Holy water

In the name
the farther,

the sun
the holy spirit

... let us pray.  

Ok then,
let’s ask a question or two.

How on earth could earth have been formed from water?

For … it escapes their notice that by the word of God the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water

2 Peter 3:5 

The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.

Genesis 1:2

In the Qur’an, water is the key element in Creation and is referred to so frequently –63 times– that some even speak of the Holy Book’s “obsession” or “bewitchment” with water.

What! You don’t like that question?
It doesn’t light your wick?

Well how about this one:
How can a trickle of water …

… translate itself into the largest river in the world?

Not even a little?

Ok, I’ll come clean,
what I really wanted to ask is this:

‘What on earth is water‘?

My grandfather told me that a sangoma (healer) must be able to draw knowledge from what he called “the Hidden Lake.” There is, he said, a huge unseen lake somewhere in the spirit world where all the knowledge of the universe “past, present, and future” is to be found

... Knowledge lives in that lake in the form of little silver fishes,” my grandfather said. “You must never, never again say that you do not know something. You must just ask the lake, the unseen lake, to provide you with the knowledge that you seek.

Credo Mutwa

~  ~  ~ 

Now you are in your inner space, the place of the Spirit Lake. This is your first conscious time here. Each of us has this inner space but during the lives of most people, it becomes smaller and smaller. As we go through life, the world around us tries to fill up and kill this inner space, your Spirit Lake

Many people lose it entirely. Their space is occupied by legions of foreign soldiers, and it dies.

Entering the Circle – Olga Kharitidi

~  ~  ~

You see all I planned to do was post the first quote from Credo Mutwa because I thought it might appeal to a few,

but then I remembered …

… the tale of spirit lakes from the second quote

& that reminded me …

…  of a chat with my Nigerian friend about the African watery-serpent-priestesses-spiritsMami Wata.

Which led to checking out Mami’s wiki page …

… which led to the line on that page that precipitated this article;

Traditions on both sides of the Atlantic tell of the spirit abducting her followers or random people whilst they are swimming or boating. She brings them to her paradisiacal realm, which may be underwater, in the spirit world, or both.

It’s marvelous how a little mis-reading can stimulate insights – my eyes left out a comma & a whole new world opened up;

“… which may be underwater in the spirit world

So here’s our play theme for today:

What if water IS a spirit realm?

I know we’re tolled that spirit realms are ethereal, but what if they’re less ether & more real than we have supposed – an etherealm?

Here’s a wee quote form the article I stopped working on, to write this;

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads

Ah yes I see … earth IS heaven too –  stand on a far-away planet & look this-a-way you will perceive earth as part of the heavens.

heavens  “realm of the heavenly bodies,” 1670s.

Is earth real or realm?

2.   the region, sphere, or domain within which anything occurs, prevails, or dominates: the realm of dreams.

Could earth be more earthereal than we have real-eyes’d?

Where would water fit in?

Could that which we have labelled ‘common element’ be, in fact, another world, seamlessly woven into this one?

Now you know I’m not godly, but some biblical quotes have caught my attention on recent internet travels;

Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”  John 3:5

Egads, I didn’t realise the key to the Pearly Gates was a windlass.

So when Catholics do the criss-crossy thing & intone – “In the name of the father, the son & the holy spirit” …

… are they referring to water as the holy (non-alcoholic) spirit?

Here’s another insightly mis-read;

Jesus is teaching the significance of baptism by immersion in water. By being baptized, we symbolically go through the death” 

Yours truly read this;

… immersion in water. By being baptized, we go through death” 

Yours truly wondered;

Could water be the gateway to, or through death?

Hey look I love water, I come to life in water – but I see no harm in asking questions.

Water, we are told is life, yet perhaps it is also very much more.

Earth & life were created out of water, according to the great storyists.  Great storyists also claim that life was all but wiped out by the same force.  

This indeed makes water …

gateway to life & death.

ah yes, of course ….
‘a watergate’

Is it possible that we’ve been so dippy for so long that we couldn’t see the drips for the seas?

