The mystery show

You are warmly invited to the “mysterious show”
that will be taking place
Sunday 15th January
at 11.00pm (USA Eastern standard time)
Rebel Path Radio.

The reason it’s mysterious
is not really a mystery,
it’s just that there aren’t words,
at the moment …

All will be explained
at the end of the show.

A huge amount of passion & commitment & honesty is going into this show that will be hosted by five women.

One of my co-hosts, Katherine, & I were recent guests on Kyle Hunt’s Star Theory – link to Kyle’s article & the show here.

Katherine has written an eye-opening article on make-up that was a major part of that radio show – Making Up Our Suffering.

You have nothing to lose
that you really wouldn’t want to lose,
by joining us.

January 15, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Joanne replied:

    I am so excited about this!! Can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!! Kyle’s newest show was excellent and it was lovely to talk to you & Kathy & Sinead in the chatroom as well.

    It’s so nice to hear from women who see some of the same things I’ve been seeing – and we are all so different too, that’s the beauty of being able to come together, even through a virtual medium. Somehow, it manages to tear down some of these walls in this house of mirrors we find ourselves in. Instead of competing with one another, we’re building each other up. That’s really a treasure to behold.

    Best of luck to all of you tonight :D Take great risks!!!!


  2. alex robinson replied:

    Shane, can you email me? I tried emailing you but it came back


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