the Wood People

was an adaptation
to a shocking break
in relationship

a way of holding a loss
that was often said not to be a loss

The Birth of Pleasure-Carol Gilligan

That’s us.
Isn’t it?
I rather think so.

A people living with a loss so severe that they became a race of wooden dummies.

Trauma is the shock to the psyche that leads to dissociation: our ability to separate ourselves, to create a split within ourselves so that we can know and also not know what we know, feel and yet not feel our feelings“.

The symptoms of dissociation such as loss of voice, dizziness, a sense of dislocation, feelings of alienation, of not really living one’s life, …

… are often revealed through the body.

What could make the human spark fossilize? How on earth did we solidify into the Wood People?

Could it have been …

by arboriously swallowing the fruit of holy trees, even though we know …

that wood is not meant for human consumption?

Did stories carved from certain trees play an instrumental part in hardening the Western spirit?

Let’s have look.

Certain tree number 1.


Certain tree number 2.


What effects did the stories of these two woods have on humanity?

None.  Until we swallowed them.

Then, they set to work undoing …

 … our genius for creation.

This is the wound I think we sustained which turned us into the Wood People.

For the duration of this article, we shall run wild with the idea that the humanity & the human soul live via acts of creation – large, medium, small & tiny.

Umai’s voice is soothing, and I hang onto every word as she continues.  “The next thing is the greatest secret I could tell you. We have the task of building two things while we are in our physical lives.  Our first task is to construct the physical reality in which we live.  The second task is the creation of ourselves – of that very self that lives within this outer reality.

Both task require equal attention.  Keeping the balance between them is a very sacred & demanding act.  As soon as we forget one task, the other can capture us & make us it’s slave forever.”                             Entering the Circle ~ Olga Kharitidi

Let’s return to Eden for a moment.

The (swallowed) story tells of a young couple who have all they could want & are blissfully, innocently happy.  A serpent suggests to the lass that she will become allknowing if she eats an apple. She takes a bite & shares it with her pal. God gets grumpy & ….

Hang on, hang on a minute, that can’t be right;

The story tells of a young couple who have all they could want & are blissfully, innocently happy“.

Surely here lies a lie.

Unless you’re suggesting to me that Adam & Eve were not human?

Nope, everything seems to be in order.

The In-the-Beginning story tells of a god who created, & of the contented human beings who lived happily within said creation.

Now something definitely is out-of-order;

There is a deep longing to create that resides within the soul of humanity.  Beyond our natural instinct for survival … we also have a natural instinct for building, organising, forming, & creating …

… This instinct is independent of our survival instinct.

The biblical story continues by telling us that it was a greed for information that caused paradise to go bye-bye.

However … if we’re talking about humanity, then this equation simply does not add up.  Nowhere in this Western foundational myth is there the slightest recognition of the foundational nature of humanity;

To be a creator, one who brings into existence creations that previously lived only in one’s innermost dimensions – is our truest nature.

Creating – Robert Fritz

I heartedly concur with Mr Fritz.

Our truest nature is quite simply ‘that we ARE Creators’ … & through our creations we breathe/inspire life into ourselves & this world.

The Adam & Eve story denied creatorship to humanity – they got dominion over animals, gardening rights & stewardship of Eden.

They were directed to respond to life;

We have been thought to think of ourselves as rearrangers, responders, reactors; as merely outcomes of our DNA code, unconscious drives, conditioning, astrology, numerology, environment or culture.  Yet if that is the case where does music come from? … as all composers really know yet sometimes do not like to admit, music is not needed; it is simply wanted because we happen to love it.

Mind you it wasn’t just the Christian religion that circumcised human creation, you can check out a whole heap of mythology & find similar response-activated tales.

Humans doings
doing the bidding of the gods in order to achieve their wants.

Before I stomp into Hollywood I want to try & explain why I wish so dearly for you to consider creating.

As a young human I was an abject failure in the realms of awareness & courage.  I never thought to question the religion that crushed me.  I didn’t try to break out of the prison that was my home or away from the death grip of my parents.

But in one area I did dig my heels in.  I fought the loss of creativity.  I felt the plug being pulled as I reached my teenage years & deeply resented it.  In the end I didn’t know how to keep hold of it & it got away from me.

But I held on to the mourning of it.

