the prisoners of azka-bra-n

  “Not much has been written about the Nereids
of modern Greece.  Wherever there is
a warm healing stream
the believe that if flows …

…  from the breasts of the Nereids

James Theodore Bent 

~  ~  ~

mammary    1680s, from Fr. mammaire, from L. mamma “breast,” probably from the child’s word for “mother“.

~  ~  ~

mamma    1570s, … reduplication of *ma– that is nearly universal among the I.E. languages … Probably a natural sound in baby-talk, perhaps imitative of sound made while sucking

~  ~  ~

Over the last few years,
I have wondered
why the breast …

… has been so desecrated.

What is there about a mammary that could be so threatening that a multitude of campaigns have been launched against them?

They don’t appear to be
particularly frightening.

So why the full frontal attack?

Well when you start asking
wider questions,
it seems you really must expect to encounter
Tales of the Completely


Let our strange journey begin.

Many years ago I went to see a movie I never saw. I don’t know whether I walked into the wrong theatre or they mixed up the movies, but that day I unintentionally watched Soldier Blue.

I remember that I liked it enough to take a friend to see it a couple of years later.

But it had changed.

The first time it was gritty.

The second (less-edited) time, it was brutal.

A good number of critics in 1970 believed that Soldier Blue had set a new mark in cinematic violence, as a result of its graphic scenes of Cheyenne women and children being slaughtered …  its U.S. poster boast that it was “The Most Savage Film in History.” A massive hit in Great Britain and much of the rest of the world

Wikipedia just gave you that information.

But Wikipedia left something out.

I wonder why?

There’s a scene in that movie that slams through the head like a mallet & is never forgotten.

Partly because you’re left wondering:

“Who the fuck would ever, ever think to do or show that?”

We don’t see the breast come off, but we do see the bloodthirsty soldier begin cutting away at her flesh before the camera itself cuts away

among the edited carnival of cruelty that was removed from the originally cut down 135 minute version were shots of breasts being sliced off and batted around

“This notoriously violent ‘western’ comes to DVD at last … but lamentably …  is still missing the ‘rape scene’ in which an Indian woman has her breast cut off”   wtf???

Something that has been going on for a long time was shown to us, in Soldier Blue.

fear & loathing
of the breast.

I am inclined to think that movie was made for this scene, with …

… the brutality in the rest of the film being a cover story – to allow this expression of breast hatred to be injected into the minds of a generation.

Oh dear have I lost the plot?

Can’t we have a nice meaty article?

Why would boobs, tits, knockers, jugs, gazongas, fun bags or hooters warrant this kind of attention?

Thanks to a video clip that moochoo sent to Paulo, & Paulo sent to me, a whole series of disconnected ideas all came together.  I do hope you watched that video – even just the first 10 minutes will do.

It reminded the women of what we already knew but had been societised to forget:

That the heart of a woman
is found in her breasts.

from here
emanates the might, power, strength
& wisdom of the (healthy) feminine.

Through the Celtic Rebels work, I started to see for myself, that the attack on the feminine is not what we’ve been led to believe.

Women have long known that there is something very wrong – but the two & two they were directed to put together to get the answer male domination – does not add up.

If men have dominated women in order to turn them into sex objects & baby factories, WHY would they attack the breast?

Why would they destroy that which they need as much as the babe?

A German research published in New England Journal of Medicine and Weekly World News said that men staring at women’s breasts in fact prolong their lives

Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female … is equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out,” said author Dr. Karen Weatherby, a gerontologist

Why on earth would they …

take down

… the peace that surpasseth all understanding?

I am currently entertaining this theory to dinner:

That it is the breast …

… that calls life into life …

… that calls to the man to the woman.

… that calls to the babe in the womb,
to be born …

That is why the infant seeks the breast immediately after birth.

Thus we might say …

The breast is the mother

Paradise is opened at the command of mothers”  ~ Egyptian Proverb

(pay attention to this thousand-word-picture)
– Jehovah is left (behind) while Eve takes central position …
but even she is relegated to second place,
behind her breast.

I realise most women & men will have given little thought to the breast …

… other than as they have been instructed.

We’re going to change that today.

First off I need to flesh out an idea that The Celtic Rebel introduced me to – a demonisation/repugnance of the feminine that has nothing to do with subjugation of women.

I accidentally grasped it a few months ago while watching
the …

that extra popular
English comedy
about a group of blokes
who put on a strip show for women.

I was not on duty that night, I was not looking to find anything – I just wanted to chill out before bed.

It was a scene of three women in a men’s toilet, that did it.  One of the women is upset so her friend goes over to the urinal, lifts up her skirt & pees ‘man-style’ in order to cheer her up.


A woman would think of that?

Another woman would find it funny!

How did I never question that before?

From then on, I saw what I’d always missed – constant images/suggestions of the unpleasantness of women v male comradeship & bonding:

I also saw the immense bond between the men … they find strength in each other

I think what sealed it was the unbelievable sub plot of the chubby best friend who cannot have sex with …

… his buxom, eager wife because he’s doesn’t feel desirable?

Are you kidding?

It’s only through the thoughts generated as I write this article
that I now realise something I’ve seen but not seen

 that the undeveloped

male breast

is the new religion

Since re-watching this movie, I’ve seen & felt this message of distaste for women being repeated over & over – one of the most recent (extreme) cases is the movie Bridesmaids.

So let’s look at the biggest sellout of our culture …

“A bra goosesteps you into womanhood whether
you’re ready or not

Lets look at how the modern world 

double-crosses the heart …

… of the budding girl-woman.

Over 90% of Australian women wear a bra, most without ever asking why

You know you’ve done a damned good job as a …

Prison Warden when your prisoners consider the donning of their shackles as a rite of passage:

Culturally when a girl gets her first bra, it may be seen as a rite of passage and symbolic of her coming of age

A first bra signifies the entrance into womanhood that so many young ladies await with great anticipation

You know you’ve done a damned good job as a Prison Warden when your prisoners consider their shackles as a must-have fashion accessory:

British women – 3,000 of them – have nominated the push-up bra as the greatest fashion invention of all time? In a survey conducted by Debenhams, the cantilevering brassière scored a hefty 20 per cent of the vote, well ahead of more sophisticated stalwarts such as the stiletto and Hepburn’s little black dress

At school my boobs were bigger than all my friends’ and I was afraid to show them. Now, I feel they make my outfits look better. They’re like an accessory~ Jessica Simpson

I’d definitely pose nude again. No qualms. I actually had my breasts done again. Just updated, like new tires”   Jessica Hahn

Forget offering them a grownup-looking business suit or strapless evening gown instead.  As far as these little girls are concerned, wearing a bra is the key to dressing like a woman

You know you’ve done a damned good job as a Prison Warden when you have fooled the unshackled inmates into promoting your agenda:

If you want your t*ts at you belly button by time your 40 …

let em hang girl!

ofcourse, strapping down your boobs is the first step into womanhood i believe

Women are always complaining about men’s fascination with breasts. But what if men were absolutely indifferent to breasts? What would women do then with these things that serve one function once or twice in a lifetime, and the rest of the time are just in the way?”

You know you have done a great job as Earth’s Prison Warden when you created a race of ‘cultured’ idiots:

male and female created he them

Twenty years ago a pregnant, 41 year old woman, Soma Grismaijer  discovered a lump in her breast – the fear for her (& their unborn baby) led this woman & her husband, Sydney Ross Singer to an amazing uncovery:

Soma & I returned to the United States within a week of discovering her breast lump … we arrived home both emotionally & physically exhausted … When Soma removed her clothes … I noticed [her] breasts were outlined by dark red lines.  The lines had been left by her bra.  Before I could say anything, Soma began to rub her reddened skin.  She did this unconsciously, & I realised that she always did this after removing her bra.  I suddenly recalled a conversation that had taken place between Soma & a Fijian woman …

What are they for?

