Scrumping for clues

A question
for you …

Would it be
such a bad thing,
if on your
search for truth,

… you walked deliberately into a liars den?

Cos’ you know
all the best treasure hunters do it …

without a second thought.

Then Ali Baba … went to the door concealed among the bushes, and said, “Open, Sesame!” and it flew open … He saw …  gold and silver in heaps, and money in leather purses.  He … brought out as many bags of gold as he thought his asses, which were browsing outside, could carry.”

 As do all the …


silver-screened ones.

Am I suggesting …

that you
to the d’Ark side?

Oh no, no, no no no

… it’s just you see, I’ve been reading a book.

A book with some great potential for healing.  Yet at the same time I’m finding myself subjected to suggestions I find quite noxious.

Making my way through this bookbound-mindfield  got me thinking about the Truth Movement.

I’ve noticed how distraught truthing seekers can get when the believability of a guru is called into question – but is the upset necessary?

As a beginner, my guru was David Icke – I absorbed every book I could lay my hands on.  I think that’s the way it is for most of us – something/someone breaks a spell & we’re shown a world we’ve felt but weren’t allowed to understand.  At first we just cannot get enough.

Now I’m seeing these first teachers as ferrymen who provided us with the means to travel off the mainland of accepted belief – they took us to new lands – that was their job.

And we give them much thanks.

But at some point we have to get off the ferry & begin to make our own way – in other words we have to start to think & question for ourselves, otherwise …

… we just might find that …

…  the ferryman may take us for a ride.

There have been times in my life when people have appeared to give me a hand just when I needed it – even once to the point of helping to save my life.  But there was also a time when that person returned me close to death.

I did not understand then that what cures, can also poison, if used when not needed.

I return to my book.  Very tame by today’s standards – it would be called self-help-slash-psychology.

A few years ago, I’d have swallowed the lot.

Back then if I found the main proposition valuable, I would swallow unquestioningly all the commandments tucked into the friendly sentences that surrounded it.  Now thanks to my own efforts to restart gut/senses/brain combined with outstanding work & ideas of others who stepped away from their personal ferrymen, I can often sense, feel & question much of this flotsam (often via uncomfortable feeling in my gut) e.g.

Why, when reading a book on the power of childhood memories, do I twice come across hints that men over a certain age need to have their colons checked? (read the Celtic Rebel’s blog for common sense on this)

Why am I sold told which particular Apple brand product was bought as a gift?

Why are details of a young girl who plays with her genitals in public given as an example of how honest children’s communication is?

Now this is just one book out of hundreds & I’m not out to attack it – in fact I’m very grateful to the author for some ideas I’ve been introduced to – but like so much information available today, it is located within a min(e)d-field.  If I wish to harvest what might be useful to me, then I need to go in fully armed with common  & gut sense.

Unfortunately most people who are given a platform in this world, get it because they have fully bought into, & swallowed, its creed – they are guaranteed to work religiously to pass/sell it on.

How different are the truth movement ferrymen from the self-help ferrymen?

Does it really matter?

Is it really the job of the ferryman to deliver the truth?

Or is it the job of the individual to get off the damned ferry & go chart their own course – understanding that there are mind-mined fields out there & they need to keep their eyes & ears peeled with questions.

One of the best gifts I ever got was a lie because it took away my naive trust & started me questioning.

If a ferryman comes to you & offers you your answer, is it really wise to take it?

End of rant.

Anyway … here’s what I wanted to pass on – my understanding of the book I’ve been reading:

Your earliest childhood memories are no mere fancies – instead you could call them a memo to self.

Your child-self took precise & specific snapshots of events, happening & feelings because they perfectly resonated with, & defined, how that self was translating its connection to life.

More to the point for who you are now, it is  highly likely that these snap-shots/memories are still being translated in our grown up life.  The author asserts that given two or three of your earliest memories, he could flesh out your life story.

Our earliest memories become the greatest movies ever made in our lives – produced & directed just for us.

Our re-viewing may be highly important, especially now, when healing is so vital.

I haven’t finished the book, I may not, I’ll see how I feel – for that is the work/walk of the traveller (one who has stepped off the ferry) – to choose our own road, choose what we will accept (for today at least) & what we will not, to ask questions & then more questions, to swallow very carefully, spit out that which does not taste right & vomit out that which is toxic to us.

Once we have stepped off the ferry I think we have a bloody good chance of safely navigating any liars den – collecting what is valuable to us, leaving what is not, & emerging victorious.

The alternative appears to be waiting eternally for the ferryman to relay us to yet another answer, all the while his boat is filling up with new recruits …

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  1. celticrebel replied:

    I like the ferryman/charon analogy, it may be the most fitting.

  2. alex robinson replied:

    Muito obrigada mr rebel :)

  3. aferrismoon replied:

    ‘Don’t pay the Ferry man
    ‘Til you get to the otherside’

    The new-age movement seems to encourage those who will tell you about your ‘trooooo’ self. Lots of nice, soothing words and then the agenda [ 1 a few handy ‘health’ products’].

    The little girl and genitalia – at first the nice face of pedophilic cults set up an intellectual thesis [ which will be followed up by experts at Universities]. This becomes a talking-point and a school opens up to study child sexuality, pandered to by rich celebs [ the next new thing]. It’ll soon filter through until ‘the satanists’ can legally force you to experiment with child sexuality [ via one of their expert helpers] which they’ll video etc.

