wand of death

I heard from a friend the other day, that a once-mutual colleague (& all-round nice guy) has just been in-formed that he has prostate cancer.

His ‘treatment’ is coming soon to a hospital near him.

Here at toolonginthisplace, ‘cancer’ is not & never has been, religiously honoured or …

 … ‘celebrated’.
Unlike way too much of the rest of the world.

“No, no”, you say to me, “they’re raising money for research”. You know … “To cure cancer”.


Despite an all-out war on cancer over the past 20 years, people are developing malignancies at a higher rate than ever before” – The Cancer Conspiracy~Dr Toni Jeffreys quoting Science News from 1994

Tell me how far do you think you have to travel down the road of disease before you find health?

At which station along the chemo’d, hacked & amputated way do you think this health will be found?

Let’s suggest that cancer, like disease in general is not curable.

Let’s suggest it is the individual who heals, not the disease.

Let’s suggest that there are many who know this, but then of course cancer is such a … lucrative business.

Let’s suggest that cancer is first & foremost, a mind disease – one that requires concentrated attention to manifest.

This would certainly explain the intensive, invasive, non-stop advertising & promotion.

What I got to wondering today is, what if this mental-disease is magnified by the hands of magicians?

I can think of no other disease that calls for such intrusive/intimate body cavity probes as cancer.  Understand that when doctors go caving/potting

… inside the body, they are seeking buried treasure.

Buried malignant treasure.

Something is very wrong here …

You cannot seek health by looking for disease.

No matter how kindly your doctor may be, he or she, has been schooled in …

… disease & death, not in health.

No matter how illuminated

… they may be, a doctor is on the scent of sickness.

My friend from Nigeria has often quoted his uncle who was a herbalist & healer,

He who heals, can also kill

We have been trained to view modern ‘doctors’ as healers – but I think this may be a dangerous notion.

In the interests of widening our view, just for today, let’s consider doctors from a different angle –

doctor (n.)   c.1300, “Church father,” from O.Fr. doctour, from M.L. doctor “religious teacher, adviser, scholar,” in classical L. “teacher,” agent noun from docere “to show, teach, cause to know,” originally “make to appear right.

And just for today, let’s rename them magicians.

magic (n.)    late 14c., “art of influencing events and producing marvels,” from O.Fr. magique, from L. magice “sorcery, magic,” … from magos “one of the members of the learned and priestly class

Because witch doctors look like …


we never think to equate them with …


But how different are they?

Why would you visit either?  Because they appear to know what you do not?

Church father,” from O.Fr. doctour, from M.L. doctor “religious teacher, adviser

one of the members of the learned and priestly class

Because they appear to have a power to effect a healing that you (apparently) do not?

to … cause to know,” originally “make to appear right.

Before doctors were elevated to the learned & priestly class, they were known as leeches:

leech    obsolete for “physician,” from O.E. læce, from O.Dan. læke, from P.Gmc. *lælijaz “healer, physician”  …  lit. “one who counsels

Spot the difference?

to … cause to know,” … “make to appear right.


one who counsels

counsel (n.)    early 13c., from O.Fr. counseil (10c.) “advice, counsel; deliberation, thought

One takes the upper hand, the other does not.

The original use of the word physician was also telling:

physician    early 13c. …  from fisique “art of healing,” from L. physica “natural science” (see physic).”

Yes let’s see physic:

physic   c.1300 … from L. physica “study of nature,” from Gk. physike episteme “knowledge of nature,” …  “pertaining to nature,” … “to bring forth, produce, make to grow”.

We forget way too easily that the body is all about healing

… for that is the way of the natured world.

Quite simply, the life-world is a rich, multidimensional experienced reality of which the scientific world is a part-representation, a reduction, or an abstraction

We forget too that the body is a story-teller – translating emotion into narrative & animating it through the body:

the language that we use about our illness arises from our bodies [which] speak the language of metaphor. The language we use is no accident and provides clues for our understanding of the life events associated with illness

Unfortunately medicine has come to be based almost entirely upon what science can see, resulting in a ‘dead-matter’ view of the person … it is not legitimate for medicine to fail to see meanings”  Meaning-full Disease ~Brian Broom

We return to today’s play-theory – that it may be healthier for us to view doctors as magicians.

This begs some questions.

“How often should we allow our bodies to be penetrated by wizards seeking to find disease within us, especially during a time we have handed over your mental immunity to them?”

And where might the potency of the doctor-magician be concentrated?

In their hands?

I got to wondering about the power in their ‘probing’ fingers.  In particular, could the index finger be regarded as a magic wand/weapon?

each finger is assigned a specific element: the index finger with


digit   late 14c., “numeral below 10,” from L. digitus “finger or toe … related to dicere “tell, say …

… point out.

