escaping into the locked room (+ podcast)

pantheon   c.1300 … temple for all the gods

The ancient Roman writer Cassius Dio speculated that the name comes either from the statues of so many gods placed around this building or from the resemblance of the dome to the heavens

Welcome to the original prototype

of your tiny,



The Pantheon is one of the great spiritual buildings of the world. It was built as a Roman temple and later consecrated as a Catholic Church. As the sun moves, …

… striking patterns of light illuminate the walls and floors of porphyry, granite and yellow marbles …

Circles and squares form the unifying theme of the interior design. The checkerboard floor pattern contrasts with the concentric circles of square coffers in the dome ..

… Each zone of the interior, from floor to ceiling, is subdivided according to a different scheme

To understand the laws & dimensions of your tiny world, we need to get you acquainted with it.

If you are happy with your world, you need read no further.

If not, please join me for a short verbovisual tour, as we must gather together the threads needed to weave ourselves a bridge into hell:

… when Michelangelo first saw the Pantheon in the early 1500s, he proclaimed it of angelic

… and not human design”

The original use of the Pantheon is somewhat unknown, except that it was …

… classified as a temple

The role of the Pantheon is poorly understood and it’s function still remains uncertain, although we believe the sun has a significant role in the building

Hadrian said, “My intentions had been that this sanctuary of All Gods should reproduce the likeness …

… of the terrestrial globe and of the stellar sphere

The Pantheon is a remarkable achievement of … sacred geometry and cosmography

“[the] Dome forms half a perfect sphere on top a cylinder …[the]  Sphere would exactly fit inside the rotunda

The Eye — Sunlight beams through the Pantheon’s oculus” … oops how did that picture get there?

No oculus had even dared come close in size to the one in the Pantheon” ”

… the Pantheon presents yet another, far greater mystery. Why, after nearly 2000 years, is this structure, built on marshy land, with a dome whose span was not surpassed for hundreds of years, still standing?

Today, no engineer would dare build this structure without steel rods!

Giulio Magli, an historian of ancient architecture … claims that at precisely midday during the March Equinox, a circular shaft of light shines through the oculus and …

illuminates the Pantheon’s entrance … [While] on April 21, which the Romans celebrated as the founding date of their city, … the sun beam strikes a metal grille above the doorway …

… “The emperor would have been illuminated as if by film studio lights” … elevating an emperor into the realm of the gods … He was in effect being “invited” by the sun to enter the Pantheon

Here endeth this leg of your tour. Go now & sin no more … ooops sorry wrong tour.

~  ~  ~

A number of researchers have suggested that the Roman Empire ne’er did fall over … rather it was

… relocated …

rehoused & given

… a new identity.

Roman influence in America was more than an intriguing cultural phase; it played an integral role in the development of the nation

Today, Roman influence can be seen among countless buildings such as banks, government buildings, houses, business buildings …  In Washington, D.C., domes are a common theme among the government buildings

The name Capitol Hill for the location of the United States Congress… was chosen by the founders of the US in emulation of the ancient Roman location” Ah so it’s true then …

Oh wait … what?

Capitoline Hill is the smallest of Rome‘s seven hills

The hill often stands in ancient literature for Rome itself … especially in its capacity to endure over time” (i.e. it goes on & on & on)

But … Capitoline Hill, though important, was never the centre of Rome. Just as the United States of Romica, was never going to be its modernhub. Firstly a little his & his story: In the beginning …

Romulus and Remus are the  central characters of Rome’s foundation myth. … abandoned to die in the river Tiber …

… a she-wolf found and suckled them, and a woodpecker fed them. A shepherd and his wife … fostered them to manhood

When they were big boys, they quarrelled over where to found a new city. Somewhere along the way Romulus got shitty & killed Remus. It is from the Cainian Romulus, that we get the name, Rome. Romulus chose to found (t)his city on the Palatine Hill.

According to Roman mythology, the Palatine Hill was the location of the cave … where Romulus and Remus were found by the she-wolf that kept them alive

… it was on this hill that the Roman Empire began

The Palatine Hill … is the centermost of the Seven Hills of Rome and is one of the most ancient parts of the city …  It is the etymological origin of the word palace.

Oops isn’t that Buckingham Palace? How on earth did that get there? I do apologise… As I was saying:

palace   late 13c., “official residence of an emperor, king, archbishop

Oh come on … this is just getting silly.

