Lions of longitude

All knowledge in the world is connected. It is all from one great source.  There is nothing that the ancient Egyptians knew that we do not know.” Credo Mutwa

I never got round to writing Part III of the Master of the Sea series.  It was there in mind, but my attention got caught by a crosswind & we sailed down a different stream.

I can’t say that this post is ‘it’, but what follows was seeded there …

& is gleaned now.

In Parts I & II of the Master of the Sea sea-ries, we followed the trail of a murdered man, who was also New Zealand’s second most famous son.

(Sir) Peter Blake was a yachtsman most extraordinary – rounding the world, sailing the seventy seas & hauling the America’s Cup off to this corner of the Underworld.

Sadly perhaps, the reason I paid attention to him, was because of where he died – shot by pirates, while perched directly upon the equator (& in the mouth of the Amazon River), aboard his ship, Seamaster.

I didn’t take in the location of Macapá, Brazil at the time – but then again I didn’t question or write back then, so it would have made no difference.

But now?

Well you can die anywhere – but it does takes a bit of doing to get the aim so errrr … precise.

The city lies exactly on the Equator, at 0° N, and hosts a monument to this, known as Marco Zero (“Zero Mark”).

Macapá’s nickname is: “A Capital do Meio do Mundo” or “The Capital of the Middle of the World

… quite fantastical then that a Master of the Seas should sail to the Middle of the World from Middle Earth (formerly known as NZ).

A master & commander of the sea done to death upon the equator may be a lot more omen-ous than you would think … for the Equator equates to great superstition among sailing folk.

The ceremony of Crossing the Line is an initiation rite in the Royal Navy, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and other navies that commemorates a sailor’s first crossing of the Equator … Sailors who have already crossed the Equator are …  often referred to as Sons of Neptune

In the 19th century and earlier, the line-crossing ceremony was quite a brutal event, often involving beating … and sometimes throwing the victims over the side of the ship, dragging … in the surf … In more than one instance, sailors were reported to have been killed.”

Know ye, that ……………….. on the ….. day of ….. , aboard ………….. appeared at the equator at Latitude …..° , Longitude …..° entering into Our Royal Domain, and having been inspected and found worthy by My Royal Staff and was initiated into the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep. (Signed) Davey Jones — His Royal Scribe, Neptunus Rex — Ruler of the Raging Main.”
(certificate issued on a United States Navy ship during the 1960s) wiki

So let’s take a look at the equator.

In what might seem to be a contradictory pair of facts, the parts of the Earth that lie on the equator mark both the area with the world’s greatest concentration of natural biodiversity and also human poverty”

Almost half the world’s rainforests are concentrated on the equator in just three countries … Brazil, Congo and Indonesia.”

Biodiversity tends to increase as one approaches the equator.

Why species originate more readily near the equator is far from being entirely clear

We found that there was double the molecular change in the tropical species,”

Evolution Occurs Faster at the Equator

A census of all the plants and animals around the world would reveal that species richness is uneven: it is highest in the tropics, the regions of Earth near the equator, and lower the closer one goes toward the planet’s poles.”

The Sun traverses directly over the equator twice each year, on the spring and vernal equinoxes…. Locations along the equator experience the fastest rates of sunrise and sunset on the planet

In the equatorial forests the aspect is the same or nearly so every day in the year: budding, flowering, fruiting, and leaf-shedding are always going on in one species or other. It is never either spring, summer, or autumn, but each day is a combination of all three. With the day and night always of equal length, the atmospheric disturbances of each day neutralising themselves before each succeeding morn: with the sun in its course proceeding midway across the sky, and the daily temperature almost the same throughout the year–how grand in its perfect equilibrium and simplicity is the march of Nature under the equator!

What we can see is that the earth has a wondrous belt about her swollen belly.

belt (n.) O.E. belt …  from L. balteus “girdle, sword belt”.”

girdle (n.) O.E. gyrdel “belt, sash, cord about the waist,” … related to O.E. gyrdan “to gird” (see gird)”

Ok so let’s see gird.

gird (v.) O.E. gyrdan “put a belt or girdle around; encircle, surround; invest with attributes.”

So now we ask;

“Is’t possible that a belt-slash-girdle could bestow attributes-slash-power?