Water is considered a purifier in most religions. Major faiths that incorporate ritual washing (ablution) include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Rastafari movement, Shinto, Taoism, Judaism, and Wicca …

Immersion … of a person in water is a central sacrament of Christianity … it is also a part of the practice of other religions, including Judaism and Sikhism … a ritual bath in pure water is performed for the dead in many religions …  Water is mentioned numerous times in the Bible, for example: “The earth was formed out of water and by water” (NIV). In the Qur’an it is stated that “Living things are made of water” and it is often used to describe paradise.

Ok look-see at the last bit;

 it is often used to describe paradise.”

We may be reminded that the peacockeried marriage of water & sun symbolises entrances to godly worlds;

In Greek mythology, the rainbow was considered to be a path made by a messenger (Iris) between Earth and Heaven.

In Chinese mythology, the rainbow was a slit in the sky sealed by goddess Nüwa

In Norse Mythology, a rainbow called the Bifröst Bridge connects the realms of Ásgard and Midgard, homes of the gods and humans, respectively

After his water-slaughter of mankind, God used a rainbow to help remind himself not to be led into the temptation of genocide again;

I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.

It’s funny how the little chap that Noah sent out to check on water levels, happened to be the same species …

… as the one famed for gate crashing significant baptisms.

Funny too how this birdy’s name is the past tense of the watery verbdive“.

The word Dive, is sounded “Die-v” – we can dive into the water realm, but we cannot stay.  It can live in us but we cannot live in it.

The word drowning is telling n’est-ce pas?

It casts a backward spell.

WORD –> DROWning

The master crafter of the English language once fathered & drowned a young woman with his words;

When down her weedy trophies and herself
Fell in the weeping brook. Her clothes spread wide;
 And, mermaid-like…
Till that her garments, heavy with their drink,
Pull’d the poor wretch …
To muddy death.”

Too much of water hast thou, poor Ophelia,
    And therefore I forbid my tears

Where was I going with this?

Well nowhere actually.

I simply misread something & got curious.

I hope you don’t mind.

I’ve read that water comes from a galaxy far, far away.  I’ve read that it acts irrationally. I’ve seen Masuru Emoto’s wonderful frozen pictures.  I’ve read we should drink more water & I’ve read that we should drink less.  I’ve read that the human body does amazing things with water. I’ve read that urine & tears are magical.  I’ve read that water is a symbol of the feminine & of the unconscious.

The quotes at the beginning of the article made me wonder something else.

It made me wonder if water could be an eartherealm of knowledgean other-worldly world that resides here.

It made me wonder if water could be a realm that functions as the keeper of great knowledge?

Perhaps even, of all knowledge.

The excellence of water appears in its benefiting all things, and in its occupying, without striving (to the contrary), the low place which all men dislike. Hence (its way) is near to (that of) the Tao” and “There is nothing in the world more soft and weak than water, and yet for attacking things that are firm and strong there is nothing that can take precedence of it” –  1891 translation of the Dao De Jing

The next time you go to a flowing river in the veld, ma’am,’ Mutwa instructed me, ‘go at night – not with rubber-soled shoes but with leather soles.  The nearer you draw to the river, the more you will feel this …’ he paused, ‘this things – what you might call a “vibration“.  Fresh-water rivers are living ma’am.  And what is more, they contain memory – like a photograph.  We sanusis are trained to see the photographic images that rivers carry.  This is even more the case when a river runs beneath the surface, where it forms invisible pipes of great power.‘  Mystery of the White Lions – Linda Tucker

May 30, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    How incredible is that–Water! I see it as a Universal Conduit myself. Of consciousness, energy, and I also remember reading that “water and fire makes pure light”. Now I wonder about that alchemical trivia bit!

    Great ponderings my friend, must ask, ask ask!

    Water can take on amazing properties, can transmute, give and take life, but like you said, we cannot live without it. An ethereal quality for sure. I like the idea that water retains memory, and I also remember reading about the healthiest water in the world was somewhere in South America, I’d have to double check.

