re-humanising women, reigniting conversation

Last Sunday five women came together (via Rebel Path Radio) to begin a change.

We stepped out of the the apparently unstoppable
current human direction
of destruction,
& turned
& walked back towards life.

A long time ago I found a Turkish proverb that resonated deeply with me – I feel it is essential now.

No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back

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~  ~  ~

Despite all my good intentions, a write-up has eluded me.  I think perhaps it is because if you did not ‘get’ our show, there is really nothing I can say here that will make any difference.

Instead I’m going to leave the words of my sister, written in the early hours of this morning, when she couldn’t sleep, having visited our mother the day before – I cannot think of anything more honest or poignant at the moment.  The  terrible waste of life that comes so frequently in our culture.  The cost to so many when a woman breaks.  If you have a sensitive nature you may not want to read.

It has become a house of disgust and doom. Filth, flies and urine stench coat the inside.  As I go  to open the back door, hoards of flies are hovering waiting to enter their new paradise.  You begin to question is there something else there decaying besides the old woman you call your mother.  She looks so much older now, smaller, stooped and her face looks uneven, like she has had a stroke.

As I enter the house so do the flies and they greet their other friends who are well established in the kitchen.  There is a dirty wet cloth smell coming from the kitchen bench.  Dirty tea stained cups and plates are placed on the bench along with cigarette butts, ash and old tea bags.  The dining room table is piled with paper, old bills, old fruit and the odd item of dirty underwear draped over the dining chairs.  The floor is filthy showing no signs of a vacuum cleaner or mop ever greeting its presence.  The carpet edges are worn away and underneath are the carpet beetles who are also devouring this house.

I rush to the bathroom as I need to go, but can’t decide if I really want to as more than a dozen flies compete for the room.  There are two old ice-cream containers at the back of the downpipe  where there is a leak, and as I flush the toilet more is added to it.  I wash my hands but dare not use a towel as it will be contaminated with urine too.  The bathroom tiles are starting to wear away and I wonder how many insects lie beneath it waiting to devour the floor.

I go to the only room without a fly, my parents old bedroom and find the vacuum cleaner.  I know it will need to be emptied but can’t bring myself to even see the inside of the bag.  I start in her bedroom and try to hold my breath and not look at the urine stained mattress protector I got her for the bed.  The floor is strewn with old clothes the odd used sanitary pad used to combat the urine leaks at nights. 

 This room once belonged to my sister and I.  We shared this room for 15 years until we both made our escape.  I move on and clean my brothers old room.  Inside is a single bed covered with our old friends who we spent endless hours cuddling: our teddies.  You see we never had parents to could cuddle or hug us so it was our teddies that gave us love.  We didn’t even realise that we could cuddle each other.

The same wallpaper and orange curtains hang in the room I use to spend hours sitting on the floor and listening to my records on my brother Peters record player. Peter and my younger brother Bernard shared this room.  They were 12 years apart but got on really well with Peter always looking out for Bernard.

Next the hall has been covered with an old grey carpet which was placed over a long rug.  The very rug I hid my mashed potatoes under when I could not get in to the bathroom to flush it down the toilet.  We had to eat mashed potatoes most nights and both my sister Alex and I hated it we would almost vomit.  If I couldn’t feed it to the black Labrador under our table I would pocket it and flush it down the toilet.  One day I panicked as I heard my mother coming and lifted the rug in the hall and squashed it down.  It stayed there until she found a mouse in the house and my old mashed potatoes.  Of course I had to come clean as I was a good catholic and I think I got the wooden spoon that day.

The ceiling in the lounge is also wasting away as all the old paints leaves its once save haven.  This is the room we came to at night and just sat and watched Television or on a Sunday night after church listened to my parents choice of music.  Those hours were spent wishing away I could be somewhere else.  A place where there was life. 

Every time I have to go to this house I feel the impending doom, I am sucked into it as I enter the house. It is like a dark heavy cloak which doesn’t just sit over you, but seeps into your every pore then drags you down into her world.

There is no pleasure for me in posting this story – we are supposed to keep all our family secrets tucked away in closets, but my sister said recently how she feels that her closet is bulging & almost ready to burst open – I think it is that way with many.