The ritual requires that you use a magical implement or “weapon”, such as a ceremonial knife, wand, or simply point your index finger

As a gesture of wrath or threat the index finger is raised from the clenched or loosely held fist like a hook, or a pointing fingerMany wrathful deities perform this gesture … 

… Its threatening power is perhaps most vividly expressed in the iconography of Black Hayagriva.  This deity is described as wielding a blazing iron hook in his left hand, with a black iron scorpion poised to sting upon the tip of his raised index finger

Could the vast increase in prostate cancer be at least partly explained, by the seeking-expectation of a …

magic wand,
upon & within the acquiescing body of the patient?

A patient is one who assumes a position of weakness & leaves themselves wide open:

patient (adj.)  early 14c., “bearing or enduring without complaint”.

patient (n.)    “suffering or sick person,” late 14c., patience … (see patience).

Patience    early 13c., “quality of being patient in suffering,” … ” from PIE base *pei- “to damage, injure, hurt“.

There is certainly something powerful about ‘pointing wands‘.

In ecclesiastical and formal government ceremonial, special officials may carry a wand of office or staff of office representing their power.

The first magical wand …

… featured in the Odyssey: that of Circe, who used it to transform Odysseus’s men into animals. Italian fairy tales put them into the hands of the powerful fairies by the late Middle Ages …

… In the ballads such as Allison Gross and The Laily Worm and the Machrel of the Sea, the villainesses use silver wands to transform their victims

… In The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the White Witch’s most feared tool is her wand, whose magic is capable of turning people into stone

Magic wands commonly feature in works of fantasy fiction as spell-casting tools” (wiki)

In the decking of tarot, wands are big enough to wear their own suit:

The Suit of Wands can be thought of as the first suit of the Tarot’s Minor Arcana … As the first suit, Wands represent the idea stage, or “seeds” of a concept … ideas, intention, and growth

In The Book of Thoth, the suit of wands is associated with the action of the Will and the element of fire

… related to fire, the South Wind or a southerly direction, the color red, the four worlds of the Kaballah (Divine, Creative, Formative and Manifest)

“… to do with primal energy … original thought and the seeds through which life springs forth.”

The more esoteric Tarot decks reveal that Wands symbolize the lifeforce

Do understand, this article is not a denunciation of doctors. If I’m very ill I will go & see one.  I have known some nice ones & I’ve known some who were repellent.

What is interesting us here today is the fantastic power they wield –

… how they can sentence a person to die without them ever even standing trial.

Doctors are very like priests – we put our faith in them.

As priests are the front men of religion, so doctor’s are now the front men & women of the pharmaceutical companies –

… they have gone & become the go-between.

This places a serious responsibility upon doctors to check out the drugs they are prescribing.  The trust we put in doctors combined with their priest-like status makes them …

… both pure gold & vital operatives for the pharmaceutical companies. Without doctors approval, pharma companies are fucked – get a doctor to administer a drug & it becomes legitimate medical tender:

If chemo. is spilt on the floor in the hospital ward, it becomes a Red Alert emergency.  Staff must don a special suit, gloves, goggles and mask to clean it up.  And they put this ‘stuff’ into people’s bodies.  Whatever happened to ‘First Do No harm?
 from The Cancer Conspiracy~Dr Toni Jeffreys

The Hippocratic oath once included this life-extending line,

I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan

Perhaps the rise of the drug companies necessitated it’s removal?

Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organise into an undercover dictatorship”  Dr Benjamin Rush, one of the framers of the American Constitution (from The Cancer Conspiracy)

The following joke email may not be too far off the mark:

“A) The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000
(B) Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000
(C) Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171

Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services.

(A) The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000
(B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500
(C) The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is .000188

Statistics courtesy of FBI.

Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners

So remember: ‘Guns don’t kill people, doctors do.’

A few years back I had a serious reaction to a drug, resulting in breathing difficulties & a rash over my entire body.  If memory serves me correctly I had to pay to see the doctor so she could tell me that I was having a reaction to the drug.  I was asked to fill out a form which would be sent to the drug company.

I never heard another thing.

Throughout the primitive world, the doctor and the sorcerer tended to be the same person

Why do we think that has changed?

Can a doctor create disease, albeit unintentionally?

Let’s check out some magic tricks.

Introducing an illusion …

Production: The magician produces something from nothing—a rabbit from an empty hat, a fan of cards from thin air, a shower of coins from an empty bucket, a dove from a pan, or the magician him or herself, appearing in a puff of smoke on an empty stage—all of these effects are productions

How deeply are their effects felt?

Penetration: The magician makes a solid object pass through another—a set of steel rings link and unlink, a candle penetrates an arm, swords pass through an assistant in a basket … Sometimes referred to as “solid-through-solid”.

How potent are their powers of science-backed prophesy?

