The Illusion Mysteries (a semi-series look at truth)


The gods, it was taught, loved to nourish themselves
on truth & justice
(New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology)


That’s kind of weird, don’t you think?

You did think about it didn’t you?

Or do I have to repeat myself?

The gods, it was taught, loved to nourish themselves on truth & justice



I mean, come on …

It’s not as if the bastards have ever played fair
with humanity,
now is it?

Manipulation, rape & murder
are but three
of the tricks
of the immortal trade.

So what good would it do to the god’s digestive processes to sup on such an ungodly fare?

While we’re at it, we may also like to wonder why today’s ‘lords‘ sup so heartily on a substance they do not personally imbibe.

Truth, Justice & the Hamerican way‘?
(See the Celtic Rebel for an exciting array of Nu Ham recipes).


Could there be something we’re missing?



After all, as a species we’re just the teensiest bit thick.

And surely it can’t be too hard …

…to trick a very thick brick.

In Part I of the Illusion Mysteries mini-serious we’re going to start by taking a close look at the cultivated version of truth to which …

…  we’ve been so Pavlovically conditioned to salivate.


Let’s begin, at the beginning.

Rather a long time ago there was a couple of naturists …


… who went scrumping
for apples


… unluckily for them they got caught by

… the malicious Lord of the Malus Domestica
who claimed that scrumping violated their contract,
& so he cast them out of his multi-million dollar production studios …

… vowing they would … “never work in Holy Applewood again”.


Why did we begin at that beginning?

Well  let me endeavour to paint you a picture.

From my non-scholarly, non-university-ejicated viewpoint, it seems to me that the world I live in (aka the Western World) …

…  was inseminated by & then incubated in, Religion.

Christianity to be exact.

You don’t need to take my word for it, but if you want some proof, it’s right there under your glorious nasal passages.

Despite the apparent reasoning & sciencing of our age, just where & when does the modern world ritually, solicit, court & enforce our attention?

Why on none other than …

the birthing

of the Sun
of the Westerly World.
(Call something a holiday & who’s going to ask why?)

Because of this intense focus, it may jehova, behova, behove us to look closerly at that lads ancestry & wonder a little about the original Tale of Malus.


So here’s your starter for 10.

What if

the tale of Adam’n’Eve is based upon a red herring instead of …

… a red apple?


What if it was very important

… to direct (shepherd) human attention toward a very concrete idea?

And what if that idea was actually the greatest mind-fuck ever perpetrated on mankind?

What if THAT mind-fuck was the ONE & ONLY …

Original Sin?


Of what do I speak?

course …

Ohhhhh …

I’m treading on very, very thin ice here aren’t I,
I suppose you want to come & beat me with a big stick …

… because isn’t ‘TRUTH‘ the one thing we’re all fighting for?


If it’s not too scary for you, just come along & be entertained by some thoughts, for a while – there’s no obligation, heck there’s not even a lot of sense.

This is play. Of a subject that might be long overdue being played with.

That’s all.

Ok … coming?

Good stuff!


The Adam & Eve story is sheer bloody genius.

As the alpha of the human story, it set a scene & tempo that has never been equalled.

It undermined humanity, absolutely.

How you ask warily (or disinterestedly)?

Well, first off by taking ownership/possession of truth.

Then by introducing the idea that knowledge-slash-truth is a dangerous good.

And then by emotionally connecting fear with truth-slash-knowledge.

And by creating fear of the feminine & mis-representing the feminine quality of strength.

But its greatest achievement was in convincing us (humanity) that truth-slash-knowledge lies somewhere outside of ourselves …

… and that if we just look or pray hard enough or long enough or are clever enough, then we will find THE answer.

That & only that was the Original Sin.

And it was a (mighty) sin AGAINST humanity.

Lets have a lesson on how the very first Psyop was engineered.

Psyop step Number 1.

Casting your stars:

Introducing a couple of ‘thick as a brick’ ancestars.

We, (the audience)  know they’re intellectually challenged by the fact that they walk around stark naked, talk to snakes & let some big weird guy dictate their tastes. We, the audience, are way too sophisticated to ever get caught with our pants down (unless in front of a web cam of course).

Psyop step Number 2.

Make sure your stars are malleable:

Use pre-programmed ‘vehicles’ to get your message across – i.e. adults. The most advanced, wise & innocent humans on the face of the earth are small children.  Adults (a-dolts) are children who simply got taller & then stupider.  If Jehova wanted innocence in his Garden of Eden, he would have created children – however they would have asked far too many im-pertinent & probing questions.

Psyop step Number 3.

