Chatting with the skylark

Yesterday …

I spent a couple of hours in the presence of
the fabulous North American Red-Bearded Skylark
(Lat. Kylus Huntus)

Kyle had invited me round to his show (Star Theory Radio) for a chat about light & dark & this & that.

A good display was had by all
a number of interesting ideas

were served for tea.


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August 20, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. transcenddesigns replied:

    Wonderful conversation!
    Loved your riff on creation @ 1:25:00
    : )

  2. Ross replied:

    Just listened to the show Alex, and I was pleased to hear your words about the English language. It’s been getting a bad rap in some quarters recently, likened to a prison, but it’s just a tool, a very versatile and malleable tool, and it is up to each of us to use it beneficially and indeed joyfully. There follows an ever evolving, destined to never be completed, few moments of spontaneous fun in the English language romper room.

    If English was a dog it would be a scruffy mongrel called Spot, with an endearing tilt of the head and questionable personal hygiene. If classical Latin is a finely chiselled piece of granite English is a lump of brightly coloured play-dough. You can squish it and squash it, make it into rude shapes, throw it against the wall, scrunch it up and start again. Why let it constrict when it can construct?
    Words order any like can you in put. You can make up new words like grinty, crackalack, springle and circumpipulatory. Have fun, caress and tickle the sumptuous harlot till you both fall to the floor giggling helplessly.
    Form her into couplets like a pair of cuddly puplets. You’ll find a rhyme every time as you climb out the slime and the grime to a sublime paradigm (with a slice of lime).
    She can be mean lean clean and serene, or she can be rude crude lewd and subdued. She can be happy clappy snappy and shellapy, or she can be morose verbose comatose and not even come close.
    You can prognose diagnose be grandiose or wiggle your toes and scratch your nose and take off your clothes and say adios.
    At any rate you can instigate stimulate confabulate articulate matriculate and wait till eight to learn your fate (but don’t be late).
    You can contemplate at home or pontificate in Rome or cogitate in bed or deliberate in a shed.
    You can go up, down, sideways, backwards, forwards, in, out or if the fancy takes you upside down or inside out.
    The world is your oyster and the universe is your periwinkle.
    The Moon’s a balloon and a prune is maroon
    and we’ll shortly be closing
    with a baboon
    (that is presently dozing)
    who will croon a roughly hewn tune (how opportune, and may I say, not a moment too soon).

  3. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you Brad & thanks for supporting Kyle’s site too, it is always very much appreciated.

    Sync rap? – take it away Ross :)

    Personally I do think we’ve been hoodwinked with English, & that it was used by some form of intelligence to create a ‘containered mind environment’ esp when combined with the Platosocrastotle Thinking System™ – that being said I feel that understanding this & learning how to use it & to think (almost extinct now – even within truth movement) could set us on one hell of a ride forward.

  4. Sinead replied:

    This was such a great show! You and Kyle should start doing this regularly. You both complimented each other so well, and allowed each other ample space to speak. Maybe a podcast hmmm?? Commercial free? : ) So refreshing to hear your voice again Alex : )

    • alex robinson replied:

      Grazie Sinead :)

      I’m looking forward to catching up with you soon for another podcast too.
      Hugs to you my friend

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