This story may not be pretty, but I had such a strong feeling that it might help others & I wished to help my sister reclaim her voice.  If something in this tale helps you in your life, then perhaps my mother’s life is not so tragically wasted.

I do want to address a topic brought up in the show, but I will do that on a separate article.

Once again I thank Katherine, Shannon, Anna & Sinead for their tremendous courage & heart-warming friendship & their power-filled voices.

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  1. Mike replied:

    Alex and the Ladies,
    Great show! My best wishes to all of you for opening up. I hope to hear from all of you again soon. Even a 63 yr. old man learned much. I wish I could have heard from you all 30 yrs. ago when I was bringing up my daughters.
    Love to all,

    • Sinead replied:

      Hey Mike! This comment means so much to me. It brings me great comfort to know that someone your age is still open to hearing new and different information. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen as well as comment. : )

  2. Everett replied:

    This was quite the enlightening talk for me, as a young man ha.

    It made me think of things I never had before.

    I’m going to try to share this with as many young women as I can, because I feel it’s important they learn how to love themselves more.

    I love how your spiritual energy comes through your voice, Ms./Mrs. Robinson, it’s a joy to hear.

  3. paulo replied:

    “fight club” for women hein ? ;) Congratulations to you and to the rest of the “team” miss alex !!!

  4. Joanne replied:

    Excellent show everyone, it was a really nice treat for all of us who are starved to hear from other sensible women :] I am really tempted to write about ten pages in response, but I’m going to have to save them for a proper article in the near future.
    Thanks so much to all of you for revealing yourselves – I know it’s not easy, especially those of you who are shy like me, but it’s very rewarding when we muster up the nerve – and thank you for the topics you discussed, I know that was challenging as well, but well worth it. The show brought up a lot of my own memories that have been collecting dust for years – I’ve been sifting through and found quite the hoard, so forgive me for not being more specific at this moment – will try to address this with a response article.
    Much love and luck to each and every one of you – thank you for your stories and great risks, they really resonated here – will respond in full as soon as I can


    • Joanne replied:

      Wow Alex – your sister’s story left me feeling lost for words. I really hope it helped her to get it out of her system – and I hope it helps you too – you are so lucky to have one another. Even if you didn’t think to comfort one another when you were little – you were children and it’s not anyone’s fault for not thinking of it then. I see that, clearly, being unable to turn to one another for comfort in childhood has been remedied over the years. I’m not just amazed by the story, I’m amazed that you gave your sister a platform to tell her story, because it is also ties into your stories. That’s a great risk as well and it’s not lost on us.

      I can think of several people in my personal life who would be able to identify with that story, for several different reasons. There is something about the unfolding of life – we start out life as children to our parents, but as we all get older, we sort of become parents to our parents. People don’t talk about it – it ties into so many touchy subjects, like caring for our parents when they get older, and what a sordid ordeal that can be – but it’s more than that – it’s recognizing where they fucked up – excuse my language – and then grabbing hold of our own lives, and making a concerted effort not to repeat the cycle.
      I wish you could have heard my mother back in December, after her biological mother passed. She didn’t cry. My sister and I, we cried for her. Because the bitterness that came out of that woman, when she finally had to let go of it, my God – it was really something to behold – the shedding of a fifty year grudge. As emotionally upsetting as it was, it was really beautiful to see her address it. It has lightened her overall presence since then. She’ll always be angry on some level about not having a childhood, but it’s no longer polluting her life.

      Bringing honest & personal stories to the public realm has that double-edged purpose – we are no longer suffering in silence, and we are very likely helping the lives of others in the process – that goes for you, your sister, and the ladies you spoke with on Sunday. It’s all important, it all plays a part.

      Okay I said I wasn’t going to write a ten page response… I lied :P

      Great risks, Alex!

    • Sinead replied:

      Thank you Joanne! I really enjoyed listening to you on Kyle’s show. Thank you for showing your support : ) It means a lot.

  5. Niko replied:

    Thank you all so much for putting this conversation out there.

    I realised something this morning after sleeping on what I had heard. The honesty and openness from all involved reminded me of why I liked women in the first place…. and how subtely and insidiously I had moved/been moved from that.