In literature, girdles are often portrayed as magical, giving power and strength if worn by men, and protection if worn by women. Several scriptures in the Bible make use of the girdle as a symbol for readiness and preparation. Ishtar, a Babylonian Goddess, wore a fertility girdle, which, when it was removed, rendered the Universe barren. Hercules wrestled with the Amazon queen for her girdle in his Greek myth. Aphrodite, or Venus in Roman mythology, also wore girdles associated with lechery in later poetry.

Odysseus wears a girdle which allows him to swim for three days straight, and a girdle worn by Thor doubles his strength.

Later on, for women, the girdle became a sign of virginity, and was often considered to have magical properties. Monsters and all types of evil are recorded as being subdued by girdles in literature, a famous one being the dragon slain by Saint George. Marriage ceremonies continued this tradition of girdles symbolizing virginity by having the husband take the wife’s girdle, and prostitutes were forbidden to wear them by law in historic France. Often in literature, women are portrayed as safe from sexual or other attack when wearing a girdle, but suddenly vulnerable if it is missing or stolen.” (wiki)

Now a belt is no flipping good …

without a meeting of binds

thus it would seam …

… that a closed circuit must be created,

… for the power to flow.

So let’s go back to the real world – where might we find the clasp in the girdle of the earth?

A great river flows under the African continent, a river that is said to lead both into the future as well as the past.” Credo Mutwa

In the Mystery of the White Lions, author Linda Tucker makes an excellent case for a seam in our world – this seam, which she equates to the Nilotic Meridian, zips through the continent of Africa around the at 31 degrees east longitudinal mark. (The following text (in brown) all comes from the Mystery of the White Lions).

A joinery through powerful in-sites

One of the interesting factors about the Nilotic Meridian is that is defines the centre of the earth’s landmass … the geographical epicentre … it seemed to me that not only did [it] hold the continent of Africa together, but it represented a seam holding the earth’s landmasses together.

For me the most amazing threads that Linda Tucker t(r)acked together were the broken lines lions of Africa …

… when man & beast got a- frayed of each other.

Both the Egyptian & African traditions converge on one conclusion: the Nilotic Meridian is sacred beyond comparison because it represents the beginning of time when lion gods walked among men.”

If you follow the Nilotic Meridian in a southerly direction you will eventually reach Timbavati in South Africa – the birthing place of one of the most amazing creatures on earth – the white lions.

If you wish you can stop your journey here & turn to science – they will tell you that the white lions are simply a genetic mutation & it’s quite all right to hunt them to extinction ….

“… economic demand produces all sorts of interesting abundance.  Who would ever imagine that someone would invest the serious money needed to produce a breeding population of white lions.” (from a hunting site).

… or perhaps you might like to marvel at the extraordinary ahem … coincidence of how blue or green-eyed, white-coated lions miraculously appeared upon the very same meridian that has for centuries, housed an un-maned lion.

Eyes open please.  Would the ancients really have carved such a wee head on such a grand body?

Or was the Sphinx a tardy interloper?

First appearing at Timbavati, on the Nilotic Meridian – also known by the ancient Egyptian Priests as Zep Tepi – Line of First Time, these sacred animals were originally hunted out of their natural existence

Are we saying there is some kind of  “power line” linking Timbavati to Giza?”
Yes ma’am, yes
(from conversation between Linda Tucker & Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa

If you followed my Mil-Lion series then you will recall, or you may already know, the mathematical equation I’m about to symbolically make up.

lion = sun = gold

I knew from world mythology, that gold is equated with lions – just as lions are identified with gold, the so-called ‘lion of metals.”


For some reason gold-smelting sites seem to cluster around the Nilotic Meridian

Gold is an “entity“, he explained

“... gold’s natural existence in the bowels of our planet is essential to life on earth.  Most specifically, it controls the existence & flow & purification of fresh water … (rather than gravity as we understand it) … gold is not simply a physical metal but a spiritual metal with a profound metaphysical purpose.

By mining gold … human beings are enslaved to forces of which they are not even aware.”