Just because both the Romans & Brutus British had empires, there is no reason to link the two. And while I agree there may be some British leverage beneath the United Satellites of Romica, one really cannot suggest that ancient Rome was reheadquartered into Britain.

I mean everybody knows that the eighth Henry broke with Rome

(in order to extend his literary Wife Collection).

Look see for yourself …

The Ecclesiastical Appeals Act [or] Statute in Restraint of Appeals [which was] passed in 1533 … on behalf of King Henry VIII of England, forbade all appeals to the Pope in Rome on religious or other matters, making the King the final legal authority This was achieved by claiming that England was an empire            “Where by divers sundry old authentic histories and chronicles, it is manifestly declared and expressed that this realm of England is an Empire“.

You are surely not going to expect me to believe that the story of Anne Boleyn was a ruse,… a ‘cover story‘ to sneak Rome into Britain?

No I will simply not accept it. It was a true story full of lust & intrigue, that sadly turned to bitter tragedy.

Well all right, it may have been a bit melodramatic, but dammit I tell you it was history.

And before you start imagining things, let me tell you that it was just a coincidence that Henry VIII was crowned king on the same date that Rome was founded (April 21st).

Same with the crowning of William III and Mary Stuart on that day.

And if you think that Queen Elizabeth IIbeing born on this 111th day of the year, has any significance, you are barking mad.

~ ~ ~

Ladies & gentlemen, we do apologise. Your tour guide has been under a lot of strain recently.  We are postponing the rest of this tour while she is medicated with Chardonnay.  If you will please proceed to the Design RoomI think you will find the talk on the finer points of early Roman pattern-making to be enlightening.

~  ~  ~

As you can see we now have an interesting array of threads. All we need is …

love a pattern to work with.

pattern (n.)   early 14c., “the original proposed to imitation; the archetype; that which is to be copied … (see patron)

Ok sure, let’s see Patron:

patron   “a lord-master, a protector,” c.1300, … from M.L. patronus “… lord, master, model, pattern” …” from pater (gen. patris) “father“.

Hmmm … that’s interesting, so … like this you mean?

In mathematics, a self-similar object is exactly or approximately similar to a part of itself (i.e. the whole has the same shape as one or more of the parts).

Or this?

the background figures and shapes portrayed behind the figure of God appeared to be an anatomically accurate picture of the human brain, including the frontal lobe, optic chiasm, brain stem … there appears to be communication present despite the gap between the depicted Adam and God, just as neurons transmit biochemical information across synaptic clefts

Today we will be using Michelangelo’s coded Creation as a template for our own design work.  We are very lucky to have procured the services of an

… enigmatic code-breaker who has assures me that Michelangelo’s encrypted message reads as follows:

Did singe moth Hogtied minds Domed insight

 “the Mind is God”

Thusly illuminated, it makes un-common good sense to understand how our own godliness works (on the off chance that we ever decide to do something worthwhile with our minds).

Our culture has not been a friend of the mind. Education has cultivated the idea that it belongs solely in the hands of …

trumped up trumpeted geniuses.

Perhaps it is time go back to the beginning & start again.

It might, however, be equally true to say that much new knowledge is prevented by old knowledge. This is because the existing perceptions must be unpicked in order that we may see things differently” “In order to go forward we may have to go back & make a deliberate effort to change concepts

Let us bow to each now (in recognition of our godly status) …

… as we set off back to reclaim our universe. It’s been too long.

contrary to our traditional view, the brain may be a very simple mechanism acting in a highly complex way” “… biology tends to work through simple systems with complex behaviour” “For the first time in history we can now have an idea of how the brain is organised …We can come to see how the thinking habits of the of the last Renaissance emphasized some of the worst habits of the mind

In my desire to understand the lock-down mechanism that seems to run my mind, & I rather suspect yours too, I have re-found the work of Edward de Bono – the man who is mainly-mainstreamly-recalled as the “lateral thinking” guy. Note from the future:  After I wrote the followingsentence, the tragedy waste of the last 40 odd years hit me – this is what I wrote a moment before a moment ago …

“The year that man was supposedly fucking about on the moon, he wrote a book called The Mechanism of the Mind

Dear god, I’m wondering now what life might have been like if we’d walked down that inner path, instead of following the rocket man into his waste of space.

I must confess to struggling with de Bono’s ideas (everything in this colour).

