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This week at the ends of the earth, in Middle Earth, the price of petrol has finally crossed the $2.00 a litre line.

Am I here to rant & rage about the greed of the oil companies?

No I’m not.

I’m here to make a small confession.

I’ve been a little bit thick.

OK, ok, a lot thick.

You see it’s taken me until this week to spot a mammoth daily mind fuck.

Why has it never occurred to me before?

Can someone please tell me why it is that …

petrol prices are displayed on huge signs,
plastered to the sides of the road …

when they all charge the same, uniform price?

What possible reason is there for any petrol company to display the price of petrol when they all charge the same?

I mean come on, they already have a completely captive audience/consumer

& it’s not as if you can pop out to the shed & brew up some moonshine petrol now, can you? … although if anyone’s got a recipe pls feel free to share.

Even when the prices do go up, how much more are you really paying per week – the price of a cup of coffee or pint of beer – money you’d spend without giving a second thought.

So why are the prices there?


I can see no other reason than that it’s a grand game of mind fuckery.

Although I’m not a petrol price spotter & don’t pay attention to the news, I was instantly aware the day that petrol tipped over the $2.00 marker, thanks to signs like the ones above.

They don’t need to flash …

… they’re so effing big & carefully placed, that you can’t miss them.


There seems to be some programmed response of despair & hopelessness that has been ingeniously linked to the product known as petrol.

Even now as I type, I’m recalling how often in my life, fear surrounding petrol has been jammed into my consciousness – I don’t follow the news, so god knows how much of that sewage has been poured into the drains oops brains of daily news imbibers.


The stage-managed fear of running out of petrol & the saturation-campaign of ever-increasing oil prices have media-stalked us for a very, very long time.

Oil seems to be a monumentally fear-based business.

Perhaps there was a whole lot more to the The BP oil spell than we have ever considered.

Why is oil so linked to fear?

Does oil require fear to flow?

Could fear actually create oil?

What if oil is the sum (or product) of ALL the fears ever experienced upon this planet?

What might be the consequences of basing a world upon such a product?


In the interests of honesty I must also show this photo – it’s an odd petrol station out – with petrol at 2 cents a litre more than all the others.

In NZ now, when you buy groceries over a certain amount they give you a petrol voucher for $0.4c off every litre of petrol – if I fill up I make about $1 saving.

So why is food being cross-linked with petrol?

I really just wanted to say, please don’t let these bastards grind you down with their fear games – from what I can see petrol signs are there to undermine & weaken – pouring petrol onto a people already way too over-burdened.

I don’t have an answer to this,
except to say,
that there is so much power in awareness,
that often an answer
is not required




February 19, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. meriadoc replied:

    “But where our hearts truly lie is in peace and quiet and good, tilled earth. For all hobbits share a love for things that grow. And, yes, no doubt to others, our ways seem quaint. But today of all days, it is brought home to me: It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.”

    lovely post
    time for some pipe-weed,
    meriadoc brandybuck


  2. aferrismoon replied:

    Its NEWS , I guess. Plastic ‘papers along the road side.

    Ptrol stations always looks so futuristic yet contain petrol and food , sweets a psychotically expensive sandwiches.

    Thankfully I’ve never driven and so the whole car game has passed by.

    Fear = Fare = payment for transportation.

    On eof my students has just arrived back from 5 weeks going round NZ. They really enjoyed it. They liked the wine , but the beer got the thumbs down – They had their minds blown by the apparent habit of NZ pubs putting the beer in a large bowl from which people extract beer with their glasses. Everybody in the class shuddered.



  3. aferrismoon replied:

    here the Cazechs and Slovaks distil their own moonshine – I get Malinovice [ Malinovitseh] made from raspberries, from Slovakia. Its about 60 percent proof. Heck, your car fumes would certainly smell sweet.

    Some distil their own, but also small distilleries exist and people take their fermented fruits and for a fee its transformed into one of the many types. A lot of the oldsters have a shot at the corner shop in the early morning, gets the blood moving. I remember the first time , I went to the shop early to be greeted by the red-faced old man at the counter and a frail old woman customer, and two empty glasses on the counter. I added a third :)



  4. Aria replied:

    Fear – Fare. Really enjoy these articles and word play.

    What popped into my head was the pool of engine oil in cinematic sorcerer David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. A pool of oil was the gateway to the lodge and it was inhabited by demons who feed on fear. They are referred to as smelling of engine oil. Weird correlation between fear and oil in the mythology of that series. There is also the black oil on the X-Files.


  5. alex robinson replied:

    Greetings Merry – it is perhaps of interest that the Hobbit is now being filmed here in NZ too.
    The phrase about hobbits sharing “a love for things that grow” is wonderful – that is a truly elegant & awesome ‘love’.

    Grow forth!

    Mr Moon
    Loved the phrase – “psychotically expensive sandwiches” – those places (pe-troll stations) feel more like clinics than any type of ‘food’ market …. in fact on further thought, I think Plastic Stations might be a better term with all things purchased within being of ‘plastication’.

    I know not of the beer bowl experience – in the pubs I’ve been in the beer just comes in a glass but perhaps there are some beer bonding rituals I know not of :)

    I would definitely buy raspberry scented moonshone petrol. Your tale of the one-stop-shot-shop was priceless – yes pls give me that over a plastic station any day – I wonder how far one human can run on one shot? Did they have huge fuck-off signs outside the door with the price per litre in glowing numerals?
    I will go a ‘fourth’ on your empty shot glasses :)


    Aria, thank you that was brilliant info! I was fascinated by twin peaks when it came out, but of course I never ‘saw’ a thing – the ending suggests to me that a very great mind fuckery was in place in that ‘programme’ – thus, for me, making your oil info all the more potent. If oil was also oozing thro’ the X-Files then I think this suggests there is something extremely significant about this substance.

