fated feet

Remember what Bilbo used to say: It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door …

You step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to

Human being: – the most curious species to never walk the earth.

I would like to suggest that the following biblical line is bollocks:

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth

Taking a peek at meek we find:

long-suffering, spineless or spiritless, compliant, deficient in spirit and courage

submissive and subservient

I reckon it’s time to amen-d the bible:

Blessed are the humble, for they shall inherit the earth

The reason the humble would get to inherit Terra firma, has all to do with the fact that their feet never left it in the first place:

humble (adj.)   … from L. humilis “lowly, humble,” lit. “on the ground,” from humus “earth”.

Near the ground; not high or lofty; not pretentious or magnificent; unpretending

This life of ours, is rooted in our bodies.  And it is only by the grace of these bodies, that …

… modern head-life can exist at all.

Maybe it’s time to come home to our bodies.

AND time to wonder why we were evicted in the first place.

Your root chakra is your connection and grounding

… to your physical surroundings

… your sense of belonging in the physical world

The first chakra … known as the root chakra … is the closest Chakra to the ground …

… and controls our sense of stability and security in this life. It is where we get our footingstand our ground and find our strength

Expressions like “Be on firm ground” and “Getting on your feet again” convey a good connection and an open Root chakra …

… “To lose ground” and “Getting swept off your feet” convey a closed (or almost closed) Root chakra. When your Root chakra is closed too far, you may actually feel that your feet don’t seem to really touch the ground” 

The only one of the seven Chakras that is always active in all people … the parts of the body nourished by the Root Chakra [are] the BASE OF THE SPINE, LEGS and FEET.

… The body and the world in which it dwells is the domain of the Root Chakra

In an ideal world we would walk this earth in deep connection.

You may have noticed
that this is
an ideal world.

I’m going to suggest that treasure, along with loads of crap,
has been hidden inside many of our
fairy tales – those places where we were
shown truth
fed lies.

 Why is it that so many fairy tales had such a fascination with feet?

Suffering feet

Disconnected feet

Un-grounded feet

To remain in the company of her prince she must endure an agony in her feet that redoubles with every step she takes.  To obtain human feet at all she has had to sacrifice her voice” ~ The Little Mermaid

Meet Mr Anderson – the great Dane.

Hans Christian Andersen is considered the father of the modern fairy tale … Many of his original tales … entered the collective consciousness with the same mythic power as the ancient, anonymous ones

Now that’s some power!

A quick look at this myth maker reveals some strangeness – though he was merely the son of a cobbler:

King Frederick VI took a personal interest in him as a youth and paid for a part of his education

This man whose stories reached inside the minds of so many children, was sexually confused:

Just as with his interest in women, Andersen would become attracted to nonreciprocating men. For example, Andersen wrote to Edvard Collin: “I languish for you as for a pretty Calabrian wench… my sentiments for you are those of a woman. The femininity of my nature and our friendship must remain a mystery.” … In recent times some literary studies have speculated about the homoerotic camouflage in Andersen’s works

Returning to our topic, I came across the following in my web travels, it speaks of another unfortunate Anderson heroine:

Inger is not the only pretty girl in Andersen’s stories who suffers dreadfully, and usually feet are somehow involved Scholars far more accomplished than I have noted the degree to which Andersen “tortures” his beautiful & footsore heroines”  Link

There was The Little Match Girl …

In the cold and the darkness, a poor little girl, with bare head and naked feet roamed through the streets …  the little girl went on with her little naked feet, which were quite red and blue with the cold 

… but she burned out pretty fast …

 … In the dawn of morning there lay the poor little one … she had been frozen to death on the last evening of the year; and the New-year’s sun rose and shone upon a little corpse!

And the inhuman story of The Red Shoes:

Thou shalt dance!” he said—“dance on thy red shoes, till thou art pale and cold, and till thy body shrivels to a skeleton …Thou shalt dance, dance!” …

… The shoes carried her on over thorn and brier; she scratched herself till she bled; she danced away across the heath to a little lonely house. Here she knew the executioner dwelt; and she tapped with her fingers on the panes, and called,—
“Come out, come out! I cannot come in, for I must dance!

And the Executioner said,—
“You probably don’t know who I am? I cut off the bad people’s heads with my axe!”

“Do not strike off my head,” said Karen, “for if you do I cannot repent of my sin …

… But strike off my feet with the red shoes?

Andersen didn’t let the boys go scot-free either.

In the Steadfast Tin Soldier, his hero had only one leg to stand on. The love of his life was also an uno-ped.

In a symbolic echo of the Little Match Girl, they got burned out pretty fast too.

Presently one of the little boys took up the tin soldier, and threw him into the stove. He had no reason for doing so … The flames lighted up the tin soldier, as he stood, the heat was very terrible … He felt himself melting away, but he still remained firm with his gun on his shoulder. Suddenly the door of the room flew open and the draught of air caught up the little dancer, she fluttered like a sylph right into the stove by the side of the tin soldier, and was instantly in flames and was gone

I’d like to suggest that when we don’t own our own feet, we get burned out as well.

