keeping you abreast

I did an unplanned radio show with the Celtic Rebel last night.

I think it went really well & we covered some unusual & controversial topics.

When we only have one story  i.e. the official one to navigate with, our journeying is non-existant – we have only one point on a blank map …

… so there’s nowhere else to go.

When we are allowed to consider a number of stories we have several co-ordinates & can travel between them & then beyond if we wish. As long as we remain tethered to one story, we are virtual cripples.

So why not take up your crutches & walk over to the Rebel’s place.

September 20, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. sheri replied:

    perhaps you will find this interesting


  2. paulo replied:

    … perhaps in the future utopia the uniformes will demand “show me yourrr brrrreaassts…”, “ooh we got a breast lover here…” :P

    Not making much sense, but, what a hell :P Stay Joyfull Miss Alex :)


  3. alex robinson replied:

    Sheri I sent you an email but it came back.

    Paulo – thanks for the fun & for the joyful reminder :)


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