to err is human; but to forgive, is a divine mind fuck

Luke 23:34   Then Jesus said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

This first saying of Jesus on the cross is traditionally called “The Word of Forgiveness“.  It is theologically interpreted as Jesus’ prayer for forgiveness for those who were crucifying him


Did Jesus have to forgive those who ‘nailed him’
because the case for the persecution prosecution
would never have stood up
in a court of law?

the crucifixion was the plan of salvation because … God had set certain crucial conditions in place that ordained that this was to be the way salvation would be accomplished …

… His foreknowledge of these events of the crucifixion were already revealed through divine revelation to the Prophets and were recorded in Sacred Scripture

Why is the Christian religion obsessed with forgiveness?

Luke 7:47-48 “…Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven—for she loved much. But he who is forgiven little, loves little.” And he said to her …

… “Your sins are forgiven.” (Jesus speaking to the accusers and the woman caught in adultery)

Your sins

are forgiven.” (Jesus speaking to the thief on the cross)

Colossians 3:13   Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you

Mark 2:7-11 … “Why does this man use such words?” they said; “He is blaspheming. Who can pardon sins but One–that is, God?“… Jesus asked them, “Which is easier?–to say to this paralytic, ‘Your sins are pardoned,’ …

… or to say, ‘Rise, take up your mat, and walk?’ But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to pardon sins”…

Luke 6:37  “… Forgive, and you will be forgiven“.

Mat 6:14-15  “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But, if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins

Luke 17:3-5  “… If your brother offends you, take him to task about it, and if he is sorry, forgive him. Yes, if he wrongs you seven times in one day and turns to you and says, ‘I am sorry’ seven times, you must forgive him

Eph 4:31-32  Be as ready to forgive others as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you

You know it’s funny, but looked at from a different angle,
the Bible might appear as
a kind of …

oscillating system …

Great trauma / ‘battery’
(created by God)
by …

great forgiveness
(bestowed by God).

Why might that be?

Is something being generated?

Let’s get technically-electrically & religiously incorrect & have a bit of fun:

battery    1530s, “action of battering,” … from O.Fr. baterie (12c.) “beating, thrashing, assault,” …. Extension to “electrical cell” (1748, Ben Franklin)

The soldiers having received orders to scourge Jesus Christ, fall furiously upon Him … yet He rejoices to shed so much blood, to suffer agony so unspeakable, to give us incontestable proofs of the greatness of His love for us, and to show us the enormity of sin

… interesting physics experiments … the KAPAGEN device … getting it to produce more energy than what goes into it … using an oscillating circuit to create resonance

In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate …  when a system is able to store and easily transfer energy

… [as] in the case …
of a

It has
been said,
‘To err is human, …

… to forgive divine.’
There is a truth in this

Basically, the reason Jesus had to die for our sins …

… was so that we could be forgiven

The principle is that there is a certain parasite capacitance between coil windings, which stores a certain amount of energy. By winding the coil … you get substantial bigger voltage differences…

…  and therefore more energy is being stored in these parasite/self capacitances

Remember, the holy God cannot let sin go unpunished … He kept His promise to send and sacrifice the perfect …

Lamb to bear the sins of those who trust in Him. Jesus had to die because He is the only one who can pay the penalty for our sins

a device both self sufficient (self feeding) and producing ready to use electric energy … The present invention receives energy externally only at …

… [the] first starting phase

Herein lies the beauty of God’s perfect plan: God Himself provided the only sacrifice (Jesus) who could … 

atone for the sins of His people

As long as the device is not shut down or no problem occurred inside … 

… the device generates energy consistently

In other words, this forgiveness stuff should be expected as normal and intuitive for Christians

… For the way of forgiveness should be “second nature” for those born again

Although Tesla was not the first to discover …

resonance he was obsessed with it and created some of the most incredible demonstrations of it ever seen … an artificial earthquake, numerous artificial lightning storms

