A waking dream

This afternoon I had a waking dream upon the beach.

I went there to get away from the computer & the article that was trickling out too slowly for my liking.

Right now, in the civilised sense of the world I am unemployed – a non-contributing member of the Society Party.

Yet in a different world, I’m working my ass off to break deeply embedded circular programmes, heal past pains, create new ways of SEEing (& of course fight the New World Order).

So anyway I’m walking along the shore up to my ankles in water, feeling & remembering things past & things present.

Every so often I seem to catch a tinge of red in the water & wonder if perhaps some chemical has been spilled.

About half way down the beach I hear words & return to the present moment to find that a woman walking past me is saying something – she has an Eastern European accent which makes it a little harder to understand.

But then it comes.

She is telling me that a bird is following me.

I look around expecting perhaps a little sparrow.  Instead I find a seagull hovering at shoulder height, almost within reaching distance. This is so very strange, I’ve never seen one fly close like this.

Yet somehow I don’t really take it in & turn & continue walking.

When I look back & it is still there following just behind, keeping pace with me.

It is so close that despite my short-sightedness I can clearly see it eyes – they seem very clear & kind & aware & still it follows.  I feel like it wants to land on me, it seems for all the world to be seeking a perch.

Does it somehow think I have food? Yet if I gave the impression I had food surely there would more than this lone seagull.

If I put out my arm I have the feeling it will land, it is so close.

In the end I stop & it flies on & lands on the ground just a little way in front.

I wait a little & then continue walking  – then it seems to take fright & flies off. The moments are gone, but the strangeness remains.

I remembered the sense of redness in the water as it swirled past my feet & reconnected with the dream I wrote about in my last article …

… where I had washed away the blood of a murdered girl.

Much of my thinking as I walked along the beach has been to do with my childhood past & wondering if it really makes a difference to go back & feel & attempt to heal?

In the aftermath of that dream, a dead bird (“maiden, young girl”) was found beneath my bed & seemed to represent a past self.

But now I have just been followed by a very alive bird.

I recall how my sister & I have had repeated unusual interactions with birds in the past couple of months – including two large birds flying inside her house at the same time,

… chickens turning up in my garden from god knows where & fantails flocking around my house.

As I walk along the beach I can’t get the feeling out of my head that the Eastern European woman who told me about the bird, is very familiar.

Somehow I seem to recognise her.

When the answer comes I feel that I must surely be inside a waking dream for she is the woman I think of now, when I consider the concept of the ‘rounded eye

All children need the benefit of what I like to call the rounded eye … that does not focus on & evaluate parts of our being [but] looks on unconditionally …  gives acceptance & heals the damage

You know when you have a dream & someone you know is in your dream, but they don’t look like how they normally do, yet you know it’s them?

Well you see that’s how I feel about this lady – she was the woman in my waking dream.

But she is a Czech actress who was caught in one amazing moment by Aferrismoon. This image is the most amazing example I have seen of the rounded eye (& quite possibly the loveliest image on the entire internet).

Somehow I understood that it was she who spoke to me on the beach.

But how could that be?  We know dreams work in mysterious ways.  But I was awake. So how can that be?

I really don’t know.

Nor do I know why this lone seagull followed me so closely & intensely for so long, but it most assuredly happened – if I had slept before I wrote this I think I would consign it to the dream world, especially with the after shocks

As I drove home I remembered how earlier in the day I had looked out of my kitchen window & my eye had been caught by a lone gull.  I was quite, quite mesmerised, & thought how ridiculous it is to think that he would merely be looking for food.  Purely & simply & majestically he was glorying in the wild winds …

… and I wished deeply then that I could feel what he was feeling.

At some point also on this day I’d felt inclined to listen to A-ha’s Hunting High & Low – although I didn’t watch the ewe-choob vid.  After my beach trip I confused my memories of the band A-ha with A Flock of Seagulls (hey they were both in the 80s & that’s close enough for me to get confused).  Anyway I took the time to have a look at the A-ha vid & found this striking image …

… a man turning into a bird & then soaring into the sky.

And of course there is the wee post I posted t’other day re the show with the Celtic Rebel.

