What on ear-th




fallen tree …

in any

forest (or jungle)

& they’ll



the same thing.

“The bible




In the beginning there could not possibly have been the word.



No way.

For how can there be

The Word’


an ear

to hear it?


So for the love of god let’s set that story straight.

In the beginning was the Ear, and the Ear was with God, and the Ear was God.”




Why am I here today,


your ear,

you ask?


Well I had an acidic week.

So I’m here to heal

& dammit

I’m going to take the lot of you with me.


This week I sinned.


Nope. Not that way


Nor that.


Tempting.  But no.


I sinned by being human.

Where I work now, I cannot see/connect with the outside world & I’ve been struggling mightily because of this.

It became very important to voice this out & seek any possible solutions.

Somehow my speaking up …

… turned into a crime.

Memories of similar crimes from childhood, flooded back.

It was … caustic.

How is it possible that by expressing personal pain & confusion, you can be about-turned into a societal criminal?


From where flows that tsunamic energy that rises up to force you back into your tiny little box labelled life?

In the past I would have crawled under a rock & nursed my wounded feelings.

But time is of the essence now,


I set to questioning this deep need  –

the need to be heard.


I set out with a team of hearty-livered trackers to see if there was anything to uncover  … &  by dog,


… I think we found something.


The team & I now think that life is heard into existence – hence our opening suggestion that the bible spouteth (& sprouteth) bollocks.


It seems as if hearing, heartfelt hearing, may be going the way of the dodo …

… and that we may now be inhabiting, the Deaf Star.

The team & I are a teensy bit worried about that.

It’s interesting, is it not, how similarly sounded the words deaf & death are. The third one in that thrill-ogy of course, is debt.


If life IS founded upon sound, then not being heard, may be considered a life-threatening situation.

The coded Enigma English language is fully conversant with this – but it’s never been one to share what it knows.

You see my dear

it’s all

in the


With an EAR we can HEAR.

What we HEAR travels to our HEARt.


And what is our HEART, but a HEARTH …


… that is housed upon EARTH.


What is it that our HEARTs do?


like a DRUM


Because that is what our hearts ARE …

Sacred drums.


Science told us that our hearts were pumps …

… & we, silly bastards that we are, believed them.


What is it that causes the heart Drum to beat?

Why it is the breath.

Look at what’s  hidden in a single breath






Why is it that EAR & AIR sound so VERY similar?


What if sound works like this;

What the ear hears,

the heart drums …

into existence.


This could help to explain the angst I feel so much these days by those who are actively seeking to heal & to make changes in their world.  They are not being heard. Their words fall on deaf ears.  Their frustrations are enormous.

Perhaps we are far less separate than we thought.

Perhaps we need the ears of others to hear us so that their hearts can help drum us into life, OR new forms of life. From my own childhood I understand only too well what being blanked out & not heard does to you – the Aztecs had nothing on that.

Come to re-think of it – why would the Aztecs cut out & offer up DRUMS to the sun?


Perhaps we are truly born of sound.

Sex education 101:  Remember how science tolled us that only the biggest, brawniest, beefiest of sperm could be THE ONE that broke through into Egg World to hammer home its fertility.

Well what if that’s a bunch of bollocks.

How is it that one zillion sperm can be considered a low sperm count?

How many sperm does it take to crack an egg, for goodness sake?

However …  what if science de-activated a different, wondrous, powerful understanding of …


… the human story?

Open minds hear please.


What if sperm are drummers?


What if the egg is a drum?

A very sacred Drum

What if all those zillions of sperm are a part of a musical extravaganza – one that plays out on the walls of the ova/drum?

What if the sperm must create a sound key to allow the egg to open & receive her mate?


That would make you & I, songs (as suggested by wise commenters in my last article).

Again English has tolled us that this is so.

But we couldn’t hear.

In the English language our bodies are filled with ‘Organs‘.


Does this make our blood, a liquid song?


Why is the ear, shaped as a growing babe?

What is the tune of the umbilical chord?

Why do Scientologists allow no words to be spoken during birth?


Where else has the EAR been hidden in the English langauge?

One inquiring friend had made the observation that a pear actually resembles the human heart much more than the traditional Valentine version

The human heart resembles the shape of an upside down pear

The human heart is a pear-shaped structure


What is it that turns blood rancid?