    I thought that I “liked women” because I have all the feelings that go along with being a heterosexual guy.

    It’s seeing, being reminded of openess that shows what’s really missing.

    If a man gets chewed up even by his own mother..then moves through the standard dissapointments and rejections of learning to “adult” all the while absorbing the bullshit presentation of women from the media and witnessing real woman who have been duped into taking on those masks… the personas. And he dosent even realise the extent to which those fronts are just that….fronts. That man could end up angry and confused. And if he’s distracted enough he might never figure out why.

    I thought I liked women which stopped me from realising that I’d stopped liking women and finally seeing this brings a chance to heal and the opportunity to truly love women.

    Thank you!!!

    • Sinead replied:

      Thank you so much for your comment. I think it is so true that we have forgotten why we love women. There are so many beautiful and strong qualities found in women that have been pushed out of our pyches (for now) Thank you so much for sharing what you did. I will be smiling for the next several hours : )

  6. Katherine replied:

    Thanks for sharing your sister’s words, Alex. It’s true that we are meant to keep the family skeletons in the closet or be ashamed of them, even if they are not our fault in any way. Very brave of you to share. Hugs to you and your sister.

    Also, thank you to all of the comments so far regarding our show this past Sunday. The feedback is wonderful and it’s great to see how our conversation is resonating with both men and women, of all ages. :)

  7. Rachel replied:

    Thankyou sis for posting this article, it seems to mean more to see it printed somewhere else other than in my documents!
    Well done on your show and well done to all the ladies who helped on the show (and the odd male too!), It is important to try and speak about the things we have never been able to do and you are all opening the door. I:) xx

  8. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    An excellent show containing far more than I can process after listening only once.
    One thing I have decided to do after listening is to cure myself of some of my tecno-retardation and figure out how to get this show on some kind of portable listening device (a big challenge for me) so that I can listen again and share it with others more easily.
    As a Man I am very appreciative and wish to thank all of the wonderful Women who gave and shared so much.
    Thank you.

  9. alex robinson replied:

    Just such great heart-felt comments everyone – I know I’m not the only one from our show who has gone back & read & then re-read these.

    I’m going away for a couple of days, but will reply individually when I get back – I think my friends will also like to reply :]

  10. Biggi replied:

    Lady Alex, Anna, Katherine, Shannon and Sinead,
    What a powerful show. So much information. You were all so real. Everyone could write a book about their lives and what happened and it has more suspense, truth, sadness, compassion, joyfulness etc. than many novels or even those self-help books.
    I wish you all the best, lots of healing…
    Thank you

  11. brad replied:

    Beautiful show ladies, bravo!

    A must-listen for men and women alike everywhere!

    (now you need your own weekly show…! ; )

  12. the living tiki replied:

    “Where are you, mom?” I inquired, after hearing her call out to me. I had just come home from work, and heard my name as I entered the back door.

    “I’m in the bathroom. I need your help,” she replied with a weak voice.

    “I’m coming in, mom,” I said as I knocked on the door and opened it slowly.

    “I’m sorry, I tried to make it, but….,” she stated as tears welled up in her eyes. She looked at her walker lying halfway in the shower, and then down at the puddle of her brown filth she had slipped and fallen upon. Her nightgown was soaked, and stuck to her legs. She was 71 years old, suffering from arthritis, lupus, diabetes, and a stroke.

    “It’s OK, mom, don’t worry. It’s not your fault. It’s a tricky bathroom to navigate, especially coming from your bedroom,” I answered, as I decided the best way to remedy the situation. Since my mother gave birth to me when she was 42, I never knew the mother my siblings had – youthful, joyful, and loving to dance. I grew up with a depressed alcoholic, prone to pouring flour on the piano, setting the drapes on fire, and slashing beautiful portraits of herself. That actually how I started drawing when I was 9. I wanted to replace the painting she had destroyed. In her youth, Elizabeth Taylor couldn’t hold a candle to my mother.

    She could have been lying there minutes or hours – an attempt to avoid the sound of metal crutches clanking. A sound which I heard drawing nearer and nearer.

    “What’s going on here?” my father inquired until he saw what had happened.