How would you respond to such a question?+
I never thought about it before.  I guess it’s just the custom
 … taking the bra & feeling it, she asked, “Doesn’t it feel tight?
Sometimes,” Soma answered.  “But I suppose you get used to it.

Soma’s husband then recalls learning about the process of castrating bulls:

You simply wrap a band around the base of the scrotum.  The band constricts the blood flow & starves the constricted tissue, which eventually shrivels up & withers away

A theory, culminating in intense research followed:

When we first announced our theory and research linking breast cancer with the wearing of bras, we were laughed at, ridiculed, or simply ignored.   “How can a foundation garment lead to disease?   Absurd.   It’s too simplistic.   There is no scientific evidence … 

That was back in 1995 … We had expected an open-minded, if not enthusiastic reception to our research showing that bras are the leading cause of breast cancer.   We were naïve.   Breast cancer is more than a disease …

… It is a cultural phenomenon

Nowhere in modern medicine, as far as I can determine, is there a serious appreciation of human beings as cultural entities

Truth, or our perception of it, is a function of our limited, culture-bound understanding & is often as fluid as a change in custom … The best we can do is hope to rise above our culture as much as possible …

… to see our biaseschallenge them, willingly allow our view of the world to shatter as our biases knuckle under the blows of scrutiny

So why not let your world view shatter a little:

There was a 125 fold increase in breast cancer incidence between women who were bra-free and those who wore bras 24 hours daily.  Wearing a bra over 12 hours daily conferred a 113 fold increase in breast cancer incidence

Breast cancer in a twelve-month-old mouse … is not the same as breast cancer in a sixty year old woman … Given the obvious pitfalls of tissue culture & animal studies, why are they the mainstay of human cancer research?

It is the rule of life that the simplest answers frequently provide the most profound solutions to our problems

Our minds were haunted by the nagging question: … How had the logic of this bra connection eluded scientists searching for a cause of breast cancer?

If you tried to read everything ever written about breast cancer, you would probably not finish the task in your lifetime

These authors theorise that it is the constriction of lymph vessels & the consequent pooling of toxins that triggers a vast amount of breast cancer.

Others agree:

Bras inhibit the way our bodies normally cleanse themselves and get rid of cancer cells and toxins like dioxin, benzene and other carcinogenic chemicals that cling to the body’s fatty tissues like breast. In fact, if you find a lump in your breast, it may very well be filled with lymph fluid that was not able to move away from the breast tissue,” says Dr Shah”

Seems like a mighty common-sensical theory n’est-ce pas?


Given the efforts applied to clamping the breast, I’d like to theorise far more wildly.

Thus I maintain that the breast is VITAL to LIFE
& that we have been grossly misled
to dishonor, cheapen, ridiculously eroticise
& abuse it.

What I’m wondering is:

“If women could reclaim their breast, could they return home‘ to themselves?

And if they returned home, mayhap the war being waged against humanity, would simply be over.

See here what happens to women who remove their …

… Dementors bras
because of severe dangers to their health:

Removing her bra allowed Soma to  experience her breasts in a way that bras did not permit … her breasts felt freer & more natural

I am amazed at the difference my breast’s feel, in particular they feel part of my body and not a separate entity

Being bra-free has made so much difference to my life. I have no tenderness, no PMT, my periods arrive without warning and my husband says I am a much more relaxed and contented person

My relationship with them had always been from the outside… how they looked as objects, rather than from any inner sense or consciousness of them”

The organic intelligence present in the body is a force so powerfully integrating that even the slightest shift in consciousness … is rewarded by the vigor of new life & sensitivity.  The body is intrinsically ready (even longing) to return to one organic unity 

The breasts are the positive, dynamic pole from which energy is awakened, the key to accessing the female body. Energy can only be raised from a positive pole & not from a passive, receptive pole

A woman must remember to hold awareness in the breasts

So let’ step back to the beginning of the breast.  From the moment it begins to bud & waken it is harnessed …

… & constricted.


Young breasts are immature & akin to unripe fruit –

… they do not ripen until pregnancy & childbirth.  What need is there to ‘support’ them?

Ah yes, I forgot, we must start young so that our “tits do not hang down around our knees by the time we are 40

I had to bring Dressed to Kill back to the library to keep my fines to a minimum, but somewhere in the book they mention the ONE expert from the 70’s who created the braless = breast droop myth.

ONE expert’s words were used to fuel a gigantic lingerie-selling myth that almost the entire plumpbreasted world has come to believe is true.

Remember the images of tribal women with life-lived breasts?  They seemed to abound in those nationally-geograhpical-exposés around the same time?

It was done well methinks

Very well done.

Men still shudder.  Women cringe.  They were meant to.

Luckily in the West, women were given full support for the PTSD that ensued …

Truthfully, bras are creating droopy, weak breasts…the breast relies on the bra for artificial support, the body loses its ability to support the breast by itself.  This is why many women feel uncomfortable without a bra …   There is a remarkable success rate for recovery from fibrocystic breast disease within 10 days to two weeks of going bra-free

Another thing, it’s a myth that breasts sag more without a bra! In fact quite the opposite has happened – it must be due to the fact that the breast ligaments are having to work again to support the weight of the breasts

That was 6 months ago, and my eyes are wide open now. The monthly breast tenderness is gone … As for tripping over them, NO WAY, in fact they are the firmest they have ever been in my life …  The way my friend put it, and I believe it now, is that breasts need exercise just like any other part of your body, and muscles underneath can go a long way to prevent sagging if they are given a chance to work.”

I like my breasts. I want to avoid breast cancer. I want to avoid fibrocystic disease. I want my breasts to stay perky. I don’t wear a bra.

After five months of being “BRA” free  … I feel more feminine and definitely more comfortable

But, but … financially bra’s are a very good thing.

The lingerie industry benefits magnificently from the bra industry.

The cancer industry benefits magnificently from breast research contributions, screening fees & treatment.

… & the people benefit by the creation of jobs, the huge choice of bra-shaping  lingerie & the security of knowing that breast cancer is being ‘researched‘ & re-researched & re-re-researched & one day (in the future) the war will be won.


Sorry I digressed.

We were wondering why budding females have to be …

… strapped down.

Just how dangerous to the ‘ruling regime,’ is the unimpeded journeying of girl into the depths of the feminine?

I suggest that the breast is an amazing sensing organ & home to the wisdom of the ages?

Thus I’m wondering:

“Does immobilising the breast sever a girl’s connection to deep wisdom & natural sense?”

Is the bra a ‘cover story‘?

Listen to a woman wondering about the closing down of teenage girls:

[With] Adolescent girls, I first glimpsed evidence suggesting that what psychologists had taken to be human nature was an adaptation to a particular human landscape.  Talking with girls, I experienced sudden shifts between

not knowing

& knowing, …

lassitude & intense feeling, a cover story & an under-reality. I saw evidence pointing to the origin of dissociative processessplits in consciousness … that became surprising only when I realised that they occurred in response to a break in relationship that girls experienced with shock.  It was like working on a geological fault

I saw girls beginning … to not know what they knew.  Dissociation was an adaptation to a shocking break in relationship; it was a way of holding a loss

often said not to be a loss  “I hid myself within myself” … the self that girls & women are taught to conceal, like the voice they mute or the identity they are taught to despise, is a vital, curious, pleasure-loving soul

… I remembered my own resistance at the age of twelve … it was only later, when I was working with girls, that I felt again the pleasure of moving freely in a girls body & heard again the sound of a voice that was free from second thoughts & instant revision …

my voice at the age of twelve.”