In a way impossible to explain, I can say that I understand the following equation;

Creating = Life

Now let’s look at a place that understands this knowledge intimately & has worked ceaselessly …

… to extinguish it.

There are numerous methods the entertainment industry use to slaughter the living.  I’m only going to look at one because my desire in this article is to honour this understanding;

Life = Creating.

How do we get creating?  Let’s start by evicting oneness & calling home, separation;

Separation permeates the creative process …

The most obvious aspect of separation is that which exists between the creator & the creation.

In Robert Fritz’s book Creating (all the quotes in green in this article), he expresses most wonderfully his understanding of separation as an essential to life.

You are separate from the raw material of your life, which includes your circumstances, your experiences, your feelings, your opinions, your desires, your past, and your present.  Your life is a work in progress, but it will be hard to move with the same ease  in your life that painters have as they move toward & away from their canvases with their brushes loaded with paint, if you can only stand close to yourself …

… Most people stand so close to themselves that they often confuse who they are with what they have done, are doing, or might do in the future.

The foundation for a relationship of any kind is separation.

If separation is required to establish relationships, then how is it ever possible to have a relationship with yourself?  This is a superb question in an age in which you are encouraged to become one with yourself, integrate yourself & attain transcendental wholeness … It can seem like heresy to talk of separation with these people who are working diligently to end any form of separation.  Yet it is necessary to master the principle of separation if we are to create the lives we want to create.”

If we came here to live, we must reactivate our desire & ability to create.

We have the task of building two things while we are in our physical lives.  Our first task is to construct the physical reality in which we live.  The second task is the creation of ourselves – of that very self that lives within this outer reality.”

One way to rekindle this is through the experience of separatenessAnother is by learning to live, at least a little, with solitude, spaciousness, blankness, the unknown, ‘ma‘.

Although the unknown is not really a threat, many people treat it as such

It seems to me that one of Hollywood’s assignments has been the destruction of our connection with the unknown the all-pregnant place of pre-conception.

A long time ago, a cheery campaign of slaughter …

… was set in motion.

Please, please tell me
that you didn’t think
the plethora of




bosom buddies

were put in place
for your benefit or entertainment!


The time has come to question friendship.

~  ~  ~

Much of what we know we know about the glory of friends

… came via silver screens.

Friendship has been heart-warmed into us for years.

Wondrous movies oozed out of Hollywood, coated in syrupy-feel-good themes

We learned that the pain of the world recedes

… once you find/earn friendship.

We learned that loneliness leads to despair & thence to desperation … 

Tis better to have loved a ball & lost,
than never to have had a friend at all

We learned that the realm of the friendless is the realm of weirdos?

And that aloneness leads to weirdos, weirdness, psychosis & of course …

…  mass murder.

A psychologicalcommercial equation was formulated;

Human worth = friends

 Many friends = great worth

Great friends = great mental/emotional health

But it was all a con job.  A superbly executed con job that resulted in the fear & loathing of aloneness.

Friends are now the most important fashion accessory you can must own.

But let’s just return to those pesky friendless-mass-murderers for a moment.

With every high-profile murder one expects to read somewhere in the news accounts some rattled neighbor saying the suspected killer was “a quiet man who kept to himself.

Why is it we seem to notice only the fact that office shooters and homicidal maniacs are quiet and keep to themselves?

History books are riddled with harmless, unindicted men of genius who were not constantly inviting the neighbors over for barbecue and brewskis.”

Why might we have had the bejesus scared out of us, about solitude?

What possible threat to the system is there from people who are content to join with ma?

Kant, Kafka, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and countless other intellectualskept mainly to themselves. Emerson called solitude the stern friend of genius, and the bachelor Voltaire, certainly no solitary man, told Frederick the Great that “the happiest of all lives is a busy solitude.”  Link

Why would genius walk among sad, lonely humans?

It doesn’t.

For a creator does not live a life alone.  He/she lives in an ongoing state of conception, development & birthing.

When I write I feel as if a friend who understands just what I’m attempting to do, works with me – I am never alone when I write.  When the article is published I can feel alone, but never when I’m creating.

Creating often requires solitude, to be in the presence of ma.  Just as a pregnant animal may disappear from her pack to give birth, so too do creators need to withdraw from life, to give life.  Cooking, cleaning, earning money, eating & drinking can go by the wayside.

Creating is exquisite, magnificent, scary, & life enhancing beyond any words.  It turns on your world & you live.

