two percent doubt

Central to his [Nietzsche’s] philosophy is the idea of “life-affirmation“, which involves an honest questioning of all doctrines that drain life’s expansive energies, however socially prevalent those views might be

~  ~  ~

Comments from friends assured me that my last article was both helpful & welcome.

Those comments helped me decide to carry on down that path, & put aside a certain reluctance to share a few personal details in the hope that openness might lead to bigger questions & healthier opportunities.

So let’s begin.

Pondering on the
napalm girl
led to an
unexpected match
made in hell with …

twin story elements
suddenly coinciding
in a weird way.

Naked sacrifices
Skins flayed
Arms akimbo


Both images are sick.  It is a sign of our own sickness that we have not been able to recognise this.

New question:

Did we swallow images like these because they were subconsciously familiar?

Contemplating the napalm girl’s burned skin along with the Western culture’s regulating of pain & sorrow reminded me of a personal sync – whenever I have tried to put into words my own struggles with trauma, the description has always been same:

‘It feels as if all my skin has been sand-papered off’  

In a world where pain is disregarded, that statement probably sounds like ‘over-dramatisation’.

Yet that remembering brought back another memory …

I have always understood that emotional pain is real.

As real as the chair you are sitting on or the computer screen you are reading from.

I don’t know why its effects are hidden …

why our eyes are blinded to it,
why our senses are blocked
from its tangibility.

But it is very real.

Many years ago I was ‘institutionalised’ for anorexia.  One of the weekly “healing” practices was for a group of ‘therapists’ to …

… swoop into your cell & torment you – I believe you were supposed to get angry & thus have some sort of emotional healing – having grown up in a family where anger was the worst of the seven deadly sins, that was never going to happen.

One day feeling particularly defenceless, desperate & enraged at these vicious people, I resolved to show them what their assault really looked like – & in front of their eyes I dug my fingernails into my skin & ripped long trails down my arms.

I don’t know how much they understood, but the attacks stopped.

I hated myself at that time, so I guess it made it easier to do that – but somehow it also showed to me the truth of this truth – that emotions are real/physical & some of them are flesh tearing/burning.

So I return to the napalm girl.

I started to wonder why I chose that particular image for my last article?

Which leads to:

Why does that image exist?

 Why was it pushed so much?

Is it because it resonates with certain people?  Certain emotions?

This leads to new questions.

What if the particular images that stick in our minds …

… get glued there on purpose?

Is there a reason why certain images traumatise certain people?

Playing with this theory I asked some friends if there were specific images that had stuck in their minds & why – (names have been changed to protect the innocent).


“[this is] the image that made me feel so ice cold and ill when I saw it …

… I know my first impression was it made me cold and want to throw up, feeling how life was stolen

As soon as I read that, I thought “bingo“.

For ten years my friend Clark went through an extremely traumatic time, where, he has often told me, he felt that his life “was stolen from him“.

Clark saw this image before his own painful experiences.

It’s just a devastating thing you know? Stayed with me all this time, and I think I saw it back around high school time

The death of two beloved people within a year drove my friend onto a long, downwardly-spiraling path.

Could there have been a …

‘triggering‘ effect brought about by this photo?

Did something from Clark’s past leave him in a vulnerable place … then along came a shattering image that keyed in a code  …

Now in the scheme of all things Western, my friend’s emotional state matters not one whit – & why should it when these selfless truth-seekers risked life & limb to bring vital NEWS to a waiting world.

I just followed the three of them as they walked towards us, making an occasional picture. When they were close – maybe five feet away – the soldiers stopped and backed away. I saw a man walk into my camera viewfinder from the left. He took a pistol out of his holster and raised it. I had no idea he would shoot. It was common to hold a pistol to the head of prisoners during questioning. So I prepared to make that picture – the threat, the interrogation. But it didn’t happen. The man just pulled a pistol out of his holster, raised it to the VC’s head and shot him in the temple. I made a picture at the same time. Eddie Adams (photographer)

So we’re told that this was a set-up – a photographic set-up:

When they were close – maybe five feet away – the soldiers stopped and backed away.  I saw a man walk into my camera viewfinder from the left

The moment is everything in this ‘SHOT’.

I wonder if the photographer would have won the awards if the photo was taken a second later…after the trigger was pulled. The photo would have completely different

The people who were deeply affected by this picture traded places with the condemned man – they put themselves in his shoes & in-bodied his fear – so that it was their life being stolen’.

its really horrible!!! (i could not ease this image in my mind! ;(

Yeah, I do remember this image… shocking!

It is an act of supreme folly to underestimate the effects of these photos.

