shearing sacred cows

Fitzy & I teamed up again last night
for a chat
& catch up.

We shared some thoughts
sheared more sacred cows.

Come & join us
don’t be shy,
there’s conversation enough for everyone.


Or listen to our podcast below:

September 23, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Mark replied:

    Thanks Alex and Fitzy, another great conversation. Absolutely loved the stuff on death and ageing being an alien concept to us that has been programmed as a means of control, just brilliant :)

  2. Max replied:

    Schaffen über alles!

  3. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you Mark – very pleased to hear that – I do think death & ageing are so overrated :)

    Ja Max, ja

  4. shatteredbutterfly replied:

    I focus on death too much, have this fleeting feeling of dying alone, that life isn’t worth living. I like the idea of living for 10,000 years, I would just do the things I love.

    I’m not suicidal, at least not all the time, moments of depression by being surrounded in a toxic society & family creep in once and a while. I really do love life, and it’s shows like this that remind me why.

    In my family it’s like death is implemented into your head from the day your born. “I’m going to hell if I don’t believe in God, and I don’t want that to happen” and you have that slammed into your head by the age of 5, so the future is being a good person until you die. You’re right, religion would have no control without death.

    I don’t want to be a shadow character so I’m going to start believing I have 10,000 years. Maybe I’ll actually become good at painting haha :)

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks papillion that was great to hear.

      I so connected with your tale of having death slammed into your head at age five, I have thought of it in the very same way.
      I was talking to a friend on the 10,000 idea on the weekend – she talked of all the things she would learn & how she would make her way leisurely round the world – EXACTLY so – I think this is just what we would do – it seems to fit with the nomadic existence that I think is part of us. the human being is designed to learn every day – ha I was going to say to learn till the day you die – there it is again – tacked onto every thought. It makes our worlds so small & that makes no sense because we are so BIG.

      I sincerely appreciated your honesty.
      Flutter long & free

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