No amount of reading & absorbing & talking of information can ever equal even one act of creation.

I believe we become the Wood People when we turn aside from creating our own creations.

No creation has to be good.  What you create might be considered rubbish by others, yet this matters not. You are reclaiming your life – that is what matters.

We bought into the idea that creating belongs in the hands of gods or ‘artists’ or talented people.  Then we sold out our relationship to our self  & opted for trendy friendship to fill the emptiness. It can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, friendship is truly wonderful.  But much of what passes for friendship now is a joke.

What creations do you offer your friends to inspire & light up their lives?

Does your companionship add to their experience of life?

Do you care if they truly, wonderfully live?

Or do you re-enact sofa-gathered-death-discussions of tv shows, sex, disasters, fashions, conspiracies & gossip?

I suggest that friendship sitcoms = death 

A woman I once called sister-in-law now lies cold & still by her own hand.  She shut herself off from life for years, but oh how the tv was her loyal friend.  I have always remembered the strange point where she & I seemed to part ways.  When Friends first came out I thought it was crap, & said so.  She in her turn seemed to take a very deliberate step into its oncoming path. Do I blame Friends for her suicide? Of course not.  Do I think it (& all the deathcoms like it) played a part?  Most assuredly.

I did a little personal-style sleuthing of Friends to see if anything stood out – weird connections with recent writings appeared.

Plus something a little more …

 along the Celtic Rebel‘s line of research.

Whatever Friends was about, it was far from user-friendly.

When you create, the power is not situational … nothing forces you to make the choice to create what you want to create, and nothing can take this power away from you

If creating is something you want (& I rather hope it might be), I recommend Creating & The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz.

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  1. aferrismoon replied:

    Fill your life up with things to do and people to see and obviously you are uhh fulfilled.

    FRiends are validation in this medi-bleached world. Social network sites etc.

    Loners, or people who are not with friends having a ‘good time’ are on their way to being loons, killers, wierd, wrong.

    People sitting talking together while answering their text messages ????
    Super-emotional shows of affection also seem to be related to the media-friendship programming , massive hugs and ecstatic screams for someone only seen last week.

    I guess that’s why TV shows are called SHOWS – they teach people to SHOW .

    Chandler = Sea/See Handler


  2. Michael Skaggs replied:

    A breath of “REAL” air. I read this after a heatwave struck my area, Did you bring the soft gentle rain and cooler temps with this creation? ;-)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this ‘creation’ Alex. I loved Path of Least Resistance. It was a terrific step by step unraveling of societal programming while gently guiding you upon the path of awakening your creative power again.

    We can create on a daily basis and SHOULD be! Like you said, from the TINY to the HUGE.

    Let us share some lemon tart together out on the patio my ‘true friend’.
    Thank you for enriching my life.


  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    P.S. Regarding separation, I have a poster in my living room with a lone wolf on it in the woods that reads:

    “The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.”

    Facebook is another technical addiction farce’, I think networking sites the focus on “making friends” rather than “true connections” actually ends up reinforcing the “alone-ness” factor.

    Great points though one of the funniest lines I ever did hear was in passing through a room with “Friends” episode on the tele’, Ross (Schwimmer) said to Monica (when Monica was trying to entice the guys back into their old apartment with cookies and an adult movie) “Cookies and porn? your the best mom ever!” I guess it was a passing, fleeting moment, but unexpected.

    Kudos to you, now go interact with your creation!

  4. celticrebel replied:

    Someone once said “Collectivism equals Death,” but I heard he was crazy. :wink: A true friend is someone of value, someone through whom, assuming they are a self-realized individual, we connect to humanity through, and that is a necessary part of “being” and “experiencing” [and, not a commitment].

    What the Priests are conspiring to do (and have been wildly successful at), is convince us that a friend is a commodity, like baubles and trinkets, and we must now set about this ludicrous process of collecting them to measure our worth. Quantity over quality, and as Michael points out FecesBook driving those nails into our wooden coffin that once had the potential to be someone. Rather than balance, our choices seem to be counterproductive mass groupings or lone wolf serial murdering isolation.

    Beautiful points about creativity, and I love the weave of the characters names. Shirley, the choice of Temple puppies was not coincidental. “I in Rabbit! :evil: A sea of boys projected and not a man in sight.

    PS: If any interested, I created this image in regards to said steaming pile of manure (from a post on it’s contribution to destroying male/female pairing).