At the level of highest priesthood, ‘gold’ & sacred knowledge are one & the same (the one being the spiritual form of the other) …

I loved the Mystery of the White Lions, I didn’t feel the need to agree with the hypothesis that the book ends with, but by god I admire this woman & I honour her path into lion shamanism.  She is doing what only the sanest of people do – integrating the ‘real’ world into the deepest knowledge of nature & using that to protect her beloved lions.

The real art of shamanism is the respectful exchange between two species

So what are we doing here today you ask?

Well we’re going to look at something else that lies upon this ‘seam’ in the world … & wonder.

However a few bonus points before we move onward & up.

Just above South Africa, the Nilotic Meridian runs through Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia – “Rhodes = Roses’ for would-be-rose-knowers).

The name Zimbabwe is very telling;

According to Mutwa … the hidden meaning of the word revolves around the core word: Zim meaning ‘gold’ and Zimba meaning lion

…  Even today Zimba means ‘lion’ in African languages …

Another point of interest to those of the errr …. more creative mind is the following word-view of the Nilotic Meridian;

Nile =

You told me that the present course of the Nile is man-made, not nature-made?”
“That is what is said ma’am

Line =

The legendary underground river … which Mutwa says ‘holds the continent of Africa together‘, is associated with water energy, with a subterranean vein of gold, as well as with a mystifying notion of a shower of stars beneath the earth’s crust approximating the ‘spinal fluid’ of the Milky Way  … was the Nile redirected into an earth-star alignment so as to cover an even greater subterranean current …?”



So now it comes time to head north.

If we follow the line/lion of the Nile northward, we cross sea & land until we come  to an abrupt & once-explosive, halt …

… for lioning very close to this route, lies the site of the once-worst nuclear ‘accident’ in history –

26 April, 1986

On April 26, 1986, the operating crew planned to test whether the Reactor No. 4 turbines could produce enough energy to keep the coolant pumps running until the emergency diesel generator was activated in case of an external power loss. During the test, power surged unexpectedly, causing an explosion and driving temperatures in the reactor to more than 2,000 degrees Celsius—melting the fuel rods, igniting the reactor’s graphite covering, and releasing a cloud of radiation into the atmosphere.  The precise causes of the accident are still uncertain

A northerly extending of the seam of Africa

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Location:  Ukraine
Coordinates: 51°23′22.39″N 30°05′56.93″E

Great Sphinx of Giza
Location: Egypt
Coordinates: 29°58′31″N 31°08′16″E

Timbavati Game Reserve
Location: Limpopo South Africa
Coordinates: 23°15′00″S 31°22′00″E

Note the harmonising latitudinal coordinates of Chernobyl & Timbavati – 51°23 / 23°15

… Meanwhile back at the Oz-ka Ranch (one month & one day earlier)

March 25, 1986 – The 58th Academy Awards are held in Los Angeles, California, with Out of Africa winning Best Picture”  but wait there’s more … “The film won seven Academy Awards.”

This movie closes with these lions lines no lions ummm … oh bugger it  – “The Maasai have reported … that many times, at sunrise and sunset, they have seen lions on Finch-Hatton’s grave” in the Hills” – the Finch with the hat on being played by none other than the liver-eating Redford.

So we wonder – “on 26th April 1986, was a line/lion out of Africa switched on or off at Chernobyl?”

Was there a reason for a  nuclear power plant to be so closely a-lioned to the Nilotic Meridian?

Was there a reason that THAT particular power plant burst out of life?

There’s good reason to wonder I think.

Let’s return to the white lions of Timbavati – they have a strangely strange history – their story has been passed down word for word through generations upon generation;

“The name Timbavati really is Timba-vaati”. Timba: “to come down (like a bird)”, vaati: “to the ground”… The place where something came down … An elder told her that a strange light was coming out of the skies.  A star was falling to the earth.  A very great star … came down with incredible slowness … there was a great halo of bluish light where the thing had come down … For a long time they stood there, squinting into the glare of the strange star lying on the ground.”

The story continues with Queen Numbi, queen of the empire disappearing with the ‘star’ when it leaves.

Then it was observed, many years after Numbi’s disappearance … all animals that stayed within that area where the mysterious object had settled … were giving birth to snow-white offspring.

