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It’s time for
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Let the games


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For a hero to be a truly great hero, he needs to be:

& …


Nematodes in-the-know will tell you,
that only ‘true’ heroes
have ‘what it takes’,
to make
the finest

 … worm cuisine.

Why is that exactly?

Does it not seem a little strange to you that a race of people should so esteem, the decomposure of their ‘finest’ citizens?


Psychosis  … refers to an abnormal condition of the mind … 

often described as involving
a “loss of contact with reality“.

Sounds pretty scary eh?

And yet … here’s the strange thing.

There exists a global freakishness peculiar to our civilization that goes like this:

we lust after
the loss of contact
with reality

This peculiarity goes by many names:

  • Video Game Dependence
  • Compulsive Pornography Disorder
  • Manic Music Dependence
  • Hyper-Communication Syndrome
  • Pathological News Monitoring Disorder
  • Teeveeophilia
  • Fashion Fixation Nervosa
  • Compulsive Identity Mania


Why would we give up something so vital to existence …

… as reality?

real (adj.)   early 14c., “real, actually existing, true” 

Let’s start with a man unafraid of reality, Robert Fritz:

Too often reality is seen as the enemy. Even Albert Einstein …

… was not a fan. He said, “Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one” … one day he [Einstein] was playing in a string quartet with some very illustrious musicians … After making many mistakes, his friend Jascha called out, “Albert, Albert, what’s the matter with you? CAN’T YOU COUNT!

Maybe Albert tried to explain to his friend Jascha that his playing out of time was merely a persistent illusion …

Our civilisation’s putsch to see ‘reality’ (or ‘life’) as an illusion to be overcome. or as a ‘bitch‘ to be slapped or disregarded, has been quite astonishing.

We must ask:

“In what sane world would such loss of reality be tolerated?”

The sane reply must surely be:


I think we’d better let Mr Fritz wisely continue:

Everything that is real happens in reality: relationships, the creative process, music, art, sports, career, fun, pain, cooking, eating, spending time together, love, spending time alone, LIFE. So why do people have such trouble with reality?

Bloody good question!

Reality is an acquired taste.” For most of us, we don’t like reality because it may include unpleasant things. But insisting that things are not what they are doesn’t make them change. Once you become a fan, anything other than reality is not something you want because it is where the action is.

Now comes the hard bit – to see if I can show you how & where our taste-buds got sickened of reality.

Oh the stress!

In psychology, stress … can be described as: feeling of strain and pressure, feeling of anxiety and being overwhelmed, overall irritability, feeling of insecure, nervousness, social withdrawal …” etc etc.

Like so much of the crap we possess, stress was sold to us via the toxic twins –  Experts & The Media.

Introducing counterfactual thinking:

Counterfactual literally means, contrary to the facts

Stress is produced by a particular kind of abstract thinking, something that linguists & social psychologists call counterfactual thought … Have you ever had a thought such as “If I weighed less I would be more attractive” … “If I had more money, my life would be easier” … the first part of the statement counters the facts of life as they are

The before, & then after quote, come from The Myth of Stress by Andrew Bernstein. He rejects any notions of stress as external & places it squarely at the feet of counterfactual thinking.

He claims stress is frankensteined into life when we use reality-denying words like ‘should‘ & ‘should not‘ … oh my god, what a surprise – we are being ejected from life …

… by the English language:

linguist Daniel L. Everett described his time among the Pirahan tribe in the Amazon, whose members have very little counterfactuality in their language or culture & are the happiest people Everett & his fellow linguists have ever encountered. The Hopi language & culture seem to share a similar grounding in factual reality & peace of mind.

But you, as a modern Westerner, come from a culture & a linguistic system with strong counterfactual tendencies … The structure of the idealized “should” is tightly woven into your value system & your morality. That’s how you were educated to see the world … if you’re interested in living without stress, you need to challenge this structure

Another reality taste-bud-killer is hindsight.

the inclination to see events that have already occurred as being more predictable than they were before they took place

Surely the looking back & (way) down on previous selves, events & understanding

It seems, with hindsight, ridiculous that in the early 1950s, many thought that a sub-4-min mile was impossible

deserves a more appropriate label.