He calls the mind a ‘self-organizing pattern-making system’ & this is where my mind slips up – I simply don’t digest big words very well.  What follows are my efforts to turn his ideas into something a little more flavoursome & easy to swallow.


I believe understanding what he says to be invaluable – in the same kind of way that understanding which tank in your car you put petrol & which one your pour water is invaluable for giving you a usable vehicle, as opposed to a rusting garden ornament.

Mechanics lesson number 1: Imagine a vast landscape – this would also be known as …

… “your brain”.

Onto that landscape falls rain – this would also be known as …

‘information’ / experience.

As the rainformation touches your ground-brain, it flows along the tracks long established there – with the shape of the land always deciding where the water will twist, turn or collect.

The water flows along the existing tracks – it can do nothing else.

De Bono says that our brains are passive – so they do not ‘vet’ or arrange incoming experience/ material – they simply allow all in-coming-information to follow without interruption, these pre-carved paths.

These pre-carved paths = patterns.

Our patterns.

The ‘simple’ mechanism that is our brain lives & loves to create patterns.

Storing memories… in patterns, whose shape is always determined by earlier patterns.

This is where we become God. You were paying attention weren’t you?

“pattern (n.)   early 14c., “the original proposed to imitation; the archetypethat which is to be copied … (see patron)”

“patron   “a lord-master, a protector,” c.1300, … from M.L. patronus “… lord, master, model, pattern” …” from pater (gen. patris) “father“.Pater … the Latin for “father” a title given to a father deity Dis Pater, a Roman and Celtic god of the underworld, later subsumed by Pluto or Jupiter God the Father in Christianity

Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them

Which came first, the mind or the pattern?

Unfortunately our divine-pattern-making potential should really have come with a …

… heavenly health warning.

Because pattern-forming can lead to …

… seriously non-groovey ruts.

Circularity is a very natural & easy phenomenon

… in self-organizing patterning system

Tell me please, in what parts of our modern, amazing, wondrous, advanced civilization are we not circling in ever-decreasing roundabouts?

The natural behaviour of perceptions is to form strong patterns, to recognize them quickly & to use them without deviation

… This process has initial survival value but thereafter packages the world in much too limited & rigid a fashion

It is not a matter of having a system which has been ‘programmed‘ to behave in this way. The system would be …

…  incapable of behaving in any other way

But surely we can just change things when we need to?

Once a pattern exists it is very hard to cut across it to establish a new pattern

the mind does not try to do anything. What happens is that various inputs .. create a

state of activity which eventually settles down into a …

stable state … … It is the stable state that is the [feeling of something making] ‘sense‘.

Experiences & Information enter at will & settle upon the outdoor furniture of our in-situ beliefs.

Yet we do not question the foundations upon which our current beliefs lie.

Every belief system sets up a framework of perception within which it cannot be attacked

We are as locked into our institutions & structures as we are to beliefs. The paradox is that as we move forward into the future there is more need for change than ever, yet there is less room for change because everything is locked into position

That there are bastards out there capitalizing via this prison system we live in, I have no doubts, but spotlighting them, without turning the beams on our own minds, does not seem to have made the slightest bit of difference, unless you count the development of very …

… flexible index fingers.

If we do not understand how our minds truly work, we don’t stand much chance of creating a usable framework in which to live. And when I say live I’m not talking about the opposite of dead.

I mean this (but in human form)

De Bonos’ suggestions offer a usable map whereby index fingers may be put to practical use tracing new paths:

  • We need to shift from destructive thinking to a much more constructive type
  • We need to change from argument to genuine exploration of a subject
  • We need to lessen the esteem in which we hold critical thinking & to place it below constructive thinking
  • We need to shift from obsession with history to concern for the future
  • We need, for the first time, to realise that creative thinking is a serious & essential part of the thinking process

“… if we move forward, not from a constructed language (Greek heritage), but from the actual way the brain works…

…  as a self-organising patterning system, we can get a very different perspective

Let’s look at vacuuming from a de Bono perspective – as I understand it.

Our civilized thinking is replete with such broad concept traps as: freedom, justice, democracy, imperialism.  It is virtually impossible to think anywhere in the vicinity of these traps, as you will get sucked into accepted patterns … we have a limited number of crude concepts

Imagine that patterns have wide opening, kind of like large rabbity holes …

Patterns in a self-organising system have a wide catchment area. This means that many unstable patterns

… will all lead to the main stable pattern

In other words, lots of things that aren’t really connected, like distant relatives, get pulled into the same pattern/family.

