The Illusion Mysteries (a semi-series look at truth)


The gods, it was taught, loved to nourish themselves
on truth & justice
(New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology)


That’s kind of weird, don’t you think?

You did think about it didn’t you?

Or do I have to repeat myself?

The gods, it was taught, loved to nourish themselves on truth & justice



I mean, come on …

It’s not as if the bastards have ever played fair
with humanity,
now is it?

Manipulation, rape & murder
are but three
of the tricks
of the immortal trade.

So what good would it do to the god’s digestive processes to sup on such an ungodly fare?

While we’re at it, we may also like to wonder why today’s ‘lords‘ sup so heartily on a substance they do not personally imbibe.

Truth, Justice & the Hamerican way‘?
(See the Celtic Rebel for an exciting array of Nu Ham recipes).


Could there be something we’re missing?



After all, as a species we’re just the teensiest bit thick.

And surely it can’t be too hard …

…to trick a very thick brick.

In Part I of the Illusion Mysteries mini-serious we’re going to start by taking a close look at the cultivated version of truth to which …

…  we’ve been so Pavlovically conditioned to salivate.


Let’s begin, at the beginning.

Rather a long time ago there was a couple of naturists …


… who went scrumping
for apples


… unluckily for them they got caught by

… the malicious Lord of the Malus Domestica
who claimed that scrumping violated their contract,
& so he cast them out of his multi-million dollar production studios …

… vowing they would … “never work in Holy Applewood again”.


Why did we begin at that beginning?

Well  let me endeavour to paint you a picture.

From my non-scholarly, non-university-ejicated viewpoint, it seems to me that the world I live in (aka the Western World) …

…  was inseminated by & then incubated in, Religion.

Christianity to be exact.

You don’t need to take my word for it, but if you want some proof, it’s right there under your glorious nasal passages.

Despite the apparent reasoning & sciencing of our age, just where & when does the modern world ritually, solicit, court & enforce our attention?

Why on none other than …

the birthing

of the Sun
of the Westerly World.
(Call something a holiday & who’s going to ask why?)

Because of this intense focus, it may jehova, behova, behove us to look closerly at that lads ancestry & wonder a little about the original Tale of Malus.


So here’s your starter for 10.

What if

the tale of Adam’n’Eve is based upon a red herring instead of …

… a red apple?


What if it was very important

… to direct (shepherd) human attention toward a very concrete idea?

And what if that idea was actually the greatest mind-fuck ever perpetrated on mankind?

What if THAT mind-fuck was the ONE & ONLY …

Original Sin?


Of what do I speak?

course …

Ohhhhh …

I’m treading on very, very thin ice here aren’t I,
I suppose you want to come & beat me with a big stick …

… because isn’t ‘TRUTH‘ the one thing we’re all fighting for?


If it’s not too scary for you, just come along & be entertained by some thoughts, for a while – there’s no obligation, heck there’s not even a lot of sense.

This is play. Of a subject that might be long overdue being played with.

That’s all.

Ok … coming?

Good stuff!


The Adam & Eve story is sheer bloody genius.

As the alpha of the human story, it set a scene & tempo that has never been equalled.

It undermined humanity, absolutely.

How you ask warily (or disinterestedly)?

Well, first off by taking ownership/possession of truth.

Then by introducing the idea that knowledge-slash-truth is a dangerous good.

And then by emotionally connecting fear with truth-slash-knowledge.

And by creating fear of the feminine & mis-representing the feminine quality of strength.

But its greatest achievement was in convincing us (humanity) that truth-slash-knowledge lies somewhere outside of ourselves …

… and that if we just look or pray hard enough or long enough or are clever enough, then we will find THE answer.

That & only that was the Original Sin.

And it was a (mighty) sin AGAINST humanity.

Lets have a lesson on how the very first Psyop was engineered.

Psyop step Number 1.

Casting your stars:

Introducing a couple of ‘thick as a brick’ ancestars.

We, (the audience)  know they’re intellectually challenged by the fact that they walk around stark naked, talk to snakes & let some big weird guy dictate their tastes. We, the audience, are way too sophisticated to ever get caught with our pants down (unless in front of a web cam of course).

Psyop step Number 2.