How about psychosis?

loss of contact with reality“.

e.g. (& referring to our previous quote)
the sub-4-minute mile was run,
it was

When do you know for sure that something is possible? After it is created. Anything before the fact is speculation

Let’s now re-look at Just World thinking, it’s BIG – you will see why as we continue … for now, here’s an aperitif:

The story of depression begins with the person as a child learning to be good & to believe in the Just World

A quick off-the-top-of-my-head musing on Just World “rules”, led to these:

  • hard work is honoured / admired
  • if you don’t rock the boat you will be safe
  • being good keeps you safe
  • you get (eventually) what you deserve
  • truth matters
  • money makes sense
  • families love each other
  • happy ever after
  • the hero arrives just in time
  • the guilty / sinners are punished
  • your life makes a story
  • the innocent die for a reason – made Jews / Israel necessary?
  • you will be seen / found / rescued
  • suffering is for a reason
  • no one can have it easier than you
  • love is all you need
  • people get well
  • you can help people
  • your parents cherish you

While your list would undoubtedly be different, you will hold variations on (at least some of) these themes.

And that matters
a lot
to your

fat(e) controllers

the ones you breathe life into every day,
because of your
belief in a Just World


remember …
remember …
remember …

The three-worded
It’s not fair“…

… is your trigger

I’m sure the ‘NEWS’ would return to sane obscurity if we did not get all worked up about injustice – all those deliciously ‘unfair’ things that happen every day. I wonder how many pages a newspaper would have …

without ‘unfairness’.

‘Unfairness’ is very, very personal.

We get incensed about the terribly unfair things that happen to innocent victims.

We seethe about the ‘undeserving’ having it ‘easy’ or getting more than their ‘fair’ share.

We get worked up according to the rules of …

… our own particular “Just World‘ Programming.

Believing in the Just World leads us into self-delusion, denial & acts of cruelty against ourselves & others

We react to others according to our own Just World interpretation. We can leave Jehovah for dead, when it comes to those who trespass against our commandments.

I was introduced to the Just World idea, by Dorothy Rowe, a woman I currently hold in great esteem:

She … came to reject the medical model of mental illness … . She believes that depression is a result of beliefs which do not enable a person to live comfortably with themselves or the world. Most notably it is the belief in a “Just World” … that exacerbates feelings of fear and anxiety if disaster strikes. Part of recovering is accepting that the external world is unpredictable and that we control relatively little of it

But that’s no fucking good, surely?

We need answers.

We need to feel safe.

We need to know what is happening.

So that THEN we can relax.

What if it’s all wickedly & manipulatedly, arse about face my friends?

Let’s look at it another way.

Just World thinking is your employer, your mortgage holder & your drug dealer all in one. You work for it & struggle to repay it & are addicted to it.

“One day”, you think, you will retire & own the deeds to yourself & kick that habit right out the door.

The Platosocrastotle Thinking System™
is designed to ensure
that …

…that never

However it isn’t simply one structure that binds us – it’s more of a Gulliver’s Prison System™ …

so many, many
devilishly inconsequential knots
that seem
too small to matter.

But then again
what do you think …

… a net is made of?

Jehovah was playing for keeps when he said:

Thou shalt knot …

The God Father has so very much to do with Just World thinking – cos it’s an awfully dangerous world out there dontcha know … but if you are very, VERY good BIG Daddy will protect you.

Dorothy Rowe places Security at the opposing end of the Freedom spectrum.

If you read that last line through without thinking ‘Fuck’ (or its equivalent for non-swearers), please got back & read it again.

I was taught
that imprisonment
was the opposite of freedom,
not safety.

We were taught that Freedom was & is the cornerstone of Democracy.

Yet think about it, what is the biggest, hardest putsch behind our free democratic modern world?


‘Thou shalt be secure’

But then God Fathers are very much into protection rackets.

Note of caution to fanatical freedom seekers: healthy living is a mix of security & freedom (according to individual needs) – but I’m sure you can figure it out yourself without any agencies.

You know I’ve been wondering:

  • ‘Were gods created as a ‘thing’ to be sinned against?

… if there were no gods, would there be no sin & thus no need to hide from ‘reality‘?

