The loving of breasts

Ok … so now
the men are here
this is so very much
for the women too.

My friend Paulo sent me a link this morning – what a palpable journey of shattering & remembering for me.

It may speak to many – (hi living tiki!)

This has every connection with the health theme that is in this place of late & will be continuing.

We know the feminine has been under vicious attack for so very long – we may now see why the breast was/is so targeted by cancer-mongers & very plastic doctors …

view to remembering

Thank you Paulo

September 4, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Fitzy replied:

    My Mother succumb to cancer, by the time Breast Cancer had been diagnosed, it was having its wicked way with her lymph nodes and organs. Despite Chemo, it got into her bone marrow – and it was game over.
    The knowledgeable Doctors had cut and butchered, injected and dissected, to no avail.

    Noun: A qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician.
    Verb: Change the content or appearance of (a document or picture) in order to deceive; falsify: “the reports could have been doctored”.

    Yep, they Doctored Her real good.

    Dr T. Colin Campbell PhD in his Rural Studies of Chinese diet, found that when Cancer occurred, it occurred in distinct clusters. In conjunction with the Chinese government they sought a correlation, and after many studies came to a near perfect statistical conclusion.

    Chinese folk who consumed 5% or Less of Animal Protein, were barely registering in the Cancer statistics. The numbers begin stacking up when a diet includes 20% animal Protein, in the US the average daily intake is around 11%, from a range of 10% to 22%.

    It was shown that even an intake above 10% increased the risk of cancer.

    However the united states FDA approved daily intake is 25%.

    The World health daily intake is around 12%, but you’d have to check that figure. So the FDA has doubled the exposure to a cancer causing agent for its citizens, and even the WHO has got it dangerously wrong.

    We’re no strangers to the use of food as a weapon, now its apparent its intended to kill, at the least it maims. Cos treatment is profitable, but a cure is not.

    So the input of Animal Protein is highly cancerous above a 5% daily intake,
    its highly ironic, that Women, who can produce milk, are struck with cancer by consuming Bovine Milk.

    Imagine where this puts Monopolies like FONTERRA, we thought dioxins were dangerous, but it turns out we’re gleefully eating carcinogens each day, given the economic downturn people are lamenting how they have to cut back on Dairy and Animal Protein.

    Its like a caged animal complaining that the cage is too big.

    Our biggest national export may just turn out to be Cancer… and most of its heading to, you guessed it, China. Great way to get the numbers down, and when they get sick, dose them with Chemo, industrial volume mass murder via white coats and clipboards.

    As a side note, Cholesterol related illness/Animal Protein intake was established in the 1940’s, the world has known for decades that dining on our little buddies was a dud move.

    This Animal protein correlation was prominent in all cancers in the China Rural study, its clear that a vegetarian diet, or a diet with very little animal based proteins is better for ones health.

    The good news, is dropping the daily intake of Animal Protein can have favorable health results in a short period of time, it can even reversed some heart disease symptoms. It is beneficial in turning off tumors that have become established, and a low animal protein diet can prevent Tumors forming full stop.

    The Celtic Rebel is vegetarian, as is Kyle Hunt at Star Theory, between those two I was convinced they are onto something. So a big Kudos Shout out to them, I’m a happy vegetarian now, the benefits have been huge.

    With respect to your policy of not following links you didn’t discover yourself, searching for the work Dr T. Colin Campbell PhD and his China Rural study may be of interest to you.

    At the least Good Sister, take good care of your assets, for a male they are the second best thing in nature. I’m pretty sure the Rebel has confirmed the First best is slightly lower on the torso.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Fitzy
      I’m so sorry that that happened to your mum, I remember that you mentioned it once before & I can only think that it must have been heart-breaking to have to stand by & watch that happen.

      Very interesting info you have presented, making perfect sense – perhaps it would be sensible to treat with some suspicion, the five major foods pushed on the West – we have been given NO evidence to suggest that anything marketed forcefully in the West has our best interests at heart i.e tv/movies, medicine, schooling, the 40hour week.

      I’m not completely inhospitable to incoming links :) – but if they don’t light my wick I do wander away quite quickly – too much info ‘stuffs up’ my mind.

