Psychopates & the holy grail

is rightly regarded

as the …

father of Western thinking

Plato was an

  ... fascist 

It is not surprising that
Western thinking
has been…

intrinsically fascist in nature

~  ~  ~

Did you know that Plato & Socrates were Siamese twins …

… ‘joined at the hip’?

Plato ‘wrote‘ Socrates.

Plato never speaks in his own voice in his dialogues … In the Second Letter, it says, “no writing of Plato exists or ever will exist, but those now said to be his are those of a Socrates become beautiful and new

 Socrates ‘incubated‘ Plato

The precise relationship between Plato and Socrates remains an area of contention among scholars. Plato makes it clear …

… that he was a devoted young follower

Both existed long before masonic know-lodges

Then came Socrates followed by Plato & they created order out of chaos by making truth ‘absolute‘.

Together with Aristotle they make up the holy trinity of the Western thinking system.

That’s the system that is in the process of sucking the life out of your mind.

Let’s take a wee look at the Holy Trinity …

Although Socrates
came first,

… takes the Godfather position
because he crafted the words of Socrates
into the …

“Leaden Commandments”
that make up
your every waking thought.

Aristotle brings up the rear with his holy ghost importance, leaving Socrates to play out the pre-Jesusian role.

And he did that very well indeed …

going fearlessly amongst the people
& enlightening them
as to the need to find ‘truth’.

A good story must always have a good ending & Socrates had one to die for.

Pre-echoing his great great great great grandson Jesus ….

…  he sups from a holy grail
during his own ‘going away party’.

Sometimes history can seem a little melodramatic, but we must always understand the absolute truth of documented historical fact.

“[Through Socrates] Plato, the idealist, offers [us] “an idol, a master figure, for philosophy. A Saint, a prophet of the ‘Sun-God’, a teacher condemned for his teachings as a heretic.

 Oh bugger that.

Lets consider this.

That the Holy Grail
our mind.

Considering his effects on our minds, how tailordramatically fitting that the Socrates Potter story ends with him downing “Hemlock

hem (n.)   O.E. hem “a border,” … from PIE *kem- “to compress“.

hem (v.)    … The phrase hem in “shut in, confine,” first recorded 1530s

lock (v.)   … from O.E. lucan “to lock, to close“.

Poison Hemlock (Conium maculatum) … Sacred to Hekate and evidencing a very Saturn-like preoccupation with borders … the plant is good for ritually paralyzing a situation

Like this you mean?

… the peculiar nature of Western thinking … we are so trapped inside this system

… that we cannot get outside
to look at it objectively

Let’s play further & suggest that,
just like the Holy Grail,
our mind has gone missing.

It was …

… last seen in action thousands of years ago.

By now you may want to hit this article over the head with a piece of (state of the art) technology & point out just how far

… we have come.

You will probably wish to declare that…

“… our thinking methods are pretty good because we have made a lot progress in science & technology & raised the living standards of some of the world’s population

Then again, you have to say that, because …

If you have been educated entirely within the traditional Western thinking system … that thinking system will appear complete, comprehensive & perfect. You will see the world through the belief system that underlies the world. You will argue about the world using the devices provided by that system

It is undeniable that our thinking system has made great advances in certain areas. Some of its methods have worked well.

But that really is just not good enough to justify its hold over us, thus my job in this article, is to jump up & down boldy to get the attention of your one-tracked-mind…

…  before you run into yourself on the past.

Because in comparison with what our thinking could be, we are but twig-brains rubbing neurons together trying to light a fire in a cave.

How far can a
really go?

All the text in this colour, thus far & to follow, is the work of Edward de Bono, from his book Parrallel Thinking. I take no credit, he deserves it all.  What I am doing however, is borrowing his words to parallel-navigate a road that is my own particular passion.

I’m hoping these words & images have tickled your interest enough for you to consider ‘the thing’ through which you consider ‘everything’ in your life – the Platosocrastotle Thinking System™ …

there are deep-seated inadequacies & dangers in the system itself.. The system is inadequate. It is dangerous. It is complacent

… in a way we are dealing more with a religious belief
than with
information handling.
The belief system set out by ..