It is said that at one time people saw many white leopards at Timbavati.  The people saw herds of antelope, impala, eland which were snow-white with blue eyes … some impala & elands had strange malformations involving their hooves & horns.  And a pride of lions also moved into the area where the strange star had come down from the sky & …

… they too started giving birth to white offspring with blue eyes.”

While the other white animals disappeared;

the sacred White Lions were born again & again in that place.”

I feel , the suggestion of radiation effects upon the animals of Timbavati is just too interesting to dismiss.  However, unlike the toxic by-products emitted from the northerly end of the lion-line, the Timbavati animals appeared to thrive & survive.

We are so used to looking at this world from a broken viewpoint, that it’s very hard to allow the possibility that a vital energy charges the Nilotic Meridian & that it’s somehow tied to animals rather than all-conquering humans.

Perhaps humanity simply could not hold that kind of energy at that time?

This meridian certainly seams to connect to other worlds we’re too blinded to see.

The reason I decided to go ahead & write this post, was because of the all-new-super-size-me version of Chernobyl, currently screening in Japan.  I don’t follow the news so I’m really not sure what’s going on, except that it seems to be a source of great fearing.  One glaring anomaly does stand out above all others – the unbelievable amount of times this little country has been pounded by atom-izers …

…  Although this article is not about Japan, I suspect a formidable  lion energy exists within that country & has something to do with past events.

Anyway because of my interest in the seaming Chernobyl-Timbavati line-connections I was curious about the meridian upon which the Fukushima nuclear site was laid.

At first glance I could see nothing. And when I flipped the world over, there seemed to be even more nothing;

The 140th meridian east forms a great circle with the 40th meridian west”  – (for the directionally challenged – Japan is up there near the ‘P’ of Pacific Ocean)

Until a name stood out on the westerly side.

Starting at the North Pole and heading south to the South Pole, the 40th meridian west passes through:


It was Bahia that did it for me.

Though it might not have done it for you.

I’m rather familiar with Bahia, Brazil because the honest-hearted, grisly-tempered shaman …

… Matthew Delooze has taken me there (virtually) on each of his ayahuasca journeys.  Though I don’t take drugs, I used to think that ayahuasca was one exception I might make – yet somehow reading each experience of Matt’s was like taking it without the nasty side effects – his tales always stirred something in me. I certainly got the impression that during his joinery’s with ayahuasca, he carried out hugely significant ‘work’.

The whole crazy museum was quivering. ‘This was no cowboy job’ I thought. The bettering ram was in no way made of cardboard & only held up with a few carpet tacks like the paintings were. This was the work of skilled craftsmen. The battering ram was made of planet earth and the rope was made from the blood, sweat & tears of the enslaved masses whose spirits sought freedom.”

What interests me now is to find that this ‘work’ was undertaken upon the same meridian that adjoins Fukushima’s melting nuclear power plant.

It seemed to me that here again we had a meridian with other-worldly connections, being subjected to this-worldly radiation of the most toxic kind.

Of course there is always the possibility that Chernobyl-fear has been overlaid on Fukushima to create a BP Oil-type scenario of fantasy proportions – truth & what the media tells us can be very different animals indeed, though fear always smells the same.

One final thought that could have been part of my Liver articles.

But wasn’t.

You  may recall the suggestion that South America might be the liver of the world, with the US as her stomach (Easter Island is already known as the navel).

Well there was one other continent I had my eye on.  I had my eye on it a long time ago & even named it without any further thought – in case your mouse was too fatigued to click that link, it was entitled;

The White Heart of the World

The liver & heart have always been very close to each other.


Let’s wonder a little about the possibility that …

… Antarctica is the heart of the world


EVERY longitudinal meridian plugs into her.

And while the north pole is ice …


… Antarctica is a huge mass of land.


We’re told that a massive hole in the ozone layer exists above Antarctica & we’re instructed to be a-feared of it.

But what if something else is afoot?  What if the heart of the earth is warming up & melting the sky?

What if man & woman finally have a chance to de-frost their own hearts?

Could this be why there is such a massive push to keep the bulk of humanity frozen-stiff on their sofas & iced to their tv sets, news-popery & fake truthery.

What if the white lions are both sign & symbol that this heart is beating again?