Dan Brown gave modern fame to a bygone satirist in his Leonardic cypher:

In London lies a knight a Pope interred.
His labor’s fruit a Holy wrath incurred

Bloody hell is there no end to heavenly spite? The first line of attack alludes to the non-pontifical Alexander Pope:

The English poet Alexander Pope is regarded as one of the finest poets and satirists … of the … mid-seventeenth to mid-eighteenth century … and one of the major influences on English literature

A quick reminder:

Satire ~ “wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly

Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon

With that in mind lets re-consider the uber-familiar quote penned by this master satirist:

 “To err is human; to forgive, divine

Well semi-penned …

(Apparently) “Pope didn’t coin the phrase “to err is human.” That’s the traditional English translation of the ancient Latin proverb “Errare humanum est.” However, by adding “to forgive, divine” to this old saying, he created a famous quotation that is still commonly used, adapted and spoofed today

A good while ago I came to a conclusion that I have still not found a better conclusion for.

That forgiveness is bollocks.

I have tried many times in my life to ‘forgive’ … & constantly failed. This is at least partly due to the irrational equation:

That’s never going to add up.

Let’s suggest another perspective:

You never forgive,

You simply move on.

You move on because there is now something else
that you desire more than the
pain, agony or grudging that comes with re-living
a certain event / experience.

I went for a walk today to ponder how to continue this article.

I ‘tried out’ forgiveness from different angles – to see what I might be missing – but every angle turned to dust.

I saw the condescension of the “forgiver” & I wondered what right have we got to forgive anyone?

Indeed how is that even possible?

Any event done to us cannot be undone.  The ‘perpetrator’ will never feel what we feel – it is forever an intimate & private experience. We are left to deal with our own emotions.

And that will continue until something stronger calls our attention / desire.

Forgiveness appears to be the old trick of trying to  ‘get rid’ of something – ‘wrong’ / unacceptable emotions or perhaps the taint upon our idealised image caused by rage.

The work of healing requires ‘real’ work –
that of designing new alternate desires
to initiate the …

… construction of new paths
(as opposed to dodging corpses on old ones).

Forgiveness has also been aimed at our miserable, sinning selves – we must face our ‘awfulness’ & learn to ‘forgive’ ourselves’. Jesus christ what a load of bull shit we have swallowed!

Most of us will always be harder on ourselves than on anyone else in our lives.  The likelihood of us ever really ‘forgiving ourselves’ would get the same odds as Jesus turning up with cake & wine on your birthday – actually the wine might not be a problem.


To err is HUMAN.

It’s how we learn & always have.

So what the hell is forgiveness doing by denying that?

We fuck up, we are designed to. That’s how we are able to more accurately map out our world.  Through making any necessary amends we further teach ourselves & each other what does & doesn’t work.

When we are not frightened to death of it, fucking up offers great gifts & benefits (as long as we don’t fuck them up with forgiveness).

mercy    late 12c., “God’s forgiveness of his creatures’ offenses“.

When did it become a crime to be human? A crime to learn through personal experience?

I went looking for a phrase or two from one of my favourite human beings – one who is not afraid of learning.  I found a sumptuous meal of sanity & so am leaving you with ‘real’ tasty chunks. Obviously if Jesus turns up making apologies & bearing cake & wine don’t feel you have to stay.

But if not, why not say ‘fuck forgiveness’ & try these …

thought-paths on for size & sanity …

we can transcend the consequences we have put into motion. Cause and effect are suspended … The past, no matter what it has been, is no longer a dynamic that must play itself out. Not only do we recognize the past is over, it is no longer at issue.

Karma … is the notion that [you] cannot move ahead unless you resolve the past … Grace is something else entirely. Grace (transcendence) supersedes the past. Past actions no longer need to be accounted for

It’s not as if the past never happened. You simply do not need to do anything about it. The dynamic that compels us to want to resolve open issues, unsettled experiences, unanswered questions, is gone 

… The train has switched to another track.