  5. dennis replied:

    Iron, red blood ,weapons of destruction,Iron age of senles ego . I have planted 1,000,000 trees here in the pacif northwest. Oregon Washington Idaho and northern California it is still a wooden dream. Dennis. Shine forth brave souls(while there is time )!

  6. Lugh replied:

    I was thinking earlier how destructive sitcoms are. When you’re watching comedy you really drop your defenses and are susceptable to manipulation.
    One thing in particular Friends did is convince people they need to be a Joey or a Rachel and go out and find others like these archtypes and associate with them. Then, enter into stale meaningless associations where they all secretly don’t like eachother and are unable to connect to one another on any meaningful level.
    I myself enjoy the solitary aspects of my being. If you are to make any metaphysical connection that these “friends” allude to having, it relies on “soul work”… which requires introspection and study. Soul work meaning, the school of thought that of a soul is grown not given (perhaps a seed is given), and as the “garden of the heart” to coin a term, it needs to be tended, pruned, seeded, etc. I think I heard this from you or Rebel actually. But of course, you never will by following the bullshit archtypes and brain dead meanderings of these sitcom sycophants.

    Also a terrible tool of injecting phrases like “Get a load of this guy!” into the vernacular. Like a trained monkey people will use these ad nosium right on que. Speaking of que, hey’re also often set up to be used in certain situations as well, Like they’ll say “get a load of this guy!” when someone is acting like a fruitcake.. furthering the descent. People trash the news saying it’s propaganda, but it only poisons on a concious level.
    These TV shows, movies are poisons of the subconcious: of dreams (television puts you into a beta mindstate through light, energy waves and color.. many, many people also admit to having TV and movie characters appear in their dreams. This happens alot.) and memory and this is much more dangerous.

  7. alex robinson replied:

    Great points mr moon
    Your ?’s say it all – “People sitting talking together while answering their text messages ????

    It is a world of SHOW & TELL,everything big, bold & exaggerated – reminds me of toddllers wooden play bricks – no time to spend with the Great Silence from whence all things come. You know what, I read somewhere that toddlers actually prefer muted colours for their wooden bricks, not the big, aggressive colours that are forced on them.

    Apparently many people thought the ‘Handler’ was gay – lots of suggestions & references within the show, but they gave him a pretend relationship with Monica (her real surname might have been the telling point) – why always this double act? Let him be gay or not gay, it’s no big deal – why mind fuck the audience with both?


    Heya Michael
    What are friends but to bring gentle rain when it’s needed? :)

    Thanks for all your great points too – I think you are quite right about Farcebook actually increasing loneliness – perhaps the constant chatter accentuates that awful, fearful, evil, mass-murderer-creating ‘Silence’ ! Arghhhhhh

    Why do we get thoughts of ‘the One‘ poured down our throats while told lONE = scary??
    Very best to you my dear

    mr rebel, what nutter would utter that kind of irresponsible shite? Collectivism IS the way, the truth & the light – you’ve obviously been spending way too much time alone :)

    If there’s a commitment to friends, I believe it must simply be on our own side – without expecting anything in return – it’s not meant to be a business deal. But it seems as if we can’t do anything now without expecting to be ‘paid’ – yet creating blows that stupidity apart – you ‘love’ something into creation – you do not wait for it to find you, rescue you, be blown away by you – instead you are the spark, that gives life to something & then sets it free – no guilt trips, manipulation, sulking, pushing, pulling.

    Indeed, I think the names were so terribly impotant for those Temple pups – Aniston is such an unusual name too.

    Great pic!
    Shine on

  8. aferrismoon replied:

    “why always this double act? Let him be gay or not gay, it’s no big deal – why mind fuck the audience with both?”

    So they can warble on ad nauseum in magazines about whether or not ……… blah blah is bloo bloo or blaaaah.

    If u don’t have friends then u r a lone-wolf and not far off from being a lone-gunman , because all killers are lonely people who don’t have friends – understand , capiche.

    People who are alone might actually have some original thoughts which won’t do.

    Also with those shit-coms there’s a high emotional level, constantly – e.g:

    ‘OMG she’s with him” , actress starts hyperventilating , kind of stuff.

    OMG as a well-used abbreviation shows the high-strung state people are to get into for the most insignificant of changes.