Here is a link to one of Matt Deloozes ‘journeys’ in Bahia – it was nabbed by a site that delights in advertising, but all other articles have disappeared from the net.  It starts with an amazing dream/nightmare  – even if you don’t read his journey, the dream might have an unexpected impact on you.

9th April:  A waking giant?

Lion Rock at Piha in Auckland

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  1. Brad replied:

    Utterly Entertaining and Fascinating once again…


    as usual I have nothing to really add except ‘thanks’!

    (and thank you for the previous journey(s) across NZ,
    those were such beautiful pix…)

    : )


  2. Michael Skaggs replied:

    I learn something new every time I read your Ritings Alex!

    I have to get a hold of that book! Mystery of the White Lions, sounds like a great read.

    Thanks for sharing your keen insights! Brilliant. Antarctica [ANT, ARC or ARK, TEEKA or TEA KA?] as the heart of the Earth is an AMAZING find! Wow. So her heart is frozen but waking up, I love that.

    Those lions are absolutely beautiful. The eyes are amazing, the blues are so DEEP in color. I wonder what it would be like to visit that spot where the queen of the tribe met up with that light? Goosebumps I am sure.

    Cheers love!


  3. alex robinson replied:

    Many thanks Brad – it is my pleasure & I always appreciate your words :)
    In case you miss it, I added a link at the end – I had a feeling you might get something out of reading the dream that begins that tale.
    Very best to you

    Hiya Michael
    I think you’d enjoy the book, a journey worth taking.

    Ah yes the ARC of AntARCtika & ARCtica & they told us it was to do with bears & what’s worse we believed them – the pole to pole journey is all ‘arc’ is it not?

    Maybe I’ll meet you in Timbavati one day, when you’re on your travels :)
    Hugs to you


  4. paulo replied:

    … im speachless … :P …


  5. aferrismoon replied:

    wormwood полин, чорнобиль;гіркота, прикрість

    The 2nd is ‘Ch O R N O B Y L’

    “Although the word wormwood appears several times in the Old Testament, translated from the Hebrew term לענה (la’anah), e.g., Deuteronomy 29:18 and Jeremiah 9:15, its only clear reference as a named entity occurs in the New Testament, in the Book of Revelation: “And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” (Revelation 8:10, 11 – KJB”

    Chernoby – Timbovati

    Wormwood = Artemisia Absinthia



  6. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Paulo – I hope that’s a good thing :)
    Very best to you

    … & the dream continues Mr Moon – you have just trodden so close to the article I stopped writing in order to this one – that is really quite, quite awesome.

    Just to get clear, were you saying that this ‘чорнобиль’ – spells Ch O R N O B Y L?


  7. Stitch-a-phonic replied:

    Holy cow! Alex, this is pretty weird but I thought this post was going to be a lead up to something on comet Elenin – but from a different angle.

    The cross referenced material is pretty similar. The comet was discovered (supposedly) by a russian astronomer from Lyubertsy (pretty close to that line you refer to) named Leonid Elenin (Leo, the leonids, 9-11, etc.). From the outside everything about the discovery seems legit but if you start to dig in a bit you also start to scratch your head a bit. Like: the perihelion of the orbit has been calculated to be sept 10.7 (basically 9/11). Like: some facts share a striking resemblance to the movie Deep Impact and the orbit has been calculated to be near earth orbit.

    But also interesting is that the orbital period has been calculated to be 11,700 years. If this comet hasn’t been newly perturbed into this orbit that means its last approach close to the sun would have occurred about the time of the last great species extinction and about the time the Bauval et al. figure the Sphinx was actualy built to commemorate something big (flood, etc). 12,000 years ago the sphinx aligned with where the sun rose in leo at the vernal equinox.

    It goes on and on. Sorry for the long comment.

    Thanks for your very wise insights. I find myself travelling to your post often hoping that you’ve posted something new.

    Ps. For Africa representing the head of the world (looks like a skull from right side) check out wrongwaywizards website.


  8. pavman replied:

    Hi alex, a really great insight, thankyou

    Have you checked this site at all?

    It talks about the nile being a great timeline and could tie into your research somewhere, somehow.


  9. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Stitch – Thanks for that, I was not at all familiar with that come-t till your come-ent – intriguing – always the circles n’est-ce pas?

