The t of folly & the root of truth

History did a funny thing with the crucifix.

It turned it into a letter.

Or was it the other way round?

T … is the 20th letter in the basic modern Latin alphabet. It is the most commonly used consonant and the second most common letter in the English language.

There’s something funny about the letter ‘T‘.  Most of the time it acts like a perfectly ‘normal’ member of the alphabetical family …

… but,

it leads a double life

… creating a forking in the road that detours certain words down deceptive ‘routes’.

Men weep, and bewail their lot, and curse Cadmus with many curses for introducing Tau (T) into the family of letters; they say it was his body that tyrants took for a model, his shape that they imitated, when they set up structures on which men are crucified … Now, with all these crimes upon him, does he not deserve death, nay, many deaths? For my part I know none bad enough but that supplied by his own shape — that shape which he gave to the gibbet.

So let’s get back on track & take a deceptive root route.

Pick a planet, any planet will do 

Something most illuminating happens
to a planet
when you drop
the letter

Is it a bird?

Is it a super man?


… it’s a plane.

In esoteric cosmology, a plane … is conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe.

The concept may be found in religious, and esoteric teachings – e.g. Vedanta (Advaita Vedanta), shamanism, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Gnosticism

… which propound the idea of a whole series of subtle planes or worlds or dimensions which, from a center, interpenetrate themselves and the physical planet in which we live, the solar systems, and all the physical structures of the universe.

Thus you may see why the ‘T’ was a necessary addition.

I mean if we’d had an inkling that a planet was actually a plane, we might have started imagining that the universe is dreamily interconnected.

Heck we might’ve realised that we could visit these planes …

… without the aid of a NASA probe.

Moving right along …

… we get to a word we have not been allowed to disremember.  I mean forget.

This word also falls under the cloak of t-ended spells.

Here at toolonginthisplace we wonder why the phrase “Lest we forget” was uploaded into war-scarred human memory, when it hailed from an ode to the British Empire (called ‘Recessional)’, by Poet Laureate (& masterly mason) Rudyard Kipling;

composed on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897“.

God of our fathers, known of old—
Lord of our far-flung battle line—
Beneath whose awful hand we hold
Dominion over palm and pine—
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget—lest we forget!.

Now what lies beneath is the Ode of Remembrance – take note of just where & how the addendumb is inserted;

They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.”

The line Lest we forget is often added to the end of the ode, which is repeated in response by those listening.

The Ode of Remembrance reads rather like a prayer n’est-ce pas?  So we wonder how on earth a ‘commandment” to re-member the British Empire got tacked on to the end of this ‘prayer’.

The words “Lest We Forget” form the refrain of “Recessional” … passed into common usage after World War I … linked with Remembrance Day observations …  often found as the only wording on war memorials.

Now have a lookandsee what happens when we drop the ‘T’ from forget;

forge (v.) 1610s, “make way, move ahead,” of unknown origin”  – ah so you’re saying that when we forge ahead, we create a way through – through our own force of will & determination.

Meanwhile back at the smithy, the nounforge‘ refers to a hearth – a place where metal is shaped …

… into the most magical of forms.

… into the most magical of forms.

forge (v.) … perhaps… via notion of steady hammering at something.

Why are we forged forced to remember this engineered barbaric sacrifice?  Lest we forge a world without war?

Alternatively, because answers are not the treasure we seek in this place, we can re-view the whole situation.  In French, the word est has two meanings;

1. “n. east” – thus L’est We Forget may be read  – ‘The East We Forget‘ – of possible interest when we note how relentlessly we are shepherded into the West.

2. “v. be; exist” – now we appear to have a statement that reads “To Be, We Forget

Aploogies, I’ve been digressing.

This is meant to be the introduction.  Just one last t’ended word, & we’ll be on our way.

Here is a plant.
Drop the ‘T‘ however &
you can come up with …


Plan noun  a specific project or definite purpose: plans for the future … a representation of a thing drawn on a plane, as a map

What follows is a snippet from a journey taken by Matthew Delooze under the guidance of the plan/plant ayahausca;

A plant is a tape recorder I was told.  I was looking at this image of a tape recorder & then suddenly whoosh another vision of two plants in pots suddenly appeared on the two reels of tape I was being shown.  The face told me that an organic plant can ‘record’ things better than any machine created by man …some organic plants are living recording machines …  I was shown another image of the same soldiers trying to destroy & burn certain plants but as they tried to do so the wind blew the roots, the leaves & indeed the very seeds of the plants to safe places … plants [can] store direct imagery from the past.