Prediction: The magician predicts the choice of a spectator, or the outcome of an event under seemingly impossible circumstances—a newspaper headline is predicted, the total amount of loose change in the spectator’s pocket, a picture drawn on a slate

How much power do they possess?  How much do we give them?

Mentalism creates the impression in the minds of the audience that the performer possesses special powers to read thoughts, predict events, control other minds, and similar feats

The Magician-Doctor’s Oath:

As a magician (doctor) I promise never to reveal the secret of any illusion to a non-magician (patient), unless that one swears to uphold the Magician’s Oath (pharmaceutical companies) in turn. I promise never to perform any illusion for any non-magician (patient) without first practicing the effect until I can perform it well enough to maintain the illusion of magic.

I passed by my rarely visited doctor’s surgery the other day & something strange happened – I felt an almost physical slap when I noticed the word “DOCTOR” – it was like I’d never seen it before –

… I think, though I’m not sure, that by contemplating the ideas stirred up in this article, I got a glimpse into the immense power that word has been made to have.

Is that healthy I wonder?

The only freedom … is that of pursuing our own good in our own way … Each is the proper guardian of his own health, whether bodily, or mental and spiritual.John Stuart Mill

~    ~    ~    ~   ~


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yours sin sear-ly

Desire, like the atom,

… is explosive with creative force

Oh thank christ for that”
you say,
after her last rampaging article
she’s finally seen the light
& …

unquestioning sex
is back on the menu.

Errr sorry . . . No.

Not on the menu in this place, at this time.

Please understand that the drugging of the west was not an attack on the human experience of sex – why would I do that when it’s been under attack for eons?

Christianity has enriched the erotic meal with the appetizer of curiosity and spoiled it with the dessert of remorse

I was simply wondering why we bought into the idea that we could achieve dimension-shaking sexual experiences via science, media driven obsession, detours into increasing deviancy & relentless discussion & dissection.

As shocking & painful as it may be for us in the West to contemplate,
sex is merely
among many,

we need to inhabit.

Our cosmos shrank when …

we got wedded,


into one


Tell me, do you really still think it’s possible to find, what you were trained to seek in the arms, (or various body parts), of a lover?

Yet how is that possible, when you & I have been so well directed

… to eternally miss the target.

How (& where) on earth can the two sexes ever meet
when their tusky mind-sets are so …


The man’s desire is for the woman;

but the woman’s desire is rarely other than for the desire of the man

Only a man can be a woman the way a man wants a woman to be

the strongest sexual attraction may exist between persons so incompatible in tastes and capacities that they could not endure living together for a week much less a lifetime.~George Bernard Shaw

Due to this prefabricated incompatibility of the sexes, I think it best now to turn our attention towards more virtuous thoughts – I’m talking of course about the …

seven deadly sins


Oh thank christ for that” you say, after the last rampaging article she’s finally seen the light & LUST is back on the menu …

Patience, patience

… let’s just watch a while & see what we can see.

Part of the reason we’re going to engage with these sins, is in order to ask why it was so necessary to terrify us away from them:

Those who had succumbed to lust were smothered in fire and brimstone; gluttons choked down rats, toads, and snakes; …

… the greedy were boiled in the finest oil. The slothful were pitched …

… into snake pits, while dismemberment awaited the wrathful. The envious faced submersion in freezing water, and the prideful …

… were broken on the wheel.

Why was it necessary to attach so much fear to these normal human ‘frailties’?




Unless of course they’re not frailties after all.

Is it possible that …

… they are strengths?

Let us ponder …


greedy O.E. grædig (West Saxon), gredig (Anglian) “voracious”.”

I want to start with greed because that’s where I started. I’m beginning to think that if we don’t restore our natural greed, we will not be able to build enough momentum …

… to reclaim our lost worlds.

I tell you I really, really struggled to get to the point where I could use the words “I” & “greed” in the same sentence, I would rather have been boiled in (the finest) oil – but once I got past the (apparent) shame, the going got a lot easier.

You see, I am greedy – greedy for life & experiences & then more life & more experiences & then more …

For the duration of this article (& beyond) I equate greed with the willingness to constantly receive into our lives …

… to hold & cherish, ALL that our hearts, minds & bodies have desired or called for(th).

A human being desires endlessly – it is our nature – I am finding that a good thing, a very good thing. Only a corpse has no hunger.

Look to nature if you fear greed.

How much space will an oak tree greedily claim?

And how much life does that greed feed?

How many fruit-children will one apple tree greedily produce?

And how much life does that feed?


wrath O.E. wræððu “anger,” from wrað “angry”.

Introducing my new friend.

On top of the non-stop challenges so generously presented to me this year, came last week’s surprise visit by my landlord – declaring that the outside of the house needed ‘repairing’.

Really!! After 11 years you spotted that?

