do bears come back for thanksgiving?

It was my great pleasure to talk with Sinead once again – one of the original birthers of the Women’s Show from way back in January.

Today we delved into the overlit,
& blindly misunderstood
concept of
(as extolled by the Western world).

We gazed at light & dark & yin & yang.

& we looked at the erroneous ideas of women sold through the media, & explained why we have absolutely no interest in taking over the male role.

Join us for a bloody good discussion


or listen to our podcast below:

August 25, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. ionmars replied:

    HI Alex, sorry for this sucker punch but….
    But I had to STOP listening after the first 5 or so minutes!

    We know your family history [or herstory] here. Personally, to hear you speak on family -is good, but it is coming through the Patterns -by using your own logic- of a unbalanced -thought process of what Family is interpreted to be.

    I do not know if you understand what I am saying?

    So, I will not say it ;)
    I will only say that I have written on this particular show -in an email to my friends, and I have stated that it is coming from [your view] a biased opinion. But I have given them this same sucker punch. Please continue reading this reader, although it seems rather long…

    IF your host was from a good quality family EXPERIENCE, the host would have countered all your main points.
    I am sorry, but it would have served the FAMILY better had you someone who defended it’s structure, it’s inner intuitive CALL -of the heart- as it reaches a qualified certain ‘age’ or time period- to DESIRE that which people’s function of living, their PURPOSES in this present age, and present Life/’death’ experience -to CREATE and MAINTAIN a Beautiful enriched family experience, one that if is of such high quality and emotional grit- wonderful forever, and remains Earth’s Love Swan Song -of which Family IS the main goal for Our Planetary body Earth, of which we all dwell inside of and have our very breath of life-which is defined by Spirit [spirit = breath of life], and to bear children and raise them well.
    Not religiously, or Logically, but just -well.

    The Salt analogy is because of familiarity.

    The Cliche, trite but true Familiarity Breeds Contempt -comes to mind.
    In the Span of ONE [1] lifetime, the salt analogy is perfect for FOOD. However people and 1 lifetime is not going to mesh with the salt analogy, at all.

    IF you mean over the course of Lifetimes, then well, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I will never reach it.
    Humanity has been hijacked, beaten, raped, slaughtered and above all poisoned -by foods , air, tv programming, subliminal, I mean, Alex, the list goes on and on and on, and yet- YET you still think that somehow through it all -in one lifetimes, or many -humanity has got it all wrong with family!

    Instead of Salt, which IS a preservative and probably the host should never have agreed with it, it is familiar to the tongue and after a few decades or less than that even, someone might wish to spice things up.

    The tv programming was used in place of spices in the food, follow me?
    Family units NEVER truly attain he bliss that tv families achieve, thank goodness!

    The West is littered with reruns of false family unit’;s past.
    The West has ruined families.
    The West has effectively destroyed the family and what it stands for and what it means to be in one or to be a part of a family.
    But just because the Image of family is tainted, that does not mean it is or has to remain this way.
    The family unit changes from culture to culture but the premise has never changed .
    Parents still love their own children and we can Imagine a world in which all children are THOUGHT OF AS belonging to all parents.

    a Mother and a Father still desire to raise their own and anyone’s child -especially of Orphaned child- so what is equated with toxic -when a Westernized family is to be summarized?
    The American family is toxic.
    I agree.
    But toxic as in they were made toxic, not that the idea of family is toxic.
    You see what I strive to -in a way -‘correct’ ,or balance here?

    The IDEA of too much salt is toxic for it;’s conclusions if the one concluding is familiar and EXPERIENCED WITH SALT And WHAT IT TASTE LIKE ON A FOOD ITEM.
    The keyword here EXPERIENCE

    The IDEA of family here in the west is still IDEALIZED to be what an American [albeit ANY NATION of THE WORLD] Man, or woman, Desires to create of them self. It is inward, innermost, desire- to create another -of ones self.

    Family is not something that starts off good -then becomes toxic.

    The whole concept of Family is distorted today because of not the way we think on it, but because there is NOTHING else in this ‘world of matter’ that can bring such Joy that one experiences; unless through the ACT of being a parent [bio or adoptive-] it is LOVE and family is what helps to cultivate it.

