if the future is fucked …


… why

the hell …






If the past has been fucked with,
& your brain has been drained
& your memories curdled …

… then why the hell do you go back there?



Perhaps I should re-phrase
for those
in need …

of a little light re-phrasement.


It seems to me that
the soulless ones
who flick the switches
in this world,
the Past
the Future …








And maybe
we need to stay out of those places.

For someone else has copyrited them & left no room for you & I to live.


There is a land however …

… that seems to have potential.

A land that seems worthy of exploration

Entry is free

No passport is required

It is the land you played in as a child


There’s just one rule in this place…

That which you decree & declare to be true,
becomes true,

play it
into existence

You, of course,
you must do this,
don’t you?

… Because
is what
anchors securely

into the past
that you have just created.


That which you anchor,
or ground

into YOUR past
to keep
for life

That is why the soulless ones have anchored
their shit
in your past
so that you
will ‘own’ their shit for life.


I have a very strong feeling that we can re-create a past that will bypass their plans for our future.
We can outplay their madness
if we can anchor
our individual
back where it belongs

in our memories
in our past



January 16, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Mick replied:

    Hi Alex, lovely post, perfect for a Sunday morning.

    Brought ‘This Is The Sea ‘ by The Waterboys to mind:

    These things you keep
    You’d better throw them away
    You wanna turn your back
    On your soulless days
    Once you were tethered
    And now you are free
    Once you were tethered
    Well now you are free
    That was the river
    This is the sea!

    Now if you’re feelin’ weary
    If you’ve been alone too long
    Maybe you’ve been suffering from
    A few too many
    Plans that have gone wrong
    And you’re trying to remember
    How fine your life used to be
    Running around banging your drum
    Like it’s 1973
    Well that was the river
    This is the sea!

    Now you say you’ve got trouble
    You say you’ve got pain
    You say’ve got nothing left to believe in
    Nothing to hold on to
    Nothing to trust
    Nothing but chains
    You’re scouring your conscience
    Raking through your memories
    Scouring your conscience
    Raking through your memories
    But that was the river
    This is the sea yeah!

    Now i can see you wavering
    As you try to decide
    You’ve got a war in your head
    And it’s tearing you up inside
    You’re trying to make sense
    Of something that you just can’t see
    Trying to make sense now
    And you know you once held the key
    But that was the river
    And this is the sea!
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

    Now i hear there’s a train
    It’s coming on down the line
    It’s yours if you hurry
    You’ve got still enough time
    And you don’t need no ticket
    And you don’t pay no fee
    No you don’t need no ticket
    You don’t pay no fee
    Because that was the river
    And this is the sea!

    Behold the sea!

    • alex robinson replied:

      Many thanks Mick
      Next step is to get the lyrics out of the songs & into our world so we can live them into existence.

      I read this the other day & appreciated it, but hadn’t had any free time to reply – I thank you.

      Very best to you

      • pso replied:

        Life IS a song Alex. ALL is a chord.
        So sing, Alex, sing.
        Carry on.
        And make this house our home.


        just playing…
        I like that song Mick. :)

        Golgotha IS the human skull.
        There is a veil between life and death.
        When it is pricked, it falls.
        And we sing a new song..
        a song of life-
        and the sea will swallow it’s dead.


  2. pso replied:

    The River by David Byrne and Brian Eno

    I’m standing on the stage
    I’m working in a restaurant
    I make a decent wage- and I-
    Will sing into the microphone

    The river rise up
    & flows above the interstate
    Beyond the schools and shops-
    There’s no way to communicate

    The water’s moving on
    Beyond the lies and hypocrites
    I’m thinking of a song
    I need you to remember it
    The forest is alive
    It asks us to participate
    We lifted up our eyes
    To promise and reciprocate

    We fell down on our knees
    For ev’ry human being–

    One sad day I will fly away
    And one sad day I will tip toe away


    But a change is gonna come
    Like Sam Cooke sang in 63
    The river sings a song- to me-
    On ev’ry St Cecillia’s day

