a continuing ceres of mysteries


Luke Skywalker …

in Hell the Hall …

… with the Light Sabre

~  ~  ~

In this current age of enlightenment, crystals & light workers …

existence under a blue sky, and bright sunshine, exposing all to the life giving energies of our divine source

… have you ever stopped to consider
just how
 the putsch towards
the light
might be?

Zeus …

supreme god of the ancient Greeks, 1706, … from root *dyeu- “to gleam, to shine;” also the root of words for “sky” and “day“.

The word ‘dark‘ has just been employed under Prime Education Directive 1.322b

dark (adj.)    O.E. deorc “dark, obscure, gloomy; sad, cheerless; sinister, wicked

That’s the last time in this article it will be so misrepresented because, if you are game …

it’s time to
the light.

~  ~  ~

They do say it was THE Almighty Director who first intoned those famous words…


For God, who said, “Let there be light in the darkness,” has made this light

… shine in our hearts so we could know the glory of God that is seen in the …

face of Jesus Christ

And they do talk of a war raging in the heavens – a war of light v dark.

The war is first described as an attack by the Sons of Light … In the end …

… all of Darkness is to be destroyed and Light will live in peace for all eternity

Well that sounds






of course,

light is not all …

… it’s cracked up to be.

From your first glimpse of the cold light of day, you have been drilled into equating light with good & dark with bad.

Your life revolves around the good light in much the same way that the earth is twirled around the sun.

“Aha!”, say some of you, “I was unimpressed by goodness & light, & chose the path of deepest-darkest-badness instead. So there!

Ummm … sorry to burst your shady bubble, but actually you are still skipping along the shining brick road to Lux.

‘Cos no matter
how deep & dark your shadow is,
it is still
born …

… from the light.

The version of darkness that humanity has bought & paid for (Prime Evil Directive 1313.m) belongs on the same side of the coin as it’s scintillating sibling …

in a way that’s a bit like
this bit,
of light relief:

“To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised (light) above the background plane (dark). What is actually performed … is a lowering of the field (dark) leaving the unsculpted parts seemingly raised (light)

Thus, you (apparently) evil bastards may be defined as a ‘non-lighters‘ whose darkened existence merely helps the light to blaze brighter … you are however all on the same team.

I would like to suggest that the dark is something entirely different.

And that it is under deadly attack by all gradations of light.

Let us consider that true darkness is a womb.

the universe uterus
all creations.

An un-physical plane where all we call to exist
become enwombed –
as they blood-fill enflesh
with life.

It is dark for a reason. Because life needs to BEGIN in the darkness – be it


What is planted there will grow towards light, but it comes not from light.

Let’s look again …

… at the New Age philosophy of lightness & fluffiness quoted earlier – figure out for yourself which parts smell rotten:

existence under a blue sky, and bright sunshine, exposing all to the life giving energies of our divine source

Now keep that in mind as we journey into the illuminating topic of murder mystery – a subject devoted to bringing things to light.

Carry this also:- if my thoughts on darkness/wombness have any validity, they will be referring to an energy that has what we might call a more ‘feminine’ feel to it because of its pregnant-embrace i.e.

Yin is used to describe things that are relatively denser, heavier, lower, more hidden, more yielding, more feminine, more mysterious, and more passive

However the structure of this womb is really only something we can guess at – it’s not meant for the harsh light of exposure

By seeking pleasure and avoiding pain we miss the secret entrance into the unborn, the place prior to light and dark, male and female, where our true potency, virility, and fertility reside

So … time to start watching the detectives:

detect     early 15c., from L. detectus, pp. of detegere “uncover, expose.

expose (v.)   early 15c., “to leave without shelter or defense,” from M.Fr. exposer “lay open, set forth

Watch what follows as light pierces the uterined-darkness (females are it’s symbol) & rips it open time & time again.