Now if a t‘-ended word might point to a camouflaged meaning, could a “topened” word also have a secret life?

Esoterically, the Tau (T) represents a gate or opening, symbolic death. In the Victorian magical Order of the Golden Dawn, the Tau was the “sign of the Enterer,” a posture that symbolized the opening path of the Kabbalistic tree of life.”

Let’s turn to the six hundred million dollar word
on everyone,
who’s anyone’s,


A quick etymological autopsy reveals;

truth  O.E. triewð (W.Saxon) …”faithfulness, quality of being true,” …  (see true).

Ok then, let’s see true.

true   O.E. … “faithful, trustworthy,” …  perhaps ultimately from PIE *dru- “tree,” on the notion of “steadfast as an oak.” … ” Sense of “consistent with fact” first recorded c.1200; that of “real, genuine, not counterfeit” is from late 14c.”

Well everything seems to be in order.

Previously, while toying with the concept of truth I thought I’d hit upon a grand idea – some word-play suggesting (to me), that truth might be bollocks.

Regardez les word-toys.

Is an idea the result of self mingling with god/goddess?

Is the act of creating concepts, the very act of creation/conception?

Who needs truth thought I, when our ideas & concepts have such god-like qualities. I was all revved up to drop a wordy-warhead  Plus … I’d dropped the letter ‘T‘ from the word True &  the more I looked …

… the more it seemed that there was way too much to rue about truth …

rue v.  to feel sorrow over;  repent of;  regret bitterly

 … That which has been labelled & bottled as true & swallowed by a waiting world …

… appears to have done so very much harm in this place we live.

All looked glum.

Until I came up for air & opened my eyes in the natural world.

you …

to Rue

a bitter herb that you don’t mess with.

The following has been gleaned from a variety of webfields across the internet, it may or may not be fully accurate, but paints us a telling picture;

Rue has thousands of years of history in many different cultures. Known as Herb of Grace, Blessed Herb, Herb of Repentance … it is considered a protective plant, and has long been used in medicine and magic … mentioned by writers from Pliny to Shakespeare and beyond, as an herb of remembrance, of warding and of healing. It was frequently planted by doorways to bring blessings to and protect against evil, and is one of the ingredients in the legendary Four Thieves Vinegar.”

In ancient medicine, the herb was a favored remedy as an antidote to poison and was seen as a magic herb by many cultures and as a protection against evil. It was used for nervous afflictions, digestive problems and hysterics … often used in spells of warding and protection in modern magic.”

Romans cultivated rue herb which they called it Mars’ herb, because it was used as a purifying agent for cleaning Iron (the metal of mars). They grew this herb around temples of Mars. It was also considered to be the Mars’ herb, because it can be as fierce as the god Mars. Its essential oil can be a very irritating agent and can easily cause burns and blisters on skin if applied.

Once believed to improve the eyesight and creativity, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci regularly ate the small, trefoil leaves to increase their own.”

“… the expression “rue the day” is said to come from the practice of throwing rue at an enemy while cursing him.

“… this herb is the only one that the Prophet Mohammed blessed.”

The legend of rue lives on in playing cards, where the symbol for the suit of clubs is said to be modeled on a leaf of rue.”

In mythology, the basilisk, whose breath could cause plants to wilt and stones to crack, had no effect on rue. Weasels who were bitten by the basilisk would retreat and eat rue in order to recover and return to fight.

Herb of grace was also used during exorcisms.”

Rue is also mentioned as a helpful plant for funerals, and for honoring our past ancestors.”

So let’s suggest that Rue is a plant worthy of re-membering.

Remember we found it tucked away behind the ‘T‘ in the word true.

Remember that that word True is the parent of the wholly profitable word – ‘truth‘.

And let me remind you of a biblical phrase you will already know, because it’s been hot-iron-branded into your psych-key

and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”  John 8:32

We came to this plant Rue, via the airest, fairiest method possible – simple wordplay – suggesting that there may be a reason why it appears in the word true.  Look here at what showed itself after this speculation;

The name rue comes from the Greek rhute or reuo meaning to “set free“.

The words herb & verb are so very close are they not?  Is there something in rue that could help set us free?