Did you listen?

I experienced sudden shifts between …

…  knowing & not knowing
~  ~  ~

a cover story & an under-reality

~  ~  ~
I hid myself within myself
~  ~  ~
felt again the pleasure of moving freely in a girls body

Is this what is lost?

When a girl should be moving fully into her breasts, is she instead driven onto the surface of her skin? Denied access to the huge power of her sex, does she begin the shutting down process that carries on for the rest of her life?

When the positive pole, the breasts & heart of a woman, is actively engaged, the sexual act … becomes circular & spontaneous as a deep movement of sexual energy becomes possible

When attention in foreplay is given to a woman’s clitoris & genital area it is energetically ineffective even if exciting.  She cannot become deeply sexually aflame because her genitals are of secondary importance as far as her inner body polarity is concerned.  To invite her bio-energy response, the positive pole, her breasts & nipples must be engaged, & her heart warmed.  The love & energy built up here in the positive pole resonates & overflows naturally showering warmth, receptivity & willingness into the vagina, thus awakening the passive pole … the root of the female kundalini energy lies not in the spinal base as mistakenly believed, but in the breasts.  This is so because energy cannot be raised from a negative center

If the woman does not open, can a man ever really know what it means to be a man?

History, the arts & culture have not been kind to the breast.

Why have the spell-casters so feared the bosom?

Why spell the mother as a BrEAST?

Let’s look at the appointed one, the bard who was in no way a misogynist (how could you think such a thing?)

It was Shakespeare who had them bite her breasts

Cleopatra in an astonishing metaphor says to her: “Peace, peace, dost thou not see my baby … at my breast, that sucks the nurse asleep?” Usually the baby falls asleep at the breast. Here the nursing woman, Cleopatra, with the asp at her breast, falls into the everlasting sleep of death

Come on now, dust your brain off for a second & have a wee think.

It’s a pretty daft story really, isn’t it?

A woman would no more apply a snake to her breast than a (sane) man …

… would clamp one to his willy!
Let’s be reasonable here.

Another amazing myth we swallowed, as we sold out the breast, was the elective mastectomy of the Amazons.  Heck if a woman can hack off a boob, what can they really matter?

And besides they have a spare:

Among Classical Greeks, amazon was given a popular etymology as from a-mazos, “without breast“, connected with …  tradition that Amazons had their right breast cut off or burnt out, so they would be able to use a bow more freely … there is no indication of such a practice in  …

works of art …  Amazons are always represented with both breasts

The word “Amazon” is no longer thought to derive from “without breast” although the word may have some connection with breasts

Meet one of the many ‘women-loving‘ GREAT Masters of Art …

George Ringo Peter PaulRubens.

He painted the undoing of the great Masonic icon, Samson by the be-witching-harlot, Delilah:

Delilah … Standard Hebrew meaning “[One who] weakened or uprooted or impoverished

Her figure, one of several dangerous temptresses in the Hebrew bible, has become emblematic

Temptress? Surely you jest?

You’re telling me that Samson & his perfectly honed physique, fell for Delilah’s lumpy ‘charms’?

Good god they look like they’ve been wrung out.  That was the breast Rubens could do?  And pray tell why the strategic positioning of the witch/hag behind?

What possible motive is there for anatomically-incorrecting a woman’s breast?

Did Ruby have a motive?

It was interesting then to find that the great artist Rubens …

… was a man with an agenda.
Actually make his a double.

Did he paint that to order I wonder?

Just what is it that sticks in the throats of men-y ‘great’ artists …

… when it comes to portraying the breast?

In 2000, James Stark, oncologist and associate professor of medicine … wrote a letter to the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine noting that Michelangelo’s Night displays signs of breast cancer

there is a strong possibility that Michelangelo intentionally showed a woman with disease and that he may have known that the illness was cancer

Why would he do that?

Subliminal advertising?

It might be wise for us to wonder why …

… tsunamis of attention have been brought to bear on breast cancer when it is far from being the number one cancer killer of women.  Lung cancer beats it by a mile yet gets only a fraction of the attention.

So what does the fear mongering achieve?

Well apart from shitloads of money the fearful-female will rally & raise, it certainly disconnects the woman from her breasts …

… you do get friendly with your executioner.

Let’s return full circle now, back to where we started, back the entertainment business.  We should know by now that they have a VERY definite focus & agenda – when they sugar-feed your attention with specific storylines, you are meant to swallow:

There had been previous icons of sexuality, but the beautiful …

well-endowed, and photogenic Jane Russell may have been the first woman sought out and hired specifically to be a sex symbol[Howard] Hughes conducted a nationwide search for an actress with the necessary screen presence. He found Russell, who had been working as a receptionist

The Outlaw is one of the most notorious movies in cinema history. Conceived and produced by Howard Hughes …  best known for the censorship battles …  Battles that were, to a considerable extent, engineered by Hughes himself as an attempt to boost the box office take (an attempt that succeeded)

The supporting cast included her breasts & …

a new cantilevered underwire bra to emphasize her assets

Designed by Hughes himself … rods of curved structural steel … were sewn into the brassiere below each breast … connected to the bra’s shoulder straps … [and] allowed for a larger amount of bosom to be freely exposed … According to Russell, the “ridiculous” contraption was painful and she did not use it for more than a few minutes

brace (n.)
Applied to various devices for fastening and tightening

So why did Hughes conceive and produce this movie with its (apparent) first ever manufactured sex symbol?

This movie is all about Jane Russell’s breasts – forget the apparent story-line – they were the story & the stars – very deliberate starring role.  They put the limelight & breasts & paved the way for how breasts were to be shaped – physically, mentally, erotically, financially, hypnotically.

When we look a bit deeper we find yet another movie-conceiver who did not like women.

With regard to Hughes’ famous misogyny, Robert Maheu, a Senior Executive for Hughes, briefly comments, “It was not so much that he wanted personal affairs with [women] but to control them in some form

The furore that erupted over the supposedly excessive prominence given to Jane Russell’s breasts certainly seems silly today. There’s plenty of sexual innuendo though, and an ambiguous scene that could be interpreted as a rape … More worrying is a very marked misogynistic slant, which I assume was Howard Hughes’ contribution”

As for Jane Russell … well her selling out of her ‘assets’ set her up for life & garnered her a very nice career promoting …

(double)Cross Your Heart bras in the 70s:

describing its structural advantages for “full-figured gals

There has been no shortage of women willing to sell out the breast, eroticise it to hell, define how it ‘should’ look & make a killing in the process.

Annette forever warped a generation of men’s perception of breast shape and paved the way for future Disney-kid-to-sex-symbol stars like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears

Marilyn Monroe’s famous 36D boobs were boosted by one of the earliest Wonderbra style bras, it has been revealed … [the] bra holds the secret of Marilyn’s amazing boobs, and how it “added” to her on-screen presence … to lift her 36D breasts to proportions that even a modern Wonderbra would struggle to achieve … To be honest this is beginning to sound more like a piece of engineering work than an item of lingerie

Joan Jacobs Brumberg describes the 1950s as “an era distinguished by its worship of full-breasted women” and attributes the paradigm shift to Mansfield and Monroe

It has been claimed that her [Jayne Mansfield’s] bosom was a major force behind the development of the 1950s brassieres, including the “Whirlpool bra”, Cuties, the “Shutter bra”, the “Action bra”, latex pads, cleavage revealing designs and uplift outline

Interestingly, each women’s phenomenal cleavage has been held in suspended-sensual-animation for forever by the convenience of their early deaths. The memories of their mammaries have been eternally secured.