The earliest known example of a detective story was The Three Apples, one of the tales …

… narrated by Scheherazade in the One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights). In this tale, a fisherman discovers a heavy locked chest … and he sells it to the Abbasid Caliph …  who then has the chest broken open only to find inside it the dead body of a young woman who was cut into pieces. [The Caliph] orders his vizier … to solve the crime and find the murderer …

… However, true detective fiction is more often considered in the English-speaking world to have begun in 1841 with the publication of [Edgar Allan Poe’s] “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”…

whereby a locked room is broken open to reveal two mutilated females –

“the mother’s throat is so badly cut that her head is barely attached and the daughter, after being strangled, has been stuffed into the chimney”

Note: The murder mystery genre which probably accounts for about a quarter of all entertainment now, begins with the ritual ripping open of the symbolic female.

Poe devised a “plot formula that’s been successful ever since, give or take a few shifting variables … featuring “the first fictional detective, the eccentric and brilliant C. Auguste Dupin“.

Before I go on I must confess to a forgetting. The notes for this article were put together many months ago & try as I might I can’t remember why I first mingled the following two ideas – sleuths & holes.

I know names had something to do with it, in particular Hercule‘s & Sherlock‘s.

Warning: If you don’t like play look away now.

Here’s a list of 10 top sleuths according to one internet site. The letters H O L E feature in many of them. When they do not, a little digging works wonders:

  • Detective Inspector THOmas LinLEy – HOLE
  • Kinsey MilLHOnE – HOLE
  • PHilip MarLOwE – HOLE
  • Sam Spade – used to dig a HOLE
  • Inspector Roderick Alleyn – derrick: a framework or tower over a deep drill HOLE
  • Jules Maigret = Hebrew Meanings of Maigret (Male)- God’s oath, HOLY and sacred to God
  • Lord Peter Wimsey – anagram we rise empty i.e. a HOLE
  • Miss Marple – a woman is a symbolic & literal HOLE
  • HercuLE POirot – HOLE
  • SHErLOck HOLmEs – HOLE x 2(21B)

It was Sherlock that really blew me away – these detectives often have damn peculiar names, but the king of detectives was given a …

… double-barrelled no-holes-barred branding by his masonic creator.


OK children repeat after me”

Holy rusted alphabet Alex, the English language is darned sneaky

We know/no there is mischief afoot when our language-of-a-zillion-words suddenly gets struck dumb & heaps opposing meanings upon the same sound i.e.


not to mention


sacred (adj.)   c.1300, from … sacren “to make holy.”

Shall we ask the question that is begging us to ask it?

Why was the holiest man
on the face of Western civilization …

with holes –
jesus he’s more like
a crocheted rug.

yarn over hook & pull through

Tsk, tsk when will we learn.

Despite the attempted takeover of darkness by Operation Light Saviour, agent Jesus still had to go into it for three days before he could manage re-entry.

Bake at 180º C/350 F for three days
& leave to rise‘.

Why are religions stuffed with son-light.

I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

Why are our ‘demi-gods’ sautéed …

… in SUN worship
why does our food
contain …

saturated solar radiance.

Let’s look closer at darkness to decide if this choice …

he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life

… is really as wholesome as it sounds. Especially as we consider that the tale-teller spent three days on a light-free diet at Chez Darkness to restore his former glory.

Light is supposedly all things good & ‘light’ & fluffy – but where do light fluffy things take you?

man made

What if once upon a time an unnatural light entered our world?

What if this light seeks either to extinguish darkness or to usurp its power?

… the secret entrance into the unborn, the place prior to light and dark, male and female, where our true potency, virility, and fertility reside

I want to suggest that the darkness is a healthy, vibrant mystery that must not be opened or ‘autopsied’  & that the parasitic light seeking to enter every dark place…

… must not be allowed to pierce it.

In the same way that a pregnant belly must not be pierced. It can only work when it is whole, not when it is holed.

I suggest that the darkness is very organic, yet somehow un-physical. We cannot find it – it lies beyond space & time, yet it might be described as a futured place. Yet we connect with it & fertilise it when we ejaculate our emotioned-passion into it – it enfleshes, bloods & bones our emotings & desires & births them back to us.