The transcendent principle in this story is this: You want to come home to yourself… yet there is a part of you that seeks “to remain in the principle of consequences,” so as to resolve the past. Within transcendence, the past no longer needs resolution, even while it remains unresolved.

One cannot “earn” transcendence. Robert Frost called it “Something you somehow haven’t to deserve.” No matter what the past has been, no matter what consequences you have set in motion, you can start again, as if life is saying to you, “Okay, take two. Let us try that thing again.”

Transcendence is not overcoming the past because the past is no longer at issue, no matter what it has been.

This is a hard notion to get, in a similar way it is hard for some people to easily accept a gift they feel they didn’t deserve. So, the irony is that, while there is nothing you can do to evoke transcendence, you do have to learn how to accept it as a gift.

Why might people reject a possibility to begin anew? Because they feel the need to “resolve” the past, to somehow make it right. Neither Scrooge nor the Prodigal [Son] needed to resolve their past, and had they tried to do so, they wouldn’t have succeeded. Both were given a new chance in which the consequences they had set in motion in the past no longer needed to be played out.

… you are in a position to initiate new actions which are aimed toward new desired outcomes. This is why mastering the mechanics of the creative process is so important” ~Robert Fritz

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  1. Max replied:

    Out of your article, I draw this:

    Forget about forgiveness, it is inhumane.
    Leave it to the gods.

    Jehova is quite the pimp, with his battering and forgiving.

  2. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wow, that’s exactly what the Bible feels like, an oscillation, back and fourth, to and fro, not moving forward. Kept in a perpetual state of fear and forgiveness and earning some right for something rather!

    Sounds like this has hit home on a personal note for you. Is that why we always hear the term “moving forward” in the business world? Hmmm.

    Cheers Alex!

  3. alex robinson replied:

    You got it in one Max :)

    Doing some more contemplating this morning it seemed to me that ‘forgiveness’ draws your attention back into the wound again & again – you have to keep it ‘festering’ in order to do the ‘mighty deed’ of forgiveness – seems akin to picking off a scab instead of letting something heal.

    Was interesting to see how many googled images of ‘forgiveness’ seemed to apply to the celtic rebel’s work.

    very best to you m’dear

    Hi Michael
    Remember that’s what Robert Fritz calls ‘structural conflict’ – the ceaseless to-ing & fro-ing that never, ever, ‘resolves’.

    It was personal, sitting with my mother in hospital & hearing her express shame about her treatment of me in the past – I remembered these thoughts on forgiveness which I’d always meant to do a short post on. As far as my mother goes, if I have to forgive her that seems to me that not once, but twice I must face her cruelty – I’m not prepared to do that for this ridiculous concept. I prefer to harvest the pain & channel it into this creative endeavour that may also help others. If I tried to forgive then I would have just worn myself down & this article would not exist – I prefer that the pain she created be used to help others – in a bizarre way that also allows her life to have meaning too.

    very best to you my friend, I hope you are moving forward also.

  4. paulo replied:

    Another piece of pieeeeeeeeeeeeee :P

  5. Katherine replied:

    Brilliant. Thank you.

  6. tom cuddy replied:

    Its technology personified without having to forgive the greed. I thoroughly enjoyed your energetic incite(full) present(tation).

    Reminds me of why many of my ancestors fled the “bible belt”.
    They too were tired of the constant, unexplained floggings.

    Your post required “action”. Thanks

  7. alex robinson replied:

    Yes Paulo :]

    Many thanks Kat :]

    Gracias tom.
    I hope you are now erring on the side of sin :]

  8. Ragel replied:

    Very thought provoking Alex, the battering ram being of particular importance. To be “the forgiver” puts you in control?