Eddie Adams, [Vietcong execution] Henri Huet and Nick Ut [Napalm girl] wrote our history with perfect, singular newsphotos

Now I’m not interested in trying to prove how staged these photos may have been … but because of the effects they have had on my friends, I am going to work on creating a two percent doubt – never underestimate the health-giving properties of 2% doubt.

Photographs are a way of imprisoning reality…One can’t possess reality, one can possess images–one can’t possess the present but one can possess the past”  ~ Susan Sontag

You see the still picture …  and then you see it again some other place … so you not only have the first impact, but then there’s the second impact and the third impact, and pretty soon, that picture is just imbedded in your mind as fully and as completely as it can be

Time to sprinkle on a little organic …

… doubt seasoning.

The photo of the execution at the hands of Vietnam’s police chief, Lt. Colonel Nguyen Ngoc Loan, at noon on Feb. 1, 1968 has reached beyond the history of the Indochina War – it stands today for the brutality of our last century

Well that surprised me.  How about you?  What are the lucky odds of such a famous chance execution taking place at …

high noon.

Not so long ago my Nigerian friend casually mentioned how the biggest sacrifices take place when the sun is at its highest point i.e. Noon.  I remember that I was really surprised for I’d been movied into believing that

such things take place …

… in the dark.

He recently re-reminded me that the most violent rituals & sacrifices are always connected to sun worship.

So let’s look at Imbolc:

Imbolc … or St Brigid’s Day … celebrated on 1 or 2 February … [is] one of four “fire festivals“, which make up half of the eight holidays (or “sabbats”), of the wheel of the year… traditional time for initiations

Goddess of the Sun and Christian saint of the Eternal Fire are equally invoked in the beautiful  invocation known as Brighid’s Arrow:

Most Holy Brighid, Excellent Woman, Bright Arrow, Sudden Flame;

May your bright fiery Sun take us swiftly to your lasting kingdom

Interestingly, in keeping with our theme of mind-fuckery & great balls of fire, 1st February comes up trumps a few more times:

“1893  –  Thomas A. Edison …

… finishes construction of the first motion picture studio, the Black Maria in West Orange, New Jersey” … “It is widely referred to as America’s First Movie Studio

2003 – Space Shuttle Columbia …

… disintegrates during reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard

Perhaps a dash more seasoning –

I’m not sure if the next bit is 100% organic, but if you’ve started wondering, it may help the questions to flow

The execution was originally to take place inside a nearby building. The Colonel decided that the photographers needed more drama, better angles and light … The execution was staged on the street with a careful setup of the photo opp. Apparently it was important to the Colonel how his profile was displayed

Ok time for a change of scenery.

I asked my friend Don, if there was an image that had always stayed with him.

He showed me this one, which I had never seen.

Don: I remember this one from the school library when i was a kid i guess the platoon icon image was copyed from this one just reminds me of the futility of war most probably because my father was in one

Alex: Is there something in your life, in your emotions, in your pain from life that connects with this photo?  I think we remember certain images because they mirror something in OUR life.

Don: indeed being a son of a war veteran, oh yes surely something deep … i had the martyr complex thats the double sense of that photo …

Alex: being shot down? being a loser? a failure?   Could this image be a symbol for you of your life?

Don:  yes back then for many years … now i see the coding … you see the war is invisible in many ways … they leave a powerful poison everywhere … ironicly creativity was part of my “salvation”

Alex:  it always is.

‘Tis the time for seasoning:

New evidence has emerged that one of the most famous war photographs, shot during the Spanish civil war by Robert Capa …  was taken miles away from where the civil war was being fought at the time

Last night I had a conversation with a young woman who shall be known as Bella.  Again I asked her THE question – “Was there a particular image that had deeply affected her?”

Once again our Napalm girl was hauled into view.

I think I overwhelmed Bella at first by suggesting that she may have buried trauma that this picture was symbolising for her.  She could not/would not equate anything in her past with the unquestionable horror of that image.  And yet … time & time again words & phrases saying just that, appeared throughout our conversation  – exactly as I am now coming to expect.

If , even for a minute of two, we could contemplate these images …

… as a dream that we had dreamed, rather than a vicious depiction of (questionable) REALITY, we might just do ourselves a very big favour.