The whole orientation of the plant is upward. The stalks seem to try to reach the sky … One of the most striking features of this plant is indeed the strong, aromatic, bitter or acrid scent, but once you get used to it, it can be very soothing and comforting … By analyzing the medicinal uses and risks of rue, one aspect became very clear to me: the same energy that protects and cures can also kill you – it depends only on the amount you use … The extremely sharp and rather bitter odor of the leaves makes me wonder whether this is the part of the signature that refers to the high protection level offered by this plant, as a means of keeping negative astral energies away.

I also feel like Rue is powerfully transformative … It’s planetary alliances are of the South, Mars and Fire. All being elements of transformation and Karmic forces. It’s spirit is dramatic yet with consistency and grace

Rue is a bitter, bitter herb that is highly toxic in large doses.  It will abort babies.  ‘Shakespeare’ would have been well aware of this when he impregnated Ophelia & then sent her herb-picking;

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray you love, remember … the only herb she intends for herself is rue: “… there’s rue for you, and here’s some for me; we may call it herb of grace o’Sundays; O, you must wear your rue with a difference.” The symbolic meaning of rue is, of course, regret … but the symbolic meaning is not the only one. The herb rue (ruta graveolens, aka Herb-of-Grace) is a powerful abortifacient (i.e. substance that induces abortion).”

Now I’m quite sure that English is a highly potent al-chemical language – an industrial-strength concoction that we misuse on a daily basis.  I also have no doubt that much information & knowledge is stored within it, but it does not seem that it was ever intended for the plebs (that’s you & me in case you were wondering).

Nevertheless we may yet make like the humblest of garden birds, & pick & peck our way through it – finding tidbits that make for a damn fine meal.

Try this on for size.

What if the word true tells us more in its four letter life, than all the books printed in all the world on the subject of truth?

What if we are being told that truth is a bitter compound – highly toxic in large doses?

That it is:

  • As fierce as the god Mars
  • Aborts life when abused
  • Improves our sight or the way we see
  • Curses our enemies
  • Is very irritating (i.e. burns & blisters)
  • Wards & protects
  • Is an antidote to poison
  • Bestows grace
  • Grants the gift of repentance
  • Protects against evil
  • Can be used for exorcism
  • Honours our ancestors

How would you approach truth if you knew that it was so so fierce that it would blister & burn if abused?

What if the crafters of the English language understood truth so very well indeed?  Understood that excessive use leads to abortion – killing that which you thought you were cultivating & protecting?

Would you ingest daily?  Call for it hourly in your news reports?

But then is that ‘truth’ or is it fact? (“fact  1530s, “action,” especially “evil deed,” from L. factum “event, occurrence”.“)

What I’m suggesting here is that there has been a coded truth to truth, hidden under our very noses, that we couldn’t see,

& it is this;

Truth has a biological nature.

We may lichen it to an extremely potent & bitter plant that once ingested CHANGES our very being right down to our DNA bootstraps – we cannot remain the same person.  I believe this is the nature of truth, the  purpose of truth – a truly personal experience of universal magnitude – only when we can allow change inside can the outer world change with us.

What is now labelled truth in the outer world is information …

a kind of laboratory-manufactured version of truth – can you show me its biological nature?

Let’s return to the natural world where truth has the power to heal or kill.

This is Harmal
(now that’s a name you shouldn’t mess with)

Harmal is otherwise known as Syrian Rue & it is a plant of truth.  It has found its way into the Western World & like pretty much anything that gets here – it is gobbled up.

Harmal has been used as an entheogen in the Middle East, and in modern Western culture, it is often used as an analogue of Banisteriopsis caapi to create an ad hoc Ayahuasca … Some scholars identify Harmal with the entheogenic haoma of pre-Zoroastrian Persian religions.”

That’s what the Western World does – it gobbles.  Denied any sacred connection to the earth, we have become a gobbling machine.  We are desperately in need of truth, but all we know how to do is gobble.  If the student isn’t ready I wonder what kind of teacher will appear?

The Koran states, “Every root, every leaf of harmel, is watched over by an angel who waits for a person to come in search of healing

A site on flower essences suggests the potential healing to the soul by the soul essence of Syrian Rue;

 “An energetic “truth serum”, Syrian Rue is for all issues of lying, being lied to, betrayal, telling the truth, and trustworthiness. It helps us know and trust in our own truth, regardless of external pressures.”