According to Greek legend, the feet symbolized the soul

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads” ~Henry David Thoreau

I want to have a go now at undoing romance.  If the men who read this far now think it’s now time to sign out now & leave it to the women, they’d be mistaken.

romance    c.1300, “story of a hero’s adventures”.

Romance is, & always has been, sharply two-pronged – it’s just that the sexes got forked in different ways.

I’m going to start with the women, since everyone knows that women are into

… ‘all that romance bull shit’.

For the sake of this article I’m re-labelling the female version of romance as Toxic Waiting Syndrome.

Toxic Waiting is the underlying theme of virtually every fairy tale ‘programme’, as it is aimed at girls.

I don’t claim to have all the ins & outs, I’m just using what I’ve found in my life, talks with others & abundant musing.  By re-looking at fairy tales in this context, I am now seeing that successful implementation of romance equates to the psychic crippling  …

… or removal of a woman’s feet.

I must add here that there will be no attack on men because as we shall see, they have been crippled, but in a different way.  Rather this is an exploration on the cunning, almost scientific formula, behind romance.

For now let’s continue on the woman’s path.

Why would it be necessary to remove/cripple the feet of an entire gender?

Whether or not there was a mistranslation, Cinderella’s glass slippers most certainly…

entered the collective consciousness with the same mythic power as the ancient, anonymous ones

Who voluntarily places their bare feet in, let alone near, glass?

Rapunzel’s feet on the other hand …

… never even got
to touch the earth.

The feet of
Sleeping Beauty …

& Snow White,
were also held aloft.

the sleeping, comatose & …

…  the dead
do not need their feet.

The grand outcome of all ‘great’ fairy tales & all great romances for a woman, is the sweeping off her feet by a charming Prince.

The notion is so widespread that we never thought to ask: “Why did we fall for this?”

Your root chakra is your connection and grounding to your physical surroundings your sense of belonging in the physical world

What will this lass do once she gets to her Prince’s castle?  Her gallant knight has his trusty four-feeted steed.

But where are her feet?

To lose ground” and “Getting swept off your feet” convey a closed (or almost closed) Root chakra

Actually, there is one other group of people who have little need for their feet.


I have often felt that women exist in some kind of …

… subterranean world – to me it feels like a huge pit containing all the women of the world.  We do not walk the earth as we should – something dug a hole for us once upon a time & we have been living there ever since.

I think we ended up there when we gave away our feet – when eons ago we stopped living & started waiting.

Why might women have been deliberately under-grounded?

Women … seem to respond intuitively & immediately to the “barefoot connection” & to the healing & energy of Mother Earth

Much like an animal’s paw, your foot “is the vital link” between you and the Earth … that serves to “extract” energy from the Earth—similar to the way a plant extracts moisture and nutrients from the soil.

human beings … evolved in harmony with the Earth’s natural electrical energywe literally need to recharge our batteries … to stay “grounded”.

Human beings and our hominid ancestors have walked upright for over three million years — mostly barefoot on natural terrain, in a continuing and intimate relationship with the Earth beneath their  feet. That relationship fostered the balance and physical agility

... rare in contemporary urban society  that allowed them to walk easily across a log over a stream with things balanced on their heads. It also fostered a deep enduring sense of self, and an accompanying deep sense of psychological and even spiritual security

For the love of sanity, would someone tell me why these exist?

The least secure are likely to be the ones who use the most effort just walking around, and who have the weakest sense of connection with the Earth

In what way is life enhanced by having women become ‘the least secure‘?

What lies beneath high heels (apart from crippled feet)?

Egyptian butchers also wore heels, to help them walk above the blood of dead beasts

In ancient Rome, sex trade was not illegal and female prostitutes were readily identified by their high heels

Already we can see issues of domination and submission being associated with shoes much like the lotus shoes of China. Indeed, Chinese concubines and Turkish odalisques wore high shoes, prompting scholars to speculate if heels were used not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent women from escaping the harem

I’ve wondered about women’s feet on & off for a number of years.

I remember once watching men & women walk & being amazed at the difference.  The men walked as if their feet dominated the earth, while the women’s feet seemed somehow … disconnected.

Without the information from your feet, your sense of connection with the Earth diminishes. No longer experiencing support from the surface beneath you, you stiffen and use effort to support yourself … What happened, to put us so out of touch with our natural birthright?

It seems criminally insane to me to remove women from the earth both are bringers/nurturers of life.  In disconnecting women from the earth have we somehow disconnected humanity from life itself?  I was thinking this morning of how women seem to fear …

… or been taught to fear, much of Mother Nature – surely this is where the feminine energy should be most at home.

Further inquiry into the de-feet of women came from seeing these toilet signs in Tokyo a few years ago:

Why oh why does the woman have only one leg?

A little foot-play:

The talus bone (Latin for ankle) … is a bone in the …foot that forms the lower part of the ankle joint

Tellus is a Latin word meaning “earth” and may refer to: An equivalent name for Terra Mater

… the Roman Earth Mother goddess … An alternative name for the planet Earth

One of the outcomes from doing the women’s show was an understanding of how so many women feel a massive disconnection from their bodies.