    So when I was reborn
    I went back to the restaurant
    The river’s moving on- from here-
    To sing it’s crazy symphony
    I’ll go home- where you are right in front of me



    • alex robinson replied:

      Many thanks to you too Patrick – it seems this post was more lyrical than I realised :)

      Very best to you

  3. pso replied:

    Oops, I ooped up.
    Wrong link but great song anyways.
    The River

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hiya Patrick – no room to squeeze my comment in up yonder, so have to come here :)

      Your comment that Life is a Song fits wonderfully well with a post I (think) I’ve just started working on – & indeed we may yet sing our way home.

      All the best

  4. the living tiki replied:

    This sparked a flash in my mind of a scene from the new film “Blue Valentine.” I’ve only seen the ad for it, but 2 seconds of that ad have resonated in my mind since: Michelle Williams spontaneously and joyfully dancing to Ryan Gosling playing a ukulele on the street. I’m sure this is the “Where they met scene”, because it is the same formulaic “Where they met scene” in most of the love stories I’ve seen. What is the formula? Play. People love love-stories that begin with the two strangers falling in love by spontaneously playing with one another (That’s why “Knocked Up” isn’t a love story).

    Hmmm… have you uncovered the secret to this elusive, rare “true love” that everyone seeks? Is finding true love not that you both really “hit it off” or “look great together” or are “on the same wavelength” or “have animal magnetism” or even were “destined to be together”, but rather the simplicity that one feels a spontaneous urge to PLAY with another?

    Perhaps I should get a ukulele and do some field research.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Sorry to interrupt your ukulele serenading mighty tiki, but that was a damn fine comment – I think you may have hit on something.
      We’ve been trained think we can, & are supposed to, turn our back on play – to ‘grow up’ – yet I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of ‘children’ in my life than ‘adults’.
      What if our disconnection with life & each other is a direct result of our betrayal of play?
      In true play there is no domination or power or control or violence or abandonment or cruelty – there is CREATIVITY, sharing of roles, changing of roles, no one-up-manship – the good of all is vital or there can be NO play.

      This linking of yours of play to ‘true love’ is truly awesome & I think you got it – so perhaps it’s not about getting layed (laid) – it’s about getting played :)

      I’m going to dwell on your ideas some more
      Many thanks!

      • the living tiki replied:

        Had to reply – this topic is causing too many “eruptions” in my brain.

        Most relevant one: What are the two main items of an “adult” store? Porn (obviously) and TOYS. (Or, um, so I’ve heard… ;))

        When our sex lives are boring, we’re being told to go PLAY. (But with their toys, of course. Heaven forbid you should use your own imagination! Or maybe we’ve lost that too.)

        Much gratitude for the kind words.

        I swear I’m gonna get that ukulele.

  5. alex robinson replied:

    Wonderful brain eruptions they are too mr tiki – sex ‘play’ is the only acceptable & thoroughly ‘stage directed’ errr … PLAY option open to adults – I know that cos I once google-imaged play for adults for a previous article!

    It seems all other forms of play are expected to stop around 12 years old i.e puberty – interesting n-est-ce pas? I think we are a civilisation of desperately play deprived beings – so fuck vitamins, minerals, therapists, answers, gurus, success & go get that ukulele NOW :)

    • the living tiki replied:

      My reply is visual this time (It sums up your last statement awesomely + the energy you spark):

      the living tiki

      • alex robinson replied:

        Mr tiki – I am overjoyed

        Play on my friend & make wonderful, wonderful music (you already do you know!), but keep that sound going – it’s SO needed.

        Sending you hugs until those ukulele-loving women start falling into your arms :)

  6. Dennis replied:

    What fun! Beautiful wonderous play. Shine forth playfull ones! Dennis

    • alex robinson replied:

      Wonderful! Thanks Dennis :)

      • Mick replied:

        Good Gosh

        All the world’s a stage,
        And all the men and women merely players:
        They have their exits and their entrances;
        And one man in his time plays many parts,

        Well, you could certainly give that a sexual interpretation. Didnt have the balls to insert penetration in there.