Patterns, when combined with incestuous thinking practices, can be eternally destructive:

… dichotomies impose a false & sharp .. polarization on the world & allow no middle ground …’The catchment’ .. properties of patterns ensure that … things that are really only very slightly different are forced far apart by the polarizations …we end up with a thinking system that is almost designed to create problems

So we ‘create’ enemies by pretending they are unnaturally different from us – it’s a  cheap & easything to do …

… but it makes the attack so much more fun, don’t cha know!So much of modern life is based around argument – most especially male-female interaction:

From where did this love of argument come & how is it sustained? …such an inefficient system … Once people have been put into the roles of ‘attack’ & ‘defend’ they play those roles – at the expense of exploration

The vehemence with which both men & women now consider their point of view ‘right’ really should have set off alarm bells a long time ago. How did both sides get to be so right?   Or is it just the teensy, weensiest bit possible that it is our system of thought that is at fault, & not each other?

An acknowledgement of inadequacy is a prelude to change … The arrogance of logic means that if we have a logically impeccable argument then we must be right

Where did the original patterns in yourmind come from?

The mind does have an ease of switching into beliefs, & the vehemence with which a belief is held is more a reflection …

…of the circular behaviour of the mind  than of the truth of that belief

Here’s a wonderful example of how the power of just one belief, runs (or can ruin) your life:

When you burn your finger at a fire only once in your lifetime, you are operating a belief system … your initial trauma creates a belief that prevents you from ever contradicting that belief, so the circularity is established

If there is already a pattern established it is not possible to establish another pattern in the same area because our mind will always swing back to the first pattern

… The result is that we are stuck with our patterns, perceptions, concepts & words

Thank you everyone. That concludes our visit to the Design Room today.  If you will make your way to the Sewing Room we shall now endeavour to stitch this article together.

~  ~  ~  ~

It is guessed that the Pantheon was built as a temple– yet it is really not known for sure.

Temple –> Template

tem·plate n   A pattern or gauge, … used as a guide in making something accurately

You know, as a template for the promethean-style-imprisonment of the mind-of-man the Pantheon is bloody ingenious. Please join me in a little play – come onyou know you want to..:

In a self-organising patterning system, provocation is absolutely logical. Playing & playing around is a form of provocation, yet we have never given it the status it deserves

This article took on its current shape because, while researching ‘patterns‘ & their connection to the God Father (Pater), I came across the term ‘pantheon of the gods‘ – playing with the idea that the word pantheon might be connected to the word pattern, an idea (I + Dea = I, God) was born.

Humour is by far the most significant behaviour of the human mind …It tells us something about perception which we have traditionally neglected in favour of logic. It tells us directly about the possibility of changes in perception. It shows us that these changes can be followed by instant changes in emotion – something that can never be achieved by logic

Now that’s impressive, or it should be. We are being told that humour has a potency & potential to change our world. At present we are trapped. We blame it on the ptb, the illuminati, the media, governments etc.  Anything but our own perceptions & the patterns of our minds. So sad. So tragic.

Ah well, I guess we may as well just settle down to the familiar & keep on fighting.

It’s all too much effort to change anyway …

So let me introduce you to your future. It may feel quite familiar, for it has also been allof your past.

Regardez le template of a million sleeping gods.

Notice the wonderful skull work of the dome…

we must be cautious in not choosing to pin down the universe ….

… If we set our current paradigm in concrete, we shall allow ourselves to work only within this paradigm (universe) for ever more” “A belief is a perceptual framework which leads us to see the world in a way which reinforces that framework …

… so the circularity is established

The only internal light source is the so called …

… ‘Oculum’ (eye)

We are as locked into our institutions & structures …

… as we are to beliefs. The paradox is that as we move forward into the future there is more need for change than ever, yet there is less room for change … because everything is locked into position

Isn’t it funny how we exhaust ourselves rushing madly round & around in circlestrying to ‘discover’ the ‘exit’ out of our hell, or else we turn our dazed gazes…

…  onto the play of light of historical patterns trying to figure out what they are telling us.