But again we in the West do not know how to approach nature in order to request help & healing.  These plants that should be our friends & teachers are raped harvested without respect or gratitude.  We use them instead of creating an exchange with them.

If it seems too far-fetched to think that plants may hold our future within them, think again. We were told all about this right from day one.

What history-cally (& literarily) speaking brought this whole situation about?

A tree.
And the knowledge that was held within that tree.

A plant is a tape recorder I was told … The face told me that an organic plant can‘record’ things better than any machine created by man …some organic plants are living recording machines …  I was shown another image of the same soldiers trying to destroy & burn certain plants but as they tried to do so the wind blew the roots, the leaves & indeed the very seeds of the plants to safe places … plants [can] store direct imagery from the past.”

At the base of a tree or plant lie its roots – hmmm … let’s just re-spell that shall we?  rue-t.

Now look here at what the Western World & it’s off-cut, the truth movement, lust over – Proof – hmmm … let’s just re-spell that shall we?  pRUEf.

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind” – Rudyard Kipling

I have a theory – just at this moment – it may change tomorrow.  This theory is that one way to recognise ‘truth’ is that it will not make sense.

I have been seeing a therapist for the past month – attempting to heal/transform shackling experiences – one thing is so very clear & so very perplexing – my ‘truth’ makes no sense – that which I am now viewing is like a garden overrun with never-before-discovered species of unbelievable weirdness.  Yet what I speak about is my truth & it is most assuredly a biological experience.  Should I discover dun-dun-dun …. who killed JFK, not one cell in my body will transform.  If I speak of felt, but previously unknowable experiences to one who hears, I am changed.

Emotions are in two realms.  They’re in the realm of the physical, the molecular, the material, and they’re also in the realm of the spiritual.  It’s almost like [they are] the transition element …. that’s why they’re so critically important.” (Candace Pert)

“our emotions and feelings function not only in the physical realm, but also in a realm that often eludes rational understanding.”

Truth MUST include our emotions – that is intrinsic to its biological nature – it is life because it changes life.

Information & fact allow us to manoeuvre in this world, but cannot feed the soul.

This metaphysics that emphasises the perception of patterns is basic to Chinese thinking.  It reults in part from Taoism, which altogether lacks the idea of a creator, & whose concern is insight into the web of phenomena, not the weaver. For the Chinese, the web has no weaver, no creator; in the West the final concern is always the creator or cause & the phenomena is merely it’s reflection.  The Western mind seeks to discover & encounter what is beyond, behind, or the cause of phenomena. In the Chinese view, the truth of things is immanent; in the Western world, truth is transcendent.  Knowledge, within the Chinese framework, consists in the accurate perception of the inner movement of the web of phenomena.  The desire for knowledge is the desire to understand the interrelationships or patterns within that web, & to become attuned to the unseen dynamic.” (from The Web that has no Weaver)

I finish with this plant teacher because it had a lot to do with why I wrote this article – it came out of nowhere & yelled for attention with amazing synchronicities – therefore I feel it belongs here & may speak to some.

It is for those who seek & yet fear, ‘truth’.

This is Cerato

The only cultivated plant used in the Bach system, Cerato is a flowering shrub from the Himalayas

People in need of this Essence lack neither intelligence nor insight. What they’re missing is self trust. Instead of responding to the promptings of their intuitive inner voice they fall back on on habit, reason, and popular beliefs. They constantly gather knowledge, but rarely assimilate it

helps such persons to translate their already considerable spiritual abilities into active decision-making. This process requires that other spiritual beings have less influence, prompting the soul to develop independent judgment.”

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  1. paulo replied:

    … Superb :P


  2. aferrismoon replied:

    A sprig of rue gives a fine taste to good coffee.

    French ‘tuer’ = to kill

    A fine tease to ease herbulent minds



  3. alex robinson replied:

    Obrigada Paulo :)

    Hi Mr Moon
    I had read that it is added to coffee but had trouble imagining that it would taste good.
    I even wondered if the huge marketing of coffee, whose flavour is bitter, is to conceal the need for another type of bitterness in our diet – something more rue-dimentary.

    I did not know that french herb, I mean verb. Another avenue I could have gone down but didn’t is the French word rue which = street. Your herb/verb equates very closely with Poe’s “Murders in the Rue Morgue”.



  4. aferrismoon replied:

    I didn’t mean herb/verb but herb/turb.