    “I got it, dad, go back upstairs.”

    “Jesus Christ, I told you to wear those damn diapers! Look at this mess! You’re no better than a goddamn animal!”

    I said I got it,” giving him a look reminding him he was talking about his wife – and my mother.

    With a grunt of disgust he turned and went back upstairs to his office. Like my mother, I had never known the person my father really was. A rebellious achiever who was flying planes at 14, and who wanted to defy my grandparents by joining the Army Air Corps at the beginning of WWII. Instead, a career starting with the Naval Academy ended with a submarine explosion in San Francisco bay due to the negligent incompetence of two sailors, which took his leg and almost his life. He was never the same after that.

    Thankfully my parents had installed a walk-in shower, to which I hoisted my mother onto the built-in chair. “Here’s the spray nozzle, mom. Just remove your gown while spraying yourself and I’ll be right outside the sliding door to hand you some towels and your robe. Do you think you can manage?”

    “Yes, I think so.”

    After cleaning the floor, I slowly and carefully helped my mother back to bed. She spent a good percentage of her time sitting on the edge of the bed, just smoking and looking at herself in the full length closet mirrors.

    “Dad can help you put on another nightgown when he comes back down. I’m sure he’ll want you to wear something else too,” I said, thinking back to the other times I’ve had to clean up “before your father gets home.”

    “Do you need anything? Some tea?” I asked.


    “Yeah, mom.”

    “Did you know that when you were baptized, I told the priest that we didn’t expect you, that you were a ‘happy accident’. He told me that then you would most certainly be the joy of my life. Did you know that?”

    “Yeah I know, mom. I know.”

  13. Uptide replied:

    Thank you Alex, Anna, Katherine, Shannon and Sinead for that beautiful show, very brave indeed!

    It helped me realize how to connect to friends and loved ones in a new way. Everything else is really just small talk. Too often, I’ve witnessed extremely shallow conversations about We consumed that! – Oh we where in .. and consumed that! What did you consume?

    I want to add that a healthy woman is always attractive. That has nothing to do with make-up, it’s quite the contrary. Strong application of make-up I refer to as Death Mask. Of course we can’t have that projected by the media.

    Oh, and I second Michael, checking looks about twice a week :)

    It was good having the opportunity to listen to real women on real issues, with so much heart and sincerity. Thank you!

  14. Ed replied:

    This is an excellent show ladies, it has a lot of things that can be learned on how girls & women think. The difference in thinking at different ages for both genders is astounding. Its nice to hear a gathering of women speak to each other respectfully, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that in my life.

    Now that my curiosity has gotten the best of me, I ask you gals what astrological signs are you? My gut feeling tells me there was a twin, one scale, a crab, a bull, and a lion that gathered them together.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Indeed, vulnerability is tantamount to bravery.

  15. Shane replied:

    Rebel stated that all comments about this week’s show needed to be directed toward you, Alex, so here we go…

    Great job with the takeover this week. (And I mean all the participants.) It was brilliant. Woman’s primal roar did not go unnoticed. Please tell me that this will not be the last show you do with this kind of format, Alex. Woman’s true energy, as well as the healing energy that they’re so familiar with, is desperately needed in the world today. It was nice to sit in on a conversation full of love and sisterhood.

    Also, it was so interesting that you brought up those passages from the Bible, Alex- I remember reading those as a teen and being very affected by them. And not in the good way. “Ew, periods are gross! Get the bloody ovulating women away from me!” Haha! So ridiculous.

    Since you first started talking about the constricting nature of bras, I’ve been rather curious if something similar isn’t going on with the tighty-whities that we’re often forced to wear as little boys. Some men continue to wear them into adulthood. Could they not also be a contributing factor to health?

    Also, just gimme a moment to go off on a quick tangeant. As a gay man, I demand we find another word to describe these people that don’t like women. I love ‘em. It may sound stereotypical as hell, but gays really do love their female friends. And I’ll venture so far as to say that my group of people deserve happiness- gay does mean happy, after all- and these “gay pederasts” are anything but content. They should be stripped of the term immediately. A new one needs to be placed before the word pederast. I refuse to be alienated by others within the community or classified anywhere near these haters of humanity. (Are you listening to that latter statement, Rebel?) I find it rather funny- whether you’re gay or a heterosexual man, you still require the company of a woman in one way or another.