Let’s take note of the tone of these dreams:

The results of your images can be more startling in black and white…You can lose the true meaning of a photograph with too much colorArt images beg to be made in black and white

Black-and-white photography is popular with journalists and artists. It presents stark contrasts and a purer image

Black-and-white photography is stark. It forces you to see the image rather than the color … It can also convey remarkable purity of emotion or action. This is one reason newspapers continue to print pictures in black and white

“[it] is all about contrast … Low light conditions often reveal subtleties not seen in color pictures. Also … patterns, shapes and irregularities… These are what stand out in a black-and-white photo

Let’s add the suggestion that the
Black & White Show-ing
turns a human moment into an …

inhuman monument
where the warmth of flesh
is frozen into immortal marble.

Let me just state here that the reason for this article is unreasonable.

Because it is

The more I look the more it seems that the ‘reason’ humanity is so fucked up is because emotion …

… has been ripped out of its chest.

This should be very worrying  – for it seems that we cannot be reasonable without our emotions.

What follows are morsels for thought generated by “leading neuroscientist” – António Damásio, who has lovingly prepared a “theory about the relationship between human emotions, human rationality, and the underlying biology“.

 “Damasio’s most influential contribution to date is the demonstration that emotions play a critical role in high level cognition … and are required for the self processes which undergird consciousness

I became convinced that the traditional views on the nature of rationality could not be correct. I had been advised early in life that sound decisions came from a cool head … where emotion should not be allowed to intrude… But now I had before my eyes the coolest, least emotional, intelligent human being one might imagine, and yet his practical reason was so impaired that it produced … a succession of mistakes, a perpetual violation of what would be considered socially appropriate and personally advantageous

reason may not be as pure as most of us think it is or wish it were, … emotion and feelings may not be intruders in the bastion of reason at all: they may be enmeshed in its networks, for worse and for better

patients … with prefrontal cortical damage …

… can no longer generate the emotions necessary

… for effective decision-making

Emotions are also vital to the higher reaches of distinctively human intelligence. Contrary to some popular notions, emotions do not ‘get in the way of’ rational thinking – emotions are essential to rationality

It is emotion that allows you to mark things as good, bad or indifferent … the tandem of fact & associated emotion is critical & of course most of what we construct as wisdom over time is actually a result of cultivating that knowledge about how our emotions behaved & what we learned from that

For as long as you & I have been alive, we have undergone relentless bombardment of our emotions by the media.

This wouldn’t be so bad if it had been acknowledged as such.

But it was presented as

This has been a crime.

You know lies are really not evil – most often they are a human protective mechanism against shame or attack or to keep safe something that matters very much to you.

So we confuse ourselves greatly by getting caught up in the idea that media & governments are lying to us.

You’re telling me the media are
trying to
save face
protect themselves
from embarrassment

Ummm … do you want to think that one through again?

Central to his [Nietzsche’s] philosophy is the idea of “life-affirmation“, which involves an honest questioning of all doctrines that drain life’s expansive energieshowever socially prevalent those views might be

I’m not well-read enough to know if Nietzsche was a good egg, but some of his thoughts are priceless.

Our culture was created by parasites for parasites who effectively & thoroughly drain life’s expansive energies.

Nor am I smart enough to understand just how they do it, but it seems that very, very high on the list of fuckery is emotional-assault combined with emotional road-blocking – propagating intense emotional reactions & then choking their expression.

Let’s have a look at another masterpiece.

Had I not started wondering about other famous pics …

… would I have dared to question this one?
Everything about it places it at the tip of the top-sacred-never-to-be-questioned list.

But I have questioned.

And maybe because I have been starving myself (yes, yes self-inflicted so it doesn’t count does it … or does it?) – I had trouble seeing this particular child at death’s door.  Because of the lighting in this photo, shadows create a reality that I believe, did not exist.  The child is malnourished yes, but she does not have the …

chiseled bones in her arms & legs that are characteristic of starvation – I know because I had them myself.

So we can ask some questions:

If she was dying how did she manage to drag herself that far into this field?

Was the the vulture really interested in her or something outside the image?

She wears jewellery which tells us that she has been cared for & loved – once again we must ask:

“Where are the parents?  Where are the adults in these shots of naked children?”

A little seasoning:

The parents of the children were busy taking food from the plane, so they had left their children only briefly … This was the situation for the girl in the photo… A vulture landed behind the girl. To get the two in focus, Carter approached the scene very slowly so as not to scare the vulture away …  it was a feeding center, and the vultures came from a manure pit waste

if you grab a telephoto crush the child’s perspective in the foreground and background and it seems that the vultures will eat it, but that’s an absolute hoax, perhaps the animal is 20 meters

The power of this shot comes from the story it tells you it is telling.  The shot of course, ends up in your head.

But then it always does.

That vulture-picture was taken by Kevin Carter in March 1993.