  9. alex robinson replied:

    Gidday Ragel, btw that ram is free to a good home …

    As to forgivers having control – I’d say a big YES – it’s a role of condescension based on an idea of magnanimity, (oh look it up woman), the forgiver is holier-than-thou – by their grace you are forgiven, go now & sin no more.
    It’s bollocks. Someone ‘did something’, its done, cannot be undone! Forgiveness is like telling you to breathe for someone else in the past. The only way out is forward – forgiveness drives you back into the pain to try & somehow address something that is no longer present, at least not as it was when it happened. Oh fuck look I’ll just explain it when I see you next! :]

  10. motherbarbarian replied:

    Hi Alex. Thanks for the challenge this post brings. As one half of a couple (formerly catholic) who have been together for almost 30 years, forgiveness is obviously a concept that came up routinely. Since cutting the cord to the church (and its sun god jesus), we continue to work at understanding our humanness. There is definitely truth to the idea that the forgiver has all the power, and that can lead to the temptation to indulge oneself in that control. I love the idea of grace, and it is a state I try to achieve. That probably sounds very arrogant but what I mean by that is that I try to live in the present and focus on achieving in the moment and leave the past in the past. The wrench in this is blending my efforts with those of the other 11 people I live with, all of whom are wrestling with their own personal growth battles, some of which seem infinitely cyclical. There are clashes at times, and wounded souls need tending. Forgiveness seems to be the natural solution, but as you point out, it is not what we have been taught, and I’m pretty sure transcendence is not going to occur simultaneously for our entire family, so it is a work in progress to deal with this foundational concept. I will keep reading and thinking!

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi ma barbarian – it is a work in progress for all of us.
      I’m sure life would be healthier if we all knew how endlessly each of us struggle & suffer on a daily basis – were to walk a mile in anyone else’s moccasins these days I think we would need help with PTSD.

      My work is food for thought, not a meal of fact – I would say to you what I said to my son when growing up – “never eat anything on your plate that you do not like”.

      very best to you

      • motherbarbarian replied:

        Your writing always provides wonderful food for thought, whether I agree with you 20% or 100%. On reflecting further, I wanted to add a little more, if you don’t mind.

        I didn’t wish to imply that our family suffers more than others (don’t know if it comes across that way?), just that injury (usually small) is done and received on a regular basis, and that we as a unit need some way of dealing with resolving these recurring conflicts. We have to move beyond the church’s concept of forgiveness, so entirely tied up with the horrible lie of original sin, which is why they have to push that teaching so much. If not for original sin, Jesus’ sacrificial death would be entirely unnecessary.

        I view the Scrooge story a little differently. I think that by taking his Christmas Eve journeys, past, present, and future, Scrooge did in fact review then resolve his past. By acknowledging the pain he had suffered and the pain he caused to others, and by rejecting the path of loneliness and solitude his choices had taken him down, he was freed to choose a new path with his whole new self. How many lives it seems we experience, one after the other, based on the choices we make and live through.

        I have personally experienced injury (relationship-breaking scale) which I did not want to revisit, because as you write, you actually do relive the pain of that conflict, but avoiding discussing the issue was only a stop-gap measure, and it was only when the joint revisiting of the matter was finally completed that I was freed from any conscious (and emotional) remnants resurfacing. Complete catharsis.

        very best to you too.

  11. motherbarbarian replied:

    p.s. This song nails the psychopathic nature of christianity in one line – I held my tongue as she told me son, fear is the heart of love. (Don’t want to overdo this comment section, but I thought you might appreciate this.)
    Delete at will if you like. Mother

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi ma barbarian – Glad to hear you have been finding healing

      Maybe we need to extend the term ‘psychopathic tendencies’ to include pretty much everything the West is based upon.

      very best to you

  12. omalone1 replied:

    thou must love being beaten and mistreated. let that be the whole of thy commands.

    • alex robinson replied:

      ah yes, when only the worst will do…
      cheers omalone & thanks for the vote of confidence in our podcast.
      very best to you

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