I would like to suggest that  ownership of our bodies comes through owning our own feet.

Some foot phrases:

Be in step.

Get a toe hold.

On your toes.

Off on the right foot.

Get back on your feet.

One step at a time.

Step lively.

Get a leg up.

To think on one’s feet.

Put your best foot forward.

A walk on the wild side.

To dig one’s heels in.

One thing I’ve encountered with women again & again is a fear of standing on their own two feet – NOT because they didn’t want to, but because they had been infantasised over & over into believing that they require …

… external approval …

 or rescue
hold them up.

You may say times have changed, but have they? You do not wipe out thousands upon thousands of years of programming quite so easily – especially when it has worked so very well.

~  ~  ~

Let’s now tip the romance coin over onto its …

… male side.

Two comments by friends cast off the next ship of thought.

My friend Katherine, who works with young children pointed out that boys receive a vast deal of imprinting through fairy tales too – initiating their early hero-slash-knight-on-white-charger training.

From there it’s a hop, skip & an over-a-tall-structure leap into the …

… superhero classroom.

In a later conversation, Michael responded that if women “exist” in a subterranean pit, then men walk above the earth, on stilts.

You know there’s a funny thing about superheroes …

… they just can’t seem to keep their feet on the ground.

In our recent podcast Michael & Fitzy discussed the idealised/heroic/romanticized but ultimately unattainable image that men ceaselessly strive to live up to.  Michael has referred to it as:

an itch that can’t be scratched

Robert Fritz  would call it an “Ideal/Belief/Reality conflict”:

Let’s say you have a belief about yourself that you don’t want, say, “I’m a coward.”  You find this belief unacceptable.  So you create an ideal of how you should be.  Most people’s ideals for themselves are based on contradicting how they really think they areWhy else would they need an ideal?  So, in our example, you would establish an ideal of courage, fearlessness, bravery, heroism, and guts.  This is the ideal to which you would aspire

Just how destructive might this …

superhero-ambition be?

What if it could make a man impotent?

Living up to an ideal is not the same as being the real thing …let’s describe the distinction in terms of sex.  Attempting to live up to an ideal of an orgasm is not the same as having a real orgasm

I used the word impotent in regard to a man’s ability to achieve what might really matter to him in creating his own life:

But then I made a discovery that was outlandish. That no matter how much you tried to get someone to think better about him or herself, they couldn’t.  Furthermore, questions of identity got in the way of the creative process, even when people thought well about themselves

Michael & Fitzy’s frank & open discussion showed us that, at the center of a man’s world, stands not himself, but an ideal or …

… idol.

Because of the descriptions Michael came up with to describe
this seemingly insatiable god,
we gave it a name –

“the Jehovian Virus

as in:

Thou shalt have no gods before me

I’m not going to suggest I understand the workings of the male mind, but I found this image today & from all the conversations that took place prior to our podcast I feel it speaks ten thousand words about the ultimate price …

… many men may be forced to pay to feed their personal gods/idols/ideals.

To be honest for a very long time I was too scared to try & write about the man/woman divide – I feared the backlash from both sexes – it’s the most nitroglycerinol subject …

… on the face of the earth.

But thanks to the courage of my friends, I have developed a more ‘fuckit’ approach.

Let’s at least try & get a dialogue going.
Let’s at least try & figure out the filthy tricks that have been played against us.
Let’s at least have a go at rekindling the most natural friendship in the world.

In the woman’s show we saw that something extremely destructive happens to many/most girls at puberty – a shock that they never properly recover from.  A shock that leads to the loss their connection to themselves, their bodies – the loss of their feet.

So what about the men.

Well it looks like they had even less luck.

They got closed down around the age of five years old:

For more than a hundred years, psychologists have observed that boys in general are more likely than girls to show signs of emotional distress in early childhood– more prone to depression, learning disorders & various forms of out-of-control or out-of-touch behaviour … the heightened risk to boys resiliency [occurs] in the late years of early childhood, roughly around the age of five – the time Freud marked as the Oedipal crisis

At five years old boys are removed from a deep & unacknowledged connection with their mothers & placed in school.  According to Michael & Fitzy & others, they are simply not ready for that:

the initiation of boys into the codes of masculinity intensifies around the age of five

I don’t think we have come anywhere near understanding the devastation to the child psyche that is caused by schooling.

Very young children who go to school for the first time feel insecure about the new surroundings and the new faces they meet…

A terrified reaction is to be expected if the children are immediately separated from their family members

I don’t think any amount of tv programming can come close to the atrocities of the schooling system.  In particular it seems to be the breeding ground around which the ‘Jehovian Virus’ flourishes.  For boys it’s when they have to ‘man up‘:

… when a boy’s expression of tenderness or vulnerability arouses fears about his ability to hold his own on the playground or anxiety about his masculinity

Tell me please why five year old boys need to hold their own?  And why at that age there should there be concerns about masculinity?

Surely that should come with puberty when the necessary hormones begin to kick in.

In our podcast we discussed the huge fear of the feminine & the horror of boys/men being effeminated.

I’m hoping we dispelled that.