        That’s the problem, lots of adult play, but no innocence.

        Get rid of the moon, i say, and then we’ll stop mooning about, moaning on about how serious life is.

        Hey Pat, Life’s a Long Song


  7. Nick replied:

    I love your show on with the celtic on Roses… It got me thinking of a movie based on the most evil women in history… “BATHORY” but the movie does not portray her as being super evil… I remember the scene where she is bathing in rose pedals to stay young… The movie is worth a mention…
    PS: Is it wrong to buy a girl roses… Half of the roses here in the USA comes from my homeland Colombia… If you ever get a chance and see the movie Maria Full of Grace it gives you a into the evil flower industry… My aunt has a flower and coffee farm in Colombia and the amount of pesticides that are used will make you sick…
    A lighter note Whole Foods started selling Organic Roses… :)
    Instead of giving a girl roses that Die in a few days.. How about a living Flower in a pot that you can plant… No money to made in living flowers… :(

  8. alex robinson replied:

    Well Mick I never put that swing on that quote before – but it can most certainly be read in a Celtic Rebel kind of way!

    Whatever goes on in sex that’s labelled ‘play’ is no such thing – not in the creative sense of the word anyway – but its mighty interesting that the English language also uses that word ‘play’ for ‘programming’ as in the Shakespearian ploys oops I mean ‘plays’ – that’s what seems to be being enacted in couplings (or is it triplings) now – a pre-programmed intersecting of bodily parts without thought, heart or liver/soul.

    You just keep on singing & playing for real

    All the best

    • Mick replied:

      Thanks Alex,

      Yes, it certainly is time to live our songs, or those of our others which resonate in the heart of us. Another reminder was world creation C S Lewis style, in The Magician’s Nephew, where Aslan (the awakening lion meme) sings Narnia into existence. Poor over used creature in these modern profane times.

      Sadly, your mention of triplings brought the shudder of the unholy trinity of father, mother, abused child. There is much cleaning to do.

      But to return to innocence, children love singing, and dancing, and will sing a million universes into existence, if left alone long enough. It’s the lions in their hearts, i guess.

      Many thanks for your posts – you open worlds of possibility that have lain too long under the dust of forgetfulness.


      Mick x

      • alex robinson replied:

        This is a very powerful & lyrical flow of thinking – oh dear I now see there are many twists & turns we can take of a ‘Celtic’ nature if we look at the name ‘Aslan’ – I have a feeling there are questions to be raised abot C-SLew-is – then again there are questions to be raised about everything, so that we can free the music that we are & always have been

        Very best to you Mick

  9. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Nick – Thanks for your comments – I had no idea Colombia was such a ‘rosed’ country.

    The bathing in rose petals to stay young would certainly fit the line of thinking from Alex’s show – telling us a truth but lying with images so that we jump to the usual fractured conclusions. However … the number of people who seem to be willing to look & make changes in their lives seems to be growing – this is very heartening.

    Grow heartily!

  10. Steve and Anna replied:

    Hi Alex! (from Anna and Steve), last week’s show, The Alex and Alex Show” lol, was great, you guys touched on quite a bit of material, however this most recent blog of yours i enjoyed quite a bit. Having two kids of my own, and being the “stay at home parent”, i have been; and currently am still, witnessing how children Learn and Play. From what i understand, most “people” tend to think that the two; (Learn/work and play) are separate from one-another, when in fact it’s Natural for these things to work hand-in-hand. My kids love to play, and they love to learn, just as i do myself, however for far too long, i had separated those two things, and my concept of “learning and Fun” had been servery skewed. My Kids Taught Me, what it means to Learn, Learn through Play, and what it Means to have Fun.

    With that said, my general out-look on things is substantially better, and i find myself much more capable of handling things with a Happy attitude, as well as always finding new ways to look/do things. Both myself And my kids take great joy in cleaning, cooking, “rough-housing” and nap time, together, and we learn more and more everyday by helping each other on a “level” where we cooperate in such a manor; that i can only best describe as “Natural”.