On 27 July 1994 Carter drove to the Braamfontein Spruit river, near the Field and Study Centre, an area where he used to play as a child, and took his own life by taping one end of a hose to his pickup truck’s exhaust pipe and running the other end to the passenger-side window. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning, aged 33

Seasoning anybody?

During a lunch with a colleague he mentioned that he was thinking of forming a writer-photographer free-lance team and traveling Africa. This clearly shows that he was harboring ideas for the furthering of his career. It is therefore strange that barely a month later he was found dead in what looked like a death by suicide

It seems the most obvious thing in the world is that we are meant to become more than we have been before – we learn & experience & then take that learning & experience to learn & experience even more.

Emotion is foundational to this learning – through emotion, through feeling, we know what feels good & what doesn’t.

Emotion causes learning to be hardwired into us – for better or for worse.

  • When emotion is not fucked with & allowed to move freely, wounds heal – no matter how dreadful.
  • When emotion is not fucked with & allowed to move freely, we are healthy.
  • When emotion is not fucked with & allowed to move freely our bodies & minds remain supple.

I think, though I certainly can’t prove it, that our emotions become our flesh.  The skin with which we face the world today, was the emotion we experienced or blocked, yesterday.

I wrote this article for those in pain – that’s everyone in our culture, because in this plastic world feeling is denied & then denied again.

I will categorically state that …

… an emotionally wounded person is as dangerously & life-threateningly injured as one whose flesh has been burnt off & that they need immediate tending.

It is never about the size or media-drama of the wound – only one question is relevant:

Did the wound heal?

Somehow emotional wounds become living entities, that grow & grow & grow.  They are strange & greedy parasites that they will devour the mind & body of their host until nothing is left.

  • Two suicides in my world this year have shown me that.
  • Extreme paranoia & delusion in my mother has shown me that.
  • My own ongoing personal struggles have shown me that.

We carry wounds that are as merciless as the parasites who are eating up our world – you know it’s really, really TIME we ‘got’ that connection.

Otherwise what are we left with?

The West now sponsors just three looks & their corresponding emotions:

You can have the look of success –

that designer smug face & attitude of  ‘making it’


you can have the face of fear

… of cancer, terrorism, rising prices, threats of job loss, house loss or
god forbid, loss of friends on Facebook

The third acceptable look is when the …

… light has gone out of someones eyes.

Why do you think we have been given a zillion words in this parasitic language of ours?

Here, have a clue.

Emotional release comes through the expression of sound – just ask any baby.

But as you grow ‘up’, your formula gets changed.  Instead of expressing an emotion through its sound e.g laughing or wailing … you are taught to short-cut it with a word.

“I am really happy” – replaces a whoop of delight

“I am really pissed off” – replaces a growl in the throat

When you are all grown-up, expression of emotion is more unwelcome than flatulence –

 noooooo …. for the love of god hold it in!

You know I could allow for the stiff-upper-lippedness of the West if it wasn’t for the vicious emotion-havocing by the controllers– whipping up frenzies then denying humanity a chance, a place, a time, to release it.

Emotions are all about the body.

The body is a very, VERY wise friend that desires connection, but does not speak our language.

It speaks emotions

Maybe we will find  that a healthy, emotionally flowing, ‘listened to’ body




of the Parasites of the West.

There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom


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  1. GladGal replied:


  2. aferrismoon replied:

    Check out any ‘PRESS Photo of the Year’ awardee and you’ll find that the photo is one of severe hopelessness and pain. Not only that the foe-tographer gets an award and photo is confettied around for all to see.

    With the iconic fotos comes the layering as they seep into this , that and the other storyline, unquestioned as to their accuracy.

    And yes your character is swiftly questioned should you bother to look further than at the emotional impact you are supposed to feel.

    The one thing we do know about photography/camerawork is that every picture is framed.


  3. Mick replied:

    Thanks Alex. Need to digest and gestate.

    • alex robinson replied:

      GladGal :]

      How right you are mr moon, freshly pressed pain is so damn … juicy.

      The unquestioning is so unhealthy considering flesh out the outlines we are given & make the story come alive – but only for one never-ending moment.

      of interest:
      “frame (n.)
      c.1200, “profit, benefit;” mid-13c. “composition, plan,” from frame (v.) and from Scandinavian … In late 14c. it also meant “the rack”

      very best to you

      cheers Mick

  4. Fitzy replied:

    And True.
    All the images included, turned my stomach, when I first saw them.

    And if you ask anyone with an ounce of humanity, they’ll tell you, those images left them…


    And as you have said, the deliberate assault on the emotions, immediately blocked by enforced silence, leads us to this moment.