    Like a garden..

    We came to know what LOVE is-from a ‘heavenly perspective’, by the act of creating; and the result–the human family. came through lab production, Sounds crass but true.
    It is not an issue though. It is not dependent upon anything other than, the fact that we are discussing ‘HUMAN’ properties ans attributes that make them Human and one is inborn and is a desire that comes from the HEART-not mind.

    I do not know how you came to your conclusions, but in a general sense -over the course of lifetimes -then -I can see how you got there, or here, but even so -family is not toxic. The thoughts may or may not be toxic, what is toxic is everything practically that is EXTERNAL TO HUMANKIND, and as such -unless or until we all start living FROM THE HEART -ALL things will remain toxic to our vision and thoughts, thereby producing what looks to be in APPEARANCE ONLY a toxic version of family.

    The Social Engineers are to blame.
    I am sure there are many secret societies also to blame.
    The ones who hide knowledge are to blame.
    The electronic devices are to blame..
    AND We are to blame, because instead of listening to our hearts on how to raise a child and teach them the ropes, we listened to external ‘forces’ that played upon, and preyed upon- our weaknesses that stem from the Mind that is disconnected from it [heart].

    If we were taught correctly from our birth up- on how to reconnect to our heart- then the heart/mind duo would sing a perfect family into existence.

    .Here comes the relief…QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :O
    Unfortunately Alex, unless the listener of your show didn’t bother to listen to ALL of it -because they took the sacred cow in light of the toxic salt comment,- they Missed-the brilliant expose you did on Family here!

    You see Alex?

    Well, I sucker punched them didn’t I?

    I loved your show today.
    It is BRILLIANT.
    We can make the world what we desire it to be.
    We change it
    LOVE can be and IS the operand factor here.
    YOU are going places Alex, and I want to go with you most of the time ;)

    Sorry Reader, but these kinds of intrusions into our sacred cows is needed to really wake the hell up -and take look around…man..we..need to evoke change from within -but make and be the change, We have to now..come on! you can do it!
    Love you too.

  2. alex robinson replied:

    Very sneaky Patrick
    Thank you for allowing this sacred cow to be brought to the dark of truth in your life & for working towards that with your own cunning plan :)

    As to your comment which I unpublished as requested re the yin/yang idea – if more eyes than mine have seen that idea then it suggests there may well be something in it. (If I had got that idea from someone else I would have said so – I have no need to steal other’s ideas because I have a truly endless stream of my own, thanks to the awesome world of play).

    very best to you in all your wicked ways :)

    • ionmars replied:

      No, hey listen Alex, it’s all good! :)
      You are right and well meaning, I can tell though,

      I felt a sucker punch on my first reading!

      Whew! and very good! :)

      I had to go somewhere come back and regroup, and actually take a deep breath and I reread it and I heard your voice- in my head – with it this time and I saw how funny this post actually is, and I can appreciate a cunning beauty in return ;) HA!

      Speaking on misinterpretations of posts, dear readers, one should strive to do when reading something by someone you personally know or have experience of their voice. How many times, for instance -have you got mad at someone’s text they sent but in actuality, they were astonished that you took it the wrong way, that it is not what they had meant at all?

      This has happened to me sometimes, until I realized the simple secret to getting around this error making contraption called cellular /mobile phones.
      Read the text aloud in your mind, using their voice, you know, Imagining their voice saying/speaking it.
      Usually the jokes can be spotted quicker this way, and or the lies (if you have teenagers, LOL, parents you know what I mean ;))

      So it’s not too much a mystery that causes a coronary later- and I do not want to be the cause of such, the mystery is that I had a very severe manic episode, which I recovered from by listening to a very cool video, if you don;’t mind I can plop in here.

      You can remove if you don’t like that sort of thing though Alex. [Hey it IS your blog!]

      Love to you-
      Patrick from Western KY.

  3. anna replied:

    Hi Alex and Sinead. I really really enjoyed this podcast, thanks so much for putting this out, i feel i could relate to a lot of what was said, thank you both.

  4. Biggi replied:

    Thank you Alex and Sinead for this wonderful podcast. Refreshing and a lot of truth of what you are explained about the family stuff.