As the sun moves, striking patterns of light illuminate the walls and floors of porphyry, granite and yellow marbles …

Circles and squares form the unifying theme of the interior design. The checkerboard floor pattern contrasts with the concentric circles of square coffers in the dome

The dome features sunken panels (coffers), in five rings of twenty-eight. This evenly spaced layout was difficult to achieve and, it is presumed, had symbolic meaning, either numerical, geometric, or lunar

Ah the eternal fascination of the mystery.

You enter into this almost magical geometrically perfect space

Funny how so many angles of our current world …

… worship symmetry.

sym·me·try n.   Exact correspondence of form … on opposite sides of a dividing line

Our world is a world of worlds-of-same-choices … 

right/wrong… true/false …  guilty/innocent … friend/enemy … tyranny/freedom … democracy/dictatorship …  natural/unnatural

… the view just depends on where you are standing at the time

symmetry – “the quality of having two parts that match exactly, …

… either when one half is like an image of the other half in a mirror”.

The thing about symmetry is that tends to goes round in circles.. Are we being forced into symmetry sametry by tyrannical patterns?

If the brain as consciousness flows along the main highway patterns, we are not even aware of the potential side-tracks, because these have been temporarily suppressed by the dominant track

Are we trapped in a pantheonistic room of our own mind-making? Seeking endlessly to unlock the door, yet never realising that the door can only be opened, from the outside.

This is the wrong universe. It is only when we make the jump – which we have not yet done – to the universe of self-organising patterning systems … that creativity becomes simple & clear. No matter how hard we try in the wrong universe, we shall not understand creativity

The job of a god is to create. This society we exist in, now leads swiftly & directly to death. You no longer get to pass ‘Go’ & collect $200. And as long as we seek to fit ourselves within it, we will carry on dying – that’s how the system works. We have abdicated our responsibility to create. I don’t know why.  It may have been something done to us or we may have created it long ago, & then forgotten. I wonder if, when patterns become too large, uninterrupted & concrete, they become the ‘gods’ that fill our pantheonicminds.

Gods on the Discworld exist as long as people believe in them and their power grows as their followers increase

…. If people should cease believing in a particular god … the god begins to fade and, eventually, will “die”, becoming little more than a faded wispy echo” “Patterns rarely die through being attacked, for this just reinforces their use. They die through atrophy & neglect. They can also die or be changed through an alteration in the context

What if the key to our future lies in escaping into our minds?

A provocation is designed to perturb the system … In 1982 IBM researchers stated categorically that in certain types of systems … provocation was an absolute mathematical necessity

How do you break back into your own mind? Would you even want to?

~  ~  ~  ~

Everything in this colour from “I am Right, Your are Wrong” ~Edward de Bono

~  ~  ~

** Podcast **

This article was immensely difficult to write – I’m not sure how far I got in achieving what I wanted to say.  This afternoon my very good friends Sinead & Fitzy came to the rescue to add their tremendous input – they brought alive this massively important topic – the return of our minds.

Fitzy’s Ouroboros bit had me dying…! XD”   ~ transcenddesigns




Fitzy had a few issues with his state of the art recording technology, thus you get three bite-sized helpings rather than one lump of lard – don’t worry it will all make sense. A thousand thanks my friends.

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no this is not the big one

… it’s just
a small post …

revolving around
an event & thought
of today,
which may be of help
to a few minds.

The big article I’m working on currently has over 11,000 words – there’s no way anyone’s gonna read that, so I have to pare it down.

In the meantime let me tell you about my day.

My sister Rachel, & I went to visit our mother, in hospital. Those who read my blog will know that for the last couple of months she has been held in a secure ward in a psychiatric hospital.

As so often happens these days, Rachel & I had arrived at a similar decision …

… via separate routes.  We both wanted to approach our mother with too-long-avoided truths.  She never taught us to call her mum, so she has always just been Sybil to us.

Rachel wanted Sybil to understand the torment she put her neighbour through for the last 10 years. We have only come to know about just what she did, since her world fell apart two months ago. Miraculously he seems to hold no bitterness, yet his description of her as reminding him of “the mother in Psycho“, …

… spoke of volumes we had already read.

I wanted to go further than that & introduce Sybil to the warped-world she created in our childhood. A very different one to that which she holds in her head.

The route I traveled from this desire, & thence onto the decision to speak, was fueled partly by the exhaustion my sister & I have been suffering in trying to deal with her, on her level

The other reason was the remembering of a suggestion I once read – that after death we must face the traumas we did not heal, whilst alive.