    Thanks for the fun this SUN day morning! Now I don’t feel like I have to attend “Mass”. *chuckles*


  2. Patrick O'Neal replied:

    Hi Alex, great post as usual.
    Alvin Boyd Kuhn wrote a book called the Red Sea is your Blood
    Human blood has the same chemical make-up as Sea WATER.-
    Fits in-side with your to-pic to-day.
    Have a good one ;)

  3. Mick replied:

    water-land-songs-ancestors. Love it :)

  4. paulo replied:

    … can i have a glass of water? … :P

  5. alex robinson replied:

    Heya Michael – it seems that things are best hidden when they’re placed directly under our noses – we get so used to them, we don’t see them any more.

    Your mention of water retaining memories remindede me of another snippet from Mystery of the White Lions – will add to end of this article – Ta!

    Very best to you my friend

    Hi Patrick – his ideas are intriguing – I didn’t find him an easy read/reed but I grazed & have saved that site to pick thro’ at leisure – many thanks!

    Ta Mick that was lovely :)

    Yes Paulo, but you have to get it yourself :)

  6. aferrismoon replied:

    In Welsh water = dwr, which seems to imply a door.


  7. alex robinson replied:

    Marvelous Mr Moon!

    I remember reading an idea that life on earth began during the watery sign of cancer & that the story of the birth of Jesus (who can be quite fishy at times) is telling us that;

    “The birthday of the infant Jesus, being arbitrarily set by the priests, produces a serious discrepancy, as we are told he was born in a manger. The manger is found in the sign of the summer solstice, the constellation Cancer, which was called the gate of the sun through which souls were said to descend from their heavenly home to earth”

    “The constellation Cancer contains a central asterism called Praesepe (translated as “the manger” or sometimes as “the beehive”) flanked by two stars called “the asses” (donkeys, that is.)”


  8. Julie Conway replied:

    Hey Alex

    We are in sync again. Last night i came home from work in the pouring rain and decided to go to bed really early with a good book. I stood before my bookshelf and found a book that was given to me a while ago by a lovely kiwi chick.
    Guess what the book was,,, you guessed it. Entering the Circle by Olga Kharitidi. Thanks again for the gift.

    Kindest regards

    Julie :)

  9. paulo replied:

    … myself ?!?!? is that “allowed” ??? :P

  10. alex robinson replied:

    Haha Julie, that’s wonderful – so good to know that distance has no effect on ‘connections’ – was actually thinking of you the other day & wondering if you’d liked it :)

    I’ve just started re-reading her other book, the Master of Lucid Dreams – an immense (tho’ not in size) book on healing trauma – I think you’d like it.

    Hope you are very well my friend

    Mais oui! I can lead a Paulo, to water but I can’t make him drink! :)

  11. Lois Martin replied:

    Alex, once more your blog well is extremely deep. I personally experienced a rush of thoughts as I read your mind in this article.

    I recently heard a radio commentator voice his comments that more and more he was convinced that the universe that we look up to see could actually be more like an ocean, and the Orbs, the various forms that have appeared on Nasa videos are living creatures swimming in the ‘currents’.

    When involved with christianity I learned that baptism can be described as being like a log that’s totally saturated, until it no longer floats. Also, it was compared to the dye-ing process when a fabric has completely and evenly absorbed a color such as purple.

    I was reminded, when reading the words of Credo Mutwa, of the awesome vibrational force of moving [living] water. Recent holiday guests of mine had every intention of visiting for perhaps an hour or so, but were drawn to the bayou in my front yard. We took our chairs and found a beautiful, shady place near the water. Before any of us realized it five hours had passed. Even then my guests were reluctant to depart.

    Once more your intriguing blog is an inspiration and takes my thoughts to amazing places.

    Thank you.


  12. christalbum replied:

    good stuff! thanx! made me think of carlos castaneda and his adventures with water, and also babies being born under water. you seen monkeyblood? some interesting stuff about our dna and fish in that film. water gives me energy both by drinking and immersing my body into it.
    from what I’ve learned, the chinese symbol for water is the same as the symbol for life.

  13. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you Lois
    In Mystery of the White Lions mention is also made of the Milky Way as a river of stars. Mutwa also says that for every river on earth that flows to the sea there is a deep underground river that flows in the opposite direction – he says rivers would not flow if they didn’t have ‘counter-rivers’.

    The saturation of baptism sounds pretty scary – what does that leave of the individual to be free to question?

    Water is most surely mesMERising – mer = French for sea.