You can no more effeminate a boy or man any more than you can turn …

… your right arm into your left. If you will bring to me a male who menstruates, lactates & has the ability to carry & birth a child, I will take back my words.  All you can do to a man is ‘dilute’ him to such a degree that he is a mere whisper of what he could be …

… but that is a universe away from the strength of the feminine.

Why might it have been so important to make men fear anything labelled feminine?

Could it have been a way to rip boys away from their mothers at a time when that connection is vital?

The function of women is not to outdo men, but to do for men what women alone are capable of doing; namely to prepare them as children for the job of being good human beings

It is the function of women to teach men how to be human … The greatest single step forward will be made when women consciously assume the task of teaching their children to be, like themselves, loving & cooperative” ~Ashley Montagu

To engineer a dissociation that would enable the installation of a virus?

Before they are made to forget, boys they want to remember

The son wishes to remember what the father wishes to forget~Yiddish proverb

I am hearing fathers speak of their closeness with their sons, the sweeteness & the spiritedness of the boys, & also about sadness & a loss they remember

I spoke to my 18 year old son the other day about the ideas behind the Jehovian Virus & he attested to them readily – acknowledging the constant striving but seeing it as a positive thing of always trying to achieve more.  I was happy to simply have given him some ideas that might be useful to him in the future.

There was one point of great interest to me in his ready acknowledgement of the effects on his five year old self by entrance into schooling.  Without recalling the exact words, a picture was painted of the one great fly in the male ointment – being remorselessly stalked by his …

… emotionally battered & unwanted child-self.  Here lies the split-male that every  women knows, yet pretends not to – every man’s secret shame that must never be spoken of … that clinging to the leg of every hero is the vulnerable child he was forced to abandon.

This child is dangerous because it threatens to return a man to earth.

But men have been taught to equate success with moving up …

… & away from the surface of the earth.

They know that even the manliest of heroes can fall when their feet …

… touch the earth.

They know that falling to earth …

… can unman

even biggest of daddies.

I wonder just
how much of the
moving up & away …

… from earth
has had to do with
with the …

Ultimate Daddy
thus all things manly?

So my question is this…

… has it also been necessary
to keep men/masculinity

Most cultures view the earth as mother.

Yet one of the most stomach churning taunts for a man must surely be to be labelled a “mommy’s boy“.

Is it possible that it has been very important to keep men at a distance from the female/earth?

I think there has been monumental mind fuck aimed at turning boys into would-be-soldier-machines who live in hostility & isolation.  There is a time for boys to to develop their masculinity – not that I think anyone knows what that is – but it is certainly not at five years of age.

Let the words of Ashley Montagu, a very wise man who also gave us previous views on Neoteny, suggest how we heal this world – this was written in 1954: –

Women love the human race, men are on the whole hostile to it.  Men act as if they hadn’t been adequately loved, as if they had been frustrated & rendered hostile

The world is in a mess.  Men without any assistance from women, have created the mess, not because they have been failed by women, but because men have never really given women a chance to serve them as they are best equipped to do – by teaching men how to love their fellow men

The genius of women is the genius of humanity, & humanity is the supreme form of intelligence.  Mankind has to learn that all other forms of intelligence must be secondary to the developed humane intelligence

We all know toxic women, but they are far from the majority.

Because the shut-down for men commences so young, they barely remember what they lost:

I am hearing fathers speak of their closeness with their sons … & also about sadness & a loss they remember

Young boys are extremely loving, tender, perceptive, precocious & full of life.  What fucked up system turned them into the zombies that so many have become?

I’m a woman & I think it’s time we started asking that question because I see these dead people everywhere & it’s heartbreaking.  For all my life I thought that women were fucked up & men had all the answers.  It has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done to flip this world upside down.

I am a mother & I raised a son – I remember the love that came so easily from him.

It is time to stop defending a system that circumcises the spirit of boys:

The tendencies to love with which the infant is born are frustrated, & frustrated love results in hostility.  Hatred is love frustrated.  That is what too many men suffer from, & what an insufficient number of women recognize

I have been wondering about the male obsession with sex.

Surely a great deal sex is rooted in deception.  How often, if they were allowed to be honest, might a man admit that what he craves is simply closeness to the body of a woman?   ‘Masculinity’ however demands ‘performance’.  Do men understand the rage this creates in a woman’s body because you see women know that, but at the same time they are not allowed to know that?

Another suggestion …  because men are ungrounded – i.e. always heading skyward, perhaps they get overloaded with something akin to ‘static electricity’ that then needs grounding – the craving for sex may simply be that built up to extreme levels – the penis would then become their earthing rod.

What if honesty equates to earthing?

To free love & pleasure from the trappings of a manhood or womanhood that holds them captive means to undo dissociation by risking associationknowing what one knows, feeling one’s feelings, being naked in the presence of another by removing the protective clothes of masculinity & femininity, however they are culturally designed … To do so means to go back & undo the process of initiation that sanctioned the sacrifice

If you’ve made it this far I’m impressed.  What I’ve been suggesting is that neither men nor women have been walking this earth.