My mother is an old woman now, fighting the world, but not winning any more. If this suggestion of after-life accountability is true, then what right had I to simply wait for nature to take its course without at least making the offering of honesty? What right had I have to hold my tongue when words spoken now might actually make a difference?

What would it be like if after death Sybil was finally made aware of the suffering she had created, but now had no chance to understand, or make amends?

What if hell is simply unfaced demons/trauma
& the pain of regrets?

Perhaps even more importantly for her is that she know that Rachel & I no longer hold grudges, that we seek no revenge.  This has nothing to do with any fucked up ideas of forgiveness either – if I had to try & ‘go back’ & forgive her I would be physically ill.

What has happened is that my sister & I are simply here & now relating to a very ill woman who needs our help – we care about what happens to her, while at the same time having the awareness that we cannot force ourselves to love her. And you know what, that is good enough.

The honesty imparted to Sybil today was deep, sincere & I would go so far as to say a work of beauty – no malice, no cruelty, no attack – we worded & re-worded it in ways she could hear – everything was geared to her, to help her create a ‘truer‘ map of reality – attempting to throw a bridge …

.. into her world of illusion/delusion, so that she may yet still walk out.

What do we do to ourselves & others when
we deny honesty
in order to keep a boat from rocking?

Day by day we must map out our reality for that’s how we work, yet if our coordinates are fucked & our roads in the wrong places, what chance have we of ever meeting up with other human beings or creating real connections?

When Rachel & I left Sybil today I swear her face looked cleaner / clearer. I have no high hopes that any great change occurred within her, yet I feel something very significant took place.

I played with a new thought beforehand, that helped me face Sybil today – hey its not easy facing the man/woman from Bates’ Motel.

The thought was this.

What if we relabelled our parents?

What would happen if we dumped the titles
& along with them the massive baggage attached,
& simply adopted the words
“sister” & “brother”.

In the recent podcast I did with Sinead & Fitzy called Trauma Culture, Sinead suggested that families are like cults.  I think she was spot on. Small, isolated units with often bizarre beliefs & rituals answerable to no one but the leader, be it male or female.

I would say that for the majority of people, the term older brother or sister conjures images of support, but also freedom to grow & develop – for these sisters & brothers…

… are also still growing & developing.

Hmmm … what would this relabeling
to religion?

Just what kind of a hold would God have had,
if he was known as
God the brother?

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a little play

I’m currently working on article which may be my most important to date – a massively-tiny, securely-enclosed topic that requires the creation of a new focal point, in order to be able to see it.

Or at least that’s how I’m seeing it

In our lock-down world we need to create new paths. They are not going to come to us.

Creation, not death, is meant to be our “forte.

So while I jump from angle to angle & wrestle with lock-down logic, I thought I’d post some of the created images that hang on the walls of my home. Perfection as you will see, is absent.

But then creation never requires perfection.

Some years ago my son & I sat in our back yard & with a 20 minute deadline we each painted something that we could see.

This is what he painted. I’ll never forget what happened when I put his canvas into this gold photo frame just last year – it just came alive. One of anything is good, but when paired up with something quite different, magic can appear.

Another example of my then, young son’s work – he simply chose to paint what he saw on a page of a newspaper.

This is a copy of a print that my son had liked.  I didn’t have the money to buy it, so I painted a copy.  One day about four years ago, as he passed this painting in the hall, it fell to the floor & I recited something my mother used to say:

“What falls on the floor, comes through the door”. A couple of hours later a young stray cat appeared on our back door step.  She has been living with us ever since.

Fruit bowl with lemons & tomatoes

A copy of a painting showing NZ’s pilot Jean Batten, approaching the shores of NZ on one of her legendary flights.

This flower was the first result of a seven day commitment to creating something new each day.  My painting, which would be laughed out of any art gallery, led indirectly & yet directly, to a number of articles – starting here

Another re-creation for my son. From the age of 12, he had flying lessons roughly every 4 – 6 weeks. At the age of 16 he was able to fly solo – hence the aviation theme in these pics.

I love colour

Years ago, I visualised an orange tree laden with fruit as symbol for what I wished for in our lives,

Hey, I love colour

Tea, wine & random garlic clove

The road to the beach that my son & I accidentally discovered when we pulled off a main road in Hawaii.  One of our most treasured memories.

It can be so fucking good to pull off the main road
& go exploring …

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