Under the guise of repair work, it turned out he was actually getting it ready to sell.

Enter wrath on day 3 of the tumultuous land-baron invasion. I’m not a violent or combative personality, but by god I was focused in fury last Friday. The upshot was one landlord asking for 5 minutes grace to give him time to get off the property.

I have rarely experienced such wonderful clarity of force – it was both scary & electric. I demanded my ‘space’ back & proper notice in writing – both of which I got.

Some time ago I attended an Aikdio seminar by a visiting Japanese sensei – what really impressed me was the powerfully decisive way this man stepped into an attack when necessary – the first principle of Aikido is avoidance, which is then followed by control & neutralization – but sometimes you have to step in.

I think that’s what wrath is about – a powerful emotion telling us that it’s time to step in & take back control.

Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.”

Nature’s mothers understand wrath …


glutton – early 13c., from O.Fr. gluton … “overeater,” formed from gluttire “to swallow,” from gula “throat”.”

Oops now I’ve backed myself into a corner

gluttony = overeating” & we’ve been so very well-trained to despise …

… those lacking in such ‘self-control‘.

The rules are clear:

“We ‘CAN NOT’ have too much of a good thing”

Actually the rules aren’t that clear are they? For they say two opposing things.

Nevertheless we all know that too much of a good thing (gluttony) is a bad thing – right?

Well guess what, this article is the work of gluttony. When I write, I am a glutton – I am ravenous for time & space & ideas. Self-control has no home with me at such times.

A wondrous understanding of voracity came to me last week.

My 10 year old nephew ambushed me with a big hug, then the little bastard wouldn’t let go until I promised to come & watch his basket ball game. He knows I am a wicked auntie who does not like standing on sidelines watching sport. I gave in only under protest.

My god what a game it was – real sport, not for money, not for fame, but simply for the pleasure of the game.

And the game … well it centred on gluttony –

… for at no point did either team engage in self-control by claiming they had scored ‘enough’ goals.

All sport is based on gluttony …

… & sports are some of the most revered activities on this planet.


envy (n.) late 13c., from O.Fr. envie “envy, jealousy, rivalry“.”

jealous early 13c … from Gk. zelos, sometimes “jealousy,” but more often in a good sense (“emulation, rivalry, zeal“)

a feeling of grudging or admiring discontent aroused by the possessions, achievements, or qualities of another … the desire to have for oneself something possessed by another

It’s amazing how long wise words will linger. Long, long ago I read some – the author suggesting that envy was a good thing, for it showed us what we want. That was the one & only time I have heard envy praised.

A few hours ago I went for a walk – an envy walk – I thought I’d better try out envy before I attempted to extol its virtues. I eyed up cars & houses & was getting the hang of it when I started to feel sick.

“Oh %*#!“, thought I, that wasn’t supposed to happen. “How can I extol the virtues of this ‘sin’ when it’s making me feel nauseous?

But all was not lost.

When I looked closely I saw I was forcing myself into prescribed‘ envy

… desiring things I’ve been ‘told‘ to desire – a new car, a nice house (not the footballer – he’s supposed to be looking enviously at my ‘villa’). Anyway when I cut out that non-sense, envy taught me very well indeed. That’s its job – to highlight what we want.

I saw that I wanted freedom – yes I want to live in a nice home, but not one I’m tied to – I found that I have NO desire to put down roots anymore – I’m a human being, not a tree, I want to be grounded, but not rooted.

Envy helped me recognise that.


sloth late 12c., “indolence, sluggishness,” … (see slow)”

slow (adj.) O.E. slaw “inactive, sluggish” … Meaning “taking a long time” is attested from early 13c

The three-toed sloth lives a peaceful, vegetarian life in perfect harmony with its environment. “A good-natured smile is forever on its lips” The Life of Pi – Yann Martel

The West is greatly afeared of slowness.

Yet when something is made by & with hand & heart it often takes …

… a very great deal of time.

In the West that is of course, a sin.

For time is money.

The ‘Devil’, we are told, ‘finds work for idle hands’.

Why is it so dangerous for us to have idle hands & time?

Slow, delicious, lazy time?

A research associate in England (Teresa Belton) made a study of school children after finding their ability to write creatively was startlingly ‘uninspired‘:

The tales tended to be very tedious and unimaginative,” Belton says, “as if the children were stuck with this very restricted way of thinking. Even when they were encouraged to think creatively, they didn’t really know how …

After monitoring the daily schedule of the children for several months, Belton came to the conclusion that their lack of imagination was, at least in part, caused by the absence of “empty time,” or periods without any activity or sensory stimulation.

While daydreaming has long been derided as a lazy, non-productive pastime, it is now commonly acknowledged that daydreaming can be constructive … There are numerous examples of people in creative or artistic careers, such as composers, novelists and filmmakers, developing new ideas through daydreaming. Similarly, research scientists, mathematicians and physicists have developed new ideas by daydreaming about their subject areas.