      I have also been vegetarian for many years & have no regrets.
      I shall take very good care of my assets, I knew how important they were, but also I did not – once again, there’s that horrible split we are forced to live with – the knowing & KNOT knowing – until some wonderful idea-terrorist comes along & blows up the knot.

      Did you watch the video? It’s not just for women – indeed, a man sent it to me.

      very best to you my friend


    • SovereignSoul replied:

      I’m very sorry about your mother’s death; I know it would completely break my heart to lose my mother in such a way, and I feel for you. Nonetheless, I do think you may have the wrong culprit. To paraphrase Popper, one may say that all swans are white, but if he discovers one black swan, his theory must be invalid. In fact, as regards the theory that eating meat causes cancer (or heart disease for that matter), there are several black swans. The Eskimo and Maasai tribes are two such examples. The Eskimo’s diet consists of more than half saturated animal fat. And yet their instances of cancer and heart disease are virtually zero. Same for the Maasai (who subsist mostly on meat, milk, and blood from cattle) and other cultures. On the other hand, we have countries such as Chile, who have a low-fat diet and high rates of heart disease.

      Ansel Keys’ theory that saturated fat causes heart disease (the lipid theory of heart disease), has long been discredited by honest scientists, but unfortunately, America’s dietary recommendations have been based on this junk science for several decades. Since the 1970’s we’ve been following a low-fat, high-carb diet (and decades before that we began replacing animal fat with hydrogenated vegetable oils in cooking). And yet, as the proportion of protein and animal fats in our diets has decreased, our rates of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes have skyrocketed. So I think we may safely say that the theory that eating meat causes heart disease or cancer does not pass muster.

      For thousands of years, almost all humans subsisted on animal fat, animal protein, and some vegetation. Proportionally, they ate much more fat and protein than we do today, and yet, only very recently in human history have we seen the rise in cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It doesn’t make sense to blame modern diseases on an ancient diet. That said, many people experience a vast improvement in their health by switching to vegetarianism. This is likely because, in so doing, they become more health conscious. I never met anyone who went from an omnivore to a vegetarian by eating Pasta Roni all day. Usually, they stop eating processed foods; fast food; foods with dyes, additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, high-fructose corn syrup, etc. They start eating fresh vegetables and whole foods. Many of them even stop smoking and start exercising more. These changes account for a vast improvement in health, whether or not the individual is consuming meat.

      It seems likely to me that the decline in health Asian cultures experienced after importing the Western diet is due to the toxins and additives in our food, more so than any increase in animal protein. For a very good lecture refuting the lipid hypothesis and expounding upon these ideas, see Dr. Donald Miller, M. D.:


  2. aferrismoon replied:

    Ahh breasts! Breasts these days seem to rely on the brassiere which have taken on multitude breast-morphing designs. The pusher-upper and the sports-bra would , to me, appear to change the ‘direction’ and ‘form’ of the individual’s breasts and consequently altering blood circulation detrimentally [ maybe].

    Read somewhere that ‘wires’ or hard plastic are used to strengthen the ‘cup’ and perhaps affects the where the breast and chest meet.

    Bras are also comparatively expensive ; apparently there are’good’ and ‘bad’ bras , the good being more expensive.

    They look frustratingly difficult to iron :)

    “Triumph has the bra for they way you are” , allegedly.

    Triumph, Playtex, Maidenform etc



  3. Ferdinand replied:

    Why are these wonderful volcanoes of nourishment, these great fountains of youth, called BOOBS? A boob is a fool or an idiot. It starts with the scary Boo. (“My boo”) I was just thinking about the various ways in which the amazing female anatomy is denigrated in language. (eg, pus..)


  4. alex robinson replied:

    Aferrismoon & Kyle, your appreciation of breasts is duly noted!

    mr moon you are quite right – imprisonment & torture by bra is reaching sadistic heights – am gathering info so won’t go further into it just yet.

    The names have an unpleasant ‘rigidity’ to them – just what on earth do breasts need to triumph over?