Just World thinking declares that you must ‘earn‘ the good that comes to you.

  • Would we work the way we do if we did not have this embedded idea of ‘earning’?
  • Could our present monetary system exist without that belief?
  • If we weren’t so afraid of ‘reality’ would we need cinema & tv? Just how responsible is entertainment for creating our fear of reality?
  • Could advertising exist without Just World thinking? Materialism is all about what you deserve – 1001 little treats to reward you for being a good citizen, for ‘paying your civilised dues’ – a quick fix to feed your habit for another seven days.
  • Could the lottery ever have gained its insidious hold without Just World thinking.  How many people in the queues KNOW that this week it’s surely their turn, they have been so good, suffered so long now, things just HAVE to get better.

Just World thinking steals your life – because it makes sense of ‘waiting’.

Waiting is not meant to make sense.

Let me make better sense of what I’m trying to say.

Waiting is a Death Watch.

Your own.

I want to finish by looking at how Romance could not exist without Just World thinking. For those who want to mutter & grumble as they read, that “it’s all different now” – I say bollocks, this thinking goes bone deep & bones don’t change in one generation.

So let’s strip-search ‘romance’.

First off, men don’t ‘get’ romance.

They are not interested in it.

Some know how to ‘play it‘ to their own advantage & are probably more aware than most, of its poison. That they use the poison (& get away with it) is one of the many clues we have that this is not a Just World.

To keep this world in a state of imbalance,
a fantastic system
has been operating
for eons.

It goes like this:

From an early age boys are emotionally castrated & forced into a hero role.

From an early age girls are trained that there is something shameful about them. Something wrong that must be ‘forgiven’. It’s never quite understood just what this unpleasantness is, but it is in the very air that a girl breathes.

At some stage she will reach the point where she must choke-swallow this wrongness or ‘sin’ – for only then can she be born again into ‘woman clan’ where she will work to atone for the shame.

This ‘something-wrong-feeling’ is why girls accept each fairied-tale of a female protagonist’s hardship & suffering. It is understood that by suffering & sacrifice she may eventually be rewarded. She knows she is a sinner, but that she can ‘earn’ redemption through “one who is without sin” – i.e. a hero, a knight, a man.

As for me, I have always agreed with the fairy books that the moment when Prince Charming arrives is the perfect climax. Everything that goes before in the life of a girl simply leads up to that moment, and everything that comes after dates from it; and while the girl of the twentieth century, sallying forth in search of adventure, may not hope to meet at the next turn a knight in shining armor, or a sighing troubadour, she does hope, if she is normal and has the normal dreams of a girl, to find her hero in some of the men who pass her way~ Temple Bailey, “Adventures in Girlhood,” Philadelphia, 1919

Romance for women, is redemption.

It is no mere trifle – they are attempting to ‘save their own lives’.

Men just don’t get that.

A woman romanced is being redeemed from her unknown guilt & shame. She becomes blessed among woman.

Romance has a very great deal to do with the ‘women’s tribe’. We all share our guilty secret of unnamed shame. When a woman has been ‘redeemed’ by a man she is lifted up from her sin.  She is made clean.

“Hell hath no fury”, because when a woman is cast off, she is cast down again, a very long way down.

The Just World told women that while “yes they were bad, they could yet be redeemed” through suffering & by giving up their own strength so that men could become the heroes who would then come & redeem them.

(In return, though unbeknownst to women, a man too will be granted redemption – he will be saved by a woman who will ‘do‘ his emotions for him.)

Women have learned to wait & wait & wait & we’re quite ok with that, it makes for many a charming, sad story … Her name was Lola.

But waiting is the death of them. There is a good reason why the words wait & weight are intoned with the same sound

Some months ago while contemplating this theme I got what I can only call a ‘message’, that shocked me both by its unexpectedness & its vehemence, it said:

women are not supposed to wait

I am still digesting that one, but it makes a whole lot of sense.

You know
what we’ve got wrong
is really quite simple.

We have been trying to live according to laws that do not pertain to this planet.

Any thoughts that this is a Just World are counterfactual.