There is a term sometimes used at the Banzai Institute: The Three Bs, meaning the Bus, the Bath, and the Bed. That is where the greatest discoveries are made in science” – (from a movie).

Funny isn’t it, to think that without sloth we may become sluggish & impotent.


pride O.E. pryto, from prud (see proud) … The verb in the reflexive sense “congratulate (oneself)” is recorded from late 13c.”

“proud late O.E. prud … “brave, valiant.”

My friend from Nigeria has told me about the constant celebrations that were a part of his growing up – every month there was a celebration for one thing or another.

We, on the other hand celebrate ‘religiously’ twice a year, with a birthday thrown in for good behaviour.

celebrate mid-15c., from L. celebratus “much-frequented; kept solemn; famous,” pp. of celebrare “assemble to honor.”

Why do we not assemble to honour what truly matters to us?

After every article I publish I take myself to a cafe to celebrate – I’m not very good at it & my mind often wanders away from the reason I’m there, but somehow I feel the effort is very important.

Celebration recognises & completes our actions.

What we seem to have done in this bizarre civilisation is to hand our celebrations over to celebrity

… we exalt them instead of exalting our own lives & loves & creations.

How ridiculously silly is that?


lust (n.) O.E. lust “desire, pleasure

In M.E., “any source of pleasure or delight,” also “an appetite,” also “a liking for a person,” also “fertility” (of soil). Sense of “sinful sexual desire, degrading animal passion”… developed in late O.E. from the word’s use in Bible translations ...

… in other Germanic languages, the cognate words tend to still mean simply “pleasure.”

“lusty early 13c., from lust + -y … It largely has escaped the Christianization and denigration of its root word;

the original usage was “joyful, merry,” later …

full of healthy vigor” (late 14c)

Although I started with greed, I think the alpha/omega of the seven healing sins, is lust.

Fiery, energetic, passionate desire.

If you google image “desire” you will be herded back into the small three-lettered galaxy we started with. I’m attaching images to save you looking – I know there’s an appreciative audience out there.

But lust / desire is so much more than the chasmic world of sex.

Sex is included within lust, it is not the other way round – that’s not possible. For lust is both the desire for life & the desire within life.

Desire is half of life; …

... indifference is half of deathKahlil Gibran

What do you want a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaningCharlie Chaplin

A desire scorned and neglected is an enemy lying in wait with bared daggerAbraham Miller

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledgePlato

Quite a different perspective of the accepted view of “lust” appears when we stand further back & try using our own eyes.

Vanity, revenge, loneliness, boredom, all apply: lust is one of the least of the reasons for promiscuity

If we have lust for life, then ALL our worlds begin to …

…turn again, each working in harmony, each one building upon its neighbours. Then every world becomes passionate as it was always meant to be.

Well that’s what I think today.

This presentation has been brought to you by:
The Seven Deadly Sins Appreciation Society

Home of …

transgressions which are fatal to spiritual progress

Or are they?

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Talking with the Rebel

The duck & I will be joining Alex, the Celtic Rebel in his Secret Underground Bunker later today …

… for the second part of a show we started last week.

Among other things we will be looking deeper

into water

… & wondering.

The show starts Monday (15th August) 3pm for anyone in NZ

otherwise it’s 11pm Eastern Standard Time

The Rebel Path
Oracle Broadcasting



Many thanks to Ewan from Aferrismoon for introducing me to the watery work & ideas of Viktor Schauberger – this video is quite remarkable

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the drugging of the West

There is always a need for intoxication: China has opium, Islam has hashish, the West has woman

 André Malraux

Yes, yes I realise that quote was made with faux pearls, but as far as fakes go it’s not half bad.

Well the ending isn’t.

It juuuust needs a little tweaking:

the West has woman

the West has sex

Ah there we go, that’s much better.

This is a consumer society.  An assumption built into it is that we should all be eager consumers of sexual activity

Women, Celibacy & Passion~Sally Cline

Despite the probable apoplectic outrage of many readers, I’ve decided to tackle the drugging (anesthetizing, bringing under control, captivating, dulling the will, entrancing, fascinating, holding under a spell, lulling to sleep, magnetizing, making drowsy, making sleepy, mesmerizing, narcotizing, stupefying) of the West.

No, no, no … forget about the demon-idolised drugs of …

… heroin, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, marijuana, ecstasy, etc.

They are ablind’ & always have been.

Regardez les patsies de l’ouest


Regardez les dance-partners
of the West’s Patsy War …

the endless tango –
of the uber-responsible & the uber-cool.