    Again, thank you Alex and company for the show this week.

    P.S. Kat, I’m so happy to see how well you’re doing within the community. I love you. And I miss you, girl!

  16. Robert replied:

    Wow, I really enjoyed listen to five real human beings with such a sweet kiwi accent.
    Great show Alex, you need your own radio show as well!

    So much lost common sense and deep wisdom.

    Off topic but when I sat in the subway today, there was an ad for an Exhibition and when i was seeing the painting I instantly thought that she looks like Alex from NZ even if I never saw you.

    Just want to share it with you

  17. Petri replied:

    Blessings and lots of healing hugs to all of you ladies.

    Beatyful show, thanks for your courage.


  18. Nicolas replied:

    Thank You Alex… As a man it’s awesome to here Women speak from the heart and outside of Holly Wood influence… I have a greater Respect of Women… Future shows “You must do more shows” suggestions :)

    1. the Evil Porn Agenda… Demoralization of man & women… I have been addicted to Porn for many years it started young at 7 years old… Porn Mags then Movies then Internet… I gave it up its like a drug… I don’t do drugs/drink but the porn was a drug… Now I am sick at the thought of it 99% of it is Filth 1% may be okay but finding that 1% is like looking gold in a sewage of shit… I hate porn… but I have grown more stronger and wiser!

    2. how the Universe is a refection of motherhood “Galaxies give birth to Galaxies”… Halton Arp “Galileo of modern day” has discovered that The big “gang” bang is False and instead the Universe is giving birth everywhere. This is the most amazing inspirational theory ever discovered

    3. This is the most saddest Documentory I have ever seen… As a man I cried uncontrollable and I have no shame to say that… This story must be told… “Tears of Gaza” after watching this I will Never Support War…

    Much Love

  19. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you so much for that – the willingness to share & be honest in these comments has given us all a new kind of treasure.

    I love that you care for your daughters – that’s not always a given.

    very best to you

    We are all so glad to have been part of something ‘enlightening’. Thank you for being willing to pass this on to others.

    very best to you

    Thanks Paulo :]

  20. alex robinson replied:

    Double thanks Joanne
    I really appreciated your thoughts & honesty & loved all ten pages :)

    It was amazing how my sister had written that at that time, completely unconnected to the show it would seem & yet it struck me so forcibly, viscerally & I just knew that was what needed to be said here. It was not an easy decision on a personal level, but it was easy on a humanity level. I also understood that it might make us seem so heartless to ‘allow’ our mother to get into that situation, but there is no reaching her & there never has been, it’s as if something else lives inside her that fights life with everything it possesses. In the Master of Lucid Dreams they talk of ‘spirits of trauma’ that take over people from the inside if they are not healed, I can really see something like this happening with her.

    sorry did I just write a ten page reply? :]

    Thanks you for your kindness & constant honesty, it is much appreciated.

    So many thanks Nico, this was, for all of us, an outstanding comment. For myself I felt it in my bones, the willingness to be honest, to say something that we already knew but are not allowed to know.

    Sincere thanks

    Heya ‘Kat’ :]
    I very much appreciated the back-up I felt in your words – let the skeletons be released – perhaps we could arrange a coming out party for them, I’m sure they’re well over-due!


    Heya Rach

    Thanks so much, that was just such perfect timing! You touched many people.

    Now just remember to breathe & we will take the next steps one step at a time.

    Love ya

  21. mind-blowin replied:

    An amazing show! Much respect to all who made it possible

    Alex, you work is incredibly uplifting.Even when things get frightening.

    I wanted to share some material that has made a huge impact on my heart. There’s alot to take in. I hope anyone discovering this can find value here and that it helps. As you’ve said we could all use the healing.

  22. alex robinson replied:

    mr metalhead, David, thanks & then extra thanks for being willing to share our show :]

    very best to you

    Thanks so much Biggi – you were a part of this too you know.

    Thanks so much :] We are working on something atm …

    That is a beautiful story mr tiki, despite its raw awfulness, it contains so much beauty of the heart – the exquisite natural kindness of true humanity mixed with the bitterest tragedy born of a suffocating & sickly, death-based culture.