    Many thanks


  6. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Hi Alex!

    Your lucky if all the stations there charge the same amount for petrol/gas! Not here in the U.S. mind you, it could be 5 cents more 1 mile up the road! And we also have those big signs too.

    I hate that they link food/oil/petrol together! That is just SO wrong! I remember once I commented on Michael Tsarion’s blog/web site my thoughts on oil being a manifestation of “negative energy” (i.e. created by fear,etc) mixed in with all that “decay and decomposition”. Basically oil is just decomposed matter, that’s it! All we are burning in our homes, vehicles is DEATH! So what does that do to the Etheric field??

    Aria made a good point, the Black Oil in the X-Files possessed people and was like “an alien virus” almost. It would move from person to person at will, through the eyes or mouth. Hmmmm.

    Cheers my friend!


  7. alex robinson replied:

    Hiya Michael – thanks for your thoughts – most interesting to see you connected negative energy to oil.

    Ta also for the extra info on the X-Files – that seems very telling – found this;

    Purity, more commonly referred to as black oil, and called the “black cancer” by the Russians, is an alien virus that thrived underground on Earth, in petroleum deposits. The virus is capable of entering humanoids and assuming control of their bodies. It has sentience and is capable of communicating. It was revealed to be the “life force” of the alien colonists, which they seemingly used to reproduce their kind, as well as infect other alien races in order to conquer the universe.”

    …”it has sentience & is capable of communicating” – wow, what a thought!

    Was thinking earlier about the SOUND of the word ‘oil’ & how it is found in the words ‘royal’ & loyal.
    Soil also comes to mind – that sound has some powerful & fertile energy behind it.

    Thanks my friend


  8. Mick replied:

    However right or wrong the view may be, i still see oil as the blood of this planet. So, to me, it is a continual blood sacrifice, which we continually accept as necessary for our daily survival. Take away oil, then you can take away most of the items we use on a day to day basis. Probably not a bad thing.


  9. Michael Skaggs replied:

    A blood sacrifice that never seems to end either…in any aspect of Humanity.


  10. alex robinson replied:

    Mick, how long have you been visiting? ‘Right’ & ‘wrong’ -they’re just not good toys to have fun with.
    We just play with ideas here, because they’re not many places left to play, it’s fun & leads to more fun & maybe even sometimes, wisdom.
    I have indeed read the idea of oil as blood & Celtic Rebel has suggested oil as faeces – both very interesting ideas – I wonder what else we can consider? :)

    Best to you

    Heya Michael
    You got me wondering if oil could be ancient blood – the blood of all people who’ve ever lived! Where has all that blood gone I wonder?

    Very best to you :)


  11. Dion Duffield replied:

    i love this blog alex. And that is pretty much all i wanted to say! thankyou


  12. aferrismoon replied:

    ‘There Will Be Blood’ is a film with Daniel Day-Lewis about a man who gets into the oil business and all the internal and external destruction it brings



    • Mick replied:

      Well that just says it all.

      I have read somewhere that water can be considered the blood of the Earth, but that didn’t seem sticky enough for me.


  13. lizajean replied:

    alex – whenever i see the spotlight on raping and pillaging the earth for oil, i just think “hemp” …therein lies the great deception…that most do not perceive a choice…you challenge us to think and explore and for that i thank you…toast


  14. tom cuddy replied:

    Alex, Commerce=coerce. Notice how the poison dispensaries (distilleries) are hospital clean, especially the signs, loaded with confusing information. Sounding scientific with a dash of economics to mix social and math skills to make us feel an advanced company of people. Their signs sparkling examples of a for profit plastic world. It is de-liberate and plays us again in their leadership through confusion. Money+oil=enter your emotional response here.
    Take heart in sharing with us your notification of recognition of the games openly played.

    I like this kind of thought play.

    Love your blog


  15. Mick replied:

    Just read about the large quake in Christchurch. Sending Love to you all in New Zealand.


  16. alex robinson replied:

    Dion, thank you – that was very much appreciated & very nice to chat to you on Sunday/Monday :)

    Thanks Mr Moon – that says a lot – I feel this is one of those topics that could be deeply dredged, but oil has no appeal – I found the comments about how it was portrayed on X-Files & Twin Peaks to be very (potentially) revealing – check out 4th pic down, tho aint pretty;

    Stick to the Moon-shine :)

    Mick, thanks for joining the spirit of play & honesty & thanks for your thoughts for NZ
    Best to you

    Now Lizajean, I think you are being a little bit excessive in the sense of sense – you really need to re-consider the necessity of profit, raping the earth’s resources & enslaving mankind – what you suggest would free up people & land – what good would that be?? Haven’t you realised that we must be dominated & crushed – come on now woman, most realistic people demand it – have you been thinking for yourself again? Stop it! :)

    Hi Tom – good choice of word play – commerce -> coerce – it saddens me so much, what we do to each other to make a buck so we can survive till we can make another buck.
    What I love here & in other similar places, is seeing humanity shine forth, places where wonderful people come out to play for awhile & let their fellow ‘feeling beings’ know that they are not alone.
    Thanks for your thoughts
    All the best to you


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