Before these choreographed drug wars,
there were other wars …

… designed to keep those Western eyes
from looking too closely
into the development of the drug
of their demise


You want to start hating me now or will you wait till we get to the end?

I’ve gotta do this – I’ve got to see what lies at the end of this exploration –  I’ve got ideas for sure, but only in the writing/creating will I get to see for myself just what I’m exploring.

Honestly, I’m curious.

So let’s continue.

Foucault, on the other hand, states that Western culture has long been fixated on sexuality

… since the 17th century, there has been a fixation with sexuality creating a discourse around sexuality …

In Western society … something completely different has been created, what Foucault calls “scientia sexualis”, the science of sexuality …

… It is not just a question of the Christian confession, but more generally the urge to talk about it …

A fixation with finding out the “truth” about sexuality arises, 

… a truth that is to be confessed 

… It is as if sexuality did not exist unless it is confessed. Link

I got to thinking how true that is now.

Who, on earth would have sex these days,

…  if there were no after-play?

If you don’t tell your friends about it, did it really happen?

Sex just ain’t sex until it’s been broadcast, aired, inspected, reviewed, photographed, paraded, discussed, dissected, autopsied.

How & when did this two-person play make it to the BIG time?

The pressure towards compulsory genital sex began to accelerate in the sixties, during what is called the Sexual Revolution or the Era of Sexual Liberation. It was the time when the pill provided more reliable contraception, when the social effect was felt, …

… first of the Kinsey report, later of Masters & Johnson’s studies, & when …

… Alex Comfort’s The Joy of Sex was top of the bestseller list.

And doesn’t the Big time look like a load of fun!

In reality individual sexual acts may be felt to be uncomfortable or unspeakable, but the myth suggests that all sexual acts are physically beneficial, morally sound, certainly more effective, &, here’s the rub, more normal than no sexual acts.

It would appear that there are a number of untouchable sacred golden cows munching voraciously through Western society.

And Spotlight-sex seems to be one of them.

By dragging sex out of the realm of ma, (where for the duration of this article, I suggest it’s meant to exist), & into the spotlight, something unnatural seems to have happened.

Is it really possible to wordify that which is un-worded communication between the bodies of two people?

So neatly have the nouveau concepts of sexuality been woven into manliness/femininity that it’s too damn risky to even pick at the seams.

Sex is so close to each of us that we can’t see clearly.  So maybe its time to talk about the talking about & spotlighting of sex.

You don’t really think that your ideas about sex are your own, do you?

Surely not?

Let’s look at some of the shapers of our sexual reality  – the sexperts who were allowed such free-roving hands to sculpt us into the know-it-all sex addicts we have become.

(By the way, the Chinese used opium wisely for centuries before the West came & manoeuvered it into addiction – the West is very good at addiction).

Alfred Charles Kinsey (June 23, 1894 – August 25, 1956) was an American biologist and professor of entomology and zoology, who in 1947 founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University

… generally regarded as the father of sexology … Kinsey obtained research funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, which enabled him to inquire into human sexual behavior.

Kinsey’s sex research went beyond theory and interview to include observation of and participation in sexual activity, sometimes involving co-workers. He justified this as being necessary to gain the confidence of his research subjects. He encouraged his staff to do likewise, and engage in a wide range of sexual activity …  Kinsey filmed sexual acts which included co-workers in the attic of his home as part of his research … James H. Jones, author of Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life, and British psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple, amongst others, have speculated that Kinsey was driven by his own sexual needs …

Kinsey wrote about pre-adolescent orgasms  …  which report observations of orgasms in over three-hundred children between the ages of five months and fourteen years.  This information was said to have come from adults’ childhood memories, or from parent or teacher observation. Kinsey said he also interviewed nine men who had sexual experiences with children, and who told him about the children’s responses and reactions.”

~  ~  ~

Masters and Johnson … pioneered research into the nature of human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions from 1957 until the 1990s.

Emotionally chilly and egotistical, Masters was interested in researching human sexuality. Johnson …  accepted a job offer as research assistant—and sex with Masters as a condition of employment, ostensibly in the name of science. Working together in the 1950s and 1960s, they built on the earlier work of Alfred Kinsey and

… changed the way Americans looked at sex … the boldness of their experiments and treatments, controversies surrounding their use of surrogates and study of prostitutes, and their eventual decline as the sexual revolution they sparked raced ahead of them.

How was it that William Masters and Virginia Johnson—whose research …  did more to change America’s public perception of sex—could fail so miserably in their personal love lives, both with others and, ultimately, with each other?

 ~  ~  ~

Sigmund Freud (6 May 1856 – 23 September 1939), was an Austrian neurologist who founded the discipline of psychoanalysis … Freud established sexual drives as the primary motivational forces of human life

… in Freud’s personality and temperament were many grave defects that he carried through life …

Items: “Lack of emotional warmth, closeness, love and enjoyment of life“; in his own life he treated love like a flower pressed in a book, “an object of science, but . . . dry and sterile.” … “Freud, the great spokesman for sex, was altogether a typical puritan … the aim of life for a civilized person was to suppress his emotional and sexual impulses.”