Why oh why did I chose this picture?

Of the hundreds of pictures of birds available why did I have such a strong feeling to use this one of a seagull?

So that’s it – that’s my waking dream.

This strange crossing over of realities & dreamy worlds seems to be on the increase, well it does in my life, & the interactions with animals seem to be getting stronger & I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced similar strangeness & wonder.

Additional:  Just got this today – it was taken a couple of weeks ago by Aferrismoon,  a little way upstream from where he took the picture of the actress.

There is magic in the world now.

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  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Very unique and strangely lucid ;)

    I have had it happen where you dream about someone, and you “feel/know” its them, but they do not look like themselves! That’s freaky indeed!

    Amazing happenings with “the birds”, seems more and more after your post with the chicken/eggs. Perhaps your usage of a “power word” has them flocking to you!
    I love seagulls and think they are beautiful birds. Perhaps you have a few “familiar” friends coming round for you and your sis.

    Very cool post!
    Cheers my friend!

  2. alex robinson replied:

    Heya Michael
    Thanks for reminding me about the chicken & the egg – I stupidly was forgetting that important piece of wisdom. I remember how you said you loved seagulls – it wasn’t you watching my back was it? :)
    Very best to you my friend
    Soar high & free

  3. aferrismoon replied:

    Cheers Alex

    The crossing of realities, maybe its akin to the sea lapping the shore + the tide going in and out – so at times crossings are more or less powerful.

    Even though Czech is landlocked there’s a lot of gulls here as well as cormorants [ I’ve seen them in a flock of 30 !!]. Swans, ducks, coots and the odd goose make up the rest of the river traffic.

    Gull sounds a bit like Girl


  4. lizajean replied:

    dear alex…your posts are moving beyond words…letting go…crossing over…becoming human…inspiring gratitude and love

  5. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    I live in Minnesota, U.S. and the place where I run my voluntary tax slave program (work) has a pair of bald eagles nearby. I was standing alone for a moment next to some noisy machinery and looked to my right and there was a bald eagle sitting there and staring at me less than 10 feet away. It is extremely rare for them to get so close. We had this extraordinary eye contact for about 10 seconds before I stupidly turned to get my phone to take a picture. When I turned back the bird was gone.
    I realize you were talking about a dream but I think that the more we keep respect and love for animals in our thoughts and lives, the closer they will come to us to offer help, guidance, friendship etc.
    Both in the “real” world and the “dream” world.
    Thank you for your writings!

  6. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks for your exquisite pictures Mr Moon & I very much like your tidal reality thoughts.
    I never knew ‘shags’ flocked. I’ve wondered how cormorants got that name – there is a pretty park in Auckland & in the mens toilets there is a shag painted on the wall (I didn’t go in but I could see it when I waited once) – had wondered if someone had been having a laugh :)

    I read a lovely line idea yesterday while researching:
    “The real art of shamanism is the respectful exchange between two species”
    Gull does indeed sound like girl/gal – I had not see that.

    Lizajean your kind heart & enthusiasm are a rare treat
    A toast to you! xx

    Mr Metalhead, my experience was just like yours – fully awake – yet somehow it crossed into, or seemed to cross into, a dreamish reality, as I’m familiar with them – but everything happened with my eyes open.

    As I read your tale I felt a familiarity of experience – when we step back into ‘our’ world i.e you reaching for your camera or me starting to to walk again because I couldn’t properly connect with what was going on, the moment disappears – BUT they happened & a connection was made – something was conveyed, transferred, communicated. I found this line yesterday which I left above for Aferrismoon but also want to give you;
    “The real art of shamanism is the respectful exchange between two species” – maybe, just maybe we are at a time now where this interchange is once again becoming possible & like you say keeping a deep respect for the animals may be the key.
    Perhaps this work we are doing, & it is (very important) work is healing the gaps in our psyche so that we can reconnect with life – perhaps it was only ever humanity that lost the connection.

    Thanks for your story

  7. pavman replied:

  8. pavman replied:

    maybe let human sounds heal the mess – sorry if it’s from left field

  9. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Pavman, I enjoyed the song & any field is fine when the result is healing.

    Very best to you

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