    Also the emotional, excitement state keeps people breathing in their upper chest, through their mouth, and shallowly which keeps them top-heavy and ‘swirly’.

    These people hate silence , its wierd, you’re planning something – talk talk talk – and they have an endless supply of ‘patterned stylised responses’ [ what’s with this guy etc] for boxing people in and getting everyone on the same wavelength – like bees or ants.


  9. alex robinson replied:

    Shine on too Dennis

    Hi Lugh
    Great point on sitcom v news.
    I might suggest the news sets people up – puts them in a state where they need some sugar coating to life & are all the more ready for a ‘dose’ of comedy. News = slaughter. Sitcom = slaughter – this time the ‘s’ is silent.

    Thanks for your thoughts
    very best to you

  10. alex robinson replied:

    Excellent mr moon
    I think people who can be alone are highly dangerous – because they have had the space & timelessness to generate new thoughts, ideas, questions. This form of life is the Enemy of the State of Decay.

    OMG – Oppressive Manic Gushing.

    These shows seem to have some equivalence to Fast Food – offering the same kind of quick-comfort-treat that fast food advertisers introduced.

    Good point on the constant high strung emotions – like the high from a sugar rush -sickly sweet, artificially flavored junk food for the soul – garbage in / garbage out.

  11. Darren B replied:

    Talking of Hollywood,I just got back from seeing Jodie Foster’s film “The Beaver”
    and this film pretty much parallels what this post is saying.This film is all about getting back in touch with the creative side to find the authentic love connection between people,and not just the superficial friends/sit com fake relationships.
    It is quite a smart film about bringing down the artificial walls surrounding everyday relationships…hence the beaver (the wood eater),plus the toy company is called Jerry.Co…get it? Jericho…bring down the walls.This is a great film,probably why it didn’t do so good at the box office.
    Most Hollywood films are crap,I’ll give you that,but give this one a gander,if you get a chance.I’d like to see your review of it…positive or negative.

    Cheers / Daz

    P.S. I find it amusing that both our latest posts involve wooden people and the authentic heart connection.But the wooden people in my post have been created by inventive minds that are truly creative.Nice post though…and I hate all those sit cons you mention above,but I do have a soft spot for Happy Days,even though I know it is crap,too.And I have to say that I didn’t mind “Stand By Me” and “Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure” – as long as you see that one as a piss take, bit like the movie “Idiocracy” a brilliant satire on modern society and where it is heading,probably more frightening than funny really.

  12. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Agreed….America is “too noisy”, hence my retreats into nature and current creation of a farmhouse on 40 plus acres of “silence” and Ma. Can’t wait!

    So happy I don’t have cable t.v. People always look at me in shock when I tell them I have no cable t.v. nor cell phone. Then I get the “two heads” looks.

    Great points everyone, love the level of awareness with “real eyes”.

    P.S. Oh yeah, serial killers…nah they could not possibly be “created” with MMC/MK then released into the population just to cause havoc and panic. Of course they were loners that never frolicked with many friends and kept to themselves. *eye roll*

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hiya Daz
      So we synced up on wooded themes!

      As to movies, I just can’t get into that world any more – once I loved it, really loved it – there was nothing better than heading off to the movies, on my own & getting lost inside a new world.
      Those days are gone – I’ve seen too much poison – so hard to understand humans poisoning fellows, but for me it’s undeniable. The celtic rebel’s work (link on my site) brings awful clarity if you haven’t been there.
      very best to you

      Heya Michael
      So is America the Land of the Noisy? Mass over-stimulation, toxic overload – barbaric cruelty of the spirit.

      Apparently there is a guy who disputes the reality of serial killers- Dave McGowan – I’ve not looked into him, I found it was enough simply to contemplate that idea – made rather interesting sense.


  13. brad replied:

    Wow Alex,
    Simply brilliant once again…

    nothing quite amazes like reading something I’ve felt for so long,
    yet would never be able to put into words anywhere near as eloquently or complete as you do…

    so glad you can do it,
    and DO do it…!

    thank you!

    : )

  14. zenrebok replied:


    Quietest place i’d ever visited, a cave in the Wairarapa of all places, a pin drop would’ve been an a-bomb, SILENCE does something no noise can.
    It ERASES the parade of conscious attachment/thought objects – our fabricated self. Mind gets perturbed, panics for a bit, then it simmers down to sulk, how it fears the sound of our inner voices.