Make sure your stars are malleable:

Use pre-programmed ‘vehicles’ to get your message across – i.e. adults. The most advanced, wise & innocent humans on the face of the earth are small children.  Adults (a-dolts) are children who simply got taller & then stupider.  If Jehova wanted innocence in his Garden of Eden, he would have created children – however they would have asked far too many im-pertinent & probing questions.

Psyop step Number 3.

Create a dream-like environment:

Make sure your set is amazing & contains some really weird psychedelic-type-shit to create a dream-like-other-world effect – perhaps including some talking animals & really, really smart trees.

Psyop step Number 4.

Use gratuitous nudity:

This will attract a good percentage of male viewers (who might otherwise have stayed tuned to the sports channel).

Psyop step Number 5.

Create an air of mystery:

Give very little information regarding the reasons behind the story or the past of the characters.  Keep conversation to a minimum – let the mind & emotions of the audience fill in the gaps.

Psyop step Number 6.

Create a crime scene:

Create an unbelievable ‘crime’ to grab your audiences attention, while also creating maximum confusion & disorientation.  Make the criminal a real ‘snake‘.  Have your fall guy/girl ready – one the audience can feel superior to.  Link in some (apparent) facts about the human life story to create an ‘air of reality’ i.e. death, painful childbirth.

And on the 7th Psyop

Drive home the BIGGEST lie:

That there is a thing labelled truth-slash-knowledge-slash-answer.

That IT exists OUTSIDE of a human being.

And that IT has to be swallowed in order to take effect.

As Eve & Adam history-ically swallowed the apple,

so too did humanity swallow the biggest lie.

And you know what?
Still we swallow!

The fruit of choice?


Look again.

Listen again.



a pill?

The act of swallowing paved the way for the world we consume & are consumed in, today.

The Adam & Eve Psyop opened our mouths so that we would learn to swallow religiously.

Apparently it was very important that humanity learn to swallow/ingest information – I’m guessing this was so that something could form INside of us.

What is it that forms inside of us when we ingest ‘outside truth‘.

Why might it be so very important to swamp our gut feelings …

…  with externally-concocted & all-too-easily-swallowed, detritus?

All this & much more will not be answered in the series to follow.

But we will play with some possible, even plausible, suggestions.

In the meantime crank up your gut & have a go at feeling what’s in there – don’t worry it won’t bite.

And have a ponder on why the German word for God – ‘Gott’ is so similar to the English word for ‘gut’.

And why Justice (that favourite tipple of the gods) can be spelled JUstICE. Nectar of the gods anyone?

Cheerio for now.

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  1. Mick replied:

    In the recent Clash of the titans film Zeus is sustained by love and worship, while Hades feeds off hate and fear. 2 brothers holding each end of the scale.


  2. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Brilliant play once again, and on one of the toughest “spells” to break from our deep Trance it has us within–Religion! You know, that wonderful “Gospel” or “Go Spell” humanity with lies and brainwash.

    Science(seance’) and Religion, two ends of “a scale” (like Mick purported to) that seem to keep a “death-like” grip on us. Lies, it’s all lies, basically. But what I want to know is, the Bloodlines//Powers That Be (PTBs) pay homage to the liars, who are the liars? Or, is that another endless Rabbit-Hole we’ll never see the end of?

    What if Religion was designed to entrap the “heart” while Science/Seance’ was created to entrap the “mind”? We know that this fake 3D Reality is based upon stealing our energies…we know giving away our emotions to just anything helps continue to fuel that lie. We see certain types of “magicks” hidden in Science/Seance’ that are passed along as facts, though there is no real credibility to it! And don’t they seem to always change things up, change “their minds” on how things work? More con-fusion?

    You make some really wonderful, valid points Alex! I love the wordplay and questions. I wonder what it will take to get back to our “original Wisdom state”. Is it enough to remove oneself from the deception of humanity and society and simply “be” to wake up form the illusion, or is it more than that? Other than the PTBs out there, perpetrating the lies and feeding humanity with more lies, are there people out there awake and aware in the original wisdom state? Is that why the PTBs are so desperate to infiltrate all 4 corners of the world with their lies, tainting and corrupting aboriginal people’s wherever they can find them? To remove them from Wisdom?