    They will claim your child is now a theta-grade indigo child and you are far too stupid too look after the child and they’ll have the Child Protection Agency , which protects children from their parents [fact], come around and take your child to a wonderful school situated far far away from parents, who will be dissuaded from coming as it ‘confuses’ Kallista Endocrine, as she is now known.


  4. Michael Skaggs replied:


    Nicely done. Thankfully we met at the right time so we could step off the boat and not have to pay the toll of the Ferrymen or Gurus. Thanks for all your continued help my friend.

    I wonder now about the childhood memories snapshots, and had not Catholicism been involved, would they have been so horrific? (Speaking from experience here) I remember Sue telling me of all the wonderful childhood memories she had, and I of course being envious.

    I have plenty to ponder when within the grasp of White Slavery, thanks for shining a light fourth.


  5. tom cuddy replied:

    The children see the ferryman without judgment. We have
    swallowed (wallowed in) so much that to be any more than
    confused or ultimately depressed is a major victory.

    I have a small collection of feel good guru type publications. They are generally worthless. There is no way to think like someone else. You are right in your belief that relief is best sought in trying to conjure the feelings, passion and understanding we had a children. As in parenting, there are no definitive guidebooks.

    Curious how our use of allegory is most useful and salutory on this journey.

    Thanks for walking me through it.

  6. alex robinson replied:

    And when he gets top the other side, you gotta remember to jump off the damn thing :)

    Thanks mr moon – there were actually words that went with that girls ‘exposure’ – I was not willing to repeat them – just really out of place in this, (or any) book. It’s amazing how useful the media-mediums are for turning the most unpalatable of things into dinner table conversation … if tv/newspapers proclaim it, then it is incumbent upon us to take it seriously & ‘spread the word’ – I think that’s the point they work toward – thats when they’ve made their sale & can collect their bonus.

    Cos has been watching psychology clips on ewetoob – amazing how easy it is to sway a flock of people.

    hope spring is cheery in Prague

    Thanks Michael
    What I think I’m beginning to grasp is that we can re-see our memories in a new light & that may be potent enough to allow healing because the memories are simply messages trying to connect / be seen / be heard – after having weeks & weeks of internet connection troubles I can literally feel how good it is to have messages get thro’ at last!

    Very best to you m’dear

    Hi Tom
    I wonder what else the kids would see about our ferrymen? I’ll bet they’d never have been dazzled like us – man I could really do with the money I spent on those books now – they did not repay what I spent. I’ve just gotten a hold of a book I read a while back called SHAM – which the author equates to the “Self Help & Actualisation Movement” – he’s the only person I ever saw really look clearly & cuttingly at the self-help BUSINESS – not a bad read if you’re interested.

    very best to you

  7. aferrismoon replied:

    ‘harmful to minors: the perils of protecting children from sex’ by Judith Levine, Uni. of Minnesota Press.

    Academically legitimised !!!!!!!

    Apparently we need to rethink our ideas on the description ‘child’.


  8. paulo replied:

    Didnt the farry man demanded that the passenger had some coins in his mouth to pay for the trip or something? …
    Great thoughts of yours to start the morning :P I was thinking about your earth versus human body relation alex, do you think the planet is a womb, or
    even a super soul of sorts, or is that another mantra of the “we are all one” religion ?

    Since im out of coins, i gonna swim my way … :)


  9. alex robinson replied:

    Mr Moon, I share your exclamations of disgust. Experts ARE some of the most powerful voodoo magicians – the effects of their pronouncements staggers me – if you want something swallowed by the people you don’t need to coat it in sugar, all you need is the tone/resonance of expert voice/words – the combination of quality+pitch+power & god knows what else is ‘cementitious’. I’ve seen it at work in my own life – used both positively & negatively. I guess the most important question to ask ourselves is “who (or what) owns the mind of the expert/ferryman?’ – because they take you to their ‘home’ territory. I shudder to think what Ms Levine’s home territory looks like.


    Hi Paulo – I don’t have a clue & I don’t own a ferry :)
    We could think of the world as a womb today & see where that leads us & then tomorrow it could be a supersoul & the day after it could be a museum. If we make it everything & nothing in particular we may do ourselves more of a favour by keeping our minds working (at least fractionally), maybe just enough to figure out where the path to sanity was hidden – I really think the most important things are to keep ourselves/souls ‘alive & kicking’ – what’s going on out there is going on out there whether we like it or not, the only place that I can see we can make effective changes are inside – what amazes me is the knock on effect those changes create.
    See you out in the surf sometime!

    Abraça d’abraça

  10. Stitch-a-phonic replied:

    Hey Alex, sounds like my wanderings through Casteneda. Jumped off after “Tales of Power”. It seemed that what had to be said was said by then. Mind you, “The Art of Dreaming” scared the bejeezers out of me – I guess some of the later books were good for that. Sometimes I think a good scare is necessary – keeps you on your toes.

  11. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Stitch
    I tried but never could get into the Castanet – I guess we find the ferryman with the ‘journey planner’ closest to what we need at the time.
    I too have found a good scare can been very helpful – works a bit like one of those heart shock machines – but those shocks have only worked if I’ve ‘lived’ them – ie thro’ a personal life experience – someone scaring me with their words or ideas just doesn’t have the same effect – maybe because our bodies can only process/digest that which they actually experience.

    Very best to you

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