If you want to underwire undermine the heart of feminine energy, who else would you use but the one who usurped the title

then mix with a breast-fearer …

… (well who does that to a woman?)
& serve to a fascinatingly gullible audience:

The Blond Ambition World Tour was the third concert tour by … Madonna … It was a highly controversial tour, mainly for its juxtaposition of Catholic iconography and sexuality … named the Greatest Concert of the 1990s by Rolling Stone … French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier designed the costumes for the tour, including the now-infamous cone brassiere

I can’t cover the entire movie-industry-breast-deconstruction here, but there’s a few more examples to look at to get a clearer picture – & maybe, just maybe you now have some ideas now with which you can do some good. It’s time you know.

A criminal movie came out in 2000.

It was a ‘cover story’. Using real life events to sell push up bras to women all round the world.

So let’s call it out for what it was.

An advert.

Here we see Julia battling injustice in corset & bra; Julia undaunted in sheer blouse over bra; a standup kind of Julia in pushup bra falling out of tank top, Julia in red bra, Julia in print bra

Julia Roberts was no mere accident in the main – I’ remember hearing the outcome of a poll around that time, that she was the woman most other women wanted to be like – now that was clever!

The Erin Brockovich look has created a lot of buzz

Very clever.

Below are three more women who sold out & allowed their breasts to make themselves rich, & the women of this world, poorer.

Look closely do you see even the slightest understanding that their breasts are the place that calls life into life?

My relationship with them had always been from the outside… how they looked as objectsrather than from any inner sense or consciousness of them

A woman must remember to hold awareness in the breasts

The bra is currently enjoying a revival thanks to a few stratospheric pop stars. Enter Lady Gaga … where she sports two machine guns on her bra … Followed by Katy Perry… in a frothy … whipped cream wielding bikini. In between, there’s Kylie Minogue who wore a Gaultier-designed cone bra in a photoshoot for her album, Aphrodite and Rihanna who’s worn similarly inspired get-ups on stage

Mind you the men need to take responsibility too.

It appears to be a seriously-distorted female-fearing male-energy that is driving this thing – some deep fear & loathing of the breast – perhaps because of what is possible when male & female energies truly connect – and that is only gonna chnage if & when, the breast of the woman opens.  We have a long way to go in a very little time.

I was heartened to find the real love of real men, in some of my research – men who whole-heartedly stood behind their wives or girlfriends as they sought to heal breast illness by removing their bras. Men who were willing to question their culture & their training & allow the breast to return to fullness.

I think their rewards will be great.

I’m knackered now, so I’m leaving out bra burning & the push to bottle feed babies between 1940-80 – but I reckon you can figure it out.

I’m leaving you with a double epitome of Hollywood Breast Fear.

The Fembots are extremely sexy female robots … with breasts that are cannons. Frau uses them to seduce and kill Austin. Her plan almost works, but Austin does an overly-exaggerated striptease in response, which drives them beyond their sex limit and causes their heads to explode

Breasts can kill a man, while a man’s sexuality can overpower a woman? That’s not reeeeally how it works, you know.

Rather strange that their heads should ‘pop’ off – that’s pretty much how Jayne Mansfield died.

And for your second epitome (courtesy of Paulo again), here’s Woody Allen to expose the danger of breasts – thankfully he has a solution. Hmmm … where have I seen that before?

Now go forth & be kind to breasts.

Felicity, the companion of content, is rather found in our own breasts than in the enjoyment of external things; and I firmly believe it requires but a little philosophy to make a man happy in whatever state he is”   Daniel Boone

A woman must remember to hold awareness in the breasts
Remember that.

I was on the Celtic Rebel’s radio show last Sunday.
We talked of breasts
Article & show

~  ~  ~

Text in this colour from:  The Birth of Pleasure ~ Carol Gilligan
Text in this colour from:  Dressed to Kill ~ Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer
Text in this colour from:  The Heart of Tantric Sex ~ Diana Richardson

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    Kate Winslet:

    “We woke up at 4:30 in the morning to yelling that there was a fire,” the Oscar winner recapped on “The Graham Norton Show,” which airs October 29. “I jumped up and ran immediately towards the fire but then realized we might die … then thought ‘Now what do I do?’ so I ran into the bedroom and put on a bra!”

    “In disastrous moments like that, you do the strangest things. I started to put on a bra and thought, ‘No, that’s going to take me too long,’ so off came the bra, on came the T-shirt, then I grabbed the children and I picked up granny,” Winslet said, referring to Branson’s 90-year-old mother, Eve.

    Franz Erdl, a German psychic, makes these claims:

    “Each human being has female and male energies, a female and male side. But that is not the topic. The best word for this energy is mother essence. This female energy comes from the woman’s abdomen (strictly speaking from the second Chakra). This energy works passively, that means, women must not do anything to make it work. Only the energy should not be prevented from flowing. If the mother essence can flow unrestricted into the outside world, something wonderful happens: The outside world changes into a paradise. The mother essence is the source of affluence and abundance in the framework of a family. Under suitable circumstances, a woman can hold an even bigger circle of persons in agreeable and happy conditions. Climate, animals and plants are happy to come in resonance with the mother essence and produce positive circumstances for the human beings, for example sufficient food, disappearance of parasites, mosquitoes etc. Also beauty, well-being and health are products of the mother essence.

    We can assume that only a small fraction of the mother essence is available to us. This causes that the largest part of mankind lives in wretched circumstances and causes energy and climate-problems etc. If there were many women with intact mother essence, all planetary energy-problems would be solved. Free energy would be available to everybody. But with the actual lack of mother essence, our geniuses can try as hard as they want – free energy won’t be available to the public.”

    Erdl doesn’t mention the breast, but i think the message is the same.

    The problem with men and sex is that it starts in the head and goes straight to the penis, bypassing the heart.

    I had a dream the other morning where a bright haired blond woman told me in no uncertain terms to “live with an open heart.”

    Great post. Thanks.


  2. Pete Wagner replied:

    Great piece! I’ll never look at them again the same way (I know, who am I fooling?).


  3. Sydney Ross Singer replied:

    Fantastic article!


  4. Eunus Noe replied:

    lovely, as always . . .


  5. tom cuddy replied:

    Basic emotions are love and fear. All others being derivative, and your
    most eloquent offering clearly shows that the fear pathway has been the one promoted. It is amazing how intellect and instinct are so easily separated. Where common sense and simple analysis would lead to the burning of bras not books. Where the child born in hospital is taken to be inoculated or circumcised prior to being nursed. The links to the sacred breasts and possibly a way to a peaceful world are blurred in that knowing
    and yet, not-knowing unsettled state.

    We have been hybridized and led astray and lost to our genuine natural inclinations. Thanks for the wonderful post.


  6. lugh replied:

    (From Thurii, fourth-third century B.C.)

    “I come from the pure, O pure Queen of the earthly ones, Euclês, Eubouleus, and ye other immortal gods! I too claim to be of your blessed race, but Fate and other immortal gods conquered me, (and sent) the star-smiting thunder. And I flew out from the hard and deeply-grievous circle, and stepped on to the crown with my swift feet, and slipped into the bosom of the Mistress, the Queen of the Underworld. And I stepped out from the crown with my swift feet.

    ‘Happy and blessed one, you shall be a god instead of a mortal.’

    I have fallen as a kid into milk.”

    Another great article, Alex. I have a few musings.
    Breast Cancer seems to mainly originate from the Lactiferous ducts. So.. they’re restricting the flow of this nurturing and life giving fluid.. it could also have some type of bio-rythm energy or data transference effect. What aspect of feminity do the predators arguably try to attack and are doing a good job of it? One could say it’s the nuturing aspect so the state and media could take it over.