No honest appraisal
of the world …

could ever conclude
that the
anyone’s life 

… are fair & just
Dorothy Rowe

Counterfactual thinking creates zombies – people who breathe & eat but have no connection with reality.

We are suffering from reality starvation & we just don’t know it.

While the media bombards us with stories like this:

At the present rate of destruction, an area of rainforest the size of 2,000 football pitches is lost during a 90 minute football match

… it might be wiser to ask:

At the present rate of destruction, how much of ourselves are we losing on a daily basis by lack of connection to reality? How much are our senses shutting down with each 8 hour work day? How many memories are being destroyed/replaced by each movie watched?

What do we stand to gain by a return to reality. I suggest a life that is a thousand times better than the ones we are deathing in now – why else would so much effort have been put into scaring us out of it?

So …

No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back

For anyone who is interested in taking that journey, I leave you with the wisdom of Robert Fritz:

It takes discipline to learn to see reality as it is. It takes skill, because we have been trained to think comparatively, which means we have been trained to have reality stimulate triggers of concepts we have, past experiences we presume to be the same as what is going on, theories, speculations, beliefs, and so on. To see reality takes looking and observing. But the mind isn’t good at that because it takes the ability to be okay with not knowing something while we are finding out. The mind hates not knowing, and so, when we don’t actually know something, instead of looking to find out, our minds wants to fill the space with answers that pretend to know what we don’t know. To learn how to, not only tolerate, but appreciate not knowing something until we find out, is how we acquire a taste for reality

Do we really need another round of Olympic Games keeping us stuck in the unreality of far away worlds, or do we need the reality at our fingertips, under our noses, in front of our eyes & within earshot:

You don’t need a concept to know what you are tasting, or smelling, or touching, or hearing.  Your senses are designed to perceive reality so that you can make decisions about what you will do in the circumstances

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  1. Fitzy replied:

    Nail. Head. BANG.
    Reality is an acquired taste, to get to reality, one must actively choose to accept unknowns exist – which is where Kids can ace it over expert adults. When little children, confident with the support of parents and siblings, encounter a new situation – they often slowly and with great curiosity explore the new space.
    They’ll approach a new playground, or place, uncertain but eager. They cast a quick glance over their should to spot Mum and Dad, all things being well, they’ll slowly build up a head of steam – and play with their new environment.
    Other Children, spur them on, and like some benign chemical reaction, they all start frothing and foaming with DISCOVERY. They dash there and look at THIS, and then over here to look at THAT, they compare notes, and as they build up more confidence, more surety that they understand this new place they start to run about hollering.
    The entire playful reaction produces colossal energy, they play for a bit with one another, they compare and share and then part and explore a bit more. The really confident kids encourage others “Come here, look at this. Climb up here, Slide down here – I’ll go first then you go.”
    They’re alive in a continuum of states, complimentary states, states that are only common in Adult risk takers – who often chase the adrenalin, Adults who’ve replaced childhood discovery with the managed control of personal terror.
    I work in an environment that’s risk adverse, policy and obligations make it accountable, scrutiny is ever present – don’t waste time or money. Which is fair enough, literally fair, after all its not our money we’re spending. How much of that is a part of Adult life, “Its NOT your (Time, Money, Resources) you’re spending.”
    When Kids explore and discover, it IS their time and energy they’re spending, and with great gusto. Again the kind of expenditure that the media shows, usually refers only to the supremely mega rich, all those SELF-MADE Billionaires, that we are all whipped into aspiring too.
    We’ve been convince that what we don’t have, is our own time and energy, but that’s the brainwashing all slaves get, that Daddy Jehovah will credit us good like, if only we behave JUST RIGHT.
    F**k him, grab a friend and hit the playground, where ever and whatever that is – security ain’t there for US, its to protect the true parasites – whose emotional and material energies were stolen from us.
    Great Post Alex, ab-so-fucking-lutely spot on.


  2. paulo replied:

    you dont stop not even for vacations :) The pie keeps cooking :P
    hmmmm … the ducks are swimming ….


  3. alex robinson replied:

    Hello Fitzy, – hope the weather is very fine in New Nappyland.