    IT has IT’s tendrils hooked in humanity, if there is indeed such a thing. Layers upon layers of lies, HISTORY, one big lie, you questioned that quite often too, the lies we were fed.

    Really glad you posted this! Enjoy your timelessness my friend! Stay laser beam focused, perhaps the “laser beam focus” can break up the ‘rainbow illusion’ we’re existing in, because this simply is not a life! And look at that..LIFE…LI-FE (Lie plus FE being ‘iron’).



  3. Pete replied:

    The fact stands that the biblical creation story was written well before any possible understanding of how it would be used a thousand years ago or today to control people. It is not the story that is the evil (a story is just a story), but how people are manipulated or coerced by some interpretation or implementation of resulting program. Sitchen’s Genesis Revisited and other books provide alternative understandings on how it could all be this way — go back further to ancient Sumer and places both far east and west. But as it goes, truth and justice is often lost on the common folk who would gravitate to comfort and security of big support structures/institutions, which in turn gravitate to the common folk for reciprocity. If they are not complaining over their situation, best let them be. Move on and build something better, and maybe they come. Then preach.


  4. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Pete, if you look at the “main control” mechanisms that can be “use for evil purposes”—language, numbers, alchemy, etc.etc. I’d say there is more to “that story” alchemicaly and numerologicaly in it’s creation than it being just a story…dig deeper.

    English is an Alchemial language, numbers are geometrical shapes are key factors to creating the 3D reality as well, what purpose were they designed for? Who designed them really? And why? Who benefits?

    Be well!


  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    P.S. Alex

    Our bodies obviously, are effect/affected by magnetic changes, electrical disturbances,etc. What if HAARP wasn’t really designed for the reason they say. They pump HAARP waves into the ionosphere, obviously this has to have an effect on the planets atmosphere and electrical field, and effecting us too! What if it was meant to help solidify a magnetic “cage” around the globe, not meant to be a weather modification system, so those chemtrails we see globally are two-fold. More questions! That’s what I love about this blog, it stimulates and allows for MORE QUESTIONING!

    It’d be quite the task to mask those chemtrails, I think they are meant to be seen and then they will say its for global warming (yah right!) when really they are meant to create a magnetically controlled grid/cage and poof, then what? Just random thoughts.



  6. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Mick
    Ye gods, those are hungry bastards are they not? They have the wholes(c)ale covered. What would a ‘god supermarket’ look like? The shelves would be stacked with a wondrous variety of sacrifice & suffering that’s for sure – Emotion seems to feed & sustain them – gotta wonder about that BIG TIME!

    Very best to you

    Hiya Michael
    Thanks for your thoughts my friend.

    One of the things I want to look at is how we’ve swallowed the idea of the ‘solidity’ of truth – giving it a kind of concrete force (or enforcement). How is it that truth = LAW? How can this be? Human beings are (supposed to be) growing, changing, healing, feeling beings – concrete is just not good for our digestion.

    Completely agree on the alchemical use of English – thus that story will be a whole lot more impacting when spoken/written in English – & who doesn’t know that story – why did everyone need to know that story?

    Great ideas on chemtrails – that makes tremendous sense to me, this feeling of being caged in is so continuous, no let up at all these days.

    Be well & be warm my friend

    Pete, you are new here aren’t you? :)
    Facts don’t get to stand around here long, it’s much more fun to knock them on their arse & see what falls out of their pockets or what they have hidden up their sleeves.
    This is play of a most serious kind – it’s rooted in the desire to heal – I need to heal, I wish very much for others also to heal – my wiser self tells me that this can come thro seeing with newer, fresher eyes – asking apparently senseless questions, playing with history & facts & all things deemed too sacred for mere mortals.