Create a dream-like environment:

Make sure your set is amazing & contains some really weird psychedelic-type-shit to create a dream-like-other-world effect – perhaps including some talking animals & really, really smart trees.

Psyop step Number 4.

Use gratuitous nudity:

This will attract a good percentage of male viewers (who might otherwise have stayed tuned to the sports channel).

Psyop step Number 5.

Create an air of mystery:

Give very little information regarding the reasons behind the story or the past of the characters.  Keep conversation to a minimum – let the mind & emotions of the audience fill in the gaps.

Psyop step Number 6.

Create a crime scene:

Create an unbelievable ‘crime’ to grab your audiences attention, while also creating maximum confusion & disorientation.  Make the criminal a real ‘snake‘.  Have your fall guy/girl ready – one the audience can feel superior to.  Link in some (apparent) facts about the human life story to create an ‘air of reality’ i.e. death, painful childbirth.

And on the 7th Psyop

Drive home the BIGGEST lie:

That there is a thing labelled truth-slash-knowledge-slash-answer.

That IT exists OUTSIDE of a human being.

And that IT has to be swallowed in order to take effect.

As Eve & Adam history-ically swallowed the apple,

so too did humanity swallow the biggest lie.

And you know what?
Still we swallow!

The fruit of choice?


Look again.

Listen again.



a pill?

The act of swallowing paved the way for the world we consume & are consumed in, today.

The Adam & Eve Psyop opened our mouths so that we would learn to swallow religiously.

Apparently it was very important that humanity learn to swallow/ingest information – I’m guessing this was so that something could form INside of us.

What is it that forms inside of us when we ingest ‘outside truth‘.

Why might it be so very important to swamp our gut feelings …

…  with externally-concocted & all-too-easily-swallowed, detritus?

All this & much more will not be answered in the series to follow.

But we will play with some possible, even plausible, suggestions.

In the meantime crank up your gut & have a go at feeling what’s in there – don’t worry it won’t bite.

And have a ponder on why the German word for God – ‘Gott’ is so similar to the English word for ‘gut’.

And why Justice (that favourite tipple of the gods) can be spelled JUstICE. Nectar of the gods anyone?

Cheerio for now.

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Rock NZ

For the last 6 months, the city of Christchurch, in the South Island of NZ,  has been rocking.

A big deal was made of the first earthquake last year, which coincided quite media-orgasmically with a plane sky-diving into the opposite side of the Island

… killing all 9 passengers.

Not so long ago, in the South Island a mine exploded & 29 underworld workers never returned.  That came media-orgasmically after the Chilean miners made their explosively-hyped re-entry into the upper world.

The channelled watchers had been led to expect another marvellous display of entertaining en-lightenment, but then perhaps they didn’t know that NZ has often been a wonderful place for a sacrifice.

Way back when Christchurch first rocked & rumbled, I wondered.

The knowledge that the rumbling kept coming made me wonder more.

Today’s shocking has decided me to wonder out loud.

Make of this what you will.

I started writing 3 years ago.

My second little offering  back then, was written out of concern for my country – something was coming our way & it didn’t feel good.

This is what I wrote in Feb 2008;

Sometimes it seems like the Southern Hemisphere is being left out of the picture. HOWEVER I would like to draw attention to an upcoming event which I’m trying to find out more about. ROCK2WGTN is a rock concert to be held over Easter weekend in Wellington (capital of NZ).  This will be unlike anything we’ve ever had here before;

One site quotes “This Easter will see an event never before experienced on the planet at any place at any time!”

Bands playing are Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, White Snake, Alice Cooper, Poison, Lordi – plus NZ bands Sonic Altar, The Valves & Symphony of Screams. WETA Workshop Studios -Film & TV special effects – most known for Lord of the Rings, will be designing and build the sets. It’s going to be one ‘hell’ of a production.

Wellington is located in the centre of NZ. If you drew a figure 8 – Wellington would be pretty much at the centre. It is located on a fault line. Among other things it houses our parliament – the Beehive. I’m still trying to find out more about this event, but it doesn’t feel good to me – especially being held over Easter.”

I don’t have a problem with heavy metal, though it’s not my cup of tea, but this was so effing weird as to be ALMOST visible to non-questioners.

Anyone who has looked on a map will see that NZ is so far away from the rest of the world as to be virtually off the planet.

You don’t come to NZ by accident or on your way to somewhere else, except perhaps Antarctica.

The entire population of NZ is slowly creeping up the four & a half million mark – in comparison, just the city of London alone, has close to eight million.