    I’ve heard of ironing – some kind of medieval torture I believe when people were forced to hunch over a board & remove creases from clothes – my god is there no level to the degradation inflicted upon humanity :)


    Kyle – was thinking of that last night – altho’ I must admit I had not contemplated breasts as volcanoes of nourishment – marvelous image! But yes where did the word boob come from, what insidious mind crafted that I wonder? I have to concur with the rebel on the take down of the feminine – to do that you have to attack the breasts – am kneading some further thoughts together atm.

    very best to you


  5. Mick replied:

    Aah, I only wish to suckle.

    I remember when my daughter, Eden, was weaned from breast milk, and how she would often gaze longingly at her mum’s breasts. “Mm, yummy mummy” she would croon. As her mum wouldn’t always wear a bra, there were tricky moments when Eden would just lunge forward and liberate a vulnerable, but tempting breast.


  6. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Mick
    Children revere the breast – I guess they understand that it gives life & (if the mother is well, love). Up until the formulating of formula, life demanded the breast as soon as he/she left the mother’s body.

    I’m sorry Mick I tried to leave your link here, but this morning I woke up & felt it just doesn’t do the breast justice. Hope you understand.

    very best to you


  7. paulo replied:

    No mention Alex :) Actually, Moochoo sent it to me, and in that moment i thought of you :) Maybe because you have breasts … hey i have breasts too !!!! :S … and nipples !!! :) Humor aside, i agree, even the “volcanoes of nourishment” have been targeted and assimilated into the plastic monster … Maybe our body no longer even resembles what was in a time soo long gone … natural body versus plastic body versus machine body ?!? … first the mind than the body will follow …


  8. alex robinson replied:

    Ah ok Paulo – BIG thanks to Moochoo too!

    I think you may be right & our bodies have changed from what they once naturally were – perhaps our bodies change with the times, but what’s happening now is dead wrong – ‘artificiality/plastic gone insane’.

    Time to turn back I think.

    very best to you & your breasts :)


  9. Mick replied:

    Hi Alex, I must admit that after I had posted it i felt it might be offensive and inappropriate, however funny it may be from a certain level. It’s the British sense of warped humour. So I sent a mental apology to you, and I am relieved you followed your inner knowing. I have a great respect for your work/play here, and would not wish to taint the energy that is generated.

    Much Love



    • alex robinson replied:

      Ah that’s grand, thanks Mick, did not wish to offend but also needed to follow my gut.

      very best as always


  10. Mick replied:

    I think it is definitely apparent that ‘transhumanism’ is on the agenda. Many writers are now talking about the merging of wo/man with the machine. There is a definite split between those who follow the organic path, and those who revere or worship technology over anything natural. I think we know which side of the fence we stand – there is grass beneath our feet!


  11. the living tiki replied:

    “The loving of breasts?” “Volcanoes of nourishment?” My ears are not only burning, they’re on fire!

    Oh sure, I leave the blogging room for five minutes, and that’s when everybody starts talking about the good stuff! :)

    I didn’t get to see the entire video clip (my flash player is misbehaving), but it kind of amazes me that women in general are not getting the sexual attention they need and/or desire. And ironically, by not doing so, men are denying themselves an even greater sexual experience – Not only by the Rebel’s logic that women are self-lubricating (but MEN are the ones that need to turn on the spigot), but also (if the men out there have noticed) women’s breasts (actually the whole chest and vaginal areas) become very flush with blood and warmth in a way that is different from merely exercising. Warm breasts pulsating with vitality are very nice breasts. And a woman whose whole body is pulsating with vitality, passion, and lubrication is a very nice sexual partner indeed.

    I was reminded of a 1994 movie called “The Road to Wellness.” It’s about Dr. John Kellogg (the breakfast cereal maker) and his health spas where he was obsessed with cleansing the colon (but in bizarre ways if I can remember – wish I could take a second viewing knowing the Rebel’s work now). But it was also about the scams around the turn of the last century which preyed upon people being ignorant of how their bodies work (it also focused on some that people might not be aware of, such as the fact that Coca-Cola got it’s name because it was originally made with cocaine). One of these scams in the film was being done by a doctor who told women they needed routine “colon massages” to have continuous wellness. You soon learn he’s massaging a nearby but very different part of the female anatomy, and since (I guess) very few women around that time received attention in that way (much less had orgasms), the doctor had MANY repeating patients seeking “wellness”.