    Agreed, this is why we so desperately need what the children will so willingly teach us – they don’t copyright or charge either!
    Yes security is about keeping power where it’s always been, while selling the dream drugs that comatise us. Was just reading something from Dorothy Rowe earlier that I loved & that you might appreciate:

    “Nowadays good mothering practice includes both tucking the baby securely in a cot or carrying him in a sling held firmly against the adults body & freeing the baby from all physical restraints in a warm, safe environment. These two kinds of conditions are necessary for the baby, not just to encourage physical growth & health but to develop as a person who can tolerate the closeness of being in a secure group & the uncertainty of being an individual acting upon the world.”

    I loved that last bit – we ‘act’ upon the world – we stamp it with our individuality & change it – but it require uncertainty & not knowing to do that.

    Keep shining my friend

    Hey Paulo, I’m just trying to keep up with the ducks :)


  4. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Thank you for the was the Scorpio Moon/slap in the face I needed.



  5. J replied:

    this was fucking amazing! thank you for trusting your heart and intuition to go with this one, because you just strengthened mine.


  6. alex robinson replied:

    Heya Michael, always glad to hear of ‘reconnectons’, hope it didn’t sting too much :)
    Much love

    Thank you J, that did my heart good to hear
    very best to you


  7. aferrismoon replied:

    A friend and I wrote out a list of which started :
    ‘ If GHWBush hadn’t been elected I would have more money’

    We proceeded to do this some 150 times

    ‘ If GB hadn’t been elected I would have a nicer girl/boyfriend ‘

    ‘ If America hadn’t been discovered George Bush wouldn’t be President [ and I would have morer money ]

    on and on into absurdity.

    Of course this clause is a conditional which describes something that cannot be changed, which often is the reality many love to hate.

    The people in the media gleefully write constricting, frightening, boxy-inny stories in their earnest voices and people lap it up.

    The fear boxes them into insect-lifestyles, repeat, compulsiveness and once entrained, well, that’s pretty much that til retirement.

    The news I think is designed to leave electrical gaps in neural pathways, its bland , void, dire-logue , just turns off neurons. Repeated those neurons stay off.

    Generally we are informed about ‘God’ in much the same way – its pointless to believe God when one is being informed of God via the Sun, Teletubbies or Celebrity Dancing Chef



  8. Great replied:

    Alex this is amazing work. While reading I was witnessing my own cognitive dissonance taking place yet I couldn’t disagree with a single point. It’s always nice to be hit in the head with a viewpoint that resonates a truth you have tried hard to avoid.


  9. paulo replied:

    speaking of reality:

    quack :!


  10. alex robinson replied:

    Enjoyed the bush walk – thanks mr moon

    I think you may be on to something there re gaps in neural pathways – in a book by Russian psychiatrist/wise-woman Olga Kharitidi, it is suggested that trauma creates ‘gaps’ in people’s memories, if the gaps are not healed then spirits of trauma grow there becoming bigger & bigger & feeding off their host. News is all about trauma.

    very best to you

    Hello Great, I think you can only be hit by a new point of view if you are ready to take the punch – your defences are lowered for something you yourself have called for.

    That said your comment was a great pleasure to read :)

    Thanks Paulo, that was really quite wonderful :)


  11. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    Hi Alex,
    Another walk through your wonderful world of weaving. I wonder if I may introduce another thread?
    In recent years I have come to utterly hate and loathe the word “just”. Why this extreme distaste? Because of the usage where “just” seems to equal “simply”.

    “I was just trying to help”

    “That person is just evil”

    “I just need to borrow it”

    “Can’t we all just get along?”

    And on and on it goes. From time to time I have asked people what that word means in a particular sentence and and the reaction is ALWAYS negative. I have taken refuge in the habit of replaying the sentence in my mind without the word “just” which produces a clear picture of what the speaker is saying. Problem is, that word is used to hide the true meaning or more accurately to avoid any responsibility for what was said.

    The more I think about the “Just-world” concept that you present the more I think it is directly linked to this usage of the word. A reality avioding cop out?

    Try this on for size:

    “In a just world I would have been helping”

    “In a just world everyone would see that person as evil”

    “In a just world you would give it to me without the need to ask”

    “In a just world I would not need to deal with this problem”

    In a just world you would totally get what I am saying here.