Musicians come to NZ as part of world tours, not for one-off productions – here’s a hint at how insignificant we are;

The Rock2Wgtn Festival was a two day music festival. It is the second major music festival to be held in New Zealand, the first being the Big Day Out … It is also the first two-day festival, as the Big Day Out is held over a single day.” FYI The Big Day out is a one day event where average bands come & play – with ‘biggerish’ names helping round out the day.

Of ROCK2WGTN, wiki tells us;

Attendance over the 2 days was around 50,000“.

In comparison let’s have a look at some numbers for U2’s 360 tour – am I allowed to compare the two?

Why not?

Barcelona            2 nights       182,055

London                 2 nights       164,244

Sheffield (town in the North of England, population approx, 550,000)          1 night      49,955

and in relation to NZ?

U2 kicked off the Australasian leg of its 360° world tour … in Auckland on Thursday night (25th November, 2010)  … The massive stage, nicknamed ‘the claw’ due to its sprawling four-legged rig design, easily succeeded in its plan of making the show an altogether different concert experience … for some 60,000 fans.”

It was a … errr … moving coincidence that U2 just happened to open this leg of their claw tour on the very week that the Pike River Miners lost their lives;

With an overpowering feeling of grief in the air Bono remarked what a privilege it was to be playing in New Zealand in this week of all weeks. He then led the crowd in a toned down I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and a particularly poignant One Tree Hill as the names of the 29 miners who lost their loves in the Pike River Mine scrolled up on the giant video screen.

I digressed.

So why did Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, White Snake, Alice Cooper, Lordi & Poison swoop down upon Wellington, in far, far away NZ to put on a two day fire festival over the interesting vernal equinox/Easter of 2008?

Here’s the interesting info.  2008 was the earliest Easter any of us will ever see the rest of our lives! And only the most elderly of our population have ever seen it this early (95 years old or above!). And none of us have ever, or will ever, see it a day earlier!”

Below is an artist impression from WETA Workshop showing the huge dragon (Drusilla) that Richard Taylor and his team are currently constructing in Wellington for Rock2Wgtn.”



It will be one of the biggest effects ever made for a rock concert anywhere in the world and with smoke, fire and laser eyes – a very unique feature that will dominate the skyline of Westpac Stadium during the two rock concerts.
Other effects are also in construction including 30 costumed Zombie Cheerleaders and 2 huge guitar axes as stage effects.”

it is a theatrical production unlike anything ever seen in New Zealand, with pyrotechnics, lasers, stunt people, dancers, flame effects, giant screens and sets designed at WETA Workshops Studios (of Lordi of the Rings fame).”

The world has never seen an event of this kind before, and New Zealand has never had any kind of major rock festival or multi-day music festival.”

The first night was over; I had been witness to men dressed as demons with a flaming battle axe, a man in makeup killing women and children

Well that sure was one feck of a fire fest.

From what I can see, that was IT.

Just one weekend in NZ during the vernal equinox.

Can the cost involved really have justified the expense – isn’t it all about making a profit?

50, 000 people?

Rumours of another show seem to have diluted & confused any questions/questioners as to why a group of warlocks were convened at the edge of the world.


The 2008 Rock2Wgtn was the last one of its kind in Wellington, with it being announced that the next Rock2Wgtn will be in another city (with the name being changed to suit). On the promoters website … an image is shown with the text “In 2009 we are bringing it on again! Not Wellington… not easter… new artists!”, along with a new logo that says “Rock2????”.  However mid 2009 it got changed to Rock22010 with no word on delays. Still stating New Artist, New City, New Date.”

Back then I wondered if something had been loosed or initiated in NZ.

This is what I’m wondering again now.

NZ is certainly located upon fault lines – you can see them run through the alps on the WEST side of the South Island

… nobody, (that I know of) ever thought to look toward the east where Christchurch lies.

It’s quite uncanny too, how centrally placed this rock’n’rolling is – so perfectly centred on a city – we have five largish cities in NZ – so that’s a pretty lucky strike really, to get a whole city in one. No one would be surprised if Wellington had been hit by the earthquake because it’s built upon one of these fault lines.

Christchurch surprised everyone. Though I’m fairly sure that science has now ‘explained it away’.

Could a rock concert possibly have kicked off so much caving-in one country?

Well I really don’t know – sounds pretty bloody loony really.  It’s just that the feeling about that concert has never left me. In fact so concerned was I for this land, at the time, that I created a personal ritual to try & protect it.

You know the term rock and roll is an amazing descriptor for an earthquake.

These bands are known as heavy metal – again a very earthy descriptor for that which comes from the earth.

Fiery forges are used to shape metal – the gods always have a ‘forger’ – there is something about the smelting of metal that we do not understand enough about.

Music is most certainly used to shape minds.  But what effect does it have upon the land?