Where does so much of the fear come from these days?

The Med-EAR

News is HEARDED into us daily

By their HERDS shall ye know them

Fear literally taints the blood & creates a ‘smell’ that animals can scent – when it is said that animals can smell fear, we have not properly comprehended the sheer truth of that.

Has our blood stopped singing & started stagnating?

Is this what the fear mongering is about?


What is it we are forced to live through, while we scurry about looking for a way out?

Why, the yEAR of course.


And who is he who has been playing upon our ears for years & years?

Well that would be the one they called – shakespEARe.

Though I think now what they were really saying was that his name was – SHAPES EAR.

And he certainly has done that.

He wasn’t silly either, that wor(l)d shifter.

In Much Ado About Nothing he allows the Prince, Don Pedro, to give us a clue (which we were never going to get).

D. Pedro.  Gentlemen both, we will not wake your patience.
My heart is sorry for your daughter’s death;
But, on my honour, she was charg’d with nothing
But what was true and very full of proof.

Leon.  My lord, my lord—

D. Pedro.        I will not hear you.

Leon.        No? Come, brother, away. I will be heard.—

Ant.  And shall, or some of us will smart for it.

Surely it’s time for us to start choosing what we will & WILL NOT hear(t).

By the way, why is that we have to swEAR on a bible in court?

And just how much did Van Gogh’s eerie event contribute to his zillion dollar status? Why has that been made such a historically noted act? Why did we need to hEAR about that?

I think humanity is founded upon & grounded in, connection.

I think that connection is channelled  sacredly through the ear.

I think the ear pours its listenings into the heart & the job of the heart is to drum that out into the world.

Hearing – heart – earth – hearth – breath.

That which we hear,
we honour


“What have you listened to today?


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  1. Fitzy replied:

    I hear, a tomorrow, like a memory, over and over and over.
    I hear the long walk, from the midnight of the soul, to the coast, to the dawn, to the remembering of the Future.
    Where, You, Me, We, Us, All and Everyone and Every when, remember the silly game we played.
    When we dressed up like people, and put on a pantomime, and acted in ways that amuse us now.
    And, as the horizon blazes, we put away the childish daydream, of Muscle and Mucus, to turn and look back once and for one last time, at the trail we trod to this good place…
    Where we remembered for the last time, the passing game, actors no more, on a certain, magnificent shore.

    Thanks Good Sister.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Allo Fitzy
      Sorry so slow to reply – got your reply with thanks when it first arrived :)

      I hear a soul, speaking to my soul & I am very glad. I hear many souls here or do I ‘here’ many souls ‘hear’ – either way I am hEARtened – not all the souls have gone to sleep after all. It’s not just Christchurch that’s rumbling – there’s souls in them there hills & I think some of them can hear.

      Maybe if we make a loud enough noise we might just wake up a few more!

      Very best to you

  2. celticrebel replied:

    I didn’t know where you were going with this when we spoke about it … but alas, now i hEAR you. Well, at least I think I do :-)

    • alex robinson replied:

      Mr Rebel, I think you could take this topic to a hole new level! I think the best work comes from the sparks we create in the company & companionship of living people. If I had not heard your work I be more stupid than I am today :)

  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    I HEAR you my friend! Kudos on a brilliant Riting!

    Indeed, there are so many deaf ears as of late! People say they want to be heard, but do not really listen either, not to themself nor others.

    The business world (i.e. the fake world)does not allow for one to be heard unless you have some sort of “blood status”. Wonderful that you detoxified your blood from the poison that stagnate world can feed you!

    I didn’t know the fact on Scientology not allowing any sounds to be spoken at birth? Wow, that’s freaky right there.

    I loved the flow of this article Alex, sound and vibration are definitely the tools of creation. Alas I am curious now about those born without the gift of hearing? Certainly they can create in their own ways, and there are those that have touched my heart that cannot hear due to physical impairment. Perhaps these gifted people are there to help open up your “real eyes” and our drumming hearts.

    Pluck those heartstrings Alex!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Heya Michael
      Funny just thinking how similar stagnate & stargate look. The Scientology snippet came courtesy of the front cover of a womans magazine re the new travolta baby.
      As to the deaf I believe our skin is an entire sensing organ. I’m sure the ears of the deaf must still be funnels of vibration & sensing – you know I’m all guess work – just a mish-mash of ideas to try & get creativity moving again – take what you like, bin the rest & then go out dancing :)

  4. Mick replied:

    In the beginning there was the wood, and the wood was good.