… the Gang of Three
is a belief system which defends itself
with the vigour of any religion

This inherited thinking system revolves around circles of itself – rather like an inflated ego:

Plato was concerned with order, rules, truth, absolutes & the boxes & principles which allow the exercise of clear conscious judgement. This style applies equally to the imposition of fascist order in a state & the imposition of order in our thinking

I am unable to find the page in the users manual of the Platosocrastotle Thinking System™ where humanity has been added:

based on ruthless & immediate judgement (yes/no, right/wrong, true/false)

sets up dichotomies & contradictions in order to force a choice

overuses criticism in the belief that if you remove ‘bad things’ then what is left is wonderful

uses adversarial argument & refutation to explore a subject

Recently a rather shocking insight came to visit – I realised that I have spent most of my life inside a court of law.

I’m not talking governmental or legal bureaucracy, I’m talking of my daily interactions with other human beings & the overall way I think & act


  • Actions must constantly be explained.
  • Ideas & thoughts must be justified.
  • Conclusions must be proved.
  • Evidence must be supplied on demand.
  • Argument & counter-argument are the only option to …

hammer home points.

My particular style of writing is the product of a lifetime of struggling to speak & be heard within a court that has tiny ears, & a vicious emotionless backhand.

Look again at the world we raise our children in:

Plato was concerned with order, rules, truth, absolutes & the boxes & principles which allow the exercise of clear conscious judgement

The other day I wandered around my old primary school & I noticed again, as we all do, how small it looked …

… I used to buy into the ‘psycho-socratic logic’ of this phenomenon – that when I was small it looked big, but now that I am big it appears small.

That of course is poppycock & balderdash pie.

The reason things look so small to us now is because we have shrunk.

Once upon a time we were tiny-mammoths with gargantuan connections to life. Everything mattered. Everything was BIG. Everything was alive & so full of potential.

But, as I said, we shrank.

Why did we shrink?

Then Socrates saw his role as a ‘gadfly’ to get people thinking about things & to weed out sloppy ideas. It was enough that his students should start to question & to think. The conclusion did not matter

We were driven into our minds:

It was enough that his students should start to question & to think

Drive someone into their mind & it can be almost impossible to get them out again.

… the cave analogy of Plato … A person is chained up in such a manner that the person can only look at the back wall of the cave. Someone wanders into the cave. The chained-up person  …

… can only see the shadow of the newcomer projected onto the back wall of the cave by a fire at the mouth of the cave. Similarly as we go through life we cannot see the ‘truth‘: we only see shadows or reflections of it … However … somewhere there is this deep truth, & we have to search for it

So there is a belief that there is an inner truth which is hidden but which is absolute, ultimate, universal & unchanging.  Now we set out to find it

Analogy: … being stuck in first gear, with the accelerator pushed to the floor & the handbrake jammed on.

Our traditional thinking system is based on ‘truth’, which is to be uncovered & checked by logic & argument … The result is a strong tendency towards negativity & attack. Negativity is seen to be a powerful way to uncover the truth

What if the search for truth cripples the mind because:

Truth is based far more on what is than on what can be

The Platosocrastotle Thinking System™ anchors the mind into the past – into what has existed, & what exists now, because of the past.

Let me ask you a question.

How connected do you feel to the future?

Here’s an answer to a question I asked earlier:

[3/06/2012] fitzy: I find it blunted. Like trying to hear sounds under water, like I can’t tune into it

Let me suggest that the majority of us struggle massively to get a grip on the future because our thinking system …

blocks it out.

If your mind can only focus on what already exists, from where does something new originate?

Your thinking system will tell you that it magically comes from studying & restudying all that exists BUT The Platosocrastotle Thinking System™ has almost no generative abilities – it has great difficulty generating new ideas.

That really shouldn’t be surprising considering that your thinking system was set up

…by a chummy male threesome without female input.

Would women have consented to such a dried-out, sharp-edged, system of inhumanity that invalidates human emotion?

What has the cost been?

When I visit my mother in hospital now, I watch as she disappears in & out of her mind & I wonder.

I WONDER in capital letters.

I wonder about what caused her illness.

I wonder about the ever-lingering pain of my childhood.

Now I’m wondering …

Is unhealed childhood trauma the result of a thinking system that blocks out natural healing mechanisms?

I’m WONDERING if the Platosocrastotle Thinking System™ causes pyschopathy & any number of other mental illnesses.