    I remember one time I was at a music festival and there was a nearby natural stream and waterfall nearby that people swam at. There was a few girls there who were hanging out topless and I’ll be damned if I didn’t sense some sort of inate connectedness. It might have been amplified by the aura of the place (3 day outdoor camp out type deal) and the water but I felt there was something there. So maybe they’re sort of nexus energy point as well. Maybe it could have a “centring” effect like a gyroscope or it could be something else.

    Though this is all conjectured rambling from my male mind but make of it what you will, haha.


  7. Eunus Noe replied:

    I found a funny convergence w/ another blog today:

    (be sure and watch the clip)

    –I can’t say that I completely agree w/ you, but you definitely have created the space for a discussion with this post. Definitely do bra’s commodify breasts, yet . . .
    I dunno. I’m glad you are raising awareness and asking questions in areas and matters where unconsciousness lies . . .
    thanks for your passion. Your posts are always fun and enjoyable!


  8. paulo replied:

    another great “meal” :P Thanks Miss Alex :) This one requires Quality time to digest … no rush corporate feeding …


  9. aferrismoon replied:

    The 50s blonde, big-breasted screen goddess seemed to have been used by the ‘feminist’ industry as proof of what men liked and subsequently how they all objectify women and thus men are oppressors and women are victims.

    Its funny that after the ‘bra-burning’ the art of breast management has been taken to stratospheric heights.

    The Cancer-people have latched on to the breast perhaps because women are easier to ‘worry’. I’ve seen one ad for prostate in my life.

    Cultural androgony seems to be a major meme these days.
    Destroy the breast [ femininity] by , as u point out, by removing it from the body [ at least mentally]
    Destroy the male seed by promoting contraception [ and subsequent ‘sex all the time’] and sodomy.

    Women in the army using guns, shot from the shoulder, may in time jar the breast , or perhaps they’ll invent some insane contraption that will a la Gaga shoot bullets from them.

    She , dressed in some frantic get-up, a tight, tight dress, boarded a ‘plane and nearly suffered thrombosis.

    Women are cajoled into –
    1. Bras
    2. Short tops to show off midriff and allow the kidneys to get cold
    3.Wear high-heels

    Both young men and women now wear trousers with belt tied across the crotch and their underwear showing. ????

    The main thrust of the fashion programming IS to lose touch with how the body feels but to get in touch with how the clothes feel.

    Its odd that Madonna and Gaga are both brought up Catholic yet seem publicly against it.



    • mooster replied:

      ‘Catholic’ is a rabbinical copy of christianity. It’s well known madonna is jewish. I don’t know from reports about gag although tis true.


  10. alex robinson replied:

    Mick– thank you so much – what a superb comment.

    I wonder if Winset was ‘directed’ to tell the tale that way – it was a very great advertorial opportunity n’est-ce pa?

    Erdl’s info was great – very close to mark in more ways than one. Both sexes must have this energy – yet I’m inclined to trust the breast as it’s home – just as a baby is.

    The penis in a sense is the equivalent of the breast – these are the different sexes positive poles – both are external & both I believe have powers of sensing & giving way beyond our ‘reduced’ thinking.

    Great dream!

    very breast to you

    Thanks Peter – maybe it’s just about allowing ourselves to perceive them in more ways – allowing their fullness.


    Sydney – I’m honoured – Your & Soma’s work on the breast is one of the greatest expressions of concern for humanity I’ve come across. Thank you!

    Thanks Ennus. I did try that video clip but it’s not available in NZ – but I’m guessing it’s what Mick mentioned in his comment – re the need to grab a bra before your children when a house is on fire.

    very best to you


  11. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie replied:

    The movie Soldier Blue. Boy you hit right on the head with the violence in that production. I saw it when I was 17 in a local movie theater. I can still picture an older squaw in the village being chased down by a soldier riding a horse. Sword in hand.

    Remember this was when Vietnam was raging. I told myself I would never join the U.S. Army after I got a look at the their history.

    So what did I do for my military obligation? I joined the Marine Corps. Did a 2 years stint and got out.

    Seems at times you just can’t win.

    But I did luck out, Vietnam was winding down. Ended up being stationed in Hawaii.


  12. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Tom
    Yes so unbearably sad that humanity is herded into fear – & herded so easily it would seem. That of course begs the BIG question – why? Why is that done? People, on the whole are nice & decent & kind – from where does the cruelty come? & why?

    I do so think it’s time for a change, don’t you? :)

    Hi Lugh
    Intriguing quote!
    Wonderful tale – if you felt a connection to nature was happening (AND you’re a male who would normally just be ogling), then I’ll bet that’s just what was happening.

    The lactiferous ducts make me think of tears for some reason – perhaps cancer of the breast is a backlog of tears – I tell you there’s many unshed tears in the unloved breast.

    Time for something very different don’t you think?

    very best to you

    Muito obrigada for everything & what’s still to come :)


  13. the living tiki replied:

    When I (very rarely these days) happen upon a braless woman, my first instinct is to try to make her laugh as much as possible – if there’s a more pleasurable sight than that, I haven’t seen it yet.

    Yep, the topic comes up and…. Zing! Here I am. (It’s a gift.)

    It’s good to know there’s still women out there who actually care about themselves and other women. For the rest, I guess there’s “The View”.

    Nicely said and done!

    Note To All Ladies:
    As you know (or were programmed), the male life span is shorter than that of the female. But, as Alex noted, this lifespan can be increased with repeated lingering views of a woman’s chesty goodness. Won’t you please help in increasing my life span as well as all the men you love in your life by going braless? If all the women of the world could join in a global effort, I’m positive the constant stream of jiggling happiness will bring our lifespans back up to biblical times. And come to think of it, if you all go topless, well… we could possibly become immortal! Won’t you please help me become immortal? Please?


  14. Joanne replied:

    I wish I could shake your hand and give you a hug for this one. It was really really good, and you took it really really far.

    My mom always warned me about the aches and pains of a mammogram – how they were invented by sadistic men – and then a few years ago she told me they made this fancy new padding for the mammogram machine. As if those bastards couldn’t have put that on there in the first place. And you know that means they’ll just press harder to make up for it.

    That’s next, by the way. In the span of this year, my mother and I go from a huge fight breaking out, over me jokingly-suggesting we should just toss out the microwave…. You would have thought I said let’s toss out the dog…. Then we shoot to a few months later, and the microwave just happens to break, and my mom suggests to my dad that they should just throw it out.

    Next stop – putting a stop to mammograms. I gotta find some more literature on that note. Hard to tear a woman of the previous generation away from the medical industry. Hard to tear my mother away from anything, really. But like she says about going to the doctor, “It’s hunt and peck.” And I think a lot of what we’re seeing is the result of deliberate hunting and pecking in the wrong places. Keep busy, God’s watching.

    Excellent images here – many references and implications – Reubens and Hughes both stuck out to me. Strange how these character imprints go beyond just movie roles – I see a subliminal archetype between both Reubens the painter and Reubens the actor (Pee-Wee). Then there’s the relationship between Hughes himself, and who played him – DiCaprio in Scorcese’s The Aviator. I suspect The Network. That movie actually does a pretty good job of trying to hide the fact that Hughes was a creeper. But yeah… there’s way more to that story…

    The implications are pretty deep – regardless of the gender, regardless of the time period. You’ve given me so much to think about… again :]

    Thank you for taking great risks. You inspire me


  15. Joanne replied:

    PS – Found this a few weeks ago, wanted to share with you. I thought it was ridiculously funny.