Are there reasons why certain musical groups appear in certain places at certain times & forge their tones?

Here is Wellington’s new international terminal – known as ‘The Rock”?

What does that look like to you?

It’s all Rock’n’Roll to me.

Can music move mountains?

Is music, metal?

Liquid metal, forged metal?

Is it a key that can unlock the sword (metal) from the stone?

Am I rambling?

Quite possibly!

But you can pick & choose if
anything makes sense to you
& throw the rest away.

I just wanted to try & do, say, unearth, something healing for my country tonight.

Number echoes:
Number of days from
ROCK2WGTN vernal equinox fire-fest 22 March 2008
killer Christchurch earthquake 22February 2011
= 2 years 11 months


Extra, extra:  Here’s a link to Return to Khazaddum posted by Ellis Taylor re the ROCK2WGTN fest of 2008 – other eyes could also see that something was up back then.

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Gaseous Maximus



to my world.

New Zealand



to Lord of the Rings buffs …

Middle Earth“.


This week at the ends of the earth, in Middle Earth, the price of petrol has finally crossed the $2.00 a litre line.

Am I here to rant & rage about the greed of the oil companies?

No I’m not.

I’m here to make a small confession.

I’ve been a little bit thick.

OK, ok, a lot thick.

You see it’s taken me until this week to spot a mammoth daily mind fuck.

Why has it never occurred to me before?

Can someone please tell me why it is that …

petrol prices are displayed on huge signs,
plastered to the sides of the road …

when they all charge the same, uniform price?

What possible reason is there for any petrol company to display the price of petrol when they all charge the same?

I mean come on, they already have a completely captive audience/consumer

& it’s not as if you can pop out to the shed & brew up some moonshine petrol now, can you? … although if anyone’s got a recipe pls feel free to share.

Even when the prices do go up, how much more are you really paying per week – the price of a cup of coffee or pint of beer – money you’d spend without giving a second thought.

So why are the prices there?


I can see no other reason than that it’s a grand game of mind fuckery.

Although I’m not a petrol price spotter & don’t pay attention to the news, I was instantly aware the day that petrol tipped over the $2.00 marker, thanks to signs like the ones above.

They don’t need to flash …

… they’re so effing big & carefully placed, that you can’t miss them.


There seems to be some programmed response of despair & hopelessness that has been ingeniously linked to the product known as petrol.

Even now as I type, I’m recalling how often in my life, fear surrounding petrol has been jammed into my consciousness – I don’t follow the news, so god knows how much of that sewage has been poured into the drains oops brains of daily news imbibers.


The stage-managed fear of running out of petrol & the saturation-campaign of ever-increasing oil prices have media-stalked us for a very, very long time.

Oil seems to be a monumentally fear-based business.

Perhaps there was a whole lot more to the The BP oil spell than we have ever considered.

Why is oil so linked to fear?

Does oil require fear to flow?

Could fear actually create oil?

What if oil is the sum (or product) of ALL the fears ever experienced upon this planet?

What might be the consequences of basing a world upon such a product?


In the interests of honesty I must also show this photo – it’s an odd petrol station out – with petrol at 2 cents a litre more than all the others.

In NZ now, when you buy groceries over a certain amount they give you a petrol voucher for $0.4c off every litre of petrol – if I fill up I make about $1 saving.

So why is food being cross-linked with petrol?

I really just wanted to say, please don’t let these bastards grind you down with their fear games – from what I can see petrol signs are there to undermine & weaken – pouring petrol onto a people already way too over-burdened.

I don’t have an answer to this,
except to say,
that there is so much power in awareness,
that often an answer
is not required




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a Quest-on truth



Is it possible we’ve been duped by truth?
Is it possible it’s way overrated?
might we have been led astray
from honesty’s play
and been fracturedly factually fooked?


What does fact-slash-truth do to the fabric of a human being?

Have you ever wondered?


What if truth is a highly addictive, baited trap?


where is the ingenuity in unraveling a web which you yourself … have woven for the express purpose of unraveling?”
Jehova Edgar Allan Poe


More to follow …

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A portrait of Prague for your v’ewan pleasure

Some pics of my son’s visit to The Frozen North

… where Clock Towers go back to the future past

& clock watchers watch

where spires are inspiring

& tiles spread for miles

Where babies roam free

& plenty of shoes are supplied

More free roaming babies

where ‘Bailey’s’ ice cream is made at your table

where street football is now a crime

where time …

is …

always …

…  ticking

& Death can be cornered …

… in darkish alleys

where journeying to the underworld …

… takes on a whole new dimension …

… or perhaps it’s easier to take the subway


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