  7. Fitzy replied:

    Those gods eh? I remember them when they were mere fragments of the Ultimate, use to drift in my window at night, have to dust like crazy to shift the buggers. Then because opposites attract, they did that thing the SingleVerse does, and they became coherent thangs made of cast off bits and abandoned tinkerings. Next thing we’re bowing to them, bbq-ing everything and saying sorry to the sky for no apparent reason. I like the sky, we talk often, its never said it needed an apology and is puzzled by the religious.
    F**K EM godds, they were nothing without us, and shall always be the flaking chaff from a greater creation, their power is MY power. And i’m taking it all back.
    And since we’re on the subject, truth ain’t truth, its a concentrated stare at a single point on an infinitudinal continuum. Who’d want that as a backstop to their manifestin’, give this a go, using the word ‘Intention’ and genuinely mean it when you say it, claim it is your intention to…you fill in the blanks.
    Results vary, but its been working for me, be sure to apply only the positive – affirm the positive state you require. Dodge negatives, using your intention to reinforce a negative manifestation is hell crazy and self damming to boot. Whats more it feeds those bastards like chum to a school o’ sharks, or leeches.
    INTEND as you feel fit, but a word of advice, improving yourself by creating OPPORTUNITY seems reliable, i’d dodge turning your Ex into a pumpkin, or striking violence into the ether at some invisible foe.
    It returns seriously bad results.
    Thanks for the A-grade spellings Alex, if you ain’t careful, you’ll crack a corner of this damn cube open,….so please, be as reckless as you can.
    Kudos SISTER!


  8. Mick replied:

    If justice is just ice, then doe that mean it freezes the free flowing liquid messages of water, making a mess of the ages?


  9. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Nice one Mick!

    I will tell you, whatever the PTBs have done two worlds are colliding or overlapping right now, at least from my perspective/personal experiences as of late.

    I would not doubt the ‘mess of the ages” from messages! Especially with the creation of language!



  10. Mick replied:

    Yes indeed, MS. There is a brilliant (to my mind) book called The Alphabet Versus The Goddess by Leonard Schlain, and the new one by Pierre Sabak. I’ve only listened to his interview on Redeyes, sorry Redice Radio. Dunno if you,ve ever seen a British comedian called Al Murray, The Pub Landlord. He has a rant about the superiority of the English language, all the while slapping the base of his skull. That good ole reptilian brain.


  11. RUMPLESHITHEAD replied:

    Well, Alex… you really went and upset the apple cart, didn’t you? :)


  12. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Fitzy
    Loved your thoughts on the sky.
    Humanity are the magic-makers – giving life to that which we ’emote on’ – we’re powerful gods with fuck all intelligence – well that’s how it seems to me on this lovely day

    I’m with you on the power of intention – & why not, what a god intends, a god can create – maybe the outcome will be a little hapahazard but goddamn it feels good to create – to do for yourself instead of waiting for a narcissistic god on a white charger to come save the day – fuck that!! How long does humanity wait – the gods’ll leave ’em hanging round forever.

    Cube cracking is a joint effort of course – ready, steady, push ….. :)

    So Mick, you want ice in your juice? Truth on the ‘rocks’ – shaken but not stirred? Man that just got me thinking isn’t humanity EXACTLY like that BONDed phrase “Shaken, but not stirred” – man can’t believe I never spotted that before – was that a ‘direction’ to get riled up but never to ‘stir’ ie rouse ourselves & wake up – now the new James won’t say that – probably because someone might notICE now.
    If we weren’t so damn thick I’m sure we could learn a great deal from water, on a conscious level.
    Very best to you

    Two worlds are colliding aren’t they Michael – you just never know who or what might turn up next :) Make it something REAL good my dear!!
    Very best to you

    Well Rumple, you know what they say about rotten apples – & if that tale was a mind fuck, then that was the first rotten apple. Perhaps like most things there are so many layers & levels & depending on which one you’re on, you will translate said tale differently – perhaps a great deal is to do with the direction our attention was first pointed in. WHEN we can direct our own attention (& that’s something I intend to be able to do) we may see a very different story.

    Very best to you, enjoy the moon shine :)


  13. Mick replied:

    As thick as a glacial brick. Had to give up on the moonshine. It was making my life spin in all directions. Too much gravity. Joined AA coz there was no omega. Stopped me mooning around like a lunatic.

    You ever visited Stygian Port, Alex?


  14. alex robinson replied:

    So you have been stirred up then – not a bad thing, if one can find a way to stand up again – there’s always deep reasons why we lose our feet – never be hard on yourself for that.

    As to the worm man, no haven’t visited him in the flesh, but yes I’ve been to Jeremy’s site.