If there was one thing that humanity would have gotten thrown out of Eden for, (by a power-crazed-bully-god), it would have been this. The understanding & USING of the dynamics of the darkness which freely grants life in a way that faux-light never has.

Robert Fritz has the best usable understanding of creating I have ever come across. In the following quote the highlighted bit could serve as a description of the power of darkness:

The space between the desired and actual states [of creation] is not the absence of something, it is the presence of a powerful tension that propels the creative process toward resolution.

He explains that in order to create anything – ANYTHING – not ‘just’ art you need to create ‘structural tension‘.

You do this by getting clear about what you desire to create AND by seeing clearly the circumstances that exist right now – this action is akin to stretching a rubber band around your two points & creating a tension that demands resolution.

Here’s an inchworm doing structural tension.

He has feet at the front & feet at the back – so he’s grounded in where he wants to go & where he is right now.

But in his middle bit there are no feet –

it’s a bit like that part is empty space –
that is the
place & space
that will allow the birth of
his chosen future.

To use the darkness we have to learn to seed it & then let it do its work.

Our job is to keep an ear bent to darkness, ever ready to answer its calls – just like the mother hen – for the darkness is our own cosmic egg:

In the Book of the Elixir, it is said: The hen can hatch her eggs because her Heart is always listening.  That is an important magic spell. The reason the hen can hatch her eggs …

… is because of the power to heat. But the power of the heat can only warm the shells; it cannot penetrate into the interior. Therefore with her heart she conducts this power inward. This she does with her hearing. In this way she concentrates her whole heart. When the heart penetrates, the power penetrates, and the chick receives the power of the heart and begins to live. Therefore a hen, even when she has left her eggs, always has the attitude of listening with a bent ear.

Though I don’t have his book ‘Creating‘ with me right now, I believe Robert Fritz describes this middle part of structural tension as ‘organic‘.

It is indeed a living process.

I feel it in my work – a massive tension builds & pulls me towards it as I pull it towards me. It’s like an exotic form of play & counter play. Some ideas are pre-formed others occur as I write.

If I try to push or force things my mind goes blank – I have learned to work (sometimes impatiently) with these forces of creation in my writing. I have been much slower at using them in my life, but the times when I have, I have exploded with life.

In the Yin Yang symbol –

Yin suggests to me the night plus the light of the moon to balance that darkness. What I can’t figure out is where would the dark part inside the Yang symbol come from?

I got to wondering if perhaps our sun which has been …

… so viciously worshipped with sacrifice, might perhaps be cloaking a life-giving darkness behind it.

Does the light in this world really come from the sun?

Is it possible that it comes from something else & was overtaken by an interloping light.

Did Shakespeare know something about that when he spoke through OtHELlo?

Put out the light, and then put out the light:
If I quench thee, thou flaming minister,
I can again thy former light restore

Thoughts to play with for those who like playing with thoughts.

I’m making no promises
but if life permits there will be more
in this ceres.

Additional MUST read:

Thanks to Kitty for her comment which reminded me of the following from “How Animals Talk” by William J. Long – published in 1919 by a man who took a lifetime to learn from watching animals:

The man who has not traveled the wilderness alone at night has a vivid & illuminating experience awaiting him. He is amazed, so soon as he overcomes the first unnatural feeling of fear, to find out how alive he is, & how much better he can hear & smell than he ever dreamed. At such a time one’s whole body seems to become a delicately poised instrument for receiving sense impressions, & one’s skin especially begins to tingle & creep as it wakes from its long sleep. Nor is this ‘creeping’ of the skin strange or queer, as we must assume, but perfectly natural. The sensations which we now ignorantly associate with fear of the dark (a late & purely human development; the animal knows it not) are in reality the sensations of awakening life.

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  1. Kitty replied:

    Wow, this is like rummaging around in a cave. Thank you.
    Also it reminds me that movie theaters are dark, all the much better to project the propaganda.
    And who said “we are born from darkness and die into darkness” or something like that. Scary, but not bad, just like creating.