    A planet, saturated in blood, and agony and rage and despair, lips sown shut. On how the parasites love a fatted calf, in turmoil and despair.

    Odd connections with this post, but resonant, and powerful. Sound, when allowed, can bring such relief. I grunt, chirp, whistle, yahoo, and laugh on a whim.

    This in a human factory farm office. But Fuck it, why not sing, warble, groan or bellow?

    What i’ve noticed, is how (me included), we are all repelled when a colleague is genuinely and justifiably pissed off. We have become ill suited to responding to the pain of others, at least the emotional kind. BUT, it takes emotions to recognise this state, and respond, HUMANELY.

    Excellent article Sister.

    Cheers! ‘Whoop’, ‘Chirp’, ‘Warble’, ‘Yahoo’, ‘Giggle…’

  5. brad replied:

    outstanding once again Alex, bravo
    and greetings from the East Coast…!

    but of course, why else would every single movie / tv show be chock full of trauma/drama and nasty images where you have no idea just what might pop up next…?
    we all have so much unwanted negative/violent imagery floating around in our heads, it’s amazing to me that people still want to go and fill it up some more new vile shite, AND they pay to do it….!

    it’s absolutely amazing that you mentioned the ‘short cut’ of using words…
    our beautiful little 5 year old girl is autistic, and is a beaming ray of happiness, most of the time, until you try to ‘ask her things’…
    it’s been the most amazingly hard thing to get used to, where she just doesn’t understand the ‘meaning’ of words…sure she knows what things are called, but to ask her ‘how her day was’ or anything to do with trying to recall an earlier time, just makes no sense to her…she is completely in the moment, no baggage attached, of what someone might have said earlier…really an amazing concept and she’s living it…she would so much rather make sounds and have me make sounds then to try ‘speaking’ to her, that simply annoys her…
    but the concept of of not being able to ‘understand words which are grouped together for meaning’ is fascinating to me, as we deal with it on a daily basis, and to think how fucked we all are because of words that have been said, and now here’s someone that may never have that problem…I’ve sometimes wondered if she’s not part of our ‘evolution’ as a whole, to all be way more about feeling and emotion and visual / audible art in the future instead of being stuffed into little cubes with our ‘words’….

    anyway sorry to ramble on, but you are hitting so many amazing points, keep up the great work!

    be well my friend


  6. paulo replied:

    late night gift :P Another great Article :P Loved the trigger and photo simbiotic relationship :P

    • alex robinson replied:

      Yehaaa Fitzy, great to hear you – you sound like a tui :] – my favourite songster.

      Yes funny how we cringe from the rolling & venting of emotion – it’s acceptable in a child, but only because they are in the process of ‘learning’ how to be civilised adults aka emotional cripples.

      May your voice be always loud & spontaneous.
      very best to you

      Hiya Brad – & greetings from the lower coast :]

      Hey don’t knock emotional abuse, its a viable market commodity that provides the user with an interface similar to reality while maintaining all the powerful features of illusion – plus it offers high returns on a low quality product :]

      More seriously … that’s a wonderful story you have offered us – I thank you!
      Today I went out for the celebratory coffee I always have when I finish an article. Normally I get the outside deck to myself & its wonderful, but today there were two women, one with quite strong English accent, speaking quite loudly about her trip round NZ – I couldn’t help hearing – everything was so ‘verbal’ – I saw this, I saw that, it was amazing – but the sound of her voice never changed no matter how amazing the experience was – it had all been turned to words that seemed rather like dust. Maybe words are dust without emotion.

      Today I also overheard a group of girls/women speaking Spanish (I think) & there was such a difference – so much laughter & life in the sounds of their words. Again & again I come back to this idea that English is an industrial strength language – far too harsh for every moment use, unless it is combined with consciousness.

      I think you may be very lucky to have such a wonderful teacher as your daughter.

      very best to you

      Many thanks to you Paulo :]

  7. Mick replied:

    Caught on the rack by the foe-tographer – it certainly fits. It is very difficult to remain calm and balanced, as the heart screams out in anguish: LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE! A Pink Floyd song doesn’t assuage the conscience any more. The abuse, attacks and torture are on all levels now, every avenue covered. On one level it shows how strong and resilient human beings are. I would like to get past the anger and the constant thought that ‘there will be a reckoning’. But what is wrong with anger? ‘They’ continually kill, torture and abuse, and laugh in our faces as they do it. And we are programmed to follow suit, and consider it normal.

    The African picture affected me most. Immediate response is to embrace the child – keep warm and safe. I have no problem with vultures, they have more integrity than the parasites that abuse us.