    Thanks for your kind words Lois they were most appreciated.

    Thanks Christ, water is certainly a powerful force, would make sense if the Chinese use the symbol for life. It must be the most gentle way for babies to be born but possibly also a most powerful healer of the trauma that I’m beginning to think so many in this movement suffer from.
    Will take a look at monkey blood.

    All the best to you

  14. the living tiki replied:

    I like your articles. They spark brain pops (think “pop up video” but in your brain). Some samplings:

    The Japanese anime “Darker Than Black” has a character named Yin who is a medium who uses water. She places her hand in water and can spy on people so long as they are near water. Water is her “internet”.

    The first word Helen Keller learned was “water”.

    And a little something from Talking Heads:

    “Water dissolving… and water removing
    There is water at the bottom of the ocean
    Under the water, carry the water
    Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean

    Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
    Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
    Into the blue again, into the silent water
    Under the rocks and stones, there is water underground

    Same as it ever was”

    And you may ask yourself… Well, how did I get here?

    • alex robinson replied:

      What!! You stayed to read even tho’ there wasn’t a breast in sight :)

      Fantastic idea with Yin – that makes perfect sense (to me). Ah I never knew the words of that song – ‘letting the days go by’ is very close to something I’m exploring at the moment, water has popped up there as well, but now I will pay extra attention – thanks for that.

      Here’s a painting image for you;

      Keep the volcano fires burning

  15. Mick replied:

    The Stargate films and their water gate.

    I thought the star sign precession thingy was kicked off by Leo and the Flood?

    In the beginning was Muspell, the realm of fire. It is a place of dreadful light and heat. Only its natives, the Fire Giants, can tolerate its flames. Surt, a Fire Giant, guards Muspell’s border, armed with a flaming sword. At the end of the era, at Ragnarok, Surt and his companions will destroy all the Gods and and their world with fire.

    Outside of Muspell lies the void called Ginnungagap, and north of Ginnungagap is Niflheim, the world of awesome dark and cold. In this world are eleven rivers flowing from a great well. The rivers are frozen and occupy Ginnungagap. When the wind, rain, ice, and cold meet the heat and fire of Muspell in the center of Ginnungagap, a place of light, air, and warmth is born.

    Mite mean something :)

  16. the living tiki replied:

    Yes, yes, sometimes it’s necessary to give one’s attention to non-breast things in this reality. Sad, but true. Nonetheless, as non-breast things go, your words can be just as nourishing and comforting!

    The Yin character was fascinating in that it showed how water is typically near us more than we realize, and displayed how the “telephone lines” of this character were the rain gutters and storm drains of the city.

    “Once In A Lifetime” is truly an amazing song. It subtly prompts people to stop and question who they are, what they’re doing, and why they’re doing it. Yet there is also all those references to water… the “flow” of time?

    Awesome painting! Thank you, it’s making me love art again. I guess during volcanic eruptions, tikis go surfing whether they want to or not…. but what can all the non-tikis out there do?:


  17. aferrismoon replied:

    Waterra seems to link both land and water.

    At present live 200m from the Vltava.

    AS for the rivers – I going one way and its ‘twin’ going the other , Buckminster-Fuller claimed that for the connectors between two ‘points’.

    We are very used to drawing , say, atriangle and imagining [ or not] that the ‘energy’ goes one way , I guess because that’s how we draw it. We count just 3 lines and then claim the shape is ‘flat’. In fact it has 6 lines and is not ‘flat’.

    But the energy between two points [ events] is two way , as is , I suppose, any energy transfer between 2 or more things.


  18. Marty replied:

    What a strange sync, I’ve been reading about the healing power of water. There is an Iranian doctor that prescribes two glasses of water (nothing else) every two hours for any bowel problems. Apparently it works! Anyway, this coming weekend is another holy holiday (Pentecost)but here in Cyprus things are celebrated very differently from other Christian countries. We celebrate the ‘Cataclysm’ or the Great Flood. Apparently we are the only country in the world to do this. People are suppose to congregate near water, the sea, where various events take place, including a ritual jumping into the sea to try and locate a cross that the local priest has thrown in. If you are lucky enough to grab the cross from the sea, then you will have good fortune for the rest of the year. Its also a ‘cleansing’ festival, where all the old is washed away to make a clean new start (Cataclysm comes from the Greek meaning to ‘wash down’)…Its quite an ironic festival for this island because we have a huge problem with water, and usually during the summer months, water is rationed on a weekly basis in some towns and villages…quite a nightmare in 40 degree heat of August! I’ve yet to discover the reason why we celebrate the ‘flood/deluge’ in this country. Perhaps it does have its roots in the fact that there is so little water to be had!

