A portrait of Prague for your v’ewan pleasure

Some pics of my son’s visit to The Frozen North

… where Clock Towers go back to the future past

& clock watchers watch

where spires are inspiring

& tiles spread for miles

Where babies roam free

& plenty of shoes are supplied

More free roaming babies

where ‘Bailey’s’ ice cream is made at your table

where street football is now a crime

where time …

is …

always …

…  ticking

& Death can be cornered …

… in darkish alleys

where journeying to the underworld …

… takes on a whole new dimension …

… or perhaps it’s easier to take the subway


February 1, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. aferrismoon replied:

    Fine fotos.

    Nice spot on the babies left alone on the street, an oft seen sight. I think its called ‘trust’.

    Bata [ Bat-ya] are from Zlin, a family company and very big internationally. One of them built houses for all their workers , paid them comparatively well and was elected Mahor 3 times running.

    One of the Batas built his office on the outside of the building with a lift-mechanism, allegedly, and his office would ascend and descend the building so he could keep an eye on business.

    Worth reading about the bata family.

    Prague definitely needs a little longer than a weekend.

    I think the church with the large clock face is the biggest clock face in Europe. It was the one I mentioned in the email I sent.

    its not far from Zižkov TV Tower and the babies.

    The upside down Sv. Vaclav on the horse is in LUCERNA [loots-erna] Shopping Centre [ an old one] that was and now is again owned by the Havel family.

    The spires are almost futuristic in some sense.

    cheers to u and Coz

  2. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Ewan
    I thoroughly enjoyed putting that together – made it far easier to connect, than merely looking at holiday snaps.
    Definitely get a sense of depth & immense history thro the pics. The timing focus is quite intriguing – BIG, Beating & astrological clocks all in one place – but then again if Czech republic = “heart” of Europe then that would surely be the place to place the beating, ticking, time machines.

    So the Batas are not just a bunch of cobblers then!


  3. aferrismoon replied:

    There’s a meridien line marked on the ground 50 feet to the right of the Orloy/Astrological clock.

    And they have another smaller Orloy in Ostrava, in Moravia

    It does put things together better with a bit of wordplay


    • alex robinson replied:

      Looked up the Orloy clock on wiki & found an interesting little sync with something I’m working on atm – such a very old clock – I can see that Prague would be worth snuffling about in.

      I see the pics were enjoyed by a few discerning souls :)


  4. Jon Kidd replied:

    Great pics wise one. A good laugh a well.

    Hope your enjoying the summer.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Jon, so pleased you were tempted out into the frozen north – oh hang on you’re already there!

      Thanks for your words. Summer here is delicious.
      Very best to you & all the Kidds

  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Nicely done! Had fun and I am sure Cos/Ewan did too!

    Thanks for sharing Alex!

  6. alex robinson replied:

    A Nother be-Numb Northee – your temps are ridiculous Michael!
    Cos enjoyed the meeting & got pointed in the direction of a wonder eatery.

    Be warm my friend!

  7. Pavman replied:

    A comment totally unrelated but maybe has some meaning somehwere. The other day i was leaving my house wondering if i was on the right path doing anything that seamed close to my projection in life. As i turned the corner i saw a tall woman smoking a cigarette next to a park as i was getting into my vehicle. When i turned on the ignition the song, “dude looks like a lady comes on” as i turned around to leave the park spot i looked back and the person standing there was a Man who seemed to be much shorter and had no relation to the previous person. Now wtf was that all about. Has Anyone had anything similar happen ever? the synchronistic nature of this was very odd and hard to fathom. I think i have had a few in my life like this but this is my most recent. I Hope all is well and sorry for the disturb

  8. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks for this Pavman, without being able to say why, I really appreciated it.
    Just the other day my son passed one of his school mates who was looking for her mobile phone, she’d dropped it – she said it had a Winnie the Pooh figure attached to it – he kept his eyes open & actually walked a bit farther up the road just in case she might have dropped it there. He spotted something something under a flax bush & when he looked closer it was a bag of Winnie the Pooh fridge magnets. To repeat your words “now wtf was that all about?”
    Is this a sign that we can now start playing all out with reality??? That the rules are gone OR perhaps now we can see that they were NEVER there – was it all just an illusion of order in a world that has always been chaos?

    Best to you

  9. Anthony replied:

    Hello Alex,

    The title was a ewe in it, so I’ll choose this thread to post a link to a book which made me think of you!

    Sheep: The Remarkable Story of the Humble Animal That Built the Modern World by Alan Butler. The Index shows that New Zealand gets a lot of coverage and having just read a book by Alan Butler I can recommend him highly.


    Best regards,

    • alex robinson replied:

      Yes Anthony, we have a habit of being linked with sheep in NZ :). I posted this mainly for Ewan (Aferrismoon) who lives in Prague & met up with my son when he was there – but also for anyone else who was interested of course!
      Thanks for the info – it certainly gives sheep a much higher significance than most of us currently entertain.

      Best to you

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