  16. Eugene replied:

    A piece I did in August of 06 called “Liber Neo Con – Mater’s Paps taste like Pater’s Prick” and a poem that summed it all up …

    A rider on the road is drawn to stumbling block
    entranced by the pulse drone “tophet tophet tophet”.
    A maddened dirge this clockwork orange rythym
    engulfing his enthorned heart with interest.
    Dollar bills wadded up and jammed in hollow eye-sockets
    steer this rider on the path, every jot, every tittle.
    Excrement as perfume and rotting flesh as lipstick,
    this Golem king of Jerusalem wears hell proudly.
    Atop Atoll donkey he must save the world,
    he is worthy, so worthy, so worthy, so worthy.
    Donkey dragging untold corpses affixed by their hair,
    carries the rider forward, incorrigibly.
    Lured by carrot of democratic freedom, dangled by
    a hand, left then right, the donkey cannot stop.
    The path is lined with eyeless, mindless beings
    who wave prophetic jumbles written on human skin paper.
    They like their Golem king are drawn to feast of fools,
    and on arrival the lot finds an empty pot.
    Their hunger, insatiable, rings in their ears
    the cry “your worthy, your worthy, your worthy”.
    King and peon all fling themselves with abandon,
    head covered in cooking oil, into the pot.
    Oh great morsel, how we worship thee!

    When will the Black Mother,
    not “he that is like a Women
    that jetteth out the milk of the stars, from her paps”,
    rise with soft heart and love?
    To quell, to sheath this sword gone so awry, so afar?
    To raise children on vast fertile plains
    who love the sky, all stars alike, not one sun more or less?
    Who know not falling bombs and mushroom clouds?
    Who know there is only one heart that beats under all the skins?
    Who know the whole earth is the same stone and stumble not?
    Who know the paps of milk and honey,
    not the paps of ilk and money?
    When does the wisdom ascend in out heart,
    and the pseudo tincture of blood leave our taste?
    When oh Mother do you bare your beautiful teats?


  17. effel replied:

    Looking forward to Sunday :D
    I’d like to be able to connect, but your posts are too woven in constructed english and I’m starting from old french (the previous baSTard language). Leading me in neverending mazes…
    But some interesting tidbits. Breast in french is seins (peculiarly from sinus, sines), so comes from the GERman bruest, probably from norse roots, as opposed to its GREek ones. In greek, it seems to be around the st (ste, sth, sto).
    Deconstructed, it makes b.r.east. Probably constructed around the east, the orient(ation), where the Earth goes. b is gestation and r the head of man.


  18. alex robinson replied:

    Perhaps it’s all about ‘insulation’, mr moon – insulating the sexes from each other, so that never their twain shall meet.

    I remember an episode of the comedy Butterflies where Ria is recalling of how in her day, breasts were hauled up round the neck – I remember laughing – but I see now it was no laughing matter.

    Yes women are easier to worry – testosterone helps dampen anxiety apparently.

    Was that the right link? Or was it meant to be about Lady Gaga? – I went looking & she popped up.

    Yep fashion seems to be about driving people onto the surface of their skin & then abandoning them there. For women we are used to the idea that clothes = discomfort. Also shoes & underwear … still as long as we look good (according to media dictates) …

    breast to you :)

    Hi Alphie
    Yes they did link Soldier Blue to Vietnam – I think they used that as part of the cover story to justify the violence – amazing what the media can get away with in the name of ‘honesty depictions’.

    best to you

    I knew this topic would find a home in the heart of the tiki breast – I may have laughed at your reply :)

    I wish you life-long comfort of the warmest of breasts – you deserve them.

    Yes Joanne – Please rush me a pack of (extra chunky) nipple bras, at your earliest convenience. I realise if I’m not completely satisfied with ‘sensual cold-weather look’ I may return them for a full refund.

    Look would you please stop bleating on about the slight breast crush & radiation effects of mammograms – it’s for your own good & breasts shaped like sandwiches are very sexy.

    Loved your new article – great syncing up on the general unpleasantness of the female that has been so well marketed.

    Keep exploding the myths my friend.

    Wonderful Eugene – bravo!

    I believe it is vital for the men to call back the breast of the mother – but to do that they have to be willing to let go of the hyper-fantasised & sexualised images of women they have been imprinted with. Male scorn is an extremely potent weapon on the very fragile female surface that most women teeter on.

    very best to you

    Interesting point effel – the East is where it all begins apparently – breast can be re-spelled in some interesting ways – star, stab, tears, bare & of course bra.
    best to you


  19. aferrismoon replied:

    Sorry for bad link, try – Gaga Thrombosis – if u can bear to read about it.

    Gaga often has to be helped around due to the awkwardness of her costumes adding to the ‘weak’ female meme, though generally her helpers are mostle ‘slavelike’.

    SABRE – T ooth ?

    In Czech ‘insulation’ is ‘izolace’ or ‘isolation’

    Insula is Latin for ‘island’



  20. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Hiya Alex!

    I’ve always been one for women to go “bra less”, but the Fashion, movie, t.v. industry just bombarded EVERYONE with push up bras, lingerie, etc.etc.etc. It seems women are so ‘attacked’ more than men in the brainwashing, influence departments. I really am sorrowful at how sad society is. No need of it what-so-ever.

    Great research again and thank you for writing it and taking a stand against the ‘cancer’ shysters. Eugenicist bastards have attacked every front–food, fashion, medicine (cough cough), education, I could go on and on, but we know…and I don’t remember but under-wire bras, aren’t they susceptible to picking up low EMF much like a radio antennae? I would not be surprised if that contributes to many forms of breast cancers too.

    Great stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed your dishy knowledge and presenting it straight forward. I never liked Westerns, I always sympathized with the Native Americans, always. Could not stomach all the shooting and killing while most males relished in it.



  21. Sunny replied:

    WOw! Victoria’s Secret aint a secret anymore! Thank you so much. I love my free flowing boobies.


  22. paulo replied:

    No need to thanks Miss Alex :) I missed the show and then the internet connection went away :S, but luckly archives section saved the day !!! :)


  23. alex robinson replied:

    That was painful mr moon :)
    It seems that the man who invented her thrombosis-causing shoes hung himself & was scattered in Skye. There is something all too bizarre about these stories is there not – something so dramatic – even his name was accessorised it would seem (McQueen). Meanwhile the woman who discovered him was called Isabella Blow – her choice of exit from this mortal coil was by Socratic method – imbibing a cocktail of weed killer. Am reminded of Versace’s grand exit – it’s all so fashionably macabre.

    Cheers m’dear

    Hi Michael
    You are right, women are under extreme attack – it’s vicious & relentless.

    Yes sorry, I didn’t get round the mentioning the toxic underwires, but hopefully any woman or man who still has some possession of their mind will have got the point & at the very least will do their own research now.

    Hugs to you – I hope you & the tribe are doing very well!

    Cheers Sunny – good point!

    best to you

    Paulo – thanks so much for all your help & the new trademarked Dementor Bra which will be on sale for $29.99 – a portion of the profits will of course go to breast cancer research, in the hope that those good people can find the cause. Meanwhile I think we’ll make a killing :)

    Happy days to you my friend.


  24. aferrismoon replied:


    I hadn’t realised she’d arrived at MTV via such a suicidal lineage.

    I saw the shoes and they too prove somewhat disturbing, especially as I assume they can’t be worn for comfort or ease of travel – suffering for fashion

    Fashion victims or perhaps victimises

    Re: Mrs Blow – “During the couple’s separation, Blow was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and began undergoing electroshock therapy.” Wiki



  25. paulo replied:

    ahahahahaha maybe it can be sold in a package with celtic monkey something protector for just 99.99999$…


  26. Boobs Make the World Go Round « The Celtic Rebel replied:

    […] about all for now, but be sure to check out Alex’s prior primer for this show. There will soon be more related thoughts and images, for you to feast your eyes on. Rate this: […]


  27. aferrismoon replied:

    Bosom – a fine word seldom used these days.