By age 41, Freud had decided, “Sexual excitation is of no more use to a person like me.

~  ~  ~

Havelock Ellis (February 2, 1859 – July 8, 1939) was a British doctor, sexual psychologist and social reformer.

… at the age of 32, and still a virgin, Ellis married the English writer and proponent of women’s rights, Edith Lees … Lees was openly lesbian. At the end of the honeymoon, Ellis went back to his bachelor rooms in Paddington.  According to Ellis in My Life, his friends were much amused at his being considered an expert on sex. Some knew that he suffered from impotence until the age of 60. He then discovered that he could become aroused by the sight of a woman urinating.

~  ~  ~

Marie Carmichael Stopes (15 October 1880 – 2 October 1958) was a British author, palaeobotanist, campaigner for women’s rights and pioneer in the field of birth control … Her sex manual Married Love, which was written, she claimed while she was still a virgin, was controversial and influential.

In 1935 a survey of American academics said Married Love was one of the 25 most influential books of the previous 50 years, ahead of Relativity by Albert Einstein, Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

She was an advocate of selective breeding and eugenics to ensure racial purity. She disowned her son because his chosen wife needed to wear glasses. She campaigned to get people of mixed race, the poor and the sick sterilised.

~  ~  ~

Is it just me or are these people a little bit …


I remember long ago being confused about how much attention was directed to the subject of sex.

It still confuses me.

Is the constant spotlight masticating & rehashing of sex, natural?



Every day the drug labs of the West …

…  release tons of this stuff
onto our streets screens.

I wonder …

if the various media were not intercoursing sex into our heads day in & day out, would we, could we, really keep up the fascination?

If transmitted images & ideas weren’t endlessly copulating in our heads, might the mind simply wander off to other pastures?

Would that be allowed?

One of the cleverer ways sex was turned into a drug was by …

… bonding it to HEALTH.

The two are inseparable now.

Sex is soooo good for us, don’t ya know – it’s a proven fact, believe me.

Queens University in Belfast tracked the mortality of about 1,000 middle-aged men over the course of a decade. The study, published in 1997 in the British Medical Journal found that “men who reported the highest frequency of orgasm enjoyed a death rate half that of the laggards” …

… there have been numerous studies indicating that excessive repression of the sexual instinct leads to an increase in the overall level of aggression in a given society. Societies forbidding premarital sex are plagued by acts of rage and tend to have higher rates of crime and violence …

… There may be a link between sexual repression and aggression, insensitivity, criminal behaviour, and a greater likelihood of killing and torturing enemies” (wiki)

While abstinence often leads to anxiety or paranoia and even depression 

… having sex can cure cases of light depressions … having sex actually doubles the level of estrogen in women and makes their hair shine with brilliance while making their skin supple and softer … when you have sex the pores of your skin are cleansed leaving a brighter and glowing skin as well as decreasing the risk of developing dermatitis… sex can make you lose weight … a great way to strengthen muscles … 

 … can sharpen your senses ….  pain reliever, sex is TEN times more effective than painkillers such as Valium …  Kissing stimulates salivation, which helps clean food particles stuck between the teeth and lowers the acidity level in your mouth.

Told you so.  It’s all true.

 Please feel free to interrupt this article for a …

… quick healthful, hair shining, skin suppling, pain relieving, teeth cleaning shag.

Of course I’ll wait, it’s your health on the line.

~  ~    ~     ~     ~       ~       ~        ~    ~       ~     ~      ~    ~   ~   ~  ~ ~

All done & dusted?

Let’s continue.

[In Brave New World] Part of the reason the Controllers make sure sex happens ALL THE TIME in the World State is that it prevents solitude.  As we see with Lenina & Foster downtime is far less likely to lead to something dangerouslike independent thought

Simulated sex helps to dehumanize the whole act. The aim is to eliminate all emotion from the act so that …  loyalty to the state is never in competition with loyalty to an individual. The more sex pervades every aspect of culture, the less important it becomes, and the less emotion attached to it. Link

Interesting to me, to see the anti-solitude movement appear again so soon after my last article.

If good sex is seen as salubrious, & a desire for celibacy seen as sick or aberrant, so too is living with someone seen as reasonable & ‘healthy’  …

… while the desire to live alone is more often seen as the reverse.

