a Quest-on truth



Is it possible we’ve been duped by truth?
Is it possible it’s way overrated?
might we have been led astray
from honesty’s play
and been fracturedly factually fooked?


What does fact-slash-truth do to the fabric of a human being?

Have you ever wondered?


What if truth is a highly addictive, baited trap?


where is the ingenuity in unraveling a web which you yourself … have woven for the express purpose of unraveling?”
Jehova Edgar Allan Poe


More to follow …

February 12, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. paulo samoes replied:

    the image of the cheese and the rat expression is gold :P
    Its always enjoyable to read your work alex :) The feminine touch for the “truth” is always a must :) Intuitruth?? ;)


  2. RUMPLESHITHEAD replied:

    There may be a reason as to why knowledge is viewed as a double-edged sword.


  3. alex robinson replied:

    Ahhh what a delight to see you both :)

    Thanks so much Paulo. It is a great image isn’t it! I wonder what percentage of rat chi’s makes up that Pi? :)

    Great Shane, exactly so – is knowledge a noun or a verb?
    Very best to you


  4. anna diblasio replied:

    here’s a song you might enjoy…. your blog is more inspiring and smile-inducing than t.v. and weight-loss/ make your own money commercials infomercials…. combined. yep, you’re that good. ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6NqCRYy68s


  5. alex robinson replied:

    Anna I think you must be a looney – how could my amateurish work ever compare to these greats -I doubt I shall ever reach those wondrous heights where I can inspire people to lose money & make weight :)

    Thanks for the music!


  6. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    It seems that every mind f*** strategy follows a basic formula. Step 1, offer a basic human truth or a piece thereof. Step 2, make a big deal out of it as though it is extra special or in danger. Dramatize it. Step 3, now that the subject is entranced, add some fear and some confusing bullshit to f*** up the subject’s thought processes which leaves the subject questioning the very truth which got their attention in the first place. Result? Since truth is intrisically valuable and inseperable from humans, the human after the mind f*** feels (and therefore is) less human but does not know why.


  7. alex robinson replied:

    Mr Metalhead, that is a really great comment – I may have to borrow some of it for what I’m working on :)

    We really have to undress truth & see it naked or we are going to go crazy – we have most certainly become entranced by what truth ‘supposedly’ is & I think I’m seeing that its cancerous bs.

    Very best to you


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