    Brad’s beautiful story made me think of Neanderthals. A special race of people, mysteriously wiped out, who are only beginning to receive the recognition they deserve. Apparently they did not speak because of undeveloped vocal cords, but I bet they made many forms of mouth, throat, chest and gut noises. I reckon that they were much more articulate in their body language, and communicated through a heart/emotional knowing.

    To feel is to know.

  8. Ferdinand replied:

    Great piece. It should also be considered: where is the photographer in all of this? Getting the priceless “shot.” Not running over to scoop up the naked girl running in terror, not whacking the military man upside the head and taking his gun, not going over to help the young African girl and put a smile on her face. No, the picture needs to speak 1,000 words (or more), because most people today are too dumb to read anyway.

  9. Lugh replied:

    Just read this quote today shorty before reading this.. seems relevant so I thought I’d share:
    “Self-knowledge is self-luminous and fundamental and the basis of all other knowledge. Owing to its transcendency it is beyond both prover and proof. It is self-realized (Svanubhava). But Shruti is the source from which this knowledge arises, as Samkara says, by removing (as also to some extent reason may do) false notions concerning it. It reveals by removing the superincumbent mass of human error.” – Shakti and Shâkta, Woodroffe

  10. alex robinson replied:

    Excellent point on the vultures Mick

    Ha I’m sure one Neanderthal could surpass an auditorium of today’s experts (or press photographers).

    Hmmm … I see you have this sad failing of thinking that ‘humanity’ exists, will have to pull Kyle up on this one too – you must stop all this fantasizing & get into the real world! So for the love of Jehova, go out & buy stuff & then get off to the movies. Remember to stay very safe & take no risks :]

    How do I say this gently? You really must stop living in a fantasy world – it’s been known for a long time now that human beings were fantasy creatures who never actually existed – they were simply a cautionary tale told by parents to their offspring before they went into that Great Sleep of Adulthood.

    The idea that one would stretch out ones hand to help another is ridiculous – how many great photo opportunities would be lost if we fell for such non-profitable practices. You really do need to remember that People are Product – I would just hate to think of you missing out on success, status or wallet filling because you were living in a fantasy world.

    Get well soon & go makes lots of money so that you can be really happy & fulfilled :]

    Hi Lugh
    that fits extra-surprisingly well with some ideas that have sprung from writing this article. Was also reading today the suggestion that the number one thing we have to do, in order to do anything, is to cut out the denial – which seems much like this line

    “by removing the superincumbent mass of human error”

    I think I’m gonna agree with that.

    best to you

  11. Mick replied:

    Oh! I see the error of my ways. I thank jehova that Leeds has nearly completed a new and shiny shopping mall. Once it is open I shall go and purge myself of this human nonsense. I’ve been told my GP (who is still practising) can provide a course of pretty looking pills for this. At a very reasonable price, of course :-}

  12. Joanne replied:

    Always wondered about the prized photographers of these “money shots.” For me the haunting image (this week) are the Unicef ads for the $10 “nutritional paste.” I swear that has to be one of the greatest evils in the world – the starvation racket, and the photographic peddling therein.


    Had a rough week – thank you for contributing something that’s intended to help us heal. You always do, but the timing was particularly appropriate. I don’t think it’s just me who needed recognition that it’s perfectly all right to feel. Just so long as you do feel, that’s what matters.

    Jealous of the good weather out there :] But glad to see you are as bright as ever. Enjoyed these risks

  13. Ross replied:

    Q. What is an “iconic image”?
    A. An eye con I see.

    Oh of course, I see…

  14. alex robinson replied:

    Good boy Mick, shopping & pills will soon cure you of this ridiculous notion of lust for life :]

    Hi Joanne
    Gotta wonder how different the world would be without the media pics – how much suffering would disappear overnight if there was no chance of ‘capturing’ it on film?

    Glad to hear you are feeling & risking.
    Keep going wild :]

    Hello Ross, are you playing & thinking? Don’t you know there are laws against that? I think you’d better go shopping with Mick :]


    • Ross replied:

      I’d rather lie flopping than shopping
      I’d rather be shirking than working
      I’d rather go hopping than shopping
      I’d rather be thinking than sinking
      I’d rather be bopping than shopping
      I’d rather be playing than fraying.

      Cos there’s flaws in the laws
      And claws in the clause
      And wars in the stores
      It bores with those chores
      Gives cause to take pause
      And floors you and yours.