    I’ve seen images of the african facial features, the only thing that puts me off is that it doesn’t take the west side of that continent into account. Whenever I look I see a rhino (sideways) with West Africa as the neck, mind you I see a snail in the moon too, so don’t quote me :)
    Best to you

    Thanks Pavman – that looks most interesting. Credo Mutwa says that rivers are alive & hold memories – like photographic snap shots – & that shamans are trained to read them – what a wonderful idea, beats concrete science any day!
    Best to you


  10. aferrismoon replied:

    Yes , it reads Ch O R N O B Y L . The final character isn’t a letter but a symbol to show that the final letter is pronounced either ‘soft’ or ‘hard’.

    If u type in ‘Azbuka’ you can get the Cyrillic alphabet , and its English equivalent.

    The 2nd ‘O’ is likely pronounced ‘A’ giving Chornabyl.



  11. alex robinson replied:

    Ah thanks Ewan – that’s really quite something!
    Much appreciated!


  12. pavman replied:

    something else

    Pav – Lion

    Once after finishing a seminar where we had a group meditation experience , we were told that we might experience very vivid dreams and or come across some ‘coincidences’ that would transpire within a few days.

    So after I flew back into Sydney I was on my normal route home, when the traffic was so immense I decided to walk down a road that I have only ever driven. So as I was walking past a hospital I looked up and on the vertical facade had the words PAV LION. The building was in need of an uprgade and a letter (i) had had fallen off the centre of the word entirely, revealing a new meaning.

    It seemed to talk to me directly. I called my girlfriend and she said she was born in that building and it used to be a Hospital for Mothers + Babies. We agreed to call the hospital and offer our design + const. services to make the communal spaces more welcoming for the new born and mothers.

    So as I was walking further I decided to stop in a bar and compose my thoughts when I was greeted to the sounds of a growling Lion which was coming from a games machine with the sight of a Lion with a flowing Mane, bristling in the wind. Now I was surely going mad and then looked down to be greeted by a Lion looking at me from an advertisement in a mobile broadband magazine.

    I was excited that life seemed to shine a light on the path I was travelling, by saying maybe it had a purpose mixed in with all the rest of the traps and illusions.

    I once again called my GF and telling her of this occurrence. She then recalled designing and managing a child care centre which the mascot was called ‘ PAV the Penguin’. A rush of calm seemed to overtake both of us knowing that we have found each other in a time of need and small signs seem to link us to all if we open up to them.

    One of the reasons that the word LION still resinates is that ever since I could remember I was a crab, with the sign of cancer, which is less than empowering. After seeing the symbolism in the Lion and the strength and courage it entails it is then easy to break the ‘star sign’ protocol that we are bound by. I mean would you like to be a lion with attributes of courage and strength or a crab with a hard shell and a soft inner.

    Maybe it was time to shed the soft shell crab and attach the Lions mane?

    Just a thought.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Haha Lionman, marvelous – I am also ‘crab’.

      Funnily enough it was on a beach that I once connected most heartily to a lion,_Piha_320.jpg?width=300
      or an artist’s interpretation

      Perhaps we need to expand our natures rather than dismiss certain parts – water is a very, very powerful element, but cold – fire is too hot, but mixed together they make for something most wonderful & ‘human’.

      I really enjoyed your stories & it is splendid that your girlfriend shares this world with you. Like you lions seemed to have walked with me symbolically for quite a while now & helped lead me onto yet another path which I hope to expand upon in the near future.

      Very best to you


      • pavman replied:

        I wonder if as we progress in our lives our ‘star sign’ also shifts into a new part of the zodiac. With Leo being after Cancer maybe the transition could occur in a great age of transition. If the earth undergoes great changes such as a polar shift do we as spirits on this earth also shift and adjust to it, and these signs tell us of this? Maybe one would have to be ‘crab like’ to deflect criticism and pain while developing then shedding the shell and when the time is right shift focus to courage, valour and protection. What ever it is I am itching to go on another journey and travel for a few months with my new eyes, who knows what it could bring. Thanks for reading and keep up the great work,


  13. alex robinson replied:

    cheers Pav Lion – travel well :)


  14. Ferdinand replied:

    Nice post, Alex. I was thinking about the meaning of “belt” and how it took over the role of pants holding almost completely from suspenders. Belt it out.