    Elm and ash – embla and ask – ask, and you shall receive the emblem of your humanity – the power of the dna, our family tree.

    Before the use of rock, there was wood – the living temples, the storers and teachers of knowledge, the growing grottos of play.

    Desperation is shown by the british govts need to privatise the uk’s forests, and thence the cull (sacrifice) will begin in earnest.

    Wood, wind, water, rock – that is all we truly need. The god-given fire and metal were a cunning gift, a curse more than a blessing.

    Interesting site:


    Hearty thanks :)

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Mick
      You are right, wood is very powerful – after all the element of the liver!
      I have a friend who is a wood turner – she makes wondrous bowls – you are right wood is very alive – it tells stories.

      How can you privatise a forest – do govt job descriptions in England include the title ‘lunatic’? Well then I think tomorrow I shall go & purchase a cup of air & a bushel of seaweed.

      Ta for the link
      Shine on

  5. Ferdinand replied:

    When I am “connected” it feels as if there is an electric current running in through and out of my ears. It is not really unpleasant, but does feel a bit strange. I wonder what the implications are for the technology that currently exists that allows for people to “hear” things by broadcasting directly inside the brain instead of through the ears.

    Maybe this is the Y-ear for hearing different tune. I know it’s ear-ly, but I know many have been y-ear-ning.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Holy cow, I didn’t realise that was you Kyle!

      I am intrigued by your buzzing ears & quite possibly that is true for all of us, but we’re too dimmed to notice – I should think anything transmitted straight into the brain should really come attached with a very big sign that says NO NO.

      I agree heartily with you that there is a yearning – it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before – I do so hope that it builds into a raging hunger & gets people off their sofa’d asses & out into some kind/ any kind of LIVING.

      All the best to you

      • Ferdinand replied:

        :) Yes, ’tis me. Look at all your comments!! I was just thinking about Amelia Ear-hart and also how EAR can become ARE and ERA and RAE. I look forward to the next revelatory article, Miss Alex.

        Alex said
        Sorry no room, so squeezing in beside you.
        ARE – Verb ‘to Be’ – Human ‘being’ = human who hears?

        Looked up Amelie EAR HEARt – she was vanquished in a lockheed ELECTRA – going to a scrap of land in the Pacific – played a bit on the internit – found a Sophocles play about Electra, & this line;

        “ELECTRA Hear, Nemesis of him who hath lately died!”

        Best to you

  6. pso replied:

    So maybe IS-rae-l is the ear for the heart of Africa to beat this blood of ours into….?

    I can’t finish the sentence. [crime]
    Maybe Van Gogh was onto something?


    • pso replied:

      I have time to reply to myself.
      We all need to start singing the song of the Golden Rule and all that jazz.. ;)- into the ear of the land called Is-rae-l
      Tell and sing such things as STOP THE VIOLENCE and love your fellow man, all you sweet wonderful dumbasses!

      Right now jehova/allah/nimrod whatever owns the ear there. It is telling it’s own sorted and twisted tale of how and what and when -it all is and should be -for the whole world.
      Enough is enough!

      We either cut it off and grow a new ear [wtf not-Van Gogh survived it?], or we get rid of the bad songs and replace with songs of life.
      How we do this?


      • pso replied:

        I have time to reply to myself again:
        We do this how?
        We IMAGINE [in the beginning was the IMAGE] it in.
        It is no simpler a method and purpose of our existence, and yet the hardest thing to do.


        Alex said:
        Patrick, there’s no where for me to reply!! :) Maybe that’s a sign – perhaps the very best thing we can do is respond to ourselves anyhow – so how can I beat what you have said to you!

        Travel well & heartily

  7. Anthony replied:

    Thinking out loud…


    O.E. heran (Anglian), (ge)hieran, hyran (W.Saxon), from P.Gmc. *khauzjianan (cf. O.N. hegra, O.Fris. hora, Du. horen, Ger. hören, Goth. hausjan), perhaps from PIE base *(s)keu- “to notice, observe” (see caveat). Spelling difference between hear and here developed 1200-1550.