  15. Isaac replied:

    thanks this was really relevant to me I recently had a discussion with some old friends about my beliefs…I guess they sensed that I was getting a little wierd so they had to bring me back into the fold…the problem is these supposed `facts`that I used carry with me just seem so obselete now and I knew it all along.I find its just natural to laugh at these official stories because theyre so contrived and limited…especially the ones labelled as science


  16. alex robinson replied:

    Haha Isaac what a wonderful comment – you really said very much, very eloquently.
    We can help each other so much, it’s the most natural thing in the world to want to do that.
    I’m glad to see you got my telling in the spirit in which it was written – the heart works much better when things are light :)
    Very best to you


  17. paulo replied:

    maybe every narrow mind point of view is a psy-op :) what will be the next “paradise” ?


  18. alex robinson replied:

    Hiya Paulo
    I read that in Tibetan medicine a ‘closed mind’ is considered a sign of illness – isn’t that an eye-opening idea?
    Maybe paradises need to be avoided – too many weirdo walking around in them!

    Be well my friend
    (& for god’s sake man get a new mic!) :)


  19. Mick replied:

    I’ve read some of the Illuminati matrix stuff (can only do it in small portions) and can grasp a bit of where Brian is coming from. But my hackles always raised at his insisting we regain our ‘Paradise State’. For some reason i always read it as parasite date. Or maybe the ‘sweet taste of paradise’?

    My, we are ‘truly scrumptious’, aren’t we! Just like those apples (of His eye, i guess), but we are no longer chitty chitty bang bang, but kiss kiss bang bang.

    That proverbial zero and one, eternally screwing with us.

    Here’s the neww Gaga vid, the one that everyone is raving about. The intro is certainly stating it loud.


  20. Mick replied:

    Interesting comment on the name gaga:

    I will leave that one alone now as vigilant citizen will no doubt chew it to death. Fancy having your initials spell victoria cross.


  21. tom cuddy replied:

    It is a cradle to grave affair. An eye opening trot(tort)
    through hissstory, where religion is spirtual elevator or the cause of elevated blood pressure. I know you’re out there.

    I am (fill in name); and I am a recovering cathaholic.
    Studying cataclysm and all forms of mind control is not something easily dismissed. Learning of sainthood and all the other gangsters has tatooed my soul, placing obstacle after obstacle in my now religiously divergent path.

    The question becomes, how to ignore the ruthlessly ignorant? from where does the strength to live come in the midst of a death cult?

    Great entry. It is ultimately about helping.

    Thanks for the memory jog. Things keep shaking loose.

    Play on maestro.


  22. Fitzy replied:

    A Closed mind rings a bell, got me thinking about the notion of “Safety”, more correctly consequence free actions. If cause always creates an effect, then the notion of safety is a non sequitur – in short, there is always risk, but thats the playground we ramble in, safety is not real, but response to risk is.
    Strikes me Language removes opportunity by eliminating the risk we’ll cotton onto something truly liberating, in that respect, words are becoming the equivalent of high density foam on playground equipment. That points back to the Pseudo-feminism of recent times, where Mother State guards us from ourselves, and insulates itself from us too. Check out the language of your current school system, it never says “To recklessly power up our youth with formidable self confidence from hard learnt lessons and trust in their own ability”.
    They use “empower” What the F*** is an EM – pedantically its a Font measurement metric for print,…ah-hem, we have a zero sum language with cycles each generation back into slumber. We’ve all notice, this pointless industrial wheel language, art, and knowledge is spinning on.
    As a consequence of Alex’s dangerous Spellings – I got to musing, when we KNOW – NONE, NADA, ZERO of this World/Dimension/Zone/Sh*thole is real this place gets brittle. Granted, entities are getting the Human materiel to reinforce their tedious, monosyllabic, pisspoor, half arsed, shoddy (love that word), pitiful pseudo creation by milking our INTENTION to assemble something they are completely useless at doing, actual CREATEing.
    So my peeps, make this thing brittle, make it shudder and melt, its nothing, and not worth holding together, its had its day. Methinks us thick, silly, befuddled but good intentioned few, can bugger this has-been, junk illusion, into a porous, leaking, remediable canvas.
    Thanks Alex – apologies for the rant.