I see us as having lived on a static see saw – with women somehow contained in a pit lacking their feet while men reach ever upwards, giving a whole new picture to the phrase:

As above, so below

To be honest I feel its far easier for women to achieve ground level because we don’t have much to lose, a small cramped pit does not a happy residence make.

But for men … well just look at the words – even Fitzy & Michael struggled with them – to be pulled DOWN /BACK to earth, aren’t they the words of “losers” – especially when they are reaching for the stars?

And yet, and yet …

No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back

Have you ever had a cat jump off your lap.  Damn, it can hurt.  They push into you so hard – by digging their legs down deep they can

coil-spring a phenomenal distance in the direction of their choice.

You see if you don’t have your feet on the ground,
you really have
no power at all.

And that’s why the humble will inherit the earth – because their feet never left it.

The first chakra … known as the root chakra … is the closest Chakra to the ground … and controls our sense of stability and security in this life. It is where we get our footing, stand our ground and find our strength

~  ~  ~

Text in this colour from Creating ~ Robert Fritz
Text in this colour from The Birth of Pleasure ~ Carol Gilligan
Text in this colour from The Natural Superiority of Women ~ Ashley Montagu
Text in this colour from Connecting with the Earth ~ Robert Strauch – Link (well worth a read)

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  1. empoweredbyknowledge replied:

    Thank you ALex,what a deep and wonderful way to spend my Sunday morning coffee time.

  2. Marty aka Marie replied:

    Very interesting post. I really enjoyed your ideas about our connection to the earth through our feet. This also immediately brought to mind the wedding custom of carrying the bride over the threshold. I looked it up and found this…

    Belief in spirit intrusion continues in some cultures today, although it was much more widespread in the ancient world. In many of these early cultures, the threshold of the home was thought to be rife with unattached spirits. A bride was considered particularly vulnerable to spirit intrusion, especially “through the soles of her feet”. By carrying her into their home, the groom was covering all his bases by ensuring his new wife didn’t bring along any unwanted spiritual guests into the house

    I also see other connotations including the ‘place’ of a woman in society and how we use these markers as ‘code’ for who we supposedly are.

    Of course, it also brought to mind the Louboutin Red Sole/Soul shoes made so famous as a must-have for women now. And not forgetting that the Devil wears red shoes – right?

    There is also the ‘red shoes – no knickers ‘ joke which has a dubious origin!

    The disconnection has been quite successful.

  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Just wanted to post a quickie while thinking of it, heard it the other day, and it really made me stern…

    “The easiest way to control a civilization is through one of two methods: fear and hope.”

    I’ll come post again after Ive read this fascinating article!


  4. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    I grew up on an 80 acre vegetable farm which was foreclosed on when I was a junior in high school. As a boy, connection with nature and the land seemed absolutely natural to me. At the end of most days I had to dump the sand out of my shoes. I have often thought that the reason I hated school so badly was that it seemed so un-natural, fake, forced, contrived etc..
    I think that most males could tell you (probably under duress) that there is a day in their memory when they knew that they were making a conscious choice to leave childhood behind. The experience of course will differ greatly from individual to individual but there is a certain heartbreaking finality to it that we feel very intesely but seldom if ever put voice to. For me it required the loss of the farm to to face that choice consciously.
    I think this is a point of misunderstanding between the sexes. I think such things happen more as a process for females and there is more verbalization and through these processes a different perspective emerges. For males it is more like an event. A once in a lifetime event which is very difficult to describe but it kind of feels like cutting off one’s own arm or leg and acting like it is totally natural and does not hurt. As to it being natural or not can be debated and I think that in older cultures (much older) there was probably more process involved and the young male probably had a much clearer idea of what he was heading towards as he leaves youth behind, but it does hurt.
    In the 26 years since that choice I have driven by that farm hundreds of times and it always hurts. I can speak with my Mother these days about it and she will say without hesitation that she was never happier than when we lived on that farm.
    A big part of my own “hero’s journey” (hate that phrase for some reason) is to get my own land and grow veggies again. Connection to Earth is one of the fundamental parts of being human. My Mother still has a small garden and still tends to it even though it is physically very difficult for her. She loves it. I think I could learn a lot from her about perspective and seeing my own life as process rather than painful heroic events.
    Thanks for helping me put my feet back in the dirt Alex!

  5. Eleleth replied:

    I normally don’t like to link to my own blog, but I’m amazed by how much of this post corresponds with my latest post. And yes, treasure lies inside of our fairy tales; more than you know . . .

  6. Atlantean times replied:

    HI alex while reading this i couldnt get the film misery out of my head. When i consider what you have said that film seems to be the perfeect metaphor.


  7. alex robinson replied:

    Hi empoweredbyknowledged – very happy to hear that, many thanks :]

    Hi Marty,
    Very interesting info on the threshold brides – I have to wonder why the bride would be susceptible in the first place? It seems to me that our feet ‘map our path’, where we are going – I’m wondering if this left a psychological gap in a woman’s memory, so that she could not find the door if she needed it – after all a woman’s place (as you remind us) was in the home – but I may be getting too cynical …
    The more I begin to think/feel the more it seems to me that our ‘place’ was in nature.