    Hora, horen, hören make me think of Horus

    Horus is famous for the horus eye, which is rather fascinating:


    The commonly used term “wedjat” for the Horus eye meant “the sound Eye” and so refers to it after its magic restoration.

    Sound here is intended as whole, but in my thought train I understood it as “sound” noise.


    Udjat (reminds me of Owzat!). Owzat / Howzat is an appeal to an umpire. An umpire is a judge. Judgement of Horus?

    In the novel Momo by Michael Ende there is a character Meister Hora (full name Secundus Minutius Hora) the keeper of the time.

    Plot summaryIn the ruins of an amphitheatre just outside an unnamed city lives Momo, a little girl of mysterious origin. She is remarkable in the neighbourhood because she has the extraordinary ability to listen — really listen. By simply being with people and listening to them, she can help them find answers to their problems, make up with each other, and think of fun games.

    This pleasant atmosphere is spoiled by the arrival of the Men in Grey. These strange individuals represent the Timesavings Bank and promote the idea of “timesaving” among the population, time which can be deposited to the Bank and returned to the client later with interest. They then make people forget all about them but not about the resolution to save as much time as possible for later use. Gradually, the sinister influence of the Men in Grey affects the whole city: life becomes sterile, devoid of all things considered time-wasting, like social activities, recreation, art, imagination, or sleeping. Buildings and clothing are made exactly the same for everyone and the rhythms of life become hectic. In reality the more time people save the less they have; the time they save is actually lost to them. Instead, it is consumed by the Men in Grey in the form of cigars made from the dried petals of the hour: lilies that represent time. Without these cigars the Men in Grey cannot exist.

    ** When the book was published in the U.S. in 1985, Natalie Babbit from the Washington Post commented: “Is it a children’s book? Not here in America.”[5] Momo was republished by puffin press on January 19, 2009 **

    Just to confirm that I was on the right track!
    A statue of Momo with a big ear! Momo, the listener!

    Hear / Hora (Horus) and of course Hours all linked rather nicely!

    Hora reminds me of whore. Naughty ladies. But why are they called whores? Read the etymology below and note that the further back you go, the nicer the meaning becomes. Was this an attack on the sacred female / mother? Turning love into a sin?

    whore (n.)
    O.E. hore “prostitute, harlot,” from P.Gmc. *khoraz (fem. *khoron-) “one who desires” (cf. O.N. hora “adulteress,” Dan. hore, Swed. hora, Du. hoer, O.H.G. huora “whore;” in Goth. only in the masc. hors “adulterer, fornicator,” also as a verb, horinon “commit adultery”), from PIE *qar-, a base that has produced words in other languages for “lover” (cf. L. carus “dear;” O.Ir. cara “friend;” O.Pers. kama “desire;” Skt. Kama, name of the Hindu god of love, kamah “love, desire,” the first element in Kama Sutra).

    • Mick replied:

      Whoa fellah! Now that is just so spot on. Tiny fingers of insistence swiftly flicking the memory switches of recognition. Many thanks.

      And more thanks to you, Alex. More resonance resounds!

    • alex robinson replied:

      Wonderful Anthony – I LOVED the story of Momo you have given – I cannot express how much I think that hearing is divinely potent – so ordinary, so unremarkable, so ‘cheap’ – isn’t that the best sign of something powerful – hidden under our noses (well not quite cos that would look a bit stupid!).

      Momo so like Mama – that which is listened to is birthed & nurtured – I would hazard a guess that this is why the … ahem ‘music industry’ is so heaved (in the vomiting sense of the word) upon us.

      Very good also to see that a whore is one who ‘desires’ – what a shocking, foul sin that is. Next we’ll have people wanting to connect with humanity & nature & undoubtedly debauchery & degradation & corruption will ensue.
      All we can hope is that someone better than us will guide us away from our natural inclinations & teach us how to be good, sensible, hard working citizens :)

  8. Brad replied:

    These observations are Udderly Staggering!

    Wow, the concept with the drum and sperm makes TOO much sense…
    You are genius my friend!

    Makes me think of the work of Masaru Emoto and his water crystals.

    This is the return of this knowledge that has been swept under the carpet for too long…

    Our words (music, artwork,etc) ALL have frequency,
    which is either positive for the whole, or detrimental to the whole…

    The beauty of being human is that we can chooz what we want to ‘inject’ into the Universe…

    Godess knows we need more ‘good injections’ into every sphere of reality as we know right now…

    Amazing stuff Alex

    Be Well

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Brad
      So very pleased that you heard that drum beat & always a pleasure to connect with one who connects to beauty.