    So we step outside that now & build anew.

    Many thanks to you & love to your mum & healing to your dad.

    Thanks Uptide, very glad you heard the ‘conversation’ message – it’s absolutely vital. I find it so hard to do the ‘word splatter’ thing – spraying people with words in the same way that land is sprayed with chemicals – it sits on the surface, kills what’s good & gradually becomes more & more toxic. Real conversation is ‘electric’.

    If only ‘character’ was equated with female attractiveness what valuable interminglings might take place between the sexes.

    Haha so it is true, twice a week … lucky bastard :]

    very best to you

    • the living tiki replied:

      I guess I should have noted that memory was from 1996. My mom died a year later after having another stroke, and my dad passed on shortly over a year after her. It was due to complications from colon cancer, but I’m truly certain it was due to him realizing he had then lost something else besides his leg – his heart (and his love).

      I posted it less as a comment and more of a tribute to the amazing power and honesty of you and your guest’s words and voices – even though I had only listened to about ten minutes of your show….

      Here’s what happened: The show started off awesome [with me imagining all of you lovely ladies having your discussion while lounging together in the same hot tub :) ] but then you started discussing childhood toys, and that of course made me reflect upon my own childhood. I was more of an observer in my parent’s lives than I was a participant. Because of that, I couldn’t listen to the rest of the show – I didn’t know why (my thoughts were more “subconscious” I guess), I just became restless and decided I would listen to it later in full at a better time. When I intended to do that, I first read what your sister had written, and I must admit I broke down and started crying. My “comment” was the result of that. I still have yet to listen to the rest of the show.

      But I do have another comment for you, your sister, Anna, Katherine, Shannon, and Sinead:

      You are beautiful.

      • alex robinson replied:

        mr tiki thanks :]
        I don’t know what happens after death so I’ll just leave those wishes for your folks.

        You know I had a very strong feeling to begin the show with our children’s stories – perhaps that was for you – our audience was never going to be huge, so I reckon the show was for quite specific people – ones who are dedicated to living & open to ideas that foster that. I know I hoped that our children’s stories would help others reconnect with their own, allow them to come from a place of innocence as opposed to the heartery-clogging of adulthood.

        There was more to my sister’s letter that I did not include, on another topic – there are so many tales of tragedy tucked silently into people’s families, it’s almost a a wonder that any of us can move.

        I believe our show is good for the heart – it won’t break anything & underneath it all is the roar of rekindling conversation – I recommend you give it a chance.

        much love to you

  23. Evan replied:

    Hello Ladies!

    Wonderful discussions and points been made on this radio talk. I really enjoyed how they started from specific focused points and then broaden to the bigger picture and that, to me, is what’s happening to people and how we interact with each other, also one more thing (I’m not sure if it was mentioned) is the environment. Because we’re all affected by the environment we live in and that’s one of things that’s happening to us – our environment is changing – and therefore we’ve been behaving and treating each other oddly in our own different ways: which needs to stop.

    We should all sit and discuss these things that have been affecting each of the sexes, because if you women feel as if you lost your voice or vision, then so have us men, too! We balance each other and we must together solve these problems that have been afflicting us. From this talk you all had, helped me achieve greater understanding of oneself and others, from what I didn’t know before and I know it can do the same for others. Who walk aimlessly in the dark as we have ourselves.

    I think and hope you all have another discussion (doesn’t have to be soon!) and that you ladies (and maybe men?) will talk over a bigger picture next time. Thank you!

    All the best,

  24. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Ed, thanks for your thoughts.
    I would like to place ‘vulnerability’ back where it belongs – as one of the greatest examples of strength & perhaps the fastest route to healing & wholeness.

    As to our signs, I don’t know them all but over half come from the water :]

    very best to you

    Hi Shane
    You bring up some great points & I/we very much appreciate your kind thoughts.

    Yes I’m pretty sure the tight male undies would be pretty damned unhealthy too.

    I hear you on the ‘gay’ naming – it’s just real hard to work with concepts so alien to so many & try & keep trying to make sense.

    very best to you

    Hi Robert
    Glad you enjoyed our conversation, & yes we are most definitely striving for the return/creation of, common sense & wisdom.

