Jung said, ‘One form of life
cannot simply …

… be abandonned
unless it is …

exchanged for another’.

The apocalypse has come early for my family this year – my sister & I are here watching the collapse of a tower that I thought would stand forever.

Yet it’s only by its falling that light comes through now,
understanding arrives in waves.

The oh so long awaited piece of a jigsaw puzzle has been found – a tiny yet massive piece of information that makes sense of our decimated family past.

Now comes a time of unlearning.

According to Robert Fritz the process of unlearning is vital to learning.  To make room for the new, we must clear out that which no longer works for us (or perhaps has never worked):

Learning is only one part of learning.  Please read that sentence again.  It is not a misprint.  Learning is one part, and UNLEARNING is another.  There is the active pursuit of learning, and there is the passive resistance that can get in the way.  Get in the way so much so that the learning becomes impossible.  ..unlearningprecedes the learning process.  You can’t hear new music, at least not very well, while you have your old CDs playing on your old Walkman, on your outdated earphones, with the volume cranked up

I read somewhere yesterday that painting a wall is 70% clearing & only 30% repainting – if we don’t clear out the old how, how can we possibly create or learn anything new.

the focus is on emptying and creating an opening

With this unlearning comes many new ideas … I’ll be back

March 19, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Be strong and rest when you you can, I guess during the rest time you can unlearn. :-)

    Cheers Alex


  2. Dennis replied:

    Nice vibes. Dennis


  3. shatteredbutterfly replied:

    Thank you for the reminder. I know exactly what your saying because there’s a whole bunch of stuff I’ve had to unlearn, and the process is still going. Empty the old cup so it can accept the new :)


  4. Sinead replied:

    Thank you for sharing this Alex. Through your blog and our discussions on Skype I have learned (and un-learned) so much. You are an inspirational woman.


  5. tom cuddy replied:

    it once was okay to rake all the leaves into a pile and burn them. if i could cleanse the piles of clutter and send them smoking, dissolving skyward, how easy the task of unlearning would be. to scorch the hidden hand with smoke and fire is a just payment for trauma whose supply seems endless. escape is learning to live all over again.

    thanks for everything


  6. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Michael, as always!

    Cheers Dennis

    Yes indeed shattered butterfly – I think perhaps this is the time we have been working towards – when we have loosed the ropes enough to allow the cup to tip over & release its putrid contents! Just don’t stand too close :]

    very best to you

    Many thanks Sinead, your help & expertise has been greatly appreciated. This is the year for healing – go for it my friend!

    Wonderful tom, the ‘turning’ seasons seem perfect for this kind of work – it’s autumn in nz now, the beautiful feeling of sadness that it brings seems just right for burning away the old. Spring too in the northern hemisphere is another wonderful time for clearing & cleaning away – I think maybe this year above all others it really matters that we attend to this work.

    very best to you for the clearing in your life


  7. Nancy replied:

    Your mother is being held captive. For her to think clearly would be a great threat to “some thing or some one. My mother was not mentally
    ill but was held captive in a white box (our kitchen) & self medicated 24 hrs a day with cigarettes and coffee charged with cream and sugar. recently i’ve decided that big oak tree out front may have played a part.
    One day when i was walking home my mother was standing in the driveway,
    She was on her way to our neighbors house to care for her, she looked
    at me and said “I can’t step off the driveway.” My mother was a home-care
    and hospice nurse.

    Once i decided to paint the kitchen from it’s hospital white to yellow to
    match the new floor, i got a killer headache & couldn’t even help do the
    job. my sister & cousin did though. Mom couldn’t handle it for even
    one day, painted back to white and it’s white to this day.

    Hope you find better days ahead.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Nancy
      The effect that the mind & emotion has on life is so criminally & insanely ignored. I’ve read a number of different ideas of what lies behind the worlds that so many get trapped in – apart from the loss to the world of even one person’s ability & creativity lies the awful ‘death’ toll that all these unwell people ALWAYS leave in their wake – they will take down anyone around them they can, they are insatiable. Because we love or care about these people to at least some extent, we continue to make allowances & to keep trying to reach/help them – this very act of humanity can sign our own death warrant.

      It is possible that the greatest act of love & sanity we can do is to see them as they really were/are. I have yet to come across one adult of an abusive/death-creating parent who ever speaks with emotion when they talk of the atrocities inflicted on them – they simply tell a story as if it belonged to someone else – isn’t that the kind of effect that the touted MK Ultra strived for? I have a feeling that by keeping the emotion out of the memory, we lie to ourselves & maintain the status quo of the West – that of ‘making sacred’ the past whilst denying the ‘true sacred’ which is present & future.

      very best to you


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