I’m wondering if our thinking system is the equivalent …

… of hemlock.

I’m wondering now if the reason behind the expansion of the British Empire …

… was the need to spread the Platosocrastotle Thinking System™.  Once this thinking system is downloaded, people self-police & then they let go of the future.

When people let go of the future …

… they let go of their children.

When people let go of the future they create the need for prepackaged goods & entertainment, because they can no longer create them themselves.

When people let go of the future, their bodies begin to stall.

Somewhere, but I can’t find it now, I’m sure de Bono has suggested that by consciously using our thoughts via thought-design frameworks we utilise different parts of our brain & also different enzymy-type things, that might otherwise not be activated. Even if I dreamed this up, I find the idea very useful.

What if there is a “Future Hormone” that is only activated when we engage in the decision to create. If this thought has any reality, which I think it might, it leads to a question.

What have we done to ourselves by focusing so much on the past & by  dissecting the present into …

… convenient boxes?

There is an obsession with history … About twenty times as much emphasis is put on history as on design … the literary culture sometimes seems to be a culture of corpses with the bulk of attention given to the dead & the past

I’ve worked hard on this article to get it ready because I wanted to publish it as Venus transits the sun, I’m no astrologer but I figured if there is positive energy available, why not use it.

This morning as I woke & got ready to publish
I found myself thinking a new idea

male energy

 the Past


Female energy

… the future.

All this chat of the Goddess returning is bollocks – she does not return, how does the future return to the present.

It’s us we who have to turn back to her.

We are built from the past & we owe it all honour, but in order to continue LIVING we must reach our hands out to the future, connect with it, inseminate it – it is the womb that we embed our dreams & desires in, so that it may become our present.

The real present
is male & female
past & future,

The Platosocrastotle Thinking System™ removed human connection to the future.

I have been wondering if 21 December 2012 is the date that the Platosocrastotle Thinking System™ reaches critical mass & goes ‘live’ – the day that our thinking system becomes a self-propelling god unless we choose to return to a place of balance –

standing upon the past,
living the moment
seeding our future.

June 4, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Biggi replied:

    Hi Alex,
    Congratulations on this article!!! Especially during the Venus transit. This one I can not see because it’s cloudy/rainy here unless the sky opens up in the next few hours. The 2004 transit I watched with my own eyes (special sun filter/binoculars). That was very interesting and eventful.
    Females always be the future together with the males and will always be.
    Along with nature anyway. We humans make a lot of things sooo complicated.
    We get used to it and think it is normal whatever it is, comforting etc.
    All the best to you and lots of love, Brigitte


  2. ionmars replied:

    I’m speechless
    The POWER in your IMAGERY is overwhelmingly satisfying to conjure up the Best Possible World imaginable -right NOW- during this Venus Transit.


  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Well done Alex, I enjoyed your provoking “thoughts” and revealing “insights”.

    You do have a delectable selection of imagery in your articles!!

    There is not enough Creation in our lives right now, may those energies seed new thought paths that leads to future creations.



  4. Alastair replied:

    I think people haven’t let go of the future in its entirety, we’ve ‘merely’ let go of what you might refer to as the feminine/creative aspect of the future.

    Everybody I know is concerned about and controlled by the future. In fact it would seem that the future consists almost entirely of things like:

    the next mortgage payment
    credit card interest payments
    rates increases
    tax increases or the vain hope of future tax decrease
    school fees / uniforms etc
    hoping like hell that you still have a job to pay for the above

    There is precious little time and money available to most people to truly create. Most of us spend our lives either ‘manufacturing’ or servicing for others. Even money, apparently once one of the great inventions of mankind due to its function of storing future enjoyment, has been turned from a beneficial servant into a syphilytic, ungrateful tyrant against true creativity and self-improvement.

    Imagine a world where a person could fully enjoy the fruits of their labour without having it devalued through inflation and stolen through tax and usury. Imagine how much we could improve ourselves and therefore the lives of those around us merely by being allowed to fully live.

    Maybe there is a connection between our odious ‘economic’ system and Platonic thinking. From what you’ve said, they both seem to be designed to reach the same end.