    Was not familiar with the red sole shoes – my god shoe makers have made a killing out of women. And yes the disconnection has been très successful.

    very best to you

    Ah Michael, if only that was understood in the big wide world. Personally I’d like to take hope & kick it’s backside into the back of beyond – maybe there’s a small use for it, but I struggle to find it.

    Be well!

  8. Humanist replied:

    What a beautiful essay, thank you! These ideas explain so many problems in our world while also giving us the solutions (live on the earth, seek/give love and compassion).

    The catapulting of children into the school system is one of the most perverse horrors of our ‘civilizing’ process. And – lol – the obsession with high heels!

    BTW, this line confuses me: ” Do men understand the rage this creates in a woman’s body because you see women know that, but at the same time they are not allowed to know that?” What is “this”? Masculinity? Performance anxiety? And, women know what?

  9. tom cuddy replied:

    Even in movies, bare feet are linked to poverty and shame. The mother carries the child until it can walk, and beyond. I used an elementary school teaching certificate and saw first hand how destructive was the removal of child from family bond. I see what you have said in myself. It is a road that leads to more of the same. For some of us, our feet are too soft to transition as quickly as needed. It is a certainty that some things must change. I know the child lives in a man’s body. How to coexist? Certainly airing it out for thought and discussion is of utmost value.

    Magni “feet”!

    All the best

  10. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Dave
    As awful as the pain was, I am happy for you that you experienced that original earthy connection. Your trauma both beautifully & viciously highlights the loss of our feet/connection to earth – not many people have that emotional memory that would allow them to understand just what it is they have lost.

    I don’t there is much difference between male & female step into adulthood, as you describe it. From what I can see, it is a vicious jolt for the female, been hurled down into her pit-world, she was simply allowed a longer time to be within her body & emotions than the male. I have thought it could be akin to losing a parent at 5 years old for boys but at puberty for girls, one is damaged & brutally disconnected much earlier on, the other has a richer remembering of what was lost, but that makes it all the more traumatising. Both acts are twisted & lead to broken people.

    Very best to you & I wish you a speedy return to the land :]

    Hi Eleleth, there were certainly some interesting tie ins there – have you noticed a lot more syncing up with people & ideas of late? I have.

    very best to you

    Hi Gavin
    I’ve never seen the movie but had heard of the story of the lunatic woman & at first thought ‘oh no you think women are like that” – but reading the description was really thought provoking about humanity in general & most definitely this ‘loss of feet’ – I’m still mulling it over as I feel there’s a lot more to this – that was a good catch, many thanks.

    p.s after posting this I was doing some research on Norse mythology &came across this:
    “Hel – Daughter of Loki and the giant Angurboda. She is the sister of Fenrir (Fenris-wolf) and Jormungand (Midgard serpent). She is the goddess of the underworld. Her realm was Niflheim and her hall, Elvidnir [misery]”

    Thanks Humanist
    In regards to your query, I did wonder if I’d been clear enough – in a sense I spoke those words for a friend, but I’ve heard them from many women for a long time & have lived them myself.

    I use the idea of knowing, but not being allowed to know something as I first understood it in the works of Carol Gilligan – I understood what she was talking of instantly – that is what you get with trauma – you know something but you are not allowed to know it & so you hide it from yourself.

    What women know (or perhaps I should say what their bodies know, (& their minds to a lesser degree), but have not been allowed to know, is that men use sex to fill up the holes in themselves – whether it be a craving for comfort or a need to prove masculinity – women’s bodies switch off to men when this is the case – because they feel the lack of truth, I would think all women would understand the idea that there have been many times when they could have left their bodies in situ & departed to another realm & a man would never have noticed because they were playing out some need upon the body of the women & not ‘with’ her.

    This is what is behind the women being cold/frigid, ‘having a headache’ crap that is put out there – women’s bodies shut down because the man is insincere in what he seeks, women’s bodies are highly sensitive, they ‘read’ situations expertly – they may get the reason wrong, but they pick up on the ambiguity extremely perceptively. Many times, tho’ god forbid that we should admit this, a man is seeking a mother – & that is really not going to turn a woman on – but so much easier to blame her for not getting aroused.

    I would say that most women understand at some level that men have been battered & bruised, they do not seek to add to that harm, indeed I doubt it has ever been even remotely seen just how much tending women do for men, yet it can never be acknowledged because that puts the ‘man’ image at risk.

    Found this quote earlier & thought it might fit here:
    “”Oedipus is a man who has imprisoned himself in thinking so as not the think about the fact of his abandonment … the most powerful dramatic rendering of disassociation: the determination at all costs not to see what in a another sense one knows … Oedipus is inexorably drawn first to his father, whom he murders, then to his mother, whom he marries & finally to the truth of who he is & what has happened to him … Oedipus is a know-it-all, a man who is afraid to know, who “displays a stunning lack of curiosity”; his “knowingness” keeps him from feeling.

