getting back to basics (podcast)

In ‘protecting’ ourselves by shutting down emotionally, or moving to a remote plot of land to grow chickens & raise vegetables, nothing is changed. 

Getting back to basics requires a return to the ‘heart of living’ … so perhaps it makes sense in these ‘raw’ times to allow our ‘youngers’ to be our elders

Last year I interviewed seven year old Zack. His child-wisdom was tremendous.

I have absorbed his ideas into my thinking & my writing.

He’s eight now.

We talked again today.


Or listen to our podcast below:

July 15, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Patrick O'Neal replied:

    Absolutely Adorable Alex!

    ->Silver and Gold,First two Notes in our Musical Scale<-

    A dore is what I just observed, defined, picked apart and perceived in a round about way

    So when I say Adorable, what I am also saying is
    You Two are Precious to listen to and Music to my ears!

  2. ionmars replied:

    Oops logged in under FB instead of WordPress ;)


  3. Rebecca J replied:

    What a delightful and insightful young fellow! I am in love with his idea of ‘changing the game’….wonderful! So many rules/lures need to be broken. Thank you both for sharing. :)

  4. alex robinson replied:

    Many thanks to whatever your present incarnation Patrick :)
    Nice take on a dore – & funnily enough I have been doing some research into ‘golden doors’ too.
    very best to you

    Thanks also Rebecca
    That was genius, was it not? :) Now so many games to change …

    very best to you

  5. paulo replied:

    Just imagine if children where allowed to be honest regarding the adult world … it would all crumbled by shame alone … Congratulations to Zack and Alex, quite enjoyable and fresh :) No more bitter childreeeeen ( add-dull-ts ) :P

    • alex robinson replied:

      Yes Paulo, I think you are spot on, it would crumble in shame.
      Bitter adults is a good description, perhaps play is the sweetner.

      very best to you my friend

  6. Biggi replied:

    Very interesting and hopeful.
    Thank you Alex and Zack for reminding us to live life to the fullest!!!

  7. paulo replied:

    “play is the sweetner”… very true dear alex … it seems that in the “adult” world, they put the word pay before play …

  8. Katherine replied:

    Absolutely brilliant!

    I have to say, I am pretty good about allowing myself to play and have fun, but sometimes forget to allow time to play on my own….I so loved hearing Zack’s thoughts on this and will definitely be taking his advice and trying to make more time for that. I am reminded of this lovely video I found a few months ago:

    I loved the comparison you made between play and what goes on in the mind, with building up and breaking down to allow room for new creations.

    My favorite part of the podcast, which really spoke to me was the portion about imagination and how adults get stuck with “knowing” how the world is, from the information they have been given throughout the years, which has then been re-iterated through the media. Although I am, I guess, a somewhat non-traditional adult (ha!) I still find myself getting stuck when it comes to exploring my imagination. I think I will have to work on this one as well…

    Thanks so much for sharing this conversation.
    Please tell Zack thank you as well :)

  9. alex robinson replied:

    Great to talk to you again Kat & thanks for these words which I shall also pass on to Zack.

    Thanks also for that videa clip which so beautifully unravels the faux-knot stigma about being alone.

    Keep living wild & free!

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