    There is No Doubt in my mind that we have Much to learn from the children, and we, as adults, need to nourish and embrace those Hu-Man qualities we have long forgotten.. it just might save our livers.. er lives..

    – Steve and Anna

    • alex robinson replied:

      Steve & Anna, what a lovely surprise :)
      I’m running late for work, but wanted to reply – loved your comment!
      Children are & ALWAYS have been, our teachers – forget the supposed geniuses, they do not have the connection to life that kids have PLUS just think about it, their bodies contain a zillion more connections to another family tree than your do – your children have combined both yours & Anna’s DNA – they are infinitely superior to you in the amount of deep knowledge that flows in their veins.

      Play on & then play some more – I admire your dedication to your children

      Very best to you both

  11. lizajean replied:

    dear alex – the future is indeed fucked if we insist on comparing turd piles…i`ve been visiting your writing and it is inspired by love…the ripple…one of our treasures is the children and their faith in love…as manifested in play…with gratitude, lizajean
    ps – one of my most precious memories is of my father playing the ukulele

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Lizajean
      I read a sentence in a book today I really liked – it said “we are dreaming the wrong dream” – children would NEVER waste their time on the wrong dream & if they were made to, they would put it off till tomorrow – my god we have gone so far down the wrong road – it is absolutely time to turn back.

      I do so hope the living tiki sees your comment about your dad & his ukulele – that was wonderful :)

      Play on my friend

  12. tom replied:

    Alex, Great thoughts. The word “natural” (nature) was mentioned in comments. Compare that word to normal (not bad, nor MAL), and find in them both a pair to play with. If nature has installed instinctual patterns, culture has added the controlling playless element; then some natural tendencies of childhood become victim to normal behaviors however acquired. A very difficult journey back to the natural of childhood from the overwhelming dominant structures. An ability to play is seeded in our genes (genies), witness it in laughter, a smile, dance, song and wonder of all sorts. Was sounding very dry, and clinical. Hope I rebounded on a happier note.
    Thanks again,
    Peace, Tom

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Tom
      “A very difficult journey back to the natural of childhood from the overwhelming dominant structures” – agreed, not easy at all, but again I think this wonderful Turkish proverb speaks volumes;

      “No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back”

      … and who knows, perhaps there’s a shortcut or maybe we can build a bridge together – of late I have seen some wonderful humanity appearing.

      We are ab-soul-utely made from playful material.

      Peace & happiness to you

  13. tom replied:

    Follow up, If mass hypnosis was enough, then the need for individual doors to be kicked down by individual goons would not be needed. There is all the power in each mind. The mind is anchored through the shaping chain of events making us both similar and different. Attempts to sever said chain opens us to our past which could be undeniable. Once severed, an individual would be a sea (at sea). Anything is possible now. List may include: drowning, madness, despair and many another possibles, sadly, I’d admit to all these feeling. Walking on water would be acceptable here. Rafting with current event, having a merry time (maritime), throwing care to the wind, being natural and extraordinary, common and normal, no anchors needed here. Illusion sought for understanding thwarts clever and dull.
    Sail with it. I like play.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Heya Tom
      Yes lets go for walking on water, I’d love to give that a go. Last year I went for a 16km kayak down the Wanganui River here in NZ, that was magnificent & so healing for me.

      We LOVE play, we need play – I think living tiki is right when he suggests that when people ‘fall in love’ what they’ve really done is rekindled play & found, for a time, their perfect ‘play mate’.
      W’e’ve been so cruelly twisted away from play – yet that is where LIFE lives. When you feel drowning, madness, despair try skipping (not the rope kind – the real one):-

      – I think I can give you a 100% money back guarantee that in under 10 seconds you will be smiling.

      Play, skip & sail on :)

    • Mick replied:

      The Heart, my friend, the Heart – more connected, more powerful, more intelligent. It is time the mind gave up its stewardship. The true throne of Being lies in the Heart.