  5. Fitzy replied:

    I recall two cases regarding Human biological and psychological regeneration (of a sort), a soldier – who with the aid of his Doctor wrote a book describing his mental state after a crippling brain injury. He could see out of the top quarter of one eye’s vision, although he didn’t live all that long, he managed to relate his experiences – the Brain, was trying to reconfigure itself with what was left of his neuronal pathways.

    The next was about an abuse victim, who managed to reassemble blocked childhood trauma, revealing hidden memories. It seems the preconscious mind is able to reconfigure itself, under compassionate circumstances, in (mostly faulty) modern medicine its largely recognized that there exists a mind in us all, that wants to be whole and complete. And it will try to (re)create equilibrium, even if it takes years.

    Unfortunately for us, the Greeks did not give us either a superior thought system, or democracy – remember Democracy was for the wealthy, at best the Greeks gave us Criminal Oligarchy – mental and political.

    This article is another MIGHTY effort, and shows just how inverted we are as a species. I forget the astronaut who said it, but when he circled the earth, and saw the World as no Human had seen it before – no borders or nationalities – a sublime sense of Humane wonder saturated his mind.

    We need a space shot program down here, to evoke that wonder, as I get older it is becoming easier to attain that pre-So-Craplato state, as if my mind wanted to get back to its roots. Now if I could just put it into words…

    Thanks Alex!


  6. eugene replied:

    The terminus of Rt. 66 (boy hood grounds of Black Dahlia murders and also Charles Manson) is 33 parallel at St. Monica’s pier. St. Monica being the mother of Augustine. a horse of a different color was a piece from January 2007 that has overtones to what you have here .. a masterpiece.


  7. dennis replied:

    Living in the past(Jethro Tull record) is needed sometime so we don’t make foolish mistakes. Memory is important? Nice vibes with the ending being the seed and egg sparking into life,Always a good read here . Dennis


  8. alex robinson replied:

    Danke Biggi
    We do make things complicated, don’t we? – seems to be our “speciality” – so tell me would you like …

    Fuck it up soup
    Really fucked up Pie
    Totally fucked up Dessert?

    very best top you my friend :)

    Very much gracias! ironmars, much appreciated

    Thanks to you too Miguel :)

    I wish you a future of creation my dear

    Hello Alistair
    Can …
    “credit card interest payments
    rates increases
    tax increases or the vain hope of future tax decrease
    school fees / uniforms etc
    hoping like hell that you still have a job to pay for the above”

    … really be called “the future”, surely this is just the prison past & present eternally regurgitated – I’m struggling to grasp a usable description of a real ‘future’, but it seems to involve change & growth at the very least – all the above are about maintaining the ‘quo’ of status.

    I am certainly working to imagine such a world as you speak of – I’m quite sure it is at the very heart nature of humanity – we just seem to have gotten detoured into a quagmired thinking system. But enough is enough!

    very best to you


  9. Max replied:

    Can the theme of male = past & female = future be found in Jurassic Park?

    Lex, the girl, is interested in computer technology which could represent the future.
    Tim, the boy, is into dinosaurs which definitely belong to the past.

    Alex, I enjoyed your article. It caries a lot of good energy.

    Best wishes.


  10. alex robinson replied:

    Gidday Fitzy.
    I was taken by this comment “And it will try to (re)create equilibrium, even if it takes years” – that is so full of promise, no matter at what stage of misery we might be at, our mind-selves are seeking reconnection & wholeness, so what right have we to give up on ourselves!

    Any civilisation that has lost the ability to be awed by its inhabitants & the world in which we live, is desperately sick.

    Thanks for everything my friend.

    Cheers eugene,
    “By the light of the future
    It calls me”

    I couldn’t see the pics on the article, though with the dissected flower I might be glad.

    very best to you

    Cheers Dennis
    Foolish mistakes can be the making of us – a good way to cut across old, old patterns :)

    best to you

    Thanks Max
    That’s a very interesting idea, & could lead to more interesting ideas :)

    very best to you


  11. omalone1 replied:

    always found it funny how Plato is essentially Socrates, just like his books are really all we have of Atlantas (unless mistaken.)


    • alex robinson replied:

      Indeed – I guess the word ‘story’ in history is meant to be taken very literally.


      • omalone1 replied:

        funny thing is, Neil Postman recuded history to mere “communication.” I.e. what someone says, which is then published or granted credence.


      • alex robinson replied:

        … and given life in the minds of the reader/believer


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