The Coromandel

A few days after the re-humanising women, reigniting conversation show, my sister Rachel invited me on a jaunt to the Coromandel.  The timing was perfect, it was just what I needed.

I thought you might enjoy a visual jaunt –
I didn’t always have my camera,
so there are many amazing sights missing,

but I think you can still get the picture.

To all my friends who were part of/helped with, the show this is dedicated to you too. 

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

“Time & tide wait for no man” … except in NZ

a travelling companion

memories …

… of childhood

when long ago …

… we used to camp on the dunes of this beach

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

I’m working on a new article atm but thought you might enjoy a change of scene.

The comments & feedback from our show have been truly inspiring.  

Thank you
from all of us 

January 27, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Beautiful and inspiring!! I cannot wait to visit!!

    Cheers my friend!!

  2. Katherine replied:

    Beautiful pictures, Alex….thanks for sharing! Just am looking at these on a short break at work and I can almost feel the sand between my toes. :) I’m so happy you had the opportunity to go back to the Coromandel.

  3. Biggi replied:

    Lady Alex,
    Thank you for sharing the pics from your trip to Cromandel. I feel like a had a get-a-way-trip” over the satellite”. Hope you had a good rest and lots of peace. Best wishes to you and your sister.

  4. Fitzy replied:

    I can smell the kiwi summer sand, that pungent mix of dust and salt, with a whiff of old seaweed thrown in for good measure.
    Hope the rest you enjoyed stays deep within you, bringing a lasting peace and good health.

    Thanks for sharing Alex.

  5. paulo replied:

    dont let the puppy jump out the window ;) Awaiting for the next meal miss Alex :)

  6. Max replied:

    Thank you or sharing these pictures, Alex.
    Last summer, I did a walk on the Teufelsberg. I actually intended to visit the abandoned CIA station, just to find out that you have to pay to enter that area. So I walked through the forest while lots of mosquitos sucked the blood from uncovered parts of my skin. When I wandered down the downhill-trail I heard some kind of hard style techno, somebody were playing from somewhere. I took care that I moved through the parts of the trail which are unaccessible by bikes, so that no mountain biker would accidentaly run over me.
    I am still happy that I did this walk despite the aggravations.

    I drop this video I’ve found, just to let you experience a little piece of Teufelsberg:

  7. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks one & all for your comments – very glad you enjoyed the fresh air with me :]


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