    Rue Elle = rule, to go with your DEA

    Rue Mor , the street of death , the Rue Mor Mill



  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    I can now feel I am in need of some Cerato, or is that Creat-O? ;) (O being the feminine self trust I seem to be lacking as of late)

    Brilliant article Alex, thank you for bringing some Nature to the fore front. That devilish T seems to separate things right down the middle and send them off in two different directions doesn’t it? (I wonder if “IT” is a blatant separation of the “I” clefting it in two?)

    Thank you for the insights, so glad I visited you before heading off the the mind numbing Western World of business. *yuck!*

    Cheers my friend!


  6. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks again Mr Moon – yes I did get your t’herbulescence, well I think I did.
    Rue-mor – excellent!

    The rue/roo sound turns up in many high or mighty places – I meant to put in a pic of RUE-t 66. Also found in those other plant teachers – mushRUEms


    Hi Michael
    Bach created a whole range of flower essences – one of the few Westerners who connected to plants & saw them as teachers/helpers – they grow their own truth.
    Interesting IDEA on the T – also it creates a ‘capping’ effect to the I.

    Go well my friend


  7. stitch-a-phonic replied:

    Syd Barrett once wrote a head-scratcher called “Vegetable Man”. After reading your post I think I can make sense of it.


    Vegetable man where are you!


  8. Eunus Noe replied:

    This is really inspired stuff. I’ve looked a “T” before in the past, but what you’ve done here is pretty amazing!
    take care.


  9. alex robinson replied:

    Hi stitch-a-phonic – you made me think of how people with brain damage are called ‘vegetables’ – how far from that truth that is!
    Very best to you

    Thanks Ennus Noe – it’s all play & a-musings – seems to be the best way to keep the brain from seizing up :)
    All the best


  10. pavman replied:

    Plants as a tape recorder is a fantastic way of saying they record the past and also dictate the future. I favourited this video just a day ago and wondered why cant we do so much more research on this.

    I recall a few years ago in Sydney when masses of red dirt from the west was cast over the Sydney basin and it seemed as if the flora and fauna asked for the rich minerals that came and covered everything in its wake. The news at the time also said that the amount of nutrition created an explosion of life in the ocean also

    Seems when we are polluting to the max the earth will just cleanse itself as necessary.



  11. Mick replied:

    I think I shall call you Ruth from now on :)


  12. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Pavman, thanks for the links. If ever there was a scientific ‘experiment’ to show something SIGNIFICANT that was the one – if scientists were truly into truth that would have been followed up on – but science turns to scilenece when it comes to life. For the life of me I can’t help but think that the parents of science were Jill Death & Grim Ripper.

    Had no idea that soil had such an effect – truly when ‘bad’ things happen we can never be sure that they are ‘bad’ at all. Let us hope the earth can cleanse herself gently & thoroughly.

    Very best to you

    “The meaning of the name Ruth is ‘Friend’.”
    Cheers Mick :)


  13. aferrismoon replied:

    If you don’t like black tea then try oolong in his place :)



  14. tom replied:

    But where would we be without the t,
    we’d be _errific. I’d be _om. The ahnk
    could never have become a _ahnk.
    Where would that leave the flu_e and
    gui_ar? And how could we wish upon
    a S_ar? Of course, I could have dream_
    my words. I searched apple, banana,
    pear and grape, nowhere did I find our
    obvious le__er. Except in the title assigned,
    frui_. Write on! Cool yarn. Letter question.
    Why is music only letters A-G?


  15. alex robinson replied:

    Very witty Wilde (moon) :)

    Hi Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm
    I have no beet with tea (nor beef tea for that matter) – but see how your name becomes a meditation!
    T is one of the four letters of the apocalypse oops I mean DNA.
    A good question of the musical letters to which I haven’t the slightest clue – how about we make something up & start a rumour? :)
    Very best to you


  16. celticrebel replied:

    Good stuff as usual. To throw something else into the mix, the Biblical Ruth had her own small, yet significant book in the Old Testament. Prompted by a famine, Ruth’s Mammy took her daughter to Bethlehem for the barley harvest. There, she married (shagged) some dude named Boaz and was thus an ancestor of the boy-loving King David.

    Well, Boaz was one of the towers that had to be knocked down to kick-off this DISguided [t]Ruth movement, no?