      I believe you are so right that all our works & words have frequency – if we don’t own them, take them to heart & give them back with beauty, then what monsters are we creating? I sometimes think about what it would be like if words cost money – how much more thought would ‘go into’ what ‘goes out’?

      Very best to you

  9. aferrismoon replied:

    I noticed in films and TV increasingly politeness is thrown out of the window. Never a please or a thankyou – just gimme.

    I guess its for the ‘drama’. But anyhow many are influenced by the movies etc and their personae.

    Also I used to notice when had telly that the adverts were always a few notches louder than the TV prog.

    + the ‘dah na naah’ music electronically emerging all over the plce , shops, someone else’s earphones, cars passing by.

    Dear Fear
    Clear hear


    • alex robinson replied:

      Politeness Mr Moon? What is that? I think you are confused, today we need to be ‘assertive’ – haven’t you heard. Did no-one tell you that the way to a persons heart is with a sharp knife or pre-sharpened claws?

      I too noticed a while ago about the extra de-sybils that appear with badvertisements – bloody attention-seekers – aural assault & battery is welcomed when money is to be made – ask any marketeer & they’ll chEAR – “hear here”.

      btw Cos is back today – told me about Czech cheers – wonderful :)

  10. Jaspal replied:

    It was lovely to HEAR you yesterday, while I am also trapped in the concrete jungle, inside a office where no one speaks (funny how people get so drawn into work they don’t say a word all day, I remember at school always being told to be silent and listen). Silence is golden, unless the one speaking has a silver tongue.

    We do seem to live in a world where we are bombarded with noise, where silence would allow you to contemplate and hear what is otherwise drowned out. And what we do hear is always bad news, lies, and instructions on how to be normal, happy, productive people/slaves.

    Being ignored is terrible, I think it is like a flower that doesn’t get any sunshine, it just wilts, and so does someone who has a lot to say but no one to say it to. That old saying, ‘if a tree falls in the woods, but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’. If we did have the power to bring things into existence, it would be by hearing them, rather than seeing them.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Ahhhhhhh Jaspal, I can’t (under)stand how people turn off their souls at work – little automatons holding themselves distant & closed – wtf – that’s 8 hours of your life you’ve just lost EVERY day!!

      Being ignored is unnatural & terribly destructive – we lie to ourselves when we ignore – we say something, someone doesn’t exist when we know damn well that it/they do/does. I think our gut needs us to see & hear so that it can digest & then help us move forward.

      Gotta stay away from that bad news – personally I think it’s no different to voluntarily drinking poison – hmmmm(lock) perhaps there’s more to Socrates ending than I considered …

      Very good to hear you too :)

  11. tom replied:

    One improvement, or change, I’ve noticed personally is that I take in stride and am able to move on quickly when the point I’ve tried to make is missed. Happen at work or in casual conversation; hurray for letting go.

    It isn’t that what I’ve said makes no sense (don’t trust me). Maybe listening is more the registering of sound, while hearing adds meaning and understanding.

    Gone with the wind > listen

    Go with he win > hear

    • alex robinson replied:

      Good for you Tom – closed ears are a wall that cannot be breached – meanwhile life’s a-waiting elsewhere.

      Nice points on sound/listening/hearing – I wonder how many ways there are to listen?

      Gone within?

      All the best

  12. Dion Duffield replied:

    amazing work Alex, eye opening…or should i say ear opening?

  13. Mick replied:

    The coded Enigma language is a one-eyed imagne – woody Woden and houri Horus come to mind, or is that babysit? Do you mind? No, I babysit, ha, ha :)
    They’ve minded us under their fiery gaze for far too long – me Agni.
    Oh, this getting terrible! Alex, what have you done?
    Not listening, not listening.

  14. Mick replied:

    Ooh, found this quote from ‘The Songlines’ by Bruce Chatwin:

    I have a vision of the Songlines stretching across the continents and ages; that wherever men have trodden they have left a trail of song; and that these trails must reach back, in time and space, to an isolated pocket in the African savanna, where the First Man shouted the opening stanza of the World Song, “I am.”