    Then after passing through the veil with Mr Shadow the voice of torment and terror, you hear/feel your intuitive center spark up.

    I’d go as far to say, you start having a one to many conversation with the many creative entities that make us up, the ones the priests want us to ignore/fear.

    Your universe expands in silence, far from turning us into nutters, it cracks open the door to genuine health. The Whole Lone Wolf/Bad Apple trope was put there, to make us think we’re pathological, when we actually start to mentally reintegrate from all this BS noise and chatter.

    I have nothing but compassion for those poor souls who lose the thread of their genuinely wholesome selves, and turn to the morbid self destructive programming – there will be a reckoning. The Priests are staring down a metaphysical cul de sac, they stirred up the Great Mother, the Wholesome integrative Feminine, no amount of pouting,hair gel and perversion will prevent a correction of their raggardy arsed and twisted abomination called society.

    Enough of that.

    It has to be said, Ms Robinson, by the company you keep here, and other sites, that YOU are GREATLY LOVED. Scattered as we are about this magnificence blue marble, your precious creations have none-the-less, beacon like, brought many a silent dweller to this virtual hearth.

    Thanks for putting out the Welcome mat.

    Cheers, Fitzy

  15. aferrismoon replied:

    I went to London about 3 years ago [ re: noisy America] and the noise was unbelievable. I could hear the silence when I got back to Prague [ not an unnoisy place].

    Children handle being ‘alone’ . I notice that they get on with something and talk to themselves.

    I was reading that talking to oneself helps the individual remember who they are as opposed to being a sponge of others thoughts.

    Of course adults aren’t allowed to talk to themselves – its the 1st sign of madness.

    ” Its so noisy I can’t hear myself think [ talk to self internally]’

    Thus disruptive noise hinders us from being ourselves and so become something else – like pop-stars, sports heroes etc, which coincidentally persuade us to meet with them in vast , crowded, noisy arenas.

    Berry Vest to you

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Brad – much appreciated – I thought that article might be closer to your heart
      Very best wishes

      Hi Fitzy, I didn’t recognise you at first :)
      That was such a rich, warm leave-taking – thank you so much!

      There is a tremendous book called “How Animals Talk” – published in 1919 by a man who spent a great deal of time observing animals & living with nature. One thing he suggested was going out into the wild alone at night – he said that the tingling/chilling, ‘fearful’ feelings were not fear at all, but your senses coming back alive – what an amazing suggestion – we’ve been taught to fear the dark, maybe partly because of how much silence it contains.

      Just as we breathe in & breathe out so we must turn in towards silence & then back out towards the world & so on & so on – for too long we have been forced to stay in the outer world & we are suffocating. We need to create the balance of silence & sound, daydreaming & action, solitude & companionship.

      Very best to you

      Hi mr moon
      You are quite right – children do handle aloneness very well – & when they are creating they generally demand space & solitude & dislike interruptions – they seem to have a gusto they bring to both outer friendships & inner creating times – both are equally as ‘vital’ & alive.

      I talk to myself sometimes when I am contemplating ideas – it’s a kind of mix of silliness & seriousness – very useful for generating energy & thoughts.

      Ah yes – silence for thinking – I feel that strongly if I’m driving somewhere new & need extra concentration – no matter how much I might like a cd it has to go off – the noise just fills up my head too much.

      Excellent points about noisy venue – what is that all about? Such intense sound – it ‘fills up’ space:
      Volume = space taken up + strength of sound

      in the rich silence,
      thoughts sneak out
      to play

      very best in return :)

  16. Restless Rachel replied:

    Hey Alex great ARTicle, (no surprises there!) I remember in art class, our real! teacher was away and we had a young replacement. We had to do a pastel leg drawing, mine was done in bright colours. From that we had to take a part of the picture and enlarge with paints. I decided to turn mine into a bright abstract landscape using weird unreal colours, the young teacher loved it and I enjoyed creating it. However when the old real teacher returned she said “Oh no you can’t do that” Rules and regulations must be adhered to. So my creativity was crushed and we all know our creativity is about releasing a part of us and who we are. When it is continually crushed self doubt and our ability to be who we are is tarnished.

    Look forward to next Article sis

    Restless Rachel xx

  17. Mick replied:

    When I need a friend I take a small, sweet nubble of unrefined molasses sugar.