    I live in a city with lots of bike paths, one of them goes right behind my house in a little wooded area. The city managers want to light the path at night. Almost everyone in the neighborhood and all those who use the path are against it. They like the darkness. One small hopeful sign for humanity.


  2. Christopher Darren Horn replied:

    O Ho Ho oooo MAN! You’re good! LOL! I am speechless!


  3. paulo replied:

    there was a myth regarding the sky having two suns or somesort of replacement for this one.

    “I got to wondering if perhaps our sun which has been so viciously worshipped with sacrifice, might perhaps be cloaking a life-giving darkness behind it.”, very good point alex, the sacrificial madness worldwide dont match the “life” giver does it ? But Jesus Joves us of course …


  4. Dennis Harrison Igou replied:

    Black hole Sun, The Sun may be a black cube in rotation? Always a thoughtfull site this is. Shineforth brave souls. Dennis


  5. transcenddesigns replied:

    awesome post Alex!
    ‘the light’ being the energetic-male-pounding-principal is no doubt the one that’s been worshipped for aeons by a bunch of male dominating ass kissers, funny how many have been hoodwinked into worshipping the male energy (ie Jehova, Jesus, etc.) when it’s the Woman who needs our attention and protection, and hence creation…


  6. alex robinson replied:

    Many thanks for all comments :)

    I’ve added a bit at the bottom of this article (thanks to Kitty’s reminder) that is worth more than anything else I can say.

    Hugs to all


  7. Mick replied:

    How to put what cannot be put into words, into words. I only have complete agreement for what is felt deeply inside. Glad you changed the background picture.


  8. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Mick, that was really good to hear


  9. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Brilliant “Quest” “Ions” here Alex!

    You made me look at the word “Seven” more closely after reading about the “Holes”. How it looks like “Sever” and the number itself almost like the Reaper’s Scythe! (7) Hmmm.

    Enjoyed the Robert Fritz “reminders” too! :-)

    Thank you!



  10. Mick replied:

    I should have said (w)holeheartedly. Certainly there are black suns, midnight suns and cube suns. But to be vague – there is much to this line of searching. Keep following what your darklight torch reveals – it helps the rest of us see!

    Respect, as always, Mick x


  11. Mick replied:


  12. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Michael,
    That’s an interesting view of seven – the reapering scythe fits very well with the movie Seven from what I have heard. When I looked at seven because of your seeing, I also saw S + even – which is something I’d never spotted before.
    That also made me see – S + Eve + n – which gives the symbol for tin + the female – on looking up Tin I find it equates to Jupiter/Jove & returns us back to your number play:

    “part of Jupiter symbol, the Greek letter zeta holds the value of seven”

    and this

    “The Etruscan word tin means ‘day’, illustrating the close affiliation between the metal and a planetary deity whose Greek name Zeus derives from djeu – the root of the word we use for ‘day’.”

    Interestingly too the symbol looks a whole lot like the number 24 – one of those makes a tv programme with a ‘joker’ & 7 of them make a week.

    Thanks for the play my friend.

    Thanks Mick :) will do! Those were scenes of my homeland


  13. Biggi replied:

    Hi Alex,
    Great talk show with Kyle Hunt!
    Thank you Alex and Kyle for the interesting discussions about your articles.


  14. Alec Maleki replied:

    This page is really hard to find. I came her from Kyle’s show and it took me 10 minutes just to finally find and click on the right little link to read the article. You might want to make it pop up right onto your first page instead of hiding it.

    Excellent article and even better show, especially with frequent Oracle & RBN network caller Richard contributing his always insightful comments.


  15. alex robinson replied:

    Danke schoen Biggi

    Cheers Alec, have added a link to write up – tho some may say you can never spend too long at toolonginthisplace :)


  16. Karin replied:

    The dark in yang can be any planet, seen from the surface of the Sun. Can be the darkness just below the surface of Earth.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Sorry Karin, I can’t connect with your comment, which is not to say that it isn’t valid.


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