    We understood that we could never have done the show had we been seen/televised. While it was simply our voices we had the freedom to express our ‘characters’, rather than be imprisoned by the demands of how we look – it was interesting to see a personification of my character :]

    very best to you

    Hugs to you again – I really appreciated your pre-show encouragement :]

    Hi Nicolas

    I was very interested in your first suggestion because this has actually been a topic of conversation behind the scenes, with a man who spoke a similar pain – about what has been lost/stolen from men thro this medium. We are looking at getting an account that will allow us to do our own shows & then make them available as podcasts. These shows would definitely feature men who are willing to speak honestly, who are angry, sick & tired of the lies they have been tricked into living.

    Thanks for your other ideas too, but especially for your willingness to be open & honest, that was very much appreciated.

    very best to you

    Many thanks mind-blowin
    It has been great for all of us to hear that our show really touched people – I can’t begin to tell you how much effort & commitment & vulnerability went into that show & so how good it is to hear that it made a difference – we were quite clear on what we hoped to achieve – & certainly behind the scenes it has led to enormous leaps & bounds in new ideas & new ways of viewing why we are where are.

    Very best to you

    Hi Evan
    Thanks for the feedback – agreed we must get back our voices.

    We talked as women because that is what we are & because we felt it was women who had to begin this dialogue – but it was always with the intention that men would become a part of it & indeed our friend Michael added much to where we were going. Women have just had a freer hand in expressing themselves, we are allowed/expected to be hysterical, irrational creatures – so we used that ‘freedom’ – we turned it round & ran like the wind with it & hopefully in the process mapped out a new vision – that women are extremely sane & rational & intelligent & human. Now we need to rekindle the natural friendship of woman with man & blast out of this prison.

    very best to you

    • Sinead replied:

      Hey Evan! (Evan is my friend from school) Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the WHOLE show. That means so much to me as well as the others I’m sure. I agree with you that it is tim to do a show with both men and women, and I can’t wait until we see that day! Thanks again Evan! It was great to hear your input! : )

  25. tom cuddy replied:

    I listened and enjoyed all that was said. Your group said what is rarely said in the open. I agree that the road to healing is through understanding of oneself first. This kind of sharing allows us to grow and know without artifice. It is the basic facts about our bodies and how these facts have been kept hidden, unexplained, or labeled taboo that hold us back. The victim mentality has left the room. Thanks.

    Much love

    • alex robinson replied:

      Many thanks Tom
      It is indeed time to evict the victimhood – artifice/artificiality suffocates life. I rather think it’s time to go crazy & get real :]

      very best to you

  26. Shannon replied:

    Thank you everyone for opening you hearts and minds, for really listening to us, and for sharing all your heartfelt comments. I really appreciate it.

    And I’d like to thank Alex, Kathy, Sinead and Anna for letting me join in with you. You are all amazingly beautiful people. Thank you for being so honest and open and real. You give me so much hope for humanity. These talks we’ve shared have made such a huge positive impact on my life. I could never thank you guys enough. :]

  27. Anna replied:

    Im happy that this show has, and will hopefully help alot of people and thankyou so much to Alex, Sinead, Katherine and Shannon for allowing me the opportunity to be part of the show, I love you all, and Thanks to everyone for the awsome comments I appreciate them :)

  28. Response to the Women’s Show | replied:

    […] since the Women’s Broadcast on The Rebel Path, I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how to respond to […]

  29. An Audible Understanding | Nostalgia's Fore replied:

    […] podcast is a continuation of the “Women’s Show” on The Rebel Path. I had a part in that as well, as some might recall, Alex asked me to write down […]

  30. Nikki replied:

    What a wonderfully relatable show. I have such a connection with nature myself and I know it stems from my childhood. I tap into it everyday and I am grateful that I remember what is was like to be a kid and how different things looked, tasted, and felt. It’s both sad and happy to reflect on it becasue yes I miss it But I am so grateful to have had it and it still lives in me : )

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks for your thoughts Nikki, & it’s great to hear that you have maintained a connection with nature.

      very best to you

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