    Sorry for the length of reply, just wanted to get as clear as possible. I also checked with Fitzy as to whether he as a man felt my response appropriate, he said I could use his words:

    fitzy: Powerful stuff. And true, the absent sincere man is an unredeemable impasse. Bodies know, can’t fool them.
    fitzy: Men need to hear this.
    fitzy: A woman’s body is not a toy.
    Alex Robinson: no
    Alex Robinson: you shouldn’t fuck with it
    Alex Robinson: in the truest sense of that
    fitzy: Boys are not wise to this, they “do” to, not “with” woman.
    fitzy: And so do not share
    Alex Robinson: yes
    fitzy: Tragic
    fitzy: Tragic man

    I hope that clarifies
    very best to you

    • recoveringmetalhead replied:

      You made me really think about that one Alex. Upon rereading I noticed an old and annoying habit of mine which is to look for diffences between genders first and allow for similarities later. The reverse is the better way to be. Begin with the similarities and allow for the differences later.

      I shall endeavor to chose a proper punishment for myself – let’s see, it needs to be an heroic and painful event……(just kidding)

      Thanks again for the thought provoking writings

  11. alex robinson replied:

    Hi tom – thanks for the courage to admit that the child lives in the man’s body – it shouldn’t need to be a courageous act, rather just a simple statement of fact.
    This was a meal for thought & not a dog of ma. I think we are at a cross roads when we have to make a conscious choice to take our own mind minds back & that can’t happen without really seeing where we stand right now.

    very best to you

    Thanks once against for the honesty Dave.
    Don’t be hard on yourself, we are trained to spot the differences – that’s how you create an enemy. And that’s how you keep the status quo exactly where it’s been for millennia. Heroic punishment would be part of that too. Bugger that!

    very best to you

  12. Mat replied:

    Excellent article! Someone somewhere does seem to have a vested interest in keeping humans from connecting with the Earth. Growing up I remember my mother telling me not to go outside without shoes because I could get a tapeworm. This of course is absurd, but that’s what she was taught, what my grandmother was taught, etc. Of course, this is no more ridiculous than the rule against letting people go into certain businesses barefoot on the grounds that it’s “unsanitary”, as if shoes are somehow not picking up the same dirt. Then there are the ads for the Christian Children’s Fund that show the “horrors” of a little girl who’s forced to walk around in a warm climate without shoes. To think the poor dear may actually grow up without knowing the wonders of blisters, bunions, and corns! Plus she must be infested with tapeworms.

    I also think you’re spot on regarding the school system. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that public schools (at least in America) greatly resemble prisons: grim brick buildings ; classrooms painted that same dreary olive green while you’re being assaulted with fluorescent lighting (and there’s always that one broken, flickering, buzzing bulb that drives you nuts. It’s like Chinese water torture!). At lunchtime, you all get to eat in the mess hall…er, “cafeteria”…and afterward they let you out into a chain-link enclosed yard for a half hour. You need to ask permission to go to the bathroom for God’s sake! And when you do go, guess what? No doors on the stalls! And when you get to high school, after gym class, you all get to shower with the other boys (I assume it’s the same for girls)! When people ask “what’s wrong with the school system”, I would have to say “nothing”. It’s doing exactly what it’s designed to do: producing a population of broken, psychotic people.

    “How often, if they were allowed to be honest, might a man admit that what he craves is simply closeness to the body of a woman?” You hit on another interesting program. We know that men hate to cuddle with women unless it leads to sex. We know this because TV shows and movies tell us this is so. What a bizarre, confusing message to send to boys! For me, any contact with a warm female body, no matter how nonsexual, is more than welcome and, frankly, all too infrequent.

    I’ve gone on longer than I intended, but thanks for this thought-provoking piece.

  13. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Hiya Alex I am back!

    I like to absorb your readings over the course of several days, I allow absorbing, rolling the idea around in my head like a ball, and playing with it, then coming back..hence why it’s taken me so long to comment again…

    Have to agree with the “idol programming”, he states whilst sitting with a Superman shirt on. I do remember the traumatizing of school and the wrenching away from family. I remember the schoolyard bullies testing “my manhood”, and I also remember running away from kindergarten by scaling a fence after throwing my star wars lunchbox over it and just walking home which was miles and miles away. School does nothing but break up connection and program kids for Eugenicist/Bloodline bologna.

    Seeing how both sexes are so disconnected from the Earth, its no wonder its in chaos. I’m no afraid to admit being a “mommy’s boy” basically because my real father avoided raising children so I never knew him, and my step-father never really showed us much compassionate love, it was the stern hand of discipline. Then coming from a Catholic background, boy howdy you can imagine how many strikes I had against me. I do remember getting lost in comic books as a child, had to laugh when I saw your choices, Superman, Green Lantern, etc. Sure do know them. Big problem with that, back in the 70s/80s when they wrote them, I believe D.C. comics has an address of 666 Rockerfeller Plaza! And, symbolically speaking, the gods and goddesses just took on new form within comic books heroes.