    I have a mate, a retired manager of a large firm, now defunct. He has no television, no computer, no ipod, no mobile phone. If people wish to contact him, he expects them to send a hand written letter. His bank manager was horrified. “How can you live such a medieval existence?” he asked him. “Very peacefully,” my mate replied.

  18. Isaac replied:

    Hey there! I really enjoyed this one! I always find a little encouragement from your writing cuz I think we ‘ve had similar life experiences. I grew up with a pair of bible thumping narcissistic parents myself and I felt like I couldnt express myself fully. My mom used to read this bible verse about how Jesus said that people should ‘be as children’. And she interpreted that as obedience and subservient to god and parents our ‘earthly gods ‘ or whatever. but subservience is not the natural disposition of a child, that is a child who is subjected to a tyrant, as you know. anyway I was able to survive by using my own creativity, I didnt have a tv so I used to play outside and draw. At school I was the kid at the back of the room drawing comics.I was really shy but my classmates had a laugh at my drawings and I made friends that way. now Im 22 and I gotta decide what to do with my life arrgh so I gotta muster that creativity! Anyway theres my life story and thanks for sharing your healing process I appreciate it.

  19. the living tiki replied:

    In the novel of The Lost World: Jurassic Park (not the movie), the character Ian Malcom (chaos theory) explained how globalization destroys invention, innovation, originality, and creativity. In the past, societies were separated and isolated, so invention and creativity were commonplace and unique to that society, and it would only catch on worldwide when another society would say, “Hey, look at what they’re doing!”.

    But now, in this global society, any sort of invention or insight is immediately analyzed, criticized, and dismissed before it even gets developed or made. In other words, imagine a teenage Celtic Rebel in high school presenting his science project at the school science fair: A well made foamboard display of pictures and graphs answering the question, “Why is anal sex becoming more and more popular?” Do you think the school would allow that? Do you think the teachers would even read his research? [Better yet, imagine a teenage living tiki with the question, “Why are women’s breasts getting bigger?”…. In MY school I would have been escorted out by my ear: “But Sister Margaret, it’s a legitimate science question! I mean look at your breasts, they’re huge! Aren’t you wonderi… Ow, my ear! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!]

    I once had a girlfriend whose parents had separate bedrooms. At the time, I thought it was very strange. But now looking back, I remember them as being the most well adjusted parents I’d ever met. “Your bedroom or mine?”

    As for personal isolation, I have a word cartoon for you (minus the art):

    Picture a police officer interviewing a landlord over an incident involving one of her tenants… but both of them are cats:

    “Honestly officer, I have no idea why he would go crazy like that! He was the perfect neighbor – A quiet, anti-social loner who kept odd hours, would swipe at and attack things that weren’t there, and would hiss at you and run away when approached. I can’t see what went wrong!”

    Here’s a mugshot of that “crazy” loner:

  20. radian2 replied:

    I live on a small farm that I have created over the years. It occurred to me that creativity establishes an environment for other lives. In a farm, a little created society of ducks, chickens, dog, cat and plants each one expanding and changing a chaotic creation.

  21. alex robinson replied:

    Heya Rach
    Great point!
    I think so many people had their enthusiasm crushed by ‘teachers’ – it’s a very sad day when a teacher will do that – that’s the day they betray their calling, or the day it becomes clear that that, never was their calling.

    Keep creating sis xox

    Wonderful story Mick
    So friends are sweet but too much might give you a tummy ache :)

    very best to you

    Glad to share Isaac & very glad to know it makes a difference.
    It seems to me that seeing the past with a clear gaze makes a world of difference. We are no longer the children we once were, the person we are today did not feel or experience what they went thro, – but I think we can free them by seeing clearly & acknowledging – I think that is what they need to set them free – it’s the lies that fracture them.

    vey best to you

    mr tiki, you did make me smile – great cartooning :)
    As much as the programming shuts us down & confuses us, it is the schooling where so much damage to creating takes place – if creating was a magnificent sculpture, then schooling is the steamroller that remodels it into dust – you & the rebel would be experiencing something akin to St Catherine’s cart-ooning:
    St.Catherine and The Wheel

    tho’ for some reason I thought you might prefer this painting:

    Ah yes the separate bedroom idea – absolutely brilliant – royalty & important people always had separate bedrooms – the rabble were shovelled together & told it was ‘good’.