  5. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Patrick, my comment was affectionately meant. You made a good point about reading messages out loud so that our head has less chance to go wayward with them. I haven’t viewed the clip but if it’s terrible I’m sure someone will mention it :)

    Be well my dear

    Hello anna, I am very pleased to hear that – would you believe I just talked to Katherine this morning & Sinead popped in too – the energy is as strong as ever!
    Hugs to you

    Danke Biggi, thanks for taking the time to let us know, it means a lot xo

  6. Max replied:

    Good show, Alex and SInead!

    Alex, when you mentioned that feeling when men check out your face, I had to think of this picture (I warn you! This image is, well, quite “in your face”!):

    Creator of the picture above is Carmen Burguess who is the feminine part of the band Mueran Humanos.
    They’re using this picture also as Facebook avatar. This quite fits to your “acid in my face” comment.

    Protection against gazes is maybe one reason, why masks are so empowering. This could be applied to Sinead’s comment on her dislike of singing in front of an audience, as well.

    Since me and my brother have difficulties in expressing anger, we both have a fascination for Klaus Kinski who was notorious for his outbursts:

    Quite funny, actually.

    My mother says, that Kinski reminds her of her father.

    Kinski once claimed that birth is a violent act, by the way.

    Dry lonelyness…

    I don’t know, but my obelisk looks a bit dry after ejecting that supposedly feminine liquid into solitude…

    …perhaps fish is needed. :-P

    There certainly is a reason why Machine City in The Matrix is also called ’01’:

    01 = Zero One = Z O = OZ (or Zion)

    Nice hint to the capturing of humanity by pushing binary thinking on it.
    Is logic good for you? Yes or No? ;-)

  7. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you Max!
    That was quite a disturbing pic yet perhaps very telling too – of the damage inflicted by a culture obsessed with what women look like – if we had eyes that could ‘truly see’, we might see that face lurking behind the faces of most women in our culture.

    I understand what you say about expressing anger – for those of us brought up in emotionally restricted environments the energy we put into NOT expressing anger could probably send a rocket into way-outer space. It has extreme & unrelenting situations to finally start cracking open my rage lockdown – I tell you what it’s not so bad after all – esp if you channel it towards living – the locking in of anger really only seems to hurt ourselves – if your intention is ‘to live’, your anger can assist you in quite extraordinary ways.

    Men without woman or the female energy become dried out & brittle – like bones without the juiciness of sinew & muscles – we’re really not that scary, but we are truly strong & we need to be allowed to be strong to do what we do – but that has never been about taking over the world or dominating men – that is a media driven load of bs.

    Logic has it’s uses, but if we try to move forward from logic now we doom ourselves – read Edward de Bono to get to grips with this. I’ve just started reading this:

    very best to you

  8. anna replied:

    Wow. Amazing, as always. These comments are always so excruciatingly difficult for me to write. Not because I have nothing to add, or because I disagree, but because there is so much I want to add and I’m constantly censoring myself so as not to seem unintelligent, off-topic, too fan-boyish, too friendlt and assuming,etc…. But…. you know what…. fuck that. :D

    Anyways…. the most poignant thing you discussed, to me at the moment, anyway, was at the very end. You were both speaking of your passions…. Sinead had said she found hers(and earlier Alex, you mentioned writing is something you HAVE to do) and how it is something that’s not even selfish. You almost seemed giddy in speaking just fleetingly about it… But the first thing I thought was, “YES!!!! Yes it is!” This is exactly what you need to pursue to be happy…. to be comfortable with yourself. How extraordinary it is that something THAT ‘selfish’ benefits either family/parents, or readers/listeners. This amazingly clicked something in my mind, about my own womanhood, that made me understand what I’m going to define as altruism and self-sacrifice VS. my own being WANTING to pursue my passion and WANTING to do the “right” or “good” thing but ON MY OWN TERMS and naturally. brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. You Women are doing a tremendous job of spreading around “good”….of bringing together without it being a detriment or chore to yourselves. Not that your doing it to do so;) Maybe this is a small example of a little piece of a REAL woman-of a real Human.

    Best wishes to you both!!!!
    -anna(from ohio)

  9. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you anna, that was most eloquent.