    Now, to find out why so many Davidic[k]-minded sycophants are telling us the [t]Ruth… ;-)


  17. Mick replied:

    Who’s Davi Dick? Is it that geezer who was offering freedom from bondage, and then a stronger set of chains? (can’t prove that anymore, as evidence was removed a while back).

    I’m a bit horrified, though, that Alex may think I was intimating she shags boaz constrictors.

    Still, better than being completely ruthless.


  18. alex robinson replied:

    Mr Rebel, I admire your thinking as always & if I didn’t know where your thoughts were headed I would be very much intrigued – as it is I’m still digesting your latest IDEAS & if my internet will oblige, very much looking forward to tonight’s brave show.

    Go well & with friends at your back.

    Mick, you rue-mor monger, please note that I prefer my men to have feet :)
    Surely you want stronger chains don’t you, then you won’t have to have any of those nasty IDEAS in your head – you can just have it nicely paved with cement. Actually that’s a word I left out of my ‘t’enders – so here’s a little revealing for you;
    cemenT / semenT
    cement – covers, clogs, constricts & kills the world
    semen – flows, fertilizes & livens the world



  19. Mick replied:

    Humph, you may as well call me Atum – I shall self-generate chains of milky way godness.

    Of course, for you women, it is menses of the goddess.

    Siriusly, it does make sense, or is that essence.


  20. lizajean replied:

    absolutely brilliant…hugs


  21. Peter replied:

    Are the cosmos ‘biological’?
    What if nature only appears biological, because of it’s own complexity and our own impossibility of seeing the complex mechanism that makes it so pure, perfect and simple.
    What if root of all nature/existence (including us) is non-biological.

    How can a purely biological, natural life form create an artificial, technological transistor radio or a cathode ray tube television? How can a genetic being invent a wireless internet?

    If there is a way for a purely biological creation to invent a purely nonbiological creation?
    Could it be that the only way that is possible is if the biological creation is itself nonbiological.

    Nevertheless, much love to you Alex.
    Thank you for your insights.


  22. alex robinson replied:

    Mick – don’t let me keep you :)

    Lizajean – gracias – plus a double helping of hugs & toast :)

    Peter – you have put another idea in the toy box – any concepts that helps loosen ‘mind concrete’ are welcome.
    I must admit I struggle to connect with that idea, but that does not mean it could not be so – at present I tend to think we have been shepherded into the direction we are in & that ‘our’ inventions may well have been introduced to us at specific times – perhaps by something that understands both biology & machines. My main concern now is connecting to a sense of vitality & finding out where life went to cos’ it sure didn’t come down this route.

    Very best to you


  23. Mick replied:

    Alex – you didn’t :)

    Peter – interesting question. Can we, perhaps, turn it around, and ask ‘how can an artificial entity create a purely biological one?’

    I can’t help thinking of washing powder, though.


  24. Peter replied:

    Mick – What about autistic people for example. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are more advanced and sensitive beings to many hidden aspects of reality than we think they are.

    Overall autism is a very mysterious “disease”. Isn’t it an indication of a mystery that has some special resolution. There is no cause and no cure to it. In other words it is outside the realm of biology. The only realms outside of biology are spirituality and nonbiology (artificial). There is no spiritual-based cure for autism for if there was one I think it would have presented itself.
    So is there an artificially-based solution that can be found?

    Assuming that autistic people are in close harmony to the universe than rest of us and assuming that universal structure of existence is not rooted in biological life forms, rather the universe is manufactured by an immeasurable set of technological instruments and therefore the root of existence, at its most fundamental quotient from creation itself, is nonbiological.

    Answering your question I think it’s possible, I have seen autistic couple having a non-autistic baby.

    Once again I don’t want be interpreted in a way, that autism is something negative, demanding complete healing rather a small assistance. We are the once (so called normal) that should be learning from them.


  25. Mick replied:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Peter. Thinking of the concept of inorganic beings led me to Don Juan and the concept of allies, and hence to different ways of being. I do not consider your thoughts on autism as negative. As normal people our perceptions can be very limited, and very programmed, if we let them. Certainly, we have alot to learn from them, and should. In many indigenous cultures epileptics were considered ‘god-touched’ and not suffering from a mental aberration. Is schizophrenia a disease, or a greater communication of, what Julian Jaynes termed, the bicameral brain? Anyway, this particular passage caught my notice:

    So there is a cooperative connection between the human side and the non-human side. You often have perhaps referred to as inorganic beings. That is not organic, but different. It does not mean stupid. It does not mean animalistic, necessarily. But certainly an awareness that is different from your own. Vastly different from your own.

