coastal waters

I’ve had enough of luke skywalker’s visage at the top of my blog. For those who got it, I think we did a good job of outing the light.

But now
some fresh air
is called for.

Here is a walk I took a little while ago on the north shores of Auckland. The volcano in the harbour is Rangitoto.


~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~

 May all the fresh air you need now
blow through your life

August 13, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. ionmars replied:

    Hello Alex! :)
    I have had no time yet to absorb your last post! However, as soon as I do- I will be glad at the end, I always am ;)

    I wanted to share though what the one pic you posted sent me to another crop circle.

    Your pic:~ ~ ~ [3 can stand for LI chemical element Lithium- also maybe the Spiritual Aspect of a Father, Spiritual Aspect of a Mother, and a Spiritual Aspect of a Child -enter any and all readers into the Child Position, or Father position, or Mother position -all aspects of the multiplicity Nature of SPIRIT ITSELF- which is the Living Mind that permeates all flesh and taking special Residence in EACH human SKULL- at the THRONE ROOM called Golgotha- and then of course -we awaken and go into the Thalamus regions and then -we sort of travel SOuth and tickle the bottom of our spine and decide to stop at the heart Organ, and then we stay there for a while -get to eat and take part in all the activities I was never able to do before , and when finally had our ‘fill’ and decide to go back Home to the heavenly abode of Father [in MIND]- we take with us HEART- and then we awaken to the TRUTH and discover She is unable to be written about using any languages. For that -we must go with Mother -into Herself -and be birthed anew -iand become MANY THINGS throughout the LIVING MIND -but this time WITH HEART- so that we can LIVE IN HER from now on- as SHE ALWAYS INTENDED FOR HER CHILDREN TO DO! <—-as interpreted SOLELY by PSO's Companion- Sophia's Wisdom- as priceless OPINION and or higher vibration CONJECTURE ONLY!!!!] –

    Crop circle: Stone Pit Hill [significant name one might ponder on]

    This circle seems to suggest a Wonderful THOUGHT within the MIND of her True children -those of Her flesh [the very crust of the Earth itself], and so whomever did make this -made it by the direction of the Mother Aspect of Spirit.

    My interpretation only.

    Very lovely calming pictures Alex, thanks for the Vibration changer and thanks for allowing beautiful Visions to take place -way deep into our minds!
    hope to be reading you soon! :)
    Very sorry for the wall of text; it seems to be my failing


  2. empoweredbyknowledge replied:

    Hi Alex, just to let you know that the scenery you are in is very similar to the the one I’m living in, in the Canary Islands. Thanks for the post.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Warm thanks Patrick – your wonderings & musings contain a refreshing life energy that exists not in fact.

      very best to you

      Cheers empowered – nz scenery varies widely but Auckland is built on a volcanic field – 50 volcanoes within an area of 1,000 square kilometres so I see why we look similar:

      “The Canary Islands are located off the coast of Western Sahara and Morocco, Africa. The Islands are located on a volcanic hotspot”

      The pics I googled look lovely

      • ionmars replied:

        I suppose you are right Alex!
        I just wish I knew what was fact, and what was not..? :(
        I wonder if it really matters?
        I think it should or does matter, and that’s what sort of unnerves me these strange days ..

  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    So beautiful!!!

    I want to come visit!!


  4. abigail c. housotn replied:

    HI Alex, Awesome! Just awesome. Its refreshing to see such places, it brings us around to serenity, peace, and restful silence. It puts the harshness of the world behind us, even if its for a little while. Well done my friend. Thank you for the calming trip.
    Abigail C. Houston

  5. alex robinson replied:

    Hello Patrick
    Perhaps that’s the biggest hurdle we have now – wanting to know what is fact & what is not (the truth) & not having the means of finding out.

    Yet that is our reality now – a huge place of unknowing. When we bought everything we were sold we were ‘settled’ – that is what we who are willing to ask questions have given up – it may be that we need to learn to get a ‘whole’ lot more comfortable with this strange state of ‘unknwoing’ (darkness) before we can create something liveably ‘new’.

    Michael, I’ll put the kettle on :)

    abigail, what a lovely surprise, thank you for visiting. Have loads of red-headed fun at your book signing

    • abigail c. housotn replied:

      Alex, you have ample words of wisdom beyond your years….thank you for having me…visitng your blog is indeed an eyeopener to numerous subjects that you are well versed on..I look forward to sharing many more exhange.
      You have a deep well of knowlegde that can spance many evenings my friend. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I look forward to our meeting again! You have a refreshing and clear view to share with your readers. How lucky are we?
      Hugs…to you my friend!

      Abigail C. Houston

  6. Biggi replied:

    Danke schoen for sharing the beautiful scenery in your country. Its so serene and calming to look at. Herzlichst, Brigitte

    • abigail c. houston replied:

      Thank you Alex for sharing your thoughts about Biggi and I…sounds like we do have a lot of the same likes, that’s quite a supportive opinion of similarities…with a huge vote of confidence. That’s just how it is for some of us..each new awakening day…that’s just how it must be sometimes without looking back or questioning.

      Hugs to you my insightful soulful friend.

      Abigail C. Houston

      • Biggi replied:

        Thank you, even though we are far apart in miles, our inner connection is very close!

  7. alex robinson replied:

    Abigail & Biggi, how funny that you should respond one after the other – I was thinking the other day how much you two have in common – salt of the earth women who just get on & give to life day after day without expecting to even be noticed. I am awed by the strength of you both.

    • Biggi replied:

      Thank you, Alex, you do the same and for all I know this is our femininity!

  8. alex robinson replied:

    Yes Biggi, I believe it is!

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