    Now, personally, I think he really means the First Woman, as most programmes I’ve seen on tribes it is the women who do the singing, mainly (or is that manly?!?) for the protection, growth and fertility of the tribe, or maybe because it’s fun.

    She would have said “We are” because she was pregnant!
    Oh boy, “We ear”.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hiya Mick
      Its good to see your p-ley energy in motion :)

      Yes please give me songlines, give me moisture to keep my heart from drying out in these most stupid of days.

      I find I really enjoy walking in the rain, its always nice, but these days that moisture seems so necessary – the cry for the feminine energy I guess – bring on the rain, bring on fluidity & connection & bubbling laughter.

      Never lose those p-ley lines

  15. Steve and Anna replied:

    Hi Alex! I enjoyed this post quite a bit, But i have been thinking about things along the lines of hEARing and the Brain it’s self. What I’m wondering about is with all the interFEARence that we receive on a daily basis directed at our Brains, using our brains as a processing tool for all the information of the Hu-Man body, it becomes Damaged and thought Processes become skewed and the Connection to our other Organs and Senses become damaged and interrupted. There-for we would be Unable to hEAR one AnothER as well as even sense what we are trying to communicate because we loose the ability to Feel or Smell things anymore.

    My idea is that if we were to use our “Gut” feeling to think with rather than our Brains, and use the brain as a tool rather than a dependency for everything, than I believe We as Hu-Mans, could be in a much better place to gain access to potential our race has long forgotten about..

    I have a problem with trying to convey my thoughts, ideas, and anything else for that matter, coherently to others, So i am choosing to look internally to find answers. Body language, scents, and other aspects and skills one would use to project or emit a general sense of what they are trying to communicate, have been lost and forgotten over time, Due to Us being Told that those things are unnEcessARy for survival, and there-for is not required.

    When We work on Ourselves, We’re Working Together as Well..

    -Steve and Anna

    • alex robinson replied:

      Wonderful thoughts Steve & Anna
      We are most definitely, dangerously wonky – our senses are skewed & abused – I do think the ‘home’ of our senses is in our gut.
      The gut is central within our body – kind of an obvious clue really – the head is up at the top of the stairs, you have go thro a narrow entrance at the neck, mind you the view is good from up there – but who would want to eat & live & love & sleep up there – damn draughty too with all those orifices :)

      You are not alone in struggling to articulate – I think so many of us desperately wish to connect but our language trips us up & then betrays us – its time we took a hold of language & put it in it’s place as servant instead of master – thank all that is wonderful that there are some people now let their ears be open & questioning.

      “When We work on Ourselves, We’re Working Together as Well..”
      Great thoughts thanks!

  16. Mick replied:

    Please forgive me for interjecting on that valid point. I keep re-reading this post, I’m not stuck here permanently. As far as ‘know’ the heart is the greatest ‘thinker’ and healer we have got. All the brain has to do is listen to its beats, or whispers. If we can learn to interpret its messages, then the brain can take a rest, and stop worrying. We are heart based beings and have been diverted to elevating the brain to superiority. I believe all our organs have their own intelligence, and our bones, as well as blood, store all the knowledge we truly need. This world is full of magic, our magic. I once read an account by a hedgewitch about just sitting and communicating with your bones or organs to hear what they can tell you. Below is an interesting site that explores such possibilities:


    • pso replied:

      Damn straight msg! ;)
      and the Sun above -the black magi [or aka left hand perhaps even right hand path-ers] see an anus, but I see our womb now.
      That makes the Sun status of life giver MOTHER- and I suppose by heart logic [ha!] Earth is a different sort of living DAUGHTER…and maybe the moon -some sort of bloke that needs HER ass kicked -UNLESS MAN CREATED THE SOB ;)

      btw, I’m not stuck her either, but I subscribed so I get all the goodies [responses].

      I never really thanked Alex.
      my bad.
      She HELPED with leading me out of the badlands.



      • alex robinson replied:

        A pleasure Patrick – what we do for ourselves we do for others – it’s time to be very kind to ourselves & it’s time to heal

        Very best to you

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi again Mick – I was reminded of how much I enjoyed the first time I heard someone suggest that our brains & spinal chords are there to serve our bodies. Having been brought up a catholic I have long suffered & struggled with the idea that the body is unimportant – this society of course also backs that notion for its own ends.
      I simply adore the idea that our organs & bones are knowledge & wisdom – I read somewhere of how the bones of monks were stored in caves because of the wisdom that resounded from them way after they were dead – our bones are perhaps something like Tibetan gongs resounding out into the world – dammit why are people so scared of such deeply wonderful ideas?