  15. Mick replied:

    Hey! Don’t send me shopping with Ross, he can see through the illusion. Its so comfortable in here, cold, dark and full of a continual babbling noise. Better take another pill.

  16. Ross replied:

    Hi Alex, Am I allowed an edit function? My earlier doggerel was off the cuff and upon reflection the ‘jiving striving’ line would be better as
    “I’d rather be playing than fraying.’ Which would also be true! Yes the muse and I have been playing and in a strange triangulatory bloggeramic conjunction with your good self and the Rebel I’ve written a poem which doesn’t really fit as a comment here but was inspired by your comment over there so I hope it amuses…

    Male Gynaecologists

    Lie down there and spread ’em
    I want to have a poke.
    Don’t much like the look of that
    I think it must be broke.

    Nurse pass me the scalpel
    That bright and shiny blade.
    Oh stop fidgeting why don’t you!
    And keep those legs well splayed.

    No of course I haven’t got one
    But that’s really not the point.
    I’ve got a long white coat and stethoscope
    And I run this lucrative joint.

    So lie back down and shut it
    You’re lucky to be here.
    I could be playing golf right now
    Instead of messing about down there.

    Don’t worry if I’m hurting you
    I know what I’m doing.
    And as you signed the yellow form
    Don’t even think of suing.

    We’ll stick this gizmo here
    And clamp that piece like so.
    Now where did that thing come from?
    You’d think I ought to know.

    Well you don’t need that bit there
    We’ll have it off in a flash.
    A simple surgical procedure
    Then drop it in the trash.

    Another patient seen to.
    I’ll tell her next of kin.
    Nurse please take this one out
    And bring the next one in.

    With love, Ross

  17. Mick replied:

    It may be doggerel, but it certainly brightened my day. Glad I bobbed in for a quick peek.

  18. Lugh replied:

    ‘ello alex. found some stuff actually relevant to the main content of this article you might enjoy.

  19. alex robinson replied:

    Hello boys I see shopping malls & drugs are just not going to cut it with you :]

    Ross that was … creative – you made me shudder! :] Gynaecologists are a female horror – yes indeed, the wise women of old would have been disgusted by the mere thought of them, you cannot understand how to tend to something you have not experienced. Behind the scenes at ‘this place’ now there are the most amazing breakthroughs of the female programme taking place – hope to have this aired in the not too distant future.

    very best to you

    Thanks Lugh – just doing a bit of subliminal work myself,atm – will take a peek at that when I’m done.


  20. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    When I look at this bloody horror show that modern media has become I often think of it in terms of genetic memory. I belive that we all carry the potential to access the memories of our ancestors.
    Earlier in the history of television, movies and print media when things were a little less bloody we were being trained to live lives through the stories that were presented which had little or nothing to do with our real lives creating a subconscious skill or habit or desire for dissociation.
    It seems to me that we all carry the potential to recall terrible things that happened to or around us somewhere back in time through our lineage. Things that really happened and DID have a very real impact on our past lives or anscestors. I think that all this horrible imagery has much to do with getting us to belive that we are and always have been violent and ghastly to one another because we are able to connect to it an intensely personal way that we are not fully (if at all) aware of.
    Notice the way stories about love and spirit and creativity are always ridiculously complicated and have so little to do with real existence and always come up short in so many ways? We have little if any connection to those stories as they are presented by media.
    Notice the way violence is always violence? Not terribly complicated and therefore easier to connect to as pesented in media?
    Could it be that as more people discover an abilty to access these memories that they will be more likely to see the very real negatives and thereby think less of themselves?
    Ever notice that in your articles you make a very real effort to offer enligtenment after posing a question while some commentors fail to offer the same in kind?
    Excellent article Alex!
    I think I need to go think about it some more . . . .

  21. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks mr metalhead :]
    Yes I think there must be genetic memories – I need only look at repeating family stories to think this must be so – reliving a past trauma over & over again – & so yes just what has tv done – I think it has done exactly what it was planned to do – increase & feed upon, the trauma – dark, dirty deeds – they have never been our friends & yet how many of us turned to them as a substitute family!

    I do think if we see the tricks we can help protect ourselves & allow the healing process to start.

    Thanks for your thoughts, very best to you

  22. Steve replied:

    This sentence really stuck with me:

    “The more I look the more it seems that the ‘reason’ humanity is so fucked up is because emotion …has been ripped out of its chest.”

    There is a war on love. Not the sappy, overly-dramatic type of love espoused in movies and on TV; no, there is a concerted effort to get rid of true love.

    Love like that produces many things; however, one of the items on which I have recently began to focus is on hatred. There is a movement to stop all hatred. As I am a human-being alive in this time, I cannot do so.

