living wild

Right, I’ve had enough of seeing a scary monster ice-cream sitting on top of my blog … it’s time for a change.

And while we definitely need to see what’s malignantly hidden,
we also have to put our energies into
reclaiming our wildness.

In Auckland right now, the Pohutukawa trees are ablaze – sometimes called the New Zealand Christmas tree, they vibrate with life even when hanging off the edge of a cliff, which incidently, is one of their favourite locations.

If they can blaze with life in precarious situations …

… then why the hell can’t we?



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p.s – apologies for not replying to the later comments on the last article – I was away for a wee while & when I got back I was ill & just didn’t have the strength – sometimes it’s easier just to move on than go back (unless of course, you’re on the wrong road) – but all comments were much appreciated & full of insight.

very best to all

December 24, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Lovely photos Alex! It’s SO BEAUTIFUL there!
    Thanks for the pointer and be well!!


  2. Mark replied:

    Beautiful pictures Alex :)
    On another note, I’d like to talk to you about something that I believe your Nigerian friend touched on as it relates to an article I’m writing. Would it possible to email you at all?

    Oh yes, Merry Winter Pagan Celebration to you and yours! :)

  3. Kathy replied:

    Awesome pictures, Alex…..I can’t believe this is in your backyard!! :)

    Love that line “If they can blaze with life in precarious situations… then why the hell can’t we?”

    I think we can….and we will, it’s just a slow process in finding the way. It might seem a bit easier if we weren’t used to instant gratification and if the situations weren’t quite so precarious completely fucked up.


  4. Michael replied:

    Gorgeous, a nice little interlude after the demons in our treats. :lol:

  5. alex robinson replied:

    Cheers one & all :]
    Glad you enjoyed the natural bounty – these trees are so magnificent, they swirl & twist & turn & take on the most amazing shapes – instead of running from danger they root into the sides of cliffs & help hold them together.

    I think there’s a lesson there …

  6. Fitzy replied:

    Thanks Alex, I’ve driven the east coast road up north once, around late winter, where its nothing but Pohutakawa for miles.

    Some were just sparking up, others were still sleeping green, always intended to see them in bloom. Your post is a very pleasant alternative to traffic and road rage.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, and thanks for a year of posts that really have changed a lot of lives, you’re one in a million young lady.

    Cheers, Fitzy

  7. alex robinson replied:

    Grazie Fitzy
    I have much appreciated your comments over the year. Keep up your own great work … & let’s all go wild in 2012 :]

  8. aferrismoon replied:

    Trees [ and other plants] have the ability to just wait and grow slowly moving into the gaps , opening others, their roots waxing until they push through stone, tarmac and other apparently hard substances.

    Perhaps they aren’t distracted , getting their ‘feet’ whooshed off the ground by devilish advertising, souless sloganeering, commercial witchcraft and the like, intended to send our heads all of a lather.

    The [l]icons of instability.

    Fine photys – it might be worth taking them to a photocopy shop and getting A3 copies of them – relatively cheap [ here at least] and bigger gives them another quality.


  9. Joanne replied:

    What an interesting looking plant – seems not to be afraid of great heights… nor afraid of burning brightly. I can see the similarities :] Hope you are well, thank you for the visual nourishment – sometimes we forget how much there still is, all around us, just waiting to be recognized.

  10. alex robinson replied:

    Great points mr moon
    Tho’ we only see the visible parts of trees they never disown or dissociate from their roots – they are grounded in a way that we have lost. I’d like to see an advert ‘move’ a tree!

    Thanks for tip on pics – I’d rather like to see some of them grown up

    Hope you’ve been having some well-season’d fun

    Thanks Joanne – I see you’ve been burning brightly yourself :]
    We need nourishment now more than ever – meals with real substance & life energy. Mind you I do think the plastic ahem … ‘food’ does have one fine use which I never have, but would dearly like to partake of.

    A food fight – always thought that looked like so much fun :]

    Hope you are having a thrilling time.

  11. tom cuddy replied:

    Wonderful to see the summer in full bloom. Cool and frosty in Oregon, photographic proof of a sunny warm day. Great to see. Thanks.

  12. alex robinson replied:

    My pleasure tom :]

  13. Biggi replied:

    Lady Alex,
    Thanks for showing us these amazing trees in your country.
    Talking about amazing that’s what you are!

  14. Alastair replied:

    Surely those pics weren’t taken this year? I don’t remember many blue-sky days this wet, freezing, globalwarming-ified so-called summer.
    Sorry, I’ve just had a gutsful of this weather.

    PS Totally “O” for ‘awesome’ post about dying young as late as possible.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Cheers Alastair – yes that was this ‘summer’ but I’m still wearing socks to bed at night :[

      Very glad you enjoyed the neotenous article. Do I take it you are in nz?

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