  23. aferrismoon replied:

    Some writings from Carlo Suares’ book ‘ Cipher of Genesis ‘ :

    ‘With the eating of the apple, we are reaching the story which, for centuries, has been one of the best known tales. Ever since the Christian religion incorporated this narrative from the archives of an ancient Semitic people, long after its significance had been lost, the story has produced a sensation. No fairy tale has ever been able to compete with the talking serpent, or the enchanted garden, or the moral tree with its apple of good and evil – far more eveil than good, acc. to the exoteric traditional interpretation, in which we delude ourselves into seeing good as evil, and evil as good’

    The serpent , acc. to Suares, speaks to the female, Eesha [ and not Eve] as the male is not able to take on the information. It requires going through the female.

    I imagined this to be like making a cup of tea. The tea and water need to be prepared in a pot before pouring into a cup and drinking.

    The alternative is to tip loose, dry tea and boiling water into one’s mouth, allowing it to brew and then swallowing it.

    As it happens this female the serpent ‘speaks’ to is named Eesha in the Torah, and in the bible I think its ‘wife’. Eve is not mentioned until later.

    People just imagine that the wife is Eve if reading the passages via word-pictures – axiomatic thinking : ‘ She’s female thus it must be Eve’.

    Eve in Hebrew = ChVH [ Hhevah] while Yahweh is spelt YHVH. Translated or imagined as ‘real people’ no-one sees this ‘female’ as an expression of Yahweh. Suares imagines that this female, or the male has not yet evolved and wonders if we will actually reach the stage of Eden. The expulsion from Eden being a birth, not a curse. The Garden of Eden is NOT in the past.

    later comes YHShVH [ Jesus] , the male version of ChVH.

    To cut a long story short there are no people in the garden of eden, nor in fact are any of the personages of the Book of Genesis.

    Via numbers :
    ChVH = 19
    YHVH = 26

    ADM [ Adam ] = 45 , which oddly is 19+45.

    That small almost insignificant ‘sum’ has all the mystery and wonder of the bible yet without the debilitating emotional baggage engendered by the translation. What’s more , it’s actually ‘true’. The letters = the numbers , the numbers add up to make the sum. Yet most people dismiss it as it doesn’t make them feel guilty and/or morally justified. Suares claimed that even reading in Hebrew as a story was misleading.

    “You consider Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and others to have lived in the past. That is not so. They never existed in the past, but they are perfectly alive inside you and they are doing exactly the opposite of what you believe they did. . . .The energies that are expressed in the original equations now mis-translated as Elohim and YHWY are inside you but almost dead from the beatings you give them. But now we have reached a point where there is no choice. You are condemned to live joyfully in the explosive fulfillment of everything that you have previously distorted in your vain efforts to believe instead of to know. –Carlo Suares, The Second Coming of Reb YSHWH ”



  24. Mick replied:

    Rant on, Fitzy – a power up for the soul. Listening to your words brought this song to mind, a great accompaniment as i was reading:


    • Fitzy replied:

      Thanks Mr! That’s a special song, undercurrents and twitching in the night, got me thinking about “that” conversation, the one we all have with the lurking menace at the back of our minds, eventually something shambles out of the murk – the alieness of it is chilling. It’s over familiarity disturbing.


  25. Mick replied:

    Mr Moon, Uncle Bear would be cheering you on. I hope he reads your post. It reminds me of Neville Goddards knowing, whom Bear introduced me to.
    Also, this from The Alphabet Versus The Goddess (p.115):
    After yahweh expels the first couple from Eden because of the woman’s “stumbling”, Adam, exercising the power invested in those that name, renames Woman “Eve”, which means “Mother of all Living”. This was an honorific used to describe the Great Mother. Unlike the Great Mother, however, Eve is clearly not divine: she is the mortal mother of all living mortals. By this subtle artifice, the feminine is stripped of its sacrality.

    Woman’s new name, Eve, is also rich in meaning. Eve’s name in Hebrew, Haweh, and J’s biblical tetrgram of God’s name, Yahwew, both derive from the Hebrew verb ‘to be’. Haweh also closely resembles Hewya, which is Hebrew for serpent, and Hawa is the Hebrew verb ‘to instuct’.