    ‘I lay my head upon her breasts’

    ‘I lay my head upon her bosom’

    cheers [or Bosums up!]


  28. Marie-Ève Ouimette replied:

    Are breasts all that there is to women, then? I hope you realize how you make those of us who happen to not even have enough to fill a hand feel. Am I not a real woman, then? Am I unfinished, unworthy, almost a male?

    You seem obsessive. Let me tell you one thing about women: we are more than a pair of boobs. You’re missing out.


  29. Mick replied:

    Mm, Marie, that is certainly a point to consider in our stereotyped world, indeed, stereotyped psyches. There is always a part of my subconscious that finds a woman of any size or shape sexually attractive. It is the fact that she is female. As far as I can tell, that influence is deep within my brain stem, and seems to be primordial. I have an ex-lover, who is now a close intellectual friend, who is completely flat chested. She is incredibly attractive – for me, it is the curve of her back as it runs over her bottom and around her thighs that creates physical interest and appreciation. Until we ‘know ourselves’ we cannot escape any form of stereotyping, as it seems to run very deep.

    On a completely off topic note, Alex, I was pleasantly surprised to read how human NZ police forces seem to be:

    Is Dunedin where the Dunedain live, and does that make NZ Numenor?

    Cheers, Mick


  30. shatteredbutterfly replied:

    Love your tree!

    This clip is from the documentary, “America The beautiful”
    It’s a must watch for body image and how the engineering is working so well, that guys couldn’t even tell you WHY they want a woman who looks a certain way. As Tiki says, They’re being worked.

    The woman is from the Vagina Monologues, (which I know nothing about) but listen to what she says.

    Even if the findings from the book, “Dressed To Kill” (and ironically there is a christian book with the same title) aren’t “scientifically” proven, it just makes sense to me. When I’m not wearing a bra, I feel a lot more connected with my breasts.

    I used to complain, “They’re too big”, “They get in the way” but now I’m realizing it was the bra that separated me from them.

    When I was in 5th grade, I remember hanging out with some of my guy friends, when they looked at me and asked, “Are you wearing a bra?” I was just starting to develop and I felt no need for one. They looked at each other and started laughing. I was so embarrassed. I know they were young, and didn’t know better, but the very fact that they thought I needed a bra (at 11) just shows how early we get worked.


  31. Mick replied:

    Wow, what an excellent clip! Its time this deep seated anger against women and children ended for good. Its in each individual so each individual must root it out. I see it in myself, and I see it in my male friends. Most of the time we don’t even know its there.


  32. Kerri replied:


    I love when you are a guest on The Rebel Path! You two are a great duo!

    Speaking of duos, I love my boobs and this past show on the topic really hit me on a personal level.

    Bombarded by breast propaganda growing up in the 70s/80s, I remember at the age of 5 actually praying for big boobs. I remember seeing Animal House at that age and asking my mom, “Are those real? They look fake!” during the peeping tom scene. And of course, Wonder Woman was my idol.

    At the age of 16, I found a lump in my breast. At 17 years of age I had my first biopsy and it turned out to be a benign tumor. Even though I was relieved that I didn’t have Cancer, I was devastated about having my breast cut open and scarred. No one even got to see my breasts before they were “ruined”…I became even more insecure than I already was. 18 and 19 saw 2 more biopsies(“better to be safe than sorry” the Doctors would say), resulting in more scars and heartache. I never wanted a guy to see my boobs. I had a couple of years off then 2 more lumps at once, 2 more scars.

    For the last 2 surgeries(each breast was in stitches), I was in a miserably disfunctional relationship with my very first boyfriend. I blame this on my lack of self esteem. I have 2 memories(mammaries?) from the last surgery that I feel speak volumes. My awful boyfriend(addicted to porn and as I later found out, meth) brought me a Playboy collection of pin-ups and gave it to me as a “gift”. His explanation, as I glared at him grimacing, was that I was a Bettie Page fan and there was one tiny pin-up of Betty among pages of “perfect” model tits. I lost my shit and the magazine ended up confetti all over my apartment floor.

    During my healing process, I had a dream that I was standing in front of a mirror, covered in blood from the boobs and all over my stomach. I bumped one of my breasts right on the incision at work that week. A few days later, while showering, I noticed it looked black under the butterfly bandages. I peeled back the corner just a bit to peek and blood gushed out! I stepped out of the shower to find myself standing in front of the mirror covered in blood that continued to gush from the wound.

    Sorry to ramble on! One more thing I wanted to say in regards to the bra situation. You have really enlightened and inspired me! I only wish I heard this earlier as I recently(reluctantly) had a mammogram due to a lump I’ve had for 2 years which began hurting. While listening to the Alex & Alex show, something dawned on me.

    Bras do not come in every size. For instance, I measure 35 but have to buy a 34 because they don’t make a 35 and a 36 is too big. Also, most women will find one breast is ever so slightly bigger than the other. Turns out, my “problem” breast is the slightly larger one. So I’m already cramming my boobs into an ill fitting bra- one more cramped than the other. No wonder I’ve been having problems! I feel so naive!

    Time to free the girls! Thanks for all your research and amazing insight!


  33. alex robinson replied:

    I think mr moon that the equation is clear ‘fashion = suffering’
    … ‘fashion victim’ = “In misfit havoc”


    Ah Paulo sounds like a good deal :)

    I’m happy with my article & stand by it completely – it was & is a celebration of the breast. If you feel size makes a difference then I can see it would be hard for you to celebrate.
    A breast is a breast, no matter the size, or whether a woman has had a mastectomy or a ‘boob job’ – sadly most women have become disconnected from it & I think humanity suffers because of that.
    I suggest you watch the video link.


    Hi Mick
    I had an article lined up on that once about the correlations of LOTR to NZ – I of course live in Orc Land :) Maybe sometime I will finish it.

    best to you

    shattered butterfly – that was most illuminating – did you notice how the interviewer had to cut the woman off as soon as she began to celebrate her breasts? Here is a woman who is gaining material for her radical vagina oratory & yet she appeared to ‘shut down’ at the breast.
    The words & pride of the woman she spoke to were revelatory & wonderful – thanks for that.

    Yes the training is fantastic – in so many respects, men are the shepherds of the bra, they have bought ‘the look’ & thus steer women into it – via ridicule or being thoughts of as sluts for being braless. What’s not understood is how many women have such deep disconnection & dislike for their breasts – that is a terrible thing indeed.

    I wish you great connection


  34. Anna replied:

    Hi Alex :)
    this blog entry of yours is brilliant and its helped me to see through all the bullshit programming about boobs and has made me feel more comfortable about myself, and so this weekend here I decided to leave the house without wearing a bra. Im gonna try and do this more often.
    much love to you:)


  35. tom cuddy replied:

    Idea farmers are possibly the worst kind of cruel performers acting upon us all. The money and all the things are just an excuse to control and to punish through our imposed ideas. Religion, sex, body parts, stuff to use to push the folks around. Our own reverse power grab is almost an insurmountable object. You won’t see the pope walking around unprotected with potential photo-ops of him in his regalia, all clean and white, being crawled after by a naked African child (fill in the blank, any child in physical squalid, starved distress). The pope can’t get down off his throne to bother, and he has no breasts. He only wants, like any corporate monster, to get more. Breasts are inherently free of greed. They can give where others seemingly, must take. I enjoyed your celtic rebel appearance. You two always invoke a thoughtful nature.