    It is indeed so sad that we have come to think that giving pleasure to ourselves is a negative & wasteful act – where else can we find our passion but from within our selves – we are meant to be as ‘selfish’ as every flower that has ever bloomed or ever fruit that has ever ripened.

    Thank you for your words & I’m sure Sinead appreciates them too. Best wishes to you in all your selfish, life-giving acts.

  10. ruinur. replied:

    It’s a really interesting thing. The word family of course shares the same roots as things like famine and famished – as if its a kind of morbid hunger. Regardless, I wonder if Western family is actually a chimera, a strawman which doesn’t really exist because it was replaced by television and schools, and further back by religion and all the rest of it.
    When you talk about how the Western family is fucked, it’s impossible for me to disagree. It’s only relatively recently that I realised how batshit-insane my family is. And my mother, who’s gone through hardcore heroin dependency, electric shock treatment, 10-year-post-natal depression and pointless damaging dental procedures, is actually, I see now, about the most sane of the lot. The others, who do the 9 to 5 thing, and the mortgage thing, are zombies now, impossible to engage with on any interesting level. It’s the thing behind the eyes, there’s nothing there, you want to reach them, but you know that they’re looking for something to make themselves feel better and will secretly lament about how I haven’t “made anything of myself” or “made money” somesuch. It’s pretty funny, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do for them.
    I sometimes get pretty angry about it. You know the worst thing about it? When you know that they really have been intending good things for you. Their intentions were good. But… were they really? Intent is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. We know what the road to hell is paved with, right? And is it results or intent that matter? Can we ever truly know the intent of a person, or even our own?
    Anyway it’s like the family, just as with relationships, are a kind of needy-grabby-psychopathic mess of broken promises and guilt trips. The poison just gets passed down and down. We don’t know anymore how a real parent-child relationship is supposed to work in a state of nature. It is probably best just to give the maximum space, to be guardians of one another’s solitude. No school or TV, obviously. At sixteen the boy may want to travel the world and not return for years, and that may be the healthiest thing of all. But with cellphones and internet there’s no getting away anymore!
    This thing can be remedied – it’s simply a matter of seeing the problem. Once it’s seen, truly seen, it’s done, forever. How can you ever go back? And that’s why doing what you’re doing is so great, and so important. Who is doing anything more worthy than what you do? How can such perception and slaying of sacred cows lead anywhere but to our true home?

  11. transcenddesigns replied:

    Absolutely brilliant


    : )

  12. alex robinson replied:

    Much appreciated ruinur & thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure Sinead feels the same way.
    I think it takes courage to even be willing to consider this tropic & I am grateful to all who have been willing to hear us speak.

    The more I think about it the more it seems that parents were bestowed with a god-like quality they should never have had – their job is to nurture, tend & give basic guidance – I think by & large the teaching should always come from outside the family – tho’ I certainly do not mean schools. The best teachers are those who have learned by experience not qualification.
    It can take a very long time to step away from family, but sometimes if you don’t you will die. And we didn’t come here to do that.

    very best to you

    Thank you Brad, I’m am never sure if your wife reads, but say hi to her too :)

  13. Max replied:

    I found two definitions for the term cult in an Oxford dictionary:

    1. a way of life, an attitude, an idea, etc. that has become very popular.

    2. a small group of people who have extreme religious beliefs and who are not part of any established religion.

    So, “family” is a widespread concept, most people agree with and at the same time each family is an isolated cult of its own.

    Family culture certainly lost its ure and became a cult in the West.

  14. alex robinson replied:

    Hello again Max – thanks for taking the time to think & comment.

    The past few weeks, for me, have had a continuous blow to the head feel – I think I might know how a boxer feels. One of the things I am learning is how everything comes down to your personal perceptions & how concepts are the dictatorial prison wardens of our perceptions. Concepts force our attention into preset patterns – no matter how much we intend to travel a different route, once the flush concept has been pulled into our reality we are flushed down the same toilet no matter how hard we swim or how expensive our life jacket was.

    Add an ‘e’ to ure & you have urea (what you get in urine), something else that is flushed down toilets.

    Imagine if all the world is wonderfully well right now and the only sickness lies in ‘living by concept’ instead living by reality – like animals do.

    very best to you

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