    I hope your life is currently as merry as that crazy loner’s
    very best to you

    That was a marvellous word-picture Radian – thank you!
    very best to you & your expanding creation

  22. paulo replied:

    Wise woman you are alex :) Can you be “cloned” and spread around the globe just in case… ? :) Big Cosmic Hug!

  23. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Alex is one of a kind for sure. Her writing, her words, her demeanor, her humor, and her “creative blog” is like a big warm blanket on a cold day, or that comfortable hide-a-way you find out in nature where you feel energy surrounding you.

    Your creation here Alex, pulls toxic poisons from our souls and I love your perception and creativity. Definitely a refreshing feeling when I come here.

    Oh Paulo, she is one of a kind, her soul could never be cloned, (hence why Transhumanism will fail) but she is an intricate part of creating a better world.

    Cheers my friend!

  24. Max replied:

    This is truely a life saving article you have written here, Alex.
    It perfectly syncs with the paralyzing mood, I have had today, of beeing very anxious that I am wasting my life when I am for the most part of the time on my own.

    I am also working on gaining back my creativity which had been crushed by religious indoctrination, schooling and overtly media consumption alike.

    Your posts are causing one to heal.
    Keep going with the great work, Alex!

  25. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Paulo :)

    Many thanks Michael :)

    That’s wonderful Max
    We’ve been scared away from the things that heal us & herded towards that which makes us sick & yet it never feels to amaze me how quickly one idea can dissolve years of oppressive thoughts.

    very best to you

  26. iamlonefrog replied:

    Hello Alex,

    I have to admit that when you stated;

    “As a young human I was an abject failure in the realms of awareness & courage. I never thought to question the religion that crushed me. I didn’t try to break out of the prison that was my home or away from the death grip of my parents.”

    I was worried of the direction of this post. Now, I realize that no “culture” is perfect, I must confess that I admire the Chinese and their teachings of Confuscious concerning family.

    The Confucian ethic greatly values the stability of family structure. In Confuscian tradition, the five most important human relationships are ruler-minister, father-son, elder brother-younger brother, husband-wife, friend-friend. That three of the five are family relationships indicates the central place of family in the Chinese society.

    Although I must admit that it is not in my nature nor would I want the complete acquiescence of a wife (if I had one), it is also painfully obvious that some teachings are outdated and could use a serious makeover. Anyway, I felt the need to say that Western Culture has led to the demise of its familial structure.

    It saddens me that you view the one place we should be able to count on for love, as prisons run by people with deathgrips.

    I know I used your description of a personal situation, but IAm pretty sure that there are MANY more who share your sentiments. Perhaps this is the heart of the matter – – – why people accumalate friends.

    I don’t disagree that separation is necessary in order to create, hell, IAmLonefrog, I just didn’t appreciate the inclusion or see the necessity of including the home. Which in all truth should be a port in the storm. I thought that you would have recognized that simple programming ploy.

  27. alex robinson replied:

    Lone Frog, you have confused me. My tale was very personal – sometimes I share my life story because I believe there are others it can help – some homes (I think many more than has been suspected) are or have been, highly toxic. I feel deeply for those who have gone thro’ this & never had an ear to hear them. I agree that home should be a place of deep nourishment, but wishing it was so does not undo the harm that way too many have lived thro – as always my site is focused on healing & in my experience much healing comes when pain is heard, seen or acknowledged even just once.

    Don’t take anything on my site too seriously, if it’s not for you just walk away.

    Best to you

  28. the living tiki replied:

    Ah, Catholicism! It seems to only way to be remembered as a true servant of God is to be horrifically tortured to death. And poor Catherine died a virgin – what a waste!

    Thanks for the images. Although… I must admit my favorite would be St. Kate in all her glory:

    I heard once (forget where) that Buddhists have a term for creation called “Tattva ta”. It translates into “Suchness… just like that!” Where once there was nothingness, then came “Too Long In This Place”… just like that!

    Uh-oh! Thinking about my Catholic upbringing reminded me of another term for the Rebel: Rosary Beads. (Just remember to wash them after each use!)


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks mr tiki – is that the original penny farthing? She seems to have all the tiki-sensuals – I think you both could have gone far – well maybe not that far actually as I can’t see any peddles :)

      I wish you & your world much joy

  29. Tampoffs | replied:

    […] Lady Alex doesn’t know how right she was about The Wood People. […]

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