    aka Marie

  19. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Mick – the cancer sign is said (by some) to equate to a gate thro’ which humans came to earth – if I understood it correctly. The watery Stargate would echo that idea rather well – well remembered!

    Ta for nordic info – I’m often inclined to think that their tales may be the mythology that can speak most to the western mind.
    Very best to you

    Allo Mr Tiki – love the telephone line idea of drains & gutter, bloody marvelous! I was actually standing in a stream/river yesterday – it was rather cold but couldn’t miss the opportunity, esp after this research – if I wasn’t so thick I wonder what I might have heard?

    Checked out all the lyrics – I wonder where their ideas came from?
    “Letting the days go, by into silent water”

    Am happy you liked the pic – got worried for a bit that the artist might be you, didn’t want to throw you to the limelight, but the style seemed quite different to what you’ve shown. Funnily enough your tamborine/eruption pic sparked a memory of;

    Tambora = drum & I once combined the two, that reminded me of image you included – see 5th pic down

    All the breast to you :)

    Wonderful mr moon – you seem to grasp the flow concepts ‘internally’ (i.e in/out instead of to up/down) – I think it must be extremely advantageous – I have to keep working at that. Was wondering if the linear focus of the English language is behind the ‘straightness’ of our thinking, for it so often seems to be dashing to the end of the sentence.

    Water seems as much our womb now as when we were enveloped in the inner one, just less apparent to the educated eye.

    Many thanks & cheers

    Fascinating Marty – I wonder where the ‘celebration’ comes from – the fact that there is so little water may have seared a memory into the consciousness of the Cypriot people. Perhaps we have looked at the ‘washing down’ from the wrong angle – maybe mankind tried to wash out Jehova but got carried away – perhaps you are celebrating a near success :)

    The universal nature of water for washing away sins & wiping the slate clean surely speaks of something powerful – reminds me of erasing a cassette tape – but then does water hold those memories, if we have lost a part of ourselves could we go back to water & reclaim it? Could we use it to reclaim truth? Perhaps the polluting of water is very necessary in keeping humanity at it’s very low level of development.

    All the best, I hope you are fully back to health now

  20. tom replied:

    The ships on the sea water; the ships in our lexicon. In there we’ll find: seamanship, leadership, swordsmanship, censorship, friendship, kinship, courtship…

    Mix them up, then hide something in the word accomplishment. There is a ship.

    Does that make it all acceptable?

    The water is cool, jump ship and play some more.

    Much love

  21. Shane replied:

    The rivers run deep, indeed…

    There were clever little syncs I had thought to mention but, after reading a few of your other entries, those notions have left me. Such dry humor wasn’t necessary. At any rate, I’m still reading, enjoying, applying, and trying to bathe in it, Alex. :)

  22. alex robinson replied:

    Ah yes Tom – we are always in one ship or another (or stuck on a ferry somewhere). We mustn’t forget the all too often fated vessel, ‘relationship’ – that one seems very prone to hitting icebergs – so yes let’s jump ship more often & go play in the sea & leave behind the i-see-ness of the seen-isle world :)

    Very best to you

    Many thanks Shane!
    I hope you & your family are very well
    All the best to you

  23. Max replied:

    I’ve recently watched Rollerball and found something interesting in the scene where Jonathan does some research. Object of interest is the behaviour of a super computer called Zero which is explained. It also reminds of Bruce Lee’s comment about water:


    Here are the sources:

    Rollerball (1975)

    Bruce Lee interview (1971)

    The hint in Rollerball about the 13th century would be also of interest, concidering the issue of how much we actually really know about the middle ages.

  24. alex robinson replied:

    Very interesting thanks Max, I’m letting the ideas play …

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