Solitude, like celibacy, does not serve the genital myth … Solitude is the seat of quiet conversation with an inner world; solitude is the rocky retreat where if one digs deep enough one may find an unimagined self (one may not like it, but at least it is something new to work on);

… solitude is a sanctuary from the lives & needs of others; solitude, even when it is impossible in its silence, galling in its forty-eight hour day, offers … a space outside the coupling yoke

The capacity for solitude, the capacity for celibacy, each ensure a growth in independence … Each threatens the social order.”

Is this a pro-celibacy/anti-sex article?

Of course it is.

I believe it’s high time we packed away our genitals & took to living in caves, contemplating moss & lichen …

… while munching on glow worms to get illuminated.

Seriously though, I haven’t a bloody clue about sex & that’s kind of why I’m writing this.

What if we’re not supposed to have too many clues.

What if sex belongs to the realm of mystery – you know, that place where things need to happen beyond sight.

Like seeds growing in the dark of the soil or a babes growing in the dark of the womb, that kind of mystery – the place where light is not meant to enter, because life is still forming.

Life will always reach for the light when it’s ready – that’s how it’s meant to be …

First soil (the dark),
then Sol (the light)

What happens when you drag the unready, the unformed into the light, & unwrap (rape) it?

Maybe this:

On my desk is Cosmopolitan magazine.

The front cover offers in bold red print: ‘The new sexual fantasies: domination, control, 15 male slaves & an excited Alsatian.’ … This is November 1991, purporting to tell us what women would like to be up to. Inside Nancy Friday, fantasy queen, tells readers that sexual guilt hasn’t disappeared, nor has the rape fantasy, but women today are just as likely to rape men as men are to rape women … Nancy Friday sees these sexual fantasies as a step forward.

A serious British sociological-sexual exploration or a genital media manipulation?

Across the water in France, erotic novelist Alina Reyes, who believes taboos are bad … has written about fantasy copulation of a blood-stained butcher with his ‘butcher girl’ hanging for the metal hooks in his hop like other carcasses … The book presents sex as depersonalisedfocusing on genitals.  

The book is billed as a poetic journey of exploration into the mystery of sexuality.

I mentioned this article to my sister today & she told me of a friend of hers who is a nurse.  Her friend has told her of countless women who want to stay in hospital just a little longer just so they don’t have to have go home & have sex with their husbands.

Despite the fanatical hype, a lot of people don’t enjoy the ‘healthy’ sex they’re supposed to enjoy:

Post-sex blues is not a sexual behaviour commonly discussed, but a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) study of more than 200 young women has found one in three …  had experienced the phenomenon … individuals who experience postcoital dysphoria may express their immediate feelings after sexual intercourse in terms of melancholy, tearfulness, anxiety, irritability or feeling of restlessness.”

What’s going on here?

What if, over the last century, a bunch of dysfunctional, sex-obsessed people were handed a world platform to dictate their preferences upon humanity?

A clue or two:

Kinsey obtained research funding from the Rockefeller Foundation


The Drug Labs made a movie of his life.

What if sex is plastic?

Capable of being shaped or formed … material such as clay …  Easily influenced; impressionable.”

I’ve dipped into the book Women, Celibacy & Passion by Sally Cline during this article (all quotes in this colour).  Once I enjoyed it, now it’s harder for me to relate to, but still it has thought-provoking points.  One is that the human response to sex has a whole lot to do with the what’s accepted in the culture it resides in:

In many traditional New Guinea societies men sleep together in men’s quarters, women & children in a separate compound.  This means that intercourse is not a matter of casual propinquity but must be deliberately sought out & only on specified occasions. It is celibacy that fills in the spaces.” 

One of the most abstemious groups ever to be studied … is the Dani of Irian, Jaya, Indonesia.  Anthropologist Karl Heider observed the Dani for thirty months & learned that sustained periods of celibacy were the norm, that weddings took place only … every four to six years, that the wedding night has no sexual significance because couples are not allowed to have intercourse until two years later … After the birth of a child there is a further … abstinence from intercourse for several years.  Interestingly the code never appears to be infringed.

Karl Heider’s conclusions about the Dani bear out the idea that where genital abstention is culturally invoked there are absolutely no problems attached to it …  What perplexed Heider was that this remarkable low level of sexual activity … was not enforced by any powerful system of either social or religious sanctions.”

Just a few examples of how malleable sex may be – how it could be moulded & (tablet)shaped …

… by a group of people.

A very questionable group of people.

Would it be so very hard to contemplate the possibility that our knowledge of sex may have been based upon varying degrees of deviancy &/or maladjustment?

To contemplate that we may have been herded down ‘expert’ routes that have dulled our common sense & senses.

I wonder what kind of human connecting might occur if we took back our personal sexuality?

Final note:
Obviously I understand that you who are reading this article, has a completely clear view of your own sexuality – but do please allow for less knowing people like myself & maybe one or two others to play awhile with these ideas.  This is simply a picture I painted in words & ideas – not a treatise or an attack.


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