    The above passage could refer to shamanic allies, alien greys or a technological intelligence. Perhaps it all boils down to interpretation.


  26. the living tiki replied:

    “Never rub another man’s rhubarb.”
    -Jack Nicholson as the Joker

    You have a (t)easing way of wry(t)ing. Most enjoyable!

    I think you would be interested in a book called “Breaking Open the Head” by Daniel Pinchbeck. He recalls his journey from jaded Manhattan journalist to shamanic initiate. An excerpt worth noting is when he had a friend tell him how he and a stranger he met had the same exact experience eating the hallucinogenic mushroom Fly Algarics for the first time. Both had nothing happen for several hours until each one instantly happened upon man-sized mushrooms who asked them each the same question: “Why did you eat us?”

    When asked, the friend replied: “To follow my dream” (an earlier dream he had about them). They replied, “But are you prepared to follow this path?”

    However, when the stranger he met was asked the same question, the stranger told the mushrooms the truth as well: “I was trying to get high.” They replied, “Well, if you ever do this again, we’re going to kill you.”

    Thanks for another great article (-t= aricle = oracle?)

    You’ve also been delightful in the recent Rebel path appearances (I’ve only been able to catch one and 1/2 so far). I wanted to share my own comments on how you gave away the “secret” to women (“It’s amazing what a cup of tea will do”), but I seem to have found myself in “day-late, dollar-short” mode right now, so I’ll leave that for another day.

    And, of course, your occasional expeditions into the age of volcanoes are always appreciated.



  27. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Another “Hidden Agendas” style point I have to mention—
    all this excellent info on plants and how organic plants retain memory and knowledge, like a tape recorder…well, I hate to say it, but this could be the ‘reel reason’ Monsanto is attacking the plant world with their GMO seeds, in an attempt to wipe this out of existence and replace it with whatever they have programmed those seeds to germinate into!

    Just a thought!



  28. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Mr tiki :)
    The book sounds fascinating – just the day before I’d been out walking in the bush with my niece, I’d told her a bit about what I’d been writing about & we decided that the toadstools that we were coming across knew we were there, felt our footsteps & sensed our presence & interest – quite an amazing sync to find your comment just the next day.

    I would certainly be interested to hear your ideas on women – I don’t often come across the kind of respect you have for women & it’s always such a pleasure to read what you right.
    I hope your days & dollars will lighten up.

    Michael that’s a brilliant line of thinking. I allowed myself to be so shepherded into thinking of plants as the slave-tools of Western World that I never thought of that – surely there must be a reason, way beyond mere survival, that the ancients paid SO much attention to seed & grain – perhaps they were imprinting or joining with the energy of the seed or linking with the seed so that they could learn what it had to say. Or there is the thought that the hiding of information in plants may have been done eons ago & the later civilasations may have merely been attemtping to regain that knowledge for their own use – I really have my doubts about civiLIESations – they never seem to have any interest in the indiviudal & soul growth or helping humanity connect with all forms of life – this seems to be something that belongs to that which we call primitive.

    Many thanks for that!


  29. Peter replied:

    Alex, Mick – to be quite honest “my” thoughts are mostly coming from work of Paris Tosen.

    Quite original guy claiming that he’s not human. Nevertheless he seems to be genuine and he has some pretty interesting concepts to share.

    If you want to contemplate on autism and the whole cosmos from very different perspective check out his works.

    Free ebook Autism and Androids


    Take care


  30. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Peter – so your thoughts come from Pairs (of) Toes then :)

    I’ve only briefly skimmed him, so can’t comment on his work – but in my book any ideas that get our minds/bodies/selves (or whatever we are) seriously playfully functioning, are gifts.
    I find within myself two very different things taking place with the information I ingest – facts & answers are very inert – they seem to sink inside me & get ‘anchored’ somewhere in the depths of myself – while playful ideas, concepts & felt but unprovable ‘truths’ zip about lighting up dark areas, joining in with other ideas to create an amazing world that give to me an intense sense of life – whether information is right or wrong is no longer of great importance – there’s a sense of a general direction, but it’s not mapped out if that makes sense.
    Somehow for me at least, play gives life – I’ll take another look at Mr Toes & see what his play is like.

    All the best to you


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