    I heard someone once talking about how bras, with their underWIRE support, become like antennas to all the electro-magnetic energy out there (which makes one wonder if that is their true purpose – The same with the wire support in mattresses.) Considering I just found out I now have 244 cell phone towers within a 3 mile radius of my home, there might be something to that.

    Was it inappropriate for me to be distracted by the cleavage of the woman in the video?



    • alex robinson replied:

      Cheers Mick – that sounds fine (as long as we’re not in a herd!)

      Ah the tardy tiki … did you say you used to be in the cavalry? :)

      I see the breast topic lighted you right up – there was more in the interview you realise – the understanding of where a woman’s power & centre is located – when she is centred & maintaining her own fire, then & only then can her passion flow freely i.e the good stuff that you are interested in. I think the breast is a very powerful sensing centre – the one part of a woman that is located outside the body – thus more akin to the male dangly bits – & you know what sensitive antennaes they are!

      Much more to come on this topic.

      I would have been most surprised if you hadn’t been spellbound by the interviewer’s powerhouse.

      breast wishes to you


  12. Joanne replied:

    Alex – Forgive me for taking so long to reply to this article. What a gem! It’s been on my mind ever since!

    Yesterday I found out the college I just dropped out from is looking for life drawing models. I went out there and inquired right away, and today I was officially hired on. So next week I’ll begin my life as a muse! I’m very excited :]

    The school of art told me they are desperate for female models right now. I wonder if the reason is because most women are so terribly dissatisfied with their bodies, to the point that they feel they have no (divine) right to play the muse. It makes me very sad, so I wanted to share that with you. I’m sure this is generally how the story goes – males seem to be a lot more comfortable with the concept of nude modeling. I can’t imagine why – I’m of the mind that the female form has a wider aesthetic appeal anyways!

    But I do hope – through my presence in this sort of environment, along with the security I’ve come to feel with my own body – that those women who draw me will feel more comfortable with themselves vicariously. Plus on a personal note, I would relish being able to tell myself, Yes I did this thing that everybody’s scared to death of, and I did it well.

    I wanted to thank you and your friend for sharing that video. I basically just got a crazy-awesome job because of this article. So thank you both! :) I don’t think I would have the courage – nor the nerve – to even apply, had it not been my watching that video, and having that boost of confidence to be able to prove to myself I can do this.

    And on a sidenote – one of your commenters mentioned bras and magnetism. I’ve had several discussions with my friend Emily on this note. Not only is there a problem with the overall shapes of bras (I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve seen a trend in bra manufacturing that attempts to turn each woman’s breasts into perfect, round little peaches… I HATE that) – there is also a problem with the materials of which bras are made. From what I gather, the less synthetic the better (you have the same issues with nylon stockings). Avoid underwires too, as they constrict the breast and can distort the supporting tissues (much like Rebel’s discussion of arch supports).

    And to be honest, when I’m home, I minimize my use of bras altogether. The way I look at it – they’re for the rest of the world looking at me. Not for me, myself :]

    Thanks so much again Alex, take great care


    • alex robinson replied:

      Wow Joanne what an amazing story! Yes I think you are spot on – women are programmed to be so terribly dissatisfied with, & rejecting of, their bodies – & yet this is their prime way of ‘receiving value’. It’s a rotten, dirty trick played on both men & women that ‘how a women looks’ is of the utmost importance.
      Question: Who chooses ‘the look’?
      Answer: Whoever runs the media!
      I found a site about breasts in my research & they had a photo gallery – I was quite shocked – I never realised that breasts came in such ‘varieties’ – the media offerings always make them look the same – uniform ‘perkiness’. You raise other good points which I won’t answer, cos’ they’ll be covered (or uncovered) in a brewing article in the not too distant future.

      I wish you deep satisfaction in your work. Bravo for living wildly!

      Tell me to take risks, taking care is too safe :)


  13. Small Breasts and Big Lies « The Celtic Rebel replied:

    […] has written on short piece on the topic [recommend the video as a must-see for all breast barers bearers], and has another on the way. Of […]


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