      Thanks for these lovely thoughts & all the best to you

      • Mick replied:

        Hi Alex, because of our Victorian, and Puritan perhaps, heritage we are so afraid of handling the body. At least Catholics have the weekly ritual of consuming jesus’ body. Comfortingly cannibalistic. The British stiff upper lip is so hard and unapproachable – it makes true conversation impossible, and kissing is certainly a no-no. It always amused me that meeting (mating) of tongues was considered French. The sensual, writhing dance of mouth serpents. I sent this eary post to a very dear friend of mine heart. She costs nothing but the gems of love mined deep from the heart, and she is as gentle as a fawn. She was wwwowed! What wonderful words of wisdom.
        Hi pso – that eye of horus thing always bothered me. Is that why the sun always shines out of the hero’s a…?

      • pso replied:

        Well Mick, in the spirit of continued play…IF I ‘spell’ A Sun, it sure looks like A NUS to the dyslexic perhaps ;), so maybe it should have stayed SOL [SOUL}, and that makes me think of SOUL MOTHER…and I smoked some herb so ‘bear’ with me [Spirit BEar] …or b-EAR..hehe see ears everywhere now…

        Seriously, re: hero’s or he rows –from a boat- and where the SUN do not shine…all I can say to that is it’s imitation at best. They take what the stars above mapped out -as the IMAGE OF OUR OWN BRAIN, with the gospel story basically digitized and printed out above our heads–and take the focus from the innards of the SKULL– away to the INTESTINAL TRACK–and instead of a healthy firing up through the chakra system for a healthy serpent to travel up -so the destination PINEAL grows it’s 7 TIMES HOTTER–they end up going through an exit door and ROB THE TEMPLE–the muthrfudgers.

        Yes, they are sicko puppies [DOGS as if you did not know [anyone can say ORION?], so where was I….damned if I remember what else you wrote…I can’t see your post…lol

  17. Mick replied:

    Right, I’m de-camping after this. God’s Dogs, eh pso, all called Dominic.
    Here’s a poem that came to a John Crabtree while standing at Callanish:

    With dew in my hand
    I have tarried by the cromlech
    With the Watchers of the Silent Ones
    Beneath the Raven’s wing
    I have been unto myself
    As stone unto wave
    As Eagle unto Air
    As corn unto Sun.
    I have made strong beams within
    The Ancient Heart
    To hold the stillness,
    To weave the Song,
    To bind the peace.

    Blessed Be to all :)

  18. miriam replied:

    I heard the call from down south..ended up here :)

    Thank you, I needed to hEAR that..
    how far do these sounds travel eh? hearts to hearts..millions of them!

    greetings from Rio de Janeiro

    • alex robinson replied:

      Warm greetings to you to Mia
      Yes please I’d like to make a booking for a million hearts to hear & connect with another million hearts – I think we’ve started :)

      Very best to you

  19. Stitch-a-phonic replied:

    Alex! I was just recovering from your liver post. I found that one to be…well ,…quite “liver”ating. It was like you raised the roof of my cramped hovel and allowed me to air it out. Now, you’ve unhinged the damn roof and blown it to idiot Oz. (That shite hole can have it, too.)

    Thanks for helping me remember the magic of being human.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Heya John, you made me laugh – thanks :)
      Come to think of it laughter is ‘dynamite’ – my very favourite laughs are the ones that explode out of people – I have a feeling laughter may be one of the most potent forces in the universe – perhaps the universe was born out of a laugh, but somewhere along the way some humourless fuckwits took over & they need us to be in this drugged state to keep the laughter at bay! Children laugh a LOT. Adults whine – I rest my case.

      Very best to you.

  20. lizajean replied:

    alex – something wondrous is being unleashed here…toast

  21. Dennis replied:

    The ear of corn is delicious to eat. I am so freaking happy that such blogs like yours are in my existance. Shineforth brave and wonderous souls!. Dennis

  22. alex robinson replied:

    Ears of corn somehow reminded me of the Big Ears of Anubis – I wonder why?

    Thanks for your lovely words & encouragement Dennis

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