  36. alex robinson replied:

    Mick – thanks for your honesty there – the more a man will stand behind woman, the faster she can heal.

    Kerri, thanks so much for your story. What you have gone thro’ is so very sad & must have been continuously traumatic – no accident that scars & scares are so very similar.

    It is awesome how quickly your grasped the ‘bra trap’ – yes we do not have equal sized breasts. It is so easy to see the threats caused by bras with just the slightest of thought. Also breast size changes constantly throughout the month – it is the most delicate & wondrous organ, what sickness of the mind does it take to create such a mechanical contraption & what sickness of mind lets women leap for the chance to wear them. A woman just walked passed in the street as I typed this, her body was moving, but her breasts never budged an inch – breasts are all about flowing – energy, milk, love, nurturance.

    I wish great journeys of healing & flow for your girls!

    Anna, I applaud you – for I know that it is indeed very, very difficult to take that step – imagine that – it’s laughable, well it should be! How much fear you have to face to simply remove one unseen item of clothing & then walk out into the world freely. This feeling tells me that bras go way beyond dress code.

    Very best to you, walk tall, feel the connection!

    Many thanks Tom – well said, breasts are inherently free of greed – that’s why this attack is so vicious & criminal – the breast gives, gives, gives.

    I felt so good after the show, like something special had been created, the comments have made me feel that was so.

    very best to you


  37. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    Your excellent and enlightening article caused me to think of a time when I was but a young lad and my heart was stolen by a raven haired beauty named Lynda. My fair Lynda was no ordinary lady, oh my goodness no. I would see her every week and sometimes twice. She was tall, great legs, nice smile, excellent posture. Frequently she would dress up in a revealing red white and blue outfit with gold trim. The gold on the outfit seemed to draw the eye to her breasts. Not that it was needed as her breasts were quite large especially in comparison to her tiny waist line.
    My mother thought that Lynda and I spent entirely too much time together. My sweet Lynda was much older than me and I thought that might be the reason but one day my mother remarked that the outfit was much too skimpy. Up to that point I had not really considered how anyone could see THAT outfit as a problem. Smitten young men can be terribly short sighted.
    A time came when I realized that nothing new was happening in our relationship and that we were just replaying the same old fantasies over and over. We had some wonderful seasons together. I can still see her now, running along in the summer sun. Her huge boobs bouncing in perfect rhythm with her long stride. In my memory she always seems to be running in slow motion. . . . .
    Well anyway thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories for me Alex. I never undersood just how restrictive that outfit must have been until I saw her picture in your article. My Lynda was a wonder of a woman. Her bouncy wonder twins will always be in my memory.


  38. alex robinson replied:

    Hehe mr metalhead, at first you confused me, I can be a bit slow. For all her male delectability, I think Ms Carter’s breasts must have suffered in that outfit … however such considerations have no place in the world where dreams are made up …hmmm just think what it would have done to your mind had they been ‘unencumbered’ :)


  39. carolyn replied:

    Great show with Alex & Alex! I posted this at the Celtic Rebel’s site too.

    This actually happened to me with VS clothing even if you wash the bras/garments a couple of times, the chemicals are still there.

    Victoria Secret is trying to kill women via their bras!

    Class action lawsuit – victoria secret bras

    My boobies hurt!—victoria-secret-bras/show/682633


    • alex robinson replied:

      Many thanks carolyn
      Yet another example of the ‘death-to-the-breast-cult’ – they’re embalming breasts while women are still alive! I so hope women will pass on this info to other women & that men will care enough to do the same.

      Maybe your new secret could be that you don’t wear a bra!
      very best to you


  40. aferrismoon replied:

    Take one look at Victoria Beckham – she’s a doll. Why do people want to emulate her?

    She recently messed her back from wearing high-heels when pregnant, a fashion adopted by Beyonce.

    One doesn’t need to be super-intelligent to see that their pregnant middles have to balance on their little feet encased in heels that make the surface area very small indeed. You’re lucky if u don’t fall over let alone displace the spine. Morons!

    Reading the comments at ‘medhelp’ [ from Carolyn] some people are close to worshipping bras with names like ‘extreme me’ – doesn’t the word ‘extreme’ ring a few bells.

    VS even has one product line called ‘PINK’

    Many products with ‘Love PInk’ emblazoned on them aimed at college age girls



    • alex robinson replied:

      Disney princesses are all dolly-birds too – training girls to strive for impossible perfection – keeping ‘em on the boil with body angst.

      Little girls are almost always dressed all in pink – the colour of femininity & the colour of breast cancer – the breast/heart of the female being nlp’d into something ugly & diseased.


  41. dennis replied:

    Loving syncros, hail all breasts in a natural state. Bras are of no use whatsoever imho. Dennis


  42. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    I did a google search on the phrase “breast cancer awareness events” and was struck by the very high percentage of events centered around the themes of “endurance” and “going the distance”. There were so many walks and marathons and contests. Running marathons, bicycle marathons, motorcycle marathons, exercise contests, eating contests and on and on and on.
    On the surface one would think that this is because the illness is all about endurance from diagnosis to death. After reading your article I wonder if it might be all about women “enduring” life with breasts from adolescence to death?


  43. alex robinson replied:

    Cheers Dennis

    Interesting thought mr metalhead – all those exhausting events do seem to suggest that the breast is one big, life-long, hassle. I doubt that many who partake actually have any true fondness for the breast left. Show me a breast celebration (no not playboy) & I’ll show you some fine, healthy people :)
    “where people could plunge themselves into a sea of 200 large breast-shaped cushions”



  44. the living tiki replied:

    No, no… I’m not hung-up on this particular topic (even for me), but I did want to note some interesting discovery:

    Did you know there’s already a “International Topless Day”? (And why wasn’t I notified? The next one is August 26, 2012 – I’m getting ready already.)

    Did you know “International Topless Day” was started by Rael, founder of the Raelian UFO cult? (Their slogan is “Free your breasts, free your mind.”)

    Did you know that on the last “International Topless Day”, some of the topless women promoting it were discovered to be actors involved with the faking of news events by the investigator Ed Chiarini, whom Rebel had on his show a while back? (Look for the video clip labeled “The Truth Revealed part 2b.”)

    I’m not sure what to make of all this, but I intend to get to the bottom of it (Or rather, the top). Ongowa!


  45. alex robinson replied:

    mr tiki I’m sure I can vouch for all my readers when I say none of us would think for a moment that you were hung up on breasts – we understand that your devotion to research is purely truth driven. Your discovery of Int Topless Day is another fine example of this relentless quest.

    It saddens me to have to tell you that your name has been appropriated for nefarious activities –

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it …


  46. the living tiki replied:

    How dare they! Hmm… the event occurred the same week as ITD. If they have another, I may go undercover.


  47. Mick replied:

    This relates to both breasts and children. As with the photos in the 2% article it creates a volcano of outrage, anger and pain within. The latest Nato bombing in Afghanistan killed mainly women and children.


  48. alex robinson replied:

    Cheers Mick
    You know, looking from another perspective I’m still seeing this constant lack of balance – both media & ‘alt’ media doing the same thing – generating fever pitch fear – as if fear is the result they seek & not new paths or ways of doing things – just attack. It’s as if most people have come to believe that if something is talked about or ‘exposed’ things are going to miraculously change – in that case we must be owed a hell of a lot of miracles.

    best to you m’dear


  49. Simulated Realities: The Saviour Complex in the Media Mind « shatteredbutterfly replied:

    […] post inspired by this radio show with Thomas Sheridan, and this blog post by Alex […]


  50. The Unity Religion v 23 chromosome freedom | too long in this place replied:

    […] destructive. […]


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