      Ever noticed how an achor looks lokie an Egyptian wormhole boat supporting an ankh with a serpent flowing down it?

      I agree, sail away, sail away :)

      • Mick replied:

        Is that a ‘freudian’ slip – i meant like not lokie – curiously tricksy.

      • alex robinson replied:

        Heya Mick – I thought Lokie was a great twist! I rather think we do need to be wily & tricksterish now in putting ourselves back together again – we threw so many parts of ourselves away – perhaps we are the Osiris story – dis-membered from humanity & each other.

  14. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Thanks for sharing some positive reaffirmation here.

    Play play play!

    There is so much “junk” out there now on 2012, sheeple probably feel neck deep in it and most clueless on 2012.

    Cheer Alex, thanks for sharing!

    • alex robinson replied:

      Heya Michael – 2012 is junk – it’s rapidly turning into some kind of mass psychosis or perhaps we could re-spell – pysch0212 (OSIS) – 2012 in-versed & retro-arranged.

      Let’s say ‘bugger 2012’ & go dancing & dog walking :)

      • Mick replied:


  15. Anthony replied:

    Hello Alex,

    I’ve just seen the most beautiful woman in the world. Breathtakingly, heartachingly beautiful. The world seemed to stand still as I gazed in admiration.

    The funny thing is that I saw the most beautiful woman in the world three times last week and she always looked different. Today she had blonde hair, last week she was a brunette, black haired.

    I’m actually serious, but the serious part is that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and because my appreciation of beauty gets more and more profound, the beauty of these women (and other natural beauties in the animal and plant kingdoms) touches me more and more intensely.

    In stark contrast to the fake “beauty” of the pretenders. I had actually planned to write of my experience on a bus last week when a naturally pretty young woman got on the bus and in 10 minutes transformed herself into a different person with the help of make-up. “Make-up” = To invent, to pretend, to lie and is very fitting when seen in the context of cosmetics. After ten minutes the pretty, natural woman was gone and a doll had taken her place. The make up was actually quite decent compared to many, but still, the girl was gone.

    This reminded me of the definition of “persona” which I think I read on the living tiki blog. Persona comes from per sonare (to sound) and refers to the masks used by actors in ancient Rome and Greece which not only gave them new faces, but also new sounds.

    Perfume fits in as well. Fake smells, fake looks, fake characters. As a man, I always hated kissing lipstick and face powder or nuzzling into hairspray and hairgel, inhaling overpowering perfumes.

    A thousand thanks for every natural beauty who is strong enough to the world their true self.

    Another cliché is that beauty comes from within, and although there is an exterior beauty, I’ve witnessed enough magical moments of transformation to believe that true beauty does come from inside. I’ve shared a smile with some women who were a long way from being beauties, but on special occasions (and I don’t think they or I were aware why) they lit up for an instant that was truly amazing.

    It’s interesting to observe women as they get older and the natural, but contented plain Janes very often overtaking the youthful stunners who lose themselves behind the “make up”.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Anthony
      So glad that your are seeing beauty – it is up to us to do the seeing & finding of beauty. We surely do ‘make beautiful’ thro’ our own eyes. Actually the most extraordinary example of this I have seen in such a long time was in a post by Aferrismoon recently, when he took his camera for a walk – a meeting of two strangers elicited the most breathtakingly beautiful & innocent image I have seen in ages – scroll down to the actress in 1940’s outfit – it’s the momentary ALIVE connection between the two that makes it so wonderful;

      Dolls = plastic, but most men have been programmed to ‘desire’ that – & will virtually suck off the flesh of the ‘beauties’ without ever once giving a thought to whether a soul lies beneath – that = possession & is not healthy. Admiration is wonderful, flesh cannibalism is not a pleasant business. Is that why the word ‘flesh pot’ was coined?

      Keep creating beauty!
      All the best to you

  16. Mick replied:

    The white, the red and the black (the maid, the whore and the hag). ‘Tis surely the Goddess!

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