QUESTIONS)

“‘In war,’ answered the weaver, ‘the strong make slaves of the weak, and in peace the rich make slaves of the poor.”

Americans (actually everyone) are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”

The slave of fear: the worst of slaveries

What a curious phenomenon it is that you can get men to die for the liberty of the world who will not make the little sacrifice that is needed to free themselves from their own individual bondage.”


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