    Also, has the world always really been round? I was reading Jay Wiedner’s Alchemical review of LOTR and he brings up some cosmology from the Silmarillion:


  15. Ferdinand replied:

    .. that didn’t work out well..

    Here’s the quote:

    It was at this time as the prayers to the Dark Lord increased and Ar-Pharazôn and his fleet moved Westward to the Blessed Lands, terrible storms and earthquakes appeared in Númenor. And at the moment he stepped upon the shore of Valinor, the Creator

    “showed forth his power and changed the fashion of the world; a great chasm opened in the sea between Númenor and the Deathless Lands, and the waters flowed down into it.” 21 In their ships the Númenóreans were drawn into the abyss. As in the legend of Atlantis, Númenor itself was overtaken by a great wave and disappeared forever. The shape of the world was changed. The sight of the Blessed Lands of the immortals was removed from the Earth. The Earth became round and Men could only travel within its circles, never again physically perceiving what Tolkien refers to as the ‘Straight Way’.


    • alex robinson replied:

      So perhaps we did not always go round in circles – that’s a very intriguing idea, that’s deserves digesting – thanks Kyle.

      Great good luck for your show!


  16. Mick replied:

    Fascinating article. Have you read Hamlet’s Mill, Alex? It can be downloaded at


  17. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Mick – no I hadn’t heard of that – I cheated & had a look on wiki :) Why is it that you recommend that – am curious but also busy writing atm & don’t have time to go browsing further).
    All the best


  18. Mick replied:

    Hi Alex, really because of the path i seem to be following at the moment. I started reading The White Lions a few weeks ago, but it was Linda Tucker’s insistence on accepted Darwinist evolution that pushed a button, and got me to re-read Barbara Hand Clow’s Catastraphobia. I couldn’t dig that cro-magnon evolved naturally from neanderthal, nor that the latter were primitive. I also felt that ‘time’ had been restarted or the program infected with a virus and the system rebooted. Hamlet’s Mill deals with mythology and zodiacal astronomy, and if precession only started in the Age of Leo when Earth was knocked for six, then the whole program for the last 12,000 years is squewiff. Besides, i just like mythology as it triggers inner impulses, hence the attraction of your work and your postulations. Anyhow, still sniffing out a trail…..


  19. Mick replied:

    Oh, and about the Nile. hand Clow makes a contention that the Nile, because of the main axis tilting, and the thousands of years of aftershocks, was ‘resculpted’ to its present course. I have read Goro Adachi’s Nile Timeline, but suspect, as correct as he may be, that it is another form of scripture, or a sure script. The Tibetan Buddhist image of Srinmo, the Earth Mother demon, being impaled by 12 ritual daggers (or temples), the flowing blood from her beating heart being used as life essence, is always at the back of my mind for some reason. There’s something fishy in the state of Denmark.


  20. alex robinson replied:

    Wow had never heard of Srinmo before, your description paints a striking pic. The Nile/Line is surely no ordinary place – Credo’s tying into the Milky Way is also quite fascinating as well as to a river under Africa.

    Love the idea on time being ‘restarted’.

    It was following of Linda Tucker’s ‘inner’ journey that I found most enlightening – that path is extraordinary & much that Credo says seems to be ‘rich’ – but what also greatly interested me was what he would not, or could not say – but then perhaps that is the true way of a teacher/’teaser’ – so that curiosity forces us to create our own path & conclusions – the magic of the book is following one woman on her own journey from the contracted western view as with all information we pick & choose what resonates with us – just as you’re doing with the works you mention.
    Many thanks for that Mick


  21. Mick replied:

    Couldn’t agree more, just follow the harmony of your heart. Check out this lady when you get a mo :)


  22. Anonymous replied:

    I found your lions of longitude trawling for information on ancient sites around longitude 30E eg Adams Calendar, Zimbabwe Ruins (not quite), Nabta Playa, GIZA pyramids,etc for a book I am researching. I love your stream of consciousness word association process and the way you have threaded your beads. Amazing human. Exquisite and humourous reading for the early hours of the morning. Thank you so much


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