    O what a tangled web is woven. Send in the Gnostics!


  26. Lois Martin replied:

    Thank you, Alex. I think this latest blog is your best work ever. All over the net folks are striking out at the “tree”, while you are striking at the root of the tree.

    Humanity is endowed with awesome imagination. It’s the imagination that has been taken captive to the depraved and delusional talmudic thought. I agree…the agenda is genius for humanity’s child-like nature. I refer to it as the God Program. The battle orchastrated between good and evil…..and two sides of the same coin. It’s obvious to those who want to see that it’s no different than the false paradigm that is so successful today and recognized as democracy…..demon-crazy. Pathetic and fictitious Adam/Eve were only offered a choice between two….skull&bonesman #1 or skull&bonesman #2. Makes no difference which is chosen as either will continue the agenda and destruction.

    We have those who are named in this fictitious book as chosen to represent god. We are to understand that god honors their deeds as though they were ‘his’ own. All they want is to recognized as god….and why not?…..they crafted this position that they may occupy the seat. This agenda will continue until every knee bows and every tongue confesses that the … jew …is god.

    I ask, “What are we waiting for?” Confess it right now and bring this horrendous agenda to a halt. The jew will get what he wants and the agenda exposed at the SAME time. Game over.

    The emperor has no clothes.


    • Fitzy replied:

      And what a silly GOD, jealous, vengeful, a game playing, paranoid psychopath…and that’s it’s good qualities. This desert djinn is little more than an blood lusting, parasitic infant, prone to malice and violent tantrums. And that’s who we are meant to pray too for comfort? It is my intention that it’s malignant WILL, melt into the void and be lost. :)


    • Mick replied:

      Waiting For Godot – excellent play on life.


  27. alex robinson replied:

    Greetings all – sorry for delay in replying (I have been flat tack busy with events at my Aikido club).
    Great thoughts & conversations going on here & some great strength of voice coming thro’ – the beast is stirring – hmmm … does make us the beast then? & if so what sound do we make? Woof, grrrr or Boo!! :)

    Back on the morrow, & can reply better then – plus half way thro’ Part II with more irreverant thoughts – damn good ones too, if I say so myself.

    Very best to all


  28. alex robinson replied:

    Mick, I can’t keep up with you :) I see you are having fun too – good stuff.

    Thanks for the Boo / Abu info – that was great – so Boo it is!
    Be well, be defiant & a little bit terrifying!

    Hi Tom
    Thanks for your words. I wrote some ‘deep’ stuff in reply to you, but bugger it – just play on man, play on & kep surprising your neighbours both at home & abroad :)
    Very best to you

    Hi Fitzy
    Marvelous musings, wonderful humour … but way too much common sense – be realistic please man!! It’s simply not possible to “recklessly power up our youth with formidable self confidence from hard learnt lessons and trust in their own ability” because umm, err .. of the fiscal needs of the err… well the amount of time it would take out of essential learning that that applies to real life …
    Look just stop asking questions & thinking will you! :)

    Mr Moon
    Thanks for the wisdom! Some lovely sense in there – which makes way more sense than the story that we have been fed. I shall be taking another playful bite out of that story shortly – what the majority of us swallowed & have had sitting inside us for a very long time, is not a tale of beauty, but one of cursed indigestion – it may be that an emetic is required before we can hear joy.
    Forgive me my future trespasses – there is I hope healing in my madness :)

    Hi again Lois,
    Thanks for the compliment.
    Humanity is indeed awesome & awesomely creatively endowed, if they can just get round to realising & activating that, daily, hourly, moment to moment.

    I do like your re-spelling of democracy – demon crazy.
    Very best to you


  29. lizajean replied:

    alex – with love, what if the greatest blasphemy is “playing god” and the remedy is simply playing?


  30. alex robinson replied:

    I like it Lizajean! I think ‘play’ & ‘remedy’ definitely belong in the same sense-tense.
    More sacrilegious play coming shortly – bless me father for I shall sin in the name of healing :)

    Be well & play on & on & on …


  31. Rainbow Candy (In Dreams, You’re Mine) | replied:

    […] The Illusion Mysteries, The Jekyl of Hyde Park (part 3), and Holy Water by Lady Alex […]


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