    Here in the Western “civilized” world (to exaggerate b.s. there), the traumatizing continues and goes further with rampant vaccines (and now they want to give Gardasil vaccines to young males!!), the Eugenicist program of separating family (pulling the mother out into the workforce), I could go on and on, but the divide of male and female in our society is great. Its very rare, in my humble opinion, to meet a woman that is “in tune” with herself. I was fortunate to never follow one crowd or click in school but rather associate with everyone I wanted too, not succumbing to peer pressures in later years, but I do so remember the early traumatic years…those were extreme and difficult.

    Three cheers to you for speaking wisely and pointing out so many “f**ked up facts” from the past that has contributed so vastly to the divide of the sexes. This has been a wonderfully thought out piece of information, may it permeate the mass consciousness!


  14. shatteredbutterfly replied:

    What a wonderful post.

    I’m sure you’re familiar with the thought proposed by new-agers and the like, of ascension. But I remember coming across someone who advised to staying grounded, that we should trust in the earth, not fear it.

    Last summer, I helped dig out some weeds in the yard. Digging through the dirt and finding earthworms was a very organic feeling. And one of the best feelings is bare feet on dirt, or grass.

    That quote of the meek will inherit the earth is such a fraud. John Lash uses the term “Sacred Anger” to describe a kind of protective anger that you would have out of love and preservation. How could the meek inherit the earth when the psychopathic mind would crush the meek. *smoosh* and then they would have nothing to inherit cause they’re gone.

    I am also curious about the notion that we should travel to other planets while this earth is still such a mysterious place, a divine being. I think once we get our feet on the ground we can begin to move forward.

  15. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Mat,
    One of the best things about growing up in NZ, was the amount of barefoot walking that was accepted – it was quite common to see people walking round barefoot in the streets or the supermarket during summer – children were frequently barefoot. It’s changed quite a lot now, but still happens – I always love to see it.

    Agreed on the school resemblance to prisons – there’s one near me, a modern design, that gives me the creeps.

    I think there are tens of thousands of touch starved people who could benefit from the closeness of other bodies, without the hassle & hypocrisy of western sex codes – there are other ways to connect with respect. If sex was honest it just might be awesome :]

    Thanks Michael
    I loved the openness & honesty of your comment.

    Well done on your kindergarten escape – now that was superheroic.

    It’s so easy to see how the traumatising of school leaves children so open to the programming & catholicism grrr .. don’t get me started!
    Maybe sometime you will return to writing – I saw stirrings of passion there :]

    very best to you always my friend

    Hi shatteredbutterfly
    Loved that advice to stay grounded when all around are losing their feet!

    Agreed on the wonderful feel of feet on earth. I seriously have to wonder what we have missed out on by not having had our feet planted lovingly on the ground. Agreed, I don’t think there’s a better looking planet anywhere in the universe – why would we want to leave?

    very best to you

  16. The Closing of the Three Gates | replied:

    […] find this piece interesting as […]

  17. the living tiki replied:

    “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

    …and another phrase that came to mind:

    “Barefoot and pregnant.”

    – this made me remember my dad telling me that after my grandfather [born in 1898!] had met my mom for the first time [while she was dating my dad, obviously], his first comment about her was: “Good child-bearing hips.”

    Unfortunately, after my siblings, I ended up being a c-section baby – I emerged from her belly, rather than her vagina. I can’t tell you if this made a difference in my life, but I do know when I was born I wasn’t breathing. The doctor had to resuscitate me.

    Your writings somehow always spark thoughts and memories with me which go off on their own strange tangents….

    But I did want to note that the fable of Cinderella creeped me out when her stepsisters were trying to fit in the glass slippers by cutting off parts of their feet. Ewww!

    And another… I had a female friend for awhile that I really, REALLY wanted to have sex with. She quietly knew this (and also knew it would change our good friendship), so occasionally she would invite me to take a nap with her – It was just a (clothed) nap, but the closeness of her there was enough. If given the choice now, I think I would actually opt for another nap with her (Unless she showed up in a bikini).

    OK, that’s all… just a quick in-and-out.

    Wham, bam, thank you Alex!

  18. Rachel replied:

    Great article as always Alex. There is something special about walking barefoot. The feel of the earth be it sand, soil, stone or water under your feet is grounding and almost feels like you are not cheating by wearing shoes. I did one day decide I wanted to walk around the city in bare feet, so caught the bus to town and did just that. But all there was was concrete and melting tar and I came home with black soles! I don’t actually know what I was hoping to find but it was just something I wanted to do.
    But i loved to walk in the bush and the stream in bare feet and feel the wet mud squishing through my toes and the soft spongy moss under my feet and I also remember hoping i would meet some prince charming there, but I never did!!

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks for the memories mr tiki :]
      Agreed, cutting off toes is pretty effing barbaric imagery for a children’s story – it would seem children’s minds have been in the hands of some sick bastards & we just allowed it!

      Enjoyed your finale – your friend was a wise & generous woman.

      best as always to you

      Thanks for your memories too Rach
      Once, long ago, I went to town with odd shoes on – one black & one white – it was amazing how many people noticed & had to tell me.
      From what I’ve heard charming princes are not native to NZ bush – I got cornered by & big policeman & his dog a while back, but I don’t think he would have been what you were looking for :]

      Hugs to you

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