    I love my children and hate anything harmful that might come to them.

    I love liberty and hate anything that would take away from that.


    Apathy is the factual opposite of love, it is not hate. With hate, as with love, there is an emotional investment; apathy produces no such investment. That is why it is so easy for people to swing from one extreme to the other with loved ones who injure their emotions or on items with which they have a strong connection.

    If hatred were to cease, so, too, would real love.

    Deep stuff you have going on here, thanks for the effort to put it out there

  23. amina replied:

    Thank you so very much Alex. I have been listening to on the Celtic Rebel for a short while. I must say you are an inspiration to me. I am so touched by your blogs it feels as though sometimes you are telling the story I ‘d like to tell and the emotions I feel so deeply. Thank you, thank you.

    Peace and light.

  24. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you amina – I appreciate your words & am very glad to know that :]

    Wishing you peace & light too – & a generous dose of adventure & fun for the 2012 fiesta

    very best to you

  25. Nancy replied:


    they don’t just program us. they pervert the vessel that we are for our God given soul. they exist as parasitic fungus inside of us. candida & ergot are 2 fungi leading the attack. our bodies don’t hunger for all those sweets our parasites do.

    they thrive on sugar. lactose is essential as is corn sugar. corn is not natures food for cattle. it was given to the indians by a visiting spirit. corn has since been perverted and “improved” by growers to have higher and higher sugar content.

    they have to tell us the truth… these are the body snatchers, they are
    sneaky conniving scum. i’ve watched people who i know harbor these
    things, in almost all cases the “regular guy” is completely unaware.

    werewolves, creatures that inhabit human bodies must be killed with silver according to literature. fungus is killed w silver too. that beast may be the evolution of the fungus.

    chlorine to “clean” our drinking water drops the oxygen content. this is for their comfort.

    now people are being set up to fight for “real” sugar.

    hope you don’t think me insane. i’m “spilling my guts” here.

    multitude of thanks to you Alex. You & the Rebel help translate what many of us can see but are unable to verbalize.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Nancy
      Thanks for your insightful thoughts – not insane at all, rather “food’ for thought.

      Have been working with some friends on another ‘parasite’ angle – we know when things don’t ‘feel right’ – when something seems to have ‘invaded’ us.

      very best wishes to you

  26. I Can Has a Pull It, Sir? « The Celtic Rebel replied:

    […] why! You don’t have to tell me. For those further interested on the topic, Alex has written her piece on the subject matter of “Would you like me to pull it, sir” winners. The [now] obvious and already discussed points aside, social engineering paths and mockery of […]

  27. also alex (female) replied:

    great thoughts as always! love reading your blog and never comment, but i also had anorexia a few years ago (i was in a very nice clinic though… but i left after 11 days and recovered at home with my boyfriend (not kidding, as soon as i got OFF the medication my whole digestion started to work again…) anyways i somehow felt the need to tell you that.

    and i also was wondering why everywhere there is a tortured man hanging from a cross (when the “fact” he actually overcame death should have been the center of that sick religion… i used to be catholic but not a lot).

    anyways, enough bla bla, this post was brilliant as always! keep it up, i really love reading here :)

    greetings from germany,

    also alex

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Alex
      Thanks for your story – very glad you made it back to health :]

      Your point about JC is very relevant – one I never thought about for a long, long time. How can you base a message of love & redemption around a mutilated corpse? I’ve seen enough images of Jesus now throughout art-history images to see something I would never have seen without the Celtic Rebel’s work – a vast majority of Jesus pics/statues have a very strong homo-erotic flavour e.g.

      Why did we never question his lack of clothing or the placement of the little loin cloth?

      Thanks for your comment
      very best to you

  28. Ross replied:

    Of course when you understand that Catholicism is a death cult the central importance of a gruesome depiction of death becomes obvious. I wasn’t exposed to much Catholic trauma as a child, but I do remember when I was eight years old and playing for my school football team. We had an away match against a nearby Catholic school and had to change in their main hall. At one end looming large was a statue of Mary gazing dolefully down on us all, and it really unnerved me. It was actually visceral, a tension in the gut and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. It must have left a deep impression because that was more than forty years ago and I can still remember that discomfort to this day.

  29. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Ross
    Your comment came with extra-perfect timing – right after a chat with some friends that included Ma Mary’s saintly depiction & the negative effect that has had on women. Was really interested with your bodily-understood reaction to that – would be interested if it was at all possible for you to ‘flesh that out’ some more – if you could explain that in more detail – no pressure, just very curious :]

    very best to you

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