    Just saying…


  12. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks for your wonderfully worked metallic thread mr metalhead.

    You make a fine (needle)point. I opted to use the word ‘just’ quite often in this work without giving it your in-depth thought. I agree it has a ‘sniperish’ feel to it – like a someone with a slingshot firing stones, while hiding protected behind a wall.

    It is interesting to how close the word WORD is from the word WORLD – so just what are we saying & thinking when we use ‘just’ so freely?

    In a Just world / In a Just word

    very best to you


  13. Humanist replied:

    Another profound, mind-widening treatise – thank you! This line from Dorothy Rowe scares me: “Security [is] at the opposing end of the Freedom spectrum.” OTOH, it explains a lot of what the Establishment players are up to. Your insights into “romance” threaten my world-view – will need to ponder the consequences!


  14. alex robinson replied:

    Cheers Humanist, my thoughts exactly, it’s time to re-examine just what ‘safe’ means – people in coffins must be be the safest people on earth.

    Thank you for letting me threaten your romantic world – take or leave what’s best for you

    very best to you


  15. paulo replied:

    No mention dear Alex :)
    Another season, another flight to the unknown :P
    But thats reality :P
    Stay well my dear Pie Chaser :)


  16. Geoffrey P. replied:

    Bertrand Russell once said; ” One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision “


  17. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Geoffrey
    It looks as if we live a stale stale-mated society.

    I am going to agree with Edward de Bono that what is needed is creative approaches to thinking – we need them now desperately – there is no reason on earth for this ship to go down, but our system of thinking seems to revolve around two types of people – the deaf & blind ones who keep blasting holes in it & the sighted ones who keep pointing this out while doing nothing to repair or improve the situation.

    It’s time for alternate transport systems.

    very best to you


  18. Dean V replied:

    once you add – synchro / anti-alternative (hipster) Blog addiction (such as all the ones we read), the list will be complete :)


  19. cynicalseeker replied:

    I generally agree with your main points about people not wanting to deal with unpleasant reality and the “just world” analysis you position displays some brilliant insight.

    But I have to disagree with your assertion about men not “getting” or needing romance. I certainly do. I love doing romantic things for my girlfriend: writing her passionate poetry, composing classical symphonies for her, serenading her with love songs, etc. I like kissing and foreplay better than sex and I find it absolutely essential to getting aroused. I’m not knocking intercourse, it can be beautiful, but the most arousing thing about it is the gazing into each other’s eyes, tender and passionate kisses, etc. My love is really afraid of intimacy like that and I think I’m the first boyfriend she’s ever had that hasn’t been abusive in some way. I know I’m the first who has made these romantic gestures. She likes it but I don’t think she has any background to process it.

    But I have a feeling from your later comments that you’re talking about a different, toxic kind of romance. I have no interest in “redeeming” anyone from a false imagined degradation. This idea that a “real man” never expresses emotion is foreign to me. Maybe because I had a father who, while being a “man’s man who was a pilot in World War III, into the usual manly things like sports and power tools, and rare for his generation, was in touch with his feminine side. He was even more physically affectionate than my mom, he hugged us and kissed us and told us he loved us every day. He was an artist and a craftsman and an actor and did needlepoint and made chandeliers. I also had a big sister. 11 years older than me who I idolized, she was very spiritual and the closest thing to a saint I ever met. They’re all gone and I miss them so much.

    I just want an equal partner whose craziness is compatible with my own and I’ve got one, if we can resolve the sexual issues. I’m being VERY patient because she’s too precious a person to give up on so easily. But on the other hand I was in a ten year relationship with no sex at all and I don’t want to be there again.

    Anyway, Alex, thanks for this piece. It has really opened up my mind and immediately brought me peace in my tumultuous quest for my own healing. Despite my upbringing, that faux-herpic toxic masculinity of never showing weakness was very damaging in my young days when I was married at the age of 19 and was a huge contributing factor in my divorce. I vowed I would never repress things again to show a facade of false strength, it erupted in rage (the unhealthy kind). Not that I was physically abusive to her. The usual victims were furniture and walls, but very traumatizing to my sensitive, late ex-wife (so much death around me now that I’m older).


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